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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  April 27, 2017 2:07am-2:41am EDT

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al... you need to eat this special. ♪ ♪ i love it start your day with crunchy whole-grain flakes... and real strawberries. special k. eat special. feel special. right now at 11:00, in cold blood, a delaware state trooper shot and killed in the middle of the day outside a wawa convenience store. >> it's so sad. it's just so very, very tragic. >> a community comes to together in grief to pay the speaks to a fallen hero. this as a standoff continues outside the home of a suspect wanted in the deadly shooting. >> good evening i'm ukee washington
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>> i'm nicole brewer in for jessica dean. a short time ago. they identified him as corporal steven ballard. he was an eight and a half year veteran. he was gunned down in the parking lot of a wawa on pulaski highway in bear delaware around 12:10. he was responding to a suspicious vehicle when one of the two men inside shot him multiple times. authorities tracked the gunman to a home in middle town delaware. i remains barricaded inside and firing at the swat team. the other man in that vehicle was arrested at the convenience store. >> corporal ballard died at christiana. a long line escorted his body in wilmington. motorists pulled over and paid tribute as salutes as the procession made it's r way along i95. corporate ballard's casket was carried into the medical
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examiner's office. we have live team coverage. it shows you how a community is paying tribute to the trooper. shriv . >> reporter: i just spoke two state troopers they told me both new corporal ballard. it is a devastating night for the police family the situation going on it's been going on several hours, authorities say they breached the front door of the suspect's home with an explosive define before 8:30. they still have not made entry >> these emergency lights were the only sign of a barricade situation in nearby neighborhood. a police chopper circled in the sky. inside a home, a man involved in the murder of a delaware state police officer. swat team and negotiate share thes rushed where they hoped for
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a peaceful resolution. late in the afternoon, parents rushed to pick up their children, officials lifted the lockdown on the school district but neighbors are still being kept away. we spoke with a woman who lives two doors down from the suspect and says her two kids are inside their home with their nanny >> it's scary that you would live that close and not know >> we've established a perimeter. he's contained but continues not to surrender as we wish. we will be on scene until we get a peaceful resolution. >> reporter: and in woman's children and her nanny will still be in that home several more hours, state troopers came down to give neighbors an update saying they're setting set up a nearby shelter because they expect this to go on several more hours, authorities hope this comes to a peaceful resolution but expecting this to
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last several more hours. reporting live cbs3 >> this began at a wawa in bear delaware when the trooper spotted a suspicious vehicle, alexandria hoff is live there. >> reporter: this to took place during wawa's busiest hour. plenty of people who have to live with what they saw. this parking lot has been closed off and is virtual empty except for if you can see there's a growing memorial full candles and flowers. >> i just had to do something. and the flowers are the least i can do. i wish i could do more. >> reporter: ounce of beauty given to a team that is an ugliness >> 12:10 p.m., a trooper observed a suspicious vehicle occupied by two suspects. >> reporter: a confrontation
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ensued between one of the suspects and trooper knew burgundy dodge suspect. kevin learner says he saw the suspect push the officer >> he pushed him to take off. he took off maybe ten feet and started shooting >> he ran into his nearby store and locked the doors. >> i just seen this from the ground and then i seen two guys run off >> responding troopers arrived and took one of the suspects into custody without incident. the second suspect has fled on foot. >> reporter: a woman believed she encountered that man at a michigan park >> he turned around and bolted. >> reporter: corporal steven ballard was browned dead at christiana. he was 32 years old. in the line of duty that the community feels a duty to express gratitude and grief >> i just had to do something. had to stop when i got off from
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my job and show that i care. >> reporter: a state-wide gesture of care will take place tomorrow as flags are lowered. reporting live in bear delaware, scoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you it has been an emotional day and many who heard about the trooper's death as you saw felt they had to show respects. stopped along streets and paused for the procession displaying the deep appreciation. here's joel holden. >> reporter: they watched the procession escorting the fallen state trooper left christiana hospital on a somber journey to the medical examiner's office. silently some stood with phones. others looked on. >> i had to come here and pay my respects. i didn't know him but i felt i needed to be here. >> reporter: some people watched with tears, others held tight. the procession made way on
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interstate 95 traffic held back. some onlookers took to overpasses to get a glimpse. they came to see this out of respect. >> i just think about all the cops and being a family of cops, my brother and father was a philadelphia cop. just bad thing for he everybody. >> reporter: a state trooper had been shot compelled them to show up and salute his service for which he paid the ultimate sacrifice. >> he went to work thinking it would be a regular day. he's not here anymore. >> reporter: many people standing to watch shared the sentiment. they didn't did not know this fallen state police trooper but their hearts break for a man not going to go home tonight. christiana hospital, joel holden cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> "eyewitness news" was at the medical examiner's office as the trooper's casket arrived. a line of law enforcement stretched outside.
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others who heard showed's to pay respects as well. among them a retired judge. >> i just felt compelled to just honor him. just so sad, so very tragic. >> there was no word yet on funeral arrangements. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage. we'll bring you new developments. and we do have breaking news in pike county. a jury has decided eric frein should get the death penalty for murdering a pennsylvania state trooper. spent several hours before reaching the decision. frein was convicted last week of killing brian dixon. frein likely won't be executed any time soon, governor tom wolf has imposed a more tore young man on the death penalty. tonight, development in question the trial of creato,
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the father accused of killing his three-year-old. we're seeing how he reacted when told his son was found dead. >> your son is deceased >> no, no. >> found on the shore. >> no. >> prosecutors called the lead detective to the stand this morning and showed jurors police interrogation video. testimony in that trial continues tomorrow. something we can smile about. after months of planning and weeks of set up. we're now one day away from the start of nfl draft on the ben franklin parkway. tomorrow night all eyes will, on the city of brotherly love and sister affection. >> last minute preps are underway. looks as it's coming together. >> reporter: it is coming
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together. how long have we been talking about this nfl draft? it's finally here. down the ben franklin parkway is the art museum and that's where commissioner roger goodell will step across the stage. the action starts closer to where i'm standing take a look at this. this is the franklin institute where all 32 teams will be set here. the area will mostly be closed set up a with the exception of a small viewing gallery. the is hoping to get a sneak peak to the fans. >> want to bring the fans as close as possible to really see the process of how all the players get selected and just what goes into that. and so you know, we give a little peak behind the curtain so just see literally how it works and it's just another enhanced experienced for our fans to be able to be a part of
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this event. >> reporter: nfl commissioner roger goodell is in town. the nfl and united way visiting the william elementary school. goodell was joined by former eagles billberg gusty. they talked to students about importance of character and teamwork. with the nfl draft, there's a lot of community service to be done. good on the league. coming up guys, later in sports. we're i'm going to talk about the philadelphia eagles 14th selection. we'll talk to nfl experts and get prediction, coming from the ben franklin parkway i'm don bell for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> we'll see you thank you. it is going to be a big party. something for everyone. >> at 11:00 the activities even the nonsports people will love have that coming up. revealing news about eagles franchise quarterback. we've learned carson wentz had
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off season surgery. what it was for and how it might affect his game >> mcdonald's giving employees the new look but the fashion is pulling flat on social media. we'll show you the new uniforms and tell you why some aren't living it after a cool and dreary start to the week. with our day of transition. who's ready for sunshine and summer
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president wants to replace the personal income tax brackets with three with rates of 10, 25 and 35%. the standard would be doubled the plan would eliminate the estate tax and alternative minimum tax >> home opener, and retired saving will be protecteded >> the president's objective is creating economic growth >> also today the white house brief senators on north korea, lawmakers say there's growing concern about the nuclear threat from the communist country >> milania trump celebrated her birthday in washington. this is not open to the press. but it has been reported that the first lady said no birthday celebrations sweets or treats at that event. private birthday celebration was planned for tonight at the white
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house. with the eyes of the football world on nfl cbs3 confirmed that eagles quarterback carson wentz had vision correction laser surgery. the eye center tells us he had the surgery in january. we're told it typically results in 2020 vision. investigator time can vary from several days to up to three months. no comment from the eagles or carson wentz but he's endorsing the procedure on facebook. there's critics on social media just ask mcdonald's >> the giant recently unveiled new uniforms for it's works. the new look is turning heads >> when you see the go ahead ashanti. s you probably think fast food. >> i haven't been in mcdonald's i think it's like a blue black pants like a rib bin on that r or should something >> mcdonald's announces two
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uniform collections causing a stir. >> look as little mcdonald's says the goal was comfort and contemporary professionalism but social media made own interpretation from hunger gameses to star wars. term mcdeath star is making the rounds >> why does it even matter? well, some say they're unfit for the brand >> it doesn't seem mcdonald's to me >> serving you same burgers, it shouldn't merit >> in a statement, mcdonald's said seven out of ten liked the new modern look which will be coming to our local establishments this fall >> really? ok. once again all about burgers and the fries >> what up? you have to reinvent yourself. i like that.
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you talking about sunshine >> keeping it positive. we've been stuck under the clouds. we had sunshine breaking out across western parts of the area, we're going to see it heading into the day, still low clouds as the upper level low sit sitting offshore. getting a live look at center city, mild 62 temperatures really haven't been budging all day. winds have shifted out of the south and the southerly component is going to go help bum the temperatures off. due points are still elevated as they have been. high temperatures did struggle we didn't make it to average, high 64, got to 66 in wilmington, late day 70's in reading and allentown with the sunshine breaking outlet but it has been cool across the northeast today with that upper level low offshore but off to our south south and west,
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temperatures in the 80's and as we led to the day tomorrow. 64 in allentown, mild evening little bit cooler at the shore, 57 in atlantic city and 55 degrees with the southeasterly wind in wildwood. we will see breaks in the clouds, mild temperatures falling back to 59. winds stay nice and calm and then tomorrow start off with fog and low clouds. as we move throughout the day, sunshine breaking out and temperatures soaring up to 81 degrees. we'll start off with some of those low clouds in the morning, mild for the 9:00 hour, 60's 70's by lunch time. by 5:00, gorgeous, mostly sunny and warm with a high temperature at 81. stormscan 3 looking better than it has. still do have. counter clockwise circulation
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the of the low. tomorrow low clouds, fog then all of that breaking down as we head to the afternoon hours, tomorrow we will see a line of kind of a broken line of showers and imbedded thunderstorms that willing rolling through through the overnight we could see some thunder showers even a rumbles of thunder as we head to friday afternoon, sunny skies overtakingsing the delaware valley. beautiful conditions forly nfl draft. turning over to sunshine watch out for chance of an early thunder shower friday. feeling like summer saturday. high temperature at 86. and it will be feeling like summer we'll have the humid conditions saturday. temperatures getting close to the record on saturday. the record is 90 set back in 201374. we'll be on the summer like stretch cooler by sunday, 74
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still well above average with a chance of spotty turned in showers, monday chance of showers and back up at 80 and we drop things down to tuesday and wednesday a really nice stretch an long range, 70 low humidity and sunshine. >> really? independence film festival >> it's coming at the right time, perfectly >> good job, mother nature. let's go back to sports director don bell live on the parkway on the eve of the nfl draft. >> a former nfl coach remembers the one game at the vet. a story you don't want to miss. the phillies look to make it five in a reas they take on t
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welcome back to the ben franklin parkway with the nfl draft, there's a mutual national spotlight on the city of
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philadelphia. earlier we had a chance to catch up with a former nfl coach the guy with the san francisco 49ers from the late 90's to early 2000s. he coached at the vet against the eagles and told this story. >> i go back to our bench. i go back to our bench. i wanted to talk to, there are two girls sitting on our bench with our player, two girls came out of the stands and were siing there. what are you doing here? we're just wanted to come down and say hi. maybe somebody you knowth i don't know. two girls are sitting on my bench i had to get rid of them. >> only in philly. unbelievable. listen, it's been a great experience, because with nevertheless community coming to town we've had an opportunity to took to a lot of nfl experts. we went over to the guys at the
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networks and asked them what they should do with the 14th overall selection. >> i think they're better off with an offense player to support carson wentz, if you're going to move from 13 to eight to two, you better support him >> one of those receivers is there, if they like a corey davis if he manages to be there, a mike williams act john roth, that could be enticing >> it's it's same old, do i improve the defense oh go ahead and latch these people around carson wentz, you see chris mccafery a lot. there's a lot of different, couple good receivers that would make sense. but it's always, you only have one number one pick. >> reporter: what will the eagles do? find out in less than 24 hours. all right, now let's talk about baseball. the phillies hosting the marlins in a two game series at the bank. we'll take you to the highlights. phils trying to win, bottom of the third, 2-0, maikel franco, a
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grand slam and the phillies on top, 4-2, bottom eight, he's going big fly. and the phils win 7-4. make it five straight wins for the fightins. they will take on the marlins again tomorrow at 1:05 at the bank and look to make it six in a row. we hope they will be able to get it done as we sit and wait for the nfl draft. back to you guys >> i hope we won that game. if so the plan worked. i hope we did >> thanks, don. coming up next. the fun activities you can take
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putting the final touches on the nfl draft >> nearly set.
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we got a preview. plenty of photo opportunities. if you are not a sports fan, no worries. there's also a little something for you. we'll be right back.
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