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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  June 6, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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. tonight, the clooney twins have arrived. >> when? >> we're breaking the news around hollywood. >> what should we get them? >> new details on george and amal's baby boy and girl. how the first-time father is ramping up security in their estate in england. >> then janet jackson's shocking weight lost. this is her just weeks ago. we'll reveal how much she lost and how she said the pounds so quickly. >> plus, kitschen face-off. >> that is a burnt piece of fish 1y67! you cannot serve that. >> and ra shot jennings after dancing. >> the way i date is quirky. >> and awkward moments. >> no, thanks. >> please? >> no.
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le. >> a little one? >> yeah. no thanks. >> now, for june 6, twef2017 ths "entertainment tonight." >> tonight the day has finally arrived. the twins have made their premiere. >> george, welcome to your new life, brother. things will be different. >> the couple released the news in an statement. ella, alexander and amal are all healthy, happy and doing fine. the statement goes on to joke that the first time father is "sedated and should recover in a few days. kwoilts today it's been annou e announced that george's twins were born. >> when? >> the news was broken this mortgage. >> do you have any messages? >> i'm so happy for them. i'm so happy for them. can't wait. they're going to be mooufl for sure. >> more love from the talk's juliette yesterday chin.
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she broke the news over amal's pregnancy. how will he do? >> i think he'll billion a fun dad who knows how to give children boundaries? >> are there more? >> no. >> did you know there were two? >> no. >> i'm excited. its will be fun. >> listen to what george told us about being a dad two decades ago. >> i don't have any biological clock ticking. >> all that seemed to whang they met amal. >> when are the babies coming? >> tuesday night. >> you're worse than my mother. >> the clooneys have been keeping a low profile staying home in england. they spent an estimated $16.5 renovating the property. when it comes to diaper duty,
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clooney should be ready. randy gerber insta gramd this photo. meanwhile in london, amal's mom was shopping if her new grandkids. we're told she picked up these adorable rompers for the twins. >> beyonce is due any second now. you know h what? you might be amazed at how many stars are raising twins. >> one baby for janet jackson. she gave month five months ago and she's almost back in stage shape. she's lost 60 pounds we're told by training, dieting and eating clean. last night we saw a lot of rocking bods in manhattan. the a-list turned out for the fashion awards and the browns, breath taking.
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>> there's not a lot of seams. so you draped this beautifully. i love the low neckline. >> i guarantee i'm one of the most comfortable today. i'm just gonna put it out there. >> i've not worn anything like this before, and so i felt very refreshed by the whole idea. >> kerry washington, stunning in strapless yellow and white sequins. nicole kidman, solo in a $12,000 black velvet gown. mandy moore, sleek in leopard print. and the olsen twins, wearing exactly what you'd expect them to wear. let's call it sophisticated chic. but it was 55-year-old meg ryan's surprise appearance on the blue carpet that made us do a double take. >> those guns, supertoned. her face, fresh. meg's date was her designer christian siriano. but just 13 days ago, she was reportedly spotted with john mellencamp, which sparked rumors that the romance is back on. john's rep told us, no comment. while the cfda fashion awards were all about style, we also got answers to some of our questions. like, why was nicole solo? her man, keith urban, was at game four of the stanley cup finals, cheering on the nashville predators. and nic was definitely jealous.
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>> oh, my gosh. it's killing me that i'm not there tonight. this is how much i love fashion that i'm not at the preds'. i mean, come on, they better win. >> yep, they won. next question, is there an "america's got talent" feud between heidi and tyra? >> it's so sad that so many people have said that i prefer nick cannon over tyra, because that is so not true. i love tyra dearly. >> and finally, will priyankachopra say yes to "baywatch 2"? >> i'm always up for a sequel. but like this time around, i'd have to do some more mean -- can i say that? >> sure. >> she just did. selena gomez didn't go to the fashion awards. she was busy putting on the style display of her own. six outfits. ♪ can't keep my hands to myself ♪ >> selena was hand in hand with the weeknd for a dinner date at rao's, one of new york city's rao's, one of new york's most
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famous italian eateries. >> selena, selena! >> stopping to pose with fans her sexy grey slip dress was just one of six outfits the singer wore in one day. ♪ i'm so sick of that same old love ♪ >> for a day of press interviews, outfit number one was this navy blue asymmetrical number. for number two, she donned this long red sleeveless collared dress with a thigh-high slit. number three, selena chose to wear this black and white mini. an animal vibe was look number four, the bright pink retro-style jumpsuit had parrots on the print and sequined cats on her left shoulder. number five was a summery striped slip dress that she topped with a black motorcycle jacket. and for number six, her date night, her mimi wade the black laifrs trademark infringement along the plunging neckline. but she did recycle her shoes. selena chose these strappy louis vuitton sandals with transparent heels with four of her six looks.
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>> last saturday night this city was attacked. so sad since i think about all the times since i've opened this show i've had to open talking ability atrocities. trying to find the right words to say is impossible because there are none. >> >> that is james corden talking to carly steel about safety while on location in london. "the late late show's" first episode filmed in that city airs tonight and we're told the production has at least three security guards with james in the wake of the london bridge attacks. tonight's guests are nicole kidman and kit harington, we'll also get to see ed sheeran's "carpool karaoke." but last night, it was corden versus gordon, as in ramsay, the chef gave james and his bandleader a lift to the airport. boy, was that a mistake. >> restaurants you'd recommended inside of london? >> great one. jamie oliver. >> wolfgang puck. >> that's a steakhouse.
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>> [ bleep ] >> all the best chefs. >> tomorrow night, another brit face-off, can corden handle the heat in gordon's kitchen? >> who taught you to cook this dish? >> jamie oliver, best chef in the uk, that's what everybody says, there's no one actually quite like him. >> james is roasting ramsay on gordon's new fox series, "the 'f' word," a cooking competition, where two teams of families and friends have less than an hour to whip up something good for a few celeb guests, oh, and portions of the show are live. >> has fox lost its marbles giving me a live show? i begged for a seven-second delay in the event somebody lets a word out. >> this is the best move i have seen you in the kitchen. >> i thought you were just grumpy all the time. >> the three-star michelin chef actually has six shows on fox, but that doesn't stop corden from cutting him down. >> that's caramelization. that's burnt, that's a burnt
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piece of veggie. you cannot serve that! >> can never win with that guy. coming up next -- bachelor in paradise survival guide from the most outrageous contestant in the show's history. >> i'm going to have to ask you to look. >> what? chad's new advice, what not to do in paradise. then -- >> why did you leave us? >> what brought tyra banks back to america's next you knew when you cast it they'd lock you up. but that didn't stop you. you traveled far and wide, and others followed. mothers, daughters, sisters, lions.
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with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, withdrawal, transfer, or payment each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright with simply right checking from santander bank. ♪ are you feeling alright, baby? ♪ >> people are tired most of the time. >> know, thanks. >> a little one? >> no, thanks. >> you see that jerry seinfeld was random woman, step back. >> be fair, like you said, jerry said he didn't know it was -- >> or maybe he's not a hugger. >> if you want rude, let me give
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you chad johnson. he was so drunk and so fowl mouth when he looked on bachelor he was off in two days. >> does that make him the best or the worse person to give advice? >> they call it paradise. >> i've heard of this place. becauseit was go, go, go >> some former contestants are getting another shot at finding everlasting love, "bachelor in paradise" is shooting in mexico right now, and we know raven is there and so is demario who just got booted off the bachelor. >> do you think all these women and guys are going in single? >> there are always some. but don't worry. i'll be here at home with your exes. >> okay, chad. also on the list, alexis, dolphin girl, and amanda, only
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agreed to go on if her ex-fiance josh murray wasn't going to be there. >> i feel like corinne is going to show up at everybody's dates and push their buttons. >> there's a lot more guys. if you choose your guy you'll feel like the girls can go to the other guys and if they go to your guy then it's like ugh. god, i can't. >> then, there's the marine from jo jo's season on the bachelorette. contestants spent four weeks at a tropical resort, with a full bar, no phones, no tv. sounds like the formula for fun. >> don't drink too much. don't do stupid stuff. >> maybe it's time to start taking his own advice. still ahead -- george and amal's baby news, big story of the day, how many stars are already raising twins? and how rashad jennings is turning up the heat on the new "dancing with the stars" tour? >> how hot is it going to get? >> temperaturewise.
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>> you know what we're talking about. and why tyra banks came back to america's next top model, doing double duty, america's got talent. is it too much? >> so america's next got tleptd and america's next talent.
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♪ ♪ i mean, who needs a ballroom to cut loose?
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that's so overrated. that's rashad jennings feeling the spirit move him right in the middle of a parking lot. >> praise and worship in a parking lot. i love that, too. he has faith, moves and he's not stopped dancing since he and his partner emma slater won the mirrorball trophy. and now, they're getting ready to hit the road on tour. when did you become okay with sparkles and sequins? when did that just sit well with you? >> probably about like 15 years ago. >> oh, you were wearing them before "dancing with the stars"? >> oh, yeah, i was suggesting these things. >> i love it. >> hell yeah, listen, i'm the type of person that likes to see, what can i get away with? right, and so, being on this show allowed me to express all that. ♪ >> what's it like to be on this tour? with these pros, i mean actually that's a real honor, right? >> absolutely it's an honor. you know, because they're so good at what they do, you know, in certain ways, i feel like an equal, you know, but, it's
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really humbling. >> so this tour is called hot summer nights, how hot is it going to get, sir? >> temperaturewise? what are we talking about, what kind of steam? >> you know what we're talking about. >> it's hot summer nights. plan to be hot, definitely. i'm gonna give the people what they came to see. >> next week, rashad, his abs, and the rest of the cast hit the road for 2 months, performing 46 shows. the running back says he plans to continue his daily three-hour workouts and is still hoping to get picked up by an nfl team, but with all that going on, it doesn't leave much time for dating. so would you do "the bachelor"? >> would i do "the bachelor"? >> would you do "the bachelor"? >> i couldn't do it. i couldn't do it. there's no way i could run around and kissing 30 different girls at the same time. that's not my swag. that's not my swag. that's not my swag. >> okay. >> it doesn't mean anything. it doesn't have as much meaning. i'm a romantic at heart. i can't help myself, it's crazy. but the way i date is quirky. it's fun.
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>> you put people through obstacle courses? >> oh, yeah, mentally. definitely. >> oh, there's a show somewhere in there. don't steal the idea because i'm going to pitch it to a network. you'll see, emma's fiance sasha farber sharna burgess meanwhile, tyra banks will be spending her summer back hosting the america's next top model. she sat out the last cycle. so, i wanted to know, why come back? i mean, she's worth an estimated $90 million. so, it's not like she needs the money. >> fans drew me back, blowing up my social media. they were very adamant and very emotional and very, like, you know, why did you leave us? >> tyra took those fans seriously, even though it means she's pulling double duty, also starring on "america's got talent." talking up "top model" with her fellow judges yesterday, she was having trouble keeping it all straight. >> so america's next got talent and america's next top model. >> america's next got talent. >> america's next got talent.
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>> i keep doing that. >> when "top model's" 24th cycle debuts on vh1 this fall, tyra will keep pushing boundaries. she's embraced plus-size and transgender models in the past, this season is the first with no age limit and an aspiring model over 40. >> i say screw the number. throw away age. i feel like it should be a career that can go forever, and presently, it's not. >> but tyra seems to be the exception. she was 15 when she started, 29 when "top model" debuted. now, she's 43 and a mom to 1-year-old son. she says she'll let little york model if he wants to someday but -- >> i would not be happy if i had a daughter that wanted to model. thank god he's a boy. child just take some pictures but we're going to college. if you want to do that. >> with that baby genes i don't know about that. this show gave us such tyra-ism. smize. which he's doing right now.
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can you tell? also giving booty tooch and this season brings you a new one, next level feet. >> next level fierce is george's life. the twins arrived this morning. a son named alexander and a daughter named ella. now, julia roberts who has twins offered up this advice for the clooneys. there's so much things as wisdom when you have twin babies in the house and there's just hopes, and prayers and tears and holding on tight to each other. julia is just one of many parents in hollywood who has somehow survived the arrival of two babies at one time. >> when both need to be held, they're like 22 pounds each now, when i do change the diaper, always one has to wait. >> celine tends to two little >> saline knows how hard it is to be a mom tending to two little ones.
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they've become her little helpers. >> they like to paint me. they like to paint me with makeup. emme had rollers in her hair. >> and sarah jessica parker's twins. >> the first time lor et that >> the first time loretta put on a pair of my shoes, then it was like oh, and you're seeing them shuffle around and it was kind of tender. it was kind of sweet. >> mariah's twins have become used to jet set lifestyle. they want to go this the airplane. if we stay somewhere too long they don't like it. they're travelers. they love it. >> but mariah has also opened up about what it's like neil patrick harris is raising daughter harper and son gideon.
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angelina jolie once told us, if she wasn't an actress there's only one job for her. >> i love being a mom. i'd just stay home. all right, jay z and beyonce, you're on the clock. we're waiting. let's go. when we come back -- we're hitting yankee stadium for a special salute to two american heroes. one on two legs and one on four.
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that's 2012 a-rod and the yankees honoring marine corporal megan leavey and her military-working dog. they were wounded in fallujah and now, their special bond and story is a major motion picture
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called "megan leavy. and that's why yankee stadium hosted the premiere of stadium hosted the premiere of the iraq war based on a true story. >> it's quite surreal for her to watch the story of her life on the big screen. i can't really imagine. >> it meant everything to kate. >> to me it was the only opinion that mattered. her approval. >> as a marine we hold the leash in the left hand. i'm a righty. that dog saved my life. >> i just had, you know, spend time with him and learn, you know, to be quite comfortable controlling a dog that weighs as much as i do. 6
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this of how q got curly. quin was crazy about curls. curly fries. curly straws. curly haired dogs. even those cute curly tails on pigs. but to quin's chagrin everything about her was so very straight. which made the next twist so amazing. did she expect to find a high-end hair curler at a mind-bendingly low price? never. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. marshalls. your surprise is waiting. "the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one, george and amal welcome their twins.
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>> we're really happy, really excited, and it's going to be an adventure. >> how the clooneys are recovering today. then, james corden takes over london. but what's his warning for emily blunt? >> i think i'm in trouble. and number three, "the bachelorette" makes more cuts. why she said good-bye to whaboom. >> do you think your parents would kill you if you were like, mom, dad, i'm marrying whaboom? >> yeah. plus, your "insider" bonus. the hollywood girl squad. is oscar her next conquest? >> if anything has the potential to shatter the glass ceiling at the oscars, it's "wonder woman." and are you single? >> the cast of "this is us" shocked fans on the streets of new york. >> ladies, this is the cast of "this is us"! "the insider" tracking ll


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