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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  May 28, 2017 5:05am-6:00am EDT

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fold up ping-pong table. and the master bath with a canopy tub. and how about a drink in the cowboy bar? the bar stools are horse saddles. and there's no reason to go to the movies when your theater has lounge chairs like these. the pool and hot tub are in front of a lake and there is even a sandy beach volleyball court. across the country in the hills above 10,000 plus square feet. six bedrooms and six baths and nine fireplaces. all can be yours for $45 million. >> i love to buy houses and sell houses. when i order a drink i like it to be on the house. >> ellen does love flipping
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houses in 2012 she sold this mansion to ryan seacrest. >> i told him it was the fountain of youth. >> a year later, ellen bought the santa barbara place she is now selling autoing two adjacent properties pushing it to 16 acres. the landscaping includes fountains, sculptures, and a guest house. inside there are exposed beams everywhere, a formal dining room, a modern kitchen with marble wrapped surfaces. ellen said if tv didn't work out she would design houses. >> i have a passion for design and furniture. the seats you're sitting in, my idea. >> i think they need 5,000 more square feet so they -- >> it seems constricting. >> a little tight. >> ellen, we all know is doing well for herself. last month she made emmy history
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and won a tenth award. bethenny frankel had a stint adds a talk show host but she is going to be on shark tank this fall. and we checked out the fruits of her labor at her mansion. >> we are here at the house that skinny girl built. it even has a red door, of course. >> and the sprawling home, red is the color of success. five bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths across 4,000 square feet. >> i am happy here. i'm more suburban than city. i think new york is where i work and here is where i live. >> she paid $2 million for the home. it's cozy and very pink thanks to her 7-year-old daughter's bedroom and this millionaire housewife is crafty. >> this is all her original
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clothes. so this was one of her first pairs of pajamas and first baby blankets. one of her first t-shirts, isoed them into a quilt. being trfrugal is her style. >> nothing is not a bargain item in the house. >> the backyard complete with a pool and a bar. >> this is the yes bar. >> stocked with sinny girl of course. >> christina aguilera has partied until 5:00 in the morning here. i'm had jamie foxx's posse dancing here. >> what wasn't a party? last season's real housewives reunion special. >> the reunion was not fun. >> i believe it. i do. but the thing is we're saying things -- >> you know what the "f", if i own it. >> despite that drama she is
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back on the show as is ramona and luanne. both live less than ten miles away from bethenny. >> nervous. meeting the countess. >> welcome, hi, "e.t." come in. >> lu ann dropped $3 million on this home three years ago when she was single. the property is now a home for two. >> every time tom and i wake up in the morning it's a beautiful view and this is the reason i renovated the house. >> have you seen the ring? >> for a second it seemed like her then fiance wasn't going to be her mr. right. >> bethenny sent me the picture, tom. you have no recollection. you were so wasted you don't remember? >> their happy ever after was put in jeopardy. >> what was it like having that play out on camera? >> it was awful. it's tough enough in private. >> she was giving you a kiss?
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you were making out for an hour. >> lu ann is in love with being in love. >> it was a tough moment for me. tom and i love each other and i'm not going to let a silly kiss ruin the rest of our lives. >> ramona got to keep the 1.4 acre estate with six bedrooms, six baths, a swimming pool and a tennis court. >> you could get a pretty penny for this house. >> my daughter wants the house. >> no drama under this roof but taking sides. >> i think bethenny was in a hard position. i think it was right she told lu ann. >> don't do this to me. >> and we have more to handle. >> welcome to my home. >> inside a new york housewives's home with an elevate earn wait until you see the expensive stuff in there. >> i have shoes that are from
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hi, i'm kim ka terrel and this is my home in 90 seconds. >> when i bought my home there was no entrance way. so we pushed this wall way back. >> think luxury and glamour in this 60-year-old manhattan pad. this is my living room. >> must be hard keeping all that white furniture clean. kim's home tour is for architectural digest. >> i do love to cook. this is my office.
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also known as the monkey room. >> kim is starring on the netflix series sensitive skin but it's we are hoping for another sex in the city movie. >> and the sooner the better. i can hear the decadence calling. >> a comeback could be possible but in the meantime just an invite to hang out in the apartment. >> this is my fabulous bedroom. we decided to go for shades of pink. it's my sanctuary with an added attraction. >> and meanwhile across town we got inside the home of another housewife, sonya morgan giving us a tour of her unbelievable pad in the middle of manhattan. >> welcome to my home. >> a 4500 square foot house with five bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms. >> what i like is all the outdoor space. >> she kept the townhouse in her
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divorce from her ex. the home is worth $8 million. >> everyone likes to see the elevator. i'm going to call it. >> sonya is a friend who always knows where the party is. and the party, well, it is usually at her place. >> this gets the most action. i have board meetings here, fashion meetings, have friends over, cocktail parties. >> if the walls could talk. >> draped in classic french decor, the dining room leads into the kitchen. >> i have great moves. >> on the third floor or master suite. >> did i lock those closets? >> her teenaged daughter holds down the fourth floor. if you are a guest, it's a five-star service with the fifth floor to yourself. >> you can take the elevator straight up. >> what is the most lavish item in the home? >> i have shoes that are anywhere from $10,000 to
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$12,000. i have shawls on the show i put down for a second on the bar and housewife comes over and puts their purse on top of it. >> one real housewife doesn't have a home in new york. >> she is a widow. >> she spent her bucks on a country home in the berkshires. >> welcome to blue stone manor. >> it has nine bedrooms and i say it's about 11,000 square feet. >> spread across 18 green acres. the massachusetts country home has been her sanctuary. >> is this an interrogation? >> i want to light my house on fire right now. >> her sanctuary when the rest of the housewives aren't visiting. >> i made it nice and decorated.
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>> they're here. we have our thing. we have our drama, they leave and i let the energy leave with them and i do saging afterwards. >> from billiards to her bedroom. >> when we film up here, the producers find me laying in bed watching tv. >> to the guest room, this real housewife of new york found her paradise but last year in the reunion show it was paradise lost. >> everybody knows you are -- >> i don't do drugs. >> everybody knows. >> how do i do all these drugs? i'm home every night. >> i think it's hilarious. sonya is trying to be relevant. >> but bethenny made these comments and sonya had to run with something. what does she have? i mean, consider the source. >> bethenny hurt my feelings. >> listen -- >> it was a toxic reunion.
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i have been laying in bed thinking how can you go back in the fall and all sit together and have any kind of friendship for anything because horrible things were said about persons based on nothing. based on no facts if you want to say it throw it out there. and i never saw the housewives go to that level. i think that people are really damaged. >> you have seen the girls on the east coast but what about on the west? >> coming up for the downsized home of camille grammar, $75,000 bathroom remodel. >> this house is around 6,000 square feet. and lisa vanderpump's $12 million beverly hills pad that's gone to the dogs. but nothing like this closet. jewelry, clothes, shoes for
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welcome back, everyone on this memorial day weekend to our
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celebrity homes special. you have seen where the new york housewives live but what about the other coast? >> kelsey grammer's exis a beverly hills housewife who has moved on and moved into a new malibu pad. >> being here just is a new beginning and new chapter for me and the kids love this house. >> camille calls her $3.2 million malibu mansion a steal. >> the square footage of this house is around 6,000 square feet. >> the new digs replace the home she lived in for a decade with kelsey grammer. their divorce in 2011 was anything but amicable? >> how is your relationship? >> there isn't any. >> my daughter is in therapy to empower herself. >> their children gave input on
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the home renovation which added up to more than $300,000. >> my kids wanted a pool and a jacuzzi. this is my small bocce ball court right here. this is a picnic area. trampoline movement kids had to have a trampoline. i did that. i need to have a garden. >> the inside of the home is filled with contemporary touches. >> here's my new bedroom with my new floors and my new bed. >> and expensive art. >> how much? >> around $50000 and above. >> another jaw dropping price tag? this $75,000 bathroom renovation. >> so this is a retreat of a bathroom. >> look at the size of the shower. >> i went for double sink. >> do you picture someone else being at one of these sinks one
5:23 am
day? >> one day. >> while she waits for prince charming. camille is enjoying all this. >> that house. >> and get this, before moving in, camille had two estate sales which netted her more than $40,000 and i loved that she donated a large portion of that for the foundation for women's cancer. >> a lot of good work too. >> let's get to lisa vanderpump and kyle richards. let's start with lisa's $12 million beverly hills mansion that's gone to the dogs. >> thank you for inviting us into the spectacular, gorgeous home. >> you're welcome. >> lisa gave me a tour of her home. >> can you name them all? >> lollipop, frumpy, avery,
5:24 am
chicky and harrison. >> can i get a cuddle? >> i almost wore this today. we would have had the same outfit. >> the oasis includes an infiniti pool. >> lisa lives a few miles from kyle richards. >> the couple finished a $1.5 million renovation on their 7,000 square foot bel-air home. >> this is my dream home. it's a little big. it looks cozy but it's seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms. >> she and her husband gave us the grand tour. >> i'm proud of all my models. it's important to me. >> one of their biggest renovations, moving the gym down stairs to make a dressing room for kyle. >> this is my closet. i try to keep it organized and color coordinated. >> how about that dressing room? >> and that house? >> this whole show is impressive. >> but there is one housewives's
5:25 am
star who may have one upped her. i'm talking about heather dubrow. her place went through serious construction. it's finished now. but the only room she allows people to see is her closet. >> it looks more like a department store. >> and we got an exclusive tour. >> this is one of those rooms where if something special caught my eye and i needed to have it, i did not say no. >> from the carpet to the chandeliers, the mom of four spared no expense. >> this is my girl cave. it's the place where i put two chairs so we can hang out. >> drink. >> there's a champagne doorbell. >> a bubbly on demand. >> i like everything behind glass because it doesn't get dusty. i hate having dust on the hanger. >> everything is protected. >> everything includes at least
5:26 am
60 designer scarves. 50 pairs of jeans, 150 pairs of shoes and 150 thhandbags. >> these this is handbag lane. >> how much and where is it from? >> $28. >> bargain. >> and this is a little leather chanel jacket. >> how long have you had it? >> 15 years. >> what is the oldest piece in here? >> me. >> this is where you keep your glittery things. >> i had to measure all of my things and make sure that everyone had a compartment that would fit. there is a key pad to the island with two codes. >> and with so many expensive item it's no surprise she is big
5:27 am
on security. >> padlocks on both doors. literally no one can come in. >> no kids allowed? >> if you're invited in, you're invited in, and if you're not, you're not. >> up next, mila kunis's home makeover while pregnant? >> what do you think? >> and a property brothers home tour. >> drew and his fiance take us inside their mansion with a water slide, a game room and a basketball court. and tv's macgyver. we're with the 26-year-old. >> what kind of girl would you like for your son? >> closed captioning provided by --
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parents condo. >> it looks like miami vice in 1994. >> their star daughter wanted to get them a home makeover. they came to the u.s. when mila was a little girl. >> i grew up in a small town in the ukraine. and when i was 9 they moved into the condo where my parents live. >> i graduated high school in that condo and i got my first dog. >> and mila took part in the demolition while pregnant. >> if anyone is knock down that wall it's me. >> yes! >> i'm dragging my husband along to do the heavy lifting. >> whoa. >> mila was just 14 and ashton 20 when we met them on that '70s show. they have been married two years and have two children. and you probably saw mila's mom in the closing credits of bad moms. >> sometimes you have to make people happy to lie a little
5:32 am
bit. >> what do you you think? >> do you like it? >> yes, i do. >> check out the web series my house to see more. >> the property brothers, one of them, drew scott, is headed for married life. >> i joined drew and his fiance with the home they share with drew's twin, jonathan. >> this is more than a house. >> this is a commercial grade water slide. the jets we have are bigger than commercial parks. >> that water slide is one of drew scott's crazy outdoor extras. there's also this open air theater. >> it's a 15-foot outdoor movie screen. >> popcorn optional. >> swim up bar. >> this is so nice. >> a hot tub here. >> you need a drink? >> look at this? >> beer on tap. >> and the biggest grill over
5:33 am
here. i can lay down in it. >> and backyard basketball court. >> yeah! >> the inside is a slam dunk as well. the twins spent $2 million renovating 5400 square foot home with a little help from linda. she is the creative director for brothers and helped with the design. >> tell me about this space and why it is important. >> this is our courtyard. >> and it comes in handy because drew's brother jonathan lives here. >> we like game nights. >> how high are the ceilings? >> 28 feet ceilings. this chandelier we custom designed that. >> they shoot about 60 episodes a year. when they're not on the road there is a lot of space to relax in the game room. >> you tell me how horrible this is. >> i'm staying here homing we
5:34 am
don't have to do a cam can around the game of pool. >> michelle can't either. that's okay. this guy, lucas hill he is gearing up for season two of macgyver. it is tough to fill richard dean anderson's shoes but he gets it done. and brooke anderson got to talk to him. >> i get to come home and bring my mom here. >> you are sweet to your mom? >> correct. >> i love that. >> important to say that in front of the camera too. >> home here is marietta, georgia. >> this is my mom and little brother. >> brother nick is seven years younger. also there, lucas's manager tom and his high school friend justin. speaking of high school, earlier in the day, lucas visited his alma mater just a few miles away and took us along.
5:35 am
>> this is embarrassing. there we go. the principal's office. spent time in there. we're going a down to the german room. >> this is justin. in high school they were german students together. [ speaking foreign language ]. >> that was a loser. look at that loser right there. >> were you the smooth talker? the confident guy? >> no. not at all. even if i wanted attention from girls i wasn't getting it. >> dropping by the original german futurer. >> [ speaking foreign language ]. >> that first year i remember you got a student who is in a johnny cash movie. >> lucas played john can cash's brother jack in walk the line. >> when did you know you wanted to be an actor? >> i think i was 10. i didn't have anything to do. i didn't play sports. >> wow. >> my students, it's weird they all know every time his name
5:36 am
comes up they know him. he was hannah montana's boyfriend in the movie. >> you went to the prom -- >> i did not go to prom. >> where lucas did go back in the day? video production class. >> and this was the best room to play video games because coach couldn't see you. >> and now he is starring as angus macgyver he is too cool for school. >> what is the biggest perk of having him as a brother? let's hear it? >> to tell girls. >> and while he didn't get the girl in high school, mom dana still has hope. >> what kind of girl would you like for your son? >> one that makes him happy. >> solid answer. you hear that? >> i have really enjoyed this. >> thanks for coming out. >> on the way -- >> can you believe we met on a tv show? >> the only bachelor to marry the woman he picked.
5:37 am
we're at home with them and their baby. >> as new mom, as a wife, you just need someone to say i'll do it. >> then -- >> aren't babies fun?
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and only $5 more per month for the second year. get fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo for 1 year and multi-room dvr service for 2 years. all with a 2-year agreement. switch now at welcome back, everybody, to our memorial day weekend special going inside celebrity homes. if you are a fan of the bachelor
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franchise you remember emily maynard. her story tugged at our hearts because of a tragedy that struck when she was 18 years old. she has been able to find love and happiness once again. three years ago, emily got married and in september gave birth to baby number three. >> the third has been the hardest adjustment, i'd say they are 14 months apart. consecutive ten steps in the hospital. like right after i had gibson, the day i went to the hospital he likes starts walk. i'm like, no. i'm not ready. >> life after the bachelorette is a handful with her 11-year-old, ricky, 22 months old and 8-month-old. >> can you give him a kiss? >> it's more of a headbutt.
5:41 am
i worry about gibson around jennings. >> spending time inside the nursy it seems the 31-year-old has found her happiness after heart break. emily's fiance died in a plane crash and a month later she found out she was pregnant with their child. now, her forever love is tyler johnson who is a hot guy from church. >> tyler wants to have two more. he comes from a big family. i think if there is a next one, we'll space it out a little bit better. >> this bachelor husband and wife are getting used to their new role as parents. >> we visited their dallas home to find out the secret to their success. >> does it blow your mind thinking about the fact that you
5:42 am
guys did meet on the bachelor? >> at least once a week i'll say can you believe we met on a tv show? we live such a normal life. >> are you kidding me? it's like online shopping to me. because i saw him on tv and i was like i want him and i got him. >> how many hours of actually quality time did you say you spent together on the bachelor? >> like 70 hours, maybe. >> i would have said a lot less. >> three dates. >> after not even three days together, sean proposals on the finale. they have been married three years. last july they welcomed son, samuel. >> i think part of our success comes from the fact that we're not the typical bachelor couple. we don't do the reunions. that's just not us. >> but adjusting to life after the bachelor wasn't easy. one of their toughest times was
5:43 am
when sean was filming "dancing with the stars." my fiance was on her own which is unfair to her. >> the promise that he made was i will tell you i love you every day. and he has. and not only has he told me but shown me. if i say can you change the diaper? he never said no to me, once. and as a new mom and as a wife you just need someone to say i'll do it. >> the couple says they would like to have more kids, five to be exact. and want to adopt. in the meantime they are busy designing a line of furniture called home by sean and katherine lowe. >> how do you describe it? >> slozy which is sleek and cozy. >> there is a one of a kind piece that is not for sale.
5:44 am
>> we have the final rose that's framed. we don't want to shy away from the fact that we got engaged and fell in love on the bachelor. that's the only red rose i allow in the house. >> smart girl. she has had her fill of roses. kevin costner's house for sale is a modest two bedroom cottage. why is it going for $60 million? whatever happened to punky brewster? we are at home with the '80s tv star today with her kids following in her mother's footsteps. >> what do you want to be when you grow up? >> punky brewster. and inside a new kid on the block's house with his family. >> it's going to knock your socks off. >> that is ahead. >> first this weekend in the it's your glass of willpower that helps keep cravings...
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5:48 am
you have a garden and the ocean. live like a king. >> it's kevin's field of dreams on the pacific ocean with 360 degree views of water and mountain about 80 miles north of los angeles. in the late afternoon the dolphins come to play. >> they come up close? >> very, very close. like i say they will put on a show for free sometimes. >> kevin's three kids with wife christine, ages 6, 8, and 10 have plenty of room to roam. >> if you are here today there will be 60 people over there playing soccer. >> christine has a special place, mommy's garden. >> i built this for her and ran out of paint. >> i thought it was for effect. >> i had too big of a brush. >> for kevin's asking price of $60 million you have horse trails down to the beach and an ocean front 500 feet long.
5:49 am
the house was built in 1942 with just two bedrooms and two baths. >> that's the size of the house i grew up with. >> you have oprah, jeff bridges and drew barrymore with places nearby. >> and if you think it can't get better, there's a nude beach around the corner. >> shut up. >> i tried to get a peek but i had to go. >> that is not kevin's only house. he also has a spread in aspen and another one just outside of hollywood that is also on the market. now here is another celebrity house i got to explore, new kid on the block, joey mcintire. >> what are you wearing? >> that's a good yes. >> we exaggerate here and there. everywhere, actually. >> shot in his own l.a. house with his real wife and three
5:50 am
kids, looks like a reality show. but return of the mack is a -- >> we are in our kitchen. but this isn't the biggest budget in hollywood. so we -- lucky enough to have a pretty house. >> you do. >> we don't mind showing it off a little bit. >> january jones. >> mcintire? i have been a huge fan for so long. the dols, the pillows, the sheets. i slept with you every night. >> awesome. >> there are writers and a script and two other joeys. but barrett is not an actor. >> he said he got home with a stripper. >> did you think she's not going to go for this? >> i'm kind of gamer. >> but you're not -- >> this is not my think. >> she's a rookie but she's amazing. >> have you learned anything about your kids that you didn't know? >> well -- >> they are hitting their marks
5:51 am
like crazy. but when actors, you got to come into the scene and go to the right place they're doing really good at that. >> aren't you cute? you have a mom? >> yeah. >> you do. >> all right. it's nice to meet you. >> at first it was like do we want the family in? in the end we said yes and it's been worth it. ♪ >> now 44, joey has been in the spotlight since he was a teenager as the youngest member of new kids on the block. >> i'm not the sex symbol of the group. >> why not? >> maybe to some girls out there. >> he still performs with the group that just started a new tour. >> i like that family. now the tour is going on right now with boys to men and they will be here in hollywood on friday. and this flash back. soleil moon frye as punky
5:52 am
brewster. but her life is different today. being a mom is her biggest priority now and she is outnumbered. >> this is my mini me. what do you want to be when you grow up? >> punky brewster. >> and it makes total sense when your mom is the punky brewster. >> soleil was 8 years old when we met her in 1984. she is all grown up now and mom has four kids of her own. >> are the kids watching the old episodes. >> it was embarrassing because my 2-year-old started calling me punky everywhere i went. >> married to tv producer jason goldberg, soleil is a full-time moon today but she is taking on the renovation of the family's 4,000 square foot home and gave me a tour. >> john malkovich owned this
5:53 am
home? >> yes, and he imported pieces from morocco. >> got that spanish feel. >> yeah. >> what are we doing next? >> i'm going to show you the kitchen that is a huge labor of love and taken me many, many months and years to work on. >> that's not the only transformation in her life. after the birth of baby number four she dropped 40 pounds. check out the nutrisystem spokesperson now. >> every time you have another child it gets a little harder. >> you know i had to ask, would she be okay with a reboot? >> jagger is my little punky. and every day she asks when they can bring the show back so she can do it. >> soleil says she is in development for a new show but not able to talk about it yet.
5:54 am
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travel consideration provided by -- all right. we got lots of stars with
5:57 am
birthdays this weekend. elizabeth hasselbeck. now it's time to take a look at your choices which british actress didn't learn to drive until she was 23? that is kerry mulligan who is turning 32 this weekend. monday on "e.t." what can cam do? we put cam to the test. that's monday. and we are almost out of time this weekend. but for all the late-breaking hollywood news go to our website, >> before we head out check out this music video. >> the former glee star is in a pop band with his brother. there is their hit off the lost boys life. the video is funny and an '80s flash back. >> big hair, crimped hair all that good stuff. enjoy, everybody and the rest of
5:58 am
your holiday weekend. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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he had two successful careers one on the baseball mound and other on capitol hill and this morning we remember jim bunning and why he meant so much to philadelphia. ♪ >> america's shows its try colors as it honors the fallen this memorial weekend. as most of you get an extra day off and probably spend it at the shore today looks good but what about tomorrow? today is sunday, may 28th, good morning, i'm jan carabao. lets get over to meteorologist matt peterson with the eyewitness weather forecast. good sunday morning, matt. how much sun will we see today good morning, yes, we will see


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