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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  July 9, 2017 7:00am-7:59am EDT

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all of us were thinking the worst this is a nightmare when you work with animals of what can happen. "eyewitness news" begins this morning with breaking news a car crashes in the spca facility in new castle county, killing the driver and several animals there. president trump head home after a attending the g20 sum tonight germany why so many protested his visit. and are you thinking of spending the day at the shore? well to day could be the best day of the entire week. today is sunday july 9th, good morning, everyone i'm jan
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carabao, lets get right over to that forecast with meteorologist matt peterson in the weather center. good sunday morning. you are calling this pick of the week, is it so. >> i'm calling it pick of the month. >> wow. >> i am. it is going to be great. we don't get too many days with temperatures below average, and with low humidity in july. it just does not happies specially low humidity but that is what we have today. wonderful day whether we want to get to the beach, hang out, outside it doesn't matter, it will be just a great day. this picture fridays atop "eyewitness news" here in philadelphia, a great morning, not even a cloud in the sky, and a wonderful view, of the sky line, on this sunday morning. temperatures hitting at 70 degrees. we did bottom out at 69. we have listen up to 7o feels like temperature also 70 because our humidity is so low and don't expect any problems, with heat index or feels like temperatures later this afternoon because again, the biggest thing i keep repeating but we need to talk about how
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low that humidity will be. temperatures out there right now, we have listen to zero seven in philadelphia. sixty-seven in wilmington. out to 64, in lancaster area. still some 50's in the north in mount pocono where we have a dew point of 52. delaware valley back down toward the shore lower 60's for dew points going to be feeling fantastic outside. eighty-five with sunshine and low humidity for philly today. heading down to the beach or at the beach great day to be on the sand, 81, plenty of sunshine, great end of the weekend in the poconos, too. high of 74 degrees up there. it is a wonderful day across the area jan, we have some showers, thunderstorm activity that we will talk about before the weekend. >> thanks, matt. breaking news from new castle delaware, delaware woman is dead and brandywine valley spca is dealing with damage after a deadly crash. driver slammed into shelters building and sparked a fire there. that driver and three cats were killed. "eyewitness news" reporter
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anita oh is live in new castle , anita. >> reporter: good morning, jan that car took out an entire portion of this building, and at lee 98 animals do not have a home as a result. you can see the extensive damage behind me here to this building here after a driver crashed her car, into this building around midnight, and sparked a fire here. the impact did kill the driver as you mentioned three cats are also dead and one is currently in surgery but expected to survive. now the spca need your help in helping 98 other animals find a new home. the shelter meantime has, water and smoke damage, the facility will be closed for the time being as the building inspector assesses the damage and sees that it is structural ly sound. linda terrelli director of marketing and programs hearsays the damage is extensive. >> veterinary clinic is unrecognizable it is literally a pile of ruble. it went through our lobby, and exam rooms and into our animal
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housing behind the clinic. >> reporter: police believe driver of the car was speeding down sixth street when she crashed into this building, again spark ago this fire. impact did kill that driver and three cats are dead as a result, the spca is asking for your help in asking to you come to an adoption center later this morning to help one of those 98 animals that have been displaced and then again the cost to rebuild is also, extensive and we are asking to you donate if you cannot come adopt. live from new castle, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". right now two people are in the hospital after a crash involving three cars, in philadelphia's kingsessing soaks. this crash happened just before 11:00 last night at south 58th street and kingsessing avenue. now, two people were taken to the hospital, and they are in stable condition, and police are trying to figure out what may have led up to this crash. a driver weaves around in and out of traffic, moments before crashing into a light
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pole and the whole thing is caught on camera. take a look at this video. this all happened on i-76 in gloucester city on friday. driver can be seen weaving right around that right lane there and then driver goes off the road and slams into a light pole which falls over. the driver then loses control and drives back into traffic. fortunately in one was hurt throughout all of this. the driver has been cited for careless driving. take a look at these pictures new they show aftermath of the crash in the dunkin' donuts this crash happened after midnight in the 2600 block of egypt road in montgomery county. fortunately no one was hurt in this crash, police are trying to figure out what caused it. a man is dead after police say he crashed his motorcycle in the back of the truck in center city philadelphia this crash happened saturday afternoon at 17th and ben franklin parkway, officers say met or cycle rider was doing wheel stand at the time of the crash, but rider was pronounced dead at hahnemann hospital but no word on the condition of the truck driver.
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well, murder investigation is underway in philadelphia's brideberg section, that is after a body was discover on fire near garbage facility early yesterday morning. officers say that body was riddled with bullets. "eyewitness news" report's leash a nieves spoke with concerned neighbors. >> reporter: homicide investigation underway in the brideberg section of northeast philadelphia at 5:00 in the morning just outside this recycling and garbage facility a body was discover on fire. >> very scary, especially would your kid here it is shocking. >> reporter: people living in the relatively quiet neighborhood are in disbelief over the discovery but frightened by gruesomeness of this crime. investigators say around 3:45 in the morning workers at quick way transfer station heard what they now know to be gunfire, initially the workers thought they were hearing fire works. then about an hour later one of the workers saw flames in the front lot.
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as that worker called 911 and went to extinguish flames it was realized that what was burning was a man's bullet riddled body. >> that area is verye mote. you wouldn't know that is back there. >> reporter: this lot near orthodox street where burning body was found cannot be seen from the main road in part because all the way around is covered by over grown shrubs and trees and is there almost no righting back here. residents are calling for this isolated area to be addressed by the facility or by police. >> maybe surveillance. maybe hiring security guard. >> reporter: some lighting too because it is pretty dark. >> yes, some lighting. >> all this empty land in the back here, you know, you can pretty much do anything back here. there is in the much security, police are non-existent. >> police did find an id near charred remains but still unable to identify the body saying the body was burned beyond recognition. outside philadelphia police headquarters, alycia nieves
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for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a tragedy at the new jersey shore now as a six year-old little girl vacation ing has drowned in the motel people in wildwood this happened yesterday afternoon at nantucket inn and suites on the 4100 block of ocean avenue knew. when police arrived people staying at that inn were rendering cpr, officers say girl had unknowingly entered deepened of the pool. a two-year old girl has fallen out of the window in a west philadelphia home, police say child fell from the second story of a home on the 800 block of marco street. officers say that the window did not have a screen, the girl is under going treatment this morning at children's hospital in, word on her condition. president trump is back at the white house today after the g20 summit wrapped up in germany. he spent time separately with leaders of the japan and china as wendy gilette reports, both meetings focused on north korea. >> reporter: president trump helped out a marine at joint
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base andrews in maryland before returning to the white house, following a whirlwind g 20 sum tonight hamburg germany. president met with more world leaders before his departure. within day after his first face-to-face meeting with russian president vladamire putin, which lasted more than two hours. saturday's meetings included a one and a half hour sit down with china's president where north korea was on the agenda. >> as far as north cover reace concerned i know that we will have eventually success. it may take longer then i'd like it may take longer then you'd like but there will be success in the mission. >> reporter: communist country dominated discussions with japan's prime minister after north korea's first successful test of the intercontinental ballistics missle. >> the prime minister is, i will is a this very, very focused on what is going on with respect to north korea. >> reporter: world leaders announced their commitment to the paris climate change
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accord despite president trump 's decision to pull out. >> i urge president trum top rejoin the paris agreement. the uk own commitment to the paris commitment intacteling global climate change is as strong as ever. >> reporter: thousands of demonstrators against g20 marched peacefully on saturday , a contrast to a couple nights of violent protests by a group of anarchy saturday from air force one president trump tweeted his praise of the summit and its host german chancellor merkel. wendy gilette for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". president trump's pick to head fbi is set to appear before the senate judiciary committee on wednesday, confirmation hearing for christopher wray comes two months after the president fired fbi director james comey wray served as assistant attorney general in charge of the justice department's criminal division, if confirmed, he would head the agency as it continues to probe into russian meddling in the 2016 election.
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is there still so much more to cover right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this sunday morning, an american tourist is beaten to death in greece what police there are saying what happened just before the attack. plus wild fires spread quickly in the west, what fire fighters blamed for fueling the flames. the heat is on again but how high will the temperature go, matt peterson's forecast is just minutes
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back on "eyewitness news" iraqi commanders are saying forces are close to defeating
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ice is in mosul. security forces contained militants in the sliver of the olde city, along the tigris river. it is less than a square mile of the territory but using civilians as human shield making it impossible for u.s. led war planes to flush them out. operation to retake mosul, iraq's second largest city began in october. at lee eight people are under arrest after the deadly beating of an american tourist in greece, 22-year old b aka r i henderson was at a bar with his friends on friday when a man approached him and began fighting. authorities say about 10 men joined in the brawl. henderson graduated from the university of arizona with a bachelor's degree in business finance and entrepreneur ship. henderson's family says he was in greece to launch a new clothing line when he was killed. hundreds are evacuates as record breaking heat fools wild fires in the west. as chris martinez reports more than three dozen large fires
7:15 am
are now range ago cross seven states. in less than a day this fire near santa barbara exploded in size from 150 acres to more than 6,000, massive plumes of smoke descended toward rural towns forcing hundreds to evacuate. >> it was heading in our direction. so we got the dogs, jumped in the car. >> reporter: further north hundreds of fire fighters are struggling to contain this fast moving blaze, near sacramento, residents like sharon albertson are preparing to flee. >> i put my trailer on the rig , we're loaded up. we're ready to go. >> reporter: on top of the wild fire danger, brutally hot temperatures, with records toppling across the southwest. phoenix hit a high of 118 degrees on friday breaking a 112 year record for the date. palm springs reached 122 degrees, one of the hottest days ever. in death valley, the mercury
7:16 am
soared to 127. >> we are going to see an increase in calls during this scott says many people ignore very reallies beings of spending too much times outdoors and even for most season veterans. >> fire fighters are not exempt to this heat themselves fire fighters go in the fire, takes with themound. you have temperatures up to 112 degrees right now, very challenging. >> reporter: forecasters say there is some relief in sight, slightly cooler weather expected sunday before real cooling trend begins on monday that could help with the effort to get wild fires under control. chris martinez for cbs news, los angeles. matt, we're fortunate compared to folks out west. we're expecting a very pleasant day on tap today. >> absolutely a wonderful just sensational sunday for us. it will be just great outside. i highly suggest if you cannot get outside and enjoy yourself
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it is a wonderful end to the weekend. now unfortunately the heat, humidity well, they will return but it will be as we get in the middle of our coming workweek, and overall, the week ahead it does start to, kind of, start to see an unsettled pattern taking over a couple of showers maybe an isolated thunderstorm or two in the forecast but again, that is not going to be for a couple of days. let's focus on how wonderful our sunday will be. 85 degrees this afternoon. low humidity out there. very light breeze. maybe out of the west southwest so it does not get better then this if you ask me when you compare this to average we really are pretty much seasonal for today, maybe a couple of degrees below that average high of 87, but even in august we would be close to our seasonal temperatures there and as we get into september we will finally start to see that peak heating , in september for average highs at this time around 81 degrees. honestly as nice as today will be with that low humidity, as great as it will feel i'm looking forward to maybe some temperatures that top out in the lower 80's rather then mid
7:18 am
to high 80's and 90's like we could get later in the week. temperatures for us right now 70 in philadelphia. sixty-six in trenton. sixty-three in allentown. sixty-nine in dover. land breeze keeping temperatures in the 70's they down in wildwood on the shore, and taking a look at those dew point is it will stay like this all day long. fifty's and 60's for us right now in that more than comfortable range, and then again, it will stay like that throughout the afternoon. satellite, radar from the last three hours, not too much happening out there, just some clear skies, cold front is off the coast one that gave us some showers, yesterday, and high pressure is in control for the time being, we have got that clockwise flow, westerly wind, that will slide further south ande through the day-to-day. we could get southeasterly flow and then we will watch as our next system comes in, right now, developing out in the mid to-- american part of the plain states and that will be coming in as a cold front that will settle to the north. unsettled pattern does take over after today, we will see sunshine for our sunday but a
7:19 am
few showers are a afternoon into the evening as well, it will not be a wash out of the monday by any imagination but later on in the afternoon and evening hours shower, isolated rump of thunder. here comes our system our cold front, parks itself to the north on tuesday and that means that we will be dealing with the southeasterly wind, pumping in the heat,haws fuel fa shower or thunderstorm chance. sensational sunday afterno wil t up into monday and tuesday and then front gives us those shower chances later in the week. 8520 day atful y for the pool, nine for our uv index on the high side so make sure you kind of screen on out on the outdoor activity. 88 degrees for our temperature tomorrow, late day sure or thunderstorm, 90's, tuesday, wednesday, thursday those low 90's out there accompanied by shower, thunderstorm chances. little bit cooler on friday and then back to a nice day by next saturday. >> i guess we could not expect
7:20 am
this pleasant wet ter last forever. >> nope, unfortunately not. >> matt, thank you.ow traffic is moving with amanda muhler in the cbs-3 traffic center. good morningad ns for viewers. we are looking live at 76 westbound at city avenue. we checked here lasttructir have right lane blocked from sit avenue to belmont for a paving project vehicles down height way here and that was set to last until 9:00 this morning. itt good they wrapped this up early. there are in delays on the schuylkill making your way inmo. rest of the majors are looking good this morning as well the vine, 202, 95, however we have our usual event closures including mlk closed for activities today. taking a live look at i-95 at race street not too much volume just yet this morning. in the cbs-3 traffic center i'm amanda muhler new back to you.
7:21 am
>> amanda, thank you. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this sunday morning... this alarm kept going off inside the wall of the house, once a day for 13 years until right now, coming up what finally got that incessant beeping to stop. delaware county school gets a new play gun thanks to the generosity of special visitors how far they have traveled, and why, we will be right
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>>joe: hi.this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to launch the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including erin. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at
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just a few weeks ago eyewitness knees told but an alarm clock stuck inside athe ok that kept beeping for 13 years r sister station kdka tv went >> at lynn family residence inhe early evening the wallsin alarm. it all began when tv wire down e living room, so he would know tn the wall. >> i tied an alarm clock to pthce of string, set it for ring 10 minutes later, started to put it down the vent, and the string and the alarm clock parted their ways.
7:25 am
>> somewhere in here. >> reporter: thirteen years later sylvia lynn says it is part of the family. >> it goes off around 10 of 8:00 depending on daylight savings time. >> reporter: like clockwork. >> yes. >> low cost heating and air conditioning to the rescue. keith and don have come to lee move the clock, through the garage. >> i see a clock with the numbers and stuck on the wire. >> it should be right there. >> right here. >> you got it. >> yes. >> what kind of battery is that. >> rayovac. >> first time i ever had to remove a clock from inside duct work. >> even corroded and still working. >> reporter: is this what jerry lynn remembered. >> it is a travel alarm, i was right on that and it is digital i was right on that. just style i was wrong on. >> reporter: that ad takes a
7:26 am
licking and keeping on ticking >> timex. >> reporter: in this case, the alarm clock will have a place of honor somewhere in the house but not in the wall. with a clock, whose time has come, i'm dave crowley. why did it take them 13 years though to find that clock and remove it? that would have driven me up the wall. in the next half an hour on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" president trump helped a marine in need after a win knocks the hat right off the township of his head. they goes. the sixers top draft pick markelle fultz is helped off the court after an injuring door a summer league game, um-hmm, matt. >> it will be a wonderful afternoon we will see low humidity, temperatures very seasonal but we could have some rain in the forecast i'll tell you when it shows up in the delaware valley in just a bit.
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today it is sunday july 9th, good morning i'm jan carabao, meteorologist matt peterson live on the sky deck this morning with eyewitness weather, so matt, you are calling this day practically perfect? tall order. >> i know it is, i necessity i'm setting bar high but it is
7:30 am
a wonderful, wonderful day. only way to describe it is top 10 day practically perfect, afternoon, and even here this morning, and wonderful outside on the sky deck feels great, humidity low and through this afternoon and really kind of the entire day we will have those sun filled skies, temperatures that are warm but not overly hot. they are seasonal. biggest things you will notice is low humidity is and light breeze. practically perfect sunday for us here in the delaware valley temperatures right new we're the warmest down in wildwood at 71 degrees. we have a land breeze. keeps our temperatures up but in zero seven in philadelphia we are seeing 60's across rest of the area down to the 50's, in the mount pocono region. overall these temperatures will rise into what looks like the low to mid 80's for the most part later this afternoon checking out dew points there are 50's and 60's, that is biggest thing, the main theme for today is not just how
7:31 am
seasonal temperatures are but as low the humidity is when we add in the sunshine. that is what will make it a wonderful day. if you can get outside and enjoy it. for our die planner 75 degrees eighty around lunchtime and that sunshine helps us get to 85 later this afternoon, jan. now the heat, humidity, they do return and a couple rain showers back in the forecast as well as we move into next week we will talk about that in a bit when i come back inside. >> it is july, after all, thanks, matt. breaking news out of new castle delaware, woman is dead after crashing in the brandywine valley spca building. crash then sparked a fire and also killed some animals there anita oh is live at the scene in new castle what do we know about this driver and the cause of this crash. >> reporter: cause of the crash is still under investigation but we do know that the driver was reportedly traveling very fast down sixth street when she crashed in
7:32 am
this building behind me. the damage is extensive and at least 98 animals do not have a home as a result. we will look at video of that accident scene when this car crashed in the building just after midnight, police say that the driver crashed straight through the building and impact killed the driver and also sparked a fire inside fortunately animals were not inside the vet clinic at the time where this crash happened and where most of the damage is but the marketing director hearsays that it is complete ruble that area is completely unrecognizable because of the damage. now three cats have been confirmed dead as a result of this, another is new in surgery but is expected to survive and now the spca is asking for public's help in assisting those 98 animals that have been displaced. shelter meantime has water, smoke damage and facility will be closed for time being and linda terrelli the director of
7:33 am
marketing explains the moment she found out. >> this is a terrifying experience to wake up in the middle of the night and find out a place with 100 animals in it could be destroyed and they could be losing their lives. >> reporter: again, three cats have who their lives as a result of this. ninety-eight more animals have been displaced and need your help. spca is asking to you come down to an adoption center day if you are able to help or donate on line. that victim the driver of the car, has unfortunately also died as a result of this crash , but at this time we do in the know what caused the crash only that police believe the driver was driving very quickly down sixth street when this accident occurred. live from new castle i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" neighbors in fail's bride berg section are still in shock today after the discovery of a burning body yesterday morning. the discovery was made near a recycling and garbage facility workers heard what they thought were fire works around
7:34 am
3:45 yesterday morning and hour later one worker found something burning in the front lot and it turnout to be a man 's body. neighbors say the area is not well lit. >> that area is very remote unless you are from around here. back there it is very scary, very scary with our kid here. it is shocking. >> officers say that body had also been shot. now an id was found near burned body but police have not been able to make a positive id yet because body was burned beyond recognition. philadelphia police continue their investigation in the shooting of three people in strawberry mansion this shooting you will remember happened early yesterday morning on the 1900 block of north 31st street, a 25 year-old man was shot in the back in critical condition , a 17 year-old boy was struck in the right thigh and shoulder and 15 year-old boy was shot in the leg and both of those boys are in stable condition. president trump is back at the white house today after wrapping up yet another international trip.
7:35 am
g20 summit wrapped up after two days of talks in hamburg germany. while many of the world leaders there met for peaceful discussions, thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in protest, reid bini on picks up the story. >> reporter: president trump concluded his second international trip as command inner chief saturday as day two of the g20 sum tonight hamburg german up was coming to an even. trump met with world leaders including indonesia president. >> we have become friend. >> reporter: prime minister of singapore. the japanese prime minister. and the british prime minister where he later confirmed that the two countries are working on an agreement. >> we're working on a trade deal which would be a very big powerful deal great for both countries and i think we will have that done very, very quickly. >> reporter: president also put to an end speculation that a trip to the u.s. may have cancelled due to a backlash in britain among public and lawmakers. >> i will be going to london, yes.
7:36 am
>> when will you be going, sir >> we will work that out. >> reporter: discussion on trade continued with the chinese president and biountry in their support in helping with north korea. >> i appreciate the things you have done, achieved very substantial progress. we all face north korea problem. something that has to be dealt e peaceful inside summit same could not be said for what was happening outside on the streets. city estimated 50,000 peop protg to authorities since demonstrating began earlier this week more than 100 people have been arrested. reid binion "eyewitness news". president trump arrived at joint base andrews after the g 20 sum tonight germany. as president walk up to marine one there you can see he noticed a marine's hat was on the ground, president picked it up and placed it on the marine's head but that hat flew off again and there goes, president picking it up and
7:37 am
helping him out one more time. >> we have so much more to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" to a local businessman his store means more to him then just business. we will explain, coming up. sixers top overall draft pick markelle fultz is helped off the court after a summer league industry, the diagnosis next in "eyewitness sports". and an unsettled weather pattern could mean more rain this week. meteorologist matt peterson updates his forecast in just a few
7:38 am
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principals from around the country were iuilding a new playground there. 150 principals came together sts elementary school assembling new equipment ande project is pe national principals conference gh held in a local businessman is opened a new store in west and telphia means much more than just selling water ice. city real fruit water isis opened for block of south 60th street. owner saddik start weighed cart at temple university in 1995 when he was just a student there moore's proud to open up his flagship store in his own neighborhood. >> unaudible. >> city council honored moore for his commitment to west philadelphia. officials have announce that
7:41 am
had 60th street between spruce and locust will be renamed sad dik's waterway in september good for him. germantown residents enjoyed good food and fun at third annual second saturday festival. activities included face painting, vendors, food trucks , live music, event was originally set for may but poor weather forced reschedule and yesterday was great, today they will be down right perfect, at lee that is what matt has been promising all day licensing and i'm holding you to it. >> most of the time when you throw necessity these curve balls i'm like i don't know but today you will get a matt peterson stamp of approval. it will be a great day. wonderful afternoon. we will see plenty of sunshine low humidity is what you will notice stepping outside and then temperatures will be seasonal, maybe even a couple of degrees, below average from time to time. eyewitness weather watchers sometimes on a sunday morning who like to sleep in, hang out a little bit but today, everybody is up and they are talking about some great
7:42 am
conditions in the delaware valley this morning. 66 degrees as we start the day off at steve's house we have sunshine in west chester a great start to the day as we head out there as we get further outside, it is at helen's house. she has sunshine. what she's seeing about this morning's, it is gorgeous. lou dew point and enjoy it. do i notthats biggest thing we e notice go to day. down toward the degrees, at james house, he is staying in the sunshine in ocean wonderful. i will tend to agree with him. we arecoitions all the bay acros in the shore, lehigh valley, poconos as well. pleasant valley in the neighborhood network sky scanonderful start to the day. 61 degrees heading north of the city. fternoon across the poconos. our forecast for today 74 degreeweekic i hope everyone can get out
7:43 am
and enjoy this sunday. tonight will be clear, quiet, maybe even cool out there, 51 in the poconos for low. even some areas get down high of 40's for some folks. then we will warm up on monday , and cloud cover mixing with that sunshine. we will get up to 81 degrees tomorrow and could get warmer, through tuesday, wednesday, thursday. temperatures for us here this morning we are looking at that northwesterly wind keeping our temperatures down and humidity down in the 60's and zero seven's. seventy-four for us here in philadelphia as we move through 7:00 o'clock hour. dew points have been sitting in the high 50's to lower 60's we will continueough the afternoon hours. that is definitely in the more than comfortable radar for last couple of hours, been a quiet scene across stormssurn remainn control. lets slide to the south in the next maybe couple of hours with that clockwise flowwe get west southeasterly wind
7:44 am
later this afternoon but systeme us a shower or related thunderstorms later this w the d will comee and we will see a cold front that parks itself, ng showers, later on. future wet here as we go through the day sunshine, temperatures more than comfortable. through nighttime hours and tomorrow morning we will see light shower chanes for us early in the day on monday, nothing that we will be overly concerned with, it will be a dry, drive to work it looks like. later in the afternoon, couple showers, maybe an isolated thunder shower here or there on our monday and in the afternoon and evening time frame, then we will clear things out overnight on monday and then as we get into tuesday we are going to look into a really similar condition that we had today. we will start off on the dry side but will be warmer and more humid and thunderstorm activity could fire up later in the day. eighty-five for the high on our sunday. we are at 88 tomorrow. we are seeing temperature
7:45 am
creep up. heat is back. here comes 90's tuesday,ey are all accompanied with showers and isolated thunderstorm chances and we do quiet thing down as we get toward friday andurt, thank you. 7:45. time to check the road and highways. lets go over to amanda muhler in the cbs-3 traorning, amanda. >> good morning, jan g news. all of your majors looking smooth. this is a live look at 95 south at broad street. we have a disable vehicle in the right lane. it causing any delays but there is a bigger convening that will almost looks noke quite off the shoulder. ab wear using i-95. company. >> haven't construction on 76 westbound hasksar, wide look ate roadways in the area everyone is moving along at current speed no delays on 76, 202, 30 , blue route or delaware river bridges. and taking a live look at route 42 in new jersey not too much going on out there this morning. in the cbs-3 traffic center
7:46 am
i'm amanda muhler new back to you. >> thanks, amanda. sixers number one draft pick markelle fultz left summer league game with the injury to his left ankle, fultz wearing number seven went down during the third quarter of last night's game with the golden state warriors sixers summer league coach lloyd pierce say fultz has been diagnosed with a sprained left ankle. fultz will in the play today and there is no timetable yet for his return. with more "eyewitness sports" here's leslie van arsdal. it is the final game from are were the all-star break phillies hosting padres jared eickoff on the mound, yesterday phillies owe even if missing in action. aaron necessity lah a victim of no run support. it was a mike schmidt bobble head give away, schmidty phillies all time home run heeder, aaron nola dealing early in the fourth,al's even froe. he punched out, and in score in the fifth michael franco crushes it, deep in the left field stand. his 13th home run of the season. phillies take a lead.
7:47 am
aaron gets in trouble in the seventh, game tied austin hedges flips his wrist and gets a base hit to drive in the run and padres take the lead. nola went eight and phillies offense could not get the job done. franco will ground out. phillies had four hits. they will lose two-one their 23rd, one run loss this season that is a team report before the all-star break. they had 23 all of last season >> no offense once again we could not get runs n we had an opportunity in the seventh and could not get at lee one of them in the anyway. another one run loss. tough loss. it is not fun. sixers making it official signing guard jj redding and forward amir johnson. both got one year deal reddick for 23 million, johnson for 11 million. red reddick finish in the top five, three-point percentage, they have a combined 23 years of nba experience and jj says they are not paying him 23 million for just his experience. >> it is great to have those
7:48 am
guys, you know, in the locker room, on the plane, on the bus , they can be leaders and take guys aside and sort of mentor them. but most effective is guys that are on the court with you and in the moment, you know, teach you, work with you, that is how you get better and win games. >> sixers center joel embiid loves to use social media and league told joe joe to use it responsibly. he was find $10,000 for using inappropriate language earlier in the week, he said blank levar ball. that started a whole war of word between them larks var said embiid has limited vocabulary. life goodies playing in the nba, houston's james harden signed a six year, 228 million-dollar contract extension. that is the biggest contract in the nba history surpassing step curry's 201 million-dollar deal he got last week. james had his best season averaging 29 points 11 assist, eight rebound finished second
7:49 am
in the mvp voting between russell westbrook. james will make $104,000 a day for the next six years. to arena football soul on the road in baltimore soul, with the 17 game winning streak on the line, under 10 left, soul down by seven dan raudabaugh pass to darius ren held in broken up in the end somebody. soul lose for first time in over a year, 49-42 the final. that is all for sports. i'm leslie van arsdal. have a great day. still to come this morning right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" your pet should enjoy summer as much as you do but how can you make sure they don't suffer from summertime problems. animal advocate carroll erickson with important advice this morning in today's pet project when "eyewitness news"
7:50 am
7:51 am
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back now with the cbs-3 pet project. carroll erickson, animal advocate with our good friend bucket. >> bucket is lovely. bucket is available at pennsylvania spca and we will talk more about him. he is three years old. he is great with people. loves them. just a wonderful boy. notice top of his nose take that close-up of his face once again note thinks area how pale pink that is. that is an area that would be prone to sunburn. that lead to us what we will be talking about here today and that is, some of the things really have to pay close attention to with your pet because, they are susceptible to the temperature extremes as we are and you have to watch them in the summertime and rest have the year too as much as do you a small child. note thinks dog racing around.
7:53 am
this is all well and good but in full sunshine in a hot day, a dog like that way pretty flat face that will be a problem. you need to really pay attention to. that limit exercise. walking on hot pavement, those pad can burn. walk those dogs on grass, take them out on the cooler times of the day and make sure there there is always fresh what the 's veilable. you have to keep cool, heat up fast during the day if you have kiddie pools out, change water in that is a well for them. overweight dogs, elderly dogs, dogs with heart conditions, lung disease they really suffer in this heat. keep the bugs away. we talk about different preparations that you can use for doing things like that but here's another good thing, beside revolution and all of the stuff you can get from your vet. keep your grass mode because that is where tics love to hide and hitch a right right into your house. make sure you pay close attention to. that fertilize, and maybe not using that but walk your dogs
7:54 am
someplace where your neighbors have put fertilizer down and they are picking that up. and pesticide that sort of thing. be very careful. anti fries, that is a problem. it tastes great apparently and that is, toxic, to animals. within 30 minutes to 12 hearst any dog that gets in the antifreeze that may have leaked out of your car in the summertime, even cars that over heated you will fine signs of lethargy, they will act drunken, that need a vet trip immediately. we have talk about the sun screen and making sure there is shade available, exercising on the cooler parts of the day , zinc oxide do not use it, it is toxic to animals. you can no use that. they will lick it off. there are k-9 sun screen that you can get, you have to use those. and apply them on places like on top of bucket's nose here where skinnies pink or they have got white fur, they have
7:55 am
then skin but just keep them out of the heat of the day and make sure they have access to the shade and other thing, to mention is not just zinc oxide but that stuff called pava a no, in for sun screen. do in the use that around animals. it is toxic to them. my last tip on water safety. if you take your dog or cat, you may want to take your cat out but if do you that you know what maybe a doggie kitty life preserver that would be i great thing. don't head out in the opened waters without something like that, and also just make sure anytime they are near a beach, pool, they are susceptible to drowning as well. they don't know what they are doing. some of these dogs are so heavy they can get out. strong swimmer might get trapped in the pool. you have to watch them. >> just be diligent about everything. >> yes, all the time. >> what they are putting on their mouths, sun, way you would treat a kid. >> totally agree.
7:56 am
lets show you animals for available for pennsylvania spca for adoption. how do you like this beauty. this is winter. a within year-old free mail gray cat rescued bay law, humane law enforcement in february. she wants a home. i love cherri pie, i love this dog coming in, this cat rather coming up, one year-old, long haired orange and white cat rescued by humane law enforcement, funded by viewers really helped. male cats very great and tik is a lovely three-year old male pity mix, just as sweet as he can be. look at those wiggles, loves to run, play, splash in the kiddie pools. bucket just noticed. >> and bucket was also rescued by our humane law enforcement but he is great with people. >> so well behaved. >> he loves everybody. he will be at our erie shelter
7:57 am
later on. he will be at other fishtown shelter later today but our cats at erie some of them special promotion so check them out. >> 350 erie avenue that is p spca headquarters saturday and sunday 10 to five, monday through from you 1:00 to 8:00. hopefully find them all nice homes. >> just reading those prompt ers he could be yours today. >> we will be right back with more tips next weekend. >> that is it for "eyewitness news" at 7:00. here's what we have at 8:00. a priceless piece of american history discovered more than two centuries later how philadelphia native uncovered this rare copy of the declaration of independent and slight difference from the original. surprising twist behind a popular brewery and drinks that made them famous. great way toned the weekend, matt's back with more on the spectacular sunday forecast, we will be right back.
7:58 am
how will i keep up with everyday expenses: bus tickets? >> joe: hi. this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella.
7:59 am
our state treasury is proud to offer the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including emily. by visiting our website at
8:00 am
teth amals on what can happen? not in the shelter, fire breaks through your mind. breaking news this morningn desperate need of a good home after a car slams i spca. we are live there with the sad news about the driver survive the fiery crash. president trump head home after attending the g20 sum tonight germany why so many protested his


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