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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  April 26, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> pelley: the trump tax plan. >> we will have a massive tax cut for businesses. >> pelley: what about the middle class? >> we will let you know the specific details at the appropriate moment. >> pelley: and one more time: mr. trump's tax returns? >> the president has no intention. >> pelley: also tonight, the intersenate heads to the white house for a fill-in on the korean nuclear threat. >> we want to bring kim jong un to his senses, not to his knees. >> pelley: more legal trouble for fox. accusations of racial discrimination. >> i've seen this before, and i was silent. i cannot be silent anymore. >> pelley: and remembering filmmaker jonathan demmie,
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oscar-winning director of "silence of the lambs." >> i ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti. >> this is the "cbs evening captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today the trump administration rushed out a plan for historic tax cuts high on hyperbole with only a dal almost of detail. the list of aspirations looked more like an attempt to beat the 100-day mark in the trump presidency rather than a serious proposal to reform the tax code. on paper everyone is in for a break, personal income taxes, corporate taxes, savings for the rich and the dead, but nothing on how to implement it or pay for it. far from legislation, the president's bullet points today were loaded into a starting gun that signals the beginning of a race of lobbyists and special interests to rewrite america's
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70,000-page tax code. here's major garrett on the opening lap. >> great plan. >> reporter: president trump's plan calls for big corporate and personal tax cuts, but lacks basic details. the president wants to replace the current seven personal tax brackets with three, with rates of 10%, 25% and 35%. his proposal, however, did not give income levels for those brackets. white house economic adviser gary cohn. do you have income brackets established that you're going to propose to congress? >> we're holding a bunch of listening groups right now. we have outlines. we have a entered brush view of where they're going to be. >> reporter: there were some details: eliminate the estate tax and alternative minimum tax. preserve personal deductions for mortgage interest and charitable donations. and on the business side, lower the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15%. but taxes are about specifics.
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cohn and treasury secretary steve mnuchin came with precious few. >> we will be back to you with very firm details. when we have an agreement, we will release the details. we will let you know the specific details at the appropriate moment. >> reporter: and they had no projections of what the plan would do for the nation's deficit and debt. >> this will pay for itself with growth and reduce -- reduction of deductions and closing loopholes. >> reporter: the plan has been called magic beans and warned, "there is no golden goose at the top of the tax cut bean stock, just mountains of debt." mnuchin was also asked if the president will release his tax return so the country can judge what his tax plan will do for his bottom line. >> the president has no intention. the president has released plenty of information. >> reporter: mnuchin today confused the annual federal deficit, about $600 billion,
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with the national debt held by the public. that stands at nearly $15 trillion. scott, that's a common mistake for budget amateurs, but not treasury secretaries. even a newly minted one. >> pelley: major garrett at the white house. now this tax plan goes to congress. nancy cordes is our chief congressional correspondent. nancy, what's the reaction so far? >> reporter: scott, overall republicans were positive, despite the lack of specifics. they say they share the same broad principles as the president, even though they think that 15% corporate tax rate is a little ambitious, and they'd like to see a few more details about how the white house plans to raise revenue for all this if it isn't behind speaker ryan's proposal for a new tax on imports. democrats, no surprise here, called the proposal unserious and slap dash. they said it's a giveaway to the rich that will blow a huge hole in the national debt. as one non-partisan outside group put it, scott, the white house picked a bunch of treats from the dessert portion of the
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tax reform menu. it's not a balanced male without the vegetables. >> pelley: nancy cordes, thank you. it will take a lot more tax money, not less, to rebuild america's crumbling infrastructure. another 100-day promise in the trump contract. here's elaine quijano. >> reporter: in the past month, two derail. s and two power failures around new york's penn station left rail passengers stranded for hours. >> we've just had derailments. they should get it together. >> reporter: amtrak, which owns the tracks, blames massive underfunding for repairs. part of the problem can be found beneath the hudson river inside a train tunnel more than 105 years old. >> that's the ground line for the cbs. >> reporter: cbs news obtained rare access to see the tunnel's crumbleling walls and leaking water, which shorts out power. flooding from super-storm sandy in 2012 likely made it worse. new jersey senator cory booker. >> one more major event like
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hurricane sandy, and it could take one of those tunnels out of service, and if one of those tunnels is out of service, that means hundreds of millions of dollars of economic impact to this region, and it will create a traffic armageddon like we have never experienced before. >> reporter: that cost could be $100 million a day, a figure that worries c.e.o.s like deanna mull gone of guardian life insurance, which could lose $40,000 an hour. >> new york is a global financial capital. it generates a lot of income for the entire country in the form of income taxes, so it is really important to the country. >> reporter: amtrak has proposed a solution to fix the tracks and build a new tunnel under the hudson river, but it would cost over $20 billion. new york and new jersey have offered to pay half the cost if the federal government pays for the rest, a proposal now being considered by the trump administration. elaine quijano, cbs news, new york.
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>> pelley: today mr. trump summoned all 100 u.s. senators to the white house to hear the latest on the threat posed by north korea's nuclear program. the president has not ruled out force, and david martin is following this. >> reporter: senators were bused to the white house for a closed-door briefing by the president's top national security advisers with a cameo appearance by the commander-in-chief himself. senator chris coons is a democrat from delaware. >> it was a sobering briefing in which it was clear just how much thought and planning is going into preparing military options if called for and a diplomatic strategy that strikes me and clear-eyed. >> thank you, sir. >> reporter: in open testimony before congress, admiral harry harris, head of the pacific command, laid out the stakes involved in north korea's nuclear weapons program. >> wither test, kim jong un moves closer to his stated goal of a preemptive nuclear strike capability against american cities. >> reporter: north korea's
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dictator has already threatened to strike new york, washington, colorado, and hawaii. for now it's bluster, but he's working on long-range weapons that would make it more than just talk. >> when he threatens the united states, that's one level, but when he threatens the united states with the capability of realizing that threat, that's a different place. >> reporter: a statement by the director of national intelligence, secretary of state, and secretary of defense said their aim is to use economic sanctions and diplomatic pressure to convince north korea to dismantle its nuclear program. behind the pressure lies the threat of u.s. military firepower. on display in field exercises in south korea and a port visit by a nuclear-powered submarine. in a few days the carrier vinson will be operating off the coast, and there is nothing north korea can do about it. >> if it flies, it will die if it's flying against the strikers. >> reporter: the pentagon has drawn up plans for a preemptive
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strike but only if economic sanctions and diplomatic pressure fail. as admiral harris put it: we want to bring kim jong un to his senses, not to his knees. >> pelley: david martin, our man at the pentagon. david, thank you. veteran news anchor kelly wright of the fox news channel had an emotional news conference today. wright explained why he joined about a dozen other current and former minority employees in a racial discrimination suit against the cable network. here's anna werner. >> 21st century fox ought to appropriately rename itself 18th century fox. >> reporter: in the latest lawsuit, minority employees accuses fox news of racial discrimination. among the allegations against former controller judith slater, fired by fox two months ago, that she mocked the way they spoke and demanded that minority employees engage in arm wrestling contests, including against some of their white female supervisors. anchor and reporter kelly wright.
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>> this hurts. >> reporter: he came forward after his colleagues sued. >> i thought, this is so pervasive. i have seen this before, and i was silent. i cannot be silent anymore. >> reporter: the development comes after former star host bill o'reilly was fired over sexual harassment allegations. "the new york times" reported that he settled several lawsuits, but in comments to podcast listeners earlier this week, o'reilly said... >> i'm very confident the truth will come out, and when it does, i don't know if you're going to be surprised, but i think you're going to be shaken as i am. >> reporter: but former fox temporary employees purkita burgess says o'reilly sexually harassed her, calling her hot chocolate. she says... >> i want him to apologize to everyone who he has harmed with his words, his actions. but there's no humility. there's no i'm sorry.
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maybe if he had said something, maybe he would not have gotten fired. >> reporter: and attorney for judith slater said in a statement, these frivolous charges are slowly aimed at inflaming racial tensions and poisoning potential jury pool and judges. fox news and its general council say that vehemently defined the claims and o'reilly has called the claims against him unfounded. scott? >> pelley: anna werner in fox news headquarters in manhattan. anna, thank you. a new cbs news poll out tonight says that president trump's job approval rating is 41%, as he nears the 100-day mark, that is lower than any president at this point going back the jimmy carter. tonight demarco morgan is at texas a&m university where he asked young republicans the grade the president's performance. >> i give him just a flat a. >> same thing, flat a. i think he followed through with a lot of his campaign promises.
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>> he's sort of entering into the presidency and not taking no for an answer and doing what he wants to get done as much as he can, and he's going to, you know, shove that down the opposition's throat. >> reporter: was there ever a moment in the first 100 days that made you just cringe and say, why did he do this? >> because i am a social media user, and i think carefully how he put things out there, and i think the president putting things up at all hours of the night. that was a concern. >> i got nervous with the whole general flynn thing. that whole fiasco where it was like, oh, my gosh, this is another watergate moment, we haven't even gotten through the first year at presidency. >> reporter: general michael flynn was fired as national security adviser over communications with russian officials. the house oversight committee now says he may have broken the law by not disclosing payments by russian-linked businesses. what do you want the see president trump accomplish? >> we've seen with president obama there was a lot of trickle-down economics, things just trickling down from
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washington, d.c. we don't want that. we don't washington, d.c., telling us everything we want to do. >> i feel like trump is spending a lot of time on defense and playing damage control, and there are not enough people giving him the benefit of the doubt. and he's going to be president until 2020. so it's going to take some people sitting dunn and saying, okay, we need to work with this man to advance america's best interests, because this is what we have right now. >> it's really important that our government focuses on opening up our economy and allowing students like us to get out there and find a job right out of college. >> reporter: so jobs, jobs, jobs? >> jobs, jobs, jobs. >> reporter: throughout the interview, these students said the economy was the reason they voted for mr. trump. scott, the average student graduated from college has just over $37,000 in loan debt. that's 60% more than in 2008. >> pelley: demarco morgan as we continue to listen to the voters. demarco, thank you. john dickerson will be interviewing the president on his first 100 days for this
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sunday's "face the nation." and then on monday, cbs this morning will air aive from the white house. don't miss that. coming up next on the "cbs evening news," the future of warfare, marines and machines fighting side by side. and later, he directed tom hanks, hannibal lecter, and the talking heads. we remember jonathan demmie. but i also see hope. thousands of people arriving every day, risking their lives to find a place to live, and find a place to be accepted. i feel it's important to take photographs that are going to make a difference. ( ♪ ) i'm tyler hicks, photojournalist for the new york times.
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>> pelley: it sure looked like an amphibious assault today on the beaches of southern california as marines tested the weapons of future warfare. carter evans is at camp pendleton. >> reporter: first wave in the war of the future could begin with armed row -- robots and drones that deliver bombs and supplies before the boots ever hit the beach. and corporal edmund kennedy is happy to let machines lead the way. >> better to have this thing be the first on the beach than you? >> absolutely, sir.
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i don't like being shot at. i don't think any marine likes being shot at. if this can take the brunt of the assault, that's a great idea. >> reporter: the combination of marines and machines is being showcased in a series of simulated amphibious assaults that includes swarping underwater drones is up officialsly mapping out the shoreline. colonel dan sullivan. >> now even a primitive adversary like isis is flying devices with explosives on them. >> reporter: so the pressure is on? >> the pressure is on. >> reporter: but there is concerns over hacking. >> this is designed with a cyber threat in mind. offensive cyber, too. we have to attack his network while protecting our own. >> reporter: the first-of-its-kind task force is exploring new inventions, like this speedboat that turns into a submarine, and a lethal, unmanned jet-ski. navy captain chris mercer is co-hosting the event. >> this feels like the consumer electronics show for the navy
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and marines. >> very much so, except in this case the judges are the marines and the sailors. >> >> reporter: can a lance corporal come up and say, i don't like, this i think you should change this? >> they already have. >> reporter: much of the new equipment is operated by remote control and is almost lying playing a video game. corporal kennedy agrees. did you ever think you would be able to bring those video gaming skills to the job? >> not in a million years. my mother told me it was a waste of time. but look at me now, mom. >> reporter: ultimately the marines hope to use what they have learned about equipment like this to decide what they want to deploy on a large-scale. and scott, they say they plan the bring it from here to the battlefield at silicon valley speed. >> pelley: carter evans with a look at a feature. carter, thank you. still ahead, a united airlines passenger runs out of luck.
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>> pelley: a powerful storm knocked down trees and knocked out power in arkansas today. tornado warnings were posted as the storm swept through. first lady melania trump celebrated her 47th birthday today. president trump posted a digital birthday card to his wife on twitter and instagram. the first family is having a private celebration tonight at the white house. baseball met the circus last night in st. louis with the score tied at two in the seventh, toronto's chris coghlan steamed around third base headed for home. the throw got there first, so he dove head-first. the catcher had no idea what happened, but the replay shows coghlan safe. toronto won 6-5. more trouble for united airlines. meet simon, the continental rabbit. they grow very large. this is simon's dad, a record four feet, three inches long, with their breeder. she says that simon, just ten months old, was fit as a fiddle when she put him on a united flight in london, but shortly after the plane landed in
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if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision, or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis. >> pelley: oscar-winning director jonathan demme died today in his manhattan apartment from esophageal cancer. he was 73. demme once said he was dwyane waded by enthusiasm. his lens was panoramic, from horror and drama to comedy and concert films. here's anthony mason.
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>> good evening, clarice. >> reporter: when serial killer hannibal lecter faced off against f.b.i. agent clarice starling in the 1991 film "silence of the lamb," director jonathan demme lingered on the close-up. >> i ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti. >> reporter: "silence" swept all five academy awards and won him his first oscar for best director. >> you were aware when you worked with melissa benedict that she had aids. >> reporter: in 1993, "philadelphia" starred tom hanks as a gay lauer in the first big-budget hollywood movie about the aids crisis. demme told charlie rose in 1998... >> the one thing my movies have in common is i've always been really excited by their potential as movies and a belief if we can make a movie that winds up exciting other people as much as the potential of it
6:58 pm
excites me, maybe it will be contagious. >> reporter: demme got his break as a publicist for the b movie master roger korman, who gave him his first directing job, the prison exploitation film account caged heat" in 1994, as a director he jumped easily between dramas, from satire to drama to demeanorry. ♪ burning down the house "stop making sense," his 1984 concert film of the band talking heads is considered a classic. "music was my first love. movies came second," jonathan demme one said. he credited the advice roger korman gave him: never forget what the primary organ is for the movie-goer. it's the eye. you must keep the eye interested. anthony mason, cbs news, new york. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world,
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tonight -- >> my name is chris soules. >> a bachelor's frantic 911 call. >> i rear-ended a guy on a tractor. he's mot conscious. >> the night of the fatal car crash. chris in his own words. accused of fleeing the scene. was he hiding from police? >> it took hours to get a search warrant to retrieve mr. soules from inside of the house. a breakthrough in brad and angelina's divorce battle. what we just learned. why is george clooney popping up in hollywood classics? only we can take you behind the scenes of the dad-to-be's new project. and -- >> i'm groot. >> vin diesel on fatherhood and what you don't know about his baby groot voice.


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