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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  July 13, 2017 2:07am-2:41am EDT

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. right now at 11:00, trapped in the rubble for ten hours, a woman is freed from a building collapse and authorities say a kitchen appliance likely saved her life. >> it's hot and will get hotter, an excessive heat goes into effect. crews searching for missing men working into the night. there are new developments in bucks county. as the lone person of interest is back behind bars. in just the past 30 minutes, authorities say they will announce major developments in the case during a midnight news conference and we will bring that to you live. i'm ukee washington. jessica has the night off. this is the new mug shot of cosmo dinardo, a person of interest in the case. he was arrested and charged
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today with stealing the car of tom meo one of the missing men. they found it on property in solesbury bucks county that belongs to the dinardo family. he had been out of jail 24 hours on a weapons charge. the fbi has using heavy equipment to dig a deep ditch and sift through each bucket of dirt. alexandria hoff has the details on the latest arrest but we begin with greg argos live near the search site. greg? >> reporter: and ukee, good evening, this search sight, the 90 acre property owned by the dinardo family has been the center of attention for investigators over the past four days. an interesting thing happened around 8:00. the district attorney here in bucks county returned to the scene around 8:00. been there ever since. the breaking news tonight in
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just about one hour. the district attorney expected to announce a major development in this missing person's case. for the fourth straight day more than 100 officials combed through the 90 acre farm land with heavy equipment and cadaver dogs, searching for the young men, material taken out under police escort around 6:00 wednesday. two hours later, bucks county district attorney matthews weintraub arriving back. >> we are going to find something for sure, no doubt. >> reporter: he says he believes foul play may have played a role >> we have not yet recovered human remains that i can report. but we have recovered several important pieces of evidence. >> reporter: chopper over the compound as investigators carefully search for evidence. this home belongs to the family
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20-year-old cosmo dinardo. he tried to sell a car owned by meo. meo a diabetic left his insulin kit in the vehicle >> we allege that he attempted to sell meo's vehicle for five hundred dollars to a friends who's identity we know but are protecting in the court documents for safety. >> reporter: officials have not said if all the menu each other. they enlisted jamie patrick as a friend on facebook. two days later, tom meo, mark sturgis and dean finocchiaro vanished. they worked to together at the construction business. nicholas is friends with both meo and sturgis. he never heard him mention dinardo's name. >> we hope they're ok and nothing bad happened. >> reporter: investigators have been tight lipped about this investigation since the beginning. we have not learned much about
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exactly what was uncovered or recovered there at this 90 acre property. once again, the breaking news, the district attorney here in bucks county expected to hold a press conference in about 55 minutes, live in bucks county, greg argos cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you, greg, we will get back. the person of interest in the missing men case was arrested once again today and tonight, he is behind bars, alexandria hoff joins us with the new legal developments surrounding cosmo dinardo. alex? >> reporter: ukee, you said it right there. he has been deemed a person of interest. not a suspect throughout this investigation. but earlier it was made clear that authorities were not ready to see him walk free. two mug shots three days. with chopper 5 overhead, cosmo stared into the sky. the 20-year-old sole person of
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interest in the disappearance of four pierre was originally arrested monday for an unresulted firearms offense. two days later, his father owner of a successful bensalem based construction and concrete company, paid the rider 10% of a $1 million bail. freeing his son wednesday. in less than 24 hour, dinardo was taken into custody again. >> for receiving stolen property and theft of a nissan maxima owned by thomas meo. >> in statement from the dinardo family representative prominent philadelphia attorney fortunato perri shared this, as parents, mr. and mrs. dinardo sympathize with the families of the missing young man and are cooperating in every way possible. falling short of being called a suspect. cosmo dinardo bail is set at a
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firm $5 million. regardless of finding that car, it is still unclear if or how dinardo may have known these missing men. yesterday "eyewitness news" spoke with a friend of dinardo's who said that about a year ago, he started acting differently, that followed a brain injury after an atv accident. he told us he did not know dinardo to be violent, contradicted by police sores who said he had violent attendances. reporting live in bucks county, alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. yes, once again a midnight news conference is scheduled. authorities say they will announce major developments. then we will bring that to you live here on cbs3. extreme heat is gripping the region and tomorrow is going to feel like triple digits. meteorologist lauren casey is
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tracking the dangerous heat and how long it will be with us. lauren. >> today, was hot and steamy. tomorrow even hotter. even steamier at 91 in philadelphia, four degrees above the normal high. record for the day, 97, not too close to that. tomorrow will be far closer to that record. we started the day off mild at 75 degrees and temperatures are still warm at this late hour, 84 in philly. 83 in atlantic city, 82 in wilmington. check out the feels like temperatures past the 11:00 hour. and still feels like near 90 degrees in center city. still feeling like 89 in atlantic city. feeling like 85 right now in reading. forecasts high for tomorrow are going to be sorrying approaching 97 degrees, 96 in atlantic city and 94 in dover, 95 in wilmington. and we'll have that oppressive humidity to contend with. most of the area under a heat
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advisory. elsewhere, philadelphia and suburbs excessive heat warning 11:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. with feels like up to around 100 to potentially 105. we'll talk more about the heat and storm potential as we head to friday and the full eyewitness forecast coming up. we know the identity a 57-year-old woman stabbed to death in philadelphia's launching crest neighborhood. in the 5500 block of hill creek drive police arrived there this morning and found rosslyn wick dead from multiple stab wounds. affectionally known as mrs. ros described by neighbors as a church going woman always seen walking her dog >> she was sweet as pie. she used to look out for me when i don't feel good because i get sick a lot. if i'm on the curb, she'll come out >> this is a big loss for the community. it will be -- really, you know, sad thing up around here everybody loves her.
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>> that man you just saw, aj write ran towards her home and encounter add suspect who jumped from a second floor window and ron away. police continue their investigation. police continue to investigate another deadly crime, a double murder in fair hill, that occurred just after mid, 35-year-old was gunned down with her 19-year-old stepdaught stepdaught stepdaughter tore res. friends tell the red pickup truck men dough is a was driving was not hers, it was a friend's. police are searching for suspects and a motive, they've gathered surveillance video from nearby homes. president trump is on his way to paris to meet with the president of france, it comes as he defend his oldest son embroiled in a scandal. his e-mail bombshell could change the course of the russian investigation
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>> president trump took off for paris wednesday dogged by questions about his campaign's possible ties to russia and its leader, vladimir putin. >> why would he want me >> in an interview with pat robertson at the white house, the president said he thinks putin would have preferred hillary clinton as commander in chief >> we'lling exporting energy. he doesn't want that >> the knots came amid bombshell revelations that donald trump junior met with a russian last june believing she had dirt on clinton. mr. trump defended his son saying i think many people would have held that meeting. president trump maintains he learned of the meeting a couple of days ago and now his son-in-law jared kushner who was will is facing fresh scrutiny. congressional and justice department investigators are now examining whether the digital campaign operation run by kushner helped russians target u.s. voters with fake news stories
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>> if there was a data analytic cal component in which there was a level coordination we need to look into >> trey goudy >> we may be missing this window of opportunity >> president trump took to twitter saying the white house is functionally perfectly adding he's focused on healthcare and many others >> president trump is expected to hole a joint news conference with the president of france tomorrow. confirmation hearings are underway on capitol hill for president trump's to run the fbi. christopher wray said he plans to lead an independent fbi if he's confirmed. he also assured them he will not face the kind of presidential pressure his predecessor james comey outlined in a series of memos. as we continue tonight, trapped in the rubble for hours, there is an unbelievable rescue story coming out of western pennsylvania, common household pipelines authorities say saved
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. amazing rescue outside pittsburgh. a woman was pinned by her refrigerator when the building and the city of washington partially collapsed this morning. rescuers had to go through a wall to get her out. she was not seriously hurt. officials are not sure what caused the collapse but the rest of the building will be demolished. to extreme weather, a giant iceberg the size of the state of delaware is on the move in antarctica. the one trillion ton iceberg broke free this week, one of the biggest recorded. scientists say they have been
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waiting for this moment to happen years >> in 2014, we first noticed the large risk developing in the ice shelf that has ended up in the point which is now a detachment to a large >> scientists say the iceberg is likely to remain in the area or drift north towards southerly america. helping our troops overseas was the goal of a team effort at the sugarhouse casino. they joined forces to assemble christmas in july care packages. tastykakes and he potato chips were among the treats being put into bags for our troops. >> it was an idea born out of the fact that this is tame weary creating. we have folks oversees that are not. we want those young men and
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women we haven't forgotten them >> they will be in the troops's hands in a matter of days. some unexpected visitors found their way inside a local hospital and their journey was caught on surveillance camera. two dogs walked right in the front door of the hospital's anderson campus in easton, checked out the placement people took notice. the puppies made it to the pharmacy. estimated 40,000 people packed the beach in atlantic city for a anticipated concert. take a look at this picture tweeted by atlantic city police. that massive crowd assembled for a beach concert by pink. "eyewitness news" was in atlantic city and expected many arrived early for the concert. summerfest celebration continues this week, cbs3 summerfest headed to phoenix.
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we'll be broadcasting live friday as the town prepares for the annual blob fest. and showcasing everything and getting a look at the history of the town and of course, the blob fest friday here on cbs3. i remember that movie well. you probably haven't seen it. have you >> no. >> we can find it for you. >> if it was a jaws fest i'd be on it. good to go >> you're on the hot weather >> so steamy. getting steamy developer tomorrow 10 hotter before the heat starts to break as we head towards the end of the week, but it is a steamy summer night in the city. 84 as we get a live look at center city philadelphia. south westerly winds around nine miles per hour, the component to the wind flow ushering in the warmth and moisture feels like temperature 89 degrees that air conditioning will be running all day long, stormscan 3 showing us not a whole lot going on, no
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rainfall to help us cool off but we'll have storm chances tomorrow and especially on friday. checking in on some of our current conditions, 74, the cool spot in cape may, 82 in new castle. philadelphia still sat 85. atlantic city up at 83. due points are way elevated. they're up into the low to mid to even upper 70's. in this range, the insufferable category on our comfort index and will remain in this oppose range as we head through the day tomorrow and combine that with near record high temperatures as well. partly cloudy warm and humid falling back to 77 overnight, for our day tomorrow, up to 97, one degree shy of the record high temperature in philly. hot and humid. mostly sunny scattered showers and storms developed as we head to the afternoon and evening, by 9:00, the heat index around 90 in the city feeling like 92 in dover. you want to rule out the
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lunchtime stroll. feeling like 97 in the city, 101 in millville, 99 in dover and things get more intense into the second half of the day with triple digits feels like temperatures, cut you have by scattered showers and storms that will develop as we head into the afternoon and evening hours, drink plenty of water, avoid the strenuous activity. stay out of direct sunlight. wear the light weight and colored clothing, check out and kids and elderly. we'll have to be concerned about the potential for dangerous heat and we'll see the storms developing during the second half of the day and a few could be on the stronger isolated severe side. severe weather across the area. future weather showing us quiet, lot of sunshine and heat and future weather showing us as we head to prime heating scattered showers and thunderstorms starting to develop continuing into the evening hours and one
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of these cells could be on the stronger and severe side. as we head to friday and numerous thunderstorms more could be strong to potentially severe with a damaging winds going to be the main threat we will see heavy rainfall locally that could produce flooding and some areas, be aware of that. that will be our day of most active weather as far as storms are concerned. as we head to friday, could see downpours friday morning. but most of the activity ramping up evening. weekend. have to get through tomorrow, friday and good to go. >> let's do this together. >> yes. >> don bell joins us talking about the fly guys >> they went from the ice to the stand. the flyers take their game to the beach a good
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sixers are in the playoffs. the summer league. hold up. playing the lakers in vegas, former nova star josh hart is out with an ankle injury. there's the second choice in the draft. alonso ball, got a triple double on saturday the sixers showing hustle. getting on the ground, alex get up and throw it down. the game is at the half right now. sixers on top. 57-49. ben simmons is not playing in summer action but is balling with the king. he had another good session with labron james, last career he signed with labron's with rich paul. vacation continues for the phillies on friday. they open a three-game series in milwaukee on pace to use 108
2:35 am
games. let's hope time off served them well. for the 11th time, flyers top prospects took part in trial on the aisle in stone harbor new jersey. >> who owns the record for the he most shorthanded goal >> filled with trivia contests and games. it's the final day the team's development camp >> this week is a week for them to really want to develop skills. as ron hextall said. this is not going to tell them who's going to make or break the team but it's how to make them a better player if you have to develop the players and a culture and have to develop the bond that comes from things like this >> from the beach to the rink. three held a clinic for kids then off to an autograph section. where the
2:36 am
one-on-one. baseball second base man caesar hernandez assignment. he may also be involved in trade talks as the deadline approachs on the 31st. >> all right. >> keep an eye on that >> thank you, db. uniqu
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scariest thing they've ever done but amazing. life begin at 40. lauren? it's wednesday, we're halfway to the upcoming weekend and conditions will improve dramatically in time to enjoy the weekend humidity levels dropping off throughout the day saturday. feeling much more comfortable by saturday night and sunday, temperatures not as hot as well after we deal with extreme heat tomorrow. temperatures closer to average for the upcoming weekend and the mid to upper 80's, we could see morning clouds saturday, otherwise a lot of sunshine to take us throughout the upcoming weekend.
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