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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  June 9, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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well now at noon a struggle, then a shooting, a philadelphia police officer opens fire, killing a suspect. police are now looking at surveillance video of the incident to figure out exactly what happened. good afternoon i'm jim donovan i'm rahel solomon. "eyewitness news" report's leash a nieves is live where the shooting happened last night, alycia, good afternoon, is what the latest here. >> reporter: jim and rahel philadelphia commissioner richard ross said last night and repeated this morning that there are aspects of this officer involved shooting that alarmed him.
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most noteably surveillance video from this business behind me that shows the man who was shot running away from police when he was fatally wounded. this was just before 7:00 last night a man is shot and killed by fail police along whittaker avenue. authorities say officer involved shooting began when a 15th precinct officer was driving down whittaker avenue transporting witnesses to the special victims unit. officer says he was alarmed when he notice aid man driving a dirt bike erratically. dirt bike stalled and officer decided to pull up next to it. officer got out and began to frisk the man on the bike. he felt a gun inside the way way band and jumped back. officer drew his weapon and said man pulled away from him and grabbed for the gun. surveillance video nearby captured the man running away from the officer when he was fatally wounded by the officer the man had already dropped a loaded 9-millimeter gun, his family at the scene yesterday outraged and emotional, philadelphia police commissioner richard ross also alarmed. >> i'm not really concerned at
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this time about the charges or anything like that. that wasn't my concern. my concern is about the fact that it doesn't meet the departmental protocol. >> reporter: it is important to note that the surveillance video that has surfaced so far only shows one angle. when the man turns this corner and shot and fatally wounded. it does not show what happened with him and the officer right around here, authorities today say they are looking for that surveillance video to be able to tell the full story. now reporting live from philadelphia, alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> a leash, thank you. chopper three over a deadly shooting in philadelphia's point breeze neighborhood police say a three two-year old man was shot in the chest and arm when he tried to stop a tow truck driver, from repossessing his car. this happened just before 10:30 on 18th and dickinson. victim whom police say was armed got a short time after being rushed to jefferson hospital. authorities say tow truck driver also shot a dog, but that man is in police custody. jurors in bill cosby's sexual assault trial are
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hearing more testimony of the entertainer's own word from the deposition taken, more than a decade ago. our david spunt was in the courtroom this morning and joins us live at the montgomery county courthouse in norristown with what has happened so far today, good afternoon, david. >> good afternoon. day number five busy day for bill cosby his defense team and the prosecution team, andrea constand, she was the star witness, earlier this week, she says that bill cosby , drugged, and then sexually assaulted her. today big focus so far from that 2005 deposition was a conversation, and uncomfortable conversation that cosby had with constand's mother on the phone. bill cosby walk in the montgomery county courthouse for the fifth day of his trial , the 79 year-old comedian sat quietly in court as more of his 2005 deposition was discussed publicly. andrea constand, woman accusing cosby of sexual assault, testified earlier this week. it came out in court, that cosby provided benadryl to constand before she says that
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she was sexually assaulted. friday morning, more of cosby 's deposition came to light, including an uncomfortable conversation with constand's mother on the telephone, according to the 2005 deposition, cosby offered to send constand's mother a packet of benadryl in the mail to prove what he provided to andrea. he was concerned about having the conversation over the phone, as he was worried he was being recorded. cosby admitted when he was on the phone with constand's mother he worried that she thought he was a quote, dirty old man. cosby says that he repeatedly apologized to constand's mother on the telephone. cosby has always maintained that the sexual contact was conn sense you'll. something else to mention, bill cosby offered to pay for constand's graduate schooling, that was brought up today this was back in 2005. he had conversation was her mother but jim, there was a specific stipulation we will delve into that later tonight
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on "eyewitness news" at 5:00. reporting live outside montgomery county courthouse, i'm david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, david, see you then, thank you. an argument lead to gunfire and now police are checking surveillance cameras inside a north philadelphia corner store for clues. chopper three was overhead at 25th and lehigh avenue last night, they say a group of people there were inside the take out store just before 11:00 when an argument broke out. that turned into a fist fight spilling in the street and that is when police say someone in the fight pulled out a gun and shot the victim in the head. >> there was about seven or eight people inside the store at the time and most of them were young adults, some male, some female. you can clearly see them involved in the fight but we don't know what the motive for the fight is at this time. >> that last check the 18 year-old victim is in critical condition. well, president trump is declaring victory after former fbi director james comey testimony on capitol hill but not everyone agrees.
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correspondent mo alange has latest. >> reporter: president trump broke his cile benz james come y senate testimony he tweeted despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication, and wow, comey's a leaker. comey testified he told president trump he was not under investigation, but he also said that the president pressure him to end the probe into fired national security advisor michael flynn. >> i was fired in some way to change or the endeavor was to change the way that the russian investigation was being conducted. that is a very big deal. >> reporter: comey asked a friend to pass along notes from that conversation to the press, after he was fired. >> i asked him to because i thought that might prompt the appointment of the special counsel. >> cbs news has learned that president trump's personal attorney will file a complaint with the senate justice department saying comey's leak was unauthorized and contained privileged information. >> we will leave it to the appropriate authorities to
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determine whether these leaks should be investigated along with all of the other that are being investigated. >> reporter: lawmakers left thursday's hearings split about what it all means. >> president trump engaged in inappropriate and unethical behavior. >> whether it rises to criminality is there doubts about whether it rise test that level. >> reporter: investigation continues next week when staff ers will interviewed president jump's son in law, jared kushner. well in, other news this afternoon, british prime minister teresa may's decision ton has backfired, as she loses the conservative party majority seats, in may is now scrambling to form a new government and resisting after meeting with queen elizabeth today, may announced she willortion government with a northern ireland party, this restion andt brexitthis nonth but may remains steadfast. >> this government will guide the the in 10 years and
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deliver on the will of the british people by taking the united kingd oropean union. >> the result of the may's political gamble with the snapns exit from the european union. critics say that thell be very difficult. turning now to weather. a fantastic start to our friday, so nice in, fact, we sent katie fehlinger outside. she joins us from the sky deck with a check of the beautiful forecast apparently it is sticking around through the weekend. >> if you are fan of comfort, rahel and we are, many of us, we are in the lowest the humidity will be for next couple of days. thinks coolest afternoon we will see for next couple of days. it will get hotter and more humid. there are a few issues, hiccups that we will talk about, but we will start off by taking a very quick glance at storm scan which is at the moment devoid of any stormy weather, a nice clear sky, and
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it is so comfortable outside, trust me, if you have not stepped outside just yet take the opportunity, today, really is, the nicest most comfortable day we will have. we are going to keep the sun around, granted but as i mentioned we will start to note that is humidity creeping up with every passing day. seventy-seven in reading and allentown. here at philly international it is such a comfortable 75 degrees. eventually we will rebound to 83 in the city, give or take a few degrees elsewhere but with that comfortable humidity and slight breeze, talk about dining outside, man this will be a great excuse for that and i have a feeling we will see those happy hour spots, spilling out, into the sidewalks and those outdoor venues but the sun will continue to shine. coming up the heat is on, my friends, average high is only in the lower 80's but we will far exceed that and in the days ahead and several days of this outlook, guys look up in the 90's. we will let you know which days will flirt, which are the
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hottest, all that important stuff, right coming up later in the show. >> katie, thank you looking forward to it. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" winning broadway's biggest night. >> woman driven plays are taking center stage at upcoming tony award, i'm meg oliver in new york city, i sat down were four of the nominees with that story coming up. a collector's call for help, valuable star wars memorabilia stolen from a california home and person that the home owner thinks is behind the crime, dear fellow citizen, hunting treasures with my daughter is wonderful. because before i'm ready, she'll be off to college. i want to help her pay her way there. like i do for my son. call 1-866-999-0152. as a leader in student lending, we have student loan options that others don't.
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broadway's big night is a few days away, theater world will be watching this weekend 's tony award but some are wondering why there are not more women writing plays. >> meg oliver sat down were four female nominees to discuss the issue. >> nice to meet you, come on in. >> paula vogel has one nearly every award in her field, including a pulitzer prize. despite her accolade it took the legendary writer more than two decade to break through on broadway. >> we have a story we would love to tell you. >> reporter: her new hit play indecent produced by darryl rot is nominated for a tony for best play along with sweat written by lynn, they are only nominated new plays written by women this season. why did it take so long? is that a fair thing to say. >> people have been asking me that a long time. theater is so different then any other field. it takes i think longer for woman to break through. >> reporter: according to the american theater magazine last
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year only 21 percent of plays in the country were written by women. 67 percent were written by men and the rest were co written. >> would i like to see there be gender equity. would i like broadway season to reflect so that the demographic of the country. >> reporter: this is only third time in the history of the tony award more than one female play wright has been nominated for best play at the same time. >> the fact that there are two tough plays written by women on broadway is an extension is what happening in the country and i think that was reflect in the marches that women are standing up, leaning forward, and sort of a territory asserting their power. >> reporter: vogel will never forget the first time she saw marquis in lights. >> first time i saw audience line up for first preview, i actually thought my gosh there has been a accident. >> vogel has arrived and shining bright on broadway. meg oliver for cbs news, new york. and don't forget you can watch the seventh first tone a
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ward this sunday night at 8:00 . georgia man is and reza accused of stealing $200,000 worth of star wars memorabilia from a friend. >> steve sangsweet owns largest private collection of star wars memorabilia in the san francisco bay area. it includes about 400,000 items, and they began collecting 40 years ago. a close friend allegedly took 120 items when a dealer alerted police that the goods may be stolen. >> we were totally devastated, that someone that we considered part of the family, someone that stayed with us, someone that we shared meals with, we would see them do something like this. there is a lot of stuff still very much in the air but we have faith in the force. >> that is a shame. >> yes. >> actor mark hamill better known as luke sky walker says list of stolen items can be pushed so fans can keep their eye out for them. >> would i never steel your
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stuff. >> thank you. i wouldn't take anything of yours either. still ahead, big news forte lor swift fans. >> where you can find the berks county native music once again. katie? >> we're punchy, it is friday. >> it is friday. >> we have the weekend fever and all and all we have got a lot of sunshine to go with that weekend forecast too with near record heat coming up as well, specifically by sunday and beyond, the humidity starts to ramp up just watch for a spotty shower early tomorrow morning, we will talk about the reason that is coming through, on the other side in your full
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our summer fess celebration brings to us wilmington, fun continues on "eyewitness news" today at 5:00. ukee, lauren and vittoria will be live at wilmington greek festival, the holy trinity greek orthodox church. they have got amazing food there. >> yes. >> be sure to tune in for summer fest. >> jan carabao was there this morning, yes. >> it is so good. >> yes. >> i say, gyro. >> yes. >> it is so good. >> yes. >> you say euro. >> yes. >> gyro. >> yes. >> we will figure this out. >> it is friday.
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>> yes. >> are we on the same page with the warm weather. >> it is big fat friday. it is looking like a awesome one. we showed how beautiful earlier in the broadcast. that keeps going. but building heat really noticeable heat and humidity in the next couple days. a couple record will be in jeopardy, right now we're not forecasting any new record but we will come close. it is just as hot essentially. we will start off by taking you out to storm scan three, which still has a storm system sitting and spinning off new england coastline. notice a few stray showers, across north central ohio, cross parts of the lower michigan, you know, a taste of what is to come for us, early tomorrow a very, very weak, keyword week frontal boundary will cross through and helps get a light sprinkle or shower , early tomorrow morning and then it will clear out but that is the only hint of wet weather potential for us looking forward in the next few days. meanwhile lets talk about those record, a moment ago.
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number to beat sunday through tuesday is 95. each and everyone of those days those record were set in different years. that is the number. we are calling for 92 degrees day and two, 93's on monday and tuesday. so again we will be able to make it a heat wave. here's a shot for you outside jim thorpe, looking over the valley here, it is smack in the center. we have got the packer mansion right here. lehigh river is off in the distance there. there it is. a lot of great weather coming up here if you want to maybe do whitewater rafting that ace great place for it. out we go to another spot that is packed, no surprise, not even a cloud in that sky, it is gorgeous here at boardwalk plaza in rehoboth. certainly cooler in the area shore points which is typical but really nice, day, underway if you are hitting the shore, man did you pick a good weekend. saturday looks awesome. a few cloud, granted but it is warmer and down right hot on sunday in, that steamy sunshine, humidity continues to build with each and every passing day. the dew point is key, when it comes to humidity levels and
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what it feels like. dew point of 65 and above is when it is more noticeable but throughout the rest of this afternoon you will barely notice it, but dew point are as low or as high as the mid 50's. we will not get above. that really comfortable. great hair day. 82 degrees what we're calling for by the time you may be going out to the grill, firing it up here, and our official expectation though for the high today is about 83. in philadelphia, it is anyway. but nice warm evening and overnight temperature drop down to 65. air quality and pollen still less than ideal, and the uv index, of course, very high. heat index is not an issue because humidity isn't noticeable. so health report definitely focusing more on the air quality type issues would you run into on a day like this but what a beautiful day and then just heat up from here, 92, starting sunday and then two days of 39 above on this monday and tuesday. by the time we will get to tuesday we could see a shower
12:23 pm
or thunderstorm firing up late in the day. earliest it would get here is sign of the next cold front on the move so timing is everything there but that is our next best chance to see wet weather and temperatures get cut back to the mid 80's, behind that. >> got it. >> how about this an interesting moment to the phillies loss to the braves last night. miguel franco his bat slips out of his hand and gets caught in the safety net behind home plate. >> game was delayed until crew s retrieved the piece of lumber. by the way, fightins fell three-one. we will be right pro tip: giant has great prices on produce. so, when it's your turn to do the shopping and you need to get... raspberries for john... strawberries for amy... bananas for mom...wait, what's a jicama? and at these prices, i can make it all happen. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices.
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welcome back. taylor swift fans will be happy to hear this the superstar's songs are returning to all music streaming platforms, starting, today. >> yes, you heard that right, t swift will be available on pan dor, amazon and much more. it is to celebrate her album 1989, selling 10 million albums. so swift initially pulled her music from spotify in 2014 when it was released and yesterday was released obfuscate i perry's album. >> there is a lot of out there that is "eyewitness news" at noon. >> i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. we are always on line cbs >> don't block our door we're on the way out of here. young and restless is next. have a great weekend, everyone
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>> scott: long night studying? >> sharon: i put in an extra shift at the crisis hotline. >> scott: same day as chloe's service? woman, you are made of tough stuff. >> sharon: you know, for someone so young, to feel so alone in the world, like death was the only answer, i -- makes me remember how lucky i am that i have so many supportive people in my life. >> scott: yesterday got to me, too. watching kevin go through all that, it's kind of got me looking at things a little different now. >> chloe: you're just gonna take this address, you're gonna meet me there, and you're not going to say a word to anyone. [ door opens ] >> paul: well, sorry that took so long. i had to pulme


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