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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  June 16, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> pelley: collision at sea. between the u.s. destroyer "fitzgerald" and a merchant ship. the navy has made an urgent call for assistance. also tonight, from inside syria, american doctors volunteer to save the victims of the war. the president says the special prosecutor is investigating him for firing the f.b.i. director. she was charged with manslaughter for a series of texts urging her boyfriend to take his life. >> this court now finds you guilty. >> pelley: and steve hartman with some thoughts about hard-ball politics. >> reporter: i would argue that everything congress needs to know to fix our political acrimony, they already learned in little league.
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captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: a rescue at sea is under way tonight after a u.s. navy destroyer was badly damaged in a collision with a merchant ship off the coast of japan. a distress call was received from the u.s.s. "fitzgerald," and it appears there are casualties. cbs national security correspondent david martin is following this at the pentagon. >> reporter: this is what the u.s. navy destroyer "fitzgerald" looked like shortly after colliding with a merchant ship off the coast of japan. some of the ship's crew are not yet accounted for, and others are injured. the "fitzgerald's" captain has also been reported injured, and his executive officer is now in charge of damage control. the ship is taking on water below decks, and you can see that hoses are pumping water overboard as the "fitzgerald" waits for the japanese coast guard to come to her assistance. the condition of the merchant
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vessel and its crew is unclear. the accident happened in crowded shipping lanes at 2:30 in the morning local time, when most of the crews on both ships would have been asleep and not able to brace themselves for the collision. the extent of injuries aworld the "fitzgerald" is unclear. there were initial reports that some of the crew was unaccounted for and others injured. at last report, a helicopter had been sent to medevac one sailor off the ship. scott. >> pelley: about 300 officers and crew on a ship of that class. david martin at the pentagon. david, thank you. the tweet from the president this morning was more of a squawk. he complained, "i am being investigated for firing the f.b.i. director by the man who told me to fire the f.b.i. director! witch hunt." major garrett is at the white house. >> reporter: the president's tweet appeared to confirm a "washington post" report that special counsel robert mueller is investigating him for
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obstruction of justice. and it lashed out at deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, who the president had praised just last month. >> he's highly respected, very good guy, very smart guy. >> reporter: rosenstein had written a memo critical of james comey's handling of the hillary clinton email server. the white house initially said that was the main reason for the f.b.i. director's dismissal. >> this russia thing with trump and russia is a made-up story. >> reporter: but the president said the f.b.i.'s russia investigation was a key factor, and that he had been planning to fire comey before hearing from rosenstein. >> he made a recommendation, but regardless of recommendation, i was going to fire comey. >> reporter: rosenstein is a career federal prosecutor who took over the russia investigation after attorney general jeff sessions recused himself. when it was revealed that comey had kept detailed memos on his interactions with the president, rosenstein appointed mueller as special counsel. the president's defenders have also been attacking mueller, who served presidents of both
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parties as f.b.i. director. they say he, too, is part of what mr. trump calls "a partisan witch hunt." now, rosenstein is under scrutiny. constitutional law professor jonathan turley says rosenstein should recuse himself because of his interactions with mr. trump. >> i can't imagine the special counsel completing this investigation without hearing the testimony of the deputy attorney general. so once you think that you may be a witness, it's time for to you remove yourself. >> reporter: and, turley notes, the president's tweet could come back to haunt him. >> well, any statement the president makes in any form can be evidence that can be used in an obstruction prosecution. >> reporter: in fact, white house press secretary sean spicer has said the president's tweets should be taken seriously. >> the president is the president of the united states. so they're considered official statements by the president of the united states. >> reporter: the justice department says rosenstein has no plans to recuse himself.
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scott, last night, he issued a statement echoing the president's own sentiments about press coverage of the russia investigation. it decried anonymous stowrses expurnlged americans to be keptical of "anonymous allegations." >> pelley: major garrett at the white house, thanks. and our nancy cordes has the reaction on capitol hill. >> it certainly sounds like the president is adding rod rosenstein to the enemies list, along with bob mueller and james comey and the ever-increasing number of people. >> reporter: top democrats warned president trump against a power grab today. >> what really concerns he is that the president is attacking his own deputy attorney general who appointed the special counsel. i think it would be an absolute disaster if the president were to move forward and fire the special counsel. >> reporter: rosenstein told senators this week that only he can fire special counsel mueller, and he won't. >> i appointed him. i stand by that decision. >> reporter: some republicans
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do fear that mueller's probe could metastasize the way kenneth starr's did during the clinton years. texas senator ted cruz: >> bob mueller is a good and honorable man, so i hope he will focus on his specific assignment, and not allow-- allow it to turn into just a far-ranging fishing expedition. >> reporter: but republicans also worry that president trump is giving mueller more material to investigate all the time. pennsylvania senator pat toomey: >> i will say, candidly, i think the president and the federal government generally, i think we'd be better off if there were fewer tweets. >> reporter: many lawmakers are still very concerned about the condition of their colleague, steve scalise, who was shot on wednesday. today, his lead trauma surge, dr. jack sava, said the round that entered his hip did substantial dodge his bones, internal organs, and blood vessels but after multiple operations his vital signs have
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stabilized. >> i feel a lot more confident and a lot more optimistic than i did two, three days ago. i would say that when he arrived, he was in critical condition with an imminent risk of death. i think that his risk of death right now is substantially lower than when he came in. and certainly whatever you think of the word "critical," he was as critical as you can be when he came in. >> reporter: dr. sava told cbs news that scalise received 20 units of blood. that's more blood than adults have in hir their bodies. tonight, cbs news has also confirmed that the shooter, james hodgkinson, had a list of names on him that included several republican congressmen. scott. >> pelley: nancy cordes on capitol hill, nancy, thank you. the president, of course, still refuses to release his tax returns, but late today, he did put out a financial disclosure. it covers 2016 through this spring and shows mr. trump resigned from 500 positions,
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many of them the day he was sworn in. the president lists assets of at least $1.6 billion. income: at least $580 million. liabilities: at least $316 million. today in minnesota, a police officer was found not guilty in the shooting death of a black driver. dean reynolds is following the trial. >> reporter: as the jury's acquittal sank in, emotions spilled on to the plaza outside courthouse in st. paul. >> damn! what is it going to take! i'm mad as hell right now! yes, i am! >> reporter: valerie castile is the mother of philando castile, who was shot to death by police officer jeronimo yanez, during a routine traffic stop almost a year ago. >> this city killed my son! and a away. >> we got pulled over for a busted tail case gained
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national notoriety because the immediate aftermath of the shooting was live streamed on facebook by castile's girlfriend, diamond reynolds. >> he was try hisinto i.d. >> that's yanez screamath her with his gun still >drawn in the midst of the traffic stop, castile told the officer he had a firearm, but yanez insisted on the witness stand, that when castile reached into his pocket he feared for his life and fired off seven shots, five of them hitting castile. reynolds said castile was simply complying with the policeman's request for identification. >> you told him to get his i.defend, sir. >> john choi is the prosecutor who charged the policeman with manslaughter. >> he went beyond what the law requires. he was compliant. he wasn't resisting and at the end of the day this was a traffic stop. unfortunately, the jury didn't see it that way. >> reporter: late today, it was announced that yanez will no
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longer be a police officer at the suburb an department where he worked. but we'll have to wait and see, scott, if that's enough to calm the protests that are planned for later tonight. >> pelley: dean reynolds, thanks. in a groundbreaking case in massachusetts, a woman was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for sending texts encouraging her boyfriend to commit suicide. erin moriarty covered the trial for "48 hours." >> this court, having reviewed the evidence and applied the law thereto, now finds you guilty. >> reporter: the defendant, 20-year-old michelle carter, lost her composure as judge lawrence moniz announced his verdict in the death of her friend, conrad roy, who died in a kmart parking lot nearly three years ago from carbon monoxide poisoning. the judge found that a stream of text messages and phone calls from carter persuaded 18-year-old roy to take his own life, even as he had doubts. >> this court finds that instructing mr. roy to get back
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in the truck constituted wanton and reckless conduct by miss carter. >> reporter: in the last week of roy's life, carter sent dozens of text messages, urging him to kill himself, all part of what prosecutors say was an attempt to gain sympathy and attention from classmates. "you're ready and prepared. all you have to do is turn the generator on and be free and happy." but it was this text from carter to her friend, sam boardman, sent two months after roy's death, that sealed her fate. "i could have stopped hip. i was on the phone with him and he got out of the car because it was working and he got scared and i told him to get back in." the defense argued that roy would have taken his life anyway. he had a history of depression and suicide attempts. >> social anxiety, depression. it's controlling me. >> reporter: prosecutor katie rayburn: >> there are no winners here today. two families have been torn apart and will be affected by this for years to come. >> reporter: michelle carter
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was 17 when conrad roy died. and in essence, she was tried as an adult, which means she could face up to 20 years in prison. she's out on bail until her sentencing on august 3. scott. >> pelley: erin moriarty, thanks. and erin's "48 hours" special "death by text," will air tonight on cbs. coming up next on the cbs evening news, we go inside syria with american doctors who volunteer to help the helpless.
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underground. they're makeshift affairs with equipment and drugs salvaged from medical centers that were leveled in cities, including aleppo. >> you work with the understanding that you might find yourself dead or crippled or dismonday on the floor next to the people you're trying to save. because the bombs would land so close, they'd knock you off your feet. his tip tibia is shattered. >> reporter: dr. samer atar was born in chicago to syrian parents. he's a leading orthopedic surgeon and a member of the syrian american medical society. the society used to just connect syrian american doctors to one another, but it rose into action with the war. and today, it supplies doctors and millions of dollars to aid the suffering. >> i've learned that syrian children, but the syrian people are very resilient. they're able to find humor and strength and neven the darkest of circumstances. >> reporter: the syrian
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american medical society is now building replacement hospitals inside syria where you might not expect. the cave was already here. the limestone had eroded away over thousands of years. then the engineers came in. they cleared out the cave, and they lowered this floor about six feet. when the hospital is finished, it will have three operating rooms, 12 in-patient beds, and a state-of-the-art emergency room. they expect it will be hard to find, and even harder to hit. since 2011, the syrian american medical society has sent more than 100 doctors into the battlefield and raised more than $97 million in aid. and we'll be back in just a moment. re of their own tears? if you have chronic dry eye caused by reduced tear production due to inflammation, restasis multidose™ can help... with continued use twice a day, every day, one drop at a time. restasis multidose™
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those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and i love keeping their little feet safe and sound. ask your doctor about lyrica. if you are eligible, you could pay as little as $25 dollars a month. >> pelley: today, amazon bought whole foods for a price that should qualify for free shipping-- $13.7 billion. here's don dahler.
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>> reporter: the announcement saint cold chill down supermarket aisles across the country. amazon will scoop up 460 whole foods stores that can double as refrigerate the distribution centers for amazon fresh, the company's online gross grocery delivery service. michael pachter is an analyst at wedbush securities. amazon already has an online grocery shopping presence. is this a way of expanding it? >> they have 45 million prime customers. and i'm sure that they have fewer than a million amazon fresh customers. so, you know, they're probably going to end up with 10 million to 15 million grocery delivery customers in the next 10 years, and possibly more. >> reporter: this is the latest bold move by the online shopping giant. since knocking the bookselling industry off the shoafls after it was founded in 1994, amazon has acquired more than 70 companies, quickly dominating most industries it enters, including electronics, computer
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software, cds, and videos. >> this is just something that nobody welcomes. you've got the 3,000-pound gorilla who has decided they want to be in your backyard. >> reporter: the whole foods merger, expected to be finalized later this year, is taking place as the grocery industry is experiencing considerable change. shoppers are increasingly buying food at their neighborhood drugstore, convenience store, or ordering meals online for delivery. amazon was named for the world's largest river, but considering its domination of business sectors it enters, it might as well be named for wonder woman's tribe. scott, news of the merger sent stock prices plummeting for other grossers. >> pelley: don dahler. up next, steve hartman learns from baseball. this lovely lady has a typical airline credit card. so she only earns double miles on purchases she makes from that airline. what'd you earn double miles on, please?
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>> pelley: a wise yogi once said, "you can observe a lot by watching." steve hartman's been watching baseball. >> reporter: this week, some people tried to turn the baseball shooting into a political football, blame one party or the other for the violence. normally, you'd expect congress to join in the mudd slinging. but they threw us a curveball at last night's game, the way they greeted each other, the way they prayed together at second base. tragedy can have that effect on people. but, you know, baseball helps, too. it's hard not to be a good sport when you're playing america's pastime. in fact, i would argue that everything congress needs to know to fix our political acrimony they already learned in little league. in little league, they teach that you losers don't whine. winners don't gloat. and you don't question a call
6:56 pm
based on the umpire's heritage. these things are no-brainers to young minds. but for some reason, we forget those life lessons in our later innings. so why bother teaching kids good sportsmanship if we're just going to cast it aside as adults? and why celebrate that baseball game if the mutual respect we witnessed was a mirage that will just fade as soon as the infield dust settles? that's my fear-- that monday we'll be right back where we were. unless we trying in new, or in some case, something old. the postgame handshake is the bedrock of little league. kids do it after every game, all the way through college. it stops in the pros, but for no good reason. so here's my idea: after every session of congress, after every state of the union, both parties should line up, as they did last night, just to say, "good job," or requested thanks for being here." you don't have to change your positions. you don't even have to
6:57 pm
compromise. all you have to do is reach across the aisle with an open hand and show some civility. we like what we saw last night. we'd like to see more. so, congress, next time the gavel lands, please consider walking over to thank your so-called adversaries for serving the country you all so love. just because you're in the big leagues doesn't mean you can't act like a little leaguer. steve hartman, "on the road" in new york. >> pelley: this is my last broadcast of the cbs evening news. we hope this has been something of a lighthouse for you to help you with your bearings in a stormy world. to the men and women of cbs news, my profound gratitude. your nights away from your families, your 12-hour days, the days you risked your lives to bring light into the world leave me humbled. our audience can and should take
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your work for granted, but i know the measure of your sacrifice. james madison once wrote that freedom of the press is the right that guarantees all of the others. the stakes are that high, and you are the best we have. monday, anthony mason will be here, backed by the same team that has carried me these six years. the broadcast will have never been better. and i'll be at "60 minutes." so for all of us at cbs news all around the world, gone, and good luck. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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