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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 26, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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from getting to that car. and then he turned around, pushed the officer. when he took off, he took off maybe 10 feet, and then just started shooting. >> reporter: bullets littered scene as police swarm the area in search of suspects this woman said she may have gotten a glimpse of one of them. >> i was just sitting in the park and he came walking out of the woods and when he heard the sirens and seeing the police cars, coming up the road, heading here, he like turned around and bolted. >> reporter: again, one person was taken into custody shortly after the shooting took place here, other suspect as we know now is holding police at bay in a neighborhood in middletown delaware about 20 minutes or so away from where we're standing. again, flurry of activity here still at this wawa, as police try to uncover exactly what led to the untimely death of the delaware state trooper. that is very latest here in bear, delaware, natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> stand by we will get back to you.
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as we mentioned as natasha mentioned one of the suspects is in a standoff with police, now this is happening right now on brick mill road in middletown, delaware. that is where our david spunt joins us now. is what the latest from your area. >> reporter: we are hearing the suspect will not surrender , authorities say they are exchanging gunfire, over the last several hours, and, gunshots, two hours ago, it has been quiet since then but authorities, they hope this comes to a peaceful resolution as they say this suspect will not surrender. swat teams and police rushed to a subdivision in middletown , following reports that the suspect who allegedly shot a state trooper is inside of his home. >> the suspect has been firing shots at police officers, from the residents that he lives in , and is currently held up in the house. >> reporter: nearby brick mill elementary school was on lock down, parents pick up their children to keep them away from the dangerous scene. >> i was terrified, still had my daughter in reading middle school so i'm trying to get to
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her myself. it was very terrifying. i didn't know all of the details until i started reading it on line. >> reporter: neighbors cannot get into their homes, many are nervously watching, and waiting. >> i tried to get home from work because my exterminate or was coming and then my exterminate or called me and said i can't get in your neighborhood. i said i cannot even get in my neighborhood. >> reporter: brick mill elementary school lock down has been lifted. that is closest scene to the school. that lock down has been lifted , parents want to get their kid, authority say they can feel free to do so at this time. meanwhile authorities will stay on the scene hoping that this comes, ukee and nicole to a peaceful resolution. reporting live, in middletown, david spunt, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". of course, we will continue to stay on top of this story, and we will break in with new any developments. always get latest on line at cbs right now though dramatic new testimony in the trial of the camden county father,
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accused of killing his three-year old son. jurors watched police interrogation video of the moment david creato junior learned his son's body had been found. our cleve bryan was in the courtroom for today's proceedings and joins us live in camden with those details, cleve. >> reporter: day three of the trial, the prosecution here still laying out the case against david dj creato. they believe back in october of 2015, that he killed his son, hit him along the cooper river in haddon township and then called police to report him, as missing, at the time, so today we heard from the lead detective in this case and we saw video of the moment when police told dj creato that they found his son. >> from what i could see, his socks were clean. >> reporter: clean socks on the three-year eld lying along cooper river one of the first indications to detectives that brandon creato was placed in the spot where he was found dead in october 2015. >> he was positioned on his back, and his stomach with the left side of the face on the
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rock. >> reporter: authorities believe david dj creato killed his son before reporting him missing. they showed jurors conversation dj had with police an hour after they knew boy's body was found did you dj thought his son was still missing. >> i will do anything. i have nothing to hide. >> reporter: then came moment that they broke the news. >> we found your son. >> oh, god, no, no, no. >> no, no, no. >> the interview lasted more than an hour with creato alternating between crying and directing and at length with detectives with no guarantee creato will take stand video may be his only chance to hear his version of what happened the moment he was found dead.
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>> jury will to have decide they say looking at that video dj creato was generally shock, hearing for the first time that his son was dead and innocent of the charges or if they believed he is guilty that he was fake ago this entire time. tomorrow the jury is scheduled to take a trip down to the scene so they will see, and where the little boy's body was found. live from camden, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a jury is set to begin deliberations soon in the penalty phase face of the trial of eric frein, the man convicted of murdering a pennsylvania state trooper and critically wounding another. both side have wrapped up their closing arguments. prosecutors are pushing for the death penalty, but frein's lawyers want life in prison without parole. a bell on top of the pike county courthouse will reportedly ring if frein is sentenced to death. bill cosby's youngest daughter has come to the comedian's defense ahead of
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the looming sexual assault trial. bill cosby's charged with drug ging and molesting andrea constand in 2004. he has pleaded not guilty and trial is set to begin, in philadelphia with jury selection next movement as cosby wrote an opinion piece for national newspaper publishers association. she acknowledged that her father had affairs, but says he and her mother worked through it and moved on. in the article, she wrote that her father is not abusive, violent or a rapist. she says he loves, and respects women. we have just one day before the 2017 nfl draft kicks off right here in philadelphia, final preparations, are now underway on the parkway. police say that if you are taking part in that big event, expect a large security presence. >> the best way to describe this is like going ton an eagles game. there enclosed area of the parkway as we have seen. there will be gates, there will be a checkpoint at the gates where events, security will have people coming in.
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>> police are encouraging attende toss take public transportation. the nfl has released list of items you cannot bring to the draft, it includes any weapons or firearms, drones, missle-like objects, bags, purses or backpacks larger than 16 inches by 14 by 12 inches. folding chairs, or bikes for the full list go to our web site at cbs as we get closer, fans are getting more and more excited for the draft to officially get underway. >> sports director don bell joins us live from the franklin institute where fans can see behind the scenes of the teams at work at the nfl draft, don. >> reporter: good evening, guys, yeah, really the focal point of the nfl draft is right down ben franklin parkway in front of the nfl steps where commissioner will greet players but action really begins in this building behind me, the franklin institute. thinks where all 32 teams will set up their desk and submit their selections for the draft this area will be mostly
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closed to the public with the exception of the small viewing area nfl is hoping to give fans a behind the scenes sneak peak. >> you want to bring the fans as close as possible to really see the process of how, all of the players do get selected, and just, you know what goes into that, and so we get a little peak behind the curtain to see literally how process works, and it is just another enhanced experience, for our fans, to be able to be part of this great event. >> reporter: the nfl really has, this event covered, and, of course, parkway as well. coming up later in the show, we will visit with some top draft prospects, and see what they have done today, some of them bringing some smiles, to the children over at shriner's hospital, we will have that story but for now coming to you live from the ben franklin parkway i'm don belfor cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> don, thanks very much. and in our next half an hour vittoria woodill will be live on the ben franklin
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parkway with the preview of the fun activities planned for fans. don't forget we have everything you need to know about nfl draft on cbs philly .com, find a list of events, road closures and look at some of the players eagles could select, starting tomorrow. uber and pennsylvania spca are joining forces. >> two are coming together in an effort to help folks relief tension. today the ride sharing app and animal shelter teamed up for uber puppies. uber users in philadelphia, could enter the promo code puppy draft, pay 30 bucks, and then adorable pup would i show up and snug he will for 15 minutes. miniature k-9 sported football jerseyness celebration of the draft. >> they look great. coming up on "eyewitness news" autism and health issues , a new study looked at possible links between autism and some medical conditions, and how treating them together , can help children in their day to day lives. also, an autism myth, debunked and our good friend and
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collogue jessica dean going hollywood on us, we will show you her big debut, on the talk grab an uber and fly, literally fly, where uber wants to test out sky-high taxis, that is in our next half an
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and back to our breaking news right now, a delaware state trooper was shot and killed, today. outside a wawa convenient store in bear new castle county delaware. chopper three is over christiana hospital right now where that officer's body will soon be taken out of the hospital, you can see the officer's lined up outside as procession will begin, shortly delaware state police delivering very difficult news , about 15 minutes ago, that the trooper had died from his injuries. the trooper's name has not been released. we will continue to stay on top of this breaking story, throughout our newscast. right now though jessica dean, of course, would usually be right here on our set but instead she's in los angeles. >> yes, jessica was a guest host on the talk, many saw it right here today at two. jessica joined ladies on the very popular and emmy award winning talk show and among
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guests, actor hank azaria, jessica asked him about a unique movie character. >> your break out role was as robin williams and nathan lane 's over the top. >> yeah. >> applause. >> yes. >> that is what you call, over the top. i was right in the mid. >> where did you get the inspiration for that. >> for that. >> i had to fight to wear that much clothes. >> he did an amazing job, she did an amazing job representing city of brotherly love, sisterly affection. and then fantastic time. >> inspiration for all that. >> all that. >> nicely done and cool. >> representing. >> yes, representing. >> indeed. >> looking good. >> and the weather looking
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better, really. >> better. we have cloud cover for days, and it is like almost, it is spring, who wants sunshine and 70's. >> bring it. >> i do. >> we will get some 80's, today though is our day of transition. we have some cloud, we still do have milder temperatures, not that nice spring-likeill warmth 64 degrees is your current in center city philadelphia. getting a live look at the sky line, low cloud, still hanging on there but wind light north at 5 miles an hour, dew points in the 50's. we have a muggy factor stepping outside. we have cloud here in philadelphia but what is that? that is sunshine on our live neighborhood network. 72 degrees. we are seeing more sunshine breaking out off to the west, across portions of berks county, lehigh county, finally seeing sunshine of days of gloom but cloud still in place along i-95 and points south ande. that coastal low that gave thaws rainy day yesterday is just off shore.
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that very apparent counterclockwise circulation, it will be slow to move out but starting, it effect is it right now. we have cloud around this evening. mild, muggy, temperatures in the lower 60's. overnight tonight some breaks in the cloud deck but mostly cloudy, too much areas for fog reducing visability late tonight, only dropping down to 59 degrees. temperature department, we are already seeing some improvement after a cool start to the workweek and we are at 64 degrees in wilmington. temperatures near 70 in reading and allentown where we have seen more sunshine but off to the south and west there is that warmer air mass that will be building in as we head into the day tomorrow, of course, a big couple days in the city, nfl draft and tomorrow, it looks awesome for walking around taking in those activities. morning fog and sunshine, 81 degrees. friday not too bad. watch out for early morning thunder shower. otherwise friday afternoon awesome 83 and sunshine. saturday, certainly feeling like summer. note that is humid factor up to 86 degrees, sunshine but keep an eye to the sky for
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late day thunder storm popping up. future weather showing us quiet tonight, cloud, generally east of i-95 and waking up tomorrow morning still low cloud around, following i conditions especially closer to the coast all that will break up heading in the afternoon revealing, mostly sunny skies, finally, and then as we head into tomorrow night though we will see a round of showers and thunderstorms, moving on through quickly exiting but we could see a lingering thunder shower early friday morning before clearing on out, check that out 3:00 p.m. friday, beautiful conditions, to close out the workweek and for tomorrow, we will see improving conditions after that fog, skies becoming mostly sunny, temperatures warming up in the 80's and will get up to 77 in allentown tomorrow. eighty in reading. cool's long the coast, and that will keep you in the 60's but sunshine will overtake coast heading in the second half of the day tomorrow and then for friday watching out for early morning thunder shower, otherwise, sunny skies , weekend, warm day is definitely on saturday, 86
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degrees with the humid conditions, cooler, slightly less humid with spotty thunderstorms, high of 74. look at that as we head into next week, 80's and 70's. >> looking good. >> great mix. >> appreciate it. still ahead on "eyewitness news" nfl draft has something for everyone. >> we will go inside the draft experience and show you the fun you can have even if you are not into what is going on, on stage. tori is live in the next half an hour, hi there, don. >> hey, guys, some love here for temple owls and some top nfl draft prospects bringing football cheer to children, sports coming up
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announcer: washington politicians are at it again with another disastrous health care repeal bill that raises costs and cuts coverage for millions. and their latest plan is worse
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than ever.. affordable coverage for maternity care, cancer treatment, substance abuse treatment, and preexisting conditions would no longer be gauranteed. the plan threatens care for seniors and the disabled... and imposes a massive age tax for people over 50. tell congressman costello - don't repeal our health care.
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nfl draft is getting a lot of focus in the city and a few local guys should be pick high in this draft. >> don bellies live at the franklin institute with more on one of those players, hi there, don. >> hi guys, listen only two major football programs offered a scholarship to
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offensive lineman dion dawkins , after four years at temple, he is now ready for the nfl draft. we talk about dawkins because it looks like he could be a second round draft choice a new jersey native and impact player with the owls. he earned time as a freshman and became all american athletic conference player in 2015 and 16. dawkins 6-foot four, 350-pound , ready for big time but that doesn't mean that people had to pick apart his game during the process. >> i find it very interesting to watch like what people are saying but i try to stay away from it but it is very, very hard because your phonies always, ding, ding, ding people texting you stuff. it is just like, all right. but at times it is like, come on now, but at the end of the day like there is just people with their own opinions. >> reporter: also, at the end of the day it looks like he could be a second round draft choice.
5:23 pm
all right. for more on top prospects we will go right down the parkway to leslie van arsdal who is standing by, leslie? >> reporter: hi there, don. it is like night before christmas, these guys are just so excited for tomorrow, to find out which team will make them but today it is all about giving back. for the nfl's top draft prospects there have been so many special moments leading up to the draft but today was about sharing one of those moments with children at shriner's hospital. smiles on everyone's faces tells the story. >> being that person, you know , that kid can look up to, i would love to be one of those people, i can't wait to get down there and play some games with them and put a smile on their face. >> reporter: for these players weeks leading up to the draft has been surreal. >> you could be drafted, that is a amazing, blessing and just for me to be here it is still like a dream. turf wake up in the morning to check and see if i was still
5:24 pm
in philadelphia. it is amaze to go me. >> reporter: for hasan reddick to be from the area and drafted here, it is more than he could ever imagine. >> to be able to hear my name called on thursday, god wanted it to happen. beautiful, man, it would be beautiful, great way to end this first chapter, you know, and start getting ready for the next. >> reporter: others players wish they could experience the city more or at least a cheese stake. >> i heard i have to get down to tony luke's. >> reporter: good one, pat's, geno's. >> i want to go down there, fresh prince. >> cheese stake, this is the real deal. >> i want to see, where little willie grew up. >> reporter: i will say will smith says his absolute favorite place to get a cheese stake is overbrook pizza, just in case you are wondering, don or maybe wanted dinner ideas. back to you. >> nice, well played. listen, nfl draft, guys back in the studio just a little more than 24 hours away.
5:25 pm
excitement building here on the parkway. coming up at 6:00 we will hear from the commissioner because he is in town we're talking about roger goodell. back to you in the studio. don, thank you, appreciate it. indeed. well, coming up in our next half an hour dramatic tax reform president trump released numbers detailing how he wants to cut personal, corporate taxes, we will have his plan next. also tonight pope has some unexpected visitors inside of the pope mobile and makes a smith talk, we will have those
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back now to our breaking news, a delaware state trooper was shot and killed today, outside a wawa convenient store in bear new castle county delaware. chopper three is live, right now over the christiana mall,
5:29 pm
where that officer's body is just seconds from being taken from the hospital. right now the procession business to get underway. the officer's body is being moved from the hospital, and then as it moves from the hospital, we respectfully, respectfully remain silent for , just a moment. once again watching that procession, of that delaware state trooper shot and killed outside of a wawa in bear, delaware, just this afternoon, again, that trooper's name has not been released, we do know he encountered two suspects in the suspicious vehicle, one shot several round of ammunition. he was struck, succumbed to
5:30 pm
his injuries. we know another suspect did getaway, he is now barricaded on brick mill road in middletown delaware. another suspect apprehended by police. you can see officers in uniform, some in plainclothes during this solemn occasion, the officer as body has been taken from the hospital, and will continue to follow the procession, follow the story, we have reporters on the ground in three different locations still trying to gather information about what happened, and why this happened, this afternoon but delaware state trooper shot and killed in the line of duty , in the state of delaware this afternoon. as you look live from chopper three. many of the road have been shut down, as we take a ground
5:31 pm
look now from the scene, many road, i-95 is very close to the christiana hospital, the democrat wear state race track just across the street, but now the road have been shut down for this procession thaw are watching live, right the trooper's name has not been released, and probably won't for some time as details continue to come in from this horrific, horrific story from this after two suspects, one was caught, the other is held up in the community in middletown delaware, brick mill community that is where david spunt is,
5:32 pm
we will check with him shortly our natasha brown was at the scene at wawa convenient store still talking to witnesses who witnessed this horrific event. >> again, we don't know the identity of this trooper but we do know that he did exchange glances at some point with these two suspects, again in a suspicious vehicle outside of that wawa in bear, delaware. some point they made eye contact and shots were fired, of course, unfortunate ending to a very somber, situation. >> as we have mentioned one suspect is in custody, another barricaded inside that home in middletown. i'm ukee washington along with nicole brewer. >> investigators where holding this trooper's name next next of kin is notified. >> as you can see there our natasha brown will give you latest from the investigators in bear, natasha. >> reporter: certainly a saddened go to this tragic story that started at 12:10 this afternoon, we can show you behind me there is a flurry of activity at this
5:33 pm
wawa as police continue to gather information, as to what led to the deadly shooting of one of their own. brazen broad daylight shooting happened at 12:10 this afternoon during a busy time for the store. there was some kind of an exchange between trooper and two suspects inside a burgundy car park at wawa. witnesses described hearing the shots some saw the officers being fired upon. we spoke to one woman who turned around in the nick of time to see what may have been the trooper's last breaths. >> i just seen the police officer fall, the other girl seen it like happen. i seen police officer on the ground. then i seen two guys run off behind the dollar store. it was just so quick. >> reporter: she described seeing the trooper fall with no motion, after that, again, something that she is certainly shaken by. she tells us and many witnesses thaw hear from at 6:00 tell us a similar situation that played out in their mind as well as they witnessed this shooting, again
5:34 pm
, broad daylight shooting , very brazen in the sense that these suspects very busy wawa as you can imagine, many people coming and going, lunchtime hour here in bear delaware. that is very latest, reporting live, natasha brown, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we will get back to you. as we have been telling you suspect wanted for shooting delaware state trooper has barricaded himself inside his house. >> thinks all unfolding right now as we speak on brick mill road in middletown delaware, where we find our david spunt. what can you tell us at this point. >> reporter: nicole authorities say this is an active barricade scene right now. they are working to try to get this suspect out peacefully. we know gunfire was exchanged between the man they believe is suspect in this now killing of the delaware state police officer and officers, several hours ago. we heard six gunshots. it has been quiet with you authorities still say it is an active barricade seen, the school district was under lock down for several hours. that is no longer the case but
5:35 pm
neighbors are not allowed in the neighborhood as police just gave us an update a little while ago and said they want to do this methodically to make sure that this end peacefully. >> he is believed to be by himself. it is believed that he lives there with his family. his family is not in the house at this time. >> authorities are not releasing his name, his age or why he may have pulled out a gun and killed this delaware police officer. again authorities are confident this is the man that did this horrible crime, we are standing by waiting for another update from authorities but that is latest from right now in middletown just wait forgo that peaceful resolution to happen here, at this barricade situation, reporting live from middletown , david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you so much. our coverage continues throughout our newscast and anytime at cbs also tonight, president trump works to make good on a campaign promise. >> he inches closer to 100 days in office the white house revealed the president's tax reform plan.
5:36 pm
correspondent weijia jiang is at the white house with the details. >> considerable period. >> reporter: treasury secretary steve mnuchin announced white house plan to reform the tax code. >> the president's objective is creating economic growth. >> reporter: proposal would cut corporate tax rate from 35 . today's announcement is just an outline, white house will present final plans by august, they are still figuring out how to pay for the cuts without adding to the deficit. >> great plan. >> secretary mnuchin has been meeting with house and senate republican leaders and all side are hopeful the proposal can pass. >> we have been briefed on what they will do and it is a along the exactly same lines we wanting to. >> reporter: white house is pushing back against federal judge's ruling that the trump administration plan to cut funding to sanctuary cities is likely unconstitutional. >> this is why we have courts to halt the over reach of a
5:37 pm
president and attorney general who either don't understand the constitution or choose to ignore it. >> reporter: president called the ruling ridiculous on twit they are morning and said he will take the fight to the supreme court. the decision comes as president trump approaches his 100th day in office, latest cbs news poll shows 41 percent approve of the president's job performance, that is lowest rating of a u.s. president at 100 day mark in the 40 year history of the cbs news poll, weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". pope francis deliver the message of humility in the surprise ted talk. >> the pontiff urged people to show solidarity with one another and called on world leaders to act with humility. he spoke about his family's life, immigrants in argentina in the context of present day immigration controversies. pope spoke yesterday at annual ted conference in vancouver, the via video link from the
5:38 pm
vatican. this morning pope francis gave six children a spin on his pope mobile, crowd at vatican city cheered for his extra passengers. the pope has done this before but today the joy ride, was captured on camera. still to come on "eyewitness news", autism and health. >> new study looks at 30 possible links between autism and medical conditions and how treat being them together can help kid in their day to day lives. we will be right
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a delaware state trooper was shot and killed in the line of duty today. >> that trooper was rushed to christiana hospital, we showed thaw news conference from inside of the hospital. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden was there and joe, what was the feeling like we can only imagine how somber.
5:42 pm
>> nicole, ukee somber is the word in a solemn moment as that trooper left christiana hospital, in fact, we are surrounded by many people who live right here in this community and saw what was unfolding on their phones, on their tv and came down here, to pay respects. one of the folks who came out i just pulled her out of the line as she voss crossed the street. is what your name. >> bernadette. >> reporter: why was it important to come out here. >> to pay my respects to the office their was protecting us every day. >> reporter: we do not know a lot about what happened but most people don't really need to know, just -- >> he gave his life for us, that is all i need to know. i went to work thinking it would be a regular day. and now he is in the here anymore, so i had to come here and pay my respect to him. i didn't know him. i felt like i needed to be here to do that. >> reporter: thank you very much for sharing your word. heartfelt word from so many people out here we have heard
5:43 pm
from, and, in fact, right now i believe we're hearing that the motorcade from the scene we see from chopper three that it is at a halt on interstate i-95 but as we watch that picture atop, this motorcade, the story that we have learned from down here outside the happies it didn't matter that for people to come from work, to leave what they were doing to stand out here. i spoke to a gentlemen who has two brothers who are police officers and he said he did this as a sign of respect and what we did watch though as this motorcade was watching and people actually running across very busy three to six lane highway, three lanes going in each direction just to solute this fallen state police trooper. within the last minute or so, the governor provided a statement, of course, expressing his sorrow and sympathy. the name of the delaware state
5:44 pm
police trooper still being withheld, the latest release we have is that they are still trying to notify hex family. that is very latest reporting live outside christiana hospital, joe holden for cbs three "eyewitness news". >> thank you very much. >> i don't know if we can go back to chopper three live but you can see people on the side of the road, that ran to the scene, ran to the highway to pay their respects. cars were lined up on the side and at one point blocked off by state trooper's patrol car but they got as close as they could and chopper three, i don't know if you can hear me but if you can pull out as we watch the procession of this fallen officer, you can see people on the sides of the road north and southbound paying their respects to this fallen officer. >> it is kind of sign of respect you never want to see because truly never want to be in a situation like this one but it it is powerful to see those cars, stopped, pulled over just taking a moment to
5:45 pm
pay their respects. >> 5:45. you know, rush hour is out of control right now but right is there a moment in you're watching "eyewitn
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the delaware state trooper shot and killed today outside a wawa store in bear, new castle county. chopper three is live right now as, trooper guide that body out of the christiana hospital on busy i-95 what usually is bus think time of the day, as you can see, highway is at a stand still as many pay respects to this fallen officer. now at this point trooper 's name has not been released, we will hold off for that information, of course, bring it to you once next of kin is notified. we will stay on top of this breaking news throughout our newscast. as we continue tonight on the healthwatch, new report on how and why people with autism
5:49 pm
, often struggle with other health conditions. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with more on as you advertise many speaks. >> number of children diagnosed with autism continues to grow, one in 68 children in the united states have the disorder, now with this new report we know autism often comes with other conditions. >> this is my room. >> reporter: thirteen year-old colby rosenblat has a hard time falling, staying asleep. >> it has gotten progressively worse, and could not get him to bed because he was scared to be alone. >> reporter: half of the people with autism like colby have sleep disturbance, new report from autism speaks shows conditions like epilepsy and gastrointestinal problems tend to go hand and hand with the disorder. >> some of these current conditions may be due to just sort of the inner play of autism and environment, others are definitely related biology >> reporter: while children with autism are more likely to have chronic gi issues report
5:50 pm
reveals there is little evidence that special diets, including, gluten free help autism symptoms. doctor thomas frazier says mental health issues like anxiety, and adhd, are also common. >> we have to really think about them in the just having autism but autism and whatever else is going on for them. addressing those other things can make a huge difference in their lives. >> reporter: for kid like colby doctors say it is important to exercise, limit screen time and have a good bedtime routine, colby's parents say a sleep 10t helps. >> now report also confirmed what many families and doctors have experienced, it shows 30 to 60 percent of people with autism also have symptoms of adhd. growing understanding of is what going on. >> for sure. >> thanks, stephanie. cloudy, cool outside but good stuff is coming. >> it is coming. >> i found a little break in the cloud. you can see, some glue. >> can you. >> yes. >> lets take a live look at
5:51 pm
center city philadelphia. there it is right behind liberty one, blue skies, cloud deck starting to break up a bit to the west of the city seeing some sunshine overtaking the skies. we have been stuck under the cloud for days now, temperature 64 degrees, we are right around our average, few degrees below that but more mild then what we had over last couple days. temperature change over last 24 hours up on the order of a double digit there in allentown, reading after that cold, rainy day yesterday and looking much better after that cancelled phillies game yesterday, tonight heading out to the bank verse marlins 63, mostly cloudy once conditions, with light wind and nice baseball weather. we have a coastal low off shore slow moving so we are stuck under cloud on i-95 and points eastward seeing that sunshine breaking out across lehigh valley, berks county and penn relays forecast looking good morning fog turning over to sunshine tomorrow 81 degrees and then a stretch of 80's, 86 by
5:52 pm
saturday. humid conditions with the late day thunderstorm and big taste of summer and for tomorrow, even feeling a little bit like summer. we will start your with cloud cover in the morning, temperatures in the middle 60 's, mild start and lunchtime looking good, and cloud and fog starting to break up 72 degrees. and then tomorrow afternoon sunshine and high temperatures near 80 degrees. we will go on the stretch of 80's all the way into saturday , humid conditions with that high of 86 to kick off the weekend and cooler by sunday slightly less humid with a chance of spotty thunder showers. best chance for wet weather will come on monday we are backup to 80 degrees and cooler, much less humid wednesday looks like a beautiful day next week, with low humidity 71 and sunshine. what kind of day. >> beautiful. >> that is what i like to hear >> that is what i thought you said. thanks, lauren. even if you are in the in the draft itself there is a lot to do downtown. >> sure is, tori is at nfl draft experience, tori. >> that is right, there are a ton of things to do and while
5:53 pm
the nfl does a ton of things in preparation, coming up we will show you the experiences that they have got all for us that's comfortable long time. i don't want to buy new furniture every couple of years. it's custom made so you know it's good quality. i'm just speechless because it's perfect. itthey carry your fansu shpassions, hopes, and dreams.s. and maybe, a chance at greatness because shoulders were made for greatness. not dandruff. it's your glass of willpower that helps keep cravings... ...far, far away. feel less hungry with the natural fiber in clinically... ...proven meta appetite control. from metamucil.
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5:56 pm
we will be in full nfl draft mode in philadelphia, crews are putting final touches on the big fan festival. >> big deal even if you are not a sports fan no worries there is something to do for everybody. >> true. >> our vittoria woodill is live on the parkway with a preview of the fun activities. >> reporter: that is right, nicole, it is a big deal but they have got those big experiences that they are bringing you, there is no doubt bit, we're live on the parkway, tonies energetic, fun , and we have a preview of the fun stuff that the nfl has planned, for you tomorrow. >> reporter: we're less than 24 hours away from the lights,
5:57 pm
highlights of the 2017 nfl draft, and it is pretty exciting. as they continue to add final touches before those big announce... . philadelphia fat ball fans have been ready. >> i woke up this morning. i'm excited about the nf left draft. it is philadelphia, where else >> we wanted to build something that you walk in and said, wow. >> reporter: nfl vice-president of the events mary pat ogenthat you willer say thinks a big day for them and fans too. >> it was so massive in its scope of dreaming, you can walk around a locker room, lot of different photo opportunities, virtual reality , super cool, we will have a sip line if anybody wants to do that. >> why is it not up yet. >> the weather, but it is coming. you can run the 40. kick a field goal. catch a pass. street player autograph. you can shop in the draft store. >> reporter: as far as main stage. >> it is on the rocky steps. i think we have probably chose
5:58 pm
place where everybody didn't think we were going to choose to build this and then what we did when we build the draft experience is put in all of the fun stuff around it. >> we will try to make sure in of the cowboys stuff is damaged while it is here but i cannot make any promises. maybe i will cover it up. actually. >> yep, over here, dallas right over there. >> i'm just kidding. no dallas cowboys, gear was harmed in the production of this piece. let me mention. that but also i want to mention ukee and nicole what is amazing about the draft is all of these activities are free, the only thing you have to pay for really are the concessions, anything you buy at concession will cost you a few bucks but all these activities are free so if you guys are around you have to come check it out and if you or your family or football fans are watching this will be the place to be, i'm just saying. >> i might pull a ham i doing all that stuff. >> it looks like were you having big fun.
5:59 pm
>> high energy. >> thanks, tori. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 we will follow breaking news. delaware state trooper shot and killed in the line of duty we have team three coverage of the deadly shooting and standoff with one of the suspects. also emotional testimony and gripping video, the trial for david creato junior enters a new day and we have a look at moment creato found on it his young son was found dead. also as you just saw it is draft eve, one day before game on for nfl teams looking to build for their future, team coverage of the final preparations before the big day coming up, lauren. after a cool, soggy start to the work week we are transition go to more sunshine and thunder like stretch and we will have details in the forecast, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now .
6:00 pm
great sadness and heavy heart this we announce the death of the delaware state trooper. gun down in the line of duty. tonight, brothers and sisters in arms soluting a fallen hero , as the would i left this hospital. authorities remained in the standoff with one of the shooting suspects, another is in custody. hello i'm ukee washington. we have team three coverage. reporter covering every angle of the story about lets begin with natasha brown in bear, delaware where tragic situation began early this afternoon, natasha. just afternoon time today and here now hours later, you can see police activity at this wawa. state police trying to figure out what led to the shooting of one of their own a shooting witnessed by several people, nearby. >> i'm sitting in th


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