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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 12, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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charges for stealing the car belong to go one of those missing men. hello, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. we have team three coverage. we will start with "eyewitness news" reporter henry rossoff live in doyletown where an arraignment was held just a couple hours ago, henry. >> reporter: ukee and jessica judge set bail at five million-dollar, cash, that means cosmo dinardo's family has to come up with every penny of that money, not just 10 percent normal standard in court cases. we have obtained this court document from prosecutors that details how dinardo got his hands on the vehicle of one of the four missing men. cosmo dinardo sat back in his chair wearing a gray tank top as prosecutors brought more charge as begins him. he now stand accused of taking nissan maxima of 21 year-old tom meo, last seen july 7th and reported missing july 8th, july 9th according to court documents dinardo went to the friend and quote offered to
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sell him an older model nissan maxima for $500. when police found the car belong to go dinardo's family a subsequent search of the revealed thomas meo diabetic supplies. his family said he quote would not leave them behind. >> meo's title is still in there, car still registered to meo with the tight toll meo, and it is unsigned as though never having been transferred and meo's life saving life necessitating diabetic kitties still in that vehicle. >> reporter: prosecutors argued in part for such a high bail because they say dinardo has a documented history of skits friend y dinardo attorneys argued that the prosecutor's office was upset that he was able to post bail on the unrelated weapons charges, yesterday, and the judge tend todd agree with the prosecutor's office set ago this five million-dollar cash bail. live from doyletown, henry rossoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness
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news". our team coverage continues with joe hold men solebury township where officers, continue to search for clues, joe. >> reporter: ukee, this is epicenter of the search and for families an agonizing ordeal, some behind me, mostly shielded from our cameras just off the roadway here on this 90-acre expansive farm, where some 40 miles just northe of the city of philadelphia. all day the search has continued along this farm, the farm owned by the dinardo family, so far, all lead focused on cosmo dinardo, this is not his parent's primary residence we should point out but police have continued to elevate dinardo's alleged criminal role in the disappearance of jimmy patrick , dean finocchiaro, tom meo and mark sturgis. jimmy patrick was last seen one week ago. first to be reported missing. we have been watching closely with the help of chopper three to see the work unfolding on this farm, it has been
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extensive, and intensive according to prosecutors. law enforcement excavated something earlier today. they used a tents to shield their operation from the hot sun, prosecutors would not revealed what was found. development of sorts at 5:00 this evening. the district attorney returned to the farm and met with family members and it is not yet known the nature of that meeting. our request for insight and more information into his office, were not immediately returned. at this point right now the search continues from this vantage point we have watched lights be brought in, perhaps they are going to be working in to the night here and just about 10 minutes ago, on flatbed trucks we could not speculate what this was but some covered material was shipped off this property with the police escort. that has been some of the more interesting, more obvious development as we have seen from this roadside, all side roadside and search continues and you heard district
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attorney in our report at 5:00 e expects to find something on this property in the very near future after what has been a very, very protracted operation here. reporting live, in bucks county tonight joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, thank you. lets look at weather. we are dealing with excessive heat out there and it will get worse. we will check with meteorologist lauren casey on the cbs-3 sky deck, lauren. >> reporter: meteorological way to describe today's weather, yuck, it feels terrible, it is hot, it is humid but we have got a few cloud rolling into center city philadelphia cooling us off 1 degree but we are still sitting at 89 degrees, right now, that dew point in the upper 60's making it feel like 93. we have a breeze out of the west at 20 miles an hour down the shore we are at 91 degrees feeling like 98 right now, probably taking a dip in the ocean, poconos not too bad at
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this .78 degrees with the breeze out of the west at 14, but this isn't hottest or most humid. we have a heat advice rid through the day tomorrow for much of the delaware valley and excessive heat warning, the watch upgraded for philadelphia and immediate suburbs 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. tomorrow evening. also for tomorrow throughout the day and air quality alert has been issued, air quality conditions will be unhealthy for sensitive groups. if you have respiratory issues , children, elderly, really everyone tomorrow with the heat and humidity need to take it easy. heat safety reminders wear light weight wait, light colored clothing and drink plenty of water, spend time indoors in the ac and avoid outdoor exercise, check on the elderly and remember pets in the extreme heat. we will talk about how it will feel as we head into tomorrow afternoon and chance for strong terms on friday in a few. >> excellent information, thank you. it may be hot but that is not stopping fans of pink from packing beach in atlantic city
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>> they got their toes in the sand for much anticipated concerts and cleve bryan ace machining those lucky enough ton there, cleve. >> reporter: nothing but smiles as they come up to the boardwalk as they will go see pink and kick off beach if he here in atlantic city. >> it is pink, of course, we're excited. >> reporter: celebrating shore and one of their favorite singers crowds filled the atlantic city boardwalk getting ready to see pink. >> i'm so excited, i can't wait to get on the beach to see pink. >> reporter: pink's first artist to head line stage for this year atlantic city beach concert series, hot paring of the tunes and dunes, hot as in popular and hot as in hot. >> i love her, i don't care, yes. >> reporter: big crowd, high temperatures are a safety concern but city has been doing this for years and they say they are prepared with extra police and medical staff and cooling tents. >> it is pretty warm today. it will be in the 90's. we are hoping our boats, visitors and gets come prepared with water and sun
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tan lotion. >> reporter: key is staying hydrated. >> we're dressed cool, ready to go, we will have beach breeze, nice breeze off the ocean. >> lots of water. >> we're good. >> well hydrated. >> oh, yeah. >> with the right stuff. >> with the right stuff. >> reporter: max seen pastor and her pals from vineland said they will dance and sing their hearts out, jamie walsh, eight months pregnant has more to deal with. >> i'm feeling all right. i hope i don't give birth is there a hospital right down the street. >> that might be first for an beach concert do you want to be first to give birth on the beach. >> no, i don't want to be first, no, not at all. >> reporter: say a prayer for jamie. here's something we don't see every day, we have a pink man on the uni cycle and hot pink butterfly. this is eric. it is hot. what sit like from your vantage point. >> there is hot air from right over here but i'm just kidding , amazing, having a great time waiting for pink.
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>> wow. >> reporter: crowd is out, we have warm up act here and hopefully they will enjoy pink , live from atlantic city, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thanks very much. man behind political retribution scheme that would be known as bridge gate is not going to prison. today new jersey judge sentenced david wildstein to three years probation, he orchestrated plan to close lanes on the george washington bridge in 2013, to punish the mayor of the fort lee for not endorsing governor chris christie. he pleaded guilty and gave testimony to convict two former christie aid. first of its kind cancer treatment developed here in philadelphia when a unanimous endorsement from f.d.a. advisors. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has been following this research for years, and here with the milestone. >> reporter: if approved by f.d.a., which is expect this will be the first treatment that genetically alters a patients own cells to fight leukemia, it is called a living drug that bolsters the immune system to kill cancer,
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but we have been following little girl who first tested this therapy foyer five years now. emily whitehead was first pediatric patient at children 's hospital to get immuno therapy treatment in 2012. she had relapsed twice with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. >> it was scary, really scary. >> reporter: doctors and researchers at chop developed treatment called cartea involves removing immune cells from the patient's blood, reprogramming them to create an army of attack cells and putting them back in the patient. >> way of genetically engineering each patient's immune system to go back and kill their own cancer cells. this is brand new completely different, a totally new way of treating cancer. >> reporter: doctor group and his collogues at chop has treated 150 children with experimental therapy and results of been described as impressive. >> an increase in trans expression with patient was leukemia. >> reporter: doctor and whitehead family testified before f.d.a. advisory panel
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on wednesday hoping to get the treatment approved. >> they keep telling us that emily's writing history books because she was first child in the world with her immune system trained to beat her leukemia. >> reporter: in january, emily whitehead foundation donated hundred thousand dollars chop 's cancer center. >> applause. >> we were just hoping for anything because this was our last chance only thing we had left. >> reporter: grateful family giving back with their 12 year-old daughter, history maker who five years later remains cancer free. >> overall you feel good. >> yes. >> reporter: adorable. cost of car-tea therapy is likely to be hundreds of thousands of dollars and there can be serious side effects but it is only given once. while emily and other patients are doing well researchers admit there is still a lot of unknown about the long term outcomes for this we should say that this research at chop was done in conjunction with collogues at hup. >> amazing work. >> thanks, appreciate it. still to come tonight a
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little girl ticketed when we come back story behind this snapshot, reason a montgomery county officer gave that three-year old a ticket and how it ended with a sweet surprise. plus a philadelphia recollect center in need of repair gets a much needed boost reason it is getting serious upgrade and why that means so much for the man running it, don. rare reason to smile for baseball's worse team how one philly proved all-star worthy and improved his trade value, sports, coming
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this is live picture from chopper three over solebury township bucks county where search continues for four missing men. person of interest in the case cosmo dinardo was arraigned today for allegedly stealing a car blank to go one of the missing men. now, dinardo family has released a statement quotas parents mr. and mrs. dinardo sympathize with the parents and families of the missing young men and they are cooperating every way possible
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with the investigation being conducted by law enforcement. our coverage continues on television and on line at cbs three years oldies a bit young to get a ticket but little girl in abington got one for being good. >> let's show you niko handed her a ticket when he saw her being a great help tore her mom and little sister. it was a coupon for free 7-eleven slurp i which she re deemed, right away. >> she was not messing around lets get that treat now. >> let's go. >> that is great. >> majority of the philadelphia rec centers and pools are in desperate need of repair. >> one center just outside of kensington is gearing up for major investment that will upgrade a much used and loved oasis, cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio, reports. >> reporter: water pools, located in the heart of a concrete jungle.
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but it is sweet water oasis makes this section of north philadelphia known as the bat land feel pretty good. >> to us it is not badland thinks where we live. >> reporter: anthony washington runs the waterloo playground and park, where he grew up and with the help of the dedicated staff this place is family. >> between this bench and that bench, it is safe. >> yes. >> reporter: neighborhood moms and dad, keep these decade old facility going, patching crack s and peels, sing hells and avoiding the swing sets, minus the swings. >> they had to remove it because of state standard. >> reporter: year from now water loo will get tlc. >> thinks new water loo. >> parks and recollection commissioner said a million-dollar private investment will transfer water loo. >> climbing tower, slide, awesome spinners. >> reporter: plus a new basketball court and playground, and it can be done
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next summer but upgrade to the cities 400 other sites depend on a half billion dollar rebuild program funded by the soda tax. >> which remains in limbo. >> we don't know how much will go to pools, how much will be going to playgrounds. >> reporter: in the meantime, eight hours a day, these kid, will be here is this fun. >> it is fun. >> reporter: anthony washington. >> everybody is positive for me. >> reporter: will keep the family going. in north philadelphia, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". that looks nice right now. >> doesn't it though. >> inviting. >> lauren says, it is only getting hotter. >> yes. >> do a cannon ball right into that pool especially tomorrow, heat, humidity thinks peak as we head in our thursday. it is not as bad as it will get. 89 degrees with a live look at center city philadelphia we have breeze, hearty up around 20 miles an hour but we are contending with this humidity. making it feel like 93 degrees at this hour.
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temperatures are soaring all across the area cool spot, 70 in mount pocono but we are up at 89 in trenton. ninety in wildwood. ninety-one in atlantic city. these feels like temperatures feeling like 102 in dover. ninety-nine in millville. feeling like 99 degrees when you factor in that humidity across cape may county and overnight tonight, it will be humid that ac will be running, spotty thunderstorm passing through with a temperature falling back down to 77 degrees for our day tomorrow. very hot. very humid. mostly sun which afternoon storms developing, and high temperature 97 degrees and that 97-degree high will be 1 degree shy off the record high temperature in philadelphia setback in the 90's. we will have near record heat and we will have oppressive humidity. even by 9:00 o'clock hour temperatures at 90. pack that lunch. i don't think you will walk out and about heading in to your lunch hour tomorrow. you will be sweat ago lot.
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99 degrees feels like temperature for noon time. same case in ac. as we head in the afternoon hours those heat indexes up in the triple digits only knocked down by storms that will be moving through during the afternoon and evening hours, scattered in nature. we will keep a head up to that are. isolated strong storm tomorrow , best chance for strong storms will be on friday, downpours and even some isolated severe storms before things quiet down and clear out as we head into saturday dry and turning mostly sunny that would be nice, storm scan three showing us hot sunshine in place right now, minimal storm activity, few cells up toward poconos right now but a few lingering showers after a little storm roll through mount pocono that has dissolved and future weather showing us in the evening hours, spotty thunder shower possible and overnight tonight, pretty quiet conditions, we will start off sunny for our day tomorrow and we will see storms developing during afternoon evening hours moving through quickly could see heavy rainfall, gusty wind embedded with within these cells but main event will be on friday when delaware valley
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is in the slight risk of severe weather and main threat is going to be damaging wind. keep yourself aware of the changing weather situation especially late friday afternoon and into friday evening, as well, and upcoming weekend, beautiful conditions upper 80's, lower humidity and sunshine. >> got it, thanks, lauren. >> don's up next with sports. >> guys, nba has changed the game what rule changes look for next season. plus day at the beach for flyers and their prospects those stories next in ♪ if you want a taste of freedom, keep going.
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we hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal. we must want our fellow human beings to have rights. stonewall means fight back. stonewall means fight back. discover new york state's rich legacy of equality. plan your trip to our equal rights destinations at
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it is hit or miss, exactly. vacation continues for the phillies, on friday, they open a three game series in
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milwaukee, phillies are on pace for 108 losses. let's hope that the time off serves them well as ukee shakes his head. phillies simply don't have enough talent that is the story. last night their only representative in the all-star game improves his trade value, pat meshack pitched a scoreless second inning n extra innings robinson cano, seattle's best gives american league a one run lead and they win two-one. al now has home field advantage in the world series. phillies -- >> this afternoon in clearwater, he has been out with a oblique strain since june 9th, hernandez may be involved in trade talks as deadline approaches on the 31st. sometimes final two minutes can take 15 or more to play, that is why nba is making changes. today they voted to eliminate four total time outs and they moved trade deadline to before , the all-star game, big move for players.
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former reading high stan out lonnie walker tore his mens cuss in his right knew tuesday morning in practice. he will have surgery this week five star recruit and headed to my aim on a scholarship. before the injury, some had him as a top 15 prospect, in the 2018 nba draft. eleventh annual prospects in stone harbor, last day of development camp for the team and they played games on the beach, held a camp for kid and signed autographs, that looks like fun, kind of, sort of. >> across the pond, we're not laughing, but we are paying attention here. marine 129 miles an hour and line judge. >> that will leave a mark. >> took it like a chapel, 129 miles an hour. >> she was able to turn. >> yes. >> it looks like she has
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experience with the move. >> yes, it looked like my dab. >> that will leave a mark. >> "cbs evening news" just a few minutes away. >> anthony mason has a look ahead. >> hi ukee and jessica tonight on the "cbs evening news" investigators are looking in the president's son in law jared kushner and what he might have done to help russian in their cyber campaign to defeat hillary clinton. the search intensifies for four missing pennsylvania men, and, after five decade this country music legend is still crowning a chat with charlie bride just ahead on the "cbs evening news". but furnishes surveillance camera captured, i went there, sorry, surveillance camera captured pups popping in the area hospital. >> when we come back where the dog surprise sod workers in northampton,
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visitors stopped by st. lukes hospital and their wag tails were caught on camera a couple dogs walk right in the front door of the hospital's anderson campus in easton last week. they checked out the place, some people noticed and they stopped by pharmacy and eventually staff members caught the dogs in bethlehem police helped reunite them with their owner. >> look at those tails. >> yes, having a great time. >> yes. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on the sister station cw philly and we are back here at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening
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news", from new york here's anthony mason. take c captioning sponsored by cbs >> mason: the probe widens. now investigators want to know what the president's son-in-law might have done to help russia in a cyber campaign to defeat hillary clinton. also tonight, the president's choice to head the f.b.i. declares independence. >> no one asked me for any kind of loyalty oath at any point during this process, and i sure as heck didn't offer one. >> mason: a person of interest is rearrested in the mysterious disappearance of four pennsylvania men. breaking away at the bottom of the word. >> is the fracturing of this iceberg cause for alarm? ♪ you've got to kiss your neighbor good morning ♪ >> mason: and pride of country celebrating a lifetime of music. >> if i can get


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