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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 17, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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i want to say to the jury and thank them for their long days. >> bill cosby breaks his silence, for the first time since the start of his trial, this morning on a saturday, the jury's going back to work in an attempt to reach the verdict. developing right now an accident at sea, a u.s. navy destroyer and container ship, four times its size collide, the search is on for seven missing sailors. and, an unsettled weekend, what mother nature has in store for fathers day. today is saturday, june 17th, good morning everyone i'm jan carabao. lets get over to meteorologist matt peterson with the eyewitness weather forecast, good saturday morning, matt,
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big weekend ahead, a lot of activities planned for fathers day tomorrow how are we looking. >> it looks like tomorrow will be the better of the two days, so that is good news. we are doing this outdoor activities weather, we are grilling for dad whether you are going to the phillies game tomorrow or getting out enjoying this sunday it does look like, again, tomorrow should be better of the two day. wake up on this saturday morning though it is a dreary start to the day. it is not so much that it is raining, really heavily, across the delaware valley but what we're seeing is patchy fog that is developing, and areas of, light drizzle, and a few sprinkles in the region. storm scan three the radar is showing you a relatively quiet sea but again a few showers out there toward harrisburg, maybe isolated rump of thunder as well. up here in the poconos a few areas of light showers coming out of the maryland moving toward wilmington as well a few areas of light shower activity. this is what we are seeing through most of the morning a
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few pop up showers. they will be very light, and they will really not cause too much of a problem. it be a news an more than anything else and as we look at this visibility thinks where we are having problems this morning. it is a foggy start to the day across the new jersey shoreline less than a mile visibility toward millville, ac airport and here in philadelphia we have less than ideal conditions. getting up early to be driving around make sure you are use extra precautions. temperatures are a warm and above typical. we are looking at zero seven's in wilmington and dover. sixty-nine right now in philadelphia, looking at temperatures that get up in the 70's quickly this morning, all the way up to 86, jan with the pop up thunderstorm and then we will talk about that fathers day forecast which looks better then today. >> matt, thank you. after more than 50 hours the jury in bill cosby's sexual assault trial is still dead lock. jurors will head back to court this morning for sixth day of deliberations. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live in norristown with the first from bill cosby
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, anita. >> reporter: good morning, jan jurors have been working long hours but still no consensus, and while bill cosby's spokesmen suggested earlier this week that a dead locked jury is a win for defense, judge stephen o'neill directly addressed those comments in court, and he made clear that even if he declares a mistrial , cosby and his attorneys cannot then in the future argue double jeopardy. as far as that first that you mentioned, jan cosby directly addressed the crowd last late night. >> let me say to the supporters, stay calm, do not airing you with people just keep up the great support. >> reporter: for the first time during his sexual assault trial bill cosby spoke directly to press and supporters as he left montgomery county courthouse late friday night, his fate in the hand of the jury still dead locked after five grueling days of deliberations >> i want to say to the jury
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for their long days, their honest work. >> reporter: seven men and five women have spent american 50 hours deliberating, indicating several times to judge stephen o'neill that they could not reach consensus on any of the three counts of aggravated indecent cosby ace cues of drugging and sexually assaulting andrea constand in 2004. she was thenoperations for womes basketball team at temple university. >> we have just reached the 52nd hour, iron we're still waiting. >> reporter: cosby's spokesmen andrew wyat said a dead locked jury was a win for cosby team. legal experts say judge o'neill tried to ensure the integrity of the legal proceedings by asking cosby if he understood ramifications of the possible mistrial. >> the judge wants to be absolutely sure that bill cosby doesn't claim his lawyer didn't tell him you could be retried if there is a mistrial >> reporter: now in all, that
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jury has asked about 12 questions, once asking what is reasonable doubt. now they will resume here at 9:00 this morning, of course, we will update you on the latest proceedings on air and on line cbs but for now, live from the montgomery county courthouse i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". keep us up to date. "eyewitness news" will be at the courthouse as deliberations continue this weekend, as soon as is there a verdict we will bring it to you on air and on line at cbs new this morning, police are investigating a hit and run in fail's logan neighborhood, this happened just after 2:00 in the morning at olney avenue and 13th street. officers say that a car struck a man and then left the scene, victim was taken to the hospital, we don't know his condition at this time, in word yet on the suspect. seven navy sailors are missing this morning after a u.s. warship crashed into a merchant ship near japan, japanese coastguard is now assisting in rescue efforts,
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cbs news correspondent don champion picks up the story. >> reporter: u.s.s. fitzgerald collided with a philippines flagged merchant ship early saturday morning off the coast of japan, and at least one of the injured crew was air lift by a japanese coastguard helicopter. navy reports that the ship's captain is among those who are hurt, bryce benson who has been evacuated from the badly damaged destroyer. the fitzgerald sustained damage below waterline on the starboard side, partially flooding the war ship, it is propulsion is limited. japanese maritime defense vessels and japanese coastguard rushed to the ailing destroyer to stabilize it, u.s. navy dispatched another destroyer the u.s.s. dewey, two naval tons and aircraft to help, no injuries to the crew of the merchant cargo ship before reported. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back here at home now the search for two teenage hours vanished while swimming in the ocean off atlantic city is now
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a recovery mission. both disappeared around 6:00 thursday night. authorities say 15 year-old raymon quinn tried to rescue 16 year-old clea hand off the martin luther king boulevard. they both vanished and never re-surfaced. hand's family says it brings them some comfort to know that her friend tried to save her. >> in my eyes he is my sister 's hero and my family's hero. he didn't to have jump in to try to save her but did he what he did at the kindness of his heart. i appreciate that and respect that. >> rescue crews suspended search after around 11:00 friday morning as they were hampered by fog and rough ocean. well, minnesota police office shore fatally shot fill and dough castille during a traffic stop has been found not guilty of manslaughter. the officer was, acquitted of two lesser charges. castille's death received widespread attention after his girlfriend broadcast the shootings aftermath on
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facebook live. despite the verdict, yenis has been dismissed as a officer there. protests erupted in st. paul, minnesota last night, following that acquittal. hundreds of demonstrators rallied at state capitol to begin marching through the streets. police have since appeared to have largely cleared protesters, some of whom shut down, a downtown freeway. a massachusetts woman who allegedly encouraged her boyfriend to commit suicide over text messages has been found guilty of inn von try manslaughter j focused his ruling on the word get back in that is what michelle carter says to conrad roy after he climbed out of his truck as it was filling up with toxic fumes and told her he was scared. judge said those word constituted, wanton and reckless acts. >> knowing that mr. roy is in the truck, knowing the condition of the truck, she indicates that she can hear him coughing and she can hear the loud noise of the motor.
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>> carter now faces 20 years in prison, judge ruled that carter can remain free, on bail but she cannot contact roy's family or leave the state, her sentencing is scheduled for august the third doctors say that house majority whip steve scalise has a good possibility of recovery from from hi gunshot wound to his hip. scalise and five others were injured after a gunman opened fire at a practice on wednesday, ahead of the annual congressional baseball game. despite the shooting, the game went on as planned on thursday night at nationals park in washington d.c., and the democrats won the game but they gave the trophy to the republicans, so they could give to it scalise. and the investigation into russian interference in the 2016 presidential election is now expanding, media reports have investigators looking at the finances of the jared kushner, mo has details from the white house. president trump fired off a tweet friday appearing to confirm he is under
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investigation. he wrote i am being investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire the fbi director. witch hunt. >> it certainly sound like the president is adding rod rosen stein to the enemy's list to bob muhler, james comey and ever increasing number of people. >> reporter: it was deputy attorney general rod rosen stein who laid out reasons for president to dismiss fbi director james comey but last month president trump told nbc news that the recommendation was irrelevant. >> he made a recommendation but regardless of recommendation i was going to fire comey. >> reporter: president went on to say he was thinking of the russian investigation when firing comey. mr. rosen stein talked about the possibility he may have to recues himself from the probe if investigators want to question him about possible white house interference. california senator dianne fine stein said he is worried that the president may try to fire rosen stein and robert muhler. she said message the president is sending through his tweets is he believes the rule of law
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does ant reply to him and if anyone who thinks otherwise will be fired. the president's son in law white house senior advisor jared kushner is also under scrutiny. washington post reports investigators are digging in to his finances. mo, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". is there finally a contract agreement between the philadelphia school district, and its largest teachers union the negotiators for both side after greed to the terms of the new contract that runs through august 2020. details of that agreement have not been released, ratification vote is set for monday night, and teachers have been working without a contract for more than four years. well, there is still much more to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this saturday morning, the coroner 's report is now out on the death of carrie fisher, new information on what killed the actress. and remembering the man who put rocky on film made sylvester stallone a star and put philadelphia in the
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ know you can save today for what's important tomorrow.
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john avildsen, the man who directed rocky has died. avildsen was passed away from pancreatic cancer. the film maker is best known for celebrating the under dog like rocky, karate kid and rocky which was partially shot in philadelphia, earned him the 197 '70's car for best director as well as best picture, john avildsen, was 81 years old. coroners in los angeles
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revealed new information about carrie fisher's death, released yesterday they said that the actress died of sleep apnea and other factors. investigators added that fisher had taken multiple drugs before she died, however , they could not say whether those drugs contributed to her death. fisher died on december the 27th, just four days after suffering a medical emergency on a plane. on to the healthwatch now obesity is sky rocketing in both rich and poor nations around the world, and it is also affecting most adults and children. a new study published in the new england journal of medicine looked at 195 countries over 25 years and covered nearly 70 million people. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on the new research. >> reporter: researchers say it is a growing disturbing public health crisis, new research says 2.2 billion adults and children are now overweight or obese, that is 30 percent of the world's population. >> there are a number of different product diseases that are related to directly
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related to obesity or being overweight, they include diabetes, heart disease, stroke, a number of cancer associated with obesity or being overweight. >> reporter: findings are startling when it comes to children and young adults, the you had has highest percentage of obese children in the world >> more screen time, decreased physical activity, changing diets, all these are genesis tells problems that are affecting the entire population, and so we need to shift the framework. >> reporter: millions of people are dying every year from unhealthy weight even though they are not considered obese. being obese and overweight causes heart disease and diabetes, researchers say that those weight-related ailments cause an estimated 4 million deaths a year, worldwide. i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and this program note now our sister station is the cw fill inn and airing and half an hour special alex scott a stand for hope tonight, it is telling the story of alex
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scott the little girl who battled cancer and started a lemonade stand to find a cure, which is now a nationwide fund raising movement. alex scott a stand for hope airs tonight at 10:30 on the c w philly right here after "eyewitness news" at 10. we're tracking rain. >> yes, we never like to see it on the weekend when we have a big holiday. >> yes, fathers day tomorrow. >> yes, exactly. >> reminder out there. >> for everyone who hasn't gotten their dad something yet you have 24 hours to do it. if you have any plans to go outside tomorrow, keep an eye to the sky because we are looking for chance for, some shower activity on our sunday but better chance for rain, better chance for a dreary day , it is really going to be today. check out our live picture this morning, from ocean city, new jersey. if you can even see ocean city , lots of fog this morning down especially along the jersey coastline, getting up early make sure that you are
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driving make sure you are using extra caution. it is not just shore that has problems with fog this morning it is across all of the delaware valley and even up in the lehigh valley and poconos as well. we have low level moisture and it is not going anywhere as we go through the day. we will not see ton of sunshine and wind will stay light and when we have sunshine or get a little breeze it push that he is moisture away, not happening today, so it is a dreary cloudy and overall not really all that nice saturday for us. storm scan three is not showing much in the way of precipitation to go with that low level moisture. we have showers down, moving in toward wilmington and a few light showers toward poconos as well but overall it is not a wash out by any stretch as you can see. but what we are watching for is cloud cover through the entire day and then we will take a peak out to the midwest because this big area of low pressure this cold front as well that is what is sweeping in toward the end of the weekend, really into sunday night, monday, and then monday evening, and it will bring
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witt, showers, thunderstorms and potential for some heavier rain. you can already see lots of shower and thunderstorms. on the back side of that in western parts of the south dakota is there a weak impulse that will come through. so we're really looking up, down, unsettled pattern, really for the next five or six or maybe enclose to seven days. temperatures this morning we're not too bad, we are looking at 60's, it is warm, even 70's toward wilmington and dover. so again, waking up early this morning it is a warm, it is a muggy start to the day as well check out these dew points well up in the 60's. they are higher in the morning and then they will dip in the afternoon so we could possibly see these go down to 65 or so in philadelphia, maybe up in the lower 60's there through delaware but then they will be climbing up through the day if it looks like we will be in that 65 to 70 range later this afternoon. so we are steamy to almost oppressive with our humidity
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and comfort index this morning but we will be seeing that throughout the afternoon hours as well. here is our future weather, cloud cover out day, showers are possible, maybe isolated rump of thunder in the mix. future weather really brings in precipitation, it is not that widespread, it will be more hit, miss, spotty showers then a widespread wash out but still need to take umbrella, rain coat just in case because again, showers and thunderstorms are out there as we go through the night, showers and thunderstorms taper off and sunday we could see a few peaks of sunshine on fathers day but hit and miss shower and thunderstorm activity is out there tomorrow as well but it is less of a chance then today. 86 degrees with heat index values pushing near 90 this afternoon. we will go with an overnight low of 73, patchy if you go back in the forecast into tomorrow morning as well. ninety on sunday and monday, and then we will be cooling it down on the back side of that front on tuesday, with the high temperature there of 84, a quiet day for us finally but
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then that second impulse as i was talking about wednesday, 85, shower chance, isolated rump of thunder and more 80's for thursday and friday, and friday as we wrap up the week another chance for a shower, jan. all right. thanks, matt. cbs-3 summer fest goes to ambler movie marquis at historic ambler theater is glowing, bright. ambler theater is a great source of pride for montgomery county community there, and it was built back in 1928 but fell into disrepair by 2001. theater was bought and underwent a major make over and now it shines as bright as ever. great place to take in those first run and classic films. >> it is something about sitting in the dark auditorium with other people laughing, crying, feeling suspense together, this is our history. >> just ask anybody there about theater and they will
5:22 am
give a rave review. well, right now fifth annual ambler arts and music festival is taking place our vittoria woodill took in the great acts at play last night. >> put your hand up high in the sky. >> oh, yeah ambler has got that feeling. >> the entertainment, the food , the atmosphere, it is just awesome. >> reporter: there was no parking on butler pike and no parking on the dance floor either. >> it is fun, live and music is awesome. sam, hold your pose, hold it, hold it. that is ambler. >> reporter: off beat and path , if you followed the beat of the music, beyond the eats. >> hello ambler have a great time tonight. >> reporter: they are tapping their toes and moving and shaking, yes. >> you just could not help yourself. >> is there so much energy in ambler i cannot control myself >> reporter: calm down, go back over there, calm down. >> hey, hey, hey.
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>> reporter: good ambler energy was all around. >> perfect night, party time, it is summer. >> reporter: rounding out a great day of smiles, selfies and sound in this great little town. >> we love ambler. >> reporter: vittoria woodill for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead on "eyewitness news" this saturday morning we will take you behind the scenes of is what new in theaters this weekend. >> i'm kevin frazier coming up , scarlet johansen and her all-star girl squad have a wild time in rough night and owen wilson is back in the driver's seat
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a couple new movies are opening up this weekend including cars three with owen
5:26 am
wilson and scar less johansen. kevin frasier from entertainment tonight has more on, the movies new in theaters this weekend. >> this week owen wilson is back as lightening mcqueen in cars three abe scarlet johansen and all-star girlfriend have a hard time in rough night. >> is everything all right. >> great. >> rough night scarlet gentlemen hanson and her pals, get together for a wild bachelorett o week end that takes a troubling turn for the girls. but despite fun, what actually drew the cast in was story of female friendship. >> i think i just loved how real the relationships were between these girls and how very humble, or ernest the characters were. >> reporter: doesn't hurt that the movie is hilarious. >> my reaction when i read the script was...
5:27 am
no,. >> how are you alive right now >> i don't know. >> i'm sorry. your racing days are coming to an end. >> and in cars three- even wilson is back as lightening mcqueen hoist struggling to stay on top of the racing game as he faces off against a younger, faster car voiced by armored hammer and they are joined by carrie washington whose daughter wasn't too impressed by their mom voice over work. >> having your own voice and speaking your voice, and so my daughter said that is weird, mom, that car should have its own voice, not like my voice was the wrong voice because it should have its own voice. >> yeah. >> of course a car should have its own voice, mom. >> retire to make room for these younger, faster racers. >> i decide when i'm done. >> for entertainment tonight i'm kevin frazier and new back to you in the studio. coming up next half an
5:28 am
hour right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" the cosby jury working through part of the weekend, hear message the comedian is now deliberating to its fans. president trump makes drastic changes to america's policies on cuba why he is making them and some are worried about that decision when "eyewitness news"
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today is saturday june 17th, good morning everyone i'm jan carabao. a glummy start to our weekend but will rain clear for dad, by tomorrow? meteorologist matt peterson is live on the cbs-3 sky deck with eyewitness weather. good morning, matt. >> good morning jan, good morning everyone. we are thinking to sunday. we want to make sure dad has a great day but we have to get through saturday first which will be dreary and it is already muggy outside as well here on the cbs-3 sky deck. we are looking for warm temperatures to continue not just in the morning but throughout the day-to-day and then does get hotter for our sunday as well. outside right new there is not a whole lot going on, storm scan three showing a few very, very light, spotty, rain showers, and overall it looks like this is what we will see through through the morning, very light, spotty activity. bigger concern is how muggy it is this morning and that is leading to areas of fog across the delaware valley and
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especially shore points as well where we are seeing less than a mile visibility the atlantic city airport, in millville we are getting a mild visibility. visibility did go up in the last half an hour or so, in philadelphia we went from three to 5 miles visibility. but across the rest of the region out early this morning be careful because that patchy dense fog does cause problems on the area road. make sure thaw are just using your regular, beams on the head lights, don't use high beams if you get caught in the fog it reflects back and makes it tougher. temperatures air above average to start the day at 60's, even some 70's and we are rising up in the 80's this afternoon. we have a high of 86 degrees, when you add humidity it will feel more like 90, 91 with pop up showers or thunderstorm. we are talking about sunday but monday brings chance for severe weather and we will break down those chances as well. back to you. jurors remain dead locked in the sexual assault trial begins comedian bill cosby this morning they will return
5:33 am
to court for day six of the deliberations. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live in norristown with the surprise from cosby himself, anita? >> reporter: good morning, jan , that is right, bill cosby 's attorneys have been calling for a mistrial after days of no consensus between jurors. cosby spokesmen has suggested earlier this week that a dead locked jury is a win for the defense, but judge stephen o'neill made an explicitly clear that regardless of whether or not he declares a mistrial bill cosby and his attorney cannot then in the future argue double jeopardy and as deliberations continue, the jury will remain here and cosby's fate is hanging in the balance. >> please to the supporters stay calm. do not argue with people. just keep up the great support >> for first time during his sexual assault trial bill cosby spoke directly to press
5:34 am
and supporters as he left the montgomery county courthouse late friday night, his fate in the hand of the jury still dead locked after five grueling days of deliberations >> i want to say to the jury, thank you for their licensing days their honest work. >> reporter: seven men and five women have spent more than 50 hours deliberating indicating several times to judge stephen o'neill they could not reach a consensus on any of the three counts of aggravated indecent assault. cosby is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting andrea constand in 2004. she was then director of operations for women's basketball team at temple university. >> we have just reached the 52nd hour and still waiting. >> reporter: cosby wyat said eae week a dead locked jury was a win for cosby team. legal experts say judge o'neill tried to ensure integrity of the legal proceedings by explicitly
5:35 am
asking cosby if he understood ramifications of a possible mistrial. >> the judge wants to be absolutely sure that bill cosby doesn't claim his lawyer didn't tell him that you could be retried if it is a mistrial >> reporter: in all that jury has asked about 12 questions, they have asked to rehear key portions of testimony and they have asked what is reasonable doubt. they are due back here in court at 9:00 this morning. we will be here for that and bring you the latest on the proceedings on air and on line , but for now live from montgomery county courthouse i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> another busy day, thanks anita. "eyewitness news" will be at montgomery county courthouse until the end of the bill cosby trial. once again jury, once it reaches a decision we will bring it to you on air on cbs-3 and on line at cbs and cbs local app. two teenagers are feared dead after one tried to rescue the other on the beach, in atlantic city. crews continue to search for two swimmers but as "eyewitness news" reporter
5:36 am
cleve bryan tells us it is now considered a recovery effort. >> in my eyes he is a hero my sister's hero and my family's hero. >> reporter: family of clea hand says it brings her some comfort to necessity her friend tried to save her. atlantic city teen and group of friend went in the easing after life guard were off-duty thursday night, clea was caught in the rip current so 15 year-old ramone quinn tried to rescue her. they both disappeared in the water and never re-surfaced. >> he didn't to have jump in to try to save her but did he what he did out of the kind ness of her heart. i appreciate and respect that. >> reporter: officials say just before 6:30 they got a call for two missing swimmers near jetty at mlk boulevard. within two minutes officers who used to be life guard were in the water, but they never saw clea or ramone. >> they were stuck on a rock pile and kind of got sucked out and panic, and swallowed water. >> reporter: search lasted until 10:00 p.m. on thursday and resumed as a recovery mission at dawn. family and friend held each other and cried as city
5:37 am
officials updated media on the search hampered all day by fog >> this is really, the sad thing since i have been here for me personally. >> just two children who god has decided their time has come. >> reporter: atlantic city has dealt with several drowning after life guard left for the day, city official says this highlights need for people to swim only on protect beaches. >> it is just not safe to swim without life guard. >> reporter: atlantic city beach patrol shuts down after 6:00 p.m. until july 4th when they extend hours to 8:00 p.m. on select beaches but because of this incident they are going to continue hours until 8:00 here at mlk boulevard, starting now. again, they urge everyone, only swim, when life guard are on duty. in atlantic city, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". overseas now and developing now, a u.s. navy destroyer collided with a merchant ship off the coast of japan, seven sailors are missing. u.s. military officials say that two crew members, including the captain, have been evacuated from the u.s.s.
5:38 am
fitzgerald, and area footage of the ship shows heavy damage to the mid right side, military officials say that there has been some flooding there as well, navy and japanese coastguard officials are working to stabilize the badly damaged ship, the exact number of injuries there is still being determined. authorities continue to search for survivors after the high rise fire in london that is now killed at lee 30 people relatives of the dozens, still missing have blanketed that area with posters of their loved won, others leaving word of condolence near the scene, the grand fel tower housed 600 people in 120 apartments. london police are investigat ing whether foul play contributed to the fire. president trump moves to reverse another obama era policy, he recently announced he will tighten travel and trade between u.s. and cuba cbs news correspondent moelong i hans store friday the white house. >> reporter: president trump
5:39 am
touched down in miami to announce his policies toward cuba. >> i'm canceling the last administration's completely one sided deal with cuba. >> reporter: president is make gooding on a campaign promise, rolling back part of the obama administration's reengagement policy. his changes include prohibiting transactions with businesses controlled by the cuban military including many hotels, and banning individual travel meaning americans could only go to cuba with a tour group and holding the regime accountable for oppression. it puts burden of reform on the cuban government. >> ball in your court now you will allow regular cubans average cubans to open up hotels to open up restaurants to open up resorts and we will be able to deal with them. >> reporter: president challenge the castro regime to negotiate a better deal, proposed changes won't take effect for several months. cuba is just 90 miles from the border and more americans began traveling thereafter president obama eased
5:40 am
regulations, many on the island don't want that to change. >> people are benefiting greatly right now from u.s. travel and they are incredibly concerned. >> reporter: women entrepreneurs wrote to the president's daughter for help. >> please don't turn back the relations between cuba and the united states, that help us anus cuban women entrepreneurs >> reporter: jeff flake oppose s the president's plan and calling on a vote on legislation that would eliminate travel restrictions to cuba mow elongi for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". habitat for humanity and subaru are teaming up to build a brighter few tire in camden. construction began on the brand new home for a local camden family, executives and employees and volunteers all started the job on friday morning, to date, habitat for humanity has built 58 homes in camden county. philadelphia is home to several popular regatta races. now city will be part of the brand new rowing series, at
5:41 am
boat house row officials announced the series, including six events with the philadelphia youth regatta, nation's largest one day regatta hosted annually in late july. well, there is still so much more to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". playground, to training ground how a school in philadelphia became a learning environment for great outdoors. plus a big buy out for a supermarket chain how much new owner is paying for whole food and the heat is rising fast once again and there is also a possibility of rain, matt peterson's forecast is just minutes
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project years in the making the school is now home to one of the south philadelphia's largest public green spaces. it is also the cities first outdoor learning environment focused on stem education. the cultural school yard including sensory walls for children with disability and garden bed to teach children about sustain built. >> i feel good about it. something in our community, feel better and she said one day i can get better at it. >> think she might grow up to have a green thumb there school yard focuses on four different learning labs that include systems, energy, motion, habitat all made possible by more than 1.5 million-dollar in fund raising by city partners. check this out, amazon is
5:45 am
buying whole food for $13.7 billion. up scale grocery chain men for its fresh, organic options will continue operating stores under its name, the company's ceo will stay on board, and the deal is expected to close, later this year. 13.7 billion matt that will buy you a bunch of fruits and vegetables. >> you are not kidding. whole food sometimes not always the cheapest, option high quality but not always the cheapest. if you are shopping with $13.7 billion you can get a whole lot. it is not ideal conditions to say the least. we are looking at foggy weather, across the delaware valley. this picture coming from our neighborhood network palmyra cove nature park just across the river, looking back, usually we can see the sky line on a typical saturday morning, typical sunday morning but this morning unfortunately lots of lower level moisture and cloud cover and that is, obscuring, our view of our lovely sky line,
5:46 am
here in philadelphia temperatures out there this morning, they are on the high side, too. it is muggy, it is warm, it is not what you would want on a saturday morning, when you are trying to get up, main and get a good day going, it is a morning to curl up in bed because it is so dreary. seventy's for wilmington and dover. seventy, 72 degrees. sixty-nine lancaster. sixty-eight this morning. in the reading area we are waking up to temperature just shy of 70, wildwood in atlantic city both at 69 degrees, as well. satellite, radar picture, there is not too much going on across the east coast, right now, it is relatively quiet, maybe a little drizzle toll go with that fog here across the delaware valley and down toward the shore points and even in the poconos as well. so lets move back to the midwest and what we are watching thinks big system, that is now moving toward you, chicago, it is moving again through nation's heart land and it has a cold front with it that is potent's it is moving into our region as we get toward the end of our
5:47 am
weekend and early next week and it could potentially bring us a chance to strong to severe thunderstorm. we will talk about that. on the back side of the front another little impulse, that little shortwave is moving in, and that could give us another chance for, maybe a more shower and more thunderstorm activity as we head in the middle of the coming workweek. so our weekend is wrapping up, giving us a chance for that bit of the up and down week ahead. our cold front is coming, it is out to the midwest, it is moving to the north, cold front comes in, showers, thunderstorms, coming into the philadelphia region as we get into monday, and what we are watching for here is, again, we're going to be seeing hot and humid conditions over the weekend because in front of the cold front we will get some southerly wind that will bring in that warm, humid air. we will watch for this cold front. it will be strong as it moves through on monday, heavy rain, strong thunderstorms are a potential and when we're talking about severe weather, this is for monday we are going to already see in this
5:48 am
orange dark shading that is enhanced risk. it is halfway through our severe weather threat. marginal, and then slight and enhanced right in the middle. it looks like in preliminary regard high wind are going to be the biggest concern for us as that front comes through when we have those line segments it means we will get strong gusty wind up as high as 60, 65 miles an hour but as we get closer to monday and system tend to get more developed we will be able to see what will be happening better. 86 degrees for our high, pop up thunderstorms and then we will get down to 70 through -- 73 through overnight hours tonight, jan, more patchy fog develops and stray shower in the forecast once again. >> all right, matt, thank you. with fathers day just around the corner now a west philadelphia church is giving a hand to dad in need. as kyw news radio cherri gregg tells us it is hoping to reach out to families.
5:49 am
>> reporter: kevin bradley was feeling down in advance of the fathers day. >> two years ago. >> reporter: he who his daughter hope a few years before, so for him the day for dad was going to be cloudy. >> i went into like a depression for a while. >> reporter: he sees a break in the cloud. >> it feels good. it feels real good. >> reporter: he got a free haircut, and thanks to the volunteers and efforts of the resource center here, at whale n memorial baptist church on baltimore avenue. >> today is designed to raise the men in our community. >> reporter: doctor johnson opened up the center in january named in honor of the church he's first woman pastor and like reference frank they provide food, job resources and for those in need but today it business dad. >> whether it is addiction, unemployment, mental health issues, they want to participate with their families and their children for fathers day but they don't have the outward appearance.
5:50 am
>> reporter: so a simple haircut, and an outfit. >> lift your spirits up, gives them that motivation to go out there and enjoy themselves. >> like a new man. wonderful. >> reporter: for kevin bradley who has in the seen a clean head in a year. >> what does a good haircut make you feel like. >> heaven. >> reporter: with a bit of sunshine to make his fathers day a tad brighter, in well a, cherri gregg, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this saturday morning, the phillies take the lead and say take on the diamond backs but can they keep it find out next in "eyewitness sports". plus wine, and the weather , how climate change ace affecting your favorite wine, and it is not just a flavor we're talking about when "eyewitness news"
5:51 am
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phillies are not very good , but they also have bad luck this week they play hottest team in baseball boston red sox and yesterday they opened up a three game series against second best team in the national league. so lets go back down to citizens bank park, aaron nola getting the start for phillies in the fourth inning fightins down two to nothing. howie kendrick up the middle it goes. odubel herrera will score. phillies down by one. in the fifth they continue to chip away at that, deficit, and cameron rupp get up and get gone. >> it is gone. >> we're tied at two. all of a sudden fightens starting to feel it on offense miguel franco a good example of what is going on, doing some damage at the dish. deep, back to the wall it goes
5:54 am
here comes one run, another, phillies go up, four-two. but back come the d backs seventh inning, gregor blanco roughing up aaron know l he is charged with five earned runs. tied at four. same inning now, more problems , jack lamb, not very exciting play right there but sacrifice fly and go ahead run for diamond backs. phillies fall five-four your final score. lets talk about some hockey. nhl draft is just, about a week away. it is next friday, the flyers have the second overall pick and gm ron hextall is keeping his options open. >> i will in the reveal who we're taking whether we're moving the pick. i don't think we are as i told you before but i will not sit here and tell anyone who we are taking or give anyone enough hints to say who we are taking. >> flyers own a total of 11 draft picks. hextall says he will have the final say on who the team will
5:55 am
take. that is all for sports. i'm don bell. have a great day. earth's climate is always changing and many businesses to have adapt to the differences that arise. one of those businesses is the wine industry. meteorologist matt pete are sonnies in the einstein health care science center explain how temperature change could affect your next glass of wine . wine industry is no different then any other business at the affect by weather as temperatures rise across the globe they must cope with changes while still producing high quality products. climate issues and wine are not typically two topics we would lump together but we should since is there a conn sense as you monk wine producing community that the seasons and climate are more unpredictable. >> i would say around 2,000 i could really see the progress of the winter, and the spring, and i could pretty much guess
5:56 am
the season coming. after the year 2,000 you throw your arms up. >> reporter: in general many producers believe temperatures are rising leading to changes in harvest times here in the philadelphia region. >> we're pretty consistently hard visiting our grapes earlier then we had 10 years ago because we are seeing a bit of earlier ripeness. >> reporter: largest change that wine drinkers are likely to sianni higher alcohol contents in the finished products and is there much discussion on whether this is good or bad change. >> we have got a lot of sugar ripeness in the grapes as things get warmer but we don't necessarily get, ripeness to the skins, and this means that you have wines with lots of alcohol, but no length. >> reporter: regardless of what wine makers or drinkers believe, when it comes to changes in the climate across the globe one thing does seem to be clear. >> you carl late everything because your goalies to produce top quality wine. >> this friday when you head
5:57 am
out to happy hour take an extra second to think about the weather and how it effects everything even glass of wine in your hand. in the einstein health care science center i'm meteorologist matt peterson. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00 here's what we have coming up at 6:00. >> no day off for jury deciding fate of bill cosby for first time since the start of the trial the comedian has a message for his fans. one man's vision, remembering the director who made a philadelphia fighter named rocky balboa a hollywood icon. and another dreary afternoon is ahead will it improve with fathers day, matt peterson's forecast is coming up next this saturday morning.
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i want to thank the jury for their long days,. >> bill cosby breaks his silence for first time since the start of his trial. this morning on a saturday the jury's going back to work in an attempt to reach a verdict. developing right now an accident at sea, a u.s. navy destroyer and container ship four times


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