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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 15, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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ahh. wait a minute. whole wheat waffles? [ crying ] why! >> flew this morning, a shooting at a house party. a man was shot three times. >> chilling details emerge in the murder of four men in bucks county two, suspect have confessed, and we are following the history detectives still have not unraveled. and, fire rages, through a highrise apartment building, in honolulu. what was missing, that officials say, could have saved lives. >> today is saturday, july 15th. good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. well, we are starting out muggy again today, but it is going to be a nice weekend. here is meteorologist, matt peterson with the eyewitness weather forecast, good
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saturday morning, matt, going to be much better today than the day before. >> fantastic saturday, a wonderful sunday, much quieter conditions across the entire delaware valley as we start out this weekend, on this saturday morning, it is still muggy out there, like jan was saying, and because of that, we do have little bit of fog that's actually developed, to start out the day, too, so some limited visible, especially areas north of the city out toward trenton, actually, getting report of less than a mile visibility here early on in the day. allentown, 1 mile visibility, red willing, 2-mile visible, out toward lancaster, mount pocono as well. so, if you are driving around in areas north of the city this morning, maybe northern bucks county, moth co, back out toward the lehigh valley and the poconos, definitely be prepared for some limited visibility, this morning, you need to take your time on the roadways, and use the low beams instead of the high beams if you find yourself caught in dense fog, don't want the shining light back in your face which is what happens when you use the high beams in the foggy conditions. now, temperatures out there,
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they're warm. but they're only a little bit above average. our average lows for this time of year around 70 degrees, so again, little above that. at 74 in philly. but it is really not too bad. seventy-three this morning, right now, in wilmington. down the shore points, not too dive rent than center city, looking at 73 in rehoboth, cape may, back up toward barnegat, as well, dew points still in the 70s, will dip down into the 60s, as we go later this afternoon, so, little less humid, temperatures getting all the way up to 87 degrees, today, jan, then watching for a nice sunday, but could potentially see some more showers, maybe few thunderstorms next week. we will breakdown those chances in a bit. >> matt, thank you. time is 6:02. time to check the roads, let's go to amanda mueller at the cbs-3 traffic center. morning, amanda. >> morning, jan, couple every things to talk about on the roadways this morning, drivers headed westbound on 76 will have little bit after tie-up, construction crews have the right lane closed from city avenue all the way through the conshohocken curve.
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that is slowing folks down this morning, this is a live look at 76 westbound right now, at the city avenue exit. that's where this picks up. if you absolutely have to hop on there this morning, make sure to give yourself some extra time. and if you are down the shore this morning, already, we have something for to you watch out for as well. route nine, closed due to an accident. this looks like it is affecting both the north and southbound sides at this point, this is near route 83, avalon boulevard, do want to a individual this area together if you can. and, taking live look at 95 at tasker street, other than the incident i just mentioned, most of your majors are clear this morning. in the cbs-3 traffic center, amanda mueller, jan, back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, philadelphia police are looking for a gunman, and motive, after shooting in strawberry mansion. the shooting happened during a house party near 28th and york streets. investigator say, a 35 year old man was going back inside of that house, and blocked another man trying to get inside. police say that other man then shot the 35 year old three
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times. the victim is now in critical condition. >> meantime, bullet casings and shattered windows after a shooting at a combo gas station, and convenience store in north philadelphia. police rush to this sunday owe co-food mart at fifth and erie around 1:00 this morning. they found a man in his 20's shot in the back every his head. investigators say, he was outside when he was hit by gunfire. we believe possibly one, two shooters came up, and we don't know if they chased him, but he was actually shot one time in the back of the head. however, the scene does have about 20 shell casings of different rounds. >> that victim now in critical condition. police are searching for surveillance video in that area. >> a judge has denied bail for the two cousins charged with killing four young men in bucks county. cosmo dinardo and his accomplice, sean kratz, facing charges. dinardo's confession led to
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the bodies every all four men who disappeared last week, three of the young men found burried more than 12 feet underground in a tank on his parents solebury township farm. the body of jimi patrick burr bid a mile away at the top of the hill on that property. our coverage begins this morning with "eyewitness news" reporter henry in the cbs news center. good morning. >> good morning, four men were lured to solebury with the promise of buying marijuana. instead they were shot, killed, and burried. after about five excrutiating days of digging, they were all found. >> dean finocchiaro, tom meo, mark sturgis, jimi patrick. >> took the confession everyone of the alleged killers. cosmo dinardo. >> why did you do it. >> he pointed prosecutors to the bodies and to accomplice, 20 year old sean crafts, two referred to each other as cousins, prosecutors say dinardo now admits he and kratz killing finocchiaro, meo, and sturgis together,
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dinardo said i he alone killed patrick and burried him in a separate location on top of a hill. >> we now have them in a safe place so that they can soon be returned home. >> kratz arrested at his northeast philadelphia home and a second residence in ambler was searched. his neighbors are still stunned. >> i can't believe it. and i don't want to believe it. >> so far there has been no indication of apparent motive for the killings. the district attorney says his offers will continue to work to give the families of the four men all the answers he can. >> i pray that i can handle this with the courage, and the dignity that they've exhibite exhibited. i'm just in awe. >> reporter: dinardo and kratz were de nailed bathe, bowl of them, charged with multiple count of murder, conspiracy, abuse after corpse. kratz was already out on bail for separate burglary charge. live in the news center, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." henry, thank you.
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court documents are revealing more about the killings and the search for the four victims. "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown picks up that part of the story. >> the cringe worthy details of the murders are spelled out in court document. authorities say 20 year old cosmo dinardo killed all four men after luring them in with offers to sell them marijuana. court filings reveal that dinardo, along with his 20 year old cousin, sean kratz, burned three of the bodies in a metal tank before burying them on his family's solebury township farm. killing spree gannon july 5th when dinardo said he agreed sell jimmy patrick 4 pounds every marijuana for $8,000. dinardo says patrick only had $800. he then describes taking patrick to remote area of his family farm, where he says, he shot and killed him. then burried him 6 feet deep with a back hoe. county d.a., matt weintraub, said investigators may never have found patrick's bod had i they not struck a deal with dinardo. >> and i can tell you for i've
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been there, we would still be looking for jimi patrick had we not made this agreement. i rode there in a car on the same site as the other three men were found, and it was so far away that i started getting sick to my stomach on the ride. >> the crime spree continued on july 7th, when dinardo and kratz say they meat up with dean finocchiaro, dinardo describes shooting him then using the back hoe where dinardo said he quote placed finocchiaro in a metal continue that they call the pig roaster. same night dinardo confesses he shot and killed tom meo and mark sturgis, then used the back hoe to pick them up and quote brought their bodies to the same metal tank that finocchiaro was in, and placed them in. he goes ton say he quote poured gasoline into the metal tank, and lit it. all three of the men were found in a 12 to 13-foot common grave on the dinardo family property. patrick was found burried on the ground about a mile and a half away. because the da did reach an agreement with dinardo, who led them to the fourth and
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final body, he will not face the death penalty in this case, however it, may still be on the table for sean kratz. in the sat center, natasha brown, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." of course, "eyewitness news" will continue to follow the case of these bucks county murders. follow us on air and on line at in other news this morning, the mayor of honolulu says there were no sprinklers in a highrise that was the scene after deadly fire there. that fire started on the 26 floor of marco polo condominium complex, killed three people, it spread to the 28th floor, injuring at least 12 other. honolulu's fire chief says if they had the sprinklers, the flames would not have spread past the unit where the fire started. >> another day, another detail in the meeting between president trump's eldest son, and a russia attorney with links to the kremlin. asseth lemon report there is comes as former campaign advisor testifies on capitol hill, calling the whole russian inquirer clues
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dilution. >> president trump is back on us soil. spending the weekend at his golf course in new jersey, where the us women's open is being held. we're now learning there were more people present at the pre-election meeting between donald trump, jr., and a russia attorney, promising dirt on hillary clinton. the associated press reports russian american lobbying to lift sanctions against the kremlin was also in the room. the president had said his son did not wrong. >> took meeting from a lawyer with russia, it lasted for a very short period. and nothing came of the meeting. >> president trump hired another attorney to deal with the russia controversy. he'll work inside the white house, and oversee the legal and communication strategy. over on capitol hill, a house intelligence committee questioned former trump campaign advisor, michael caputo for three and a half hours, on russian meddling in the election. >> i had no contact with russians, and i never heard of anyone in the trump campaign talking with russians. >> caputo called the whole
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thing collusion dilution. >> it all smells like fish to me, so if you go ahead, dig into this thing, i hope you dig in on both sides of this. >> house democrats renewed calls for independent panel to investigate with some lawmakers even demanding the president's son in lawn, jared kushner, resign from his advisory position. seth lemon, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." and still ahead, right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this saturday morning: drying out after tran clinic rains and storms mover through our region. matt peterson back with your which witness weather forecast for this weekend. >> and we talked with firefighters, as they trained to fight basement fires in their own words they share what it is like to work in extremely dangerous conditions. we'll be right back.
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>> back on "eyewitness news," people are drying out after severe storms blew through our area on friday. the big issue from all of that heavy rain, of course, was flooding. kris tan son sent us this video every rain covered roads at 59th street and ladies avenue in sea isle city. this is what it look like in wilmington there is video sent to us from eyewitness kyle austin, the kirkwood highway covered in flood waters. those storms yesterday led to flashflooding, in many communities around our region. >> meantime, heavy rain have left some towns in the midwest under water. severe flooding has closed roadways, and knocked out power. david begnaud has the story from gorney, illinois.
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>> unprecedented is what it is being called. authority say two month of rain fell in just 12 hours, here in gorney, north of chicago. it is not un come ton see flooding here. but at 1.6 trillion gallons of water fell this week, on portions every wisconsin, and illinois. the governor. >> folks think well it is not raining any more, things are getting fine, or they're getting better. they're not. lake county illinois, 5800 buildings have reportedly been damaged by flood waters, forecasters say flooding in the northern chicago suburbs are get worse over the next few days, as water flows down rivers, into the state from wisconsin, and in burlington, the town's four bridges, remain closed, because the swollen fox river crested at more than 17 feet. back in gorney, illinois, we found gary campbell defiantly optimistic, that the wall of sand he's put up around his home of nearly 40 years, is going to hold. >> think you're going to be
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able to save it? survived all of the other ones. to think you lose, that's another story. >> it is the dis plane river that over topped its banks flooding the town of gorney. at one point, the river rose 3 . here's the good news, no rain is expected here this weekend, but the river is still rising. it is not expected to crest until sunday. david begnaud, cbs news, gorney, illinois. >> that's incredible visual there, matt, a lot of towns waking up under water unfortunately. >> those towns out in the midwest, they're dealing with their fair share of severe weather, we had our fair share of wild weather, the last couple of days, we had tornado warning on thursday, of course, we had strong thunderstorms that rolled through the entire area yesterday. the good news is the front that popped all of the showers and thunderstorms off, off the coast at this point, going to be moving off the coast. so we're looking at much
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quieter conditions for our saturday and sunday. our eyewitness weather watchers, are up early with us on the weekend, seeing temperatures out there, that are in the 70s for the post part, we start down in delaware, where we're seeing dolores adding 73 degrees in her backyard, little cloud cover out there, as well. let's head newspaper jersey, going to jenny's house, 72 degrees this morning, in cherry hill, some cloud cover for her, as well, dew point of zero seven. so still muggy, hoping to dry out today, maybe see little sunshine. jenny, i think you're going to get your wish. it should and relatively nice saturday afternoon for us. now, waking up across specially the lehigh valley, up into the poconos, some cloud cover, then also, some foggy conditions early on in the day. we're seeing limited visibility in areas like cut town, looking out on the neighborhood network, right now, temperature of 69. so our temperature not that bad. again, dew point are high. so that's why we're waking up to, again, low level cloud cover, unnethes foggy
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conditions, to start the day out. now, overall, it will be much quieter saturday afternoon for us, lower humidity, once we get into the afternoon. so that's some good news for us. seasonable high temperatures, so still little warm out there. we will be into the mid to upper 80s range. doesn't look like we will really see too many 90s if we see any 90s at all. that's good news for us. overall, mix of sun and clouds, so we're going to be seeing some sunshine out there, i know, like jenny was saying, our weather watch err, hoping to see some sun, i think you will get little later this afternoon. lancaster at 74 degrees, kicking off the day, reading 72, down the shore looking at more of the 70s, atlantic city area port 74, wildwood, 72, trenton, 71 this morning, the same goes for allentown at 71 degrees. so, it is warm and it is muggy, with our dew point in the 70s, but they'll be dipping down into the 60s later this afternoon. satellite and radar from the last couple of hours, few showers, were out there, firing up along the bound rip, that is just down to the south. but the good news, since really fizzled out it will be a dry day today.
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again still watching this one cell, right just west of harrisburg, maybe few showers there. isolated rumble every thunder. but the good news again that as it moves eastwards is expected to move into some drier air, then fade out, not too much that we need to worry about. there is the stationary front for the most part, that's just sitting down to the south. so that's what those light showers that we saw couple every hours ago, that's what they were riding along. this front, this low, will slide off the coastline, we go through the day today. what that means, is that we're actually looking for some sunshine, and also those lower dew points, because northwest winds will bring in some drier air from canada, and that's some good news for us. future weather see this afternoon tries to paint in couple every very spotty, very light rain showers overdoing those chances to say the least. it is going to be just day of mixing of sun and clouds, no precipitation, that's good news for us, and as we go through the night tonight we clear things out even more. temperatures tonight, though, still not going to be really all that reflective of the clearer skies and even lower
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dew points, and lower humidity, that we're going to be seeing, so still going to be seeing lows tonight probably around 70 degrees or so. instead of maybe down even into the 60s, and then, really throughout our day sunday, plenty of sunshine for us, our next system starts to roll in as we go through our tuesday, or monday i should say, that is where we could see maybe a shower or thunderstorm start to develop. temperatures across the area, 80s, 70s, up to the north of the lehigh valley, poconos, those mid 80s for us here, through philly. and then head back in jersey shore point maybe some 70s, also some mid to upper 80s. high temperature today, 87 degrees. here in philly, getting a look at the seven day forecast, more 80s tomorrow. then we do see the 90s starting on tuesday, and then close to it wednesday, thursday, and next friday, jan, with the shower and thunderstorm chances in the mix, as well. >> all right, matt, thank you. imagine, fighting fires in the recent hot weather we've had, it is already hard and dangerous work, and that weather makes it even harder. cbs-3 photo journalist, brad
6:21 am
now went to sharon hill where firefighters face the heat as they deal with basement fires. >> philadelphia and surrounding counties ... >> procedures, practice was science, that's really critical. >> our firefighters and minute innings are the best in the world, have never seen anybody work harder or to save lives and property now as we look at our procedures for fighting basement fires we will benefit from some of the science and research. >> all every us have in our homes ... >> 40 pounds total between the gear, pell met, equipment. >> steamy, sun and clouds this afternoon, high of 96. >> you will remember it would be like running inside after oven. so, it is difficult enough in there, then with the heat out here, humidity, very hard for our firefighters and medics and emt's to recover after a
6:22 am
job. but they do, they get right back in there and get to work. >> temperatures inside are reaching p hundred degrees -- >> what are you telling your guys on a day like today? >> we tell them to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. that's really great. good advice for everybody. this is serious heat out here today. >> we don't call them the bravest for nothing, that's for sure. >> still ahead on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this saturday morning. we hear from delaware native ryan philip about thriller new in theatres this weekend. we will be right back.
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>> new hitting the theatres, starring rick philipe. >> (movie clip). >> joey king gets more than she wished for, when she discovers magic box, in wish upon. >> it is a demon. >> king and her co-star, realize for every wish she makes, someone dies. >> one of my favorite things, you known, when it is not your coverage, like if it is not your close up, you still deliver great performance to feed off of. >> you always did that for me. >> why do you keep asking me that? >> why don't you answer in. >> lee can't wait to see what his friends and family think. >> yes, this is definitely something that you bring your friends to, and i'm extactic
6:26 am
to share this project with them. >> wishes already, you didn't wish for anything for me in june, nothing, your best friend. >> when he was younger, played teenager in couple of horror movies every his own. >> i thought something fun for horror fans, non-horror fans, the idea now i'm showing up as a father in one of those kind of movies? the cast agrees, watching it is much scarier than acting it. >> yes, you don't really feel necessarily like you're making a dark or scary movie until you actually see it. >> well, when you work with joey king, it is not as scary, because keeps it fun, light, and we joke around you kind of have to do something to get through something scary and suspense full like. >> when you're doing a scary movie you're always in a psycho, or sad or scary mine set. so having that outlet with him, and ryan, just being able
6:27 am
to like laugh off screen, really nice. >> in hollywood, i'm rick. >> still so much more ahead in our next half hour, right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this saturday morning. we take you inside the renovated palm restaurant before it reopens. and we show you the big change to the famous charicatures on the restaurant walls there. >> and, is your water bottle full of bacteria? why that might not necessarily and bad thing, we will be why that might not necessarily and bad thing, we will be hello, peco. why that might not necessarily anhi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money.
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peco. the future is on.
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>> good morning, i'm jan carabeo. rain is gone, rain has arrived. a look at a down right pleasant weekend forecast, matt, i lover it when you bring the good news. >> you know, especially on the weekend, always, i know we have to get up early on saturday and sunday, but in the afternoon we can still get out and enjoy some of this nice weather. >> it is going to be a good one. >> real a great afternoon for us, temperatures will be little bit warm humidity will be lower. here this morning, still little muggy out there, later this afternoon, going to notice lower humidity, and that's going to feel pretty nice. now if you're down the shore today or planning on taking maybe little day trip jaunt down to the shore point, it will be a good day for that,
6:31 am
too, 84 degrees, our forecast for the shore points. a mix every sunday and clouds, water temperature still little cool at 69. not a bad day. now we do have cloud cover. areas to the north, this area, that's where we could see some limited visibility around mile or so, if you get up into the lehigh valley, the poconos, temperatures for us right here in center, 74 degrees, again, dew point low enough that our feels like temperature is the same as the air temperature, you see them, up near allentown, reading, lancaster, up to mount pocono, even out into trenton, we're seeing mile offer less in a few spots, visibilities, driving around this morning, especially north of the city, make sure that you are taking some extra precautions on the roads going little slower, leaving yourself little extra time. seventy-four as i said here in philly, 71 up in allentown, 72 this morning, down in wildwood, there are the dew point, still in the 70s, but
6:32 am
they're going to be dipping down into the 60s later on in the day, our day planner for us, high every 87 this afternoon, sun, clouds, mixing together, jan, few showers, and maybe an isolated thunderstorm in the forecast. next week, we will talk about that, but really nice sunday, talk about that, too. >> matt, thank you. 6:32, time to check the roads, let's go over to amanda mueller at the cbs-3 traffic center. high, amanda. >> jan, won't be super smooth commute for some folks out on the roadways this morning as you can see. drivers heading westbound, on 76, will have little bit of tie up. construction crews have the right lane closed city avenue all the way through the conshohocken curve. we're taking live look at 76 westbound, right at the city avenue exit here. that's where this picks up. it didn't look too bad. a little bit earlier, but just in the last couple every minute traffic starting to slow down, volume builds. that's most likely going to get worse as we move through the morning, if you absolutely have to hop on there, maybe go around the section, make sure to give yourselves extra time. and if you're down the shore this morning, weaver something
6:33 am
for to you watch out for as well. route nine, closed due accident there is looks like it is affecting both the north and southbound sides, at this point. this is near route 83, avalon boulevard. you'll want to avoid this area altogether if you can. and taking a live look at 95, by race street, little hazy out there, but with the exception of the construction, i mentioned earlier, all of the majors looking good this morning, in the cbs-3 traffic center, amanda mueller, back to you. >> amanda, thank you. new this morning, car crash, a car has crashed, into the back after police cruiser, in west philadelphia. police say this crash happened at 38th and girard. both the car and the cruiser did sustain damage, but there no reports of any injuries there. the cause of the crash is now under investigation. two cousins accused in the killings of four young men in bucks county are in separate cells today, at the request of prosecutors. both have been denied bail after their arraignment. "eyewitness news" reporter henry, in the cbs-3 news center this morning, hen rip, what's the latest?
6:34 am
>> jan, two men, cosmo dinardo and sean kratz consider each other cousin, facing slew of charges together including multiple counts of murder, conspiracy, abuse of a corpse. >> i feel a lot of sadness, i feel relief, i feel so proud of my team. >> bucks county district attorney matt weintraub said cosmo dinardo confess today killing the four men, to his family property, to buy marijuana. dinardo says instead he and sean kratz killed three of the men together and burried them in the same 12-foot grave. but dinardo admits he alone killed patrick and burried him in a separate grave on top after hill on his family's property. >> we brought four young men, one step closer to their loved ones, and so that they can rest in peace. we're not here to make moral judgement on any of their actions. >> rat was arrested at his northeast philadelphia home after dinardo's confession,
6:35 am
and second residence in ambler was also searched, his neighbors are stunned. >> nice guy, just talk, i talk to him like every day. >> so far there is no indication of apparent motive for the killings. the district attorney says his office will continue to work to give the families of the four men all the answers he can. >> i pray that i could handle this with the courage and the dignity that they've exhibite exhibited. i'm just in awe. >> the district attorney says in order to get that confession, and information about where the bodies were burried, he took the death penalty off the table for dinardo. he said did he this with the permission of the families of the four victims. live in the news center, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." henry, thank you. and in other news this morning, we're learning more about the pre-election meeting between president trump's oldest son, and a russian attorney promising damaging information on hillary clinton. the associated press reports a russian-american lobbying to
6:36 am
lift sanctions against the kremlin was also in the room. lawmakers now want an independent panel to investigate, former trump campaign advisor testifies on capitol hill meantime calling the whole russia inquiry collusion dilution. >> had no contact with russians. i never heard of anyone in the trump campaign talking with russians. it all smelled like fish to me. so if you're going to go ahead, dig into this thing, i hope you dig in on both sides of it. >> president trump is now spending the weekends at his golf club in bed minister, new jersey. meantime, the trump administration is asking the supreme court to clarify its ruling on the travel ban. specifically, which family relatives are eligible to buy pass the ban. late thursday, federal judge in hawaii ruled the list of relatives should be expanding dollars to include grand parent, other role of people legally in the u.s. the travel ban bars people from six terror prone countries from entering the. s. >> you've probably never seen anything like this on c span.
6:37 am
>> (cheers). >> well, fist was certainly flying in taiwan parliament, much of which was caught on camera. brawl errupted when one side criticized the other side's budget proposal. members were tangling each other, throwing punches, no word on any injuries there. >> back here at home now, brides to be all across the country are scrambling to get their dresses, after a bridal retailer shutdown stores nationwide. meg oliver explains. >> customers of alfred angelo bridal are being greeted with signs like this one, the company shutdown stores nationwide thursday. brides and bridesmaids were contacted, and told to get their dresses immediately. >> they called, said they're going out every business and to get their gowns by 6:00. >> didn't have nancy's dress but able to get a sample dress. >> along the same lines, minus the sleeves and minus the
6:38 am
people trying it on, and i added 3 inches. >> many others walked away empty handed. >> i have very tearful future daughter in law. >> cindy kneel tried to get her future daughter-in-law's dress and told it is not red. >> i now a lot of anxiety, uncertainty. >> kneel was told the dress would be shipped, other heard the same thing. >> i don't really know how we're supposed to get dresses if they don't even know where they are. >> alfred angelo has more than 60 stores nationwide, and is reportedly filing for bankruptcy. its corporate offices in florida are empty, and request for comment went unanswered. the company also supplies dress toss other bridal retailers, two businesses, that we talked to, say they cannot get ahold of anyone at alfred angelo, and don't know what to tell their customers. >> and i hope they realize what they're doing, because it is very, very sad. >> many brides left to wonder if they'll have address for their wedding. meg oliver, cbs-3, "eyewitness news."
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>> well, listen up. ment honda has issued another recall, this time, for a cords produced between 2013 and 2016. the recall follows numerous reports of battery censors, causing fires in the engine. honda says the censors may not be sufficiently sealed against moisture. honda says, there are no reported injuries, related to the issue, you can see if your car is included in this recall, by going to recalls dot hon that. com. if you're a senior citizen, your lifetime past to visit our national parks could soon cost you more. lifetime senior pass for anyone 62 years old or older will jump from $10 to $80. the price of admission is going up for the first time since 1994. the new price goes into effect on august 28th. >> a traveling replica of the viet nam memorial wall making stop in penndel this weekend, wall is three/five the size of the memorial. it is at penn del memorial ballfield on pse john did i
6:40 am
lola avenue. ceremonies planned throughout the weekends, and you can see it there through 9:00 sunday evening. >> center city restaurant known for its char tours back in business. the palm has been closed for renovation action. john mcdevitt from "kyw news radio" takes us inside. >> the palm philadelphia owned in the late 80s, known for steaks and seafood and deck can't signs, and of course the clark can i tours of good customers and the famous, olds ones cut out of the wall before the remodel given to those who inspired them, like former mayor and governor ed rendell getting a sneak peak of the new place and making a reservation for next week. >> almost two decades, the place where political people go, business people, inter mink link, always the day after the election, that there is a big meeting of all of the political people, had lunch at the palm. >> paul sands err the palm philadelphia general manager.
6:41 am
he said the menu pretty much the same. it is the space that has changed. >> if you look around, tremendous amount of eye appeal. >> final preparations are underway, the char can i tours painted on walls, not all of them are newment take rocky over there. he's from the old wall. >> we can't show you all of them because it is a surprise for opening day. we can show this one, bradley cooper and his mother cooking lobster. >> the big difference now between what we did in the olds restaurant, not doing them in the studio any more, doing them directly on the wall, obviously more time consuming. >> how do you get your face on the you. >> all about loyalty. all about relationship between the guest, the restaurant, and the gm. >> the palm book solid for opening weekends. sean mcdevitt. "kyw news radio" for cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> and still ahead on cbs-3 "eyewitness news": the grounds opens up, and very big way, a sinkhole puts an entire community at risk. where this is happening,
6:42 am
coming up next. >> plus. s your water bottle clean? many of us carry them around, but do you ever think about the germs, they might be caring? health reporter stephanie stahl breaks down what's good and what's bad about reusing those bottles. and after a stormy ends to the work week, matt peterson tells you what you can expect for this weekend. we will be right back.
6:43 am
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>> a massive sinkhole, and this hole has destroyed two homes, as kenneth craig reports, the sinkhole still growing. >> it began with a dip in the grounds. >> we received a 911 phonecall, state that there was small depression, underneath a boat. >> in minutes, that depression had grown into a giant sinkhole. within an hour, it had swallowed two houses, and it was still getting bigger. >> it is about 200 feet wide. we're estimate being 50 feet deep at this point. it is continuing to grow in the direction of this lake. >> sinkholes are a common hazards in florida. including in this area, a sinkhole actually formed at the same location in 2012, but was supposedly stabilized. officials have evacuated the neighborhood, until the grounds stops caving in. >> did he ask us to take and for safety reasons, completely
6:46 am
take everyone out of the path between the sinkhole and the lake. this could open up in a matter of second. >> meantime, there isn't much that anyone can do to help. >> have to wait for mother nature to finish doing her thing. >> in lands o lakes that means hoping that singing feeling stopped, and soon. kenneth craig for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" >> with a preview, good morning. >> hi, jan, good morning, coming up the latest headlines, plus is artificial intelligence changing schoolroom cheatingment we'll show you how answers from some new programs are nearly undetectable bee teachers? plus, he is a sushi legends with one of the most expensive restaurants in the worlds. so why is chef's latest spot serving affordable burgers? we'll finds out. >> and 35 years ago, they released one of the defining albumns in alternative music.
6:47 am
we will talk to the violent about the bands' legacy, and they'll perform in the saturday session, just ahead, on cbs this morning, saturday. >> looks good, as always, we'll see you guys in just about 13 minutes, thank you. >> a dramatic fireworks display, capped bastille day in paris, look at that, gorgeous, lit up the nighttime sky right there over the eiffel tower. people across france had been set bathing the annual holiday there is year, it coincided with the 100 anniversary of the united states entry into world war i. >> and happening today, back here at home, your chance to celebrate bastille day. eastern state penetentary is holding it version of the french revolution. it includes throwing 2,000 tastycakes to everyone below. while marie antoinette is to the gill teen. it commemorates the start of the french revolution, eastern state's re-enactment start this afternoon at 5:30. matt, should be lovely day for
6:48 am
little re-enactment. >> oh, absolutely. maybe i'll go down and try to catch a tastykake. never hurt to let them eat cake. had to throw that in there since talking about marie antoinette. good afternoon, low humidity, real good temperatures, later this afternoon, any outdoor plans if you are headed down to eastern state, it will be nice. now, here is this morning, a little bit different. little muggy. little warm. little bit foggy out there. headed up to 72 degrees, little fog in eagleville, at lou's house, again, north of the city was where we are seeing more of that fog, as we head out to north jersey here, ed connor, he is 71 degrees in chesterfield with again some clouds cover, anything, little bit of fog, and mist to go along with that cloud cover as well, here is burn verges up in the lehigh vale, 71 degrees, no now real fog on our neighborhood network skycam picture, but, there is still plenty of cloud cover here early on in the day, while it will break up at times, we will be looking for
6:49 am
the sunshine and cloud cover to mix together throughout our saturday, 71 degrees in the burn ville area, lehigh valley. pocono forecast, pretty nice day, lower humidity, 77 degrees for the high temperature. tonight, generally clear skies 58 the overnight low. tomorrow wrapping up the weekends wonderful condition conditionsment and plenty of sunshine, low humidity for sunday as well, storm scan three few light showers out there earlier in the morning but all of the precipitation it moves toward center city and toward the immediate suburbs really just faded out. now there is a weak boundery that's down to the south. that will was casino every feeding some of the showers, that again not really too much after factor for us. there is one stray shower south of harrisburg, earlier looked like a thunderstorm, but continues to fade out as
6:50 am
it moves into drier air. overall quiet weekend for today. do have cloud cover, sunshine, mixing together, lower humidity, stays in the forecast for us, on sunday, we see more sunshine for the entire area, whether you're through the poconos, back into philly, back down toward the shore points, in jersey, and delaware, it will be even nicer day tomorrow, to hit up the beach. but, we do watch as our next system starts to come in on monday, it will be a cold front, and it will pack just enough of a punch we could get some showers maybe in the second half of the day monday, then maybe even isolated rumble every thunder, some of the showers will linger, into next week, into tuesday, wednesday, and maybe even into the second half of the week, as well. so, for today, what we are looking at, 87 degrees this afternoon, partly sunny skies out, there the biggest thing that you'll notice specially as the day goes forward, is the humidity, is going to be lower. even though our temperatures are relatively seasonable, maybe even little on the warm side, again, that humidity is the biggest thing that we will notice, or the lack thereof.
6:51 am
sunday, 88 degrees, for us, low humidity sticks around, gee with partly cloudy skies, maybe few few areas mostly sunny range. starting out next week, our cold front comes on in. it doesn't come all the way through. and then actually kind of washes out as it travels across the state, so 87 degrees monday afternoon, few areas of showers, especially in the second half of the day. we are back up into the high heat, humidity tuesday, getting all the way to 90, chance for maybe a thunderstorm to fire up on tuesday afternoon, as well. now, moving into wednesday, not too much changes, more shower activity, more isolated rumble every thunder here and, there temperatures staying above average at 89 degrees wednesday afternoon, 90's back into the forecast starting thursday, 93, mostly sunny, but spotty shower or under this earl storm, and then friday partly cloudy more spotty thunderstorm activity and high of 90, jan. so we get out, enjoy today and tomorrow, because another rounds of unsettled weather right around the corner.
6:52 am
>> staying hydrated with reuseable water bottles is environmentally friendly but study says they can be breeding grounds for nasty germs. health reporter stephanie stahl has more in this einstein healthcare science center report. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> on a hot day, eight year old everett is drink ago lot from his water bottle. >> okay, i'm doing -- even though i haven't cleaned it, and i'll be pine. >> but fen year old bianca thinks it is crazy to drink from an unwasheds bottle. >> some bacteria and allergy can like kill us. >> she may have heard that from the website treadmill reviews, which analyzed various reuseable sport bottles, and found, some nasty germs. the average unwasheds bottle contained more bacteria than what's in your average pets water bowl. >> this is not science. >> doctor lee riley, fin ex us
6:53 am
disease specialist, says bacteria are everywhere, just because an object contains them doesn't make it dirty. >> any sort of environment, you'll find bacteria. >> they say it isn't dangerous, people often confuse bacteria with viruses which can be harmful. he says bacteria is important to stimulate the immune system, and aid in proper digestion. >> if we don't have these kind of bacteria, we would be very un health. >> i but some doctors say hi levels of bacteria can be dangerous. the researchers who did the study are suggest using stainless steel over plastic water bottles, and, not leaving them in a gym bag or the back of your car for a long time. regular washing is obviously a good idea. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs 3, "eyewitness news." >> and we will be right back with one final check on the forecast, stay with us.
6:54 am
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>> we are getting ready for some lovely wet they are weekend. >> at least here saturday, sunday. >> good timing. >> you and i have to work, good timing for lots of folks, and we can still get out and enjoy. >> absolutely. >> outside here, this morning, though, a wonderful theme from up in the poconos, looking at great sunrise did have little bit of fog out there earlier, still looking at few areas in the lehigh valley, the poconos, could wake up to limited visibility. do be careful driving around here early on this saturday morning, but later this afternoon, sunshine, breaking through that cloud cover. we head up to 87 degrees today. eighty-eight tomorrow. humidity stays on the lower side both saturday and sunday,
6:57 am
but jan, like you said, there are those showers as we move into next week. >> listen, i always say if it has to rain, rain during the work week, don't spoil the weekend. >> i agree. >> thank you, matt, that's for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for now, we may be signing off on tv, always on line at cbs this morning saturday is next. have a great day, everyone. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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