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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 28, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> it is a great town. isn't it? derek barnett from tennessee, philly fans seem happy about the pick. but what does barnett say about the philly fans? we're live. >> and we could see morning shower, but then it will feel like summer. summer in the city. katie lets us know how high the temperature will soar, soar, i tell you. >> what will it do? >> summer in the city. toed friday, i don't care, it is friday, that's all that matters to me, april 28. i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning. >> yes, good morning, and happy friday, friyay. i'm excited, too, and i have to tell you it is looking so busy out there, has been since 4:00 a.m. not quite sure residual from the nfl draft parties last night, i don't know what it is, but i tell you it is busy out there. >> i'm sure just so many people in town, for all of the great events going on, at least the weather is cooperating, meisha. you know, we have seen a little bit of fog, classic,
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example of it, outside places like kutztown area middle school, still have moisture to work with. where you may find a little bit of thin vale every clouds over some of the fields, for example. it is not a widespread issue. more than anything, i just want to show you, the fact that the skies are clearing, this particular visual shows awe lot. still lingering moisture, skies are clearing, very mild, 57 kutztown, easily in the 60s, almost everywhere else, especially as you get towards the urban corridor. now here is the front we talked about bringing in possibility of showers, for the most part, guys, this is pretty much clearing out. i think any wet wet issues are over, for philly. out towards the shore, little different story. lingering, little damp road situation going on for you there. but, this is the front that's clearing out. once it does, we do clear out completely overhead. and warm up very, very readily. for the kids, headed out to school, make sure that they're ready with shorts and t-shirt. it is a little on the cool side for sure initially, by lunchtime, recess, they will be out. and loving the sunshine, and all of that warmth.
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eighty-four for the ride home. that's where we expect to top off. tomorrow, though, is where the warmth will peak, guys. eighty-seven the expected high. it might as well be july with that kind of warmth. but we are also flirting at least, meisha, with record, which will also discuss later on. >> all right, katie, so katie just talking about this up at the desk, take a look, kind whatever we've been just talking about all morning long, just one thing after another. an accident, 95 north, ramps, woodhaven road, heads up, car went right off the roadway here. you might start to get some slow downs as we will start to get some police officers probably show up on the scene and take care of this, truck pulled off to the shoulder as well. just a heads up again the ramp to woodhaven road moving in the northbound direction. then of course, we have this overturned vehicle, that was right here, looks like they flipped it upright side up. now on that tow truck bed. so the good news, it is getting cleared out of your way. where is it? ramp from passyunk to schuylkill westbound. they had all lanes blocked, i'm sure that they still r you can see people out on foot as
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well. so phone they open it up right now, it would be a dangerous situation for the people out on foot. i would just avoid the area at all costs. so, another one, serious accident, talking about this all morning long, as well, clayton, new jersey, downed utility pole. so route 47, delsea drive closed academy street. use an alternate. route 55 or fries mill road is your best bet a lot more to talk about when we come back in the next ten minutes, jim, over you. >> thank you shall meisha. pretty exciting morning for eagles fans, birds have made if i rounds pick in the nfl draft. >> on top that far the whole nfl draft is on the ben franklin parkway. pat gallen live near the art museum where the excitement continues today. pat, at this point, i feel like you should have a -- you've been out there all week? >> i've been here all week it, will continue tonight, into saturday, but amazing night here, last night, this was packed with tens of thousands of fans that saw miles garrett go number one overall from texas a&m, goes to the cleveland brown. wild start to the draft before the eagles even selected.
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three wide receivers go in the, and quarterbacks first 12 picks. when it came down it number 14 here is what the fans heard. >> with the 14th pick in the 2017nfl draft, the philadelphia eagles select derek barnett, defensive ends. tennessee. >> derek barnett 20 year old de ends i have lineman from tennessee, will turn 21 june 25th, he's six-three, 260 o get to the quarterback n3 years at tennessee he put up awesome numbers, 33 sacks, 39 career games. his claim to fame, sort of, eagles fans, should listen up to this, he broke reggie white's career sack record as junior last year, so he is really impressive, here is derek barnett. >> they have great fans, good philly cheese steaks. i just had one. i got to watch my waist. i just had one. >> i forgot where i got it
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from, but i just know it is pretty good. looking forward toking in this town, probably having a few more. >> so we look forward to knowing derek barnett as a philadelphia eagle. hopefully, he's got more of those red suits where that came from. because that was a beauty last night. also, as i mentioned, tonight, 7:00 when round two kicks off. the eagles pick 43rd overall. and then in the third round they'll pick 99 overall. and we will break it all down coming up at 6:30, with john of bleed and green nation and 94wip, we will get to know about derek barnett, what the eagles might do in rounds two and three, we know guys they need a cornerback, probably running back, maybe another receiver, really we are focused on the defensive cornerback, so many ways they could go. for now we celebrate derek barnett, 14th overall pick in the philadelphia eagles. let's toss it back to you guys in the studio. >> patty think that suit apparently very big hit. katie back there just talking about how nice it looked, too. so he is starting off on strong note clearly. >> not everyone can pull off
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red. thank you, paths patrick. >> i have to step up my suit game. >> ya. not only did philly welcome their newest eagle, they also welcomed more than 70,000 football fans for the nnl draft experience. >> that's right, super fans representing all different teams, past the parkway, all with the same hope to lands an impact player. the eagles first rounds pick, derek barnett, fans with mixed reaction. >> i love it. i thought maybe they would go offensive, make a splash. >> i'm not upset. the gentleman, barnett, he'll be great defensive ends. >> kinds of hoping for somebody else, surprise on the board, but i'm okay with it. >> optimist being, happen which our pick. go eagles. >> and here's something else philly can be proud of. despite the number of people attending the draft experience, the philadelphia police have reported no incidents. >> good, check out the ffl fan experience on the bark pay -- parkway from noon to 3:00 p.m. opens tomorrow, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. what can you and cannot bring if you plan on attending.
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and in other news this morning, fallen state troop nerve delaware being remembered as a community comes together to pay their respect. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do, live in bear, where a growing memorial for corporal bamm adder is gaining attention there, good morning, trang. >> reporter: good morning, jim, rahel. this is the parking lot, the wawa parking lot where corporal ballard was gunned down on wednesday. you can see wawa is allowing it to be used as makeshift memorial. take a look, see how extense they have is. someone actually erect add flag pole here with this memorial flag for this officer, and as this community mourns, we are also learning more about the man police say pulled the trigger, and also, the life full of promise that he took. the ripple effect of evil act felt throughout delaware. protector of the community, killed in cold blood. >> he was a hero. he was a hero, down here. sad, sad, can't take no more.
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>> corporal stephen ballard's wife without a husband, his daughter without a father, two families destroyed, a community shaken. >> my father was a police officer, and we worried all the time about him. and it hits home. >> neighbors in middletown, about 10 miles south of the shooting scene, subjected to an intense 20 hour stand-off with us is expected shooter. identified as 26 year old burgon sealy, jr., eventually shot and killed by law enforcement after finally coming out of his father's home thursday morning. >> it was, what are the words i'm looking for? just stressful, stressful, because you didn't know what was going on. >> a look into seally's past showing prior gunnar necessary 2013. the question on the minds of so many, why? but with the suspect now dead, we may never know the answer. corporal ballard's fellow troopers instead focusing on remembering their dedicated colleague who never made it
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home. >> you know you hear about the person that proverbial smile, that just lights up the room. that was steve. very personable. >> now, even overnight, we've seen people stop by, and just take photos of this memorial, also, making sure that these candles remain lit. now the wawa here is going to remain closed, until saturday, to allow people to come here, and reflect, and pay theirs respects. but for now, live in bear, delaware, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." jim, rahel, back to you. >> thank you, trang. >> and there is now a memorial set up for corporal ballard's family, donations will be accepted at the delaware state police federal credit union, check can be made out to the stephen ballard memorial found, also check out where we will post the address to send checks. >> still ahead, crash test dummies are getting make over, see why the ones that have been used for the last 50 years no longer represent the average american. >> plus: a big day for a little dog. we'll show you how group of high school student used a 3d
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printer to get lillies a bell back on all four's. >> and they're about kindness, and love. >> i hope you have the most wonderful day ♪ >> songs co-written by kids for everyone. and today they're throwing a friday festival to bring brotherly love to a whole community. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> well, we are loving that, that is friday morning. >> you know me and my country music. getting me in the mood here. >> we all know, the whole city knows you love your country music. >> it is friday, we are loving this weather. thank you so much for being with us. katie has a check on your weekend forecast when we come back. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> dummies used in cash tests have been the same for years, but with americans getting heaviest, opener, they need a make over. >> elderly people, people who don't fit that he can act size and shape, are more at risk in a vehicle now. >> and develop remembers also working to build a crash test
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dummy to replicate an elderly, more fragile body. >> that makes sense. >> i find those crash tests fascinating. also frightening, but fascinating. >> anyway -- >> learn a lot from them. >> the weather might be nice getting in your car, doing nice little drive. >> take your convertible to work day. >> are you in heff never you look like you're in heaven there. >> i like to start things off with background of me looking like an angel, jim. you know this. so stop calling me out on it. take a look at what we've got here. our temperature averages, normally on this particular day of april, we would top off around 69 degrees or so. we will far exceed that, not just for today but into tomorrow, as women, by june 28th we would normally be at about 86. i don't think we will get quite that hot. today's high is expected to feel much more like june, tomorrow we exceed june 28th average. wait until you see the seven day, for now, though, take a look at storm scan, because there has been some scattered showers, that have been moving through the overnight. had even couple of rumbles every thunder indicated by the lightning strikes on doppler,
6:16 am
but sizzling front, see how the rounds every precipitation have faded with time. for the most part, our region is getting the opportunity to dry out t does still feel little muggy outside, though, that said, so keep that in mind, and now that the skies are clearing, under full sunshine, even hint of humidity, it is enough to make it feel like a typical summer day. so be ready for. that will you want to be outside. we get that. but, stay hydrated. sun block, you know me, i play mom when it comes to these things, take care of yourself. latest storm system, getting its act together, especially over nebraska, will bring in another front a.m. boundery into the weekends, but for now, night two of the draft, kicks off at 7:00. we will be around the upper 70s, nothing more than few clouds, still very warm. for the festivities out on the parkway. now looking forward, tomorrow, obviously where we peak, 87 degrees, record to beat 90. i don't think we quite get there, but may be shower or thunderstorm specially date in the day. sunday a lot more clouds, look how we held back mid 60s, flip flop all over again early next
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week, meisha? >> katie, thank you. well today will be gorgeous. the world of travel though hasn't been the best today. good news a lot starting to get moved out of the way. looking at an area where we did have overturned vehicle, this was the ram from passyunk avenue, to the schuylkill west, now cleared. so all clear, lanes back open, looking good there. then looking at the boulevard, take a look at how busy it is, you push in the southbound direction toward the schuylkill. once you jump on the schuylkill right around the boulevard city avenue starting to pick up as well, but a lot of vehicles out there. this is very busy on the boulevard for a friday morning, especially, being that we're not too far in to the 6:00 hour. couple of extra minute, i would if i were you, serious accident still in clayton new jersey, route 47, dealt i drive closed academy street. use alternate, route 55, or fries mill road, still going to be your best bet. another accident in germantown, downed pole and wires, north 21 street at leaf ear street. over to you. >> little dog's life is forever changed thanks to some innovative california high school student, and a 3d
6:18 am
printer. >> now the little pup will soon be back on all fours, take a look, this is isabel. she is three legged chihuahua terrier mixon her way to be fitted for a prosthetic leg. leg designed and made by high school 3d printing club. club just two years old, but clearly already making big strides. members say they want to use their tools to make a difference in the community. >> i was shocked actually, i thought it would be a university, 3d printer lab. but found out it is a high school, these high school kids, 14, 15 years old, who are just so on top of it, so motivated to help out a little dog. >> oh, the club's president said it took the group 24 hours to print the prototype. although they still have work to do, they say they're determined to help helping dogs like lillies a bell. >> great store. >> i today group of kids is throwing a community concert in camden county. >> as ukee washington shows us, in this week's story of brotherly love, part of non-profit that wants to spread good cheer with good music. >> oh, we caught rehearsal in
6:19 am
oaklyn, where the young performers are getting ready for the big show. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i hope you have the mother wonderful day ♪ >> these are songs for children, but let's face it, anyone can relate to the message. >> they're about kindness, and love, and like friendship. don't be too sad all the time. and like try to stay happy a lot. >> ten years ago, sarah o'brien started this program called community rocks. a non-profit for ages three to 16, from several south jersey communities. with art, and music. >> not only have something amaze to go do after school, but they're empowered to be in school and learn as much as they possibly can to have the most fulfilled live as they can. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> not only do they sing, these kids help write songs, this week, they release a new albumn, let yourself shine, a
6:20 am
project that took six years. >> there are children who are now in college, that were part of writing some of these songs. >> now the kids are rehearsing for friday's community cd release party. >> we're going to be singing some of our community rocks songs in front after crowd. i want them to feel happy and to like our songs. >> one. performer's sarah's own eight year old. >> my daughter when she was in my bell at this began. >> friday's event will feature dance, sinning and an open mike for kids. they will be selling the cd, as well, getting the words out that community does indeed rock. >> the event starts friday at 4:00 p.m., will be held outdoors at haddon township's lawn concert venue at 51 haddon avenue. for more information just go to i'll see you tonight. i'm ukee washington, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> sounds good to us.
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well, up next, hollywood legends robert deniro tries snap chat. pretty fun. >> i plus meisha taking us on another dream drive. it is a perfect spot for animal lovers, coming up a little later. we will be right back. go to protect your vehicle? i'm on it. ♪ ♪ ♪ weathertech. made right, in america
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>> welcome back, looking at the weekend, it is around the corner, we will split the difference between very warm summer like conditions on saturday, cooler more typical conditions on sunday, even though we could see shower or thunderstorm late in the day, sunday bridges a lot more clouds, more dreary conditions and the chance of more showers or storms, guys? >> katie, thank you. now for look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> in the cover of the daily time, latest to repeal the affordable care act won't have the support of congress. me and says he opposes updated version due to costs and
6:25 am
problems for those with pre-existing conditions. press of atlantic city officials running state take over, likely issue statement next week, on contract that would put a private company in charge of the city's trash and re sibling services, now counsel supposed to vote on but pulled the regulars lewes after councilman say they didn't get cost analysis. >> the fifth anal door man helps car show benefitting mann a on main street will be held saturday noon to 4:00 p.m. show will be held on the door man products grounds on walnut st. in colmar, donation of any canned goods get you into the show. >> and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> well, you never are too old to learn something new, take robert deniro for example. >> the legendary actor made his snap chat debut, finalists showed deniro how to experiment with the filters, clearly got a good laugh out of it, no official word yet if he'll sign off. >> i did admit i have no idea
6:26 am
how to use this snap chat, but the producers subjected us to this before the show today. >> look at you rocking the pink. okay. cute. >> rahel, so cute. >> they call this the pretty filter. >> oh. >> okay. okay. >> that's what meisha normally looks like. >> that's what you normally look like. >> that's it at 4:00. >> at least your friends aren't all -- all of my friends on snapshot, they make fun of me constantly because i'm not on there. >> oh, adorable. >> happy easter. >> all i can say is it is friday. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news," the penn relays underway, live at franklin fields. >> plus president trump opens up in a interview ahead of his 100 day in offers. and he's not minutes g words when it comes to north korea, pat? >> it is a beautiful day for rounds two, three, of the nfl draft. we'll look back, at dar he can barn net, one word to describe him?
6:27 am
>> much like beyonce, fierce. >> he's fierce, we like that, more with john when we come back. past. >> and pat, it has been busy friday morning, nfl draft is back, not sure, but either way we've had string every accidents out there. all of the updates coming up. first a quick break, stay right where you are.
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>> here's what you need to know in your morning minute. >> the philadelphia eagles select derek barnegat derek barnett. >> derek barnett is a 20 year old defensive lineman, out of tennessee. >> we'll see what they do tonight, as rounds two kicks off. >> if you like summer like warmth, like sunshine, practically have perfection for you here today. >> corporal ballard shot and
6:31 am
killed in this wawa parking lot. >> suspect the shooter identified as 26 year old burgon sealy, jr., eventually shot and killed by law enforcement. >> the new heineken aid called worlds apart. many saying the anti-kendel jenner pepsi ad. >> come on, bring it in. give it to me. >> what's up, james? >> james cord on with painful run in with kurt russell. >> forecast, anything but painful. >> we definitely have a lot of ups and downs, but we are also going to see a pretty cooperative forecast. since it is the weekend, sin we do have so many event going on around the city, and maybe you've got outdoor plans scheduled this weekend, there are few caveats, few hiccups
6:32 am
along the way, for now any showers we had moving through the overnight, essentially gone. they're still few damp roads left behind them, skies have cleared out nicely, a as i look behind me, from the skydeck here, i see hands full of clouds, but really starting to clear. so we'll ends up with nothing but sun in the city. now, this is a live picture, of monroe county, pleasant valley middle and high school in brodheadsville, normally not just l campus of the school, field, even mountain in the distance, but yes, obviously, can't. so there is certainly a lot of moisture left over up in the mountains where you run into some fog, quite dense up there, too. sixty-four the current temperature though here at philadelphia international airport. mild start to the day. i feel like it has been long time since i've been able to walk out in the morning without a jacket on the skydeck, so this is nice and comfortable to start. upper 50's allentown, up ear's in trenton, as the day progresses it is basically wall positive wall sunshine here folks, looking good, nice and mild, taste of june to wrap up your work week. with that sunshine, meisha,
6:33 am
important to note, never, ever underestimate that april sun angle t can get to you if you're not careful. sun block retired, stay hydrated, too. >> amen to that. absolutely, katie, little taste of summer today on a friday. that's exactly what we want to see. and what we are looking at 95 south at the betsy ross getting very, very busy now, a lot of people heeding the warning, from earlier, because all morning long we've seen just a string of problems outside. this is one now. an active one. accident schuylkill eastbound at belmont avenue. what we were seeing, is two vehicles, kinds of blocking lanes, and were you having to squeeze in the middle. looks like now, single file lane, all the way to the far left, on the right-hand side, see all of the flashing light, some know only the congestion problems from where the problem accident is, but then also have a little bit of gaper delay as you drive by. so heads up. i would avoid the area if you can't factor in extra half hour at this point. then we also have couple every accident out there, one in trenton, 129 southbound to route 29. that right lane is blocked.
6:34 am
and trenton, also another one, 309 limekiln pike near easton road, no one traveling in posted speeds in both the areas. plus the serious accident we were talking about earlier clayton new jersey downed utility pole, route 47, still out there. delsea drive closed at academy street. you will have to use alternate, route 55, or fries mill road your best bet around there. so for friday morning, with beautiful weather conditions, i got to say it is getting very busy, jim. >> thank you shall meisha. today marks president trump's 99th day in office. this comes with increasing diplomatic tensions with north korea and congressional vote that could shut down the government. brook silva bragga had a more from new york. >> in a wide ranking interview with road ers thursday, president trump warned tensions with north korea could come to a head if the country continues to pursue nuclear missiles. >> there is a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with north korea. >> though the president says diplomacy would be ideal, the
6:35 am
us military has put out a show of force in the region, in recent days, secretary of state, rex tillerson, says china has helped by pressuring the nation. >> informed the regime if they did conduct further nuclear tests china would be taking sanctions actions on their own. >> tough talk came as the house agreed vote today on a bill to keep the federal government open for at least another week. >> they are in a loose, loose, lose situation. >> democrats had threatened to oppose the spending bill essentially shutting down the government if republicans moved forward on a revised plan to repeal and replace obamacare. >> the democrats the last minute have come in and thrown a lot of monkey wrenches into the ability for this to get done. >> after failing to secure enough votes yesterday, house republicans once again table the healthcare vote, denying president trump a major ledge late i have victory, one day before his 100 day in office. brook silva bragga for cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> football fans loving the atmosphere, the nfl draft on
6:36 am
philly ben franklin parkway and mossing else fans we spoke with also loving the birds first rounds pick. >> with the 14th pick, in the 2,017nfl draft, the philadelphia eagles select derek barnett, defensive ends, tennessee. >> a name we'll hear a l hoping the 20 year old could be a big piece of the eagles future. shear hoping. should be fun to see barnett in action, our pat gallen live along the ben franklin parkway with the news on the newest eagle. patrick? >> reporter: good morning, guys. yes, derek barnett will be that is took get to the quarterback. that's his job. that's his role. i'm joined by john of bleeding green nation of 94wip this morning. morning, my friend. >> morning. >> tell us a little bit about derek barnett. >> derek is perfect fit here. i really like the pick. i really do. he just fits here so well. jim swartz's scheme, what, a lot of people call violent hands, bend to get around, get
6:37 am
to the quarterback. you know, his production in the fcc kind of you have to respect that despite -- >> reggie white? >> i know, it is out there, in fact, that's why i kind of like him even more, two days ago the players tribute wrote this great letter to nflgm's and owners and everybody says look, i know, big shoes to fill, it is not what i am all about. i want to be thereon your organization, winning a superbowl, ac part that far squad. >> quickly a lot of people thought christian mccaffrey was a possibility? >> the board was trimming out last night, but the panthers smoke was definitely fire. i was very shocked by it, in that system, doctor, let's rock-and-roll. we new we had two running backs going the top ten. the quarterback screwed everything up. very entertaining first round. >> give us name or two to look out for as round two begins tonight at 7:00. >> you got to be looking at the cornerbacks, perfect, perfect spot today,
6:38 am
whitherspoon, all every those guys fit well here. keep your eye on them. some of the wide receivers, maybe hometown guy in chris godwin might land here on the eagles. >> bleeding green nation, john knows all. thank you my friends. also i threw a pole up last night asking fans, did they like it, did they like the move, 35% said yes, they do. 29% saying no, they don't. but i like the honesty of the philadelphia eagles fans, 36% saying they just don't know. but we will find out the 14th overall pick is derek barnett. guys? are you excited? did you stay up to watch that? >> no, but excited, but i find the pole interesting, as philly fans it takes us all while to warm up to people. we're not meet you love right away. it takes some time. >> suspicious. >> it will take a little bit of time. once they know him, i think they'll like him. >> not just the eagles pick that got the crowd on the parkway excited. temple as hasan pick,
6:39 am
13th pick, first linebacker, from camden, attended haddon height high school. >> congratulates toss him. for everything you need to know about the draft, we have you covered. just head over to for full list of weekends events, road closures, bio's. >> so did you ever wish you could multi that is being on a plane? coming up transforming the airline passengers experience with new kind of plane. you may be even able to work out while flying to destinations. jan? >> jim, who needs the nfl draft when you have the oldest track and field competition in the entire country? i'm jan carabeo, coming to you live from upenn franklin field this morning, and coming up we show you what's in store for day two of the penn relays. >> and we all know that meisha loves animals and living creatures, even reptiles, but does that go to love of cockroach? what she does with the giant cockroach, oh, boy, next in dream drive.
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>> well the 2017 penn relays get underway again in just a few hours. >> thousands of amazing athletes will compete in track and field event today and tomorrow. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live at the university of penn's franklin field with the details. good morning, jan. >> reporter: rahel, jim, good morning, it is shaping up to be beautiful morning for day two of the pen re lays, the 123rd year for this event, it is a great event, that athletes from all over the country look forward to each and every year, and to talk about what's happening here in day two, is the director of track and field here at upenn, steve disolan, thanks for waking up with us, i know long night for you. i don't know if you got any rest, because day one had a lot of excitement. >> that's when the women take the spotlight watch were highlight for you yesterday? >> fishes thing, four bun by wine hundred, new record, and
6:44 am
running the final in the four by one some of the best schools saturday, or today, so that will be exciting, also set north school record, 90 feet in the hammer, she is a fresh nan, did great job. those are couple of highlight. first championship yesterday was the woman's distance medically relay, so good day one for us, excited about day. >> so day two men take the spotlight. what's ahead? >> day two mostly men's event, we run number of relays, open events ourselves, one of the big event is the men's distance medically relay. see great competition from around the country locally with teams like villanova, georgetown, so for the. that should be lots of fun. then day two, couple of women's event, excited about our shuttle hurdles team for the women. haven't done that in a while, women's, and great individual events. >> and we really have athletes from all ages, weaver high school, college, jr., masters, we have olympic development, so really seeing a lot of great athletes already established, and up and coming athletes, too.
6:45 am
>> yes, penn relays incredible, just celebration of the sport, like you said, from youth to masters runners all the way through olypians, all here competing at the penn relays, so crowd appreciates all levels of competition, it makes it so special. >> 123 years running, what do you think it is about this event that has people coming back year after year, and has these young athletes saying we look forward to this on our calendar each and every year, this is kind of the height of their year sometimes? >> yes. they actually call the penn relays carnival, a lot of fun. whole area around franklin field is excitement and fun. >> historic fields, no backdrop like this for track and field, you know, anybody is track and field entheusiast, must do annually, pretty exciting. >> wraps up saturday, wraps up saturday evening. what's th the highlight saturday do you think? >> cool tradition, you have the great collegiate events, usa versus the world, so get to see olypians from past years, and aspiring for the future.
6:46 am
so you will have this, you know, tomorrow level competition all through the day saturday. we have great weather. so come out see us, it will be fantastic. >> you lucked out this year, steve dolan, thank you, the man here until 1:00 this morning. so, he's going have a long weekends, but is a great weekends, starts today at 9:00. tomorrow at 9:00 as well as begin through -- goes through the weekend. >> who needs the nfl draft? >> you look good out there, jan, maybe take a lap for us? >> i got my converse on, so maybe. >> love it, looking good, girl, thank you. >> so katie, again, i am looking at this forecast, we are actually doing an event tomorrow night. going to the manna shut up and damages. do we need to bring an umbrella? >> and sunday you do. >> sunday looks like the more dreary of the weekends days, but for now we bring it back to the here and now. as we heard steve mention, there the weather has been very cooperative. looking very nice for us yet again. couple of showers as expected, through the overnight, it has since now cleared out of here. with that said, our eyewitness
6:47 am
weather watchers watchers reporting clearing, comes in the form of couple of pictures as john hag err mayer reports, moving off to the northeast, olney, 20:00 this morning, so hands full every minute ago, you can see, the streaks of yellow, starting to show up now. that things are beginning to clear for him. temperature wise though even despite cold front, it still is very warm. low 60s, mid 60s, in a lot of folks reporting. >> andy tends to be mild weather watchers reporters because he is down in dover, one of the most further south folks that we've got in our arsenal here. but again, let's go on back, take a look how things will shake out here for the pen re lays, your philadelphia forecast. in short, guys, brightening up nicely, any clouds really lifting quickly here, so through the afternoon, great weather. but make sure you're staying hydrated or seek out shade, don't under estimate the april sung and he will. tomorrow yes, there will be sunshine more than anything, and it heat up big time. 87 degrees the high, flirting with records, that's hot, very hot air. make sure to take care every
6:48 am
yourself. today's health report, moderate air quality, use caution when it comes to that heat index, just feels like summer. so, be careful with that. uv index and pollen levels remaining high. so, it will be one of those days that the weather does have impact, on your health specially if you're sensitive to that kind of stuff. looking forward, we're all over the place, gee from flirting with 90 to only mid 60s sunday. a lot more cloud cover, another front moving on through bringing potential for showers or thunderstorm, monday night into tuesday, another front meisha that will knock temperatures back again. >> yes, so we just have to really enjoy today, with that big ball of sunshine, good morning, everyone, looking at the talcony palmyra bridge, opened, came back down now, gorgeous shot here, just beautiful, so nice nothing belt tow open up the blind and see the sun watcher we don't like, eyesore, an accident out there. had them all morning long. accident schuylkill eastbound at belmont, pulled off to the far right. so you are getting by in the left lane. but, take a lock at these backups.
6:49 am
past the conshohocken curve. sun glare going to be issue, pack those sunglasses, we'll have sun up, slow downs, overall, very, very slow, as you move up toward the accident, trying to squeeze by, and getting significant backups. i would just say avoid it if at all costs if you k accident in trenton, route 129 southbound, right lane blocked. and then we have another accident, route 309, limekiln pike near easton road from my jet sired, no delays at the airport, i'll be right there with you, no delays, i just looked, and we will be talking about serious accident in clayton, new jersey coming up in a little bit. jim, back over to you. >> thank you, meisha. time now 6:49. a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell joins us live from new york with a preview. good morning, nora. >> reporter: good morning to you, rahel, jim. ahead president trump is suggesting we could ends up in a major conflict with north korea. plus, attorney general jeff sessions and vermont senator bernie sanders both join us. we will talk to john dickerson ahead of his interview with president trump about the first 100 days, what to expect next. we will see you right at 7:00.
6:50 am
>> we will be watching, thank you, nora. >> well, just miles from center city philadelphia, engineers are writing the future of aviation. >> "eyewitness news" got exclusive tour where this is all happening. we took trip to leonardo hell couldn't nerve northeast philadelphia where engineers there are currently building the first commercial tilt rotor in the world. half airplane, half helicopter, and soon it will be available for transport and private flights. now it flies twice as fast as the helicopter, climbs to the heights of natural plane. >> that is a new whole revolution, and you're not stopping at an airport, not wait to go take off. you're up in the air. you're flying. you're back down again. >> well, coming up tonight at 11:00 "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt, will take you behind the scenes of the assembly line and tell when you to expect to see this machine taking off. >> well, talk about multi task the next step in flying could include a ticket to good health. >> eight, three by airbus base in the san jose california showing travelers thousand could transform a plane into a gym. the airplane gym includes fitness area with yoga mat,
6:51 am
seats resistance bands, and may even have spin classes. >> it will make a huge difference. i think it would change the game t would change the game a lot. but if i'm on a plane and working out that's kind of cool. >> airbus says flyers could see flying gym in the next couple of years. >> very cool. and it is friday, so that means it is time for a dream drive. >> this one is great for animal lovers. >> yes, like me, like you, hopefully you, too, because you will love this plane. full dish cloe closure, mainly reptiles, birds, and our trustworthy guy convinced me one cute enough, to, well, smooshment take a look. >> we are are on our way to wildlife center and animal sanctuary, tucked in the beautiful woods of abington. and from what i hear, we've got some friends waiting for us. >> ♪ >> i'm katie, the animal curator and educator here at briar bush nature center. we do lot of program here at
6:52 am
the nature center, where people will come and visit us. >> look at him. look at how big that is. >> he's coming to us. >> not only is this a nature center but animal sanctuary. of course we have him, just handsome as ever. >> this is ralph. he's a turkey vulture. he came to us with a broken wing. and so he lives with us here at briar bush, because he wouldn't be able to survive in the wild. >> this is beautiful out here. we're pass that house right there. what's that? >> briar bush observatory. our origins are really about birds. there is about 80 to 90 different bird species that come through here. we saw garden steaks coming out of hibernation. we have a nature play scape here, as women, which is simply sort of outdoor play area with water, and sand, and rocks, and dirt. >> we do a lot of education on what it takes to take care of a pelt. >> our animal collection that we use for education is largely surrendered pets.
6:53 am
>> that's carl, carl with a k. >> i can't even tell you how in love i am right now. >> i've got karl on my shoulder. common in, show us who you have right now. >> this is rosalynn the chilean rose hair tarantula. >> take a look at this tortoise i dubbed now by the way the mascot of the center. she is so relaxed, and so cute. >> well, i want to show you just how much we love our creepy crawly animals, all and malls here at briar bush nature sent letter give my mass gas car a nice big kiss. >> oh, okay. >> oh, boy, that was the real companies oops. oh. >> now turn. >> okay? okay? so does it have to be -- >> oh! (laughing). >> and it moved. >> you're better woman than katie. >> i got to say, right when i went down, to go in for the kill, it moved, and just something, i think it was actually coming back at me.
6:54 am
but hey -- >> you're engaged now. >> ya. i also got to say this. it is so peaceful out there. you guys have to get out there if you haven't been. but super cool. >> sounds great. we will be right back with three to go.
6:55 am
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>> before woe hit the road here is three to go. >> president trump suggesting tensions with north korea could hit the boil point. could be major cop flick if the communist nation continues with missiles. >> eagles two more picks tonight, fans can enjoy festivities from noon until 11:00 p.m. pennsylvania relays continue at frank already filed, the 123rd year athletes are in philly to compete in track and field. that's three to go. >> last check on weather and traffic. >> perhaps those event aren't your things, i feel the beaches will be packed, too, not bad for today and tomorrow. outside, we go further inland, berks county outside whitfield elementary school. 64 degrees, nice and bright finally for a change, it will stay that way all day today. 84 degrees through the afternoon, and then the next round of draft picks coming up at 7:00 this evening, nothing but couple of clouds, still real warm, meisha. >> yes, absolutely, nice to see the sun this morning, but we do have accident schuylkill eastbound on top at belmont avenue, disable vehicle, 95 south at girard, on the bottom there, then we do have another accident, trunk every them, 95
6:59 am
southbound route 168, two lanes blocked there. >> thank you shall meisha. well touch new stamp and watch it change before your eyes. >> us postal service has revealed new forever stomach to mark the solar eclipse, special ink that changes pictures when you touch it, first picture shows total solar eclipse, second full moon. the solar eclipse will make its way across the us august 216789 the stamp goes on sale june 20. >> sound good to me, senator bernie sanders is weighing in on president trump's first 100 days, and how the democrats should rebuild. >> and i also believe john dickerson speaking with president trump, so he will be on there talking about his interview with president trump, interesting to see what revelations come from that. >> is have a great day and a wonderful weekend. we'll see you. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> society society >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
7:00 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, april 28th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." president trump warns on north korea but says he wants to negotiate. a u.s. commander said it would bring a devastating response from the north. republicans say they're still not ready to vote on the latest repeal of obamacare. former presidential candidate bernie sanders gives us their view of the first 100 days. why financial crimes experts are looking into the channel's business practices. but we begin this morning with a look at today's


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