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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 5, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. here's what up need to start your day in the morning minute for monday june 5th. >> i'll just lock the doors. >> on edge, a prisoner escapes. >> doesn't happen too much in feasterville. seeing a big bear. >> the talk of the town, a black bear roaming around feasterville takes refuge up in a tree. >> my husband goes hunting all the time, and never sees a bear. he had to come to his own neighborhood to see one. >> today is the day. the sexual assault trial for comedian bill cosby begins today in montgomery county. for all of the build up leading up to this, this trial only expected to last about two weeks. >> isis claiming responsibility for saturday's deadly attack in london. >> i can tell you one thing, there are is for all a. >> seven kills, 48 others injured including a american. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ariana grande returns to manchester with some famous friends. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> and some 50,000 people attend that benefit concert. >> whats ariana grande's first performance since the bombing less than two weeks ago. let's sends it out to katie. beautiful weekend, i have to say, the roots festival yesterday, yesterday, saturday. >> days fly by, yes. but you know what, we did overall end up with not just nice weather but quiet weather. those clouds certainly did start to build in through the course of the afternoon, in many locations, ended up being dry through the better part of the day. that will was helpful. now the unsettled weather has made return appearance, it will be with us for the next couple every days. no day is a wash out. but there are weather days than other, and today's one of the weather days, not right now, but mainly later on. now, we've already seen some heavier thunderstorms rumble through northern new jersey, have now since moved out to sea still clipping southern long island, gone for our
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area, looking overhead, dow see some clouds, certainly, but the sun's trying to peak through. that sun, at the time of the year coming up at its earliest, either 5:32, then the next few days, 5:31, actually starts to climb over the horizon. i lover these long days. sixty-five your current temperature at the airport, definately cooler by comparison, and mount pocono, or even allentown, but still in the 70s this hour, from what millville down to wildwood and back to dover. now, throughout the course of the day, like i mention, lot of cloud certainly. but you will see some peaks of sun at least. showers, and some thunderstorms, are, how much, likely, specially into the second half of the day, and that's also when we could end up with heavier storms that said we do even have slight risk for or marginal risk, slimmer chance for severe weather, slim chance nonetheless through the mourn knows counties later this afternoonment of the rain could be heavy down the shore through delaware. so we track this, little more detail later in the broadcast, meantime, just know that it is another warm day, and with
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that said, also, muggy day. certainly feels humid out here right now shall meisha. >> already early too. all right, katie, thank you so muchment looking outside right now speaking of the kind of weather how it will play into our driving conditions today, actually looking pretty good in most of the camera shots, right now ben franklin bridge gorgeous shot, looking good pushing in the westbound direction. it is starting to heat up little bit now. now 5:30, monday morning, we can expect that, kind of what we're seeing little bit. but still traveling at posted speeds, 42 freeway northbound at creek road, just headed out there in jersey, this is what you are looking at. some of the your neighbors out there, still traveling at posted speeds, but one of the that's will start to really kick up as we approach the 6:00 hour. also, 422, route 23, tail light moving in the eastbound direction. and we do have some construction on bridge repairs right here speaking of 422 westbound between route 23 and trooper the right lane compromised between 9:00 a.m., 2:30 p.m. then 422 eastbound the off ramp to route 23, closed, between ten a.m. and 1:00 p.m. we will be talking more about this coming up in the next ten minutes or so.
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rahel, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. we have breaking news right now, all central bucks schools are closed today as police hunt for escaped prisoner. all this while shelter in place order remains in that area. the warning affect part of warrington, doylestown, chalfont. authorities are searching for daniel sellby escaped yesterday while being transported. this is k9's and helicopters seem to be focused around this home easton and furlong roads in doylestown. they're out there right now, police say sellby in custody what they call low level fail tour appear in court. much more on this throughout the show this morning. also, bucks county, black bear who found himself stuck in a tree in feasterville, finally made it down, but no one knows where he went. this is near the intersection every street road, bustleton avenue. yesterday authorities shot the bear with two tranqilizer darts but still were not able to capture t. >> now, that bear was first spotted earlier in the day wandering around nearby residential area. eyewitness video shows him opening a gate, and running, into someone's yard. well, comedian bill cosby will be headed to the
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montgomery county courthouse today, as his sexual assault trial get underway. cosby will face a jury chosen last week from allegany county. seven men, five women, were picked, to determine his fate. meanwhile, two women will testify against him. including andrea constand, the temple employee, who accused cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting her 13 years ago. illegal analyst weighed in on the case. >> the ultimate question, or an ultimate question is, is she a credible witness? bill cosby's lawyers are central figures during the course of this trial. and, you know, their argument of course will be that her testimony is not credible, she should not be believed. and they're going have variety of different tools that they can be expected to use in order to try to make that point. >> now, cosby's criminal trial is expected to last two weeks. philadelphia city councilman david oh is recovering. meanwhile the man accused of stabbing him has been arraigned on multiple charges, including, attempted murder. this 24 year old shawn yarbray, he turned himself into authorities saturday,
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three days after allegedly attacking oh outside of his southwest philadelphia home. yarbray allegedly stabbed the councilman in the left side and then fled the scene. his bail was set at $750,000. time now 5:36. in business news this morning, more record highs on wall street. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, with the details, plus, word of a new perk for some workers. that's always good. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, jim, rahel. futures right now pointing to bit of lower open. the markets, though, at record high levels today. the dow rose 62 points friday. the nasdaq jumped 59. job growth did slow down a bit in may. the unemployment rate kicks downed, lowest lefter since 2001. shows the us nearing full employment, which means most people who want a job can find one. apple's world-wide developer conference kicks off today in san jose, california. this year, analysts expect new ipads, mack laptops, appear to
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peer payment service, better con people with send mow, smash cart, smart speak their runs on sewer toy compete with amazon, echo, google homes. >> and employers newest perk a way to perk up workers. more companies are creating their own coffee shops in house. so the wall street journal reports coffee drinkers spends about 62 hours a year buying coffee, away from the office. now, offices are bringing in their own barista, workers paid for the drinks, but at much lower cost than a trip to starbucks. but isn't the whole point leaving the office? jim, rahel? >> this is true but i wouldn't complain if we got that around here. we drink a lot of coffee on this shift. i'm sure you know. >> any perk i'm happen which. sends them my way. thanks, jill. pennsylvania state police are investigating multi vehicle crash on northbound i-95 that killed one person, it happened around 9:30 last night near tinicum township at exit nine. police say an accident between two cars on the southbound side forced an s.u.v. into the northbound lanes hitting a third car.
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at least five people were injured in addition it the victim who died. >> police are investigating a gruesome execution style double murder in the city's east mt. airy section. a man and woman were found shot to death in a car just before 5:00 yesterday afternoon. their car was park along the 1,000 block of east sydney street, investigators believe the shooter fired from the back seat of the car striking each victim in the back of the head. we spoke to the woman who was shaken after finding the body. >> i'm in the going -- i knocked on the window, they didn't respond. and then i called 911. >> i don't know what was going on, i don't know. >> police are trying to figure out what caused the gunman to open fire on the 23 and 21 year old victim. so far, no arrest haves been made. officials are asking anyone with information to give police a call. >> happening today, opening statements are expected in the trial after minnesota police offers here shot and killed a black driver, the moments after that shooting, streamed on facebook live. officer charged in the death
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of castile. the shooting happened last july, during a traffic stop. girlfriend live stream the aftermath of the shooting on facebook and charged with second agree manslaughter. >> jury selection begins today in the trial of a massachusetts woman, michelle carter, accused every sending text messages to her boyfriend, and encouraging him to kill had himself. eighteen year old found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning in 2014, found his pick-up truck, and the messages were protected by free speech. now, in one text prosecutors say carter told him quote the time is right and you are ready. you just need to do it. >> four air countries cut ties with gat after, by rain, egypt, saudi arab crashes the united arab emirates all taking diplomatic out of qatar, extremists like the muslim brotherhood, and it is not clear how these action also affect the large us military base in qatar.
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>> new york police department officer is in critical condition this morning, after authorities say he was hit and dragged by a teenager driving a stolen car. police say officer was dragged about two and a half blocks saturday night in brooklyn. authorities say the officer fired two shot, striking the 15 year old alleged driver in the face, there suspect is also in critical condition. dueling protests turn violent in portland whether demonstrators start clashing with police. >> this was the scene yesterday in downtown portland. police set off smoke and percussion grenades to get protesters under control. officers were ready as demonstrations for and against the trump administration took place. there are also f.b.i. agent, members of the department of homeland security. the supporters of the president called for free speech, while opponent demanded transparency from the white house. >> this group is very peaceful. just freedom loving americans. >> the message would be we know this is wrong. >> police say the violence began whether demonstrators
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who were counter protesting the pro trump rally started throwing glass bottles, in all, police made 14 arrests. >> up next, i'll tell you about the record setting weekend for wonder woman. >> find out how these thrill seekers were able to go zip lining from the eiffel tower. plus this: >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> katy perry one of several artist who turned out to support victims of the manchester terror attack, we'll have more hy lit from the one love manchester concert next. >> ♪
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now you can own america's tractor for just 99 dollars a month. learn more at your john deere dealer. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> manchester concert for the victims. >> ariana grande returned to the city to headline the one love manchester concert last night. the singer was joined by more than dozen other artists including justin bieber, katy perry and cold play. artists performed in front after crowd of 50,000 people. the concert raised $2.6 million in just three hours, and all every those proceeds will go to the victims and their families. and it has been big weaken for wonder woman director patty jenkins. the film shattered the box office with a 100 million-dollar north america debut. that makes the latest of
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warner brothers dc extended universe the biggest opening ever for a female director. wonder woman is also the first major superhero film to be led by a woman. congratulations there. >> tens every thousands of fans flocked to the pennsylvania convention center for wizard world comic con. the popular convene had something for everyone from superheros to comic books, even celebrity sitings. one attends ' says the convention allowed her to escape reality and be herself which has helped her through some times when she was bullied. >> i was an out cast really when i was growing up. and then all the sudden, you know, now more excepting, being a geek, being a nurds, celebrate that you can be open about it. >> how about this? replica of the delorian car from the movie back to the future also made appearance at the convention, the car has travel more than 700,000 miles, raising money for parkinson's research. >> have you ever been to one of those comic con's? >> no. >> i actually would like to go, not a big fan of that
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genre, really, just in general, but people are passionate about it. anand to see the whole thing, sit back and watch. >> i would watch it from just the street outside watching them go in. >> it is interesting, i saw in denver, same thing, not superhero comic book fan, but it is fast nature to go see them in one spot. they love it. if you want to see people intense, passionate. >> well, i'm surrounded by women err women each day. >> well done. >> i don't need to see superheros at the convention center well done, well done, jim. check each of the boxes, keep your ladies happy, and you'll be just fine, right? all right, guys, so we do have some unsettled weather, yes, are you -- >> oh, so sick of talking about it, but again, having the rain come through, on here and there basis, is a good thing, you don't have any drought. we do, i think, appreciate the really nice days whether we get them as a result.
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but here is a spot that may even end up with heavier thunderstorm, especially later tonight, this is bethlehem. further north you go, the more likely it is that you end up with heavier thunderstorms, will also be pockets of heavy rain, to the south of philly at some point today. we go through all of this in a second, but it is always worth a check with the eyewitness weather watchers to see how they're waking up this morning, anarthrous get a little bit of perspective. even though use that word unsettled a lot, but we're starting offer on relatively quiet note. lynn does have the little hint every sunday shine out there. and i love her perspective on this. yes, it is casino every muggy outside, yes, we do have wet weather on the way, but calling this a beautiful monday morning. enjoy what you have got when you have got it, right? so i love there is birds chirp, screams summertime right? going little further off to the north. 61 degrees, coming in from barbara up in the willow grove area. she has more of overcast sky at the moment. she just sent that in in the last couple every minutes. and very far north we go. keith had heavy thunderstorm role through, one of the folks sick of this, okay, this
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pattern has got to get out of here. we are ready for quiet weather for nice long stretch. but i can't promise. that will these are the cards woe get dealt right? eventually we get pay back, don't worry. it will take time though. for now, still have some showers, some storms, working their way east off shore primarily still more after massachusetts-long island issue. kind of in a break at the moment, but there is clearly a lot of unsettled weather to the south, that's going to be lifting back in, with time today. mainly a p.m. issue. once this gets going, even if you have even the slightest amount of sunshine it, will help get that instability underway. let's look at future weather, taking you all the way to 9:00 . notice few breaks in the clouds per this particular model. again see little sunshine. but not a heck of a lot of it. take a look. by 2:00 p.m. here comes some of the heavier rainy allude dollars to, through the southern counties, then toward night fall, some of these storms, that they're just far enough south, could really hit you hard here in the poconos, and the lehigh valley. so, you know, placement is certainly everything, there will be heavier storms around. now moving forward, very quick check on the seven day, we
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drop off on the thermometer for the next few days, still showers around, then begin to dry things out for the tail ends of the week. meisha? >> all right, katie, thank you so much for all of. that will looking outside to the commute. so far this morning, actually been pretty good as well. so vine at 95, kind of birdseye view for you. you can see we got some movement out there. overall everyone still traveling just as they should. same story here on the blue route. tail light moving in the northbound direction, this is before route one. looking good basically anywhere we look on the blue route. however, we do have an accident, morristown, route 38, near south lenola road. also disabling vehicle 295 since cleared. so looking okay there. reminder in the world of mass transit, because of this construction, cynwyd line shuttle bussing, newark line construction there between wilmington, claymont, until july 2nd. twenty minute delays inbound, out bound, bus service will be continuing on the weekend. just make sure to check the schedules on line by the way, speaking that far, traveling by flight today, no reports of concellations or delays at the
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airport. then we also have a demolition of an old ramp. southbound delaware avenue, southbound richmond street closed between nine a.m. and three p.m. and this is going to carry all the way through saturday and of course talkingp the next ten minutes. jim, rahel, back over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. organizers say a zip line i chao see how fast a tennis ball travels. >> part of the fest tifs it is for the french open right now. zip line has been strung from the second story of the eiffel tower, about 400 feet in the air. organizers say ride kearse travel more than six a miles per hour on the zip line, which is the average speed, somewhere around half the speed of a serve by serena williams. >> i would love. did you ever do this? >> i have not. >> i have done twice, once in cost teak rica, once in canada. it is fun, yes, yes. very athletic, katie, telling you. a taste of dubai in north philadelphia? still ahead, we will hear from the teen whose prom experience get this, cost $25,000.
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>> oh, yes. social media was a buzz this weekend, as gee to break, just remind earn, our 11th annual alex scott, she dreamed of the day when none every her friends would have to fight cancer, even though she battled her own fight, we are keeping her dream alive. join us this thursday. we will be right back.
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>> think back to your high school. how big was your prom party? a north philadelphia teenager probably h >> problem blame his party include add luxury car, a camel and food for an entirejusr station, "kyw news radio," reports, had a very special reason for the extravagance. >> a camel, two luxuryar three dates, and total of six custom-made outfits, along with food and fun for everyone who attended made his dubai theme pre-prom block party one fit for with $25,000 price tag, you might say it was fit for a silt on. >> at too much. i don't really like a lot of
5:55 am
attention, but it was epic, man, i had my family outal i cay out here. >> she said her son is graduate average and a stand out on the basketball team. she wanted to do something special to rewards him to pay he to my son, he is such a good kid. >> she said over the last few years she bought and beat cancer and suffered from a stroke. >> i was on my death bed couple of years ago. my son took it real hard. he believed in a llah so bad, his religion, he's muslim, i am not. that kept him strong. >> she said she wanted to use the party as a way to pay homage, a mover getting mixed reviews. >> people thinking i'm making a mock err i, no, honoring my son it, kept him strong for me. >> sawed ya said bringing dubai to north philadelphia was no easy faat a process years in the making. >> i don't have no money like they might think. i saved this mine. this is my bank. i had all of my one's, all of
5:56 am
my five's, i saved for my son's p.m. >> she originally was going to take him to dubai for his graduation, but by bringing dubai to north philadelphia he was able toakole neighborhood cy the experience. justin, "kyw news radio," for cbs-3 "eyewitness news." ip. i would have taken the >> hey, when it comes to travel, hum, party, trip? i go on the trip. >> speaking that far one of my sisters travels to die by all the time for work she said it is gorgeous there. she says it is phenominal. to each their own. >> that mom did that,. >> that's whatmethinld definitee value, that story sounds like i'm sore what i? then you hear why. >> right? the mother's heart. >> food for thought, right? >> i i agree. certainly making the rounds on social media. >> oh, it was. >> coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news," entire school district closed today, as police hunt for escaped prisoner no our area. the update next.
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>> also, it is new way to drink wine, out of a can. find out why the new packaging going main street just in time for summer. did like wine at one point in the 80s in a box. >> pat gallen goes back stage giving away two free tickets to see the show in philly. all do you have do is listen for the words of the day
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>> breaking news within the hour, all central bucks schools are closed due to escaped prisoner watch resident are advise today do while he's on the loose. and, it could be the most watched celebrity trial since o.j. simpson. bill cosby heads to court today facing sexual assault charges, live in norristown with a look at what we can expect. >> and a damp and dreary start to the work week. katie is tracking rain, as it returns to our area, and we can expect a big drop in temperatures. today is monday, june 5th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things, getting us out the door. >> good morning, welcome back. looking outside right now, just a lot of construction do, have accident out there. but i would say starting to heat up little bit right now. some areas, damp, still? >> a lot of the stuff came through overnight, so in a bill after lull right now. definitely reflected on storm scan3, few speckles of green,


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