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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  June 7, 2017 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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tonight -- all the latest details on hollywood's newest power couple -- ella and alexander cloone the exclusive hospital suites. the first visitors. >> they're gorgeous. they have george's nose. >> george's dad gushes over his grand babies as stars celebrate the big news. >> i know the perfect gift. and growing up clooney, the royal life that lies ahead. >> they're going to be raised in a similar fashion to prince george and princess charlotte. and nicole kidman just days away from her 50th birthday. having the best year of her life. >> at 50 i'll be retiring no way. plus, tom cruise finally reveals "top gun" sequel secrets to "e.t." >> i have not told anyone in the world as much as i've just told
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you. and on the set of scarlett johansson's new comedy. with snl's scene stealer kate mckinnon. >> my reaction when i read the script was what? now for june 7th, 2017, this "entertainment tonight." >> welcome everybody. we have new details about george and amal's twins from inside the hospital. >> the births made headlines around the world and some of the biggest stars shared their excitement with us. >> that is saw some. congratulations. he'll be a great father. >> george and amal just had their twins. >> i know the perfect gift. >> what? >> i'm not going to tell >> no, you have to. >> my favorite baby gift to give is the baby's own book club. so, you get the name of the babies and then you send them every baby book you can imagine. >> how awesome is that. >> and now, i've given you my favorite idea. >> george's dad is sharing new details about the twins.
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they skyped just two hours after the babies were delivered. nick told a local sin cincinnati station that the little boy, alexander resemble his father. >> it looked like he had his nose. >> do they have hair and stuff? >> oh, yeah. absolutely. dark hair. they look great. and they're wonderful and both george and amal are doing wonderfully well. she's great, george was -- his eyes were aglazed. so i'm not sure he was sober. we'll figure that out. now, that's joke. >> no photos have been made public, but this is an artist rendition of what ella and alexander could look like. uk journalist victoria arbiter says the private luxury suites
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there go from $7,000 to $11,000. >> there's an a la carte menu. robes, pretty much anything you could ask for. the children will grow up like royal there. children will grow up like royal there? victoria has more on that. in some ways they're going to be very similar -- raised in a similar fashion to prince george and princess charlotte. >> the clooneys' mansion is in berkshire where the little prince and princess often visit their grandparents. >> the house in which alexander and emma are going to grow up in is beautiful, a lifestyle that george and charlotte have enjoyed the last few years. for george and amal the most important factors are privacy, security and safety. it's surrounded by water. it can maintain their privacy and dissuade any paparazzi from hiding in the bushes. >> raising their kids in the uk gives the twins some protection from the paparazzi.
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>> in the uk they're given a break. simply because if you don't have parental permission, celebrity's children's faces have to be blurred out. >> the twins do have cousins. george's sister ada has two adult kids in kentucky while amal's sister has a daughter named mia. >> she was a flower girl in their wedding in venice. >> she's a teenager, which means she's obviously a little bit older than the twins but perhaps she'll be a great baby-sitter. >> consider this dad is an american, and mom is a brit. they'll have dual citizenship. >> new york became mum my fied with the premiere of tom cruise's new thriller "the
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mummy." he gave carly steel the scoop while still making time for the fans. always-gracious tom signed autographs and snapped pics with his fans. but see these ladies? they are cruise's own photo team, grabbing fan's phones for them to get a perfect shot. >> thank you, tom. >> okay, you look incredible. you just got here from london. mexico city. what kind of a traveler are you like, do you relax in the plane? what do you like to do? >> you know, i work actually. it's a nice, quiet time for me. >> it's not quiet when tom is actually flying the plane, like in this scene from his upcoming film "american made." >> it's me flying. i fly all those airplanes. i'm excited for people to see that. >> how do they allow me to do this with the insurance? >> i don't even ask. >> and in his new thriller "the mummy," cruise has another tense moment with co-star sofia boutella, courtesy of their director. >> he goes, you know, he said, i really -- i think she should lick you. i think your face. sofia's father was on set when we were doing that scene.ather e to set, alex kurtzman our director thought it would be a wonderful idea to do it that day. >> i think we diur licking scen.
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>> the need for speed. >> last time we spoke, you didn't reveal anything about "top gun. " >> i'll tell you all about. there's going to be jets in it. >> i'm going to kill >> jets, very fast jets. okay. >> one thing we don't know? >> there's going to be -- there's going be an aircraft carrier, maybe two. there's a motorcycle. maybe a volleyball scene. >> you got to have the volleyball, it looks like his top gun rival, val kilmer posted this shot, with this caption still got it just sayin'. no word on if val will pop up in the sequel. we hope so. meanwhile, tom's ex nicole kidman is popping up everywhere winning awards and landing covers. we are breaking down why nicole is having the year of her life. i'm about to turn 50 in two weeks. [ applause ] >> i would have never thought this was going to be one of the best years of my life. when i was about 40, i remember thinking, oh, at 50 i'll be
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retiring. no way. >> last night in london, she won an award. for best film actress at the glamour women of the year award. she delivered this message about girl power. >> i want to tell all the women out there it's not over at 40 it even begins more at 50. >> hours before nicole stopped at the late late show with james gore did he know. nicole who once worked as a back up singer proved she still got them pipes. ♪ rollin' rollin' >> what makes this nicole's big year? she'll definitely get an emmy nomination as an abused wife in "big little lies." last month in cannes, she killed it with her fashion. as a fan of the nashville predators, truly having the time of her life. after 11 years of marriage and two kids with keith urban, she still manages to look at her
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husband this way. maybe nicole is proof women can have it all. >> i am changing my name to nicole kid-woman, i realized it's been wrong. i cannot be kid-man. i'm kid-woman. thank you. >> i love that. >> absolutely. >> so sweet. speaking of an incredible year. amazing what's happened to the kids of "stranger things." this time last year many people didn't know who they were and now they're obsessed. >> with a capital o. season two just finished shooting last week. everything's very secretive, but the cast stays super close through the magic of group text messaging. >> and i understand that you >> oh, my goodness. we talk about everything, politics, you know, current events. >> it's called stranger texts, >> it's called stranger texts? >> we talk about school and nothing extravagant. >> >> my phone buzzes all night
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with the children texting me things. i have to get off these chains. i'm like an old man and i don't know how to do this, i don't know how to eliminate myself. >> we caught up with the cast at a netflix event in l.a., and they already have plans to celebrate if they get nominated. for an emmy. >> go out with my fellow cast members and have some ice cream. >> ice cream? >> yes. >> i want to do that. >> emmy nomination. we have to go and get some ice cream. >> and we have to dance, lots of dancing. >> i love that. >> the big reward is getting ice cream. >> let's go get ice cream and dance. >> let's go now. >> by the way, season two starts streaming on halloween still ahead -- >> why did oprah break into song in our new interview? >> i don't know what to say about that. >> tattoos and a mouth piece. camera's got the martial arts whoop down but can he hold his own in the ring?
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be careful. >> not that often you get to hear wonder women and oprah rap. they talked about their hit show "queen sugar" on own. it has only female directors. they couldn't help but gush about the woman at the helm. >> so i want to know, how much were you cheering on patty
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jenkins as well? >> go patty. go patty. we're coming right behind ya. go patty. we're coming, patty. >> they salute another wonder woman. >> she's done something that no one else has done. the numbers are around the world that's proved. it proves that people are hungry, crazy, craving more images of women. >> the adaptation of wrinkle time. the set was popping with women power. >> oprah, what are you doing? >> having a party. >> yes. >> but there's women power and then there's oprah power which is drove the epic series "queen sugar" when oprah puts the finger over here everything turns to gold. >> not just gold. it's deep, it's rich. >> born on a dusty road. >> and sometimes when the women in the community, they were pregnant, they would crave the dirt, because the dirt was rich
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in iron. that's what the series is. it's of the earth and the dirt. it gives you the own richness. >> it's about honoring the memory of my father, it's about legacy. >> thank you for coming out. of course. >> we got the big dog. >> that's what i said. nancy game. still ahead -- the women of the hills are starting to look like a mommy and me group. >> they were really nice for preparing for most things. >> lauren conrad dishes on her pregnancy cravings. >> then cameron's newest adventure. he tackled a snake, raced josh duhamel. why would cam do this? >> this thing is no joke and -- >> oh, my god. >> scarlett johansson's new movie "bestie," the ultimate
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scene stealer? >> how are you alive right now?
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you knew when you cast it they'd lock you up. but that didn't stop you. you traveled far and wide, and others followed. mothers, daughters, sisters, lions. and because together you roared so loud, i know my voice matters today. this summer, come celebrate new york state's equal rights history.
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download our guide to plan your trip. ♪ see now, this is legendary. little luna with her parents john legend and chrissy teigen throwing out the first pitch. at last night seattle mariner's baseball game. >> but by the looks of this, i'd say she was more interested in grabbing some bubblegum in the dugout. >> she was all over that. meanwhile, former "laguna beach" star, lauren conrad is ready to experience all the baby business because she's about to become a mom for the first time.
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>> honestly a lot didn't surprise me about my pregnancy because i have very honest friends and they were honest about preparing me for most things. >> lauren and husband, musician-turned-lawyer william tell are expecting a little boy. any day now. lauren is the latest in a hills' baby boom. the 31-year-old was about six months along when she did the shoot for the magazine in beverly hills. lauren already has a successful clothing line. it's no surprise she's designing a line of maternity wear. i was having a difficult time maintaining my own style and finding clothes that fit my new shape. you lose your vibe or your sense of style, so i wanted to do something that was really in line with the brand i created
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but fit a different shape. >> early in the pregnancy, she was nauseous and had trouble putting on weight. as for cravings. >> i thought i was going to have really weird cravings. >> i wanted to eat like a child. it was apple slices and pbj or like i just wanted children food all the time. >> lauren said she's happy to have a son because she was a tomboy, she understands boys better. scarlett johansson gets to show off her comedy chops in the new movie. "rough night." this movie is full of funny ladies but it's kate mckinnon of snl fame might be the ultimate scene stealer. >> my reaction was -- what no? what, no? oh, my god, jetlag is insane, you guys. >> yep, that's kate doing her best aussie accent. as one of scarjo's bff on an ill-fated bachelorette weekend.
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>> jess played by scarlett johansson. have you heard of her? is a politician running for state senate and she's getting together with her three besties and then i play her best friend from australia from her study abroad semester. >> i think i just loved how real the relationships were between these girls. ♪ my god i'm so hot >> the ladies filmed on location in miami. and let's just say this scene with a stripper is a turning point. >> love her. make her feel special. ♪ >> she said, way appealed to me about this character. she's a free spirit. she's sort of the freest spirit there could possibly be. >> how are you alive right now. >> i don't know. but i'll take it. >> speaking of people who barely made it, cameron mathison thought it would be a good idea to step into the ring as a mixed martial arts fighter and fight for real.
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>> when i get a can cam challenge, i have to take it. to be honest i was looking forward to this. >> it didn't end well. it's the latest of the insane challenges we have this man facing. tonight, can cam become an ultimate fighter? >> i'm outside hayastan mixed martial arts academy in north hollywood. and i'm going to get some training from mma star joe "daddy" stevenson. he's going to show me a thing or two so i can take on jonathan tucker, from kingdom. and we're going to go at it in the cage. oh, man, am i ready for this? wish me luck, please. joe daddy's been kingdom's fight coordinator for three years, now, and, well, i'm an athletic guy but mixed martial arts? yeah, this sounds like a good idea. >> so, now, let's explain what we're going to do. >> all right, what do we got? >> the drill is not to let him clinch me. >> what does clinch mean? >> boom, the knees. >> i don't want that to happen to me. >> after gearing up. >> now what we need to do is
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rinse this off. >> oh it's got feet all over it. and an hour of training later, i was ready to take on tucker. i think. >> what's the worst injury that you've received fighting mma? >> the big injury i had on our show was getting my eye opened up. i had joe daddy pouring super glue into it trying to get the eye shut. >> and that's when i realized i was up against a hard-core competitor for his role as a pro fighter on kingdom, tucker spends a lot of time in the gym. so i knew it was time for plan b, intimidation. >> wow, that is intimidating. >> right? come on. >> relax dude. >> gentlemen, the fight. >> whoa. ♪ >> get it. >> that head-butt right there, that was an accident. but the blood coming out of
7:23 pm
tucker's head was real, and my worst fear come true. but tucker's a great guy and assured me it's all part of getting in the cage. >> head-to-head combat, baby. >> but without a clinch, we still didn't have a winner. so, joe came up with a tiebreaker. >> going to be you rotating around my body as i stand still. how many rotations completely around will be a win. ♪ >> how you doing, joe? >> very good. >> you don't have to rush. >> i am a winner. >> are you sure you're okay? guys at home, this thing is no joke. cam is real. but cam can't take down jonathan tucker. >> true. >> thank you for joining us. >> you guys are hard core. >> you did great. >> bone crusher. the tattoo held true. >> it did. >> got a little crazy. >> is everything cool? >> everything is completely fine. jonathan is awesome. he's all fixed up and ready to go. great guy. >> i got your back.
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when we come back, cher is giving us an update on the broadway musical about her life and it's exciting news.
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okay, i got to say this exciting news. it appears the musical about cher's life is officially heading to the great white way. >> a secret script read-through back in january and cher posted this message, just got off phone with writer and director of musical. there will be performance in theaters with actors, dancers and singers. it will be in theaters in 2018. >> i asked cher about it when we sat down. >> >> you won an oscar, a emmy, a grammy, does this mean you could win a tony? >> only if i do it -- if i i'm in it, it's a story about my life. it's played by three chers. the young cher, the middle cher and me. >> it's going to be fabulous. >> like her life. >> bye, everybody.
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cancer diagnosis. >> it was a big shock. >> how she's staying strong. during her brave journey. >> her husband tells us that her pain level has gone from an eight down to a two. then, the stars go gaga for clooney's twins. >> oh, he's the best. >> twins a handful. and number three, could harry connick jr. return as a judge on "idol," and is michael j. fox game for a "family ties" reboot? >> i never say never. plus, your "insider" bonus. >> all i saw was shirtless men. >> yep. >> what is going on in these rehearsals. why the stars of the dancing tour are baring it all. >> i promise i will go to the gym. >> cover it up. and ed sheeran shows james corden that singing isn't his only talent. >> oh, my god. now, "the insider" tracking
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