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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 14, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> man involved in the disappearance every four men in bucks county is talking to police, we're live with why investigators say this mystery, though, far from being solved. >> as crowd gather on the street of pasties for bastille day, president trump is unable to escape the growing scandal back home. >> i'm jane ferguson, in paris, with that story. >> we are keeping a close eye on storm scan3 and the threat for thunderstorms today. good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm jan carabeo in for rahel solomon. >> kathy and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning. >> for friday, it is kind of busy now, we start off with construction, now a lot going on on mass transit.
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i'll touch base on, that starting to to see rain trickle, if not trickle (us straight up downpour for some of you, yes. we just showed that you a moment ago on storm scan. we go right back out to it. pinpoint this little bit more. part of i95, certainly through delco, new castle county, and now moving into philadelphia county. you're getting hit by this. so you know there has definitely been some lightning indicated on doppler, you will likely hear some thunderment for the eyewitness weather watch that's have already reported that in the last hour, so calling on you guys again, please, just keep us updated as a we approach 645. able to bring those to you on air, love to hear from the watch ers and what you're seeing, you know, depends on what neighborhoods you're in, what you are finding out there at this hour. here is the general gist for the day. certainly got that right now, then toward the p.m. drive, tracking more thunderstorms, guys, talk more about the impact from that later in the show. but during the afternoon driver, maybe you've got half day, lucky you.
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looks like generally just going to find very isolated activity on the radar, but any time is fair game for some wet weather today. keep the umbrella on stand by in short. in dover, feels like it is 79. it was a lot warmer than, that even at this same time yesterday, in terms every feels like values. take a look, your highs, guys. it is much reduced on that thermometer today. because you have got clouds, because you have got storms, to keep that heat limited. it is still really muggy out there, not much the storms can do for, that but later on in this broadcast, we will talk also about the relief on the way. so one more stormy day, meisha. and things looking out for our area. >> mother nature toying with us. >> talking about the rain, 95 south at cottman, still looking dry, but as katie just pointed out in delaware county. look out here blue route baltimore pike, headlight
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southbound direct, now penndot kind of wizzing around the camera shot, if they hold it still hopefully they do, you can see how wet it is out there. clearly starting to build. it will start to slow us down on the blue route right now delaware county. construction, northeast extension, now this will be closing between quaker ton and lansdale, sunday, midnight to 6:00 a.m. you will have to use an alternate. route 309 probably going to be your best bet. my early risers overnight commuters, truckers, all every these, probably really going to affect you. northeast extension closing for some of the construction. then we also have bridge repairs taking place. passyunk, bridge closing, and will linger out there until 5:00 a.m. monday. more coming up in a little bit. jim, jan, back to you. >> major break-in local missing person's case that has the attention of the entire
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nation. >> cosmo dinardo admits to killing the four men who mysteriously vanished in bucks county last week, trang do, liver in solebury township, trang, hearing dinardo may have had an accomplice, what do we know? >> source with direct knowledge of cosmo dinardo confession says co-con spore at this involved in three of the killings. we hope to learn more about that person, and their relationship, to dinardo, but thursday we heards from dinardo for the very first time after his attorney got a deal with prosecutors. >> what do you have to say? are you soree? >> i'm sore. >> i cosmo dinardo apologized to the families of the four men he has confess today killing, as he was taken away to the bucks county jail. >> he confess today his partition pages or commission in the murders of the four young men. in exchange, mr. dinardo was
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promised by the district attorney that he will spare his life by not invoking the death penalty. >> his attorney, paul lang said he told investigators everything, including why he participated in the killings of jimmy patrick, dean finocchiaro, tom meo and mark sturgis, source telling the ap the men were shot in the head or the back after dinardo felt cheated during three drug transactions, the source also said the bodies were burned on the dinardo family solebury township farm. and finocchiaro has been positively identified from remains found on the property, where investigators continue to dig. neither the da nor dinardo's attorney was ready to discuss motives thursday night. >> that will come out in time. i don't think it is appropriate me out of respect for the families, that we get to communicate that right now. >> also said he told authority two separate low cases where the bodies bird, again, we do
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expect news conference from the da coming you at 11:00, liver in solebury township, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," jan, jim, back to you. >> lot more to learn in this case, thank you, trang. >> in other news this morning, philadelphia police are continuing their search for a suspect in a murder after lawncrest woman. yesterday family and neighbors gathered at ville i shall for rosalynn wicks, on wednesday morning, she was found in her home on north hill creek drive beat ween hammer and stabbed to death. neighbors say she was a pillar of the community. >> beautiful woman. you can see, with all of the people that's out here, she was very much loved. >> wicks' daughter also home at the time of the attack and currently recovering in the hospital. >> over night federal judge in hawaii loosen president trump's travel ban restrictions, us district judge derrick watson ordered the government not to enforce the ban on grandparents,
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grandchildren, brother-in-law, sisters in law, aunts, awning else, neices, never use, and cousins every people in the united states. judge watson says grandparent are the epitomy of close family members. and right now, president trump is in france attending a military parade in honor every bastille day. questions swirl around his contact with the russians during the presidential election. here is cbs news corcon spent jane ferguson in paris. >> reporter: president trump in paris helping to celebrate bastille day quickly found leaving the country did not also mean leaving behind questions surrounding meddling. >> as far as my son is concerned, my son is a wonderful young man. >> the president defended donald trump, jr. regard ago meeting he had with a russian lawyer, promising damaging information on hillary clinton. >> zero happened from the meeting. honestly i think the press made big deal over something that real a lot of people would do. >> now not one but two, senate
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panels, want the president's son to testify. >> we've had trump campaign officials, administration officials, all say they've had no contact with russians, nothing to look at here, until the evidence come out there were meetings with russians. >> back here in paris, as people start to gather to celebrate, the military parade the hope is that president trump advice lit help smooth over a relationship between two leaders. >> french president macron's invitation was offered to commemorate the 100 anniversary of the entry of american troops into the first world war. that ghana century of us cooperation and involvement in european affairs. a policy many in europe fear president trump is retreat interesting. >> something could happen with respect to the paris accords. we'll see what happens. >> the president actually hinted at a willingness to reverse course on his decision to pull out of the global paris climate agreement. jane ferguson, for cbs news,
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paris. >> already seeing opposition to the revised billment senate knowledge from at this meter can only afford to lose two republicans votes and senator ran paul, and firm no's, motorcycle con sell leader of the healthcare working group in the senate. and he insists the new bill will bring republicans together. >> numerous, and intensive conversation was members, our conference has updated last month's better care discussion graft, with additional provisions. >> this would fields about half the obamacare tax. >> vote to begin debate on gop healthcare bill could come next week. earlier this morning while in paris, the president tweeted republicans senators are working hard to get their
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failed obamacare replacement approved. will be at my desk pen in hands. >> still ahead on cbs-3 "eyewitness news," how a tourist was killed by a blast from a jetliner. we'll also have this. >> new report raising questions about chemicals found in popular foods. i'm don champion in dallas with what you need to know. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> these storms sure are getting a lot of attention today. katie has what you need to know next, wow, wet out there. >> in case you missed. >> and i'm telling you, bravo to our dj, love this song. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> welcome back. authority say hundreds of tourists regularly ignore warnings at beachfront airport in the caribbean. now it has cost a woman her life. >> videos of this dangerous practice out on youtube. tourists clinic to a fence just to feel the blast after jetliner taking offer from the airport. this is in saint martin in the caribbean. runway about 200 feet from the beach, destination for airplane fans, and thrill seekers. the victim, a new zealand tourist, was swept into a wall when she couldn't hold on. >> this has been going on for years. they need to really stop this. >> that's a shame.
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>> much of the midwest is experiencing potentially record breaking flooding this morning. a state of emergency has been declared in three wisconsin counties, the capitols of ohio, and indianna, are also dealing with high water. rescuers plucked the stranded driver from a partially submerged car in ohio, and there is no amusement at this water logs park. >> we're going to pray that this is it, this is as high as it goes, nobody else needs more water. >> it has flooded before. but nothing this severe. >> all of the rain just came up, and it is probably waist high now up my driveway. >> high water in burlington, wisconsin, threatened a dam, and cut power to nearly every business in town, water no joke. >> what a mess. and the amount of monty cost, people don't realize, to clean this stuff up, because you're dealing with replacing dry wall, carpeting, mold remediation. feel badly for those people. well, we'll have wet one today. hopefully nothing even close to this. >> flashflooding certainly a concern, guys, where any of the heavier storms do pop up. i want to take you back in
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time, if i, the stormy wet their rumbled through the area yesterday. this is very short list, but list nonetheless, hands full of observations, and storm reports, some trees were snapped, and uprooted out in amity gardens berks county, pottstown, montgomery county. not only have you a high 55-mile per hour winds gust reported but actually also dime or penny size hail came through in this area, as well. some of the heaviest thunderstorms rumbled. in. now stormy weather, a lot of lightning has been detecting with this cell. see how it tapered little bit still some doppler indicated, lightning coming in with this, and also, some soaking rain, right over philly at this point. so it is raining on skydeck right now. meanwhile, you're going to find this this morning, little brake this afternoon, then again, rumbling through later today. that's probably where we actually ends one some of the steadiest or best chances for some severe weather. primary concerns still downpours, lightning, win no joke. now hail is a possibility, tornado activity would be very low risk become you risk nonetheless. we do outline all of these
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options for you, regardless, and out near burn ville, we ended up with tornado warning yesterday, again, nothing out there at the moment, say for a lot of haziness, and off in the distance, you can't even make out what's off in the distance. it is just cloudy. we take you on the opposite side of the area out to the shore, where we have peaks every sunday throughout the day, again watch for thunderstorms, that beautiful blue backgrounds is just that, it is a backgrounds skyline right now. don't expect the prettiest day at the shore, but the weekends looks much better if you are going away for three day weekends lucky you, look like fantastic weather and anything else, both saturday and sunday, back to you. >> gorgeous weekend open tap. thank you so much, katie. very good morning, happy friday. so, yes, like katie said, waking to up what is now becoming some very wet roadways, schuylkill westbound, at the blue route, looking at a disable vehicle, just heads up. i do also want to pull your attention to how wet it is looking out there. this will as the morning progresses as you guys know will start to slow us down little bit. blue route at the baltimore pike, headlights moving in the
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southbound direction. very wet here, as well. you can see, plenty of headlight out there. just going to continue to increase that as we push to just the 6:00 hour. then we do have overturned vehicle here, take a look at how slow moving it is. and 95 southbound, right now, it is just closed between federal city road and route 3031. so, back to this. when you see this, that means bumper to bumper leading up to try to scramble figure out what they're going to do. northeast ex it end sean closing this weekend, between quakertown, and lansdale. so this is sunday, 12:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. so you will have to use the alternate, route 309 is going to be your best bet. lot more to cover when we come back in the next ten minutes, jim, over you. >> thank you shall meishament volunteers are giving hope back to a park and neighborhood in philadelphia's fairhill section. they're trying to reverse the blight brought on by the rising opioid epidemicment volunteers working near hope park and surrounding area, more than 50 volunteers from the city and the salvation army fanned out to vacant
6:19 am
lots. >> trying to clean up, a beautiful kay project, where we have cleaned up five blocks, also, down by hope park, cleaning up the park, as well as cleaning up sit streets, between the lot of b street and "a" street in the neighborhood. >> now the clean up is part of the bario initiative, the program aims to address community needs a mid increasing drug empidemic some of the city neighborhoods. >> a piece of history social security pre served in camden county thanks to donation from kennedy health. the healthcare system chipping in $5,000 for renovations, to stratford original store, it is now called the quaker store. the site is set up much like a museum, with historical items throughout the building. on the health watch now, new report is raising questions about chemicals found in foods, particularly, the cheese powder used in some macaroni and cheese products. here is cbs news correspondent don champion. >> the report funded by four
6:20 am
advocacy groups say common chemicals found in some macaroni and cheese, and other cheese products. >> the findings are not surprising, or inconsistent with unfortunately increasing literature that has documente documented, easily getting into and staying in specially dairy products. >> sal ate, chemicals used to make plastics, soft, and can get into food during packaging, and processing. they can disrupt the hormones in the body, and could affect the developing brains of children. >> doctor leonardo, at nyu, landsgo medical center, said his research has shown link between salagents and increases in blood pressure and resistance to insulin in children. while it is difficult to avoid salagents, he says, simple steps can reduce your exposure. >> eating fresh fruits, vegtables, in particular, is a great way to avoid contact with the food packaging in the
6:21 am
first place. >> experts say don't microwave in plastic, the heat can cause the chemical to seep into your food. also, don't use the dishwasher for plastics, glass, and stainless steel containers, are good alternative for storage. and if a plastic container is scratched or damaged, it is best to toss it. don champion, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news." well, still ahead: beyonce, shaking up the internet once again overnight. we will show you the picture that has everybody talking. >> and it is an annual celebration. how the sci-fi classic, pat gotten live from the theater made famous by the blob.
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>> back now on "eyewitness news," clean up of the billy ten statue atop city hall is complete. crews will begin removing the scaffolding, after the once a decade cleaning, it will stay through the end of the month, though, while the city replaces the cake in the tower dome to prevent water leaks.
6:25 am
probably good idea, because it is raining right now, i think. >> i can hear it, poor katie, why they have her out there? >> well, guys, you know, maybe it is because there is a sign of brighter days ahead? we'll go with that? at least billy penn is getting good scrub down like the rest of the cars in the parking lot right now, as it is raining, but the weekends looks great, quiet, sunshine, lower humidity, still warm, though, it will be nice to be outside at the pool or at the beach. so make some outdoor plans. guys? >> bastille day, katie, rise up, come inside. >> see you soon. now for a look at the newspaper headlines from across the delaware val. >> i lights, steaming up delaware university. interesting. going door-to-door getting residents to sign up for free installation of motion censor security lights, it is all part of effort to reduce crime. now under the program, residents on 14 different streets can get free lights if they pledge to turn them on every night. >> and the reading eagle, the
6:26 am
pennsylvania auditor general said yesterday, that the state department of drug and alcohol programs can't measure the effective necessary of taxpayer funded treatment for those addicted to opioids. he also said the agency wasn't following the top scientific thinking, and approaches to drug abuse treatment. >> from the mercury, run letters get their shot at glory as the third annual pottstown half marathon returns to the borough saturday. the 13-mile race start at 7:00 , beginning and ending at the sly fox brewery in pottstown. >> that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> well the wimbledon women's finalist is tomorrow at the famous all england club. >> that's right. at least one of the finalist asks a familiar face. venus williams playing in her, get this, ninth wimbledon finals in her 20th visit to the tournament. venus faces spain, tomorrow morning, venus is 37 years old, the oldest wimbledon women's finalist, and more
6:27 am
than two decades. >> give her credit, boy, what a pour. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news," trang do live in bucks county continuing to cover the story had a has dominated headlines all week. trang? >> we are learning about a second person possibly involved in the killings of three of the four young men here in bucks county. i'll have the chilling details from cosmo dinardo's confession. >> and looking outside, if you're just joining us, weaver some wet roadways to contends with, plus news from mass transit overnight, construction, vehicles, and bridge repairs, all of the updates coming up. first we'll take a quick break, stay right where you
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>> good morning, it is 63 here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute, today is friday, july 14th. a bombshell confession, cosmo dinardo confess toss killing the four men who mysteriously vanished in bucks county last week. >> a person with direct knowledge of the confession says cosmo dinardo confess today have having a co-conspirator. >> president trump is celebrating bastille day in paris. >> the president is drawing criticism for his comment to macron, the wife of the french president. >> all of the rain just came up. >> part of the midwest are experiencing potentially record breaking flooding. >> it has flooded before but nothing this severe. >> beyonce tried to break the internet overnight by sharing a picture of her newborn twins. >> we're live here in phoenixville, pennsylvania where it is summer fest. so many people that i spoke to told me it is up and coming.
6:32 am
>> well, pat gal len join just his live in a few minutes to tell us more what's going on in phoenixville today. >> hopeful will he we can get cbs-3 summer fest out and underway without too many rain issues. >> thunderstorms? >> i do think there is a good possibility chester couldn't get in the line, cross hairs of more storms, before the day is all said and done. so our news too many already on it, they know they need to have a back up plan, and to find some shelter, the insider at least have the outdoor plans sheltered with a tent. so they're good. are you good though? this is where i come in, to give you a sense how to prepare for the day. just walk outdoor with a umbrella, likely needing it at some point today, even right now, it is raining heavily, thank you so much to the guys in the control room saying you can come inside for this next hit. there was drenching rainout side. so thank you, lauren, lisa in there right now. but, what we do have, certainly, some soaking rain currently working it way on through. and as the day progress cents
6:33 am
we will end up with still very muggy conditions, some showers, some thunderstorms, could turn severe specially later today. talk more about that later in the show. but no where near as hot. granted off to just warm, just as muggy after start, as recent mornings, but look at where we top off from here, at most, mid 80s, so very, very far cry from the low and the mid 90s that we've reached in the last couple every days, mainly due to the clouds, due to the rain, that's going to limit the solar energy from really heating things up. but again, it is still feels awfully steamy outside. and today, again, you will be requiring that wet weather gear. so, walk out the door with it, you'll thank yourself for it, for having it on hand, stormy weather will rumble through any time. by noontime still to the upper 70s, 83 the call for the daytime high to be reached around 3:00 this afternoon. but that's you also when we think the best chance for severe weather will begin to work it way in, as well. so as we mention, talk about the impact little later in the show and time it out.
6:34 am
>> thank you so much. so yes. we are seeing wet roadways now in the camera shots, and it will start to slow you down, kind of gorgeous shot hereof center city so the schuylkill near the vine, headlights moving in the westbound direction, taillights of course then moving in the eastbound direction. you can see, how wet it is looking out there, and kind of hazy, a as well. so headed out the door, any time soon, i would just say factor that into your plans, even though it is still early once we crack in to the 7:00 hour on a friday, that is when it is really going start to affect us. so also, right now, we do have accident here, 59 south, closed, between federal and city road and route 31, your alternate, route one, how much, we are hearing report drivers are casino every squeezing by on this shoulder. traveling around 10 miles per hour letting us know that it is bumper to bumper conditions around there. then, plus, your attention to this construction, northeast extension, closing between quakertown and lansdale, sunday, midnight, until 6:00 a.m. so do you have use alternate around this, as well, over night construction, route 309 will be your best bet. and then we've got bridge
6:35 am
repairs, passyunk avenue bridge closing 7:00 p.m., tonight, this will be out there until 5:00 a.m. monday. your alternate, platt bridge, girard point bridge, will be your best bets. jan, jim, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. a bombshell confession cosmo dinardo admits to killing the four men who mysteriously disappeared in bucks county last week. >> now there is word of an accomplice. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do has been covering this story all week, she joins us now live in solebury township, good morning, trang. >> reporter: well, good morning, jim and jan. a person told the ap person with direct knowledge of the confession told the ap a co-conspirator helped cosmo dinardo with this, about to learn about this person and more about their relation strept, but thursday we heard from cosmo for the very first time. take a listen. >> what do you have to say to these families, cosmo, anything to say, even you're soree? >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: in front of our "eyewitness news" cameras,
6:36 am
cosmo dinardo apologize to the families of the four men he confess today killing as he was taken away to bucks county jail. his attorney paul lang said he told investigate erring everything including why he participated in the killings every jimmy patrick, dean xfinity, tom meo and marge sturgis, telling the ap men were shot in the head or the back after gnarled felt cheated during three drug transition cents where he sold them marijuana. also said the bodies burned on the dinardo family solebury township farm. of the four men, dean finocchiaro was identified from the remains found in the property where investigators are continuing to dig. neither the da nor dinardo's attorney was ready to discuss motive last night, though. >> that will come out in time. i don't think it is a prepare rope at me out of r respect for the families that we communicate that right now. he con fisted to his participation or commission in the murders of the four young men. in exchange for that
6:37 am
confession, mr. dinardo was promised by the district attorney that he will spare his life by not invoking the death penalty. >> dinardo dinardo's attorney also saying that his client told authorities the two separate low cases where the bodies were burried. we do expect to learn more details on this, as well as that alleged ankle police, coming up in a news conference at 11:00 a.m. for now live in solebury township. i'm trang do, cbs-3 "eyewitness news," jim, jan, back to you. >> tran, keep us to up date. >> authority in north jersey investigating homicide after young girl is found dead. eleven year old abigail smith's body was found yesterday morning near her apartment complex in keansburg. abby went missing wednesday night. police believe she may have known her killer. >> chester county prosecute verse now charged 239 year old barry baker with flight to avoid apprehension. baker already accused of
6:38 am
sucker punching a man with cerebral pals any west chester in may. that assault was caught on camera. authorities say baker posted bail, but then went on run for more than a week. he was re captured in june. baker's fiancee has also been arrested on related charges, and his father has been arrested for allegedly dealing drugs. >> new jersey lawmakers want to make sure state employees get paid for time they were furloughed during the state's government shutdown. the state senate union mousily passed the plan yesterday. and governor chri governor chrie says he plans to sign off on it. the state assembly will vote on it first, though, senators say the funding already in the state budget so it won't cost taxpayers any mormon. >> i president and mrs. trump are heading back to the u.s. after wrapping up their trip to france. the two stayed long enough to attend the bastille day parade in paris. the trumps will spends the weekend in bed minister, new jersey, before they left, france's president thanked the us for coming to its aid 100 years ago during worlds war
6:39 am
one, saying, nothing will ever separate us. well, it turns out the bill cosby sexual assault trial is hitting pennsylvania taxpayers in the walletment records show the proceed havings cost residents about $220,000. the two week trial in montgomery county ended in a hung jury last month. county records show the biggest expense was $129,000 in over time costs, for law enforcement and court personnel. officials spent $46,000 on accommodations for the jury, the cosby retrial is scheduled to begin on november 6th. >> well, still ahead: baby pictures. >> who doesn't love baby pictures? beyonce reveals the first picture of her twins on a special day. but first, here's pat. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> we're at the close yan feeder here in phoenixville, did you know the blob iconic theme happened just here? blob fest in phoenixville, come hang out with, and learn all about blob fest, the big day here.
6:40 am
>> oh, that's looking really convincing, the blob chasing me, i would be screaming like a five year old. >> well, give him another chance. >> yes, okay, we'll see, thunder and lightning, storms right now, more expected today. >> katie is tracking the latest. coming up next. >> busy, look at her, i mean, her hands are flying on those computers right now, there are sparks, sparks in the air, sparks on the grounds. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> superstar beyonce finally sharing her twins with the worlds. >> finally. meet sir and roomy carter, just after midnight, queen by shared the very first picture of her newborn twins on
6:44 am
instagram, of course, beyonce says the boy and girl are one month old, as you can see, they're resting comfortably in their momma's arms, since she post that picture, nearly 2 million of her followers have liked it. >> now, listen, i don't mean to poo poo this, but there is a lot going on in that picturement you can barely see those kids between the outfit that she is wearing, and the greenery behind her. i mean, it is a beautiful photoglow it is beautiful. >> but can you stop the kids -- i can't. where is waldo? where are they? >> zoom us? >> all wrapped up? swaddling clothes there. >> they're so cute. >> geez. >> katie? >> oh, that flowing, like floral -- >> like where are the kids? >> and the manger too. i was making a joke, i would love to just jokingly recreate this, but i don't feel like i could even carry my girls at once any more, they're getting heavy and big. >> you put them on stands, and we will cover it with fabric. >> oh, that's a real he good
6:45 am
idea. >> oh, the visuals. >> memes are king when it comes to the internet. let's switch gears, we do have stormy weather to get to, to talk tie get to with the weather watchers coming in with the information. going down into delaware, do have some report this morning, see if we can zoom in on one every these, dolores checking in with some thunderstorms right now i in the newark area, reported lightning very close nearby, she said she did not see any lightning, but if she heard thunder there is lightning somewhere. you can't have one without the other. she is loving the weather changes, but she is a weather geek like so many every us are. so she's really digging that, meanwhile, elsewhere, you have generally just got the low or mid 70s across the region as a whole, still very warm, still very steamy conditions, as you walk out the door. the big difference today is that you have got storms in the morning, which we would not have in recent mornings, and also that the temperature just is not going to be as high this afternoon. at the moment, the storms, the watchers were reporting down through delaware, those have
6:46 am
now moved east. they're sipping right along from west to east. you also have some very soaking rain up through the mountains, as we had mentioned, then there is another batch also reporting some lightning back toward harrisburg, as that migrate east with time we have to deal with that very likely just through the central sliver of the area. but coming through in pockets here, notice, and we just need this front to completely cross through. so this is the leading edge of it that we experience here throughout the day, the actual front itself will drop through tonight, then, the changes come along by tomorrow. so, here is different sort of breakdown for you. downpours are localized through this morning, we catch brief break into the early afternoon, but, late afternoon, evening, i think, lawyer len have her hands full again, tracking more storm if not severe thunderstorms which isn't the best news obviously for summer fest, we have back up plans to make sure people stay dry if they're coming out to phoenixville say hi to the gang. saturday, sunday, back to sunshine though. perfect timing meisha for the weekend. still nice july warmth. but sunny, with less humidity,
6:47 am
for a change. >> sunny, yes, see the sun it, will feel so good after today. thank you so much, katie. getting busy out there on the roadways, good morning, happy friday, we have traffic stop here, schuylkill westbound at the boulevard. it is pulled all the way over. but oh, man, no umbrella for the officer there. take it easy as you travel on by. you'll have gaper delay. have lot of congestion around this area right now, and whenever we do have an officer or anyone outside their vehicles, walking around, especially when you get this busy, and specially when we have all of the rain, just take it really easy around there. then we have another accident here. take a look at how slow moving you're going, bumper to bumper conditions here, 59 south, route three; the right shoulder is open, it seems like, everyone just kind of squeezing on by. your alternate if you want to try to avoid it is going to be route one. and then we also have 295, another accident, here, 259 northbound, past route 42, that right lane is compromised. now starting to get little littered with the accident, the more the rain comes, the more might see that. northeast extension closing for some construction between
6:48 am
quakertown and lansdale, monday night, 12:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. jan, back over to you. >> it is friday, you know what that means, it is time for cbs-3 summer. >> this week we are headed to phoenixville chester county where the town celebrating its role in the horror movie history. >> now that's a screen, and a scene from the 1958 sci-fi classic the blob filmed in phoenixville, where "eyewitness news" pat gallen is live this morning, as fans get ready to re-enact that famous run out of the colonial theater. good morning, patrick. >> reporter: good morning, jim, jan, part of the charm of small towns, there is always some cool, crazy event, or festival going on, that they celebrate year after year. right here in phoenixville it is blob fest, which celebrates the iconic 1958 film, which happened right here behind us, at the colonial theater. this man works for the colonial theater. his name is brendan car.
6:49 am
hell oh, good morning. >> good morning. >> so talk to us about blob fest. what exactly is this? >> well, blob fest now here at the colonial every summer, been held here every summer since 2,000, shortly after the theater reopened, a tribute to the history of the being part of the movie the blob. >> every year we have blob fest, we show the movie several times throughout the weekends, but probably the biggest event is tonight, we recreate the scene of people running out. we shut down the streetment folks dig it. folks come from out of town all over to watch it. just a good time. >> i just learned something new today, steve motorcycle zero mcqueen, really first leading role. >> actually in a mover which paul newman, paul newman was the star, really small, but his was his first real like break through. >> so talk about the run out. how does that work? >> we have a stage show, 7:30,
6:50 am
the particular rhett sun out, but you can watch the run out. the run out is the actual run out. 9:00 or thereabouts we line folks up. we do it in waves. so that it isn't -- >> safer? >> exactly like the movie, there is is something that -- somebody that goes down hard in. that will so we have folks kind of block off around here to keep everybody on track when they run out. >> sure. >> people come in costumes. >> really? >> people really are screaming their heads offer. yes, every year there is always something different at the run out. >> okay, so, tonight, is the runoff festival. it is sold out? you can come out shall watch it? >> yes, plenty to do in phoenix elavil. come out, quarter to 9:00 or so, come out, line up, get a spot. watch the craziness. >> if you want to see the movie? >> yes, tomorrow street fair start at 11:00 then screenings for the movie at 12:00, 3:45, 8:00. also paired up with other sky
6:51 am
firefighter as, then plays again for the last time blob fest weekends sunday at 2:00. >> cool. when do you guys start the run snout. >> i don't think they did this the first year, but it was pretty early on. so that's the thing. when it started out, basically blob fest was just showing the blob. >> got you. >> then it grew, grew, grew, somebody got the idea, recreating the run out. yes, and it is to has just grown, like the blob. >> thank you so much. great to see you, come on out, phoenixville, hang out at the colonial tonight it, happens, the run out for blob fest. i know i have to work on my scream. >> yes. >> i would do this and i would dress as if i were in the 19 50's with greased back hair, little comb and stuff. i would get into it. >> not this year? >> maybe next year, you look for me out there. thank you, patrick. >> time now 65:00; there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell joins us liver from new york with a preview. good morning, nora. >> hey, good morning to you, jan, jim, in paris where
6:52 am
president trump attends add bastille celebration. plus, members every congress, hear from republicans and democrats on the russia investigation melt care and compromise, and we will show you what $3 million looks, sounds, and drivers like, when we hit the road in a bugatti1 of the fastest, most expensive cars in the worlds. zoom zoom, all of that plus the eye opener. your worlds in 902nd. see you at 7:00. >> i've got one, i just lever it in my garage. just look at it occasionally. >> thanks, nora. >> invite me over. >> okay, center city restaurant known for its iconic charicatures, back in business, starring tomorrow. the palm has been closed for near lay year and a half for renovations, known for its steaks, seafood, charge at this tours of the famous people who have eaten there. new characters are going on the wall since old once like rocky staying, we're told the restaurant is book solid for its opening weekends. >> well, starbucks has unveiled their new shaken tea
6:53 am
infusion. >> to celebrate they're giving them away for free today. but only for an hour, so mark this down. >> free. >> jim, i know you're interested, so today between 1:00 and two p.m., customers can stop by their complimentary iced tee. it comes in pineapple black tea, peach citrus white tea, and straw err i green tea. your choice? >> peach. >> peach all the way. >> while you're at it, how about a discount on some krispy kreme donuts? krispy kreme celebrating its 80 birthday by offering anyone who buys dozen at regular price, another dozen of those famous glazed donut, for just 80 cents. >> wow. >> first krispy kreme owned in north carolina in 1937, around here, there are krispy kreme shops in bensalem, havertown, collingswood, new castle delaware. >> yes, and grabbing a donut, or maybe grabbing a coffee with your favorite feline, seems to be popular activity across the us. >> check this out.
6:54 am
cap -- cat nip, cafe, a place to grab coffee, smacks, while also playing with cats from local shelters. >> this cafe provides fun activities with the cats including yoga with the cats, and movie nights. the hope is to ensure the cats are living happy, healthy life until they're adopted. >> i might just stay there all day. i don't know. >> sounds good. we will be right back, huey, with three to go.
6:55 am
6:56 am
for 125 years, strayer university.f time has taught us, the strength in them is in us all. and to all who seek their true potential, we say, let's get it, america.
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6:58 am
>> we hope to learn more today about the alleged ac application disappearance every four young men, in bucks county, person every interest has confess today killing them. cosmo dinardo confession spares him the dealt penalty. >> the president and first lady attended a paris bastille day parade before leaving paris. >> and new jersey senate has okayed a bill to pay state employees for the time they were furloughed during the state government shutdown. the assembly votes on it next. >> and as we mention, bastille day, french national holiday celebrates the storm willing of the bastille on july 14, 1789. and while donald trump celebrates in paris, we are celebrating here with some delicious french treats. look at this. >> yum, they smell delicious. >> wrap up the show, so we can
6:59 am
enjoy some of these freshly baked coy saint and baguettes. thanks to hooking us up with this bastille day celebration. >> look at this. >> so yum. >> bucket of bread. >> bucket every bread. >> look how beautiful. >> look at that. >> yum. delicious. smell the cheese melted dollars on there. >> let's clock on weather. >> i can't do it very good, very good, told my sounded too spanish. oh, i won't troy t i'll take you out to kits down there, jim. 69 degrees, lots of clouds at the moment, still showers moving through, maybe see some severe weather again later today, meisha. >> katie, thank you, weaver disable truck, you can't see but head lights moving in the westbound direction on the schuylkill toward that disable truck is on the boulevard. heads up. getting slow. >> next on cbs this morning live reports from paris, where president trump celebrates bastille day and in washington where the russia story dominates the headlines. >> we will eat, but remember to join us each weekday morning right here on cbs-3 starting at
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, july 14th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." president trump wraps up his paris trip at a bastille day parade after spending part of congress may call donald trump jr. to testify about the russian controversy within days. the newest republican plan to replace obamacare still does not have the votes needed to pass the senate. frank luntz with why they're not making progress on big issues. police now have the suspect in custody over the death of four men in pennsylvania. and tourists


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