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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  April 28, 2017 2:07am-2:41am EDT

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she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. tide and downy together. >> right now at 11:00 the ben franklin parkway the biggest in the sent ever sports and eagle as announce their first round pick in the nfl draft. >> and here he s birds take tennessee defensive end derek barnett as they aim to give defense a big boost. estimated 70,000 plus football fans packed the parkway.
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>> i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. >> roger goodell introduced us to the newest eagle. >> the first around pick, the philadelphia eagles select dext rek barnett. >> university of fen ten defensive end derek burnett with the 14th overall pick. 6' 3", 229 pounds he broke former eagles great reggie white record at tennessee. >> and don bell joins us with the latest from the eagles. don. >> reporter: guys, i tell you what, it's been a really exciting night here on the ben franklin parkway. we're pretty much on the steps of the arts museum and yes, a little while earlier today the commissioner made that pick and five minutes ago go, we talked to derek barnett.
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>> how about the reception from the philly fans. >> it was great. i was nervous at fivrment i got a great welcoming and i like the fans i was a little nervous. >> what is your relationship with the eagles lieding up to this did you have a feeling had you a chance coming here. >> i knew it was a possibility you know how the draft works you never know. i was not in a lot of contact with them. i met them at the combine but i n had no clue where i would end up with. >> you're i want to find out how i will play -- before i will play. >> when did you get nervous. >> i was not real nervous when i got the phone call i was nervous. i'm so excited. i have been enjoying myself the past few days it's a great town. i'm ready to get to work. >> derek bar next interesting guy. i spoke to him in the 6 p.m. show live on air before we
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knew that he would be a member of the philadelphia eagles. er just had a feeling that he would be the guy. and it was interesting conversation we had and right now, when we talk to him, he says that he is excited about being in the city of philadelphia and he's been here since monday and he cannot wait to go to work. he's excited that the workout facility novacare complex is a few miles from where i'm standing now here and it changed his life in the draft. ben franklin parkway, back to you guys in the studio. >> big night for him, thank you. >> eagles fans are enjoying everyone moment of the nfl draft experience. >> wild on the parkway and cheered when the team pick was announced. chopper 3 was over the scene. eagles nation with high hopes for the future. >> he hit reggie white's record. it's going to be good. >> at the end of the day i think defensive end was a need. >> i think it's a great pick. definitely what we need. >> i'm optimistic and happy
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with the pick. go eagles. >> eyewitness news reporter hof hof is live in the middle of the action. alex. >> well, this party is still going strong. and you know what? people came out here early in the morning. staying through right now. and just you can hear the cheers. sometimes you hear the boos. they're hoping to get the full draft day experience. there is no miss taking the territory. >> nfl draft, eagles, baby. >> a place a septa ride can misspell communications. >> nobody fought. >> and where 49ers, packers and patriots roamed freely as broncos and titans conversed and thok is the one day this could be done in broad daylight. >> raiders. >> draft day, welcome to philly. >> i don't do this voice. sees this voice. >> not the eagles. >> visitors flocked to the city of the birds from as far as away as korea.
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>> that's the right apps. >> fans were not afraid to show true colors tens of thousands filled the parkway prior to p.m. start of the draft. >> half hour when the sun drops it may be different. >> among free festive 'tis the sun dropped and the show began [ cheers ]. >> along with the trash talk. >> they need something. i mean i hope they get jesus. >> the best come back what city was picked to host the future of football. that's rite, philadelphia. >> when aim going to go to a draft in philadelphia? >> i don't know i think we need to take a moment to appreciate the cheesesteak ha hat. i have never seen anything like that. what he said given this atmosphere and weather who knows maybe we could be a two year any row city and we want to mention philadelphia police report nod incident. reporting life from the parkway. hof hof, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> alex, thank you. >> it was not the eagles pick only that got the crowd excited. temple hasan redic was 14 pick
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for arizona cardinals. he was the first linebacker picked tonight. redic, who was from camden attended haddon heights high school. >> we have everything you need to know there you find a list of events, road closures and you can also meet the players the eagles pick. >> and now to other news tonight. and the latest on the investigation into the shooting death of delaware state trooper corporal stephen ballard. followed a lengthy standoff at a home in middletown registered to the suspect of the father. sealy was arrested on gun and drug charges. what is unclear is what led to shoolting of ballard in the parking lot. >> in delaware, many are remembering the fallen state trooper, craig. >> ukee, this is the wawa in bear, delaware. yesterday the scene of such a
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tragedy. this is where corporal stephen ballard was gunned down yesterday afternoon. you can see this lot a place for the community to come together, pray and pay their respects. thursday, as this middletown delaware neighborhood recovers. >> it's a strong neighborhood. >> the truth of what happened here still all too visible. this delaware state police suv carted off as evidence riddled with bullets and removed from near the home own st. michael drive standing in sham blings. state police say from a fire fight and explosive breaching devices meant to remove a dangerous suspect. >> it was just noisy and it was just stressful. stressful. >> that man identified by tell dell state police as 26 26-year-old burgon sealy was dead. he exited the home he barricaded himself in and shot at sglees this surprised the heck out of me. because i met the boy few years ago and le was a nice
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guy, nice kid. >> the whole ordeal started wednesday minutes after 12 noon whp police say seelye gunned down 32-year-old state police corporate stephen ballard at the bear, delaware parking lot. >> it just -- >> a memorial grows near the spot corporal ballard lost his life after investigators say he approached seelye and another man both acting suspiciously while sitting in a red sedan. >> that's why i started the whole thing. i was here last night. i'll set this up and it's grown tremendously. >> tonight many unanswered questions about why seelye opened fires and what he was doing. no apps from country, state and federal investigators still pros egging a very difficult scene. >> back live at this very somber, very emotional scene, dozens and dozens of candles and balloons as you can see. corp at ballard leaves behind a wife of a year an a half and very young daughter. as you saw the fbi is helping
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with this investigation. and the big question, once again tonight, is why did the suspect open fire here allegedly that wawa parking lot at noon. that's a question we hope to get the answer to in the next few days. live in bear, delaware, greg argos, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> greg, thank you. >> testimony will continue tomorrow in the trial of david creato the camden country father accused of murdering his 3-year-old son. today visitors visited the scene where the boy's body was found in cooper river park in 2015 and shown pictures of brendan's pody and special attention given to his clean socks which prosecutors say he was carried and did not walk more than a half mile from his father's apartment. and that same walk was later repeated by another 3-year-old wearing the same socks as brendan as comparison and those socks were presented today in court. >> a woman in lehigh county is attacked and killed by her own
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dog. that attack happened this afternoon at the woman's home on spring white dmriv upper macungie township. police say the boxer pit bull mix was mauling the woman in her 30s which they arrived at the house. she died at a hospital. the dog was taken to the umain society where it will be put down. >> the doctor forcingably removed from united flight. united is implementing major changes following the incident. united says from now on law enforcement will only be used for emergency issues. passengers will be offered up to $10,000 to bump a flight. more training will be offered to employees. >> every week the cbs hit show "the amazing race" takes you haveers around the world. >> the host tonight is sharing with us his favorite destination on the show and also, is celebrity amazing race next? >> there's no question, food is fuel. and there's one place you can
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fill up your car and stomach and we're not talking about hot dogs on a roller here. vittoria woodill shows us where they're cooking up gourmet dishes at a gas station. >> and temperatures started to climb today as we wept into the 80s and we'll say there for a while. coming up storms and showers along this front and i'll show you how long the summerlike storm stretched. >> why people are getting frequentlees tattooed on their body. when eyewitness news body. when eyewitness news continues.
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>> this year the hit reality show is going place it's never went before. tonight, host hogan shares amazing secrets. >> millions written to the tv for.
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>> start of amazing race unlike any we ever had before. >> world traveling reality series not only since contestants on a scavenger hunt but sends a message. >> we're able to say to the audience, listen, there are horrible things happening in the world just as horrible things happening in the huts. however, there's also some amazing things happening in the world. >> series of challenges are designed to make you the viewer sit maybe on the edge of your seat, smile and enjoy. no time for competitors to think about that. they're operating break neck speed. >> 12 shows and 20 days. >> every mental and physical challenge is carefully planned. you know what they say about the best leg planned. >> we're in a real world if train or flight gets cancelled ar monsoon we're stuck in it. >> after 29 seasons which country is favorite.
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>> i have this real connection with italy. any italian city i think it's the idea that you can always find good meal in italy. >> here's food for thought i'm thinking the world is ready for movie star amazing race. >> i think there were a lot of celebrities thinking i would like too go to the trailer. >> those that trail in the current game will be eliminated with the first team to arrive at the final destination winning the grand prize. competition. danger. it's all there for one of the most enjoyable reality sires on tv. >> what's not love. >> phil has to stay one step ahead of everybody. he goes out. unbelievable. so much work is voxingd and you can watch the amazing race every thursday night 10:00 here on cbs3. >> and a hot new trend in tattoos. fake frequentlees, decades women tried to cover them up. not anymore fake frequentlees are a cosmetic tattoo.
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they appear dark and raised and then fade to natural look and disappear after about six months. many say the freclles make them look younger. >> in taste with tori you can fill up your car and stomach. >> gourmet, gas station grub >> it looks like a gas station. fill up your car and belly at three crazy ladies in malvern where grub goes into high gear at a gas station. >> you get nothing but personal tirks absolutely. not so much but me. >> many definitely come in for the character. but if you're not here to eat you're just here for gas. believe it or not owners came, bonnie and debbie never saw
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this as pit stop in their careers. >> i did not envision myself here i taught. i was a teacher. we were soccer moms that got together and ran concession substance and we had unique qualities each of us brought something to the table. >> we looked for a couple other places and something always fell flew and kathy saw this on craigslist and said you know keep an open mind. >> these crazies opened doors in sunoco. >> sometimes we want to throw anys at each other. in general, it's just a lot of fun. >> on their menu a lot of fresh seasonal options for your convenience. >> when they come to the counter they're not sure what they want and we tell them what they want. >> all right, tom, one special. >> i don't know what the special is. >> guess what it will be crazy good. >> what else, is crazy good besides salted carmel cheese cake shot, the house grilled cheese with brie, carmelizeed onion. >> did you ever think you
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would find this as a gas station. >> fresh mozarella and arugula and finish with balsamic glaze. >> you can get gas and gourmet. >> pees 'crepe. >> fluffy a. think and dilectable. >> crazy never tasted so goo good. >> they're crazy. >> made me crazy. >> and serve crazy when you go into that surprise oak owe and you see those these you all go nuts. when you see the food you go nuts. but i could not believe that when usually i would be going in for a slim jim i'm walking out completely full and gourmet. >> i know, amazing. >> very unexpected isn't it. >> extremely unexpected. but that's what makes it so great and let me tell you the lines lines are always out the door. i imagine after this they may want to handout numbers. >> slim jim. you're right, though. >> i feel like i would not mind getting gas so muchfy
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could have salted carmel cheese cake. >> there you go. >> great night tonight. everybody out at the draft on the parkway loving. it the national comment tateers talking about. it great night. >> perfect night for philadelphia to show off the stuff. we want this to be beautiful and want to show philadelphia in the best norm to bethlehem, clear, cloudy night you see the mar i'veian star such a beautiful town there and it looks quiet tonight. couple of showers and storms chugging across the state of pennsylvania. storm scan three a weakening front. it produced nasty thunderstorms earlier tonight across the western half of state and now you can see fizzling as it dlivts north and most thunderstorm activity missing our area to the north
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and west. just, barely. mying the poconos. could clip the pocono region possibly with a shower within the next hour or two and there's a few down south near baltimore that could move through the area over night and again this front is not going to produce much for us and not going to cool us down at all either. winds out of the south and east cooler down the shore at low 50s. 58 reading and mild allentown warm night following warm day 8 19 high out there today. once the clouds broke up temperatures were often to the races. we're 13 degrees above average today. and we're going to stay well above average for the next two days looking at temperatures 15 to 20 above the norm and big heat pump high centered here and tapping in air from the south and west. that's what's really driving temperatures above normal. and as far as the overnight is concerned again most of these showers and storms are fizzling and best chance to get one around midnight in the poconos and can't rule out a
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stray shower overnight across parts of the area and most ever us don't see anything. tomorrow, clouds, sun comes out and looks like a beautiful sunny afternoon. here's noon i should say right through midnight no problems. saturday morning could start with a few scattered thunderstorms here and there and 6, 7 a.m. that clears out and back to sunshine on saturday afternoon with just a stray chance of afternoon storm. so we'll dodge a few spotty showers and storms the next few days and morning shower in spots tomorrow. saturday, morning thunderstorm and then isolated afternoon thunderstorm. but middle part of the day looks fine. and sunday is much cooler with a stray shower in just one or two spots. so, overnight we drop to a mild 63. and a shower is possible late. and tomorrow, morning shower or just clouds and then mostly sunny and beautiful. high 81 degrees and your eyewitness weather 7 day forecast looks great. saturday warmest most humid day of the stretch. watch for morning thunderstorm possibly stray one in the
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afternoon. sunday cooler. monday we're back to near 0 and we've got a great strep of seasonable spring weather next week into the 70s with sunshine. all in all the forecast is fantastic for all those in town for the draft and pen relays. >> speaking of the nfl draft let's go back out live to don bell. >> guys the eagles struggles to row duce sacks last year and now they have a guy they think will help them get to the quarterback. we'll hear more from the first round draft pick derek barnett and reaction from the novacare complex. lesley van arsdall will join us as well we'll b
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>> welcome back to the ben franklin parkway round one wrapping up here and eagles made selection 14 overall nick first round derek barnett out
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of tennessee. i caught up with him before the 6 p.m. show and we had him on liver and we talked about being able to come to philadelphia because i asked him about it. he had 32 sacks in his career at tennessee and this is our conversation moments ago. >> after they selected you did nip -- did you talk to anyone on the hope to and if so, what was the conversation. >> i talked to the whole staff and important to everybody and congratulating me and telling me they're excited and ready to get to work and they're ready to go. so derek barnett ready to get to the novacare complex ready to meet teammates gene to work. speaking of the novacare complex that's where lesley van arsdall is she joins us with more reaction. lesley. >> hey there, don, howie roseman said yes there were a few surprises in the draft and
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derek barnett was the guy they had at the top of the draft board. >> we had done a lot of work on jean his staff and we're always going to build along the lines and at the same time we want to stick to board and take the highest rated guys joe and staff put together and he fits scheme and culture we're trying to build and we think they with a tremendous player and person. >> when i think of some of the teams iized to groyp watching here in philadelphia he's going to fit in with some of those guys from the late 80s. early 90s eagles' teams he's philly tough. >> i liked payman payman houshmandpoury focused on saying this say player with high character. i heat him a couple days ago and you obviously talked to him today. i couldn't agree more on and off the field good guy. back to you, don. >> all right, thank you. speaking of good guys let's talk about camden tate date of has app redic.
2:33 am
temple tough. former owls selected him before the eagles section he goes to arizona cardinals he's linebacker, defensive end and beast we're excited for him because he's headed to the dessert to play with the cardinals. >> meanwhile let's move on to baseball now. phillies taking on miami marlins at the bank. it was matt nay game. big hit came in the 6th. brock with the rbi triple into the corner and how about that? phillies win 3-2. that's six straight wins for fightin' phils as they get out of town on to take
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>> it's the 1st and oldest relay meet. >> it kicked offer today. eyewitness news franklin field for 123rd year young athletes around the globe compete in the track and field competition. penn relays go through
2:36 am
saturday. kate. >> tracking your weekend we'll start on very, very warm note with mix of sun and clouds on saturday. temperatures well into the 0 s and big changes for sunday. much cooler air starts to move in and there will be the chance for temperatures to not each make it out of the 60s after a stretch of 80s and watching storms as we head to sunday or sunday afternoon. better chance for shower or
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>> our morning crew is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7. >> i'm jessica dean the late show we stephen colbert is next. >> good night family. next. >> good night family. sleep well >> announcer: if you're looking to make more money and take control of your personal and financial future, then get ready, because than merrill, the star of a&e's hit tv show "flip this house," one of the most successful real-estate investors in the country and america's number-one real-estate-investing expert, has one heck of an opportunity for you. than is hosting a one-of-a-kind free two-hour real-estate wealth-building workshop where you will learn his three-step system for getting started flipping homes and buying and holding income properties.
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