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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  April 28, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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well, what a way to start the weekend, we are in for a taste of summer with perfect timing, ben franklin parkway is now opened for day two of the nfl draft fan experience and fans, just could not ask for better weather. let's just hope they are wearing sun screen. good afternoon i'm rahel solomon. aim jim donovan. we are enjoying july as we head in the last week even of april. katie fehlinger is live with just how warm it is going to get, katie. >> you know, you said it, jim, we're expecting temperatures that are certainly several months ahead of schedule, but i have to tell you that it
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feels so great, i was mentally making my summer play list in my head when i went out today, understandingably it is just so beautiful outside, not terribly humid either which is fantastic news, too. so, absolutely requirement a short and t-shirt this afternoon and whistle sunshine , sunglasses good idea as well. lets take a look at what storm scan has up on its sleeve. not much locally but you will notice passage of the frontal boundary. thunderstorms that got their act together, once they moved off shore but we had a few damp road this morning. that has cleared out. even though it was a cold front, we are actually going to warm up even more today, we can check off these boxes here , we have some sunshine, we have warmth. it is not terribly humid out there and wind remains, very light. fit is blowing at all it feels comfortable and it add to the comfort of the day. but with that said we have been mid 80's today. speaking of the draft, this afternoon we should top off in the mid 80's with ease. really nice afternoon, and
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then as those second round draft picks are getting underway this evening we are still in the, upper 70's as sun drops over the horizon. tomorrow though that is the day that feels like july, 87 degrees to flirt with record territory, it is down right hot, by tomorrow. but there will be a wet weather that will be track ago long the way. coming up later, guys, this is still a active pattern. we will walk you through that and best chance of wet weather for our area in a little bit longer, guys. >> thanks, katie. rahel likes that flirting, that is for sure. 100,000 fans, turned out for 2017 nfl draft. >> big event puts philadelphia back in the national spotlight so how did the city do on day one? "eyewitness news" report's leash a nieves is live with the answer, hello there, alycia. >> reporter: to answer your question, the city were grading itself on yesterday's performance it seems like it is giving itself a a. philadelphia showed up with sunshine, and a record setting crowd. today it seems like, well, city has been challenged to do
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the same and with the long line here it seems like challenge, accepted. the city of philadelphia, started the full draft experience setting a record, with the nfl's first outdoor draft. as city, it continues to break record for the nfl this weekend. a whooping 100,000 fans, packed ben franklin parkway on thursday for day one, round one of the nfl draft, largest crowd in draft day history. the city scene. >> love the eagles. >> reporter: well represent add long the parkway, tweeted out this morning, that philly represented last night, adding a challenge, writing let's top tonight day number two. we spoke to mayor jim kenney about his thoughts on how the city is fairing in the national spotlight. >> i don't understand that image why nfl draft is such an attraction but thankfully it is. we will gain a lot of, revenue from this and we will also gain notoriety, around the country and around the world thaw cannot buy and cannot afford to pay for commercials to show off a city the way it
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is showed off. >> reporter: fans are trickling here, something to know, not necessarily a record but kind of impressive with the record setting crowd that we had yesterday, philadelphia police report no major incident, we have asked mayor kenney to get his thoughts and he knock on wood and said hopefully that continues for day two. reporting live along the parkway alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thank you. there are more, picks to come but eagles did get defensive help in the first round. >> with the 14th pick in the 2017 nfl draft, the philadelphia eagles select derek barnett, defensive end, tennessee. >> reporter: tennessee you heard it there big brotherly love welcome to derek barnett, 6-foot three, 259-pound lineman comes from the alma matter of eagles great reggie white. we have everything you need to know about the nfl draft on cbs you will find bios of the players, list of events for
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rest of the weekend and road closures in the area. in other news in delaware tributes to slain state trooper corporal stephen ball ard continue to pour in. this is growing makeshift memorial outside the wawa on pulaski highway in bear. wednesday afternoon police say burgon sealy shot and killed corporal ballard after the trooper asked sealy to come out of his vehicle. mourners have been stopping by for pennsylvania several days to pay their respects. >> it is just so frustrating. since this happened on wednesday my heart could not take it but to come over here. so i came this morning, to pay my respects, and to pray for him but i don't think that he deserved it. my son was trying to be a police officer. i didn't even want my son to be a police officer anymore. because police officers don't have anymore respect, people don't respect them anymore and it is so scary. >> wawa has been closed since the shooting happened and it will reopen tomorrow. memorial fund has been set up for corporal ballard's
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family make donations at delaware state police federal credit union in checks can be made out to the stephen ball alycia fund. and recent interview president trump warned military confrontation with north cover reace possible, this is as secretary of state rex tillerson chairs u.n. security council meeting where focus is north korea's growing nuclear threat. correspondent alex ortiz has the very latest on the story. >> reporter: secretary of state rex tillerson warned u.s. security council members it is only a matter of time before north korea's missiles can reach the u.s. main land. >> failing to act now on the most pressing security issue in the world may bring catastrophic consequences. >> reporter: tillerson urge u.n. members to enforce sanctionness place against north korea and u.n. visit follows warning from president trump during an interview with routers. >> well, there is, there is a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with north korea.
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absolutely. >> but north korea remains defiant, this morning, state run television aired video of this weeks massive live fire exercise, leader kim jong un and his officers are seeing cheering. foreign ministers from chine, japan, south korea and britain attended u.n. meeting a sign of how serious other nations are taking the north korea standoff in light of the glowing threat the time has come for all of to us put new pressure on north korea to abandon this dangerous path. >> reporter: china is north koreaes biggest trading partner. the foreign minister said a peaceful settlement between u.s. and north cover reace the only viable choice, he says beijing supports full implementation of the u.n. resolutions on north korea but did not comment on whether china will impose its own on its alley. at u.n. alex ortiz for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". president trump plans to celebrate his 100th day in office back in our area, president will hold a rally tomorrow night at pennsylvania farm show complex in
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harrisburg. meantime the house and senate voted this morning to approve a short term spending bill, that would avoid a government shut down at midnight this will give negotiators until next friday to resolve differences, over a 1 trillion-dollar budget bill. the temporary measure is heading to president trump's desk for his signature. overseas, pope francis arrived in egypt for a historic two day visit promoting unity among christians and muslims. the pontiff hopes to spread message of peace in the country ravage bias lamb i can extremist attacks. the most recent were palm sunday day church attacks that killed 75 people. the pope is meeting with leaders to day and will hold catholic mass tomorrow. it happened in a instant, coming up on "eyewitness news" dash cam video captures moment a huge tree comes crashing down on a busy highway landing right on top of that car that is what officials say cause that had tree to collapse. another commercial is going viral, it is called anti kendall jenner pepsi ad, latest beverage manufacture
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tours enter politics and why it is getting positive reviews , stay with us.
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well, almost no time to react is the dash cam video that captured split second it took for a tree to fall on the busy highway in washington state. tree crushed that ready to yet a you saw there seriously injuring woman inside. tree missed most of the other cars, traveling on that stretch of highway. officials say high wind brought the tree down but they
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also believe that the tree may have been weakened by disease. a controversial netflix series has school districts across the country warning parents about the risk of teen suicide. >> educators sending letters home about the new show 13 reasons why, show tackles not only teen suicide but sexual assault and under age drinking , and it is causing some concerns among school districts, nationwide. school psychologist in maryland helped write a letter to parents, warning adolescence watching without an adult could be at risk of self harm. >> watching a suicide or knowing someone who has, died by suicide, can lead others to completing a suicide themselves. >> netflix has responded to concerns, saying that the series has a tv ma rating for mature audiences, show producers wanted to make an impact and hope it serve as a catalyst for conversation. it is based on a best selling novel and debuted in march. kendall jenner pepsi ad pulled from the air from scrutinized for having a
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skewed message but now many people saying a new advertisement is getting it right. >> world apart ad is billed as a expert to see if two strangers with opposing view can prove is there more that unites us then divides us. jan carabao explains. >> reporter: in heinikin's new ad pairs of the stranger meet in the warehouse. >> i don't believe in climate change. >> reporter: unaware they hold opposing political views. >> we are taking enough action , on climate change. >> at least, start to look at the progress. >> reporter: with no where to sit, they start by building chairs. >> i've got your instructions here. >> reporter: then they answer questions about themselves. >> describe what it is like to be you. >> am bic us, offensive. >> miss understood. >> attacked. >> only after another project. >> yes. >> do they learn about their differences. >> transgender, it is very odd >> i am transgender. >> in contrast, pepsi's widely
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ridiculed commercial where beverage offered a quick fix to deeply routed tensions, heinikin's four minute video has been embraced on line, so wonderful, please watch, tweet ed jane lynch. matthew cherry called it a early contender for commercial of the year. heinikin ad end with the choice, leave or share a drink with your political opposite. >> well, i'm having a drink. >> reporter: all three pairs crackled open a beer. >> where everything is black and white but life isn't black and white. >> reporter: jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> interesting. >> as part of the project heinikin is partnering with the human library not for profit organization, that used conversation to challenge stereotypes. >> this is first, magic postage stamp. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" see what happens with this stamp when you touch it, katie. >> i will say i'm geeking out, stay tune for it, looking ahead, we are approaching, record territory, on, saturday , and a very
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substantial cool down comes sunday so we will call these weekend half and halfers, but we also have wet weather to track along the way and we will do that, track that wet weather, opportunity for you here on the other side in your full
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well, what was that you were just doing. >> just miles from center city philadelphia engineers are creating future of aviation. >> "eyewitness news" got a tour of where it is all happening. we took a trip to leonardo helicopter in northeast philadelphia where engineers are building the first commercial tilt rotor in the world. the half airplane, half helicopter soon will be available for transport and private flights, it flies twice as fast as helicopter and climbs to the height of the plane. >> that is a new whole revolution abe you are not stopping in an airport,
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waiting to take off, you are up in the air, you are flying and then back down again. >> coming up tonight, at 11:00 " reporter david spunt will take you behind the scenes and also let us know when to expect to see this machine taking office tonight at 11:00. dozens of people came out to plant trees in camden, new jersey to celebrate arbor day to day. >> this morning follow action arrived to dig and plant alongside camden day nursery school, getting little won involved group planted six trees that they say absorb storm water run off and reduce sewer overflows in that area. >> that was the cutest thing i have ever seen. >> i was going to say she had a better green thumb then you and i. >> cute little shovel. so cute. >> i mentioned earlier i was thinking of my summer play list, what would you put on yours, top of the charts, what would you think. >> i can't... >> country. >> i don't know. >> i love my country. >> so that is what i listen to when i went out for a coffee
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run today. it is so nice. you have to just like embrace this. little bob marley, will smith. >> hey. >> i just flipped, won that came to mind are on my facebook page. i'm asking people to add to it now is the time. we used to burn cd take them to the shore, play them on your boom box. the kid that are in the studio right now, watching the broadcast they are like what the heck is a boom box. >> yes. >> all right, lets go outside and i will show you first and foremost stats, and let's talk stats. where do we normally top off? today we are only flirting with 70 degrees. we're head above that, guys. seventy-seven is average high a month from now and then by june 28th average high 86. we are exceeding may expectations, a good portion of the june expectations, today and we will top off around 84 degrees or so. we will see how we will do. that is what we are keeping it now at the moment at the airport. we have that frontal boundary a moment ago and that has
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cleared out of here, we are in the middle of nice high pressure for the time being to keep things nice and clear. off to the west that is snow falling in nebraska, it could absolutely happen this time of the year but this next storm will work its way through for us. let me walk you through future weather, we will get up until that first beginning of the second round of the draft picks at 7:00 p.m. without any hitch, nice, mild, generally clear, late tonight, perhaps some spots to the north end up with the shower but any wet weather or stormy weather will hold off until early tomorrow morning this could be locally heavy. timing is on our side here since we have another day of penn relays and drafting on. generally you can expect sunshine but tomorrow it it is down right hot. very, very warm. you have to take care if you are outside tonight. perhaps another rumble of thunder or shower moves in that evening and then gannon sunday. it is just an active pattern but in day is a wash out by any stretch. lets look at temperature change in the last 24 hours this same time yesterday, you are a heck of a lot cooler at the shore, now you are well
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into the upper 70's at lee or cracking 80 plus degrees at the shore, so it is very mild, every where at this point, and a lot of folks singing on the way to cape may for a long weekend here. eighty-two is your current temperature at ac international anyway, 80 as we mentioned in philadelphia. wind is modest but when it blows, it actually feels refreshing which is interesting. it is turning more southeasterly. but it will begin to feel muggy as the day progresses. looking outside kutztown area middle school we have kid playing soccer. this just looks like you want to get out there and kick the ball around, right. not even a cloud in the sky. 74 degrees in kutztown. meanwhile, my predictions were accurate, i'm not shocked to see this whole beach really lined now with dozens and dozens of folks. people up and down boardwalk as well with barely a cloud out there. what a beautiful afternoon. now, with the good has to come bad and that is a lot of times on these days, comes in the
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form of some poor health quality. air quality that is moderate today so higher pollution levels, and higher pollen levels, specific to tree pollen, uv index, of course, you barely have cloud, very high. april sun angle you cannot than estimate it. heat index you have to start using caution with that. stay hydrated especially tomorrow, and then also make sure thaw wear, sun block that is key, and i will be a pest about that all summer long. very summer-like saturday w that said 87 is our high. we might exceed that but record to hit is 90. so we will see how we do, and very quickly checking out that seven day all over the place, guys. we will go from the upper 80's to the 60's in one swoop, and then back to the 80's, then back to the 60's. you will to have pay close attention to figure out what day it is, basically. >> weather whiplash. >> i love that phrase. >> eighty-seven, all morning and i still cannot believe it. >> wait until you feel it tomorrow. >> wow. >> sun block, sunnies not your friend. >> indeed. >> especially for you. >> yeah.
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>> pastie. >> this is no ordinary one touch and transforms this new forever stamp by u.s. postal service celebrates this summer 's solar eclipse. special ink transforms image of the total solar eclipse and changes in the full moon, solar eclipse will make its way across u.s. august 21st, stamp goes on sale june 20th. >> like a mood ring. >> i love it. >> they have nail polish like that too. >> they do they change it. >> give you a pedicure. >> no thanks. >> here we go again, coming up , what happens when a baby ended up on a stage, during last night's nfl draft. >> very cute. >> we
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come up on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 crawling toward better health, exercise craze doesn't just work your muscles , some say it can reset your body, what that means today at 5:00. lots of video there. take your child to work yesterday. >> that is what, broncos draft pick garrett bowls did, bowls was pick in the 20th round, he is tackle from utah, he carried his infant son kings ton out on stage and draped his brand new jersey on his son. >> how adorable is that. >> he is an attentive dad but known as one of the most athletic, explosive offensive lineman in this years draft. >> good dad. >> that is "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. for katie and all of here thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00.
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it's custom made so you know it's good quality. i'm just speechless because it's perfect.
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>> lily: what are you guys arguing about? what do you keep "bringing up"? >> juliet: no, it's nothing, lily, really. just, uh, a silly disagreement. >> lily: well, it sounded a little more intense than silly to me. what -- what's going on? >> cane: we were just discussing -- >> juliet: okay, just stop. let me handle this. we need to be straight with lily. >> victoria: if something's going on at brash & sassy, i need to know about it. >> billy: okay, listen, you got enough on your plate, okay, taking care of your mother with her m.s. it's -- it's -- it's fine. i'll handle it. and listen, i jumped to conclusions assuming that it was victor pulling another stunt. if i would have known it was this private, this personal, i wouldn't have -- i wouldn't have pushed so much. >> victoria: thank you. i appreciate your concern. i-i really do. >> billy: oh, now you do.


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