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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  July 2, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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...where certain fungal infections are common and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flulike symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work. the search continues for the man officers say shot and killed a recent high school grad during a apparent road rage incident, and this morning, new developments in that case. >> show you what airport crews are dealing with this morning. >> fireworks light up the sky over the delaware, as wawa welcome america continues would take a look at the activities planned for today. >> today is sunday july 2nd,
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good morning, i'm january car barrow, weathered the storms yesterday l it calm down today? right over to meteorologist, matt peterson with the eyewitness weather forecast, good sunday morning, matt, what do you think? >> i think talking smooth sailing, especially after day like yesterday, it was stormy, it was just a kind of messy, and whenever we can talk about the calm after the storm, always good with me. outside right now it is warm, it is a little bit sticky out there, still, but take a look at the neighborhood network from lehigh valley cut town, really just fantastic morning, few high clouds out there, but as i said a little bit warm. sixty-eight now up to 69 degrees, in the cut town area, and again, our humidity, it will be lower today. but right now, it does feel still little bit sticky outside. storm scan3, for the most part, not really showing us anything at all, we had few high clouds, here few hours
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ago, just across the philadelphia area, pushing into south new jersey but again they just have faded out westerly wind continuing to bring in drier air, on the back side of the colds front that came through yesterday. so we will be again looking for temperatures today that may be are a little bit warmer than what we had yesterday. humidity will be slightly lower. so kind of trading things off here, not both low humidity and comfortable temperatures but at least lower on the humidity side of things. temperatures right now seven's out there, loan spot in the 60s mount pocono 64 degrees starting out the day. your eyewitness weather forecast for the shore this afternoon, 87, great breeze beach day if you ask me. if you're up in the poconos later this afternoon, 81, lots of sunshine for us up there. then tracking small chance jan for maybe shower on the fourth of july. we'll talk about that in just a bit. >> matt, thank you the parts. region are cleaning up this morning, after some quick but strong storms yesterday, take look at this. dabbing dollars two planes,
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one of the planes lost its knows gear, trees knock over, too, and the airport has closed section of the concourse, there because of roof leaks, the good news is no one was hurt. >> new information about road rage incident in chester count that i took the life of recent high school graduate. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, live in west gosh win more on this story, anita? >> very sad story but police may have found the red pick-up truck involved in the incident last week. take a look at new photos of the red truck believed to be involved in the road rage incident, happened wednesday about 5:30, both drivers were in the southbound lanes of route 100, here, in west goshen township. that's when authorities say a man pulled out a gun, and shot and killed 18 year old bianca roberson in the head, as both of them were trying to merge into this same lane west goshen township police chief
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spoke naught press conference friday. >> this homicide completely senseless, brutal, and tragic. he took a beautiful young lady of 18 years of age, in the prime of her life, getting ready to go off to college. >> lot of family and friends are in mourning at this time. but take a look at the suspect, this is sketch of the man believed to be involved in this road rage incident, he is described as white man, in his 30's, four's, with a medium build, and light blonde or light brown hair. he is considered armed and extremely dangerous, and there is a $5,000 reward for any information leading to arrest, again, there is a press conference scheduled at 10:00 this morning, and we will be here and bring you all of the updates live on but for now, live here in chester county, anita oh, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> anita, thank you. four men are in jail this morning, after a drug bust in new jersey, state police say they seized about 170-pound of
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heroin, 50,000 percoset tablets, plus methamphetamine, that's on thursday in willingboro. police say it was the biggest drug bust in the township's history. federal state and local investigators worked together on the month's long operation that ended with thursday's raid. the heroin alone, worth almost $10 million. >> the new jersey state government remains closed today, several government services have stopped due to the shutdown. governor chris christie and the democrat led legislature will meet this afternoon in the hopes of working out a budget. "eyewitness news" reporter henry, with the latest. >> confused drivers greeted by lock doors at local dmv offices unable to accomplish even the most basic every business. >> i was hoping to get my registration fixed today but apparently not. >> lola asked us what was going on. >> bottom line is the dmv's are closed. >> after we explained she told us the registration expired. >> so i can't drive. >> and lawmakers can't seem to get anything done except point
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fingers. governor chris christie shutdown nonessential state operations and operations after no budget vote. he put up posters blaming vincent prieto not allowing a vote that would allow stricter for blue cross blue shield. >> completely unavoidable. i was ready to sign a budget yesterday. i'm certainly willing to sign one today. >> be prieto fired back suing new insurance rules are topic for another day. >> so how do you get a budget and not a shutdown and like the only guy trying to get it, again, this is a top crisis, and this is unacceptable. >> meanwhile the impasse means it cannot pass in the state parks during the busy holiday weekend. she had to u-turn her mini-van full of children at rancocas state park. >> not fair to the normal working people, you know, in our family, you know, so they need to stop being so selfish,
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come together, make up something. now we can't take our family to enjoy the day. >> unlike the dmv here will remain closed throughout the government shutdown, essential service that is will still be active during the shutdown. that includes nj transit, and the state police. in cherry hill, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> meantime delaware lawmakers meeting today to try to resolve their state's budget problem. lawmakers passed a short-term measure yesterday to funds the state governor for 72 hours, that's after failing to pass budget before the start of the fiscal year. proposed 4 million-dollar spending plan hit a roadblock, when republicans refuse income tax, democrat poe post, president trump is spending the weekend at his new jersey golf club, that's as his feud with msnbc morning show co-host, continues, correspondent wendy gillette report he spent his saturday nitrate sigh g the media. >> the president returned to washington, saturday night, to
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deliver remarks, to one of his core group of supporters, veterans. >> there is no place i would rather be than with you. >> and ivan gel did a mega church in dallas sponsored the event at the kennedy center, during which the president also railed against the media the fake media tried to stop us from going to the white house but i'm president, and they're not. >> the rant gannon twitter as trump reignited his feud with the host of nsnbc morning joe writing: crazy joe scarborough and dumb as a rock micah are not bad people, but their low rated show dominated by there nbc bosses, too bad. the president was criticized by those on both sides every wilds for tweet he sent out thursday that says shy was bleeding from a facelift, when she and scarborough visited his mar-a-lago estate over new years. the president also tweeted about the response to his
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voter fraud commission saying numerous states are refuse to go give information to the very distinguished voter fraud panel. what are they trying to hide? more than 20 states are pushing back against the request from the president's panel, which is investigating allegations of fraudulent voting in the 2,016 election. the commission wants states to turn over detailed data and personal information about voter, many election officials say the request violates their state laws. >> thank you very much. >> after his speech, president trump headed back to new jersey, to spend the rest of the holiday weekend at his golf club. wendy gillette, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> president trump is also defending his social media use in a tweet last night. he said the fake news media is trying to convince republicans that he should avoid using social media he called his twitter use quote modern day presidential. the july 4th fun continues today in philadelphia with wawa welcome america. museum day taking place at the barnes foundation and the philadelphia museum of art.
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guests can visit the barnes for free, admission is pay what you want at the art museum, and tonight, you can watch rocky on the rocky steps the movie being shown tonight at 8:00. >> still ahead this sunday morning, california highway patrol troop he is spot a man recklessly, try to pull him over he takes off. we'll show you how the troopers were able to catch this driver, who led them on a dangerous chase. >> and investigators trying to figure out what happened right before a small plane win down in georgia killing four people. what investigators say may have caused this tragedy. we will be right back. ♪ pro-tip. get these great smoked ribs. twenty minutes on the grill, they're done. you think he cares if i smoke ribs for six hours? what? the best food at amazing prices, giant.
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>> officers say this shooting may be gang related 25 out of the 28 people had gunshot wounds, the other three had other injuries. they're all expected to survive. but, the mother of one of the victims said she is relieved her daughter will be okay. i possibly sit down and explain to my grand babies why her mother would come out. >> this sun real, again, i could have lost my child last night. you know i'm so thankful to god i didn't. >> two of the victims still in critical condition yesterday afternoon, police have not made any arrests, little rock's -- little rock arkansas mayor says the night club where the shooting happened will be shutdown.
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landlord has already issued eviction notice. >> hearing from off duty fire fight here came to the rescue of two survivors of the small plane crash, it was all caught on camera, near los angeles, on friday, remember, the twin engine cessna crashed on to the busy 45 freeway there. john driving home. he watched as fire engulfed the small plane as it came down. he soon initially decided to stay back for safety but then the flames -- >> i seen the passenger, her face, her head pop up out of the passenger side f she could be there, i thought, i could be there. i wasn't looking for like any fan, just it was a fire service, i'm just always here just to help people. >> he dragged that wife out of the plane that went back to the husband, and off duty nurse and a nurse practitioner took care every them until paramedics arrived. >> crews continue to clean up, following a train derailment and in plane field, illinois.
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late fry night, 19 canadian national railway cars toppled over with 20th car barely on the tracks there, 45 that you gallons every crude oil spilled but nobody was hurt. now, the environmental protection agency is testing for air, watt r -- water and oil pollution. >> still trying to figure out what caused small plane crash in georgia killing four people. crash happened in wooded area. yesterday afternoon, about 85 miles north of atlanta, officials say it was a two engine piper plane, authority believe weather could have contributed to bringing that plane down. >> after impact, very violent storm that happened when it happened. we had heavy wind, heavy rain, lightning. >> crews found two of the victims about 300 feet from where the plane crashed, we don't know just yet where the plane was coming from, or where it was headed. a high speed chase unfolds on streets of los angeles,
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started when the california highway patrol tried to -- tried to pull over a man driving recklessly yesterday. he then led troopers on chase that often exceeded more than 100 miles per hour. a trooper crashed, during the chase, and it is unclear that trooper's condition this morning. the highway patrol at one point stopped the chase before starting again. the pursuit ended with a pitman offer, and the driver arrested. back here at home now, and turning to werth, how is it look today? hopefully little better than yesterday, matt, where we saw the strong storms? >> yes we did, in the afternoon, kind of messy afternoon, for us, we had the strong line every thunderstorm that did push through. the good news is after it mover through we saw immediately after the rain wrapped up, now here this morning on the sunday it is a wonderful start to the day checking out in burn ville, talking about rain showers yesterday, came through, and we actually had record
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rainfall up in reading yesterday afternoon. got just about 1.4 inches every rain, that broke the old record, of 1.18. set all the way back in 1922. so again, those thunderstorms, they packed quite a punch on our saturday, the good news, again, all of that precipitation has been smoothed out. holiday headlines for today, we go with more sunshine, but less humidity for our sunday, that's good news for us, temperatures, going to be little warmer than our saturday, and as we move into monday, some folks off, some people do have to go to work, doesn't look as though plenty of sunshine but still going to be hot out there. and then we heard the fourth every july itself mix every sunday and clouds, throughout the afternoon. and maybe later part of the day, could be a pop up storm. if you have outdoors, evening, on tuesday, going to be on without a pitch, just keep eye to the sky in case. storm juan p clear, dry, westerly wind bringing in loft drier air the back side of the
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colds front that continues to move off the coastline. it will be great day to go to the pool. 90 degrees for the high temperature this afternoon, lots of sun, but make sure to wear the sunscreen, uv on the high side all the way to up nine later this afternoon, just getting up right now, temperatures in the 70s, warm out there, loan spot in the 60s, mount pocono, at 64, 73, in wilmington, and dover, 74, right now in reading, headed back down closer to the shore, atlantic city 75, wildwood at 73 degrees. here are the dew points, again, there is still some moisture out there. we haven't completely dried out. but again, you see 60s towards mount pocono, and allentown for dew point, and that's going to be seeing, take over pretty much the entirety of our area as we go through the afternoon hours again drier air moves in, and we will be watching for much more comfortable conditions. now, monday, we see few showers to our north there, on the future weather again this is tomorrow afternoon. and that's going to be because another weak boundary pulled on through, maybe straw shea for us late in the day monday
7:19 am
here across philadelphia area, but for the most part looks like it will be a dry afternoon. and then, for our tuesday we have the chance, even though future weather not painting the chance in right now, just need to keep eye out for it later in the day. as i said, high temperature today 90 degrees for us, then as we go through the seven day forecast here we get to 91 tomorrow. spotty shower, maybe, in the second half of our day monday. tuesday, 87. for the fourth every july. and then we're staying in the 80s. so pretty average wednesday, thursday, toward the coming westbound end, spotty chance thunderstorms thrown into the mix, jan, some thursday, another chance thereon friday, as well. >> matt, keep us up-to-date. it is now 7:19. time to see how traffic is moving along. here is amanda mueller in the cbs-3 traffic center. morning, amanda. >> good morning, jan, live look at 95 northbound, onramp from street road, you have to see but police activity offer to the side here, no word on what that is, good news it is not blocking traffic.
7:20 am
just use caution if you are coming around the corner there. all rest of the majors looking pretty good this morning. >> if you enough philly or planning on visiting kelly drive closed for the independence day regatta. that will closure will last for the full day, mlk drive closed for holiday events. still keeping an eye on this incident in new jersey near trenton, pole down, right lane blocked, traffic signal out, how much, still early, doesn't seem to be causing any imagine or tie ups at the john fitch way at thunder road. blue route at 76, looking pretty beautiful out there this morning, in the cbs-3 traffic center. and and did a mueller, back to you. >> amanda, thank you. hundreds of people return to their alma matter to watch a beloved building, come crashing down. >> the reason this 50 year old building has so much to so many people. >> and woman loses her site
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after a devastating fireworks accident. how doctors were able to give her vision back to dear fellow citizen, hunting treasures with my daughter is wonderful. because before i'm ready, she'll be off to college.
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>> hundreds gathered to see higgins hall come crashing down, stood on the college campus for 50 yearsment some people were sad to see their former home disappear. >> i nearly cried when i came here yesterday. i saw how they gutted it. my god, what did they do? then, goat my ipad going. and it is coming down. i go, my god, it is gone. >> university officials plan to bring down the building back in 2,008. the school will recycle 90% of the debris left over by the demolition. well, you can now buy some fireworks legally in new jersey. but, before you do, there is a warning from doctors. fireworks can be dangerous. every year, they cause injuries, even death. health reporter stephanie stahl has the story every local victim's ordeal. >> stacey young can finally see more clearly. her vision, slowly restored, after a devastating facial injury when a fire work exploded nearby. >> i was trying to yell, and trying to get up, everything went black. i couldn't see any more.
7:25 am
the pain, jesus god do i know what pain is. >> it happened 17 years ago, her skull was fractured in five places, stacey was told she would never see again. >> the cornea is nice and clear. >> after six reconstructive surgeries at penn medicine, some of stacey ' vision has been restored in one eye. >> i am seeing stuff now that i haven't seen for 17 years. i can see my son's face that i haven't seen his face in 17 years. >> the consumer product safety commission says fireworks caused nearly 11,000 injuries in 2015. 1300 were to the eye. >> i cringe, because you don't really appreciate how much of a risk that you take. >> the pen doctors who had been working with stacey say fire work injuries are often devastating. >> i didn't look in the mirror. >> she was very lucky and very
7:26 am
unlucky. very lucky that she still had vision in the one eye. there was a lot of damage that we couldn't fix. >> now being able to look back through her journey, stacey says, she's grateful, and still feels patriotic. but, for her, fourth every july festivities are a painful reminder. >> fireworks and apple pie, american tradition. yep, well, i can't take that apple pie, and i sure can't sit on that blanket and look at those fireworks any more. >> doctors warn people to stay away from backyard firecrackers, and sparklers, that's where most of the injuries happen. best, they say, to stick with the professionals for safe fireworks. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." new jersey state government is closed for business. that's after the state legislature fails to pass a budget as the new fiscal year began. we'll tell you the steps governor christie and lawmakers taking today to try to resolve the crisis. anita? >> and the manhunt continues
7:27 am
for the suspect who shot and killed a teen in a suspected road rage incident last week. i'm anita oh, in chester county. the new evidence to help police crack this case. >> and we do have the chance for maybe a shower to move on in for our holiday. coming up on tuesday, i'll have the precipitation chances in your forecast coming up.
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>> nod is sunday, july 2nd, good morning, i'm jan carabeo. matt peterson is out there on the cbs-3 skydeck with eyewitness weather, storms, yesterday, matt. how about today? >> much quieter today. it will be comfortable afternoon, when it comes to precipitation, it will be dry. and we'll actually see some lower humidity. now, outside currently, still does feel little sticky out here. storm scan3, though, showing you, no cloud cover. it is a nice, clear morning for us, across the entire delaware valley, up into the poconos, down the shore, doesn't matter. that is great great start to the day. when it comes to just how much sunshine we are seeing, and as you see, our temperatures here right now, they're already a little bit warm, seeing plenty of 70s, 74 in the sit. head back down toward the shore point still again with
7:31 am
lands breast, our temperatures are going to be up a little bit throughout the morning hours, and into the afternoon, as well, that land breeze usually keeps temperatures maybe agree or two warmer than what we might like of the rehoboth waking up to 77, 76 ocean city, 75 right now in cape may. so begin, definately warm morning for us, across not just philly but back down toward the shore. as i said, little bit of humidity, still muggy for us, dew point in the 70s, we actually should see these hopefully dip as we go through the afternoon probably into the mid 60s, maybe some upper 60s out there, so slightly lower humidity for our sunday, for the afternoon, that is always some good news, even though the temperatures today going to be a little warmer than what we had on saturday, getting all the way up to 90 degrees, plenty of sunshine like i said for this afternoon. we do track some showers, maybe an isolated rumble every thunder for the fourth every july holiday. i'm going to breakdown how much we could possibly see, when it gets here, in just a little bit. >> matt, thank you. authorities in chester county are still looking for the driver involved in a deadly road rage incident.
7:32 am
"eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, live in west goshen, where police believe they've made an important discovery this morning, anita? >> jan, what a heart breaking story, of a teenager who lost her life in a suspected road rage incident. and while the manhunt continues for that driver, police believe they may have found a vehicle involved. take a look at new surveillance photos of this red chevy pick-up truck, driven by man in his 30's, to 40's, believed to be the man who shot and killed 18 year old bianca roberson earlier wednesday afternoon. it happened on route 100, southbound, in west goshen township. as both of those drivers were trying to merge into the same lane. police believe that the driver then pulled a gun, shot and killed the teenager, in the head, and west goshen township police chief, joseph gleason, spoke out in a press conference on friday. >> this homicide was completely senseless, brutal and tragic. he took a beautiful young lady
7:33 am
of 18 years of age, in the prime of her life, getting ready to go off to college. >> and we know that roberson was head today jacksonville university in the fall. her family and friends mourning her lost at this time. meantime, take a look at this sketch. that police released of the suspect, again, he's believed to be a white man in his 30's, to 40's, medium build, blonde or line brought hair, there is $5,000 reward being offered for any information leading to arrest. again, police believe that they may have found a red pick-up truck involved, but they're still looking for that driver. for now live in west goshen township, anita oh, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> and eat, a thank you. new jersey governor chris christie will meet with state legislature today, in another attempt to ends the government shutdown. the governor closed the state government friday night after the legislature was unable to pass a budget. christie also shutdown several state services, like the motor vehicle commission, went to local nbc office this weekend,
7:34 am
resident were caught off guard. >> un for the they're closed, no notice, nothing on the internet, so we wasted our time. >> impacting everybody. and i just think they just kind of got to figure that out and fast. so that's not inconvenience the public. >> the government shutdown is partially due to arguments about the financing of verizon blue cross, the state's largest health insurer. >> a man is in stable condition this morning, after a shooting in kensington. officers responded to north orianna and west cumberland streets yesterday afternoon. police say 21 year old man was shot once in the abdomen, and another time in his right side. no word yet on the cause of the shooting, or any arrests. now, for update on story we first told you about last week. a teenager shot while sitting with a group of friends in southwest philadelphia, is speaking exclusively with "eyewitness news." the young girl is sharing a message she hopes will save lives. "eyewitness news" reporter alicia with the story. >> we were just sitting on the
7:35 am
steps. that's all. that's all i remember. >> did you see anything? >> sixteen year old diamond whitaker cries every time she thinks about last wednesday. a summertime sleep over at her friend's house along spring fields avenue, southwest philadelphia, turned into her being shot six times. >> i wouldn't want this to happen to anybody. my arm is broke. there is a half a bullet in my arm. i got grazed in my leg. shot in my head. >> diamond has several surgeries, and just released from the hospital. she decided to speak out because while most have been praying for her, she feels some have judged her and what happened wednesday night. >> people think i did something because i'm the only one that got shot. but it was just didn't happen to them, it happened ... >> diamond whitaker doesn't live in philadelphia. she was only visit hadding err grandmother when she decided
7:36 am
to sleep over her friends' house nearby. she is now trying to be strong and use her unfortunate experience to spread a simple message. >> now watch your surroundings. >> her mother. >> for her to be 16 years old, she smart, she is not into the boy thing, she like i just don't know why somebody would do this to my child. >> cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> police are still investigating a shooting that left 28 people hurt and an arkansas night club, investigators say it may have been gang related. correspondent wendy gillette report city off the irks say the violence in little lock is getting worse. >> the birrage every gunfire was broadcast on facebook live. from inside a night club, in little rock, arkansas. >> panic club goers ran for their lives to get away from the chaos while dodging
7:37 am
bullets. this man hid under pool table. >> police believe several people got into an argument and gunfire exchanged injuring dozens. the youngest victim is just 16 years old. >> while all of the individuals were injured, either being trampled or trying to exit the location. >> broken glass from the second floor of the club littered the grounds below. police also shutdown several streets in the area, to search for suspect, but no arrests were made. investigators were back at the crime scene collecting evidence saturday. officials say crime is getting worse in little rock there. have been dozen drive by shootings in nine days. >> we know we have we have to use a hurricane matthew, use a big hammer on people that would do violence with guns and hurt people. >> wendy gillette, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> strong storms and rain move through our area yesterday. but, that didn't stop an impressive fireworks display over the delaware river. the light show dazzled crowds, as part of wawa welcome
7:38 am
america. coming up: your next chance to see fireworks in philly. and where to go for the fun. >> and, this is a live look from ocean city today. where a lot of people are spending their holiday weekends. your beach forecast, and when your next chance for rain will be. in the state that invented the american vacation... a legendary adventure awaits. heroes will rise. bonds will be forged. and memories will be made to last a lifetime. new york state. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer trip at dear fellow citizen, spending time hunting treasures with my daughter is wonderful. because before i'm even ready, she'll be off to college. and though i've planned for it,
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but i know it won't be easy. how will i keep up with everyday expenses: rent, food, bus tickets? >> joe: hi. this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to offer the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including emily. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at >> emily: start saving to live independently today. >> take a look at this, skies did clear just in time for the
7:41 am
display, free performance on the plaza, too, the bands played old, new, and patriotic songs. wawa welcome america's next fire work shows on july 4th, 1 show will happen over the delaware river, the other will happen over the ben franklin parkway. >> the obvious question, will mother nature cooperate with us? >> we'll hope so. i think pretty good couple of days, even the fourth every july, slim chance that we get pop up thunderstorm later on in the day on our tuesday, but it does look like it will be very spotty, so, again, overall, it looks like mother nature is going to cooperate for the next couple of days, as we get ready to celebrate the nation's birthday. eyewitness weather watchers talking about warm temperatures this morning, out there, across the area, 83 degrees, this morning, at fran's house, nottingham, pa. sunshine for him, can start out the morning, looking at plenty of 70s out there, as well, 70 degrees at ed's house this morning in chesterfield,
7:42 am
few clouds out there this morning, all readings mostly constant. so it look like it is pretty typical, pretty sim floor with a we had yesterday. down the shore never hurt. go down the beach on sunday morning, jane saying it is sunny, and down in ocean city it is looking 75 degrees, can't hear the shore calling you, come on down. i don't blame you, it is going to be a great beach day. taking a look at what's going on down in margate right now, neighborhood network, great start to the day down there. we're going to be seeing, i'm sure, lot of folks enjoying themselves down at the beach later this afternoon, couple of people walking by, again, early start on the day. little muggy out there. but overall, temperatures, are going to be pretty good. right here sitting in the 70s for the most part, so again little warm, again, little bit muggy, not overly humid by any stretch. definitely not as bad as it was yesterday. actually continue to see our humidity dip going little throughout the afternoon. right now waking up to 72
7:43 am
millville. that's also the dew point in millville, 72, dew point in wilmington, and you see some 60s out, there allentown, mount pocono, lancaster, westerly winds going to continue throughout most of the afternoon. and that will allow some drier air to move into the region which will make it feel much better even if it does get little hotter today than what we had yesterday. satellite and radar, not too much going on. we do see philly out there in the clear for the most part, than is kind of our set up. what's going on, we had the cold front, now just off the coastline. that's what came through yesterday. gave us shower and thunderstorm activity throughout the afternoon. might think to yourself. y are we warmer today? temperatures up maybe degree or two warmer today even though the back side of the cold front. well, the reason for that, the air will be drier this afternoon, again, talking about the lower humidity. so with all of the sunshine will allow the temperatures to creep up another degree or two. then look back toward the great lakes, this area of low pressure, our next weather maker coming on in as we go throughout the later part of our monday.
7:44 am
so looking as we head toward the fourth, which is monday, of course, our set up our front off the coast, sunshine for most of monday, as well, at least the first half of the day. then weak front comes pulling on through, some showers toward late in the day monday. that could linger into our tuesday. front will be through on tuesday. but there will be just enough energy that we could see maybe a shower or an isolated pop up rumble every thunder for us tuesday. and the later haft date toward the evening, good news for that, for us, though, those shower and thunder symptom activity, will somebody very spotty. not going to be widespread. so while we are still keeping an eye on things it, really doesn't look like it is going to be causing a problem for any outdoor plans that you might have for the fourth of july. high pressure starts to set until build in from the gate lakes once again for wednesday. on the back side of the cold front. so temperatures little cooler on wednesday, we see plenty of sunshine, unfortunately, humidity still a little bit high for the middle of the week for wednesday, when a lot of folks going back to work. a look at your pocono forecast
7:45 am
for the next couple every days, 81 for the high today, dealing with 80 degrees for tomorrow. maybe lay date thunderstorm, wonderful holiday 78 thereon tuesday. and our shore forecast looking pretty good, too, 87 sunday, for today, 89 tomorrow. pop up thunderstorm later in the day. then some sunshine, isolated shower down the beach on fourth of july. 84 degrees for tuesday. high temperature today, here in the city, 90. we go to 91 tomorrow. again spotty shower, not ruled out. eighty-seven on tuesday. and then we continue with the 80s as we go through the rest of our wok week, with maybe pop up shower as well. if you love watching the weather you can be featured in our newscast by becoming an eyewitness weather watcher sign up now at >> matt, thank you. 7:45, now, time to check the roads and highways. let's go over to a.m. and doo mueller at the cbs-3 traffic center. morning, amanda. >> morning, jan, live look at the talcony palmyra bridge, bridge opening scheduled in just couple every minutes. may want to find another way around that.
7:46 am
rest of the majors looking good including 95, 202, 30, the vine, the schuylkill for the most part of the everything looking pretty clear this morning. however, if you are headed down the shore, you may run into little bit of tie up on the 42 freeway southbound, you have disable vehicle at creek road. that has a left lane blocked right now, however, as you can see on the map, doesn't look like it is causing too many backups at the moment. also, just be aware kelly drive is closed foreign dependence dale regatta all day today, mlk drive closed to the holiday event. live look at route 100 at pottstown pike. >> agency is underway and the sixers have signed two veterans. produces us the newest members of the team. >> trust the process, that's been the sixers moth over for the last five years, been fail full five year stretch, 301 losses, but there may be some light at the end of the tunnel, they drafted joe em embiid, ben simmons, sarg, and
7:47 am
of course markelle fultz. free agency started yesterday, sixers press brian coangelo worked his imagine took get veterans to come here to philly. sixers needed a shooter and they got one, signing jj red took one year deal worth $23 million. average 15-point for us with the clippers, and co-shoot the three. 43% last season. the sixers were 25th in three-point percentage last season. he turned down longer deals, to sign with the sixers. >> and, after august agree with reddick, brian coangelo added more depth, adding amir johnson one year $11 million contract, he played cents hat two seasons in boston. the averaged seven and a half points a game almost six, four's in his career, bring veteran leadership to the young he esteem in the league. >> and we all know who tweets a lot, joel embiid, went to twitter, this tweet: more assist hashtag the process. and this one: trust the process. guys it is happening. hashtag bc.
7:48 am
which is brian coangelo. over in camden, the sixers finish up final day every mini camp before headed to utah for action monday night. all eyes on top pick fultz. coached by billy lang. asked what want to see in utah. >> the team, just compete. let's just go out, represent the sixers brands, sixers logo, understands, you know, what philly basketball s what we're trying to do here, which is builds a brand of exciting basketball, where guys pass and compete. we get that with a bunch of guys that don't know each other, they'll enjoy their two, three week experience. >> free agency offers started yesterday in the nhl. flyers making couple of moves, as expected they signed goalie brian elliot from the flames with two year contract, worth five and a half million dollars. they sign forward to two year $1.8 million deal. >> steve mason found new home. he signed with winnipeg, two year, $8.2 million contract. mason spent the last five years with the orange and black, and he wanted out
7:49 am
because he didn't want to platoon with michael nor berg. the phillies and their nine game road trip this afternoon against the mets. on the mounds for the fills fist, lacks night the phils played another one run game, they played 31 of them, won just ten. to the game, in the seventh, all tied up, tommy joseph at the plate. he turned on this pitch. a shot off the second deck in left field. it is 14th jack of the year. phillies have a three run lead. didn't last too long. news six-four, the mets half of the inning, single to right, travis, scores, and the phillies lead cut to one. two batters later, at the plate, and he goes yard. this is a two run homer, off of pat. pat has given up just two earned runs all season, but he gave up three, and the phillies drop second straight game seven-six, the final. >> that's all for sports, i'm lesley van arsdall. have a great day. >> still ahead. fireworks and your pet. carol ericson here to explain
7:50 am
how to make sure your fun doesn't scare fido. we will be right back.
7:51 am
7:52 am
>> carol erickson and the mstca, latchings to love me, marvin. >> marvin, adopted him become frat show in november. has been on several times. generally so busy in the shelter they can't bring a dog for us, but certainly plenty of dogs therefore adoption that you will lover just as much as i love marvin. you know, what i want to talk about today, is the fireworks, that will be coming, you may have heard some last night, been going on, as you know, jan, we have fireworks, not just for the fourth of july
7:53 am
but for days and days, and people who have pets who are react to go that, and so many are, they face a real problem. you will be find finding them pacing and panting and trying to stay next to you. my number one piece every advice do not take your pets to a fireworks show. that noise is too loud. the flashing light, et cetera it, creates a real problem. some dogs get so bad that they do have to have medication. and you will get with your vet with that, and it has got to be given several hours in advance of this because it takes that kind of time to work. also, don't wait until july the third, to say, you know, mow dog really is bad. you need to be thinking about this casino every thing even before the fourth every july. because these kinds of noises can really upset the animals. >> and when they hear that, they get -- might run away too? >> the number one day for an animal to run away, because of the noise. so, it is just great advice to make sure that you have set up a secure room in your house, also, another great piece every advice, do not punish
7:54 am
them. these animals are terrorized anyway. they have a nicer to ya -- phobia, the 3% of dogs with a noise phobia will react to fireworks. so it is a -- it is a real high trigger for them. work with your veterinarian if it is bad or need to do few other things. let me show you full screen graphic here. we will talk about some of these items that can help. now, proper id and micro chipping, we mention number one, you have got to keep them secure, just being out in the yards is not enough for a dog that is afraid. bring them into the house. some people try to play the fireworks recordings early, this takes weeks, months, i don't know howie negative that is and i don't know anybody who has ever tried it, but some of the experts say you do. secure area, give them special treat or toy, something to keep them calm and a quiet place to your house, how do you do that? keep the windows closed keep the blind drawn, put maybe a box fan up so that you get that kind of noise that is going to create sort of the feeling that everything is
7:55 am
okay. try a thunder shirt, but this has to be put on in advance of t you can't have a dog in full panic mode and expect that any of this stuff is going to work. you need to plan in advance, that the fireworks that will trigger them, and the fireworks will trigger a lot of them. some experts even say, you know what? go find a kennel far away from any place where a fireworks, are maybe board your dog for the night. now, a dog, like marvin, we saw him whining a little bit, little agitated being here, there were fireworks last night, i heard him whining, and i thought hum, i haven't had him that long. i don't know really know how react to full on july 4th. he won't be going to any fireworks show and i'll be doing all of the tips that i suggested that people do, because really, it is the only way to know that you're going to keep them calm and not add to this problem year after year. if you fine your dog is getting worse and worse and worse every year, that's when you really need to get with your veterinarian, who knows about some of the drugs that can work to calm the system of these dogs.
7:56 am
some dogs are just more emotionally reactive than other dogs. let's talk about couple of dogs that are available for adoption right nowment look at beauty. isn't this dog a butty? super sweet, very social, good with people, dogs, and actually would love another dog to play with. he's very gentle. and is great with kids five and up. and then we have capone, capone lived with a family for a long time, and they brought him back. i see a little tiny bit of being nel that little short face. love that face. he's goofy, friendly, mild mannered. he lovers his toys, takes naps, other dogs, and then fluff, if you need a cat in your house, who doesn't, 11 year old, mature, likes the finer things in life, you know, likes the naps in the sunshine on your window. >> i like that too. >> good candidate for people who know that, you know, when you're 11, you just want want a little me time. >> just think about the fourth every july fireworks, well ahead of time. >> absolutely. >> great advice. >> and you can adopt any pet at the erie avenue
7:57 am
headquarters, the pspca350 erie avenue saturday, sunday, 10:00 to 5:00ment monday through friday, 1:00 to 8:00. marvin you are the cutest. you're a ham now, look at you. >> really is, a good boy, relaxing totally here. >> thank you r carol. that's it for "eyewitness news" at 7:00. here's what we have coming up for you at eight. president trim interrupts his holiday inn new jersey long enough to rail around the troops, and rally against the media. >> and a warm up without the humidity. how high will the thermometer go today? eyewitness weather, with meteorologist, matt peterson, just minutes away. stay with us.
7:58 am
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>> investigators plan to shed new light on what they may have found this morning. >> wild weather. rumbles through the region. leaves some damage behind. will it calm down for the fourth? >> and, sunday is no day of rest for new jersey lawmakers. as the governor and legislature try to ends a budget stalemate, that shutdown much of the government. find out what impact it is now having in the garden state. >> today is sunday july 2nd, good morning, i'm jan carabeo. as the philadelphia region started celebrating the fourth every july holiday, mother nature supplied the fireworks. the storm was brief but strong. it pack enough punch to damage aircraft at lehigh valley international airport. the storm there damaged two small plane


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