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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 7, 2017 5:00am-5:29am EDT

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you could not escape. >> well, one of bill cosby'sn ct another testifies before the media's camera, bernard who says that she too is one of the cosby's victims. we are live with what accuser andrea constand testified to yesterday and a look ahead at her testimony today. stray bullet strikes an innocent pregnant woman one of the two people shot in the
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anin update on her condition. former fbi director james comey is preparing to testify here on capitol hill. weijia jie is expect to say about the russia investigation, coming up. well, today is wednesday june 7th good morning donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an yeah, good morning. >> our ride insofar looking good thanks to mother nature, we have construction crews out there but overall we are looking nice. >> awesome. >> overall we will look nice here today, transition day, there will be included but we are starting to clear out so we will end up with sunshine before the day is all said and done. it looks like they are trying to break already but notice, this is a three hour loop and few stray showers that were popping up in the last couple of hours, all and all confined to the poconos or further west in central pennsylvania. if that is where your travels take you, you will have a damp road situation that way but we are beginning the process of
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clearing out, and it looks like that will stick for a couple of days, even into next week, and with that, there there is also a really nice temperature change. significant warm up. if you like it cool this is a morning for you we're in the mid 50's. i will walk out with an extra layer formfortaure. not terribly winded as day progresses. we will only hit mid 60's n january that sounded like perfection, but that is about 50 degrees above average. so, cooler then average but we will start to clear out. >> you certainly feel it. i had a sweat shirt on this katie, thanks very much. looking outside we were close forward that vine construction betweenthat has been since clea. we are looking good moving in the westbound direction and eastboun vine, but we know it will get busy as we push deeper in the oe tap in the 6:00 o'clock hour. we are talking about construction here we haveresurf. ninety-five south ramp to woodhaven road westbound l
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saying entire ramp wasck you cae vehicles moving by here. i think it is intermittent. sometimes totally block off and sometimes you can squeeze by. that iwoodhaven road westbound. then we are talking about bridge construction on 422, and get next 10 , minutes. former temple university employees accusing bill cosby of sexual a salt is taking the stand again today. >> trang do is live inth day of testimony is scheduled, trang do, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and return to the witness stand this morning house yesterday, another cosby accuser who once shared the shad her own painful, almost parallel >> reporter: emotional ran high on day two of the bill cosby's sl central witness andra constand took the
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her voice shaky and at simms tighting back tears constand recounted what happened at ryco of 2004. a night that she alleged he gave her three blue pills to relax, and then sexually assaulted her. asked about her attempts to resist she said in my head i was trying to get my hand to move, my legs to move, and i was frozen. i wanted it to stop. the testimony, brought back a flood of painful memories for lily bernard who appeared as a get star in the 90's. bernard said cosby drugged and assaulted her in a shockingly similar way. >> as my legs were paralyzed and my arms and legs were losing function, my heartfelt like it was going to lose function. >> reporter: bernard said she had no legal recourse in criminal or civil court because statute of limitations run out but she says that won't stop her from sharing her story to protect others from harm. >> he gave us drugs which were
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shackles. they shackled us. we could not breathe. we could not fight effectively we could not run. we could >> reporter: cosby has maintained that the sex with constand was consensual, on the stand yesterday his attorney grilled her on her motive for becomingian d also fr her behavior toward him in the months and even years after ater onack. today but for now we are live outside montgomery county courthouse i'm trang do forjim . happening this morning, former a brandon bostian will be in court for a preliminary hearing in the deadlyent 2015 in port richmond. eight people were killed and more than 200 people were injured. bostian faces involuntary manslaughter and other charges anho track of his location and traveling double the speed limit when the train derailed. just a little more than 24 r james comey will testify
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publicly before congress about russian interference in the u.s. election. >> comey's testimony is interactions with president trump before he was fire. correspondent weijia jiang is live in washington latest, good, weijia. >> reporter: good morning, jim and rahel. james comey will likely offut cs he had, with president trump, but we do not expect conclusionr analysis, and he certainly won't be testifying about potential evidha ongoing investigation. >> i wish him >> reporter: president trump wished james comey well tuesday ahead of his anticipated testimony before the senate intelligence committee. irecthr is expect to detail his interactions with the president, before he was abruptly fired last month. among them that mr. trump allegedly pressured him to drop the bureau's investigation in, to former national security advisor, michael flynn.
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an individual familiar with what comey told associates after that request, told cbs news that comey asked attorney general jeff sessions to prevent him from being alone in a room with president trump again. in order to protect the fbi from white house influence. while comey isn't expected to say whether the president obstructed justice he will address president trump's claim that comey repeatedly told him he was not subject of the fbi's probe. the white house has yet to say whether the president will push back against comey's testimony by tweet nothing real time. >> my guess he will let the testimony play out and then respond to it sometime day. >> reporter: comey's testimony here on capitol hill mounting tn the president and attorney general, sessions. yesterday, press secretary sean whether the president still has confidence in sessions. with him about that. >> reporter: president remains
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disappointed overcual from the g investigationness to russia. >> and ahead of the comey hearing today senators will hear from several national security executives including theational intelligence dan coates. the president reportedly asked m there was no collusion, between the trump cam aia we are live on capitol hill, jim and to come in the days to come, you. cbs news will special report. join ca o'donnell and:00 a.m. right hern attacks hat several attackers stormed the tehran, one person blew themselves up
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insiber targeted the shrine of the ayatollah dead, dozen others are hurt, we will continue to follow developments there. meanwhile here at home a double shooting in philadelphia's nicetown section has left a pregnant woman hospitalhisiz morning month. man was walking out of the friend's house on the 3800 block of archer street when she was shot by a stray bullet as police were investigating that shooting they found a 21 year-old man in the home around the corner on the 3500 block of germantown avenue, but he had been shot as well. police believe he was the intended target. both victims are in stable condition. so far, no arrests have been made. police in wilmington are looking for answers after a shooting that left a young boy in critical condition this morning. officers responded to reports of, gunshots on the 700 block offere sixth street yesterday afternoon, and, at the scene they found a six year-old boy who had been shot in the head, his mother was shot in the arm she's in stable condition. no word yet on what caused this shooting, wilmington's
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mayor issued an emotional statement after visiting the scene of the incident. he said in part today's incident is deeply disturbing because it involves a young child and his mother, my heart goes out for family and my prayers for them and our city as we fight our way, through senseless gun related violence philadelphia police identified and arrested boys they say were caught on video assaulting a mentally challenged man in germantown. >> video posted on facebook shows the boys punching the victim on chelten avenue. four boys range in age from 12 to 15. authorities say some of the boys are also coaxed to a recent attack, of a school principal, involving bricks. >> there is in rhyme or reason it appears one could think that it is for kicks, giggles, by sick minded individual, in this case, juveniles. >> suspect face serious charges including aggravated assault, fortunately we are told both victims are okay and they are recovering. well, florida residents
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say that flooding is worse then any hurricane. >> we will update efforts from bail out from days of rain in florida. also ahead a brush with death this person is lucky to be alive after being thrown from a car, we will show you more of this video. a boat capsizes during america's cup playoffs wait until you see how crew has to return to
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whoo! i mean, whoo. we are back way horrific crash caught on video in eastern china two passengers survived after being tossed on the runway they were riding without seat belts. driver and another pass evening shore were wearing seat belts were also not injured. >> crazy stuff there. >> frightening moments at start of an america's cup challenger semi final race off the coast of bermuda that is new seal land catamaran tipping over in high wind. three crew members were thrown over board but there were in serious injuries. the boat was towed back to shore with the crew strapped in upside down. parts of the floor under what the they are morning after, days of heavy rain. >> 2 feet of water in ever grade city. long time residents say they have never seen anything like this, and it appears that there is in relief in sight. more rain is speculate tore
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day. and, it seems like we are expect something rain ourselves, katie. >> yeah, very, very spotty. if we see it at all. >> not 2 feet. >> what is that. >> not 2 feet? >> no, we're talking about the most stray of showers. >> good. >> i walked out the door without umbrella. i know, isn't that delightful. when is last time i have been able to say that. you do want to have sweat shirt, fleece, light jacket because it is on the cool side the wind is no the that noticeable but that will keep things chilly throughout the course of the day, yeah, even though, 66 sound like wintertime but that is best you can hope on june day. we are talking 15 degrees below average. that is best daytime high mid 50's and some won't break out of the 50's today. here that is rain currently falling across parts of the florida, but, none of that is expected to impact us. this will move off to the north east and have zero impact on us and may bring in a stray shower from the shoreline but generally speaking we can, and,
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transition to take place, and, chilly, to not only milder but also more sunshine, much more sunshine. wind speed, at the moment, generally coming from the northe, a few spots, more northeasterly but generally light wind as we mentioned and not that noticeable. but it is starting to churn up here outside patrol headquarters. we have included cover out there that will stick around for a good portion of the day for you but also expect we will see some sun break go through those cloud. daytime high reaches 66 degrees. sun coming up in about 15 minutes or so, and once it does i think we will have a pretty sunrise but we will see that sun break through. couple cloud, nothing more overhead tonight down to 54. close to average. within 5 degrees or so, moving forward, look at this, we will go from 50's, 70's, to 80's and we will keep heating up with every passing day, so to the point that hey we are in the lower 90's by monday and
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tuesday and all and all once we get rid of the left over shower today we are generally dry and skies brighten up weekend is looking g meisha, might see a spotty shower or thunderstorm but all and all great pool weather for the weekend. >> what can i say, loving it, katie. i love that. sixty's, 70's, 80's and 90's, that is exactly what we want to hear and what we have been waiting for. forty-two freeway north bound at creek road this is what we are looking at. things are looking nice, really nice out there hopefully i can hold you here later in the have o'clock hour starts to change around 6:30 but if we can keep you here until 6:00 that is what we want. 202 taillights moving in the north bound direction approaching king of prussia. you can see what you are working with there. looking good there as well, i got a feeling it will be a good, day. here's construction, resurfacing, 95 south ramp to woodhaven road westbound. it was, looking all block, and i think it is right now.
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we were seeing some cars move by at one point but i think ramp is still block. we will let you know when crew s get done there aim he not quite sure who he is. either way they are resurfacing and i don't think you will move by but i'll let you know as soon as they clear out of the way, rahel, being back over to you. lets look at newspaper headlines across our region. >> from the trenton ian tina accused of murdering a hamilton woman over memorial day weekend said he stabbed the victim in self-defense. eighteen year-old jose garcia told police that 48 year-old brenda garzio attempted to extort money from him at knife point following a consensual sex act. stabbing occurred in the area where under cover sting operations resulted in numerous prosecution arrests. news journal tuesday delaware legislature approved a bill to guarantee abortion access. bill would ensure that abortion remains legal in the event it is overturned by the supreme court this positions delaware to be first state to
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guarantee access to abortion, since president trump what's electric. in the times herald pennsylvania attorney general josh shapiro announced charge is a begins three philadelphia men of taking part in the bank fraud scheme involving use of instagram, the scheme resulted in a theft of more than $50,000 from various financial institutions. and that is the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. coming up we have results from new jersey's primary including the governor's race. also philly legend mike schmidt find himself in hot water, after a comment about a phillies player, we will tell you what he had to say next in
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phillies great mike schmidt is apologizing for comments he made about odubel herrera on the radio yesterday >> here's don bell with schmidt's statement. >> this is what pr nightmares look like in 2017, someone makes a genuine but tone deaf comment, public has an angry reaction and then that person apologizes while saying, their comments were miss understood. what a day for former philly mike schmidt while appearing on wip radio he said phillies outfielder odubel herrera is not the type of player you can build around not because of his skills but because venezuela native first language is spanish, first here's schmidt, and then odubel, through his translator >> my honest answer to that would be no, because of a couple of things. first of all there is a language barrier, you know, because of that i think he can't be a guy that would, you
5:24 am
know, sort of sit in the circle with, you know, four or five american players and talk about the game, or try to learn about the game or discuss inner workings of the game. >> it is disappointing because you never want to hear schmidt ease comments but he told me he apologized and he explained what happened, and everything is good. >> that was odubel's translator once again. here's mike schmidt releasing a statement. it has been made men to my that my answer to the question can the phillies build a team around odubel herrera was disrespectful to herrera and lath unplayers in general. i'm very sorry that this miss representation of my answer occurred, and may have offend sod one. a sure everyone i had no intention of that. jared eickoff on the bump tonight as phillies go for their fifth straight win in atlanta now last night, looking for four straight wins phillies trailed one to now.
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howie kendrick has been hot since coming off disable list. sixth inning odubel herrera continues to ball line drive to right, caesar hernandez and little bull gives phillies a two-one lead. aaron nola went strong, eight innings for him, gave up one run, it is longest outing by phillies start they are season and phillies, at that point winning their fourth straight, three-one the final score, once again tonight looking to make it five straight. that is all for sports. i'm don bell. have a great day. coming up next on "eyewitness news" shares of one major retailer hit a low while another closes more stores, we will have details in a live report from wall street, jan. and a pregnant woman is hit by a stray bullet in the cities nicetown section, i'm jan carabao reporting live, coming up we will tell you how she's doing this morning as police search for the gun man. and this was the scene on the ben franklin parkway last
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year we will tell but this years dinner diner en blanc when we come
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i'm rahel solomon. aim jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in just a moment but here's what you need to know for your morning minute for june 7th, 2017. >> he gave us incapacitating drugs which were shackles. >> another bill cosby accuser relives frightening memories as his chief accuser prepares for another day of dramatic testimony. andrea constand will return to the witness stan later this morning for cross-examination. >> two violent videos. >> we are looking at similarities from this incident. >> teens and rest for this attack may be the same won who threw a brick in the local
5:30 am
principal's face. >> i wish him luck. >> comey's testimony here on capitol hill tomorrow comes amid mounting tension between the president and attorney general sessions. he is only 5-pound but already making a big impression, baby gorilla becomes new member of the philadelphia zoo. ♪ >> and that is james corden as mary poppins in the middle of the crosswalk in london. >> yes, still ahead car pool car oak which ed sheeran. here's a question do you think we will need our umbrellas today. >> i don't think so, unless do you a musical number with your friend in the street you should be okay without it. >> i don't think broad street can hand that will. >> we don't want to you do that. so, stay on the sal


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