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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 27, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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it is just a bad day for everybody. >> he gave his life for us, that is all i need to know. >> standoff continues in delaware at this hour as authorities confront man they believe shot and killed corporal steven ballard, overnight we were getting reports of loud explosions, we're live with team coverage of the trooper killed, as the community mourns his loss. here in philadelphia parkway is ready for prime time we are live with the look at nfl draft experience plus we will tell you what you cannot bring with us. parts of the area could see some fog this morning but it is what it feels like outside that is bigger story.
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temperatures are summer like around here. it is thursday, april 27th, i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things on this very warm thursday. >> katie, i wore color, yellow because i knew we were talk about a ray of sunshine. >> i don't think that ever crossed my mind. >> but, we're looking outside right now, overturned tractor trailer in new jersey, other accidents have not cleared just some construction. >> we were talking about that possibility of fog. it is not terrible just yet. there are a couple trouble spots in the visibility map in a second but if you are hitting the road right now it is not as big of a concern. give it time. typically that fog, it is a pattern, at its worse right before the sun comes up. we have a little bit of time for that if you go to settle in. storm scan, my goodness, take a deep breath, it is empty for a change. we have not been able to say that for three days. now that we have a brief break in the action, there are a couple of front coming through
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, granted but brief break in the action means we will end up with sunshine, but again, there is that caveat of some fog. looking at current visability, this isn't bad, near perfect, in philadelphia, there is a cloud deck but high enough that it is not messing with anybody traveling on the roadways, anyway n lancaster a different story that is one odd ball out, and right now under a half mile there. that will generally spread with time and you have to watch out for it. here are conditions you need. you need moisture for cloud to form and you need that calm wind that is calm wind. so you can expect that again with time that fog will have a chance to form but throughout the day, other than fog we will see a break for sunshine and nice warm up, 79 degrees in the city, flirting with 80 and up toward mountains we will flirt with 7o really warm conditions, by comparison, above average, and finally, meisha that sunnies here. >> yes. finally, this is going to be such an incredible, mood
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lifter, as we navigate around all of the traffic that we're experiencing and road restrictions and closures around for nfl draft. as excited as we have been to have that draft in philadelphia which is awesome, we are still having to mind the headache for this. this is just a birds eye view of the spring garden street at eakins oval. showing you closure. vine at schuylkill. taillights moving in the westbound direction looking good and boulevard at fox street headlights moving in the southbound direction looking g we will talk about more coming up, accident in new jersey in about 10 minutes , jim, back over to you intense police standoff continues this morning in middletown delaware foreman wanted in the shooting death of a state trooper. >> minutes ago we received reports of several explosions in the area. the slain trooper has been identified as three two-year old steven ball air. he was shot and killed, investigating suspicious vehicle at a wawa in bear, new castle county. one of the two men was arrested at the scene. other ran away and bar kateed himself inside a home. we have team three
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coverage of the, trooper killed, frank does live in the cbs-3 news center with more on how the community is responding. >> lets begin with "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao live in middletown delaware where authorities continue their standoff with one of the suspects. what is the very latest here. >> reporter: we are coming to you live from the stage airing use, it is removed from the scene but swat has been there all night long working to bring this standoff situation to a peaceful resolution, so far, no luck with that, this morning, but we have heard from neighbors live in this general area who say they have heard a number of loud booms this morning, sometimes they are electricity flickers a bit , so it does seem like swat , tactical team are trying to make some movement. you will ren around 8:30 we last had confirmed reports that they were using explosives to try to breach the door but at that pint last night they had in the gained entry and latest update is this standoff is on going situation. take a look, you can see what tactical teams have been doing
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for hours now negotiations on going since yesterday. this is all happening on the 500 block of saint michaels drive in the brick mill farms development, after fleeing wawa in bear where that trooper was gunned down this suspect barricaded himself inside a home here. police say he is refusing to surrender and even fired shots at authorities. as you can imagine it has been a chaotic scenes. parents had to rush to bring their kid home from brick mill elementary. this development was evacuated and replanes off limits this morning. "eyewitness news" spoke to the neighbor who lives doors down from the suspect, lets take a listen. >> it is scary that you live that close to somebody and not know it, not know what they are capable of. >> we have established a perimeter on the house, he is contained to the one house, but continues not to surrender as we wish. we will be on the scene until we get a peaceful resolution. >> reporter: negotiations continue, this morning, in the
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meantime, the owe december a fire department has opened its doors for all of the residents who cannot get back inside their homes and at this point there are no reported injuries , at this scene, of course, we will keep you up to date but for now we are live from middletown delaware, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", rahel and jim, back inside to you. flags in delaware are flying at half staff this morning in memory of corporal ballard. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do continues our coverage from the sat center. frank do tell us more about the community and how it is responding to the trooper's death. >> reporter: jim and rahel thinks an entire state in mourning. we have spoke to several of the hundreds of the people lined up to pay their respects on wednesday, they say corporal ballard's senseless death feels like a loss to their own family. >> he gave us life for us, that is all i need to know. >> reporter: solemn procession for a fallen hero, time seemed to stop, crowd silent, still as motorcade carrying corporal steven ballard's body left christiana hospital. >> my father is a philadelphia cop. bad day for everybody.
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>> reporter: cars stopped, people standing in solute lined the route from the hospital to the medical examiner's office. >> i just felt compelled to just honor him. it is just so sad. it is just very, very tragic. >> reporter: faces full of emotion for eight and a half year veteran shot and killed in the line of duty. >> he went to work today thinking that he would be a regular day. now he is in the here anymore. >> reporter: crime scene outside wawa on pulaski highway in bear new serving as a memorial to the three two-year old troop shore died protecting his community. >> we have who another great star in our community and it is just heart breaking and i just had to do something. i just had to stop here when i got off of my job, and just show that i care. >> reporter: in addition to ordering flags flown at half staff delaware governor john carney issued this statement last night, one of our sworn troopers has lost his life performing duty on behalf of the people of delaware. my heart, is with the officer
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as family and officer who have served beside him. meanwhile wawa where this tragedy happened will be closed until saturday out of respect for the officer and to allow police to mourn but for now we're live from the news center i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" remarks hell and jim, back to you. >> thanks, trang do. corporal ballard was part of the 80th delaware state police and 70th recruit class in 2009. state police shared this class photo, that is trooper ballard on the far left. it was taken on the campus of the delaware state university. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the death of trooper ball ard, we will be checking back with jan carabao up in our next half an hour. meanwhile in other news this morning jury decide that had eric frein should get the death penalty for murder of a pennsylvania state police corporal in the poconos. prosecutors say the three three-year old self proclaimed survival list was hoping to start a up rise ago begins the government when he opened fire at blooming grove barracks in 2014. corporal brian dickson was kill, trooper alex douglass
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was critically injured. frein's lawyers promised an appeal. >> i'm surprised by it. but they are the jury. we have done it before. we work within a system and they made their decision. >> corporal dickson will always remain in the hearts of all members of the pennsylvania state police forever. >> it is unlikely frein will be put to death anytime soon, in addition to legal appeals, right new is there a moratorium on the death penalty in pennsylvania, the commonwealth last executed someone, back in 1999. the day we have all been waiting for, nfl draft day in the city of brotherly love. eagles will make their 14th pick but for fans fun begins at noon. the nfl draft experience takes us, of more than 25 football fields. there will be a ton of interactive games, and, do drills like vittoria woodill d she's giving it all there kid will participate in the football clinic and the
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players autographs. draft experience is opened to visitors both today and tomorrow from noon to 11:00 on saturday, opened from 10:00 until 6:00 at night. stay with "eyewitness news" 59:30 this morning our very own pat gallen will be live on the parkway and give us a sneak peak of interactive games you can play later on today. as you might imagine security will be tight for tens of thousands of people who will converge on the parkway for draft. >> police are asking people come to the event to be prepared, nfl security will be in a enclosed area of the parkway in large numbers, scanning visitors at several checkpoints before people head in. >> here's a list of the things nfl says you cannot bring to the draft: weapons, firearms, drones, missle like objects they all make sense. but bags, purses or backpacks larger than 16 inches by 14 inches by 12 inches. folding chairs. bikes as well. we have posted the full list on web site, just head to cbs coming up bill cosby breaks his silence. >> find out what he is saying about the charge is a begins
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him and then his health. >> it is surprising. standing there looking at a hole in the road, kind of in disbelief. >> heavy rains wash away a huge part of the road in arkansas we will show you damage left behind. new this morning an explosion rocks the capitol of syria, we will tell you what appears to have been its target. steven. >> ♪ of course a summertime anthem, how about our temperatures. they will feel summer-like today. speaking of the fresh prince we will tell but a reunion between will smith and dj jazzy jeff. yes, you heard that, will smith, dj jazzy jeff. we will have details. >> ♪
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welcome back everyone. new this morning a massive explosion in syria's capitol is followed by intense fire, officials say that the blast happened not far from the international airport in
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damascus, loud boom was heard across capitol jolting residents out of their sleep. there is in word what cause that had explosion. bill cosby's speaking out in media interviews. next month jury selection will begin in his sexual assault trial. seventy-nine year-old told journalist he lost his vision suddenly about two years ago. meanwhile his family insists he is denied presumption of innocence. cosby told national newspaper publishers association he is working on new material and hopes to resume his comedy career. cosby faces charges that he drugged and molested a temple employee in 2004, that trial is set to start may 22nd. several communities across arkansas is assessing damage caused by severe storms. take a look at the western part of the state, look at that, heavy rain, and, look at the state capitol of little rock, high wind blew this tree on a man's home, and weather experts anticipate heavy rain through sunday but katie joins
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news. we are no strange tore rain the last couple of days, lot of rain, but it has moved out. >> thankfully we did not to have deal with the flood they go across the deep south, that was a major issue for those, folks. especially carolinas, but with that said, we are looking at a much quieter pattern in terms of the at least the next few days, even though, technically it is still kind of active. we will see temperatures swings coming up here in the seven day and we will also see multiple chances for wet weather but no day end up being a wash out. that was tuesday's head line, right. meanwhile here's a live look here at sky scan three, we will notice at top of the liberty place is starting to get, ever so slightly skewed, this particular i believe is this liberty one, jim do you know? whichever one that is, one or two. >> two. >> that was the one that was just a moment ago shrouded a little bit more, barely make it out. i was than the sure if that was building for a second but regardless we will see that fog settling, over the next couple of hours, so looking here, at at the conditions, at
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the moment these are airport conditions. 61 degrees with high dew point s, closer these numbers get to each other the more saturated your air matt mass, so moisture is air there and light wind. that will allow that fog to form. so give it time. may not be that evident just yet. here comes our next system the front that crosses through our area come later tonight and early tomorrow but bulk of energy will bypass us, for the most part to the north. so here we go, future weather as of noon time draft getting underway. we are going to expect maybe a few cloud but overall sunny skies through the afternoon, and then it is in the until midnight or 1:00 a.m. any wet weather will move through. time on our side and not a ton of moisture for our area associated with this frontal passage. maybe left over shower come early tomorrow morning and then the rest of the day looks glorious tomorrow. great prognosis here for at least first two days of the draft forecast. not bad saturday either. seventy-nine in the meantime with more sunshine once we get pennsylvania that early
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morning fog. more of it that develops late tonight. as we mentioned perhaps a shower or rumble of thunder. looking to briefly saturday though we are not necessarily going to come close to record but we are definitely going to do a little flirtation here, 85 is our expected high, record to beat, all the way from 1974, 90 degrees. i don't think we will come close to that but it will be very warm for standard and then a couple of shots for more showers and storms to round out the weekend, meisha. >> so nice to feel those 80's coming back. all right, katie, thanks very much for. that very good morning to all of you, so, yeah, we are still talking about the nfl draft, closures, restrictions, all going in to detail, spring garden at art museum, closure right there we will talk about that in a little bit but i want to show you outside. i-95 south, pushing in the southbound direction, looking good. everything so far is looking as it typically should, and in the world of travel isn't a bad thing. blue route headlights moving in the north bound direction
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past macdade boulevard same story here. we are seeing headlights but we do around this time, new pushing in the 5:00 o'clock hour deeper. we have this overturn tractor trailer 295 north ramp to route 42 is closed, we are at in the clean upstage now, fuel spill, traffic divert todd i-76 westbound. head fun that is your neck of the wood, would i factor in a couple extra minutes now. maybe 15, 20 minutes. we will get a gaper delay. burlington bristol bridge opening up at 5:20. it was opening up at 5:00 and new 5:20. we will talk more in detail, would i just say take regional rails, subway, walk, bike, do whatever you can to stay off roadways, it will be busy, rahel, back over to you. all right, meisha, thank you. now for a look at newspaper headlines a cross region. >> police are investigating a homicide in hopewell township, new jersey month. man was found dead inside of her home tuesday on the 400 block of washington crossing, pennington road. prosecutors say that there are
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no signs of any forced entry into the home. from the times herald, norristown area school district proposed calendar for next school year is causing a bit of controversy due to unusually late start and end date. proposal calls for students to report to school on september 11th, a week later then previous years, the schools will close later in the year on june 20th. from the bucks county courier times high schools from bucks and montgomery county led way in the u.s. news and world report best high school rankings for pennsylvania. new hope solebury for the third straight year finished second, statewide, behind philadelphia's julia masterman secondary school. good for them. that is a look at newspaper headlines around the delaware valley. up next we are getting into wedding season with a look at a new trend. >> we are hearing from something borrowed, we will hear what some couples are sharing to keep the cost down on their big day. we will be right back. stay with
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wedding season right around the corner and average wedding costs more than $26,000. >> a lot of money. 1200 of those dollars end up going toward flowers but there is a way to spend less. meg oliver tells us how some bride are cutting back costs with a new service. >> on a day when bride need something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. a new start up is offering all of the above, at a discount. on line marketplace, pairs up people willing to share center piece arrangements to save a few bucks. >> they are beautiful. >> reporter: first bride picks out her flowers and gets 10 percent discount for sharing them with a second
5:25 am
bride, that second bride, saves 40 to 60 percent by using those same flowers a day or two later. this bride paid just $850 for the same flowers that cost the first bride, 1700. >> do you still remember your wedding flowers. >> they were roses, and just beautiful, cream white color and they were very expensive. >> reporter: after seeing those perfectly fresh flowers, tossed at the end of her wedding, denise mir came up with boomer rent. julian capleno is her partner. >> we share our cars, clothing and bed, so why not your event flowers. >> reporter: kia meyer is editor and chief of bride magazine. when you first heard what did you think. at first i didn't think everybody would love the idea of sharing flowers but i realized for some people it is not one of their biggest priorities. >> reporter: for the wedding guests hoping to go home with the center knees hand. >> i said they will leave an hour early to make sure they
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leave with the center piece. >> when i got married, i know my mom would say aunt bed betty is getting a center piece, and then if you knew you were going to save $2,000 because the florist is picking up your center piece you might have said, and you betty, i will buy so roses. >> meg oliver for cbs news, new york. >> there is a market for it. >> that is not for you. >> it may be. >> i got to find somebody first, and then, flowers i got a lot on my plate bring get to flowers. >> save more from the flower bill. coming up next on "eyewitness news", nfl draft is getting ready to kick off here in philadelphia. plus we are learning more about what carson wentz did in the off season. we will tell you about the surgery eagles quarterback underwent. >> that is interesting. hollywood star johnny dep is suing his former business manager and find out what he is saying about accusations of his lavish spending, katie? rahel as we get closer to the upcoming weekend it looks
5:27 am
like a busy path turn we should have a mixture of sun and cloud but is there potential that we will end up with a shower or thunderstorm especially for second half of the weekend in the meantime, we will start off pretty warm but then cool back down again, so, we are all over the place with this pattern but we do think timing is on our side and we will explain more on the other
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good morning, the morning fog will give way to sun and much needed milder temperatures, it is start of the big warm up. good morning, i'm rahel solomon. aim jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in a moment but first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute >> reporter: delaware in mourning, tributes pouring in for corporal stephen ballard. >> he went to work today thinking it will be a regular day, and now he is in the here anymore. >> reporter: three two-year old state trooper was shot and killed in the wawa parking lot >> hours long standoff with the suspect, stretch necessary to the morning. police work to uncover motive behind the deadly shooting. how long will we be talking about this nfl draft? for more than a year. it is finally here. thinks franklin institute. this is where they wl


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