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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 7, 2017 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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. live from the cbs broadcast center until. this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. tonight at 11:00. rain is on the way. stormscan 3 shows the system that is headed straight for us. so when will we need the umbrella? we're tracking the storm for you. and a septa employee is carjacked at gunpoint. before the thief goes on a wild ride. police eventually caught up with the suspect. good evening, i'm natasha brown, thanks for joining us, we'll have those stories in just a moment. first very sad news, former
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phillies catcher darren daulton passed away. the phillies wall of fame played with the phils from 1983 to 1997 and was the leader of '93 team that went to the world series. dutch was diagnosed four yogurt with blastoma but after surgery and treatment declared himself cancer free in 2015, word of the cancer returning came just a few days ago when a former team mate took to social media asking for prayers. he was 55. developing in germantown, philadelphia police say about 300 young people began throwing rocks. it is not the first time this has happened. back in mid july, about 400 teens gathered in the same spots and confronted police officers, glass battles were thrown at the july encounter. to chaos on the streets of
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philadelphia, a septa worker was carjacked before he went on a wild ride two states. intense moment started this afternoon in is spring garden and into new jersey and ended up back in south philly. that's where henry is live with the details. henry? >> a high speed chase came to an end when at stolen car crashed into the red nissan leaving this dent right here that you can still plainly see. but that happened after police chased this guy into south jersey and then back here to south philly. >> he came flying down 6th street, for like two blocks he came driving past us, almost hit a car on 6th came around and came down here >> he saw part of a day's long game of cat and mouse between police and man accused of the car jacking a septa employee near 4th and spring garden early this morning, new jersey state parole say then pits stole gas at gunpoint in south jersey claiming to be a cop and got
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away. then septa police say they spotted him back in the city in south philly an officers gave chase, a woman who did not want to be identified, heard that pursuit come to a crashing end, >> i was in my house, mind, my business, i heard the crash. i didn't see nothing. all i heard was bang. then i came downstairs. car hit there. concepts came from everywhere. >> new jersey police say he'll be charged with impersonating an officer and theft, septa police here locally are still investigating. live in south philly, cbs3 "eyewitness news" >> thank you. now, more than ten people were hospitalized after some extreme and unexpected studies, on board a philadelphia bound plane from greece saturday. listen to the captain trying to calm passengers, this is video we obtained earlier. >> totally unexpected.
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assessment making sure everybody is ok. and again, sincerely apologize. >> the studies, happened within about 20 to 30 minutes of the plane landing. people on board tell us the flight attendants really got the worst of it. they were in the middle of beverage service at the time. one of the passengers spoke to us via face time. >> there was maybe 15 seconds of turbulence and escalated. about five seconds of normal and then ten of much more significant studies, and then one final lurch. after that, everything was fine. for those 15 to 20 seconds it was extremely chaotic. they acknowledged the situation saying the faa will investigate. passengers have not been offered any type of monetary compensation for the experience. a pilot is killed after
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plane crashes in new jersey. investigators say no passengers were on board. airport said their runway as popular with ultra light aircraft. so far the identity hasn't been released and the faa is currently investigating. also tonight, about 12 hours earlier, a small plane with three people on board crashed and caught fire in pits town new jersey. the pilot and his two passengers were conscious at the time. and transported to nearby hospitals. the plane was headed from blairtown airport when it crashed about 10:30 saturday. the faa is also now investigating this crash. hopefully you had the chance to get out and enjoy the cooler weather outside today. it really was beautiful. storms are creeping back into the forecast for us, and they will be here soon. let's check in with meteorologist chelsea ingram to tell us what we're expecting. chelsea >> it's quiet right now across the delaware and lehigh valleys.
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the clouds moving in. we have a lot of moisture punish ongoing the tennessee valley and ohio as we head to overnight. this will be making its way into the midatlantic as we start out the work week bringing heavy downpours, flash flood watch has been issued into south jersey, delaware, maryland, sees sample county goes into effect at noon lasting all the way through midnight, anywhere from one to two inches rain possibly we could see isolated upwards of four inches. that's why flooding is absolutely going to be a concern as we head to tomorrow. especially given the rain we've had so far during the month of august. first everything for you coming up in the full forecast. natasha sending back to you. a balloon floated into a power line causing an electrical explosion in margate.
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>> my god. >> the blast and subsequent fire occurred near washington and massee avenues about 8:00 p.m. officials say about 2000 people were without power about an hour. luckily there were no injuries reported. police continue the search for hit-and-run driver who struck and killed a woman early this morning near 13th and race. the pedestrian was pronounced dead at hahnemann at around 3:45 a.m. police are searching for a newer model white jeep. if you have any information, please contact police right away. it was a mess of smashed watermelons all over 6th street in center city. this happened after a pickup truck carrying the melons lost its load about 12:30. only one lane was getting by for a short time on 6th near race and traffic was jammed up in that area. the melons did provide a bit of
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a snack. the fire department assisted with clean-up. president trump ts off for an extended vacation, for a 17-day working vacation at his new jersey golf course. one person not to taking any time off, especially counsel robert mueller. who convened a grand jury as he investigates possible collusion between the trump campaign and russia. rod rosenstein appointed mueller and he says the investigation is not deviating from its specific purpose. while the president is out of town, the white house is getting a bit of a make over. the executive mansion is long overdue for a major upgrade. it is not had a major renovation since the 1940's. there have been reports of leaky roofs, fly infestations and a foul odor in the building. chicago mayor said today that the city plans to sue the trump administration over threats to hold money from
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sanctuary cities, it's the latest push, back against a federal immigration crackdown that is escalating nationwide. her husband said her husband pastor was recently detained by ice officers after living here with his american born wife. >> i miss my husband deeply and they miss their father >> stories like this have played out as well in chicago where the mayor plans to file the lawsuit tomorrow. president trump introduced a new immigration bill favoring applicant whose can speak english and support themselves financially. still ahead family air looms remind us of memories we've made i want to say and they can be quite devastating when lost >> overwhelming, you can't put it into words. >> how a woman from new jersey helped reunite a philadelphia woman with her mother's high school ring. die hard fans flock to lincoln financial field to see
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. people abandoned their vehicles today in southwest china as a wall of mud slid down a mountain side, the massive land slide blocked traffic for three hours or more. thousands of pounds of mud fell on to the highway. large machines were used to quickly clear the road and amazingly no one was injured. and lead fest 2017 is underway in rhode island, people from around the world including u.s. service members gathered to jump from helicopters in the annual parachute competition, it's considered to be a training and competition. some train abroad and several countries for weeks at a time. for this event. one dedicated mailman is
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living out the postal services motto, neither snow rain, heat or gloom of night, this mail carrier battled knee deep flood waters in new orleans, some areas of the city were hit with five to eight inches of rain that hit this. it's a story we brought you last week, a new jersey on a quest to return a ring to a philadelphia high school student graduated 68 years ago. we're happy to report that the ring has been reunited and with it, heart felt memories. alicia nieves reports >> when we lose something, sometimes we don't know how valuable it was until it's found again. >> it's overwhelming. you can't even put it into words. >> reporter: at least 40 years ago, andrea forrest ter's mother lot of her st. hubert's high school ring on many of their
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family trips there was no big fuss. >> i saw this little glint of gold >> the natural curiosity of a former journalist led her to dig up his glint of gold >> there was a tree root growing through it. i had a vision of a young girl, 17, 18 coming to quarry with her friend and realizing she lost her ring. >> reporter: kennedy embarked on a mission to return the ring, that was two months ago. she contacted st. hubert's and told them about the initials. they dug through old year books but no luck, then kennedy posted a photo on facebook. last week, forester finally saw the post >> i almost didn't even answer the facebook post >> but she's glad she did. she met with nancy kennedy to
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reunite. last time forrester saw this she was a young girl, >> i was allowed to walk around with just about anything. but not this. needless to say, right there on the bed, right by the jewelry box. >> reporter: her mother passed away about 30 years ago, so nancy kennedy returning this ring is really giving andrea forrester a piece of her mother back. alicia nieves cbs3. a virginia couple went viral over the weekend after a video of them dancing at a ludacris concert was shared thousands of times. allu
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allude. >> that is so cute. that's nick and emma couldn't contain themselves when the song came on. the crowd loved the dance moves of the that's pretty good. that's my home state of virginia. fans flocked to lincoln financial field once again this sunday. ready to watch the eagles fly down the field. it's the last one for fans before the preseason begins, reporter anita oh with a few fans. >> reporter: the theme of the afternoon kid day. even the youngest fans came to cheer on the favorite players. 9-year-old dalton who plays youth football says he's learning by watch. >> reporter: this is the last
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open practice at the linc before the eagles take on the packers thursday night >> as the season quickly approaches the biggest voice fans have for the team >> defense is the number one thing they need to do to win more games, the offense never worried about. the defense is what needs to get better >> for those fans the common thread that ties them together, the color green. >> hometown team. love the eagles the team, always support them. >> reporter: we're going all the way. all the way. >> at lincoln financial field, anita oh cbs3 >> gorgeous day to be outside >> it kind of felt like football season with the cooler weather, take a look. we topped out around 78 in philadelphia. that's below average for this time of year. the average is 86. 72 degrees in philadelphia, we have 65 in allentown, 55 in mount pocono. we're in the low 70's at the
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shore at 72. in wildwood, around 72 degrees in atlantic city. we're dry right now, across the delaware and lehigh valleys, the clouds building on in, thickening up as we head to overnight and we're going to see rain heading our way. and it's going to be trekking its way right into the midatlantic and the start on the work week. quiet those clouds thickening up. showers possible as we start out monday morning. but then things really ramp up monday afternoon and evening, we could see stronger thunderstorms developing bringing torrential downpours to portions oh of the region to monday, monday evening things aren't go be to be clearing until monday night. we aren't going to see improving weather. you can anticipate anywhere from one to two inches of rain depending on where you live.
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could see higher amounts and we'll have to see where the heaviest access of rain sets up. expect anywhere from one to two inches, that's not rain, that we need. it's early in august and look at the totals that we already have so far, we're getting started. already three inches in allentown over two inches in philadelphia, over two inches mount pocono. reading, over an inch and a half. then in wilmington, just under an inch and a half. again, we're just getting started with the month of august and because the ground is so saturated heavy rain will have no place to go, that's why a flash flood watch has been issue issued for new jersey start at noon tomorrow, it's not going to be beautiful at the shore. stray showers and sunshine on tuesday, upper 70's we'll see improvement as we head to the middle of the week, for those beach people. for tonight turning cloudy with a shower possible. low temperature around 67.
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better chance for a shower toward dawn and periods of rain and also thunderstorms some could be heavy as we head to monday look for high temperature around 76. we have a new tropical storm franklin. 40 miles per hour moving to the west northwest it will bring plenty of heavy rain to portions of mexico, not expected to strengthen no a hurricane it will stay a tropical storm. after a messy start we'll see improvement as we head to tuesday, increasing sunshine should be beautiful by tuesday, mostly sunny skies wednesday, that will be my pick of the next seven days, 85 thursday, mix of sun and clouds and then it will turn a little bit unsettled as we head to the end of the week and the weekend. >> thank you so much, chelsea. eagles, ready for the
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preseason, we are. it's usually so hot for the preseason. alshon jeffrey returning but the question is there he play thursday in greenbay and aaron nola had another quality start but was it enough for the phillies to snap a
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. got my eagles green on >> the eagles got good news at training camp, alshon jeffreys barack at practice, he's been out since sunday with a shoulder injury, alshon said the shoulder is good but not sure if he'll play thursday night with greenbay, aaron nola on the mounds, the phillies looking to snap a five-game losing streak. charlie hits his third double driving in a run and the rockies will take the lead. top of the 9th, two on for
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cameron rupp. franco and will score, the refill able to end the five-game sli three-two. the first preseason game thursday, the eagles from the inquirer jeff mclean will be giving us what goes on offense and defense. >> we appreciate that. still ahead, a man from idaho is proving you be do anything >> he's the most positive awesome man. >> why this man is determined to get to hawaii to complete the iron man event he dreamed about while heal
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. a man who's beaten the odds met an amazing milestone.
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after years of paralysis, an idaho man completed a try age loan. he's had 21 surgeries, two knees scoped two hip replacements and a knee replacement and 23 years ago he was paralyzed from the waist down, he made a promise to himself he wanted to complete the iron man in hawaii so used the great snake river triathlon to train for that >> i guess what i want a is give everybody who has a story a voice and let them know that there is a team out there that can help them. i'm the iron dream team are more than willing to help mentor that process for them. >> today, rod came in third place while he won't be a competitor on the iron man course in april in hawaii, he will run and complete it in his own time. awesome. chelsea is back with a last
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