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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday  CBS  July 30, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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air, there's enough wind to get the ball close to the green. feel like i've been swinging the clubs great all week. aggressive. that's my personality, the way i play and i was. enough to come out with a win. dottie: the presidents couple is on the horizon. how much does that play into you for the or rest of this season? >> obviously the presidents custom has been on my mind the and especially after winning here last year, putting myself in a good position to team.he it will be awesome. nick pricing is such a great guy. feelalways liked him and i like making that team would be my career. ecial in i feel i made a stem guard today so hopefully keep playing well and make the team. congratulations on a special weekend. >> thank you. amanda: you said i've been lot. a i have to be patient. do you feel you did a good job f being patient?
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>> i gave myself a chance. today. retty horribly left everything short. jhonattan played great today and the celled -- credit to him. amanda: with a really important hedule coming up, you have to feel good about your game moving forward. it's always touch when you don't close the deal after a lead but have some good momentum going. headsing into the pga championship and also does a lot standings. s couple what positives can you take from this week? process of going guard. obviously you want to finish these off. bittersweet but i'm happy with the way i splayed -- played. charley hoffman is de despondent at -- the moment. he knows he had a chance. done, as vegas
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moves up to 28th on the season standings. his third career time. . tonight on cbs, again, 60's "big brother," "ncis: los ," angeles." it's all tonight. one of the prettiest trophies in one of the prettiest trophies in the sport is going to be in the jhonattan vegas yet again. that when he discovered the bunker shot from hoffman was and it's to go in vegas in toronto for the second straight year. to back. he mentioned nick price in that interview with dottie. captain of the international team. nick won here twice at glen and vegas has now done the very same thing in a most fashion.
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hoffman would both birdie that 11th hole. eyeing a birdie at the 1th. putted the nitely best today. jim: yes, he did. about arley chagrinned leaving so many opportunities short. 18 in regulation. ad to settle for a par, even though he came in here with a bedge wedge. the playoff, again, he high risk but big-reward play. with the jet stream if he got it in the air it would it bly have enough to get there, even though it grazed the top of that lip. didn't take much time with this. this was the soft touch that he in regulation. or a little tap-in birdie. that left hoffman with the
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to holet task of having a bunker shot to extend it. asn't to be. this was charley's attempt 6. t was a pretty good one too. ian: beautifully played. jim: how hard is it to defend ut here on the tour? ian: ridiculously hard. we've seen it three times with berger andas, daniel now jhonattan vegas. but it's hard to remember very the years. er very difficult. jim: it has been a wonderful week here. open here innadian canada, celebrating its 150th anniversary. they have a champion they're very familiar with. indeed.ular one jhonattan vegas wins it for the second straight year and we'll
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r.b.c. canadian open in just a moment.
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the greenside presentation is about to unfold. will honor , they jhonattan vegas as the champion canadian e r.b.c. open. good a very exciting stretch coming up. world golf championship bridgestone invitational next week. followed by the pga championship that. the wyndham championship at to sboro, the last chance get into the fedexcup playoffs and of course we'll have the orthern trust to get the playoffs started. now we're going from this event akron, the top 50 will be there. t's going to be quite a scene.
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includes jordan spieth. ian: and so many of the top players in the world in really all form and they're competing against each other the next two weeks. hat's what i love. they reset at the wyndham. see who makes it through to the playoffs. an exciting time of the season. jim: as far as quail hollow goes n two weeks. there's going to be so much discussion about jordan spieth going for the career grand slam. we've covered so many events at came hollow. hat do you think it's going to take to win there? ian: i think a good driver of the ball. i think rory mcilroy. obviously jordan spieth in good form. fowler a good driver of the ball. has won there b. rory had his first win in the nited states here. it's going to be an exciting time. we'll be bringing it to you too. has a good track record there at quail hollow. ian: yes. llow and by the way,
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congratulations to sergio and angela. they got married last night down texas. the masters champion. ian: another longhorn right there. jim: yeah. john than vegas, he'll be going back to augusta. the winner here at the r.b.c. canadian open. the kyrie crew. steve milton, lance barrow. long from aying so toronto and congratulations to jhonattan vegas.
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>> well, tonight we're lorning more about the man shot and killed in haverford township and the possible gunman that may have fired shots before he killed his victims. good evening, everyone, i'm natasha brown. thank you for join is us. police say the same man suspected of murder in haverford may now be connected to a nearby shooting in philadelphia. eyewitness news reporter heny is live on haverford road near west wynnewood where last night's fatal shooting took place, henry. >> natasha we found out the man was sholt and killed leaving eagle pizza and walking to a friend's apartment in this direction. immediately after the killing please were able to find and put out a picture of a man in a red hoodie. they believe he's a suspect in this case and now haverford township police confirm there's a link to another shooting in the overbrook park section of philadelphia about 45 minutes prior to the kil killing of lee. and we were just at that location near 77 and cherwood
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road there's shell casings in the street marked by chalk markings and we spoke with a man that heard those shots last night. >> i heard about 15 shots. lot of people were saying they saw a person with a red hood on. >> in that other shooting yesterday we understand it was a crowd of people shot at multiple times but none of them were hit. instead, only a car was hit. police trying to determine the direct connection besides the sis suspect between the two shootings if there is any ordealing with a random shooting situation. live in haverford twm, henrey, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> henry thank you so much for that update. developing right now a young boy is hurt after a cartel on top of him in upper merion, montgomery county. a family member tells us the 13-year-old boy was working on the car with a grandfather and
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came off the jack and landed on the boy's stomach h he was transported to children's hospital of philadelphia where had he is expected to be okay. >> a six car crash on i-76 kept traffic snarleded at the conshohocken curve this afternoon 3:30. only one person was transported to the hospital with unknown injurie injuries. the road was closed for cleanup and has since reope reopenened to traffic. >> atlantic city coastguard meantime is serveing for a swimmer that went missing off point pleasant beach early this morning. the point pleasant beach department alerted the coastguard that a 24-year-old woman went missing around 2:27 a.m. when swimming with a friend and coastguard launched a motor life boat crew and air crew to search for the woman. so far she's not been found. exciting day today. fans from all over the philadelphia area descended on lincoln financial field to watch the first open practice in the football season. eyewitness news reporter anita oh found out the philadelphia spirit is loud and very proud.
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>> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles!. >> after pushing back oven practice intergity us with day due to the weather the philadelphia eagles welcomed players and fans to a sunny lincoln financial field on sunday. >> we want to get autografts and see them practice. >> we lived here all our lives and plenty of games and this is the first time i've been to the linc and i'm very excited to be here. go eagles! >> some life long fans are passing on the love of their team to the next generation. >> not even one year old and he's coming down to the stadium. >> greg gising ger said this is just the start of bringing his son to see the eagles. >> it's a hard working cultured team that is focused on the fans. >> open practice at the link with military appreciation day and each service member shook player's hands. >> former linebacker for the eagles is familiar with this. >> through and through running through my vains, green blood.
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>> he hopes carson wentz can deliver in the final season. >> he has a lot of weapon around him. i'm starting to believe he's the franchise quarterback we all hope he is. >> and though fans stay they stick near the team win or lose some want men in green to know one thing. >> please stay donefy excellent anita oh, cbs. eyewitness news. >> let's get over to meteorologist chelsea ing gram with a beautiful forecast today. lovely out, chelsea. >> gorgeous out there today, natasha. we have a gorgeous scan on storm scan 3. things are quiet and mostly clear skies. 83 was the official high temperature today. little below average this time of year and average high is 87. it was a top ten day sunny skies, warm temperatures. low humidity. and light breeze out of the north pulling in some of that drier air for us in the lower dew points. and temperatures right now, in the lower 80s in philadelphia and 4 in allentown and 81 trenton and we're at 74
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wildwood and 76 currently down the shore in atlantic city. these dew points in the 40s and 50s. i mean it's late july. this certainly is not typical. very dry air across the region. we have a 76 in philadelphia and northeast and boston and keeingtal maine things are feeling great along the east coast and they'll continue to feel great as we start out the workweek. slightly warmer tomorrow and pleasant as far as the comfort index is concerned. not bad tuesday and turning more to the steamy factor as we head into wednesday. we'll see dew points creeping up to mid and upper 60s as we head into the end of week and close to 70 friday. so the humidity is going to be on the rise. and here's shore cast as we head to the next three days. mostly season any skies. 78 a great beach day tuesday with a high temperature in lower 80s and mid 80s webs with plenty of sunshine. so spec kack lieu lar weather on the way.
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mostly clear and cool overnight. average low 69 below that with temperature 64. mostly sunny and warmer as we head to the start of the workweek with high temperature of 87. your eyewitness weather 7 day forecast looks like this 90 tuesday. we'll be warming up as we kick offer the month of august and humidity in check. heat index value will feel like 90. ditch story by wednesday. we'll be hot and humidity returns and risk for shower or thunderstorm as we head to the afternoon and evening and things a little unsettled to the end of the workweek and weekend. it looks like another cool weekend on top by saturday and surprised. >> all right. not very bad. thank you very much chelsea appreciate that. >> thousands of fans at lincoln financial. >> i thought it was a real game. >> people getting excited about the team as we told you earlier. 23,000 fans flocked there this morning to get the fist look at this year's team and crowd cheering loudly when carson wentz took the field.
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it was military appreciation day they took picture and signed autografts for military members on the field thankful for what they do for our country. >> it's a great expense forp coaches and young players and experience this atmosphere before we start playing preseason games in a week. great environment. great to have the military here today and apreesh everything they do and you know the men and women that serve our country. so exciting to get a chance to meet them and have our guys on the field for the first time. >> now for the phillies they've been plague well lately three game winning streak going to this afternoo afternoon's game with atlanta and fightin's beat the braves 6 out of 8 this season. no store on the fourth and nap at the plate and diego diego castellanosy on the mound and there's a wild pitch herrera scores and phillies take the lead. phil pitching well. got a no decision in the 8th inning luiz garcia and grounded and hernandez throw
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to the plate. freddie gal vin singles to right and knapp scores and phillies with back-to-back walkoffs 2-1 the final. >> sports zone tonight we'll have more on eagles training camp and offense and phillies on a roll now winning four straight. did they get enough in the trade. professor, glen from ports radio wiit will jons us with the late news on cbs3. >> thank you very much. . >> and still ahead on eyewitness news a baby boy is celebrated this weekend and he's considered a miracle baby born to two men many portland, oregon. >> the moments he was born was just like a pure moment of bliss. like the happiest moment of my life. >> well the journey to paren parenthood for these men was not uzi. what makes the birth with of their little boy so unique.
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>> a transgender man from portland oregon is is welcoming newborn son into the world. tristan reece. he gave birth to leo two weeks ago. leo is the first biological child for reece and his husband. reece said the road to pregnancy was a rocky one the last time he tried to get pregnant he lay miss carriage this time things took a different turn. >> it's unique. people are not used to two men having a biological child between the two of them. we know it's unique. >> to see the very first beginning of leo of his life was amazing. >> well reece and his husband biff have two adopted childre children. we'll be right back. children. we'll be right back. stay with us, everyone
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>> welcome back, everyone, surf is up lucky mutt and their coordinated owners jump on surf boards this ach. twelve m annual surf dog competition atraktd dogs from all over the west coast. it's longest running dog surf competition for 'growing sport. getting the dog on the board is no easy task. >> wow. >> it takes months to train
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the dogs to balance on land before they ever hit the water. look at that. >> awesome. >> look at the little shirt. >> that's adorable. >> i digress back at home a record breaking day at the twelfth annual east passyunk car and street festival and show cars all parked around east passyunk and street vendors out there and plenty of activities for the kids. guests enjoyed live music and trucks and all the different cars on display. >> i can't get that dog out of my head. >> they looked great. >> awesome. >> that does it for us. we had an abbreviated show. thank you for sticking with us at 6:30, almost 7, we'll see you at
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> american people believe in justice. and they decided to give me a forum, to give me a voice. >> mohamedou slahi was a sworn member of al qaeda and spent 14 years as prisoner 760 in guantanamo bay. how much english did you speak when you landed in guantanamo? >> almost none. >> improbably, while fighting for his own release, he taught himself english, wrote a best- selling book about his life in american custody and became good friends with some of his guards, one of whom you'll hear from tonight. do you think you might go and visit him now that he's been released? >> i would love to, someday. >> how did 271 pieces by pablo picasso, worth close to


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