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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  July 20, 2017 2:07am-2:41am EDT

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above. the daring operation captured on camera after woman falls american airlines water tower tonight, seven police officers opened fire after a man points a gun at them in philadelphia. what authorities say happened before the violent encounter we begin with breaking news, john mccain has been diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor, they discovered it after removing a blood clot. good evening, i'm jessica dean >> i'm ukee washington, supporters pouring in for the arizona senator. he was engaged in battle over healthcare when he suddenly returned home to have the blood clot removed. it was found during a routine check not far from where he had a cancerous lesion removed in 2000. he was first elected in 1996, the former prison of war in vietnam and 2000 presidential nominee is in good spirits and reviewing treatment options >> pray. i don't know god knows how this
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ends, not me. but i do know this. this disease has never had a more worthy opponent. >> senator mccain is tough. and we're pulling for him. it's -- it's a real shock. >> president trump released this statement tonight. senator john mccain has always been a fighter, milania extend our prayers to the. more than a half dozen police officers open fire in kensington neighborhood. david spunt is live with what we know right now. david? >> reporter: jessica, police officials say these officers opened fire because they were threatened with a gun. i want to back out, show you a live scene be 400 block of somerset in kensington, investigators have been here since about 7:30 tonight.
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they expect this investigation to take awhile. because it involves seven officers. 7:30 wednesday, police responded to a man way semiautomatic handgun. authorities say he held it up and pointed it at officers. >> that's certainly a use of force that would be permissible. you do have a right to defend yourself and anyone else. >> reporter: seven officers fired at the man, three from septa, four from philadelphia police. authorities say the man was rushed to temple hospital for surgery. moments after getting the call about the man with a gun, neighbors say a woman was shot. she was found in a pool of blood inside a nearby home. authorities say the man and woman lived together. and they're convinced the man shot the woman before he threatened to shoot police officers. >> racking a firearm, semiautomatic and pointed the firearm at the office >> the woman is in critical condition, the male in stable at temple hospital. authorities are reviewing body
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camera footage from one of those septa police officers. reporting live in kensington be david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. a teenager in critical condition after a dangerous stunt way moving freight train. the teen tried to jump on the train near castor avenue but failed, his right leg severed. he was rushed to st. christopher's hospital for children where he remains in critical condition. amtrak and septa service is back to normal. to a daring rescue high above the ground in delaware. caught on camera by chopper 3, the state police came to the rescue of a maintenance worker who fell into an empty water tower. alexandria hoff is there with a look at how it unfolded. >> reporter: the delaware state police aviation unit had trained for this scenario but tell us this is the first time they had to put their water tower rescue skills to use. >> aerials like this might
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explain why the most super heros was given the ability to fly >> shortly after 9:00 a.m. the state police aviation unit was called to the 2900 block of mountain chan nonroad for a report of an injured woman inside of a converted water tower, they say the 59-year-old was doing maintenance inside when she fell and injured her head, arm, neck and back. >> >> it goes all the way down inside >> the stairs inside were too steep to bring her out by stretch. >> take her up to the roof and bring her up into the aircraft and to an ambulance >> every person involved has a unique role to perform. i'm the one who lowers the rescue specialist down. >> i was going to be lowered down to the top of the water tower >> after the victim was secured inside of the tower, corporal
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jason walker was lowered on top of it >> directly on top t dead center, it's perfect >> he wrapped the injured woman in what's called a pet bag >> we hoisted her uplanded in a field and passed her off to new castle paramedics >> the woman was in serious condition lucky she was able to be removed without further injury thanks to a crew that assists by air land and now water tower >> we trained on water towers but never an actual rescue >> never water tower, this is the first, a water tower first for that. >> reporter: we're told this truly was a team effort that included local fire companies like tallyville, wilmington and new castle paramedics. reporting live, alexandria hoff, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. authorities in burlington county say a man was struck by lightening near the docks of a yacht club. chopper 3 in new gretna. the man was rushed to the
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hospital and no word on the condition. the pop-up storm that had the lightening was fired by the excessive heat blanketing our region and it could be several days until we feel relief kchelsea ingram joins us now. >> the high temperature today in philadelphia was 94. of course, it felt warmer than that when you factored in in combination of both heat and humidity. we're down into the 60's, 70's and 80's across the delaware valley, it's 82 in philadelphia, 78 in allentown, 82 in trenton be 78 in atlantic city. 76 in millville. more heat on the way. in fact, dangerous heat and excessive heat warning has been issued and goes into effect starting at noon tomorrow, for all these counties in pink. he were could have heat index values upwards of 98 to around 103. we're forecasting a hakeem around 101 in philadelphia tomorrow afternoon and 98 on
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friday. i'll let you know when we'll finally get relief coming up in your full forecast back to you. a community comes together in camden to mourn the loss of a four-year-old girl. eyewitness news was on south 9th street for a vigil. her mother, 20-year-old lucy beguner is facing child endangerment. medics responding found the child unresponsive with injuries to her face, gunter is accused. not seeking medical attention. one of the victims of the bucks county killings will be laid to rest. thomas meo. "eyewitness news" was at the burns funeral home on frankford avenue where family and friends gathered for a viewing. the body was found last week in a farm in solesbury bucks county. authorities are investigating the discovery of a woman's body in a camden cam lake. chopper 3 over the scene at
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knoll drive. it's too early to tell if foul play was involved. a married couple is citizensed to up to seven years behind bars for gifting their daughters to a man later convicted of sexually bruising the girls. shay appeared before a bucks county judge on child endangerment. they told authorities they gave their oldest daughter to 52-year-old lee kaplan in exchange for financial help >> the sentence was appropriate based on what she did and even though obviously, lee kaplan is the worst person in the situation, they were these children's parents and as a parent i don't know how you can do that to your child. >> kaplan, who was convicted last month will be sentenced in september. tomorrow, a panel of judges will select a temporary replacement for former philadelphia district attorney seth williams. of 13 candidates interviewed at
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city hall today. the opponentee will serve until january. they face off in the november general election. seth williams is in jail waiting for the hearing on federal corruption charges we are learn donald trump junior will testify in the russia investigation. donald trump junior and former campaign chairman paul manafort will appear before the senate judiciary committee wednesday. they both met with a russian lawyer who claimed to have dirt on hillary clinton. jared kushner also attended he will testify separately before senate intelligence committee monday. earlier at the white house, president trump pressured them to get a bill that will repeal and replace. the senators failed to reach a consensus on a new bill twice, the president told them to skip
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the recess. after more than eight years in prison, oj simpson will make his case for freedom >> we're hearing from simpson's former prison guard, why he thinks the one be time football star has good chance of getting paroled. >> new details in the deadly police shooting of an unarmed woman in minneapolis, what her 911 calls to police revealed >> helping others can do a body good. why volunteering can make your life healthier when "eyewitness news" comes right back.
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minneapoli this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo, nicole brewer and don bell. ♪ . chopper 3 over the scene in burlington county tonight. the plane went down in pemberton. the pilot was aboard the plane. suffered nonlife-threatening >> unclear what led up to the
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crash. state police in delaware say the pilot of a crop duster clipped electrical wires before crashing in a field this morning. authorities say hitting the wires caused 52-year-old robert wearing to lose control. wearing is listed in critical condition at christiana medical center. the start of wwe vince mcman was rescued from a helicopter made an emergency landing in the ocean. shane mcmain also a wwe executive was a passenger, neither he or the pilot were hurt. mcman tweeted this thanks to the pilots and emergency responders. it's not clear what went wrong but mcman said he heard bang before the pilot made an emergency landing. the minneapolis police officer who shot and killed an unarmed australian yoga teacher, he declined to be interviewed
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about the death of justice tine. she told the operator i think she tried to say help and sounds distressed. she called again to make sure police had the right address. oj simpson could soon be free. the former football star will try to convince a parole board to release him. simpson is approaching the nine-year minimum of his 30-year sentence's he was convicted for his role in a scheme to get back sports memorabilia that was apparently stolen from simpson. a former prison guard said he's been a model inmate. >> he's helped other inmates with problems. i mean, he's gotten in no trouble in nine year, very hard to do >> if he's granted parole he wouldn't be free until october at the earliest. will carry the simpson hearing tomorrow live. the coverage is expected to
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begin at 1:00 p.m. on cbs3. on the health watch, research suggests helping others can help your health, the corporation for national and community service conducted two studies and found people who volunteer have less depression and loneliness. they're also more satisfied with life. the research says volunteering can have the biggest benefit for seniors. the royal family good will trip continued today with a visit to germany. of the duke and duchess of cambridge visited the landmark is a symbol of germany's cold war division and later reunion indication. the two-country trip comes at before it end negotiates. queen elizabeth visited canada's house to celebrate the birthday, the country is turning 150. the queen got a tour of various artifacts from the collection including many photos of her presiding over important events.
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she's preparing to embark on an extended summer holiday in scotland. chelsea is in the house and looking at a string of 90's >> more heat and humidity and you need to make sure you're being careful. it's nice night outside but it's hot, humid, muggy. and that's going to set up for a night you got to crank up the ac. the official high temperature in philadelphia was 94 degrees. but of course, felt even warmer than that when you factor in that combination of both the heat and humidity that we dealt with throughout the day today. the average high temperature for this time of year is right around 87. take a look at this, there's your high temperature for the day. 94. our temperatures across the region are now checking in in the 70's and 80's across the delaware valley. 76 in millville, 80 in cherry hill. we have 78 in pemberton, 78 in atlantic city. 78 in thomas river, down to 82
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in philadelphia. 11:00 we're still in the 80's. 82 in trenton, 79 in mt. holly. allentown is 78, cool spot on the map, that's mount pocono 75 currently and quakertown due points are in the 60's and 70's. a due point of 73 in philadelphia, that is making for a muggy and uncomfortable night and we're going to have more mugginess where that came from along with the dangerous heat. an excessive heat warning has been issued goes into effect starting noon tomorrow all the way through 8:00 friday for philadelphia and the surrounding counties that you see here on the map and pink. heat index values will range anywhere from 98 to around 103 across the delaware valley. forecasting a heat index value of around 101 tomorrow afternoon in philadelphia, then 98 as we head to friday afternoon. we'll see numbers like these across the delaware valley tomorrow. it's important that you stay
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heat aware, weather aware and cool. light and loose clothing, avoid outdoor exercise and always check on the elderly dealing with times like these and we have an air quality alert going to be in place tomorrow as well. across stormscan 3, things are monitoring couple of showers and storms earlier this evening, but things have quieted down and we're in store for a partly cloudy muggy and warm night. low temperatures going down to the mid 70's, it will be warm. start out your day with plenty of sunshine. the sun will help to heat things up as we head to the afternoon and we watch tomorrow evening for the chance of storms especially for areas north of philadelphia and quiet down thursday and friday. down the shore you'll find relief temperatures in the upper 80's, 88 for tomorrow, mostly sunny skies, plenty of sunshine friday with high temperature
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around 90. we will have that thunderstorm chance saturday in fact even in philadelphia the weekend is looking more unsettled overnight, low temperature right around 76 degrees. as we head to tomorrow sweltering sunshine, 95 will be your high temperature. "eyewitness news" weather seven-day forecast, 96 as we head into friday. with the heat index, it's going to feel warmer than that, the heat index could be upwards of 103 degrees. we're still in the 90's, we will have the risk for showers and storms. finally, relief in sight as we head to tuesday. thanks to a cool front moving on through. >> cool front. >> a cool front. >> that will do. >> a chilly 87 degrees. >> put your jacket on >> rookie nick williams, jimmy roll lynns and year 2001. the phillies
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. phillies >> you here that grown? >> because they're not -- we want to see more and starting to see more. >> yes. >> last time you wore a philadelphia police jacket or parka? that's what people are rocking the last time the phillies won a three-game series on the road it was in april against the mets during a cool day in new york, 50's 60's, fast forward to the here and now, phillies looking for a series win in miami. nick williams had himself a ball game. fills up 1-0. bottom of the first, john carlos, or stanton. three straight games with a first inning homer.
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ya yank phils lead by one, daniel had a career high hits. the fightins lead by four, later, odubel herrara joins the fun, phils had 20 hits for the first time in four years, win it 10-3 and final. win another series on the road, host milwaukee friday. huge game for colorado nolan aaron n, a to. homers in the fourth, the very next inning he does it a game, final the in the sixth he has a chance to become the first rocky since 2005 with three homers and does it, five for sucks with seven rbis. baseball players have a whole lot of time on their hands, you know, this, exhibit a, monday, the astros holding a memorial service and buried the glove of the car lows and the reason why
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is he hadn't played in the field nearly two months. he's playing in left field, and a resurrection, nice play and the astros, get the mariners 4-1. the dimensions of the field are the same and so are the rules of play, somehow, when the philadelphia union hit the road, changes for these guys, the union visiting montreal, phillies one win on the road this season, union down 1-0, nothing more. now to the when an unbelievable pl play. that name played me all night. he's making plays. the union lose 2-1. quarter fines on the comcast gold cup. the men's national team at lincoln financial field. 41 it's minute omar gonzales
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with the goal. u.s. on board, 1-nil. then eric lehigh and the celebration note. is that how we celebrate after a good show? >> yes. >> slide across. >> slide across the studio floor. >> up
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it says you apply the blue one ok, letto me. this. here? no. have a little fun together, or a lot. k-y yours and mine. two sensations that work together, so you can play together.
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. a night of classical music under the stars. ♪ >> the philadelphia orchestra returned to the mann center. a big crowd turned out to hear the overture and other great works. the concert ended with the a fireworks display. chelsea? >> the dog days of summer all the way into the weekend. high temperatures in the lower 90's. both days, we'll have have the
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humidity as well. because of the heat and humidity we will have the risk for showers and thunderstorms both saturday and sunday. in fact, those days look the most active out of the next five. look for
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. morning crew back from 4:30 to 7:00. i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean, the late show is next >> thanks for watching, have a good night family and sleep well. good night family and sleep well. >> announcer: the following is paid for and furnished by hair club. this station is not responsible for claims made in the following program. whether you have receding hair, thinning hair, or advanced hair loss, it's a harsh reality -- hair loss adds years to your appearance. but now you can change that with hair club, the number-one customized hair-loss solution provider in north america. hair club is dedicated to giving you more hair and more confidence so you look younger. >> i'm 52, and i look better now than i did when i was in my 40s. >> i look better today than i did at 40. >> i love it. i really do. it has changed my outlook on life. >> announcer: at hair club, we understand that coping with
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