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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  July 27, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. >> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> it started shaking real bad. >> it just flew off. the whole thing flew off. >> something goes horribly wrong with a thrill ride at the ohio state fair. one person is dead several more injured. the biggest question remains why did it happen. the ohio state fare is one of the largest state fares in the country. good afternoon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm are robyn rahel solomon. >> you may find the images disturbing.
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cbs news correspondent adriana diaz has the latest from columbus. >> reporter: dramatic amateur video shows a row of seats from the thrill ride appearing to detach from its housing. with the sound of the crash stunning onlookers at least two people were thrown from the ride. >> i heard a girl scream helped and i looked over and i seen something fly out and then i seen it crash to the ground. first responders and witnesses rushed to help the victims who were scattered across the ground. >> so scared. >> multiple passengers were ejected at high speeds with high energy. many feet at least 20 or 30 if not more into the air and then crashed at a significant distance from the ride. >> reporter: the ohio state fare is one of the nation's largest with hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. ohio governor john kasich ordered all rides shut down after the malfunction. >> this is the worst tragedy in the history of the fair.
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but we'll recover from this as well and we'll move on but that doesn't mean we won't grieve for what happened here tonight. >> reporter: both law enforcement and the department of agriculture are investigating the cause of wednesday's incident but say the fire ball passed inspection. >> ride inspection is one of the most important things that we do. we will begin an investigation on this to determine what the failure was, if any, and how this accident occurred. >> reporter: the chief inspector here says a tragedy like this hits everyone hard. he says his own grandchildren get on these rides and no shortcuts were taken. adriana diaz cbs news columbus. >> well, back here at home philadelphia police are hoping you can help them track down a man caught on camera breaking into a mosque. surveillance video shows the man inside the islamic society of greater philadelphia mosque on roosevelt boulevard in oxford circle. the suspect broke into the mosque twice. first on wednesday july 12th and then again on monday july 17th. if you recognize this man,
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please call police. >> well, two men are in police custody in connection with two carjackings overnight. philadelphia police say an officer fired his weapon at one of the suspects after he allegedly pulled a gun at the officer. trang do has more on the ongoing investigation in rhawnhurst. >> reporter: investigators sorting through a wild night that started in bucks county and ended in philadelphia's rhawnhurst section around 4:30 a.m. sometime after midnight, captain kin brew says there was a carjacking in fairless hills. that crossover showed up on bustleton avenue hours later. kinbrew says the two men got out robbed and carjacked a security guard station outside the bank. >> they took his car. that was a white toyota camera. >> reporter: police say the men separated into the two cars going in the same direction when officers spotted and eventually stopped them at the intersection of
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horrocks and strahle streets. >> the camry stopped, male exits the exam repoints a gun at the plaintiff, the police officer discharges one round. no one is struck. >> reporter: the men ran into nearby pennypack park. officers found him a short time later. other officers took the man driving the tucson into custody without incident. crews from the water department joined in the search for the suspect's gun digging into manholes near the park. >> they're both in custody and we're trying to piece all these incidents together. right now as i speak you to we're still in the park trying to find the gun that was pointed at the plaintiff who discharged. >> reporter: police are still working to determine what charges will be filed. from police headquarters, i'm trang do, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, philadelphia police also arrested two men on denny street in the nicetown last night and one of them was a victim of a shooting. authorities say the man who was shot in the back and his friends were hearing two guns, one of which was a military style weapon. the shooting victim was taken to the hospital for treatment. at last check he was in stable condition.
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it's unclear where in the city he was shot. both men are now facing gun charges. >> crews were met with heavy fire inside the home on the 600 block of garfield avenue in glenside. this was before 2:00 this morning the the fire claimed the life of a 69-year-old man. firefighters say they had a really hard time getting inside. >> there was hoarding conditions in the house and it's very difficult at this point to, you know, traverse the property. it's already a dangerous thing but it makes it that much more dangerous for the firefighters. >> and it is not clear if the home had working smoke detectors. the cause is under investigation. >> the humidity is making a comeback and we could see a spotty storm today but it's tomorrow that we're really keeping a close eye on. meteorologist kate fehlinger is tracking the storms that may be packing a big punch for the end of the week. hey, katie. >> you said it jim. today is chump change compared
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to tomorrow. stay tuned for the full forecast because eventually there is some very stroking rains and strong thunderstorms that will be rumbling through our area but for now it's pretty quiet outside. a quick peek at storm scan3. no storms in sight except for up at the poconos where you have a light smattering of a couple showers. any one is fair game to see a shower or a thunderstorm at some point this afternoon but i'm not that sold that we're going see anything all that strong today. it would be in tomorrow especially that the really stronger thunderstorms would likely fire up. in the meantime our temperatures are now flirting with or already into the low 80's through the southern most counties and you're currently mid upper 70's pretty much up and down 95. it should be warmer than yesterday. we're shooting for a high of about 85 degrees just shy of what's seasonable. thunderstorm icons, you'll see them pop up in any of the regions but it does mean anyone is fair game, not necessarily that you'll see it. come tomorrow you'll absolutely need an umbrella
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and we'll explain when that wet weather get here, how long it sticks around and you want to stick around for this forecast because this is one of those storms that is throwing us a wild card curve ball kind of a scenario so i'll walk you through the most up to date details later on. >> say it isn't so, katie. >> beaches in ventnor and if atlantic city closed because of elevated bacteria levels in the ocean. there are warning signs on lifeguard stands informing beachgoers of the situation. officials cause heavy rain for causing bacteria and pollution to reach the ocean. it can cause stomach sicknesses and rashes. authorities will monitor the levels on a daily basis. >> allentown mayor ed pawlowski due in court to face federal corruption charges. prosecutors allege mayor pawlowski and former reading mayor vaughn spencer used their officers for political and financial game. they are accused of take, part in play to pay scheme.
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pawlowski is being charged with conspiracy fraud and bribery. former mayor spencer is facing similar charges. he'll be in court next week. >> the new white house communications chief claimed leakers are not only targeting the president, they're targeting him, too. anthony scaramucci is making it clear he's on a mission to track down whoever is that behind the leaks. cbs news correspondent has the latest. >> reporter: the new white house communications director anthony scaramucci a lashed out last night claiming someone leaked his financial information. he tweeted, in light of the leak of my financial disclosure info, which is a felony, i will be contacting the fbi and the justice department. and named white house chief of staff reince preibus. scaramucci's financial disclosure form appeared on politico's web site showing his assets are worth as much as $85 million. leaking the form is not a felony, it's public information. scaramucci later deleted the tweet and spoke this morning on cnn. >> it's absolutely completely and totally reprehensible. >> reporter: scaramucci says
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he and the president have a good idea of who is responsible for the leaks. >> when i put on o out a tweet and i put reince's name in a tweet. they're making assumption it is because journalists known who the leakers are. so if reince wants to explain that he's not a leak let him do that. >> reporter: the leaks have incensed the president since he took office o chief washington correspondent john dickerson said on cbs this morning not all leaks are bad. >> white houses need leaks. they need relationships with reporters to float things out there without making them official. >> reporter: but president trump has made clear he does not see the value of leaks and maintains he will put a stop to them. cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> and staying in the capitol now, senators are in for a long day today with votes scheduled on amendments to the struggling healthcare bill. republican leaders are hoping their so-called skinny plan will get the 50 votes needed to pass. the plan repeal certain parts of the affordable care act
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including mandates on individuals to buy health insurance and large employers to provide it. the idea is to pass a bill if the house -- the the house and senate did vote on. >> a healthcare decision that looks like somebody designed the damn thing on purpose. >> 10 republican and democratic governors sent a letter to senate leaders urging them to reject the latest plan saying it would increase premiums and lead to fewer americans with healthcare coverage. >> the pennsylvania senate is back in session and weighing a plan for balancing the state budget and that could mean your utility bills could be on the way up. the senate plan includes heavily borrowing and some tax increases. under the plan utility bills would increase. natural gas drillers would pay a new tax and the state will increase efforts to collect taxes on internet sales s the bill has the support of governor tom wolf but could meet some resistance in the statehouse. well, coming up on cbs3 "eyewitness news" at noon, a pop star has her sights set on
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education. >> plus, singer justin bieber back in the headlines. police say he struck a member of the paparazzi with his truck. what happened right before the incident. >> and oh, baby, hospitals across chicago are seeing a surge in births. why baseball, yes, baseball rahel, may be the reason behind the baby boom. >> ♪
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>> welcome back. jim i know you have been devastated about this. >> i have been. >> rough week for justin bieber. first he upset his fans for canceling the rest of his world tour. >> now there's video of the pop star hitting a paparazzi photograph with his pickup truck last night. we've got all the bases covered here. correspondent brooks silva-braga shows us how it all went down. >> reporter: justin bieber hit a member of the paparazzi with his pickup truck wednesday night. the pop star was reportedly leaving a nearby theater where he attended a church event when he was surrounded by cameras. bieber who got right out to try to help is heard here offering the victim assistance. >> is there anything i can do to help. >> reporter: bieber recently canceled the tail end of his world tour officially due to what his camp called unforeseen circumstances though several publications have reported it was due to exhaustion. police say the photographer was taken to a hospital with a leg injury. he's expected to be okay. bieber after cooperating with
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officers was given permission to leave. police did not issue any citations. brooks silva-braga for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> we certainly are glad the paparazzi is okay. >> he needs to call uber. he's gotten billions of dollars. have someone else drive. >> call jim. >> singer rihanna is focusing on other passion and promises big plans are under works for her global effort. >> she met with the president and first lady of france to discuss those efforts. she hinted at an announcement. she's an ambassador for the charity global partnership for education. she's been tweeting world leaders requesting funding for schools. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a fisherman's unexpected encounter with a killer whale. you got to see this video. >> an arizona man just went to take out the trash and why this happened. why doctors can't figure out what caused this nasty reaction. katie. >> guys as we get ever closer to an upcoming weekend there's
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a storm system that is trying to throw us a curve ball with wet weather that likely lingers at least through saturday and possibly into sunday as well. now it also stays cooler than average because of all the rain that's headed our way. at best we flirt with the low 80's. with that said there's a bright spot in this forecast and i'll let you know cancer trt centers of america in philadelphia to have her breast cancer treated, she's coming for the expertise that we have, for the multimodal therapy
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>> welcome back. a mysterious bug bite has doctors dumb founded in arizona. >> take a look at all of this bruises. this is what the arm of thomas j looks like 10 days after experts believe was a bite from some sort of insect. jay says he was taking out the trash when it happened. he did go top urgent care but his arm continued to get
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worse. >> there's still excruciating pain that's in the arm and it moves from different places at different times. even though they might not be able to figure out what it was they might be able to help other individuals as they learn from this situation. >> doctors say so far treatment has been tricky because they don't know what bit him. >> just seems incredibly calm. i would be flipping out. >> speaking of flipping out you were so that concerned earlier about the mosquito bite on your neck. have you gone to the doctorrest. >> i'm petrified of deer ticks because i know how many people around here have lyme disease in news room. >> our news producer didn't have it and didn't know what it was. >> take away. >> how do i transition from that. >> i'm not buggy about the forecast. >> ooh, that's good. >> you know you can always transition to weather somehow some way. folks we are definitely looking ahead to some wet weather. i want to give you a sense of how things time out because this is one of the storms that
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decided it wants to throw us a few curve balls and it is looking like it will continue to evolve but right now i want to give you the best call we can make based on the guidance we've been given. it does look like this is a storm that will still make its arrival sometime midday tomorrow but now it wants to hang out like a nosey neighbor much longer than you would like it to. let's get out there, we'll show you the view first and foremost had a pretty nice beach afternoon unfolding in ocean city cape may county. the umbrellas lining the shore line as far as the eye can see. but we have little bit cloud cover still and at the moment i still call eight pretty decent beach afternoon but you may end up with a shower or thunderstorm along the way as well. that comes courtesy of the warm front lifting in. that's also by the way where the humidity has begun to climb and the cloud cover has been coming from. rain is far off at this point but we may still see that spotty shower or thunderstorm sometime this evening. that's nothing compared to tomorrow. looked like a lot more ominous early this morning. you still have rain across
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parts of missouri but this is what's going to be heading our way into tomorrow. we'll start to see the rain picking up with time as this area of low pressure basically arrives right along that football that we see pushing through today. it comes along tomorrow, so about midday give or take lunchtime by an hour or two, that's when things start to unfold and it comes in as widespread heavy rain, potential for flooding with that and possibly even some severe weather. now, the thing is it looks like this was going to get out of here by saturday. not anymore. i think it hangs out for the majority of that first half of the weekend here especially for anywhere from philly on south, that's where it looks as though the rain is going to be at its heaviest but anyone is fair game to see the rain throughout the course of saturday. may not be as heavy the further north you go. specifically talking about severe weather potential we still have a marginal risk so it's the lowest of the risk categories but it's still a risk so i do think that you could end up with locally very gusty thunderstorms although especially if you're sussex county, if you're headed down to rehoboth maybe or dewey for
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the weekend something like that you may run into some pretty heavy duty thunderstorms along the way here. that would be as early as midday tomorrow lasting into saturday. the rain that is not necessarily the severe weather threat t now, here's where we currently stand one more time you. we're at 80 degrees at the moment in atlantic city. a little bit more sunshine here. 78 currently at the airport and we're at 68 degrees out at mount pocono. you'll notice across-the-board, too, is that the letter s shows up in all three locations and short that means the wind flow is southerly, it's a manage warmer more humid air mass moving in so the moisture is building up in this atmosphere. that's what's going to allow us to see some soaking downpours into tomorrow. but if you're going to the beach the water temperature is definitely starting to climb nicely especially if you go back towards the bay but right along the area beaches we're talking mid 70's generally speaking sea isle a little bit cooler. live neighborhood network cameras you have cloud cover at whitfield elementary, another beach shot in margate
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and i'm getting the wraps i want to just jump you right to the seven day. take a, who. sunday there may still be lingering showers even as late as monday but really midday tomorrow jim right through saturday that's the time frame 'cause i know you're concerned about some events you've got planned. >> movies on saturday night outside. thank you katie. appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> take a look at thisly cell phone video showing a fisherman's wild encounter with a orca off the coast of alaska. victor little field says he was salmon fishing when the killer whale wrapped itself in the boat's anchor line and yanked the boat. experts say such attacks are very rare and
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>> it's been nine months since the chicago cubs won the world series. >> now some fans have a new reason to celebrate. these are the so-called world championship babies. chicago recently welcomed six newborns and family tweeted to a picture next not world series trophy and cubs swag for the little ones. >> one heck of a celebration. that's "eyewitness news" at noon. i'm jim donovan. >> and i'm rahel solomon for katie and all of us here thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00 and we're always online for you at >> "the young and the restless" is next. >> you feeling okay. >> i am. [laughter]
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>> billy: whoo! good job, buddy! look at that! you're like a big boy, swimming in the deep end! first time without your floaties. how was that? >> johnny: good. >> billy: fun, right? >> chelsea: hi! >> billy: hey, chels. how are you? >> chelsea: good! good. >> billy: what's going on? >> chelsea: uh, not much. i thought i'd give connor some after-dinner play time, hopefully wind him down a bit. >> billy: yeah? where he is? >> chelsea: downstairs with your little katie in the kids' club. >> billy: yeah, johnny insisted on having a little pool time. right? you remember connor's mom. say hi. >> johnny: i know how to swim in the deep end! >> chelsea: you do! [ laughs ] well, congratulations. >> billy: champion! yeah! >> charlie: mom? i'm sorry for being mean to you. >> lily: it's okay. i know you're upset with your father. >> charlie: aren't you?


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