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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  July 14, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. anything to say? even you're soree? >> i'm sorry. >> a murder confession from cosmo dinardo. we'll tell you about the deal that led to his admission, what we now know about the motive. the key change, and how it will affect thousands of families, trying to get into the us. >> and storm scan3, tracking more showers, katie's timing out the best chances to see some rain. very busy this morning, today is friday, july 14, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm jan carabeo. rahel solomon is off today. let's gather check on today's forecast with katie and
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meisha. >> great to see up. tgif indictment looking outside right now, fairly quiet again. you know wha what is up. >> construction. >> a the love construction, like your a on repeat every day. >> specially in the summer. >> so am i, it has been humid. storms, yesterday was a brutal afternoon, we will several tornado warnings came through, and setting ourselves up for fresh rounds of stormy weather. you know, we've been real lucky on the morning show anyway. we haven't had a heck of a lot to track during the morning, that changes today. what you notice on storm scan3, especially back through lancaster county, couple of clusters of heavy thunderstorms producing very heavy downpours right now as well as clearly frequent lightning it, continues its trek east in the next couple of hours, as it arrives here, may certainly ends up bothering some of you trying to travel if you are about to hit the road along i59 for example. outside to one of the area
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network shots, steamy look to the camera shot here at whitfield elementary school, one of the spots that got hit very hard with heavy storms yesterday. current temperature, 73 there, still in the upper 70s, so those storms yesterday really didn't do heck of a lot to cool things off. now, throughout the course of the afternoon, we are only talking mid 80s here. so the front that's dropping in, bringing the additional rounds of stormy weather here today, that's what's going to be the game changer, meisha. even though i still expect that we ends one daytime highs into the 80s come this weekend, at least going to break ourselves of this pattern that we've been stuck in. it won't be anywhere near as harsh, as the heat and humidity. >> do you think it will linger around all afternoon? >> we will will time it out but yes, little more of all day event for us. >> okay, all right, thank you so much for. that will that's good news for us to know this week has been very, very busy, a lot of people out on the roadways, i think today will be busy friday indeed. so if we add the rain on top of the morning commute, you bet it will be busy. vine cloe dollars overnight for construction, westbound and eastbound, did have
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construction on 59 south at the betsy ross bridge, right lane compromised. that will however has just been cleared out of the way. construction on the blue route, cones in the roadway, northbound between germantown pike, mid-county toll plaza, again the right lane compromised. i'll let you know when they move out of the way. disable vehicle northeast extension southbound before lansdale. left lane blocked. but you can see by our censors, still traveling at posted speeds. i would expect that in the 4:00 hour. still super earl icon vukovich sean plymouth meeting, closed between butler pike, germantown pike will be your alternate. jim, jan, back to you. >> thank you shall meisha, bombshell confession, cosmo dinardo admit to killing the four men who mysteriously vanished in bucks county last week. >> trang do live in solebury township this morning, trang; there any indication dinardo may have had help, an accomplice? >> reporter: well, jan, a person with knowledge of the confession tells a
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co-conspirator involved with three of the killings, bucks county district attorney was not ready to discuss this, but he will release more detail on this later this morning. meanwhile, cosmo dinardo and his attorney are speaking out. take a listen. >> do you have anything to say to these families? anything? you're soree? >> i'm sorry. >> now, in front of our "eyewitness news" cameras, cosmo dinardo apologized to the families of the four men he confess today killing, as he was taken away pot bucks county jail. his attorney paul lang said he told investigate erring everything, including with he participated in the killings of jimi patrick, dean finocchiaro, sturgis, and men shot in the head or the back after dinardo felt cheated during three drug transactions, and the bod wrist burned on the dinardo farm. and of the four, dean finocchiaro has been positively identified from a 12-foot grave on the property
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where investigators continue to dig. neither the da nor dinardo's attorney was ready to discuss motives. >> that will come out in time. i don't think it is appropriate me for me out of r for the families, that we get to communicate that right now. owe confessed to his participation or commission in the murders of the four young men. in exchange for that confession, mr. dinardo was promised by the district attorney that he will spare his life by not invoking the death penalty. >> dinardo's attorney also says his client told authorities that the two locations where the bodies are burried. we do again expect to learn more about this as well as dinardo's alleged accomplice coming up in a news update at 11:00 a.m. but for now, live in solebury township, i'm trang do, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" back to you. >> thank you, trang. despite that confession from cosmo dinardo, this investigation is far from over. the intense search for human
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remains will continue on that 90-acre solebury farm owned by the dinardo family. throughout the week the authorities have been painstakenly digging a deep grave from the property. where they found the body of dean finocchiaro, one of the four missing men along with additional remains that have yet to be identified. >> obviously someone who is dig that hole is dig withing heavy equipment. he didn't, in the span of time it elapsed here, he didn't dig that hole by hand, not up here, not in this kind of soil. >> experts say they, while they believe that heavy equipment was used to form that 12-foot grave, investigators must sift through the soil much of the time by hand, as not to destroy any of the evidence there. >> our coverage of the murder mystery continues on line at there you can find the latest developments around the clock. >> meantime, philadelphia police are continuing their search for a suspect in the murder of a lawncrest woman. yesterday neighbors gathered at a vigil for 57 year old
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rosalynn wicks on wednesday morning. she was found in her home north hill creek drive beaten with a hammer and stabbed to death. investigators say she was a pillar of the community. >> a beautiful woman. she was very much loved. she was very loved. >> now, wicks' daughter was also home at the time of the attack. she is currently recovering in the hospital. well, a federal judge in hawaii expands a list of relatives exempt from president trump's travel ban. us district judge, ordered the government not to enforce the ban on grand parent, grandchildren, brothers in law, sisters in law, aunt, awning else, neices, never use, and cousins of the people in the united state. judge watson says grand parent are the epitomy of close family members. meanwhile president and mrs. trump are preparing to leave paris today for bed minister, new jersey, where they'll spends the weaken before headed back to washington, but not before the president is honored at
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bastille day ceremonies. you are looking live at bastille day in paris on this day in 1789, citizens of paris stormed the bastille prison and released the seven prisoners inside the event symbolized the start of the french revolution, as reports, the woes over russia have followed him across the atlantic ocean. >> even in ocean away, president trump couldn't avoid questions about his son's pre-election meeting with the russian attorney who claimed to have information on hillary clinton. before dining in the eiffel tower, the president defended donald trump, jr. >> my son is a wonderful young man, zero happened from the meeting, and honestly i think the made a very big deal over something that real a lot of beam do. >> about 100 people gathered outside to protest president trump's paris visit analyst dollars their grievances. >> the climate change, the conference, the right to immigrants it, being homophobic. >> france's president reframed from criticism.
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>> i will not interfere the us political circumstances i think it is always good and important not to interfere in all of the domestic life. >> one of the answers -- >> critics here at home say donald, jr., should have declined the meeting and reported it to the f.b.i. >> senate intelligence advice chair mark warner said he expect the president's son and son-in-law jared kushner to testify before lawmakers. he said the pattern of revised statements within the trump circle is troubling. >> we've had campaign off dishes, trump administration officials to, all say they've had no contact with russians, there is nothing to look at here, until the evidence comes out that there were meetings with russians. >> the senator would not give a time line on the investigation. at the white house, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> meantime, senate republican lead verse unveiled their updated plans to replace obamacare. the draft adds billions of dollars in opioid funding and puts more money into tax
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credits to help low income americans pay for coverage. but it also maintains deep cuts to medicare. that leads to some moderate republicans unhappy. senate leaders hope to vote on the bill next week, right now it is not clear if it will pass. >> just minutes ago, while in paris, the president tweeted: republican senators are working authorities get their failed obamacare replacements approved. i'll be at my desk, pen in hands. >> the bill cosby sexual assault trial has cost pennsylvania taxpayers $220,000. the two-week trial in montgomery county ended in a hung jury last month. county records show that the biggest expense was $129,000 in over time costs, for law enforcement, court personnel. officials spent $46,000 on accommodations for the jury. the cosby retrial is scheduled to begin on november 6. >> well, there is much more to cough on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning, philadelphia's billy penn get his once a decade clean up. but when is all of that
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>> welcome back, volunteers are giving hope back to a park in a neighborhood in fairhill. they're trying to reverse the blight brought on by the opioid epidemic, they work near hope park in the surrounding area, more than 50 volunteers from the city and the salvation army fanned out to vacant lot. >> really trying to clean up, a beautification project, we've cleaned up five blocks, also, down by hope park, cleaning up the park, as well as cleaning up the city streets, between the blocks o and the neighborhood. >> part of the initiative, the program aims to address community needs a mid an increasing drug epidemic in some of the city
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neighborhoods. >> piece every history is being preserved in camden county thanks to donation from kennedy health. the healthcare system is chipping in $5,000 for renovations to stratford's original store, now, called the quaker store. the site set up much like a museum with historical items throughout the building. >> well the clean up job for the billy penn statue atop city hall is complete. scaffolding surrounding the iconic sculpture is still there, but not for long. the city has announced crews have completed the once a decade cleaning, the scaffolding will stay through the end of the month, while the city replaces the to prevent water leaks. tomorrow center city icon will begin serving meals once again, the palm has been closed for nearly a year and a half for renovations, known for its steaks, seafood, and characters, the famous people who have eaten there. the space has changed quite a bit. new characters are going up on the wall, old ones like rocky coming back, we're told the restaurant is booked solid for
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the opening weekend. >> where the power brokers eat. like katie. >> ya. no, she has a reservation. >> more chick-fil-a with the kids. >> please! no kidding, seriously, i'm grub hub kind of gal, trust me. >> nothing wrong with that. >> right? yes, everyone feels me on a friday after dealing heat and stormy week? just want to get on the couch, let's talk damage, did have very heavy thunderstorms rumble through, as lauren was on the air through the 5:00 and 6:00 shows. this is just very short list. so there are more report than this, but hands full of some of the damage that went on. trees were snapped and uprooted out of amity gardens in berks county, pottstown, 55-s reported as well aspen i or dime size diameter hail out in pottstown. so that was a rough evening for those folks. but we still have stormy weather to deal with here. we need a front to cross through before we can clear the atmosphere of a the worse of the heat and also the worse of the humidity, there is this
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clash that's got to take place if you want to see that happen. today's highs very far cry from yesterday. you will have still some very storm i weather to dodge. it is coming through in clusters, much of it right now off shore from the delmarva peninsula, but the fresh rounds already moving into our western suburbs, so, through 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 a.m., we'll have the clusters to deal, with not everyone gets hit by it granted but still have some stormy weather to track here over the next hour and a half. so specially if you reside in the western suburbs, we'll keep you posted but likely running into stormy weather for the morning commute. brief break in the action between rounds in toward, say, lunchtime. but again, toward evening, more stormy weather scheduled to rumble on through here. and again, these storms could, too, produce more severe weather, then it is basically clearing out of here through the overnight, humidity starts to drop, and even though we are going to look ahead to warm weekends, that is nice one, all-in-all. so i would just say, keep your umbrella on stand by here, jim, if you forgot yours, i'll let you borough one. >> i got it, i got it. >> goodment look at this,
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highs only 83 degrees, granted still humid for now, but no where near as hot obviously, drop down to 71 through the overnight, quick peak though looking ahead. oh, i take that deep breath, drink it in, weekends looks awesome. nice and warm, very typical for mid july, meisha. >> all right, katie, the weekends, yes, does look absolutely beautiful. we will be keeping our eye on the airport, too, for those of us traveling by flight today. all be joining you, schuylkill at montgomery what it looks like out there, looking quiet. very quiet on the schuylkill basically anywhere we look. by the way the vine still closed as well for the construction, blue route northbound between germantown pike and mid-county toll plaza, you can see, cones in the road. the right lane is still closed. not slowing you down too much, that's something that will more deep near the 5:00 hour, usually the crews move out of the way by then, though. disable vehicle here northeast extension southbound, left lane blocked, still traveling around at the speeds you should be, those are okay there, then construction here plymouth meeting, flourtown road closed butler pike and joshua road.
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your alternate germantown pike, just heads up if that's your neck of the woods. then also, two regional rail lines special schedules, media elwyn and west trenton, special skills use saturday, sunday, for overhead wire construction, like i always say, make sure to check your schedules on line. overall, just reminder, charlie line still closed talk more about this in the next ten minute, jim, jan, back to you. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, are you on social security? well, a payment hike is on the way. >> all right, and popular donut chain has a deal 80 years in the making. we are going to bring your spare change, when "eyewitness news" continues. >> and, "eyewitness news" is broadcasting summer fest day live from phoenixville this morning, pat got gallen is coming up in the next hour to take us for a stroll along the schuylkill river trail. and later, we will celebrate fest, everything else the town has to offer. right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news." oh, dishwashe, why don't you dry my dishes?
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welcome back, time now is 4:50, time for a check on business news. >> roxanna joins us live this morning, from the new york stock exchange, so, roxanna, social security recipient can expect their biggest payment hike in years, this january. tell us about it. >> that's right. they increase projected to be 2.2%. that's about $28 a month, for the average recipient. this year, they increase just .3 of a%. jim, jan? >> so roxanna, i'm understanding there is a big donut deal today. i'm all ears on this one. >> very interested. >> yes! it is a dozen donut for 80 sent. kind of deal. krispy kreme is celebrating its 80 birthday, and today it is offering anyone who buys a dozen donut at regular price, secretary of the original glazed for eight sent. the first krispy kreme opened in winston salem north carolina in july 1937. jim, jan? >> i'll tell you, i used to live in north carolina.
4:52 am
and they have the light on. when the light goes on that means the krispy kreme donut have come out hot from the oven. cross would literally cross over four lanes when that light would go on, as a new yorker -- >> were you one of them, jim? >> what have i started down smear yes, good stuff, thank you, we should point out there are four locally: collingswood, bensalem, half towards, new castle. >> i think you're hadn't to go our colleagues coming in this morning, maybe bring something in? >> stop off on the way. >> a look at traffic? >> plus a place to enjoy a cup of coffee with a cat, katie? >> hi, guys, looking ahead to yet another stormy day here in the delaware valley. i'm going to time out the storms for you, let you know when we catch a break from not just the heat but the humidity, and the stormy weather that's straight
4:53 am
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>> another stormy day expected for the delaware valley. but this time, the morning is actually included in time
4:55 am
frame on that. we've gotten away with pretty much the entire week not having to deal with any wet weather on the morning drive. that ends right now, as you take a look outside across portions of western chester county already seeing some heavier bands every rain working their way through this area throughout the course of the day, we will likely see breaks along the way, too, but i think specially the morning, and then toward evening, those two commutes. so, perfect timing, mother nature, thanks a lot. looks to be the worse of the day. so it is all localized. this isn't a widespread wash out per say. but even toward the pm drive, could be pretty heavy thunderstorms, anything out there toward lunchtime it would be spotty but may still have ponding on the roadways, even from storms that rumble through. so something to keep in the back of your minds, looking for quieter part of the day, definitely the afternoon, meanwhile, looking forwards, you want quieter part of the forecast, good time willing. comes this weekend, upper 80s, very typical mid july conditions for both saturday and sunday, and sunshine, glorious sunshine, all day long, both saturday, sunday,
4:56 am
so let's bring it in, enjoy it, because by monday, tuesday it, looks pretty good machine day and tuesday, meisha, couple of showers do make their way back into the forecast. >> yes, saturday, sunday, like perfect, right? >> you're in on it. >> thank you so much, katie. still dark, still early. looking outside, new jersey 42 freeway northbound at creek road, take it to 295, basically what you are working with, pretty typical for this time in the morning. still, very early, and of course, some of the neighbors out there on the vine, as well, westbound side just opened. waiting on the eastbound side. and, construction on the blue route northbound, between germantown pike, and mid-county toll plaza. that right lane is compromised. but it looks like crews right now are just underway in get that cleared up for you. that should be moved out of your way i would say in the next 15 minutes or so. then disable vehicle here, northeast extension southbound before lansdale, left lane compromised, still early, dark like this, i would say heads up, if that's your neck of the woods, disable, can kind of sneak up on you. still dark out there.
4:57 am
construction plymouth meeting, closed between butler pike, joshua road. your alternate germantown pike will be your best bet. and, in the worlds of mass transit, two regional rail lines running special schedule. media elwyn, west trenton, more on this coming up in the next ten minute. jim, jan, back over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. grabbing coffee with your favorite feline seems to be a popular activity across the us. >> check it o i love this. >> this cat nip cat cafe in norfolk virginia is a place to grab coffee, or a snack, while also playing with cats from local shelters. the cafe also provides fun activities with the cats, including, cat yoga, and movie night. the hope is to ensure that the cats are living a happy and healthy life, up until adoption. cute. >> i have to bring my collar continue, i'm in a allergic. i have issues. >> i love the kitties. >> but they have to be at a distance for me, otherwise, the eyes. >> look don't touch. >> friday, that means summer fest here on cbs-3. >> today phoenixville, pennsylvania, up next, pat
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gallen takes us along as he explores a popular spot in phoenixville, the schuylkill river trail. see how people there say the trail has transformed their community. >> meanwhile, a bold thief snatches a package, sitting on a front porch, but she doesn't realize the homeowner, well, she is watching. we'll show you how she got her o itext to ng the easiest with gilyour first order..nd gef for years, fios has been promising fast internet to small businesses. but for many businesses, it's out of reach. why promise something you can't deliver?
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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. a person of interest confesses to murder. cosmo dinardo tells bucks county prosecutors he killed four men who have been missing since last week. we'll tell you the reason this mystery is far from solved. >> showers are headed our way. this is a live look at storm scan3 this morning. we'll tell you how much rain to expect on the way to work and when storms may make appearance. >> and, president trump is in paris, celebrating bastille


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