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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  July 13, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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that's the "overnight news" for this thursday. from the cbs broadcast center in new york city. i'm anna werner. i' it's thursday, july 13th, 2017. this is the "cbs morning news." people in a small pennsylvania town make a grim discovery in the case of four missing anyone. americans in paris aryan as the russian controversy follows him. and you nighted airlines is making a change it hopes to make an end bumping passengers of a
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financial benefit. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here h new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. human remains have been found on a farm about 30 miles north of philadelphia. demarco morgan is in solebury, pennsylvania. demarco, good morning. >> good morning to you. the four men have been missing the last couple of days. one disappear last wednesday. the others two days later. t one of the victim has been identified as 19-year-old dean finocchiaro. he's been messing since last friday. cadaver dogs led them to that spot.
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>> there are additional human remains inside that grave. so this painstaking process will go on. we're not done yet. this is a homicide, make no mistake aboutet. we just don't know how many homicides we're yet to know the answer to that question. >> reporter: authorities are working to identify the other remains. the son of the property owner cosmo dinardo is under arrest. he's being held on $5 million bail cash. earlier this week dinardo was arrested and released on an unrelated gun charge and some of missing men knew each other. it's unknown if they knew dinardo. police are pursuing other hot leading and are bringing homicide charges against dinardo. i got a chance
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them. they said they're fearing the worst. >> there's something he's going to be missing on the campus of loyola. he had friends,s with smart, went out, was goofy. a personality like that, not being at a school like ours, you're going to notice he's gone. >> reporter: again, there were more human remains found in the common grave. we expect to hear much more in a couple of hour. of course, we'll keep you posted. >> demarco morgan in solebury. thank you very much, morgan. in los angeles, a phone-n-bomb threat caused an evacuation as a dormitory. they returned early morning within an all clear was issued.
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president trump arrived in paris this morning where he'll meet with france's president and take part in bastille day tomorrow. in an interview, mr. trump said he didn't know abouts he son's meeting with the russian lawyer until a couple of days ago. and he said he was sorry he didn't ask russia's president last week whether he supported him. mola lenghi has the investigation. >> reporter: president trump took off for paris still dogged by questions on cam pane ties and its leader vladimir putin. many an interview with cnn's pat robertson. >> he's going to be exploiting energy.
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he wouldn't like that. he wands windmills. >> reporter: donald trump jr. met with a russian lawyer. he said, i think many people would circulate held ha meeting. president trump maintains he only learned of meeting a couple of days ago and nows he son-in-law jared kushner is facing scrutiny. they're now investigating whether the campaign run by kushner was assisted by fake news stories. >> if he's some coordinationing we need to along into. >> reporter: republican congressman trey gowdy. a defiant president trump took to twitter earlier writing that the white house is functioning perfectly, adding he's writing on health care and many other things. the president said he'll be, quote, very angry if senate
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republicans fail to pass a revamped health care bill. majority leader mitch mcconnell plans to write a revised version during a closed door session early next week. it's far from certain, though, that the new plan will win agreement. christopher wraying the president's nominee tothe fbi director said he did not consider the investigation into possible cord nation between the trump campaign and russia to be a witch hunt. they opened wray's confirmation hearing yesterday. he said he would resign if asked to do something unlawful or unethical. and he would never pledge loyalty. >> no one asked me at any time and i sure as heck didn't offer one.
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wray would replace james comey, who the president fired in may. wray said he would not pull any punches, and his loyalty is to the constitution. in gulfport, mississippi, two teenagers are under arrest after a disturbing incident was posted live on facebook. it showed her being beaten and sexually assaulted. police say 17-year-old ezzi johnson posted the video made in the home of 19-year-old haley alexis hudson. >> i can't help but be disturbed by the shares of this crude and despicable event. not too long ago we were up to 1,100 shares of that video and i think we're at 48,000 views.
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it speaks loudly about our culture. >> both johnson faces assaulting and battery charges. five are changed in the beating death of tourist bakari henderson. video shows him running and being tackled by a group of people. he's thrown into a car and beaten. four others will testify today. this morning another round of severe thunderstorms bringing the potential of flooding, and it's possible from the upper midwest to the mid-atlantic. flood watches and warnings are posted from iowa to new york. last night floodwaters surged over the streets of northwestern boston. it doumped as much as 5 inches. that same storm system inundated some northern chicago
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...with these roses. one is treated with dove. both are exposed to damaging heat. the rose without dove is dry and brittle. dove deeply nourishes and stops 90% of daily hair damage before it happens. nasa reveals the closest pictures f taken in the worst weather in the solar system. it shows jupiter's great red spot. the juneau probe beamed them back after zooming within 5,600 miles of the huge planet. the spot was a swirling storm that's bigger than earth swirling for centuries. malala has a birth day and clearing gene hurdles.
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"the new york times" reports that a groundbreaking leukemia drug will soon be on the market. yesterday they adviseded regulators to approve a treatment. it is first to fight cancer by genetically altering a patient's own immune cells. the fda is expected to accept the recommendation. california times shows beaches closing if california. a man w the detroit free press tries to determine whether kid rock's plans were serious or a publicity stunt. he said it's real. he has two challengers to debbie stabenow.
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forecast in some cities around the country. on the "cbs moneywatch" the fed weighs in on interest rates, and united launches a plan to deal with overbooked flights. roxana saberi is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, roxana. >> good morning, anne-marie. fed chair janet yellen testified for a second day on capitol hill. she said the fed plans to keep raising interest rates. they expect one more hike this year. they plan to sell off the bond holdings h year. yell en's testimony pushed the dow. the dow gained 123 points. the s&p finished 17 points up and the nasdaq added 57.
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verizon said there's been no loss or theft of customer information despite a security breach. it affected 6 million customers. names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and account p.i.n.s were exposed. apple is opening up in china. it requires them to store data within the company. they're working with a government-owned company in china raying concerns about information being transferred. a big tax break for google in france. they avoided a $1.3 billion tax adjustment imposed on google. the france government said they were required to pay the tax because the irish subsidiaries sold online services to france. but they ruled they're not
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taxable in france. and united airlines is dealing with gnaw way to deal with old flights and involuntary bumping of passengers. passengers who sign up will get an e-mail with a buyout offer up to $250 ahead of fleets if their seat becomes a hot commodity. you won't be asked to change dates or airports. despite avoiding bad press, unite gets to sell your seat at a higher price. anne-marie? >> a little extra cash for a little inconvenience. it might work. roxana saberi at new york stock exchange. thanks so much. still to come, ice breaker. a giant block of ice that's been dangling for months breaks off. we'll look at the impact on the environment.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country.
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an infant at an australian zoo will soon need a bigger splash pool. the asian elephant was born there in may as part of a conservation program. the species is in danger due to poaching and habitat loss. science says a formation in antarctica is fascinating but not worry? yet. deborah fa. finally a chung of ice has snapped off pt at more than 2,200 square miles the fracture certainly looks dramatic but scientists are not pushing the panic button yet. is this iceberg causing alarm?
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at the moment i would say no. it may provide scientific clues long term. >> the question is whether this is the beginning of the retreat to this ice chef that may events ueli be linked. >> an ice shelf in permanently attached to land. it will snap off every few decades but it usually grows. it row treats to such a point that they're unable to regenerate. scientists will now be able to determine if this is one such case. >> we'll take sediment samples from beneath the ice shelf that will tell us how often this keend of event has occurred in the past. >> of more immediate concern is without an ice shelf to hold it back, it will flow into the sea and drive sea levels up more quickly than predicted for this
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century. debora patta, cbs news, london. ten necessary fans will see some fresh faces at the semifinals in wimbledon. the first and second are out, top seeded andy murray was upset by sam querrey and an arm injury forced novak djokovic to withdraw. the oscars of sports were handed out in los angeles. nba's russell west book and olympic gymnast simone biles won the espys. it was the 25th annual edition of the sport network's award show. coming up on "cbs this morning," a hack at the explosion in the lobster population and how it's feeding the high demand for lobster rolls. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news."
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our top story this morning, investigators searching for four missing pennsylvania men found human remains on a farm north of philadelphia. one of the young men, 19-year-old dean finocchiaro has been identified. other remains have been found. authoritieses are looking at homicide charges against cosmo dinardo who was taken into custody early wednesday. president trump arrived in pearce this morning, the start of a two-day visit. before leaving he says he didn't learn of his eldest son meeting with the russian lawyer who claimed to have dirt on hillary clinton. he defended his son saying anyone would have taken that meeting. a number of police officers in austin, texas, have been
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treated for carbon monoxide poison in the last week. they suspect it was leaking inside their suvs, but it may not be limited to police vehicles. >> reporter: newly released dash cam video in march appeared to show sergeant zachary lahood sickened by what his department says was carbon monoxide seeping into his ford explorer. >> i thought i was going to go head on into a bus or a garbage truck. >> reporter: lahood, a 13 year veteran is on leave and suing ford. >> i'm lucky to be alive and i'm lucky i didn't kill anyone else. >> reporter: in the last week six more officers have been treated for carbon monoxide exposure. they have taken ford explorer out of service. belief chief troy gay.
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in february there were 450 plus complaints from 201 to 2017. federal regulators acknowledge that number has grown and are investigating. ford has known about it since at least 2012. a company representative later acknowledged in a deposition it as to appears to be a design issue that leaks through unsealed seams. this shows the police crouser brandon mcdowell was driving that slammed into a montreal. he's one of a half a dozen officers suing ford over allegations of carbon monoxide exposure. nhtsa says it is investigating if the issues in austin are related to any possible safety defect. ford tells us it has investigating and found no carbon monoxide issues with the suzanne of its ford explorer
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police interscepters and noted that police departments sometimes make modification after they buy the vehicles. kris van cleave, cbs news, ar lengthton, virginia. coming up on "cbs this morning," a rare form of cancer could be linked to breast implants. ahead, one woman with her fight against the disease and the battle she had with her insurance company over covering the treatment. plus we'll show you how the demand for lob story rolls is driving up the price of lobsters. that's the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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we have found human remains in an approximately 12 and a half foot deep common grave. >> breaking news, discovery confirms war after days of digging on a bucks county property humane remains are recovered in the search for four missing men, we're live with the overnight development and earlier this morning, president trump touches down in paris as controversy i continues at home, over the e-mails of trump junior. and the dangerous heat, peaks today even in the early morning hours it already feels hot and muggy so how hot will it get to day? today is thursday july 13th good morning aim jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. lets check with the forecast with katie and road was meisha >> good morning g


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