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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 6, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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germantown man getting punched in the face by group of teenager. >> "eyewitness news" report's leash a nieves has been working on this all day and live with the latest from northwest detectives, alycia. >> reporter: well, ukee and jessica police confirmed man attacked in germantown does have a mental disability and was targeted by the teens. yesterday right around this time at 5:00 we were reporting in chester county about a man there being captured for similar attack against a man with the mental disability. people around hearsay there are two separate incident but two incidents that have been questioning what is going on? for the second time in less than a month a video surfaces of the man with the mental disability being attacked. this time on chelten street in germantown town. >> video vice disturbing this male was 38 years old. he was targeted because he was mentally challenge report report we have blurred man's face in the video and only identifying him as mark. what you cannot see is mark is smiling at the teens unaware of what they are about to do
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to him. >> oh, my god. then they are laughing. >> reporter: people from germantown struggled to watch the unedited video on facebook because these are minors we have also blurred their faces but the group of teens are laughing hysterically here, one is even clapping, as the man with the mental disability seems to think he is bee friending them but then gets blind zood by a punch. he tries to get away and another tina tacked him again. >> that is just taking advantage, because you know, you got this person, they cannot defend themselves like it is a shame, you know. >> reporter: we tried reaching out to mark, man attacked in the video in part because people in this community, wants him to get a message. >> i'm or think happened to you. not everybody ace paid seed. clearly from his smiling he was so, you know, not aware of what was going to happen and still so sad for him, that is in the reflection of everybody in germantown. >> you will be okay, mark.
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>> reporter: again, four teens have been apprehended, four teens seen in that video, charges pend ago begins that attack and now police are connecting them to a second attack in germantown. we will have more coming up at 6:00. for now, live, and, a leach a nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". authorities investigating the shooting death of the new jersey transit bus driver. we know a suspect walked in the new jersey bus transit garage on route 42 in washington township this afternoon and opened fire. our david spunt is live there with the latest now, david. >> reporter: jessica, a tragedy here than black horse pike that happened after 1:30. still some active police activity here on the scene coming through the scene. we know suspect's name 44 year-old jackson, victim 45 year-old ryan reynold a bus driver just showing up for work today. just after 1:30 this afternoon washington township authorities say that a suspect
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walked into this new jersey transit garage on black horse pike, and opened fire on a male bus driver, killing him. >> we didn't hear anything, we saw a bunch of police and helicopters, and didn't know anything until 10 minutes ago when somebody said there was a shooting next door. >> reporter: he owns amechi fence next door and said police didn't tell him what is going on. he and his collogues were inside their building when suspect opened fire. he has been in business for 35 years at this location. >> never. the whole time i have been here i have never seen an issue next door. like i said, it is a sad thing >> we found out that suspect 44 year-old jackson, actually took her own life with the gun and show shot and killed herself in mantua behind a post office. authorities say this was not a random act. they believe suspect in victim knew each other again, authorities still on the scene today but just quite a sad day in washington township.
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reporting live tonight, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you. >> this time from wilmington delaware a young boy is in critical condition after being shot in the head. the shooting happened late this afternoon on the 700 block of east sixth street, 31 year-old woman was shot in the arm. police are still looking for the shooter. we have a crew on the scene and update/"eyewitness news" at 6:00. escaped bucks county prisoner has been taken in custody, this is exclusive video of daniel s elby junior taken in custody this afternoon in the area of keith valley and county line road in warrington. seven schools in the central bucks school district were placed on lock down after sighting of s elby earlier today. he escaped sunday night after a pick up lansdowne for failure to appear on a drug charge. his father six five-year old daniel selby junior is facing charges for aiding in his son 's escape. woman at center of the bill cosby's sex assault trial
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takes the stand to testify about his alleged encounter with the entertain inner 2004 that led to criminal charges. our joe holden was in the courtroom for the explosive testimony, and he joins us now outside the montgomery county courthouse in norristown, joe, good evening. >> reporter: good evening. it was quite the afternoon after years, of legal, and, 12 years, 13 years after the incident, andrea constand takes the stand here in montgomery county to tell her side of the story. in a shaken voice andrea constand told her story, testifying about what she called a humiliating, confusing night in bill cosby 's elkins park home. constand who has smiled much of the time on the stand, describing meetings and dinners with the actor and comedian had a sharp change in tone when asked about that night in january of 2004. there to talk about her career change, constand, said that cosby returned from upstairs
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with three pills. constand testified that he said that these will help you relax. she replied, and what are they are they natural, herbal. she said cosby nodded yes put them down, they're your friend , they will take the edge off. seven minutes past, constand told the jury that she was seeing double, her legs now rubbery, she said cosby sexual ly assaulted her on a nearby couch. asked about her attempts to resist she said in my head i was trying to get my hand to move, my legs to move and i was frozen. i wanted it to stop. constand is central witness in the sex assault case begins cosby. during her testimony, cosby sat at his table, slowly shaking his head in disagreement with many of the details at times shrugging his shoulders and conversing with his lawyer. constand is now second woman in court, to paint a picture of a man whom they alleged used drugs to engage in sexual
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assault. in one of the more interesting moments in court this afternoon, it is when prosecutor asked andrea constand to point out cosby in the courtroom. she described cosby a man in a dark suit, white shirt and a brown tie. well, cosby looked down at his tie, picked up his tie, put tonight front of his face, turned to his attorney and said, brown? very strange moment. more on some of the dynamic that is taking place in this court room between the judges and attorneys. i will see new one hour. reporting live from norristown , joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile verdict in bucks county tonight, there jurors convicted lee kaplan on all counts in his child molestation trial. feasterville man was charge with sexually assaulting six sisters and fathering two children with one of the girls jurors deliberated for two days, judge did not set sentencing day. kaplan argued family considered him married to the oldest girl and he never abused the others. victim's parents pleaded guilty to child endangerment
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charges and are awaiting sentencing. family of the overbrook man shot and killed by an under cover philadelphia police officer last may is now suing the city in hopes of getting answers. officer shannon coolbau is accused of shooting richard fur pretty at 63rd and overbrook. five two-year old was unarmed and against department policy to shoot at a moving vehicle. his family is frustrated that the investigation has dragged on for more than a year. >> we don't have any answers at all and we deserve answers this is not the way citizens of this city to know that when something happens to a family member or a loved one that they get no answers. >> if there is a criminal case , i don't know if there will be, i should say from that point that is when we would finally deciding whether we're going to take action on this officer in the form of termination or suspension or what have you. i cannot do that at this point in time because of his due process that he has afforded.
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>> officer is on administrative duty and not been on the street patrol since the shooting. a boil water advisory is still in effect for 35,000 residents in the trenton area. according to the mayor's office a technical issue in the water treatment plant caused chlorine levels to temporarily drop. it is used to purify drinking water. advisory extend along delaware river to duck island. officials recommend residents boil their water until it is declared, safe. a boil water advisory is still in place in abington after a water main break dumps thousands of gallons of water in to this neighborhood. 16-inch pipe broke yesterday afternoon on edge hill road leaving some 85 homes without water. water was restored around 7:00 t officials say residents should boil their water until it is determined to be safe. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 5:00 pan nick paris. >> tourist put their hand up inside one of the country's most well men landmarks, scare
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for police officers happened outside building. >> people that know me, know that i would never hurt my children. >> teachable moment ordaining rust lesson, the reason that mom intentionally led a snake, bite her young daughter. lauren? cool, cloudy once again with a pattern that is just about to break. i'll talk about a sunny warm weekend shaping up and when to expect sizzling high temperatures in the 90's in your full forecast coming
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a florida mommies under fire, after allowing a snake to bite her one year-old daughter. mother says snake had bitten her and her son and didn't leave a mark, so she thought it was a good opportunity to introduce her young daughter to the reptile since they live in the rural set nothing florida. the mother, who has not been identified, says that she believes it is important for her children to learn how to handle wild life. >> people are too sensitive and don't bother to ask why,
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they just, think that i hurt my child intentionally which, if people that know me, know, that i would never hurt my children. >> the highland county sheriff 's office is investigating what happened but deputies have not charge the mother with a crime. unusual trial in massachusetts, woman facing involuntary manslaughter charges foreign couraging her boyfriend to commit suicide. prosecutors say that michelle carter urged her boyfriend to kill himself and text messages after he told her he had suicidal thoughts. there is no specific law in massachusetts that specifies encouraging suicide is a crime but if she's convicted, carter faces 20 years in prison. some of the biggest stars are speaking out after a girls team in nebraska was benched because organizers thought one of the players was a boy. eight year-old millie hernandez and her team were disqualified from a tournament last weekend despite paperwork that confirmed millie was a girl. some of the soccers biggest stars are showing support for
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hernandez, including, world cup winner mi mia hamm and abby wamback. >> you can do anything you want to do and you can be anything you want to do and you can look like whatever you need to look like to do it. >> members of the own team are also taking a stan, number of them said that they want to cut their hair short as well but they are awaiting permission from their parents. meteorologist lauren casey joining us now, and it is raining again. >> it is raining again, yeah. cloud again. cool temperatures. it is june. it doesn't feel or look like it when you step outside. but we will speed up this clearing out process. just in time for upcoming weekend. out process. big difference by even of the weekend but for right new we are stuck under that cloud deck, dreary looking conditions as we look live from center city philadelphia our current temperature is 63 degrees. our average high temperature is 80. obviously in where near that all thanks to the fun, east
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wind off chilly atlantic. wind speed up to 12 miles an hour. temperatures have been struggling all across the area we are only at 59 in trenton. sixty in ac. ocean temperature still 62. we are at 62 in allentown. temperatures more mild in lancaster 75. that is because they have a west win right now ushering in more warmth but elsewhere we will see east wind, breezy as well with wind speed up to around 10 to 15 miles an hour. for this evening that nor'easterly wind in control so keeping temperatures cool around 60. chance of the hit or miss thunder shower, mostly cloudy and feeling chilly. you will need that jacket down to 54 degrees but we will improve conditions dramatically in the upcoming weekend but for right now storm scan three showing we are dealing with sporadic shower activity, moving counterclockwise through the area in association with the upper area low pressure. we have a slow moving swath of shower activity with downpours
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making its way across south jersey. we have been dealing with this for better part of the three hours now, you can see that loop, just how slowly it is moving and we have a flood advisory for gloucester, salem , cumberland counties until 7:30 this evening. ponding on the roadways, stream flooding, minor flooding do watch out for that berks county, poconos, also seeing showers working through moving slow in nature. the shower just clearing out of allentown and bethlehem moving off to the south ande putting down light to moderate rainfall but over two days we have seen quite a bit of that wet stuff. millville picking up an inch and a half of rainfall, mount pocono close, quakertown over an inch, same case in allentown, point three-quarters of an inch in the last two days in pottstown and few to weather showing hit or miss shower, thunder shower over next several hours. activities wind down pennsylvania midnight waking up to the cloud once again tomorrow morning but starting to see some sunshine, poking through as we head into midday
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, more sunshine making its way through le level cloud deck and a brief passing shower and then by evening we could have a really nice sunset, tomorrow evening when cloud deck moving on out and looks like we could see fair amount of sunshine as we head into our thursday. for tomorrow we will have a cloudy start with late day sunshine, chance of the brief passing shower but mainly dry conditions for our wednesday, another cool day for sure with high temperatures only in the middle 60's but check this out a big ridge in the jet stream, taking over as we head into the upcoming weekend. we will kick that cool air up to the north and hot temperatures will be building in as we head into the end of the weekend. check this out 66 degrees our high tomorrow. about 15 degrees below average and then by the week, end of the weekend we are at 88 degrees on sunday, with sunshine, how about some 90's. sizzling as we head into that next week and a lot of sunshine. so if you like the cloud, we got them for one more day and
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then they are gone. >> all right. >> thanks, lauren. >> still ahead tonight saving money on amazon prime who can pay less for popular service and what you have to do to get that discount. also, it is a boy. and a girl for george and amal clooney, celebrity baby names coming up. leslie. people in our area down on baseball there is one local team giving something to cheer b sell you knew when you cast it they'd lock you up.
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a bouncing baby boy is new addition to the philadelphia zoo. new tonight on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 why a team of doctors had to jump in to help his mom through the difficult delivery, and why his birth is so important. stay tuned, for that story tonight at 6:00 o'clock. >> look at that multi tasking mom, holding that babe. got the flowers, moving along. moms can do it all. >> hello. >> don's here now and we have got a local team.
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>> yes. >> which national dreams. >> absolutely and getting it done. west chester university baseball had its eyes set on a national title. a dozen seniors chasing one major goal. mission accomplished. leslie van arsdal has more. >> reporter: we know state of philadelphia baseball is pretty sad right now but if you want to find a winner we only have to go to west chester university celebrating division two national championship. >> d2 baseball national champions. >> reporter: west chester beat uc san diego to earn national title and not major league baseball or d1 but still was not easy. >> people watching phillies recognizing we are here too we play baseball. we're not professionals. we are winning. we won a championship. we have done something only 50 teams have done in the pennsylvania 50 years. >> this team i'm on now is the best team i have ever been on. we are close group. we are able to go out there every day and just go to battle together. >> reporter: while winning is
5:24 pm
a dream come true, for these players, for son including the first base man shayne drexler when he could hear his name called in the mlb draft. >> how about that. >> we will see. i'm just happy to win. i'm happy to win. this is the highlight of my year. >> reporter: it would be cool. >> of course it would be cool. >> reporter: for the coach, jack, this is second championship, his first was back in 2012. >> when you go through it you don't know if you will ever get to the world series, again , but i feel fortunate that we have a group to get there and play good and win the whole thing. >> no matter what level winning a title is something that we all, can appreciate, reporting from west chester, leslie van arsdal for "eyewitness news". >> west chester, two titles in the last six years. >> not bad. >> hello. >> hello, again. >> chase utley impersonation, perfect. >> pretty close. >> yeah, right. >> thanks, don. coming up next we will take you behind the scenes have the brand new exhibit that is fun for the entire
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family. >> but first voters head to the polls, today in new jersey , but the roll governor christie is playing in the primary even though he is not on the ballot. i was terrified. i thought that this was kind of the end. >> a dad's fear when he found on it his son had cancer, how the family used hope, strength and support from family and friend to overcome fear, and that
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your news continues at 5:30 and here's is what happening. four teens are in police custody after a disturbing facebook video surfaced
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showing a germantown disabled man, getting punch in the face a new jersey transit bus driver is shot to death at a new jersey transit garage on route 42 in washington township, gloucester county month. man whom police say shot driver took her own life and mantua township a short time later. on day two of the bill cosby's sexual assault trial jury hear from his andrea constand who testified, in detail, how she says that the comedian drugged and sexually assaulted her in 2004. constand also told the court that she viewed cosby as amen for and someone that she trusted. good evening, i'm jessica dean. i'm ukee washington. new jersey voters are at the polls for state's primary election. one of the biggest decisions who will replace governor chris christie when his term end next year. right now, 11 candidates are running for his seat, that includes, six democrats, and on the republican side five candidates, are running in the primary. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is in collinswood
5:30 pm
with the influence governor christie may have on the race even though he is not on the ballot, cleve, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, lot of people said they want a new direction for the state but people here not all that engaged with this actual primary. experts say only about one in 10 registered new jersians are planning to vote, in this primary and as we found out, it is because many just don't know candidates well. it is time for new jersians to usher in a new era as they cast primary votes for governor chris christie's replacement. >> i think the state need to go to a less big personality. >> the approach to treating people with dignity and kind ness has been lacking. >> reporter: many voters choices for governor are something of a mystery. >> i have no idea honestly which candidate, before like two days ago. >> reporter: are you passionate about any of the candidates. >> no, no. >> reporter: how will you decide. >> i really don't know, i have no idea. >> reporter: i don't know is a popular choice in the governor
5:31 pm
's race which includes 11 candidates. accord together latest poll lieutenant governor kim guadagno lead republican field forked by jack chit rel i but a third of voters here 31 percent are undecided. on the democratic ticket phil murphy lead the pack with jim johnson and john wisnieski tied for second. third of the democrats are also undecided. why so much uncertainty. some cases it is apathy. >> i don't have a lot of interests in it. >> reporter: others think it lacks household names. >> with everything you have to go out there and read. >> reporter: is there political burnout especially after november's highly controversial presidential election. >> the last couple of years, it has been horrible. i'm tired of it. tired of hearing it. tired of who hates who and it is ridiculous. they are like children. >> reporter: again, field will narrow from 11 to two, many people say at that point they do plan to learn a lot more about the last two candidates but you still have time to vote.
5:32 pm
polls are opened here like this ballroom there collinswood for a couple more hours. live, from collinswood i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". or races are primary for mayor in atlantic city and camden. poles close at 8:00. we will have results on "eyewitness news" rain cbs authorities are investigating abduction of the 11 year-old girl in philadelphia's rhawnhurst neighborhood. around 10:30, police say that girl who was walking to school on font street was forced in a new black vehicle by a man in his 30's and 40's. she was later dropped off at cottman and loretta. she was not injured. police in paris, shot and wounded a man who attack officers outside notre dame cathedral. police say the attacker lunged at officers with the hammer shouting this is for syria. one officer was wounded. several hundred people were held inside popular tourist destination during the incident. former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nancy sotoberg showed
5:33 pm
visitors seated with their hand over their head. twenty-five year-old government contractor is facing charges for allegedly leaking classified information reality lee winner was arrested on saturday in august a, georgia she is accused of leaking a national security agency report to the web site the intercept, that suggests russian hackers tried to access voter registration information, just days before the election. the kremlin denies any interference. president trump met with republican leaders to day at the white house. they discussed legislative accomplishments made so far. at the end reporter asked president trump what he asked for fired fbi director james comey ahead of his testimony in the russia investigation. president replied quote i wish him luck. comey testifies thursday morning. thursday is our annual alex scott a stand for hope tell-a-thon and we are raising money, awareness for fight begins childhood cancer. for some families their battle is long, and it is hard, and
5:34 pm
what gets them through. family, hope, and courage. >> i was terrified. i thought that this is kind of the end. >> reporter: stephen gibson wasn't prepared for the news, his son david, was diagnosed with liver cancer. that meant weeks in the hospital, and a grueling treatment regimen. >> six round of chemo, multiple surgeries. it took a couple minutes to process what was going on. it was having all these mixed emotions about what was going on. >> reporter: those mixed emotions turned into courage, courage bolstered by family support and a bomb squad. >> army/navy game where we met the naval bomb squad and that gave me inspiration to be positive and stray strong. >> reporter: for his family that courage gave them hope and hope broke through the fear, hope conquered the doubts. >> it is addressed from oh, my god my son has got cancer and
5:35 pm
oh, my god he will die to he will beat this thing to over it all he kept his chin up, a smile on his face and kept going. >> reporter: inner strength, grace that even his brother jake was surprised to see. >> i knew that i would not have the exact same reaction that david would. i would probably be breaking down into tears be like oh, my life's over, what do i do. he is definitely a lot stronger in that regard. >> reporter: david powers through the treatment, his family had one goal, to get david healthy again and to keep life as normal as possible. >> you just kind of keep things normal, not really deviating from just being normal. it is not something that defines him. it is something he dealt w something he has beaten. >> just let him be a kid. that is the hardest part just trying to say yeah, get be a teenage boy, go outside, go have fun.
5:36 pm
>> reporter: helping the gibson's keep a sense of normalcy alex lemonade stand foundation, kimberly started volunteering for the foundation before david was diagnosed with cancer, a company runs a craft table at alex original stan. >> she was 15 when david was diagnosed, going, working and being on the other side of it, it was just so overwhelming and just amaze to go see just exactly what the alex foundation does for all of their families. >> reporter: foundation helped gibson's out too, moral support and assistance in finding financial help and for david and his brot their gave them special time together, the super siblings program. >> they will do a dorney park trip, patients and siblings go on all of the ride and let you go and have a good day and just have a lot of fun have a ball. >> reporter: have a ball and as david says. >> stay positive, don't give up until the end.
5:37 pm
>> he is such an incredible attitude. >> yes. >> he had a scare earlier this year but thankfully he is okay when we talked last night david did say he is a chef, he likes to cook and he has a surprise for you on thursday. >> i remember we met at heroes party. i talked to chef dave bid what he likes to cook, what i like to eat. it could be one of two things, i can't wait, chevy will be looking for you. >> he is ready for you. our 11th annual stand for hope tell a then will be taking place all day thursday, again raising money for childhood cancer research, treatment, outreach for families just like david. we hope you will join us. we will be here throughout the day on thursday right here on "eyewitness news". still to come on "eyewitness news" saving money on amazon prime. >> plus double fun for george and amal clooney we will let you know what they named their twins for today. what a crowd. what a crowd, ladies and gentlemen, everybody is looking fly.
5:38 pm
>> james corden takes his show on the road to london, hear about the star stud add experience, you will see when he hoes the late show from his hometown. lauren? during this cool stretch of june weather we have another cool day on tap as we head in the day tomorrow but by week end a dramatic warm up in store but very summer-like conditions taking over delaware valley, sunshine for both saturday and sunday, isolated thunderstorm in the afternoon on saturday but not a wash out and high temperatures cruising middle 80's on saturday, approaching 90 degrees as we head into
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and, philadelphia published answer hunger relief center in south philadelphia. septa was there to kick off ninth annual stop hunger station food drive, during two week drive the transportation authority will collect donations, and much needed food, to help thousandsness
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need. it goes undetect throughout the region, very important in the summer as we count down the days, until school, end, and those children who get nutritious meals through food program goes in the summer without those nutritionist meals. and, and, highest, demand for stations where you can drop off donations go over to cbs amazon is making its prime membership more affordable for low income families. company will charge $5.99 a in for customers who receive government assistance like food stamps and annual prime minute ship is $99 and monthly membership cost 10.99. prime members get free shipping on amazon purchases and unlimited streaming of television shows and movies. do like free shipping. >> do like free shipping. >> it is great. >> hello, isn't that the truth from comedian to actor to author, up next details kevin hart shares in his brand new book we will be right
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and welcome welcome their twins, and, alexander clooney. babies were born this morning,
5:46 pm
no other details were announced. clooney's publicist stan rosen field said twins are happy, healthy and doing fine. rosenfield poked fun at new dad saying george is sedated and should recover in a few days. supports kathy griffin after her controversial photo shoot and sketch hart takes his story to book shelves. >> here's bex from 96.5 with your hot minute. >> thanks, ukee and guess contact kevin hartist a man of many talents and now he is adding, author to his resume, and in his new memoirs i can't make this up life lesson he takes us through his journey of growing upright here in philadelphia to topping the list of forbes highest paid comedians. and ending jerry seinfeld nine day reign. book is out today and by the way if you are wondering, hart made 87.5 million-dollar in 2016. speak of jerry seinfeld he is coming to the defense obfuscate griffin, who found
5:47 pm
herself in hot water after she posted a now infamous photo of a bloody president trump mask. jerry said quote every comedian tells bad jokes, we all do it. that is how we find the good jokes. i don't understand the big deal. and piecing together perfect outfit for school picture day is always quite the challenge, but not for justin taylor who grew up in l.a. justin wore the same billabon t-shirts throughout seven years of school photos and his hair style changed and he grew some facial hair that t-shirt remained the same. justin tweeted that his parents weren't the biggest fans but he found it pretty hilarious. that is your hot minute i'm be x from 96.5, back to you ukee and jessica. >> thank you. james corden takes late, late show on the road for three special episode to his home town of london. >> ♪
5:48 pm
yep, that is him, dressed as mary popness, he said he hopes american and british audiences will enjoy all of the antics. >> early in our second year, so like no other show has ever traveled internationally like this, you know, late night tv shows ever brought their show to london in this manner. so, i'm very humled by it. >> you can catch late, late show with james cord men london tonight, his guests are nicole kidman, kit harrington and there is a new car pool car oak which ed sheeran tonight at 12:37 right here on cbs-3. >> by end of the week our weather should be super. >> that was impressive. >> spell it, correctly. >> i can't. >> we don't have enough time. >> i have to get to the weather, can't spell it, sorry , ukee. >> but we are going to have a dramatic change as we head in the next several days but
5:49 pm
today it is a good beach day if you want to save on sun screen, because as we get a live look on our sky scan three, cloud in the scene there not much action going on in ocean city right now. board are empty because we are dealing with this low level cloud deck, lingering around, once again today and our cbs-3 eye witt weather watchers reporting in with current conditions on the cool side, by june standard. general temperatures in the 60 's, we have 50's on the way, couple of 70's but that is rarity at this point. we will check out a picture, right now, this picture from yesterday, when we had drizzle coming through, that is our weather watcher, ed conners, dog casey, great name, he said casey did not want to walk in the drizzle. i should have put his rain slicker on. the dogs have been miserable over last couple of days, they want to sit in the sun. they like warmth. i know my dog do in the like the rainfall, so we will check with our current conditions right now. we will head north and west of
5:50 pm
the city where it is 64 degrees at our weather watcher eileen's house reporting overcast conditions in gilbertsville pennsylvania and her commentary is i'm actually glad it rain. like positive perspective. you always have a good one. now i don't have to water the garden. she's getting a break thanks to the rain moving through and over just the last two days some areas across delaware valley picking up an inch and a half of rainfall. we are ready to dry things out , that is our weather watchers opinion in cherry hill at 60 degrees, cloudy conditions at lynn's house and she says that her new furniture, her new deck furniture, all good things come to those who wait, and lynn, by the upcoming weekend we will be lounging out on that new deck furniture, drink something wine, margarita because conditions will change dramatically but we have one more day of this cool, cloudy pattern to contend with and that is exactly what we have as we take a live look at our
5:51 pm
neighborhood network camera. pleasant valley, broad head ville, lower level cloud on the scene we've wind, holding temperatures down to 58 degrees right now. still a pretty scene, a lot of green because of the rain we have been seeing but weather headlines we have one more cool day running about 15 degrees below average again tomorrow, but as we head in the upcoming weekend, some sunshine and in store and temperatures making a dramatic , rebound as we head into early next week talking about some 90's for monday and tuesday, but storm scan three showing us, still dealing with some shower activity especially berks county, lehigh valley and poconos but we have been dealing with this line of shower activity with the view of rumbles of thunder starting to break up but as we are seeing rain drops and egg harbor township, and head up ac we will deal with a couple drip drops heading in the next 30 minutes. berks county, lehigh county, carbon, mow row we are seeing scattered showers and few embedded thunderstorms as well
5:52 pm
watch out for downpours in the next couple of hours, overnight tonight though, especially by midnight this wet weather activity will wayne but we will keep cloud, chilly temperatures down to 54 an for our day tomorrow late day sunshine brief shower possible high in the middle 60 's. we will take you to future weather showing we will see breaks in the cloud deck especially late in the day tomorrow but we will have a pretty nice sunset in store for our wednesday but otherwise, thursday we will see sunshine, improving conditions, on your shore cast , sunshine breaking out as we head into friday with temperatures in the in the middle 70's. as we kick off start of the weekend mid 80's on saturday, upper 80's by sunday, streak of sunshine and 92 by tuesday. >> all right, lauren, thank you. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight sneak peak at new family fun. >> the academy of natural sciences has a brand new, and all these cute bugs.
5:53 pm
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switch now at new exhibit at academy of natural sciences explores with the hidden treasures that may be uncovered in your own backyard. >> vittoria woodill got a sneak peak of what you can expect to find. >> and here's my question for you all, who loves summer? everybody loves summer. >> yeah. >> i think you'll love what we have here. >> time to fall in love with the beauty of what can found in our backyard at the academy of natural sciences, backyard adventures is brand new exhibit where you can you uncover all that lies underneath your grass on top of the soil and up, up into the sky. >> some of the things that i learned today, i didn't know were. i think that it is really good , because things can help you. >> reporter: absolutely,
5:57 pm
brendon because life is all around you, you just to have look up our down. >> it is full of bugs. >> it is so cool. >> there are ants in there. >> reporter: academy experts isabella found all of these bugs by looking down into swann fountain. >> you can use goggles. >> i did not have to get them. hundreds of species right here in center city philadelphia. >> there are some like the is he kada that does not have habitat here for them so very strange and cool to find it here. >> reporter: loop and maybe you'll find a red tailed hawk like maya. >> we can find bird like maya in our own backyard. >> absolutely red tail hawks are one of the most common bird of pray you will fine in the united states. in the only that they can see colors we cannot see. they see ultraviolet, sunburns and sun tan. life is every where. you can be a explore inner your backyard. >> reporter: moral of the story, keep your eyes focused like a hawk. >> absolutely. >> like a hawk.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: like a hawk. like a hawk. bring kidos in and open up their world. if you want to check it out backyard adventure opens up to the public friday june 9th and will be on display until september 10th. ukee, you gist said while story was going on. >> i worry about little pup is in the backyard. >> with those hawks. >> yes. >> guess what. >> mike had told me that it is very unlikely that would happen because you don't have to be too worried about. that very unlikely that with happen. >> good head up. thanks. we're safe too i'm just throwing that out there. >> i will have dreams about that tonight. thanks, tori. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now breaking at 6:00 a six year-old boy shot in wilmington. we have a crew on the scene and live report just ahead. woman at center of the bill cosby sexual assault trial takes the stan, we have what was said in the courtroom , as she broke her silence. >> also this... a south jersey man who was once counselor to doctor martin luther king, junior gets recognized as a place
5:59 pm
where it all bee again, i'm cherri gregg and i'll tell but his amazing legacy and honor of this hometown legend. >> reporter: meet new addition to the philadelphia zoo, and learn why this big baby is cause for a big celebration, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. breaking news right now at 6:00 gunfire in wilmington, a six year-old boy is rush to the hospital where tonight, he is fighting for his life. good evening i'm jessica dean. i'm ukee washington. authorities say child and woman were both shot. >> we will get out to "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff live in wilmington with the breaking details, alex. >> reporter: jessica and ukee per last update we have received this six year-old boy remains in critical condition at ai du pont's children hospital. this afternoon a police unit was on patrol in the area where they received word of
6:00 pm
the gunfire in the 700 block ofe sixth street, but when they arrived they found a six year-old with a gunshot wound to his head, long with a 31 year-old woman with a gunshot wound to her arm. now we just spoke with a witness who tells me that around two there 30 he watched as a pickup truck, with several men inside, drove down the street, shooting, with bullet marks in other cars all along that street. he is unsure if the men were shooting out of both side but he says that he is sure that a seven year-old would not and could never have been the intended target. >> it just sounded like firecrackers but i turned around for a split second and then i saw the guy hit his hand out window with the gun, just shooting, and then heard shell casings hitting as they were being pulled away. >> reporter: he tells us this is not a section remotely used to this kind of violence. that woman was taken to st. francis and listed in stable condition. again st


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