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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 21, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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pittsburgh not even a week after trial ended and they were dismissed for g now they are getting news right about now their names are being made public, judge o'neill ruled within the last couple of hours, saying that these names can be released but with stipulations. the stipulations include that jurors cannot discuss what other jurors discussed or voted in those private deliberations but jurors are free to discuss their own thoughts with members of the media now ukee and jessica, both cosby's legal team and prosecution tried hard to block these names from coming out tonight. they are arguing it will make it difficult to select a jury if and when a case is retried but judge believes that releasing the names is important enough in this case, guess contact. >> reporter: david, interesting development, thanks very much. it is first official day of the summer and we have got weather to go witt. warm temperatures, sun, and some pop up storms. we have latest now from meteorologist lauren casey. >> we don't have widespread storms but we have one severe
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thunderstorm rolling itself right through center city philadelphia. this is a look at 95 and cottman that heavy rain just passing through, you can see wet, soaked roadways, camera still shaking around, a cell rolling in just in time for the evening commute. so if you where to head out to the star, wait it out 20 minutes until the cell passes on through. we will switch over to the weather suiter and and center city, philadelphia, and, has moved through but you can still see rain drops flying through, sideways, right now we will see that rain cooled air, west wind at 20 miles an hour. here is the storm in question, severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 5:15 for greater fail area cell moving off to thee southe at 35 miles an hour, so included with this warning burlington, camden, gloucester and philadelphia counties. we can see camden, cherry hill , upper darby until 5:15. cell rolled through montgomery county. numerous reports of down trees and power lines, we could potentially see 60 to even 70
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miles an hour wind embed wind this cell. heavy rain coming down from abington, down into port richmond, philadelphia, thinks all moving to thee/southe so head up in these area, under this warning, so mount laurel, new jersey back into cherry hill, runnemede, deptford will be moving in for you. it looks like this cell is still free, holding together potent, main concern is going to be 60 to 70 miles an hour wind that could bring down trees and power lines. we have this storm, and then we have another storm out toward lancaster county but this is only activity we have ongoing at this point but we still need to keep a close eye on the severe thunderstorm. future weather showing as we head in the next couple hours dealing with that cell moving its way down the shore, otherwise quiet conditions but in that severe thunderstorm warning seek safe shelter, getaway from the windows and don't embark on that commute right now. >> thanks, lauren. police in maple shade burlington county are investigating a deadly shooting. >> police found victim behind
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iron hill brewery on kings highway. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan is there with more from police. >> reporter: police say when they got the call 8:25 this morning they believed it was an active shooter scene but they were quickly able to secure the area around the iron hill brewery, meaning that nobody else was in danger , however, it is still had a big impact. >> never expected to run here. >> reporter: all activities on hold for most of the day several maple shade businesses as authorities investigated a fatal shooting behind the iron hill brewery, police believe male victim found on the loading dock ran from the brew ery was targeted by unknown shooter, meaning this was not a random act of violence. iron hill through their public relations firm says shooting has nothing to do with the business. releasing a statement that says quote there were no iron hill employees or customers involved or injured in this incident. >> everybody has been telling me that nobody was hurting anybody. >> reporter: green tech which neighbors iron hill called her to stay home on wednesday morning. hours later she arrived to find police blocking the parking lot.
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>> detective came in and told me it was okay to keep our doors opened. there is a provide i presence but i feel comfortable that everything will be okay. >> reporter: nearby employees, await more details, some told us how upset they are that shots were fired and a person died, right next to where they work. >> person was innocent, then yes, it is tragic. >> it can happen anywhere, not just here but happen every where you just have to be aware of everything, all of your surroundings. >> reporter: police cleared this scene around 4:00 p.m. and iron hill brewery said they will reopen up at 5:30 for dinner service. this is an active investigation and no arrests. cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police in philadelphia are searching for suspects in the shooting of a taxi driver, in brewerytown. this happened around noon time in the 2900 block of ogden street. the six two-year old male cabdriver was shot two times in the leg during a robbery attempt. the suspect made off with a cell phone and some cash, the cabdriver was taken to
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hahnemann university hospital and is now in stable condition a deadly discovery lead to a murder investigation in woolwich township gloucester county. chopper three over forest court where police say a woman was found dead of blunt force trauma in the swimming pool in her home saturday. authorities identified victim today as 47 year-old michelle wong. police have not released a motive or if they have any suspects. day two of the testimony in the corruption trial against district attorney seth williams. the prosecution is painting a picture of williams as a man with high taste but without the fund to pay for his lifestyle. our greg argos has been in the courtroom all day and has very latest information from center city. >> reporter: today prosecution continued their case calling in total six witnesses, to the stand against seth williams, district attorney here in philadelphia county and they painted him as a man with expensive taste but it was also dodging, expensive bills. district attorney seth williams once again not speaking as he left federal
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courthouse wednesday afternoon inside though, evidence presented by the prosecution speaks for a man with expensive tastes, but his finances were in shambles. the government led by a team of three assistant u.s. attorneys alleged williams wind, kind friend and his girlfriend at the union league including spending more than $600 on a new years eve dinner in 2013, all the while prosecutors say williams was dodging nursing home bills for his mother. the government has charged williams with 29 federal bribe ry, corruption charges, he accepted bribes in the form of cash, trips, even a couch and convertible, in exchange for favors tied directly to his position as philadelphia's district attorney. government has broken the case down into what they called five different schemes, so far all of the trial has focused on one of those schemes allegations williams spent more than $10,000 of his mother's money on clothing and his own mortgage instead of her house and medical bills. witness these afternoon which included union league
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assistant manager and employee at nursing home, 80 year-old mother, painted two different pictures. nursing home witness testified williams consistently avoided calls asking for payment and bills for his mother's care, all of the while the assistant manager of the union league said he spent thousands on fine dining. williams defense team admits he made poor decisions and had trouble managing his finances but think say, nothing he did was illegal, the case continues, tomorrow, here at federal court, 9:30 in the morning. reporting here from center city i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in hearings on capitol hill house and senate committee investigating russian meddling in the presidential election were warned that moscow will do it again. lawmakers heard more details about this cyber hacking and pressed current and former government officials about how to prevent future attacks. >> that is certainly... >> reporter: former home land security secretary jay johnson told house intelligence committee to expect more sign
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's tax. >> thinks not an academic exercise. >> reporter: johnson says figuring out how to tell american voters what russian hashingers were doing before election day was tricky. >> we were very concerned that we not be perceived as taken side in the election and injecting ourselves into a very heated campaign. >> reporter: his department did try to help states after evidence revealed russians were infiltrating voter registration databases. >> the state's lex officials, and, very worried about what they perceived to be federal intrusion into their process. >> reporter: thirty-six states did accept help and dhs has designated election infrastructure as critical. johnson suggested that congress provide grants for states to tighten their cyber security protections and raise ago wearness about hackers techniques could go a wrong way. on the other side of the capitol senators pressed dhs officials to identify the state's hit in 2016.
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>> do i not believe our country has been made safer by holding this information back from the american public. >> i prefer not to go into those details in, this forum. we are track to go second one states. >> reporter: dhs says there was no evidence that the 2016 voter ballots were altered. meanwhile russia's deputy foreign minister has cancelled a meeting with his u.s. counterpart. he is than happy that the u.s. expanded sanction as begins russian entities in response to the crisis in ukraine. steve scalise conditions continues to improve one week after being shot and wounded in alexandria, virginia. scalise is now in fair conditions. hospital add that the louisiana republican and house majority whip is now starting rehabilitation, and scalise was shot in the hip, when a gunman opened fire on a republican baseball practice. today the fbi confirmed that the gunman acted alone and shooting was not connected to terrorism. >> it is believed to have exited his vehicle with the two weapons, one being a sks
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7.62-millimeter caliber rifle and a 9-millimeter handgun for which he had a holster on his body. >> police shot and killed the gun man. mayor jim kenney announced new initiative to combat climate change in philadelphia >> to make good on our commitment to meet internationally agreed on carbon pollution reductions to day we're joining 99 other mayors across the country in pledging the transition from philadelphia toward 100 percent clean energy. >> the efforts follow the white house's decision to withdraw from the paris climate agreement, many u.s. governors, mayor, wall street leaders defended the accord as an employment effort in reducing planet warming greenhouse gas emissions just one of the ways philadelphia will fight back, city will provide climate change information on its web site. well, coming up on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 it looks like a scene from the movie. >> out of control bus barrels down a busy street, backward
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what the driver said immediately after the bus came to a crashing stop. headaches, back pain, calves were tender. >> also ahead, what these patients come from and why this man felt moved to offer them help toward healing. it thinks weeks story of brotherly love. and why james corden is sending 300 copies of the movie fail to president trump, it is in today's hot minute with bex. live look at our parkway central library camera, lauren will update those pop up storms that rolled through when we come
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well, in philadelphia an acupuncture is studied around the world and speaks several languages but as a american, and wants to help others, becoming american as well. >> that is why once a week he brings his skills to people who are new to this country. it thinks weeks story of brotherly love.
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>> reporter: stephen, and his partner don't speak the same language. >> we will use google translate, and i had four word , and they were painful. >> reporter: it only takes a few word for ahmed to show stephen where it hurts and for steve tone start fixing it. every wednesday stephen offers his acupuncture services. to immigrants and refugees, who are coming through the nationality services center and going through stressful transitions. >> they have headaches, back pain, their calves were tender and they are just dealing with the overall stress of coming in the country and learning what it is like to be an american. >> reporter: down the hall gwenn, lead a free yoga class. both yoga and acupuncture are part of the centers wellness dates, where even when she can't speak their language she can see positive change. >> you can feel just that, that tension has melt add way.
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>> reporter: staffers are welcomed to stop by. >> they are doing great things , so i wanted to help, and help them, because they are just as stressed out as everybody else. >> reporter: after 10 minutes with the needles ahmed is on his way, relaxed and appreciative. >> you know, doing very good. >> one more right here, okay. >> very good. >> reporter: steve will be back next week, to do it all again. >> it is so great to have him come in and essentially offer services that may be our client's wouldn't have access to or even though it is a little. >> do it all again. you can find more of our brotherly love stories at cbs today is longest day of the year, known as summer solstice and coincide with international yoga day. "eyewitness news", at the police touch museum today. museum marked summer solstice with a family yoga obsession the kid doing all kind of posts there, museum also offered an interactive story time and a toddler program
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about the four seasons. >> wonderful. >> we're now officially in summer. >> indeed. >> summer is bringing some storms. >> it is, well, one storm but it is a pesty storm. severe thunderstorm producing damage across the area in line for this storm you will deal with intense wind speed, down trees and power lines but right now storm has, cleared center city philadelphia but it was intense when it rolled through and supposedly there is a rainbow in this scene. >> where, i don't see it dawn see it. >> okay. >> okay. i believe it, it is there, rainbow breaking out and sun will likely come out as we head in the next hour or so in center city philadelphia after that severe thunderstorm rolled on through but numerous damage reports, coming down especially in montgomery county, right now, peco reporting 12,000 customers without power, a large majority of those in montgomery county. radnor delaware county we had numerous trees, large trees down at that but rest of the reports right now from
5:18 pm
montgomery county, pottstown, trees, wires down, some damage to homes, norristown large branches down, and green lane franconia large wires down as well. tough go for our commute dealing with the rain soak road, dealing with the severe thunderstorm continuing to barrel its way across south jersey and deal with these down trees, down wires, and down branches. severe thunderstorm warning remains in effect until 5:45 for parts of the southern new jersey as cell moves off to the east/southe so warning extend 5:45 atlantic, burlington, camden and ocean counties. you can see cities included evesham, gloucester, manchester and mount laurel. here is heaviest portion. note that is boeing shape there on our radar reflection ivity. that is indicative of strong wind, embedded within this isolated cell. so heavy rain coming down from lumberton, medford, evesham, mount laurel and runnemede as well moving at 35 miles an hour. head up medicine for the lakes , 5:19, tabernacle 5:28.
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that cell is moving in for you , and, south park 5:37 and wood land 5:45. if the cell can keep its strength over the last two hours moving through berks county, montco, delaware county and continuing to move off to the east south east it is not changing and its shape, structure or those bright red they are still maintained right now so it is maintaining strength. head autopsy long the coast as well especially in ocean county. you could contend with this cell by the next 45 minutes. overnight tonight chance of hit or miss thunderstorm early evening hours, partly cloudy and getting quiet, 68 degrees tonight. for our day tomorrow mostly sunny and hot. few late day cloud, high temperature up to 90. humidity stays in check tomorrow but that changes as we head into friday. future weather showing our picture in the evening hours we will not see widespread storm activity even though we are seeing this one isolate varied strong cell as we head into tomorrow morning, nice and quiet for your thursday morning commute, looking good for your lunch hour and as we head in the late afternoon and
5:20 pm
evening hours we will start to see cloud deck increasing from moisture in association with sinned bye to make land fall along the gulf coast, not really wind that will have an impact, in this region, technically, louisiana coastline system will dissipate in the mid south. it will be all of the rainfall , check out forecast rainfall amounts, could see 10 to 20 inches of rainfall along the gulf coast, flash flooding and you can see that moisture starting to work its way up in our neck of the wood. we will see that saturday morning, with morning rain, thunderstorms but then we will clear out, late day saturday setting us up for a beautiful, end to the weekend, sunday is going to be my jam, low humidity, sunshine, 84 degrees >> that is your jam. >> i'm already making plans. >> all right. >> thanks, lauren. >> still ahead so much for the summer blockbusters. >> nature will be giving you an amazing show, one that that is a century in the making, when, where and how you can see a rare total eclipse, don.
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a potential pain break through that could cut down on the use of painkillers. coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we will show you device doctors say can take away pain and man hoist the first, in our area, to receive the treatment, tune in tonight at 6:00 o'clock. >> how about that. >> right. >> yes, all the turntive medicine there. >> don's joining us now with a look at sports and this is a particular, specific story you will tell us today. >> very specific, heart warming, moment for, coming off the hills of something that was pretty disgusting. weeks ago an ugly act caught on film, a beautiful, meeting for a man who deserves it. this is one of the times when sports can act ago a suiting,
5:25 pm
welcomed distraction. >> reporter: video went viral, several teens attack a handicapped man in germantown. today, that man, mark smith, who was a huge flyers fan was invited to the team's practice facility to meet shayne gostisbehere and an stony stol ars. >> nice to meet you. >> an toney how are you doing. >> we got you a jersey. >> they presented smith with a personalized jersey, afterward , the trio bonded over their love of sports. >> who do you have mcgregor or may weather. >> yeah, good decision. >> they discovered they had a mutual admiration for each other. >> i saw video, you know, i don't want to see things like that happen but it happens in the world these days, and it is not a good thing to see but you know, great to see his attitude bit and how he is just, you know, brushing it off and getting back out there and having fun and going on with his life. >> reporter: smith accepted
5:26 pm
more gifts from the fly guys but not planning to keep them. >> i was so exited to do it, just to make him smile but what caught me off guard most was how he said right away he didn't want any of the stuff and give to it little kid and make them just as happy as he was today and that struck me inside. >> reporter: before smith left the florida facility, he told the guys what fans are hoping to see. >> stanley cup. >> yes. >> stanley cup. >> yeah. >> stanley cup. >> thank you. >> great story. >> very good moment, and if you haven't followed this story, i should say, the four teens who were involved in that incident, they were arrested and charged, but great moment today for the flyers and for smith. >> way to go, gang. >> nicely done. coming up next half an hour it should be the sky show of the century, find out when and how, you can see a rare total eclipse. >> out of control what caused a bus to go barreling down a busy street and what the driver said after that bus came to a crashing halt.
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and your news continues at 5:30 here's is what happening police are investigating a deadly shooting behind iron hill brewery in maple shade burlington county. police believe that the mail victim found on the loading dock ramp of the brewery was targeted by the unknown shooting. prosecution laying out case against seth williams, called witnesses to the stand today who testified about the philadelphia d.a.'s spending habits. williams is accused of stealing money ear mark for his mothers care and using it for his own personal use. he is also accused of taking bribes in exchange for favors. lawmakers hold new
5:31 pm
hearings on russia's interference in the presidential election, today former home land security secretary, discussed russia's attempts to hack into state's lex systems. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. out of control bus leaves behind a path of destruction, it came to a crashing stop outside a church. >> reporter janel barrel from our sister station w cbs in new york has a report from the scene. >> reporter: even people recording this cell phone video could not believe it, the empty q58, mta bus, sipping right pennsylvania them coasting backward with no one behind the wheel. >> my first thought was somebody stole the bus and went for a joy roid. >> reporter: paul describing sound of the bus as it sideswiped 10 parked vehicles including one that a man was working on. that man getting hit as bus careened down palmetto street just after 12:30 wednesday morning. >> that sound of metal, boom,
5:32 pm
boom, boom, and then some crunches. >> reporter: bus continued in reverse for more than a block until getting to the intersection of backer avenue where it finally came to a stop crashing in the van and st. paul's lutheran church leaving behind a mangled mess of the iron fence taking a chunk of the brick wall with it. >> standing on the corner, and i see the bus coming back, and pulled over, right away. >> reporter: bus driver, seen here according to witnesses said she thought she put the bus in park and stepped out but the bus was in neutral, he says that the driver was shock >> she's like i can't believe this, my third day on the job. >> reporter: church van totaled and so was this smart car, suv in the path left with significant damage as well. >> wow. >> it is crazy. it could have been her house. >> reporter: many residents who slept through or the deal stunned to see footage and no one was seriously hurt. >> i just thank god it happened at the time that it did, because it is a really
5:33 pm
busy intersection and it could have been a lot, of bad accidents. >> reporter: man who was injured is expected to be okay , as for the bus driver, it is not clear exactly how long that she had been on the job, but, she has been suspended by the nta as thin investigation, continues. reporting from brooklyn, janel barrel, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". fbi is looking into terrorism as a possible motive in the stabbing of a police officer at airport in flint, michigan. the officer was stabbed in the neck, and bishop international airport, that officer is now in stable condition. a suspect, who police say is from can inadequacies has been now charged. we know just before the stab ago this suspect shot an arab phrase meaning god is great. officialness belgium are add to go their heightened security after yesterday's failed bombing at a train station. brussels central stationary opened this morning, after a man tried to blow up a powerful nail bomb, no one was hurt but 36 year-old attacker
5:34 pm
was shot by soldiers and then later died. belgium was already on high alert since suicide bombers killed 32 people at brussels airport and subway station, in march of 2016. the trump administration is considering banning u.s. citizens from traveling to north korea. this comes after the death of otto warmbier 29 two-year old college student who traveled there with a tour group. adam shift also introduced a bill to prohibit american travel there officials say north korea lures americans with cheap tours and then uses them as political pawns. at least 16 americans have been detained by north korea in the last 10 years. president trump's son in law jared kushner met with leaders in the middle east to day he hopes his day long visit will restart long dormant peace talks between israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president mahmoud abbass. this month's marks the 50th anniversary of the 1967 mid east war when israel captured west bank, east jerusalem and gas strip.
5:35 pm
buckingham palace says queen elizabeth's husband is in the hospital tonight and being treated for an infection prince philip was admitted last night as a precautionary measure and his illness ace parentally related to a preexisting condition. he turned 96, two weeks ago. prince's hospital stay forced him to miss the queen's appearance at parliament as she laid out the government's two year agenda. >> my government will bring forward proposals to ensure that critical national infrastructure is protected, to safe guard national security. >> in may representative for britain's royal family announced prince philip would be stepping down from public events. count down is on, in exactly two months the united states will witness a unique celestial event a solar eclipse. >> while total eclipse isn't that unusual, this one is rare meteorologist lauren casey is here to sprain what this makes total eclipse stand out from the rest.
5:36 pm
>> reporter: that is right, late august, americans will witness the first total solar eclipse to cross the continent in a century. and nasa's planning to closely study the event, scientists shared some of the details. it is a show usually, from space but best view will be soon on american soil of the first total solar eclipse to cross u.s. in decade. >> this is a 99 year event, it has been 99 years since a total solar eclipse crossed the entire u.s. from the west coast to thee coast. >> reporter: august 21st moon will pass between sun and earth, shadow will raza cross country at an average speed of 1500 miles an hour, covering a swath roughly 07 miles wide from oregon to south carolina the sky will darker and temperatures will drop to 25 degrees. >> these moments when nature speaks to us in an emotional way, sometimes, come loud, like thunderstorms, storms, like hurricanes, earthquakes but this one will be silent.
5:37 pm
>> reporter: looking sky ward peck spacers will view the sun 's lower area, that area ex-spells electro magnetic energy and math inner the solar system which can have a real world impact heap here on earth. >> it messes with gps, communication and power grid. >> reporter: it can mess with your eyes. >> that sunnies way too bright for your eyes, do enjoy it but be safe. >> reporter: best way to enjoy spectacle is with special viewing glasses, nasa's warning public not to let light show eclipse your safety our region isn't in the path of the total eclipse but we will see a partial solar eclipse. in the einstein health care science center i'm meteorologist lauren casey. >> that is something. >> yes. still to come on "eyewitness news" a local celebrity chef teams up with a famous cheese stake joint we will tell you about their new fancy stake. whipping wind and downpours are pounding parts of the gulf coast as tropical storm cindy prepares to make land fall, i'm don champion in
5:38 pm
biloxi mississippi with the very latest on the storm. plus how your computer mouse might be able to detect if you are lying, we will tell what you to look for up next.
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uber ceo resigned in the wake of several controversies, travis kalanick accepted a request to step aside. former u.s. attorney jenner i can holder has been brought on continue on investigate allegations of sexual harassment and work culture at ride sharing company. kalanick says that the move will allow uber to move forward. well, burger king is tapping in nostalgia, to get
5:42 pm
customers in the door this summer. >> chain's serving a lucky charms milk shade make with vanilla soft serve ice cream and lucky charms cereals and marshmallow n case you are wondering that is 740 calories >> 740 calories. >> head up. >> it is magically delicious. >> yes. >> how you use your computer mouse might be able to tell if you are not telling the truth. >> um-hmm, clue toss look for up
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the way you move your computer mouse may reveal if you are answering a question, truthfully. the researchers in italy, say, a study that they conduct showed that there are differences in mouse movements between honest answer and a dishonest one. people giving truthful answers tend to slide their mouse directly to that answer while people giving false answers, took a longer indirect path. severe weather associated
5:46 pm
with tropical storm cindy is being blamed for death of the boy in alabama, before he even makes land fall. >> correspondent don champion shows us how authorities and areas along the gulf of mexico are preparing for the worst while still hoping for the best. >> as it nears land fall tropical storm cindy whipped up waves, and caused flash flood ago long the gulf coast. on tuesday, 4 inches of rain, fell in new orleans, national weather service lifted a tropical storm warning for big easy this morning but still in the danger zone. >> is there still potential for heavy band of rain to hit us tonight that would cause, flooding. >> reporter: many areas from texas to florida could see another 8 inches of rain before it is all over, that is one reason why governor of louisiana declared a state of emergency. >> just because you don't see your area in the cone of the storm as it approaches, don't take this lightly. >> reporter: a storm surge up to 3 feet is possible, flood threat has many people, along the coast here in biloxi,
5:47 pm
keeping watch. the system produced two waterspouts in different parts of the mississippi, in florida , cindy's powerful wind knocked down trees, and peeled away roofs. in georgia, emergency crews rescued people trapped by flood waters. >> we are trying to get in the car, drive out, big hazard. >> reporter: after cindy makes land fall cities as far north as nashville and memphis could see 5 inches of rain. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we saw pop up showers, here in our area, in fact, peco saying nearly 30,000 customers are without power in the five county philadelphia area. so, yeah, keep that in mind. >> pop ups right now. >> there is one. >> one, storm, but it hit the population center, roll across the delaware valley and severe and still severe at this hour bringing down trees, power lines, cross the area, but you wouldn't know that by looking at this view getting a live
5:48 pm
look at ocean city, cape may county, beautiful conditions, people on the beach, sunshine, ocean city you are not in the severe thunderstorm warning that we will look at here just a couple minutes we will check out what is going on with our eyewitness weather watchers. they are commenting on severe thunderstorm that rolled on through, rain cooled air has settled in, dropping down our temperatures, dramatically, after that storm blew through, jeff has had 67 degrees in hatfield, pennsylvania. sun starting to peak out. he says a 20-degree drop, in just minutes, yes, that storm, meant business, we dealt with torrential rainfall and then strong gusty wind are posing the biggest problem, well, also head back into pennsylvania 71 degrees at eileen's house rain cooled air there as well in gilbertsville she pick up a quarter inch with that storm, she said wild storm around 4:00 peak wind speed 32 miles an hour. don't water toe mate he plants today. that is one way to look at it we check in with one more
5:49 pm
condition where it is 69 degrees at lynn's house in cherry hill, new jersey. she pick up a quarter inch of rain, a third of an inch, it feels good outside, right now so everyone enjoying rain cooled air but we are not enjoying the damage that this severe thunderstorm is bringing across parts of the area, but again, beaches, rehoboth looking good, no problems there, sunshine, people out, enjoying, conditions, it is wednesday, if you are on the board or on the beach that is so nice for you but yes, we have been contending with this severe thunderstorm, you can see over last couple hours moving from berks county in to our western suburbs, through center city philadelphia and south injuries bye to make its way off shore but before it does it is still having those 60 to possibly 65 miles an hour wind speed, severe thunderstorm warning in effect for parts of the area with this cell, atlantic, burlington, camden counties, ocean counties can see areas included a sliver of the camden county there, barnegat light house, little egg harbor, 6:15, heaviest
5:50 pm
rain coming down over wood land back into shamong where we see bright red reflectivity that will indicate that torrential rain. head up little egg harbor, barnegat, light house, mystic island moving east southe your way at 35 to 40 miles an hour. but other than that we have one cell and then rain, moving now into chester county. it is not severe. we will not see widespread storms, we have not through the day-to-day but this one cell did damage as it came through, radnor delaware county trees down, pottstown, montgomery county got hit hard with down trees, down wires, and damage to some homes in pottstown, south fail large tree down. we are seeing reports coming out of burlington county of down trees and down power lines, as well, and hence, we are seeing power outages. for tonight, we will see hit or miss thunderstorm in the evening hours and quiet overnight tonight partly cloudy, mild, 68 degrees, mostly sunny, hot, a high of
5:51 pm
90 degrees. hugh mid stays in check tomorrow but we will see increasing humidity as we head into friday. future weather showing not much more tonight after severe thunderstorm moves off shore, quiet tomorrow morning looking good for lunch hour, sunshine in the scenes, we will see late day cloud increasing, staying dry into thursday, evening, and we will up rain chance necessary to friday, dew points elevated after a comfortable day to day humidity wise but we are dealing with moisture from the rain on the ground saturating our surface atmosphere but tomorrow dew points despite that heat will be around 60 degrees, noticeable but not oppressive or inn sufferable. forecast high of 90. in wilmington up to 87. trenton a high of 87 degrees in reading. half and half weekend is in store, dealing with the potential for tropical moisture, actual friday cindy as we head into saturday, heavy rain, storms possible but we will clear out in time for sunday's beautiful 84, sunshine and low humidity, guys. >> lauren, thanks.
5:52 pm
chef jose garces led his star power to a good cause today in south philadelphia. "eyewitness news" at the pennsylvania path's steaks. garces was there for spread the wiz foundation that was established by owner of the pat's stake. it is to educate about healthy eating and nutrition in children. garces prepared his cheese stake with carmelized onions, spanish cheese fundo and truffled mushrooms. he used pat's lynn eye and roll. i'm telling you. still ahead on "eyewitness news" what is cuter than a dog in the party hot. >> not much. stay with us. find out why they were part of the big celebration in our
5:53 pm
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and a mom delivering her daughter to college is a little campus fun and it goes viral. bex from 96.5, brings us these stories in tonight's hot minute. >> thanks, ukee and guess contact president trump can expect a large package in the
5:56 pm
mail from james corden. late, late show hoe sent him 297 copies of the film philadelphia. corden says he wants to send a message about the hiv aid crisis, and one other thing. >> tom hanks deserved that oscar. >> reporter: kim and kanye west made a deal with the surrogate to have their third child, and they are dishing out cash to do so. it is reported that $45,000 will be paid to the surrogate and an additional 69 grand to the agency. the moment you realize your mommies cooler then you, after avery foster's mom dropped her off for college orientation it was mom who got acquainted with the football team and in a post that has gone viral mom even text quote don't wait up. it seems to be a trend with the football team. another student sharing photo of her mom, as well. that is the hot minute i'm bex from today's 96.5. >> wow. >> all right.
5:57 pm
>> mom, mom. >> all right. >> well, pennsylvania spca is celebrating a big birthday today. >> as vittoria woodill tells us they have been protecting animals now for 150 years. >> reporter: hooray for the pennsylvania spca. >> happy birthday spca. >> reporter: today off of erie avenue they celebrated, 150 years of caring for our cuddly friend with a birthday bash, treats included. >> we have cup cakes, we have a few spca cup cakes, fresh cat nip report our cats. >> reporter: decked out and decorated we're not only seeing dogs but do goers, volunteers and pet lovers that has kept this organization going for over a century. >> we were founded in 1867 to protect horses and we're still going at it and protecting animals 150 years later. >> reporter: for the ceo julie it is hard to describe one word to put these five letters standing for organization that still leaves no animal behind.
5:58 pm
>> service, prevention, joy, happiness, pick anyone of those word. >> reporter: orlando is an employee at spca and grateful one at that because if it wasn't for the spca he never would have built a connection with king rudy a completely blind dog who eventually became part of his family. >> not too long ago he was returned, saying he was aggressive. there was something inside of me didn't believe it. i told my partner we have to get him. he looks so broken. now she's very playful. >> when we first met him i didn't think it would work but love does heel. >> reporter: love never gives up and neither does the spca. >> he would do anything in the world and they choose to work at spca making sure pets are happy and knowing that they are not forgotten. >> absolutely. love is the answer. is that right. >> no question bit. >> and june is actual a adopt a shelter cat month.
5:59 pm
so, why not head down to the p spca. >> pspca. >> thank you. >> i don't know how many times i have said that today. adopt a cat, adopt a dog and help these animals get a loving home. >> no doubt bit. good message. >> i have seven already i would be right there. >> yes. >> i know it. >> seriousry you have seven. >> four cats, three dogs. >> well, we will need more room i'm with you. i will go get them. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. a serious storm rolls through our area on this first day of summer drenching rain and wind, swept through the area, lauren. >> one severe thunderstorm rolling away across the delaware valley bringing down trees, power lines, i will have latest on storm scan and what to expect for the rest of the evening. >> reporter: sex assault suspect walks out the door of the philadelphia police precinct i'm joe holden. that shouldn't have happened and how philadelphia police went on alert to track him down. plus honoring a philadelphia legend a new
6:00 pm
generation is playing a key role in keeping the memory of ed bradley alive, see where these young philadelphians headed and what they are doing to make sure that no one ever forgets this broadcast pie near. it is 6:00 o'clock and from sunny, to stormy, in moments a quick hitting storm send people running for cover, starting off the summer with some severe, weather, tonight we're told tens of thousands are without power in our area. many of those outages in fail and montgomery county. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. we will go to meteorologist lauren case toy find out where this storm is now, lauren. >> thanks so much, guys. it is almost off shore but not quite and still severe thunderstorm warned, severe thunderstorm warning for the area. it drops off at 6:30. over burlington county and


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