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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  April 27, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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good morning, the morning fog will give way to sun and much needed milder temperatures, it is start of the big warm up. good morning, i'm rahel solomon. aim jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in a moment but first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute >> reporter: delaware in mourning, tributes pouring in for corporal stephen ballard. >> he went to work today thinking it will be a regular day, and now he is in the here anymore. >> reporter: three two-year old state trooper was shot and killed in the wawa parking lot >> hours long standoff with the suspect, stretch necessary to the morning. police work to uncover motive behind the deadly shooting. how long will we be talking about this nfl draft? for more than a year. it is finally here. thinks franklin institute. this is where they will make
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the picks, official. according to the associated press with the push of the red button placed on the resolute desk. >> oh, god what happens when he pushes the button. >> a white house butler arrives with the coke for the president. i believe we have a photograph of the butler. there we go. yeah. >> poor chris christie. everybody could use help around the house. >> katie's here to help out with the weather. hey there, katie. >> i can deliver in that regard too, guys because we have so many big events around the city start to go day. it definitely feels muggy right now, when you walk outside the door very mild start the two day. there is still a lot of moisture in this atmosphere and wind is light. that is perfect recipe guys for fog. not terribly foggy just yet but that may change over the next couple of hours. storm scan hey look at that, quiet, haven't been able to say that for a couple days,
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very, very pesky storm system would not leave, and now it has. our temperatures are still very, very mild. low 60's already at philly international, very likely not to drop too much more before the sun comes up but we will have to concern ourselves with the possibility of some locally very dense fog, in some spots. i have seen observations places like millville, lancaster where we are at or under a half mile visibility but with time, i would say certainly just before the draft gets underway at the latest we will end up with skies clearing out nicely for more and more sunshine and rebound very efficiently courtesy of the higher april sun angle. seventy-nine is expected high, some will likely also further to the south, end up cracking 80 degrees. watch out for the fog. draft forecast in jennies well above average but there is a cool down coming our way that will get here for second half of the weekend. in short pattern overall is still active but the timing is on our side, so any wet
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weather that comes through next few days is actually coming with good timing. later on meisha, we will talk about disturbances moving through and let you know exactly when any wet weather will accompany this. >> thank you so much for that. >> you heard it. we will get some sun, and we will have spotty showers to deal with as well but i don't think anybody is complaining. good morning everyone. happy thursday to you. looking outside schuylkill headlights in the eastbound direction at king of prussia looking great. moving east or westbound side around the schuylkill right new we are starting to heat up a bit but overall we are looking good there. ninety-five at the airport taillights in the southbound direction, this is what we are looking at there, another area that we are looking nice out there, and starting to heat up but that is okay, an accident here, lower southford township sharon lane at route 113, harleysville pike. if that is your neighborhood head up on that. this is what i'm keeping my eye on overturn tractor trailer in new jersey carrying
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oranges, we are in the clean up phase right now. it looks like is there an orange juice spill and fuel spill so traffic right now is being diverted to i-76, westbound. doesn't sound like jim will get orange juice anytime soon in new jersey. philly events, talking about these we are talking with the nfl draft at length because it will impact almost everyone especially in philadelphia. around the art museum area take a look at this so the festivities around the draft start at noon today and on friday, 10:00 a.m. saturday. we are talking about the penn relays that start at 10a a.m. 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. phillies game starts at 1:05. because of thaw can only imagine the amount of people congestion we will have if everyone jumps in their cars. we are urging you to take subway, regional rails, trolleys, extra i have some is is being provided, free parking at the stadium, to jump on the rail service to take you somewhere and car pool, bike, walk, do whatever you can to get out there, rahel and jim, back over to
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you. more on the tense police standoff in middletown delaware with the man suspect of killing a state trooper. >> earlier neighbors say they heard loud explosions coming from the house where man is held up inside. slain trooper has been identified as three two-year old corporal stephen ballard. he was shot while investigat ing what has been described as a suspicious vehicle at wawa in wear. new castle county. one of the two men was arrested at the scene. other ran away and then barricaded himself inside a home in middletown. >> negotiators have been trying to convince that man to come out, surrender for hours now. >> residents have been evacuated, loud boom have been reported and gunman continues to fire at police from inside his home. eyewitness nice reporter jan carabao is live from middletown delaware at the staging area set up by police. so jan, what is the latest. >> reporter: rahel and jim, good morning. latest here on the scene it is an active, ongoing standoff situation as you mentioned, swat, tactical teams are working all night to bring
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this to a peaceful ending. at this point no such luck. as you mentioned neighbors have heard several loud booms through the morning. remember around 8:30 state police confirmed they were using explosive device toss gain entry into this home but at that time no such luck and their last release also mention that had this was an active, ongoing situation. we are in a holding pattern here on the scene right now. take a look at this video that has put people out, this standoff left them out of their homes because as negotiations continued, they are development remains off limits. thinks happening on the 500 block of saint michaels drive in the brick mill farms development after fleeing the wawa in bear as you mention ward that trooper was gunned down the suspect barricaded himself in the home in million-dollar town. he is refusing to surrender and has fired shots at authorities. so as you can imagine it has been chaotic. parents rushed to get their did from nearby brick mill elementary school after will be down was lift there had yesterday and this development where this is all happening
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was evacuated and remains off limits this morning. we spoke with displaced residents here who say they are exhausted and just wants this all over w they are saddened though that this has hit so close to home. in the meantime owe december a fire company has opened up its door to these people so they can get out of the damp, cold wet they are morning if they want to get shut eye. at this point live on the scene there are in reports of any injuries. of course we will bring you up to dayton this story but for now this is an active standoff still hoping that this comes to a peaceful resolution, reporting live, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", jim and rahel, back to you. >> thanks, jan. stay with cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the trooper killed. when we're not on tv get very latest on our web site at cbs state of arkansas expects to execute another man today, kenneth williams is scheduled to receive a lethal injection tonight at 7:00. he is convicted of killing a former deputy warden after escaping from prison in 1999. williams was in,ly being held
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for death of the college cheerleader. arkansas wanted to execute eight inmates before its lethal injection drug expires on sunday, williams would be the fourth. the court has halted executions of four others. president trump plans to sign an executive order today creating a new office to protect whistle blowers. president will sign order at department of veterans affairs in washington d.c. va is one of the largest health care providers in the country but veterans have complained about long waits and corruption, prompting an fbi investigation. president also surprised journalist with news that the you had will not pull out of the north american free trade agreement, instead, president trump said leaders of mexico and can inadequacies has agreed to renegotiate. president has blamed nafta in the pennsylvania for american job losses. big day for philadelphia eagles and big day for their fans, 2017 nfl draft has arrived. >> we have been waiting for a long time. "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen is live on the park which where nfl draft
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experience officially opens up this afternoon and pat, as i just said we have waited a very long time for this day. >> reporter: we have. we still continue to wait. we cannot get in just yet but hanging out still on the parkway. we have helmets, philadelphia eagles helmet, giants, cowboys , redskins, all of them lined up along the parkway as we await to get in and experience what the nfl experience is but before we talk about that lets talk about the eagles and what they are doing and what they need. first off cleveland browns are number one on the clock at 8:00 o'clock tonight when nfl draft kicks off. eagles will go, 14th, in the first round, so they need a myriad of things. they could go cornerback, running back, they could go wide receiver, maybe defensive lineman or linebacker. they could go a number of different ways. i was with guys from the nfl network yesterday, they went across the board, christian mccaffertyry, cookies another name to deep an eye on.
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those are tics when it comes to the eagles and their first round pick. when we get in here guys, that is when fun begins an for the entire family, nfl draft experience starts today at 12:00 we will get a sneak peak at 6:00 o'clock hour and it goes until 11:00 o'clock tonight, same holds true for friday from noon until 11:00. saturday it goes from 10:00 until 6:00 o'clock. get out here, have some fun, come tonight, see the eagles pick see what they do. i know everyone is excited here in town, about what is to come for eagles future. maybe they will surround carson wentz with another weapon, maybe they go defense. it could go number of different ways. we are live on the parkway getting ready to go in the nfl draft experience i'm warmed up for my 40 times, guys, back to you. >> perfecting the waiting at this point, pat. you have perfected it. >> remember don't bring a chair, they are not allowed, that and missiles. >> no drones, no weapons. >> thanks, pat. well, more football news
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cbs-3 has confirmed that eagles quarterback carson wentz had vision correction laser surgery. he underwent procedure in january. experts say it results in 2020 vision. recovery time can take anywhere from several days up to three months. there is no comment from the eagles or wentz but the star quarterback is endorsing the surgery on facebook. he tweeted he will be at the draft today from two to 3:00. big news bay reunion between philadelphia's own dj jazzy jeff and fresh prince will smith. also ahead woman climbs hundreds of feet in the air on the train, we will tell you about the charges she's now facing. and duct tape pants authorities are showing off photos of criminals accuse of smuggling find out if they are charge in trying to bring in the
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johnny dep is suing his former business managers for putting him in debt to the tune of 40 million-dollar. an counter suit man who blames actor's trouble on a lavish, two million-dollar a month, lifestyle. dep defended his spending habit saying it is my monday if i i want to buy 15,000 cotton balls a day, that is my thing. >> okay. celebrity chefs wolfgang puck has a star of his own he received a star on the hollywood walk of fame and his celebrity friend including tv host larry king were on hand to celebrate. the australian born chef has been serving meals at official oscar party for over 20 years. i have to warn you this
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next story has a few spoilers about the next movie, last night m night shame len thriller, ended with a cameo by bruce willis as david dunn his hit in unbreakable. well, now, they will all come together. he has revealed willis, samuel l jackson from unbreakable and james mccove i, from split will star in glass as a sequel to both films, and expected to hit theaters in january 2019. also got to tell you jeff gold bloom, matching his wits just yet, actor signed on to return as doctor iain malcolm in the next jurassic park. he is known for his outstanding performance of the 1993 original film and 1997 sequel, however he did not appear in 2015's reboot, jurassic world. next film is expected to come out next year. also, this is big news, i really got to tell you, this is a blast from the pennsylvania, will smith and
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dj jazzy jeff are reunite nothing time for summertime. they will take the stage in august for couple music festival performing their hip-hop hit, you hear in the background there, it will be first time they will perform together at a cons inert 12 years. >> all right. >> tell me he is coming here, he has to. >> i cannot believe he will not. >> this song will never get out of style. >> never. >> no. >> um-hmm. >> puts you in the mood, sitting on the deck, right. >> cruising in your car. >> yes. >> we have summer temperatures , i was looking on the forecast like okay. >> so, so nice we have highs in the 80's for multiple days. >> yes. >> i love that. >> thank you, vince. >> i love it. >> very summer-like conditions for us here, coming up into saturday, and we're a little bit all over the place beyond that point. then a series of front. it is a active pattern overall but not necessarily, not on
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our side. in other word we will see wet weather but it comes at night, very minor. we will get draft and all festivities going on, penn relays in without any major hitch here. as we overlook all way up to the lehigh valley here overlooking bethlehem, south mountain lehigh campus on the top of that mountain generally we will see a little bit have the haze developing. it is in the too bad just yet but we have very light wind. we do still have moisture to work with that is going to trying sore fog to form, and perfect recipe for it. eyewitness weather watchers are beginning to report that here too. 57 degrees is value coming in for mark but he has a couple cloud over our head but also, down toward the surface, beginning to see that fog form he says. further inland into, a county or two north of philadelphia from john jenkins he has cloud overhead, pretty comfortable start to the day, little muggy outside but again, noting the cloud that continue to hang in
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there. we can go to one more off to the south, 59 from barbara lane. she too generally overcast sky with time though these cloud will disperse, end up with more and more sunshine and it end up being a very, very nice day, milder one too. we have something moving in from the west, right? it looks impressive, too, just east of the mississippi but frontal boundary attached to this will generally ride to our north, bulk of the energy and we will have nothing more than scattered showers if not a rumble of thunder and the timing is late tonight into early tomorrow morning. so yeah, if you wanting to outside today you are fine, you will end up with quiet weather. i love this head line. riding the front train in the next couple of days, multiple front coming through and we will see a swing on the thermometer. we have got one front into tomorrow, and then we have another one that lifts in over the weekend and then very warm air that comes along with it. that weak cold front generally will fizzle through overnight tonight but isolated shower or
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thunderstorm comes with it and then a warm front lift nothing to early saturday. now, backing it up to the rest of today phillies are, of course, back at home and could not ask for a nicer forecast for baseball here. 73 degrees in south philadelphia at first pitch and nothing but sunshine it looks like a great day to hit the ballpark or anything else. might be a few other big events, i don't know. next couple days, low to mid 80's, by sunday watch for a shower or thunderstorm and then there is, mixing my record. >> yes. we should probably stop that. >> meisha, what do you think. >> i love this transition from weather to traffic. >> i like it. >> oh, geese, here she goes. >> well good morning everybody , happy thursday we're happy because caught i is telling us about the sunshine we're talking about 70's and 80's, finally that rain giving us a breather. looking outside we are heating up, vine taillights moving in
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the westbound direction near parkway both directions are starting to heat up. just a head up walking out the door right now this is time where you could still leave at the same time thaw normally do but talking about the next 15 minutes or so would i factor in main some extra time, except for right here on the blue route, blue route looking g taillights moving in the north bound direction before route one both directions you're totally fine. keep my eye on it. we are talking about new jersey and couple accidents here we have a overturned tractor trailer. so it was carrying orange juice we are in the clean upstage, we have a fuel spill here, we are cleaning up, as you can imagine orange juice as well, traffic here is divert todd i-76 westbound. then we have a second accident that came up 295 north past route 42 that right lane block there in new jersey around 295 north bound heading out there right now would i give myself extra time, soon, you will be dropping less than posted speed. we will talk about the events in our neck of the wood. we have no strange tore these
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topics but just in case you missed these times, so today festivities around the draft start at noon, okay. that is also going to be for friday. 10:00 a.m. start on saturday. then we have the penn relays we're talking about 10:00 a.m. start, 9:00 a.m. friday, 7:00 a.m. saturday. then we're talking about the phillies game today at 1:05. if you can stay out of your vehicle, jump on regional rails, subways, take a bus, whatever you can do, walk, bike, do it, we will need that jim, we need those opened roadways, everybody need to stay out of their vehicles. >> okay, otherwise, you well punish them. thank you. students in new jersey could soon get more shut eye in the morning. state department of education is recommending middle and high school classes start later. health experts say that a later start time alliance with teenager's biological sleep schedules. katie is like wish they could do that for us. >> yes. >> education department added local districts should still be the won to assess those start times.
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biggest names in sports journalism are being laid off, espn is laying off 100 workers , mostly on air personality and writers including ed werther, jason starks and jay crawford. company say layoffs are necessary as it shifts toward digital content. sports network has been dealing with declining cable subscribers and sky rocketing costs for obtaining rights to cover games. this morning two people are accused of drug smuggling after customs and border protection officers say they tried to sneak drugs in the u.s. by wearing those drugs. the federal say they had about 12-pound of cocaine each in their pants. two men were heading to jfk airport from the dominican republic. one of the men was a citizen, the other was a u.s. citizen. call that one a fail. this one mant set getting off scott free after climbing 20 stories in a train in toronto. she appeared to be calm. the canadian broadcasting channel reports that the with man climbed up the crane's pulley between tuesday night and wednesday morning, and in the sure what brought her up
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there she has been charged with mischief. >> how did she get up there. >> the pulley. >> why did she do that. >> i don't know. >> more questions then answers >> up next turning trash in treasure. >> we will tell but a man making art bee rye cycling and bringing smiles to those neighbors. we will be right back.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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he is enjoying his creations just as much as people that check them out. >> fun characters like bull's eye, mr. potato head and meni ons can be found in a country road in shepherd, monday tan a keith makes them out of propane tanks and post them for everyone to see. >> it exciting us that people enjoy them and, you know, we get a kick out of them when you see them stopping. some will be hugging them, holding their hand, it is kind of a treat. >> he says that he even gets holiday card, in the mail, that use his propane tank art. >> i really like that. up cycling, when you reuse something for another purpose. >> look at that one, i like that one. coming up next on "eyewitness news", team coverage of the intense standoff happening right new in delaware foreman wanted in the shooting death of a state trooper.
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plus new this morning united airlines announced new policies following that violent incident involving a passenger earlier this month. we will have it coming
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now, at this hour a standoff continues in delaware as authorities surround man they believe shot and killed corporal stephen ballard, there have been reports of loud explosions coming from that scene, we have live team
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coverage. after days of preparation today is finally the day, nfl draft kicks off in philadelphia, what you need to necessity if you are planning to go. if you are heading to the nfl draft you will have great weather, morning fog will give way to sunshine and warm temperatures to day is thursday april 27th good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things and getting us out the door for this very busy thursday morning. >> it is getting busy on the roadways too we have had a couple accidents some of which has cleared and construction that has the road restrictions and other constriction. >> yikes. >> then you throw into that the fog that is already starting to form. >> yes. >> it is not too bad. definitely cloud cover out here in philadelphia and every where else but it is in the terribly low to the ground. in most spots, just yet but we are still going to find that taking place. storm scan very quiet. we have not been able to say that for multiple days. this is a nice treat even though it does feel muggy


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