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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  April 27, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> chopper3 is lie over what's left of the home that was the scene of a nearly 24 hour standoff. the man suspected of killing delaware state trooper stephen ballard was killed this morning. that suspect is identified as bergen sealy. good afternoon i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. the standoff ends one day after a deadly confrontation at a bear delaware wawa. one suspect was arrested the
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other barricaded himself in middletown. we have live team three coverage. natasha brown is in glasgow where a news conference will be held. let's go to joe where he's live in middletown where the standoff has just come to an end. joe. >> reporter: rahel, jim, good afternoon. all of this getting off the ground exactly 24 hours ago and after a dramatic series of events. it is over. the suspect is dead. and police and a very large spectrum of law enforcement standing down as residents begin to come back to their homes, some with tears in their eyes other shaken about a very long night. some family members even separated as this standoff continued hour after hour. first we want to go ahead and show you the mug shot of bergen steely. he's the intern "eyewitness news" sources say took the life of corporal ballard after
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an encounter at that wawa in bear. he then allegedly took off from the scene to his brick mills development where he lives in middletown. i want you top to -- to listen what some some homeowners sent it overnight as troopers tried to get bergen seally to surrender. >> police. come out the front door with your hands in the air, your shirt off. once you get to the door follow commands. >> reporter: neighbors some of whom rode out on the entire barricade situation that the entire community had been sealed off for described chaos. one person told me they weren't too worried since they assumed police and law enforcement that all after homes surrounded. most tell me they weren't familiar with this suspected
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kill kerr. one person said they were surprised at what police say he allegedly did. now, while police did give evacuation orders, some chose to stay here. they rode all of this out as flash banks and gunshots were fired off around them. have a listen to what they had to say. >> every time they set off a bomb or something, it would shake us and then you would hear car alarms going off. like it was loud. >> reporter: and once again, there is a massive police presence still here. they are trying to assess the situation. of course we know that the house where burgeon seally held himself up in all night is now destroyed much to be developed as part of this ongoing investigation. but we are here with the folks who live here and we will bring you the stories of continuing reunions when we touch back with you starting on "eyewitness news" at 5:00. reporting live in middletown, delaware, joe holden, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> joe we'll see you then.
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thank you. let's go to glasgow delaware are state police are expected to hold a press conference in a little more than an hour. "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown is there. natasha, what's the latest? >> reporter: well, certainly a much more somber scene behind me. you can see the flags are at half-staff here at delaware state police troop two as they mourn the loss of 32-year-old stephen ballard killed in the line of duty yesterday. an active standoff as you just heard just wrapped up a couple of hours ago there in middletown, delaware after a nearly 24 hour barricade situation. again, we have learned the suspect is 26-year-old burgeon seally. let's take you back to how this all transpired this morning. now, here's what we know so far. at 9:17 a.m. the suspect who barricaded himself inside the home in the brick mill farms development engaged police. he was shot by law enforcement and pronounced dead at 9:29 a.m. residents are still evacuated in that neighborhood, still
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shaken as you heard joe holden say. this all started, though, just afternoon on wednesday at a wawa in the 1600 block of pulaski highway. police say the trooper noticed suspicious activity in a car parked at the store. a scuffle ensued somehow with one of the suspects who shot and killed trooper ballard in the parking lot of the wawa convenience store. now, again, state police will be holding a press conference at 1:30 this afternoon. we will be inside for that press conference and we hope to learn the very latest on this investigation. also the very latest on this very young trooper who gave his life for his community. we're live near glasgow, delaware, natasha brown, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> natasha, thank you. we are learning more this noon about the trooper killed yesterday in the line of duty. corporal stephen ballard was 32 years owned served eight and a half years with the delaware state police astound troop two glasgow. corporal ballard is survived by a wife. corporal ballard was part of the 80th.
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the picture was taken on the campus of delaware state university. >> the community has come together to mourn the tragic loves corporal ballard. residents lined the street as the motorcade carrying his body left christiana hospital yesterday afternoon. drivers stopped on the highway and people paused to salute. they say their saddened by this act of violence. >> my father was a philadelphia cop. it's just a bad day for everybody. >> i just felt compelled to just honor him. >> it's just so sad. so very tragic. >> the delaware of john carney ordered all u.s. and state flags to be flown at half-staff in memory of trooper ballard. we'll continue to follow this story as new details emerge. keep it it tuned "eyewitness news." remember when we're are not on the air you can get the latest on line at >> eric frein the man convicted of murdering a pennsylvania state trooper and critically wounding another has been sentenced to death. the jury announced their decision last night. prosecutors say the
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33-year-old self proclaimed survival lift was hoping to start a uprising against the government when he opened fire at the emergency rooming grove barracks. >> embattled philadelphia district attorney seth williams has put his overbrook house up for sale as he awaits trial on federal bribery charges. it's located on woodbine avenue. real estate listing one of the gifts illegally accepted including a $45,000 new roof for that home. nfl draft day is here h the eagles will make the 14th pick tonight but for fans the fun just started. >> the huge festival known as the draft experience takes up the space of more than 25 football fields so there will be a lot of fun interactive games and it just opened up about noon. >> pat gallen is live on the ben franklin parkway. patrick.
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>> reporter: good aft the cleveland browns are on the clock now. we will await the first pick at 8 o'clock but at noon the doors open here at the nfl draft experience. fans started filing in. as you take a look at the scene you can see the jersey setup, all 32 teams in attendance. you can stick your head in there and take a photo. so much here to dollar at the draft experience. you have locker rooms on both sides. you have in the far corner what we got a look at this morning is the nfl combine where you can test yourself with the 40-yard dash. you can also do the vertical jump, you can have fun like a kid and you can do that throughout here as we mentioned 26 football fields long but when the philadelphia eagles do it tonight as you -- get the 14ing fifth in the draft is a big one. will they surround carson wentz with a weapon.
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will it be a running back like christian mccaffery or wide receiver like mike williams out of clemson or they could go defense as well. we have been talking about so many different names, defensively speaking and keep an eye, guys on the local aspect as well, players like tanoh out of villanova and hassan reddick from temple. he could go as high as the top 10 so we are looking forward to seeing where the local kids go and what the eagles will obviously do at 14 but as you look behind me as i stand here in this little draft experience box, the future is now. the setup behind me, the stage is ready, the stage is set. it took 96 tractor-trailer toss put together and they're going to break pit down after the draft ends on saturday. but it begins here. fans are filing in and tonight at 8 o'clock is when pick number one goes down. guys, back to you. >> pat i have to ask. where the people? i'm looking behind you. there's no one there. are they on the outside waiting to get in? >> reporter: well, the entrance is far away so they have to walk a little ways to get to where we are. >> just a concern.
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it's like having a party and no one shows up. thank you patrick. appreciate it. it's a cloudy start to the day but our draft forecast is looking pretty good as the day moves along. >> meteorologist kate fehlinger is live on the cbs3 sky deck with a look at what we can expect today. katie it looks beautiful. >> it really does. it's so comfortable t the slightest breeze. we'll take a couple patchy clouds overhead. it's a beautiful beginning to the afternoon here and it promises to stay this way the rest of the day too. let's go to storm scan. not a heck of a lot to track folks. nothing more than a couple clouds far off to the north and west. we take a look at the area temperatures. it's mild out there. 74 already at philadelphia international airport, upper 60's like trenton even atlantic city. 65 currently in dover, just a bit more cloud cover that they had to breakthroughs but the rest of today does feature brighter conditions nice warmth a very light southerly wind but then later tonight watch for a shower. now, i don't think that messes with this first round of draft
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picks. i think overall we're just looking at a generally clear sky. kicking off at 8:00 p.m. on the parkway 70 degrees, that is not bad. that's actually above where we normally top off for daytime high as of 8:00 p.m. tonight but there could end up being a shower if not a rumble of thunder later on tonight after we have all checked ourselves in for the night and we'll talk about what promises to be a pretty active pattern down the road here too a little later on. guys. >> thank you so much katie. coming up president trump is about to mark 100 days in office and some phone calls that he made to mexico and canada are making headlines today. we'll have that story coming up next. >> plus, some changes are in store for united airlines following that violent incident involving a passenger earlier this movement find out
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>> president trump welcoming argentina's president to the white house but it's his conversations with the leaders of two other countries that are making headlines. the president appears to be softening his stance on the north american free trade deal better known as nafta. he spoke with the leaders of mexico and canada and agreed to renegotiate the deal rather than pulling out immediately. mr. trump did add on twitter if a fair deal cannot be reached he may still terminate it. >> big changes implemented at united airlines. changes in response to a new report conducted after a customer was forcibly removed from a flight. united says from now on law enforcement will only be used for emergency issues. passengers will now be offered up to $10,000 to be bumped from a flight.
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the airline says overbooking abreduced and more training will be offered to employees. united ceo oscar munoz is once again apologizing. >> it happened because policies were placed ahead of our shared values reason procedures got in the way of what we know is right. >> the airline also plans to arm staff with an app that allows them to instantly compensate passengers when that trouble hits. still ahead on "eyewitness news" the finaldown for the cassini spacecraft. >> finishing up its mission in space after it falls back to earth after 13 years in orbit. coming up what the spacecraft has done that's never happened before. katie. >> the weekend getting ever closer and right now i think we can generally expect a mix of sun and clouds. sunday looks like the cloudier of the two days and we'll likely end up with showers if not a rumble of thunder out there as well. it is going to cool down. we'll go from the 80's to the 60's can't a lot of other swings going on on that thermome
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>> back now on "eyewitness news." you are getting an out of this world view from nasa's cassini spacecraft. the mission is set to end in september. the spacecraft is expected to run out of gas by then and crash into saturn's atmosphere. >> wow. >> i don't know about that. >> amazing. >> that it would crash. >> you know me if it's going small from the sky it's not going to allegedly by the scientist's standards but if it's going to hit something it will hit me walking down market street. these are things i worry about. things can go wrong. >> hey, this is true but i
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think you're okay. >> okay, all right. >> i promise you. >> you're in safe hands. >> and i don't think you'll need the umbrella for the next couple days. >> all right. >> even despite what's actually still a pretty active pattern which is interesting. we have a couple front moving through but 93 don't necessarily come with poor timing. they actually come with great timing. i think many of you are actually going to be tucked in bed for the night by the time the next -- exempt for us, we'll be getting un. you'll see them in the future weather, jim, just hang on here but there are a couple of front that move through the first of which actually comes through tonight interestingly but i think we'll get through the entire draft experience at least day one without any page hitches. let's go out there. we'll show you what's happening at this very wide zoom on storm scan3. this system if you watched us early in the morning thank you first and foremost but this had a lot more moisture to work with earlier today. this storm system. you can still see this organization with it. this will be a fizzling frontal passage. in other words we'll see probably a shower along the way, maybe even a rumble of thunder but it will happen overnight and it will also happen in a scattered fashion.
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this is 11 o'clock tonight and it's still not even moving into the greater delaware valley. so, we'll have certainly the entire evening at the draft ninewhere else to get in your grille plans or anything else you might want to do tonight. if we have any showers at all they'll come overnight. about the time jim we're waking up 2:00 a.m. or so o so it will be out there but generally again overnight maybe a lingering leftover shower early tomorrow morning and that is it the rest of the day clears out for sunshine and it looks basically beautiful a lot of people dotting the breach understandably it's finally brightening up. still lingering clouds but it sure beats yesterday and in addition to the fact that we had all that rain come through it's not all that bad with air quality. in fact it's a very good air quality day but tree pollen it's going to get you if you suffer from those allergies so keep that in mind and now that the sun is shine and the u.v. index goes up as does the heat index for our area for the next couple of days. meanwhile phillies about ready to take that first -- take the
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mound and have their first pitch here. looks like the sun will shine obviously. lots of sun this afternoon. 76 at first pitch. not only do we have the draft but coinciding is the penn relays. we're left with sunshine, temperatures that are going to be rebounding here in the next couple days into the 80's. saturday is the warmest. that's the day that it doesn't necessarily come close to the record but it certainly is the day that will do at least very, very harmless flirtation with the record. 85 is the high we're pegging to hit. i don't think we'll come close to the record but it is the warmest day of this forecast. there are a couple of front that come in so in short late tonight, then again into saturday night and then possibly sunday and or monday a few showers and thunderstorms work their way through from a series of fronts but notice the flip-flopping on that thermometer. mid 80's, mid 60's, upper 70 fall a three day stretch. >> weather whiplash. >> i like that. i'm going to steal that.
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>> for draft purposes, it's timed out americaly. >> exactly. >> a montana we woulder is -- welder is taking his unique characters to the street. bull's eye, minions can be seen in the town of shepherd. they're made out of propane tanks and posts them in front of his gates for everyone to z he says the people who see them sometimes leave heartwarming notes to express just how much they love his characters. >> i think i also saw a an angry bird that. >> some minion did not look impressed. >> it was impressive. he just did not look impressed. >> okay. >> he's like i know i look good. >> kicking off
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>> coming up later today on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 a new cosmetic procedure to make you look younger but this doesn't fill or tighten your skin. we'll show you how it works today at 5:00. >> at 6:00 a serenade for surgeons. a patient on the operating table changing the diagnosis that put him under the knife and how his voice helped doctors in philadelphia perform the procedure. we are now just hours away from the official start of the nfl draft. >> but before the festivities one fan from each nfl team broke bread with the league's top executive. 32 season ticket holders from around the league ate breakfast with nfl commissioner roger goodell. breakfast was served at hotel
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palomar. >> also a group of players hoping they'll be drafted into the nfl host a football clinic for kids. "eyewitness news" at the draft experience on the parkway this morning where the group of nfl prospects helped 100 local children work on their athletic skills. drill stations were set up so the kids could perfect their passing receiving and agility techniques. i think we could all use a little pearl if he can'ting. >> i wasn't good at football. i was good at softball. i could run fast. i was afraid i would get hit in the head. >> you did that art museum thing and you didn't win. >> i let you win. >> that's why these two tie right here. >> we didn't >> i won. >> "the young and the restless" is next. have a great day everyone. >> i think it was tie. >> no, it wasn't. i won.
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