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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday  CBS  July 2, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> ok, guy, good playing. charles, kyle, we're going to play 18, 18, 17 and 18 in the play. kyle, you finished first so you'll have the opportunity to draw first. ok? you're up. kyle. charles second. ian: drove it left in the bunker in regulation. and hit a brilliant second shot to the middle of the green. jim: he was the second to hit in regulation, and that pulled left shot came just after howell had absolutely striped it down the middle.
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now he'll try to set the standard to open the playoff. going the other way this time. that is so far offline. it's bare and brown and might even be in the flat area and he might get relief from the utility boxes. ian: the crowd up there surrounding the ball, getting a good look. not a bad angle from up there high on the right. jim: might even get the slope so it's flat up there. he's howell. right center. never does make its way back to
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the fairway but he's fine. we'll continue with coverage of the quicken loans national and our playoff between kyle stanly and charles howell iii after this word from your local station.
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jim: again tonight on cbs -- "ncis: los angeles" ll cool j, chris o'donnell. all tonight on cbs. kyle stanley has driven it right but might be just fine. charles howell just a foot off
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the fairway this first hole of the play. there's the ball that belongs to stanley. ian: so-so. one of those lies you're not too sure how it will react. he'll get relief from those sprinkler boxes, controllers. jim: the thing about these two players. we know them both quite well and really for them, at this point of their careers, how much a win is going to mean to one of these two. ian: totally agreement especially for charles howell. hasn't played for three months. first tournament back has a chance to win. kyle stanley, a couple of years in the doldrums and all of a sudden getting more confidence on the greens and it showed today and they dragged each other along, i believe. the positive activity in the group playing together. jim: and shot 66 side by side. and stanley, as you said. going back to the players. when you have what some consider to be the strongest field of the
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year and you earn a final pairing on sunday. gives you an idea that he knows that he's got a chance to win out here again and this is that chance. ian: discussing his options with mark russell. jim: he might be thinking i love the lie enough they don't want to drop it and a guy who can maneuver a shot blabe it's not a factor. i don't know, it's borderline. howell is ready to go, though, with a 7-iron. it is the irrigation boxes that are possibly a part of the
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follow-through on the swing. dottie: that ball was sitting down a touch for charles howell. ian: yeah, it didn't jump, dottie. dottie: no, it was not the best of lies and there's still some moisture in the turf. jim: did he play quickly there or was that pretty much routine? dottie: i don't think that was out of sorts,. no i think he was very decisive about it. ian: so kyle will play this because his follow-through does not contact the box. it's not in his intended swing path. dottie: the ball is actually sitting pretty well. ian: a lot better than it could have been. dottie: oh, yeah. it's been trampled for this whole week. i would call it a predictable lie. jim: i thought he liked it.
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>> i like that shot shape. ian: brian reed, his caddie, saying 175 he wants to land it. dottie: i think that's a good number. he wants to shape this ball from right to left, meaning it will come in a little warmer. jim: a little unlucky there. just hops over. it's a 6-iron a foot off the back. ian: could be up against the collar of the bluegrass rough at the back there as well. good contact. you were right, dottie, he got the clubface on it nicely. as you said, predictable.
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it would have been a lot worse in this thick stuff on the slope. jim: howell's next shot is going to be on the same line -- a little bit off the angle -- but he came from this side. he'll have a pretty good idea what happens on the back end of this chip. he came so close to winning it right there. but he does have that advantage of having just approached the cup from that direction. and still looking down at what stanley will face. he's closer. i'm not sure it's any easier. if they match scores here, they will return and may in 18th hole all over again. ian: there's charles.
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jim: and if they halve scores a second time, they'll then go to 17. ian: a slight upslope for charles howell's chip. dottie: you can see most of the golf ball -- i'm probably 25 feet away and you can see it. he'll be standing a little on his toes as far as taking the stance. i would anticipate that ball would come out pretty vertical. ian: so a lob wedge and swing like he did at 15 earlier in regulation. a little -- not so much a stab at it but a little bit of a swing through it. not too much acceleration and then slightly downhill to the hole. jim: you could even hear kyle stanley moving one of our ground mikes.
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or trying to. boy, does jack stoker and our entire audio crew, were they free shent knowing exactly where to put a microphone to pick up some of that great sound of the playoff. again. he's the first to play and that is not going to play -- be -- ian: he played very quickly, i believe. with everything there, mark russell giving the ruling -- jim: i agree. ian: he wasn't far out of his eyeline. he got a lot of shaft lean.
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he didn't swing through and up. he hit down into the bank. dottie: ian, if you were able to listen closely to the audio, it sounded a little muffled. it was not a clean strike. jim: how hard is this shot, dottie? dottie: it's hard. darn hard. you have to be super committed to the shot you hit. there are options. it looks like he's going to have this club pretty open. ian: down the hill all the way. he'll need to land it just on. what wonderful touch. dottie: fantastic. jim: but it runs out to what is a nervous distance. ian: they're never easy, those chips up against the collar. not too sure how much grass you get between the clubface and the ball. you have to get through and it then it just pops up with the
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loft of the sand wedge. nice, open face. just gently done. as you said, jimmy. howell knows exactly how this putt reacts as it gets towards the cup. it just wants to fall to the low side, to the left for him. jim: you make it, you put so much pressure on stanley, you might win it right here. ian: take a deep breath and try and relax. this time it didn't break. dottie: i think this time it had a touch more pace. jim: stanley now with a putt to win it.
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ian: chance for a second victory on the pga tour for style school -- kyle stanley. jim: a chance to get into the masters. a chance to see it all happen. of course he made his debut on tour in 1978, the year that he was born. what have you got here, dottie? four or five feet? dottie: i would say a good four. the best part about this putt is for a clear one and it's uphill. you don't have to baby it. go ahead and hit it.
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jim: there it is! kyle stanley a winner again on the pga tour. ian: a nice par there, but he made a great par at 17 from way right of the green. jim: yes, it started in the downpour and then made the putt after they resumed play and then made that great par in regulation here at 18. so three memorable pars, as it turns out, to win it. kyle stanley, a second tour victory. this is a young man who was an outstanding amateur golfer. two-time runner-up in the ncaa's. won the hogan award out of clemson. dottie, let's hear from the champ. dottie: kyle, you've come back from a pretty dark place in
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golf. five years from your last one. how much does it mean on such a difficult tour to win on again? >> it means a lot. i've had so much help from my coaches, my family, my wife. it's hard to put into words right now. i'm sorry. dottie: obviously very emotional for you. look guard, what does that do for you for the rest of the year on the pga tour? >> it's confirmation that we've been work tong right things. i think if anything, it will probably make me a little bit hungrier to get to work. i'm happy for a lot of people. i had a lot of help. it means a lot to me and my team. dottie: you've moved into 14th position on the fedexcup. looking forward to east lake and all that goes on with being eligible to be in the playoffs. how does it maybe change how you look at the rest of the year? >> well, gosh, i don't know. i have a lot to digest here.
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a lot of cool things kind of come when you kind of just focus on the pros -- process. we'll see but i don't anticipate much change and still will continue to work hard and do what we've been doing. dottie: thank you very much for your time and congratulations. thanks. jim: congratulations. just at a loss for words. he's in shock. wife dally. it had been five years since he last won. he used to beat everybody as an amateur and i can remember when he won that event at the waste management phoenix open in 2012. wefingt this kid, he could be a serious force out here. maybe that's still to come. ian: i agree. jim: charles howell, runner-up and he's standing by right now with amanda. amanda: charles, this your first start back since that rib injury that took you out. not the result you wanted but
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you have to be pleased with your performance. >> yeah, going into this week itches extremely rusty and i really can't believe how well i've played. i've had good people helping me. and support from family has been great. amanda: you've punched your ticket to the open championship. what does that mean to you? >> based on the rough i saw last time, i need to get help on that stuff but i'm excited to go back. it's a wonderful event and nice to be in it. amanda: after being out so long, what was the most challenging part, physically or mentally staying? it >> i was going nuts. i could putt and riled a bike and that was it. it was a long nine weeks. glad to be back and hopefully can stay healthy now. jim: can you imagine? that's the 16th time he's finished second. played so well today but bogeys the first hole of the playoff and that trophy now will have the name kyle stanley on it.
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that was charles' attempt at par. ian: that was so easy to do. jim: and the winner, right there. center cut. ian: what a feeling. you could tell the emotion there. it's been a hard grind for him for a couple of years. gracious in defeat, charles howell. jim: so leer at the quicken loans national, t.p.c. potomac at avenel farm, potomac, maryland. kyle stanley is the champion. ♪ compare the consistency. ♪ compare the trust.
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♪ compare the results. ♪ when you compare everything... there's just no comparison. performance speaks louder than words. ♪
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jim: again, tonight on cbs, it begins here in just a few minutes for most of you except on the west coast. -- that's all tonight on cbs.
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let's update the fedexcup standings. stanley moves into 14th. that's a big vault. remember, he had fourth place at the players championship. and now just outside the top 10. take a look at the final standings for the 74 players who made the cut on friday night at plus four or better. a big group tied for fifth. martin, leishman, bradley, wagner, kang, levin, luck, and lingmerth. patrick reed and bryson dechambeau finished inside top 20, along with barnes and streelman. summerhays drops back today.
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top 20 for him but had a chance at the beginning of the day to win the thing. kevin na had 30 coming in. jason kokrak in that group tied 26 at even par. ian: just a tough test of golf, jimmy this week. it really was a difficult golf course, especially friday afternoon. for those players that had to play friday afternoon, it was definitely three or four shots tougher than the afternoon before. jim: there are some winners from earlier this year. henley at houston. bryan at the r.b.c. heritage. sam saunders, who tied 61st. he actually was a roommate with kyle stanley at clemson for a year. ian: oh, that's right, the tigers. jim: so they're old buddies and of course, sam's grandfather did
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something rather notable here on this very course. arn that would palmer aced the third hole back in 1986 in back-to-back competitive rounds. and they have a little plaque to commemorate that here on the course. think about that. you knock it in on a hole -- ian: long hole too. jim: then do it the next day as well. so the champion's name is going to go right in the middle of this thank you board. for the troops. ian: wow. jim: i just love that. saluting the heroes and they are indeed. all right, some of the highlights from earlier today. charles howell at the first hole. ian: that swing didn't change all day. jim: went flag hunting right
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away. and then this for the birdie. on his way to 66. ian: a great way to start. jim: this is kyle stanley up ahead at the eighth. again, he and howell side by side all day long, right on into the playoff. ian: yeah, birdied the fifth and sixth holes after bogeying one. jim: birdie putt. he was a walker cup teammate with dustin johnson, rickie fowler, billy horschel, webb simpson. here's howell for eagle. oh, that was a big moment at 134. he was the first to get to seven today. remember, the lead had been 10 after friday night with lingmerth. stanley tried to match him but it was a two-putt birdie so those two marched on at seven under par. now, in the rain after missing the green at 17, stanley pitched
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it to that point. ian: that will certainly be the one that he remembers right there. incredible. jim: he had to sit out for that short break when they blew the horn. came back out and makes the putt. this begins the sequence of three pars he won't soon forget. i say the one in regulation because he was in trouble off the tee. 6-iron out of the sand to that point. it looked rather routine greenside but still it was a good four. but howell had the putt to win it. ian: incredible how that missed. jim: then in the playoff, charles for par. the third shot really hurt him. ian: i think he rushed it a little. jim: and the par to win. ian: that really was a good up and down.
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jim: kyle stanley a champion on the pga tour for the second time and the first time in five years.
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jim: yeah, he's going to the open. he's going to be headed to royal birkdale, so he's not only lifting the trophy here but he's got plans now to head overseas. that's the winning putt. his first victory since getting married in october of 2015. and kyle and dally -- dolly can setting back home in washington.
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he went from the state of washington all the way to clemson to have that phenomenal amateur career. now he moves up to 14th in the fedexcup standings with a win over charles howell in the playoff. boy, he was choked up, too. had a hard time putting it into words. i know you're so laser focused all day long and then all of a sudden trying to put into context, the moment. it's hard to do. ian: you could tell he had no way of expressing himsel. jim: ian, it's been a pleasure. to all of you, we'll see you next week from the greenbrier. jim nantz, ian baker-finch, everybody at cbs. happy birthday, america, and have a safe and wonderful week ahead.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> this is what i stood for. >> and you were willing to die for it? >> for this cause. >> hoping to die for it? >> yeah. >> at the age of 19 this american joined isis and organized friends to go to syria to join the brutal fight. he was facing 15 years in prison but was released for one day to tell his story to us. did you see the videos of the isis atrocities? >> yes, i have seen them. >> of the jordanian pilot that they burned to death? did you think you were going to be doing that kind of thing? >> yeah. i was going to be participating in those activities. >> these caged lions have never had it so good.


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