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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  April 24, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." it is one of the highest profile cases ever heard in the city of philadelphia today mumia abu-jamal has court hearing hoping to over turn denied appeals. abu-jamal serving life sentence for the murder of philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner, good afternoon, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. live at the criminal justice center in center city, where abu-jamal support remembers making their voices heard.
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alicia? >> reporter: jim, rahel, demonstrators who believe in abu-jamal's innocence has been outside the cjc inside the courtroom all morning currently protesting around center city as the hearing has just wrapped up. essentially was indirect appeal for the murder conviction since all of his prior official appeals had been exhausted. >> demonstrators are hoping for freedom of one of philadelphia's most well known prisoners, mumia abu-jamal man convict in the 1982 of killing philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner. demonstrators are hoping for a hearing today that won't result in a court overturning all of the state's supreme court decisions from 1995 through 2008. >> this is a first time that one of his appeals is actually being heard in a proper sense. >> the post conviction release petition being heard today site bias, and con flick sean,
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a senior assistant district attorney during abu's trial, hoping the court today in philadelphia rules' in abu-jamal's favor so his case could eventually be retried. >> our long-term goal is for him to be released and brought back to the family. >> and again the hearing wrapped up just little while ago, after hearing arguments a judge said i'll take the arguments un advisement will give his verdict, decision, at later unscheduled time. reporting live in center city, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." okay, alicia, thank you. the penalty phase in the eric frein murder trial continues today. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. defense lawyers say they intend to raise questions about the influence frein's father had over him. last wednesday, jury convicted frein of killing a pennsylvania state trooper and wounding another in a ambush at the bloom inning grove barracks in 2014. >> in other news this noon, police arrested 22 people at pot party in frankford over the weekend, the philly smoke session was organized over social media, and was held in
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a warehouse on worth street saturday night. police seized 50-pound of bulk marijuana and 100 pounds every food items laced with pot. one party goer told "eyewitness news" he's discouraged with how the police department responded. >> we were, what, a block from torresdale avenue last night? how many people have heroin overdoses every night on torresdale avenue? i mean, we are low priority, i think, i think, that cannibis should be low priority here. >> 175 people left the pot party without being charged. authorities also con if i fist kate dollars $50,000 and forehand guns from the party. >> turning now weather, the week is getting off to cloud and cool start. you may want to keep your umbrellas around, as well. meteorologist, katie fehlinger with a look at the forecast, katie? >> dreary at least initially, what they say about rainy day's and mondays, carpenters say they bring you down. i come bearing good news,
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something that i've actually excited about here to tell you about the forecast that we have today. showers are always good for the flowers, for the grass all of that you expect, and down the road real nice weather it, comes with good timing too as you well know a lot of big events coming up this week in our city. take you on outside. show you what's happening on storm scan, nice wider zoom, see there is a lot of moisture to work with, also see it is starting to creep north. seen couple of stray showers here, at our own very station headquarters for example, everything has been very scattered, very spotty, very passing, kind of what the rest of the day will look like that said, but because of all of the clouds, because of the moisture, you're really not going to see mitch more movement on the thermometer readings folks. fifty-four the current temp at philadelphia international airport. and up and down i59 you're in similar vein here. but at best probably another five if that maybe 6 degrees up our sleeves before the day's all said and done. so, we went with high of 59 degrees, in philly anyway.
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but your hyatt best is only going to be around zero six in many spots, dreary obviously, lots of clouds, passing showers for the rest of the day, we will see some steadier rain move in later on tonight. that's not even where the rain ends. but, again, nice weather waits for us down the road. so i'll tell you jim just coming up a little later on whether we warm up and how high. >> thank you so. eyes of the football world will be on philadelphia this week, when the nfl draft comes to the art museum. there are traffic issues of course, at 7:00 tonight, the parkway closes from the art museum to 20th street. kelly drive closes at fairmount, martin luther king drive and spring garden street close at 24th street. now midnight tonight mlk drive closes at sweet briar will open for the morning commute thursday and friday. kelly drive will be closed from the art museum fairmount, and the westbound ramp from the vine to 22nd street will be closed. >> didn't catch all that? >> do you need to catch your breath? >> get the details any time at
12:06 pm >> good lungs there, jim. >> you need scoreboard to keep track. president trump's 100 day is coming up. >> the president still hopes to spend spending bill in order to avoid government shutdown and secure funding for his border wall. craig with more details from the white house. >> no particular rush but see what happens. >> president trump says the first 100 day mark is not very meaningful, even though it was the president himself who laid out his plans for the first 100 days. in that period, he's won confirmation for judge neil gorsuch, withdrawn from the transpacific i can partnership agreement and green light for pipeline. >> fulfilling at break neck speed. >> failed to make progress on tax reform and noon repeal and replace obamacare and so far more americans are disapproving of the president's performance to date according to the latest polls. the 100 day mark isn't entirely arbitrary. historically it becomes much
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tougher for president to get legislation through congress after that period. and another of the president's tough priorities faces a tough fight on capitol hill. >> the wall is in my view immoral, expensive, unwise. >> democrat say they'll not support funding for a wall along the mexican border. but the white house is insisting it be a part of a spending package which has to be passed by the end of the week in order to avoid a government shutdown. >> we are going to get paid for it one way or the other. >> if congress can't pass a spending bill, the government will shut down on saturday. one hundred of the trump's presidency. >> craig boswell, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." president obama is making his first public speaking appearance, leaving the white house in january, the former president is at the university of the chicago for conversation with young leaders on organizing and civic engagement. >> let's listen. >> issues related to violence, all those problems are serious, they're daunting, but
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they're not inch soluble. >> president obama speaking at the university of chicago. we will have much more on his speech later today beginning on "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> well, vandals ransacked the upper moreland swim club in montgomery county leaving the offers in shambles and members are disheartened. now police are hunting for those responsible. staff tells "eyewitness news" the van as torre part offices, damaged the room and damaged kitchen equipment. one who work at the swim club for years, never seen anything like this. >> i just couldn't believe it would happen here. i've been here 35 years, and we didn't have vandalism here. so that really, i was really upset, because of the time that we put in as volunteers. >> investigators believe the culprits may have been trying to break into a safe that only had $50 in it, with the help of volunteers, at least certain sections of the swim club should be able to open up in time for memorial day weekends. this year's dad vail regatta hit to hit the schuylkill river last month,
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here is last year's regatta, the largest inter collegiate vogue event in the u.s., over 100 colleges and university. it has been held on the schuylkill since 1953, the dad vail regatta comes to philly may 13th and 14th. always big event. >> indeed. well, a priceless piece of american and philadelphia history is found across the pond. >> extremely rare handwritten copy of the declaration of independence is uncovered in england. but how did it get there? that story coming. >> and the newest member of the cbs weather team is ready to hit the road. take a look inside our brand new mobile weather watcher, when we come
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>> in new orleans, workers removed the liberty place monument about 5:30 this morning, leaving the concrete base behind, celebrated whites opposed to by racial government in new orleans after the civil war. the city also plans to remove three other statues later this week including one of general robert e lee of the civil war, confederate jefferson davis. harvard researchers have found priceless piece of american history in glands. >> they discovered handwritten parchment copy of the declaration of independence in chichester. correspondent charlie dag at in london with more on the exciting finds. >> one historical calls it the discovery after lifetime. priceless handwritten parchment of the declaration
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of independence, beyond rare, only one like it is the 1776 copy, kept under the glass, with national archives in washington. >> harvard researchers, and professor danielle allen came upon p while searching the globe for every known copy of the declaration. >> being able to go to hold this parchment in our hands to look at if closely extraordinary. >> they believe it was penned in america in the 17 80s, probably commissioned by james wilson, the signatures are in no particular order, rather than listed by state, as in the 1776 copy. >> goes to the heart of the american political order. does the american political order rest on a singletary until people or among treat east among several states. >> researchers believe the document originally belonged to the duke of richmond, known as the radical duke of the support he gave to american
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revolutionaries. it was handed down over generations, until local man handed it into the records office in the 19 50's. >> we are told the british library will be conducting series of tests over the summer to determine it authenticity, while people are welcome to have come take a look, no intentions of putting this declaration of independence on display. >> well, did the earth rumble beneath your feet yesterday? >> residents in one pennsylvania community still talking about their experience with a earthquake, find out where the earth moved when we come back. katie? >> an are, looking ahead to weekend that feels a lot more like summertime. yes, specking very substantial warming trend in the days ahead. that actually gets underway before we even hit the weekend. but mix of sun and clouds right now the expectation both saturday and sunday, but chance for some showers. we will walk you through much more of the
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>> 2.3 magnitude earthquake hit about 3 miles south of lancaster just before 5:00 p.m. >> the us gee logical survey said it received about 300 calls from people who felt it in the connestoga area, as well. the lancaster 911 center got about 500 calls. resident say it was a surprising but quick event. >> at my mom's, did you guys feel that earthquake? we thought somebody had dropped something, like something really heavy. >> about one ooh thousand people live in the quake zone, the area is over an active fault called lancaster seismic zone. pennsylvania only had about five quakes in the last 30
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years, as for yesterday's quake, no reports of damage. >> you know what's funny? people were asking me, too, did you feel it? no. >> i don't think here you would have. >> exactly, yes, on the totem pole of the magnitude scale, basically second lowest, you wouldn't have felt it this far out. still, never heard of lancaster seismic zone. >> somebody made it up. >> learn something new every day. >> oh, my goodness, well, guys, as you all well know, very fun morning for thus morning, not only just a lot of fun for me, but we got to bring in our weather watchers into the studio, we got to introduce them to our newest member of the eyewitness weather team, and today we got to actually go inside our mobile weather watcher and take a look around this incredible weather vehicle, we are hoping you will come to rely on here in the tri-state area. hear what some of the most loyal friends had to say. >> pretty amazing that the driver can see what the person in the back is seeing, and it is just unbelievable that it is so big.
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>> that's right. among some of the most exciting features of this chevy suburban, it is equipped with 3hd cameras, to show images from any two cameras at the same time which is just going to make for greater picture for you, then the on board weather station the same type used on first responder vehicles and it has the capability to report the weather literally from everywhere. in other words, if you don't have cell service, if you don't have power, that's no problem. this is a self-contained vehicle, and it is going to be able to actually report, regardless of the power situation, which is obviously very weather dependent. so i'm personally very, cited about it, also worth a mention, this is the same vehicle that's used by the secret service. so they actually use this same capability, this same power, to protect the president. so really cool stuff. and we are so excited to start rolling this out quite literally and figure tiffly, get the ball rolling and bring you good reporting. >> we do have weather to report on right now, all part of one system really, one
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sluggish storm that will take its sweet old time to get out of here. only right now getting underway. couple of scattered showers moving through southeastern pa already, skydeck, got little bit damp throughout the course of the morning, so there is more on the way though. we zoom this out, nice and wide, yes, east of the mississippi, pretty much where your eye gets immediately drawn. very heavy rain that continued to roll through the carolinas. they're getting soaked today. and some of the moisture will eventually move in for us. so i'll take you all the way to 8:00 p.m. tonight. the rest of the day looks pretty scat toward me, still out there. and then come about even this same time about five armor so tomorrow, we start to see steadier batch of rain move in from the south. should still stay generally scattered in the morning, then comes the swat. that will move in generally toward the tail end of the typical morning rush, 8:00, 9:00 a.m., from south to north, some of you see it come in little sooner, depending on location, but the rain will be heavy. tomorrow umbrella day for sure. if you walk out the door without it you might be able to get away with.
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that will tomorrow you will get drenched out in this very obviously. but what's interesting, is that we're not expecting any kind of major flooding out of this, even though it is a long lived storm, could be residual showers come wednesday or late wednesday morning, but, i think we're only talking one to one and a half inches max generally across the region. but on top of that also have an on shore flow, which limits any kind of warm that can take place, so cool, dreary, and kind of raw feeling. and it looks to me like the winds will start picking up tomorrow. future rain amounts, just going to let this run, through the entirety of the event. and even still again, unless you got couple of outline ers here, there are some, like millville picking up on over 2 s at least a inch, upward of inch and a half. couple of places perhaps more than that, so see how we do. if you get heavier band of rain that comes in yes you could do better than an inch and a half. but prepare for major news and more than anything, not much more than that. there with will certainly be ponding on roadways, that kind of thing you have to contends with. meanwhile one great thing
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about having rain come through, it tends to really make for better weather report whether it come to your health. aerial at this good, pollen levels still medium to high specially because of tree pollen, grass pollen, uv index, well, when you have clouds, just duck over the region, it will be pretty low. do not have to worry about a heat index, you will later this week, wait until you see the seven day, beach patrol headquarters still quite cloudy. they've seen little rain rolling through here as everybody else will for the rest of the day. but the steadiest rain does come specially into tomorrow. look at the warm up though. we are going from the 70s wednesday, to the 80s, and stretch of them, and could this timing be any bet nerve time for the draft? summer back, might see spotty shower or storm saturday, but his is good stuff. >> for sure. >> putty way the winter clothe finally? >> peggy, celebrating milestone, and getting a call from the commander in chief.
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>> today commander whidson, broke the records by the amount of time spent in space for a an astronaut. >> for all of the folks at nasa, who make this space flight possible. >> president trump and his daughter ivanka and astronaut kate, called this morning, space station commander spent 535 days in space, the previous record was 534. we'll be right back.
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>> coming up later, the draft is just about the teams and perspective players, and a lot for fans to do, as women, first look at the nfl draft experience tonight at 5:00. >> i for 1:00 a.m. very excited, excited it is coming to our town, excited to attend, not excited for the people who live there. >> wear your running shoes. >> that's "eyewitness news" today at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. for katie, all of us here, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. we're always on line at stay dryer. the young and the restless is next.
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