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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 16, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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capturing a history making moment. the safe to take pictures or video of monday's total eclipse. business backlash, the president dis bands manufacturing council. after string of ceos resign. marching for change, hundreds of people protest in center city philadelphia in the wake of charlottesville attack. organizers named tonight's rally philly is charlottesville >> i'm ukee washington, i think nicole brewer. a statue demanding it come down, david spunt is live in center city. with more than tonight's protests. david? and ukee, demonstrators are calling it a success, law enforcement calling it a success, you can see law enforcement behind me this statue here of former philadelphia mayor and former philadelphia police commissioner
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frank rizzo is causing quite a stir. >> beginning just after 7:00 wednesday, close to 1,000 passionate people marched down broad street aresponse to the race fueled clashes in a charlottesville virginia over the weekend >> i've been marches like this for 50 years, i'm not tired >> charles came out to take a public stance and was glad to see others felt the same way >> racism has no place in our society. in our nation. and we will fight to uphold the laws of freedom >> the group packed into the arch street united methodist church for a prayer service. others stood in front of the statue honoring late frank rizzo the former police commissioner and mayor >> i think it needs to come down one way or another, i'm not necessarily committed to which way. i'll tell you i'll be happy chevy way >> feet from the statue, two
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barricades and surveillance cameras. >> we understand and respect everybody's rights to protest. that's what this country is founded on. >> reporter: following the service, about on a dozen demonstrators stopped traffic on jfk. their message, tear the rizzo statue down. there's a process to remove the rizzo statue and starts with mayor jim kenney's office. kenney has had conversations about removing the statue must takes place, mark ferguson started a petition to keep it. it has more than 12,000 supporters. >> it's about principle. there's so much going on right now, so many divided relations. this is not a symbol of hate. >> reporter: ukee and nicole, you're looking at three hd surveillance cameras, these were brought in to watch over the statue of former mayor and police commissioner frank rizzo, authorities say these cameras will be out for some time to
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make sure the statue is not taken down. it may come down but it has to go through a process with the city again. no arrests to report during the demonstration. reporting live, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." david, thank you. a 25-year-old new jersey man was arrested after he threw eggs at the frank rizzo statue this morning, vandals threw eggs last night and someone hung a sign on it with the message shame on president trump. fencing went up around the statue some time this morning before vandalized a second time. president trump is back in new jersey after a few days at trump tower in new york city. prominent business leaders abandoned the president over the controversial comments he made about the violence in charlottesville. >> hundreds of jewish americans rallied outside trump tower wednesday to criticize president trump >> our country is fighting down a road of bigotry, hatred
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>> the president's comments caught the attention of ceos. facing numerous dissections, he abruptly abandoned two business advisory groups, his supporters insisted he's being miss characterized >> he's denounced bigotry, violence, nazis, white supremacist >> some members of his own party have been slow to defend his claim that both white nationalists and counter protesters were to blame for the violence >> president speaks for himself, nazi are the face of evil. their anti-semitism is completely ununacceptable >> lindsey graham issued a statement saying mr. president your words are dividing americans not healing them. the president tried to change focused, touting new bill on twitter to expand college aid
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for military presidents >> george w bush and george w bush issued a joint statement without mentioning president trump by name saying america must always reject racial bigotry, antisemitism and hatred, among the ceos who resigned was denise morrison of camden based campbell soup. she had been serving on the manufacturing jobs council. in statement morrison said, racism and murder are unequivocally reply he hencible and not morally equivalent to anything else that happened in charlottesville. i believe the president should have been and still needs to be unambiguous on that point. a large crowd gathered in charlottesville to honor the life of 32-year-old heather heyer. a sea of candles waved in her home town as participants held the vigil. earlier hundreds of people packed the theater to memorize her. mourners were asked to wear purple. her favorite color, killed while
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protesting against a white supremacist rally when a car slammed into a crowd of demonstrators. today, her parents spoke about taking action. of and rejecting hate. i'd rather have my child, by golly if i got to give her up, we'll make it count. >> she loved people. she wanted equality. and in this issue of the day of her passing, she wanted to put down hate. >> president trump posted this tweet about heyer calling her a truly special young woman, who will be long remembered by all. four confederate statues came down in baltimore, city leaders trying to avoid attracting violent demonstrations like the ones in charlottesville. baltimore city council voted yesterday to remove all confederate monuments within city limits. the city's mayor defended her decision to bring them down in the middle of the night. >> tonight we note identity of the man who urinated on a northeast philadelphia
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synagoguely this is the suspect, 23-year-old. he's facing numerous charges including ethnic intimidation and institutional vandalism. eyewitness was there, it was him who was caught on surveillance video early sunday making an obscene hand gesture and urinating on the congregation beth solomon synagogue. a search is underway in the waters off hawaii for all five crew members. the blackhawk helicopter went down during a training exercise earlier today. crews found parts of the fuselage and helmets. several aircrafts and boats are buying used. a woman is suing organizers. she suffered severe injuries last year at the pumpkin chunking event act trap door flew off one of the canons
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hitting her in the face. she has a brain damage and last vision in one eye. lawsuit doesn't say how much money she's asking for. septa has unveiled a new ap aimed at improving safety for riders, from the smart phones, riders can report emergencies, suspicious activity to transit police, a dispatcher monitors the information coming in and can communicate with riders if necessary >> smart phones everywhere getting real time from riders make as critical difference for police and other first responders. we count on our customers to help be the eyes and ears of the system >> alerts can be send to riders through the ap moments ago the winning numbers were drawn in the $432.5 million power ball jackpot >> eyewitness was at the 7-eleven in cherry hill today.
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hopefuls there lined up for a chance to strike it rich. they spent all day dreaming big. and time now to find out if it's going to pay off for so many. here are the winning number, 9, 15, 43, 60, 64, and the power ball is 4. if you play, good luck. if you win's the jackpot, i can think of several emojis you might send your friends. >> we use emojis in place of words, a lot these days. shouldn't you be using the symbols when you communicate with coworkers, why you might want to skip emojis in those work e-mails >> we know we can't look at the solar eclipse without the glasses what do you do when you want to take a picture or video, how to safely capture an image of this historic moment. lauren? >> it's a nice quiet and dry wednesday evening. but that is about to change as steamy and stormy end to the
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work week is in store, i'll let you know when the rain returns in your full eyewitness forecast coming up >> a lost ring turns up in the most unusual spot where one woman's grade. ring was found 13 years after it
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. in this age of e-mails and texts, emojis have become a part of how we communicate. >> while you may think a smiley face or thumbs up symbol may be appropriate to send, a new study suggests think twice before you hit send >> when you want to send a message. many of us refer to our extensive list of emojis. >> smiley face >> the cry face >> lots of teeth like. made a mistake >> a quick swipe and plane of expressions sent text messages >> have you used one in a work message >> i wouldn't send a smiley face to my manager >> it mate not be in your best interest. according to a new study found sendi sending emojis. >> you want to express yourself
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with words. >> i think it dis credits your thinking but weakens it a bit >> it could inhibit communication according to researchers. they found once an emoji was sent less information was exchanged >> you respond with another emoji. and keep going. until it stops. >> that's kind of how we text >> it is. >> that same study found that unlike actual smile lees, only marginally increased perceptions of warmth decreasing perceptions of confidence. it doesn't make people like you more or feel, you know, >> lesson learned. >> thanks, nicole j canadian woman's engagement ring springs back into her life after losing it more than a decade ago. mary graham said her ring disappeared in 2004 while picking weeds on the family farm. after weeks of searching she bought a new one without tell
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her husband who never noticed. on monday, while picking vegetables for dinner, her daughter-in-law spotted it, rapid around a car rot. graham husband died five years ago, she said he would certainly have laughed at the outcome. less than a week now before the stellar event in the sky. safely watching monday's total solar eclipse depends on having certified glasses what if you want to take photos or videos with phones or cameras. health reporter stefanie stahl tells you how to make sure your efforts aren't in the danger zone. >> it's a once in a lifetime event for many and there won't be much type to capture the eclipse if you want a picture. >> you got 90 second to enjoy this things, one of my recommending was going to be shoot fast and a lot for the first 15 seconds and sit back
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and enjoy the rest. >> reporter: these eclipse glasses are the only way to safely protect your eyes >> that's the sun minus all the radiation around it. >> dr. jack duke inwith wills eye can looking to sun can burn the retina and cause vision loss even more intensely if you look through the lens of a camera or phone. >> that light will go into your eye to a higher degree. >> this is really big magnifying glass. >> experts say the eclipse could also damage equipment >> the sun is so bright it will fry your eye >> special filters are recommended >> if you plan on using your phone to capture images put the glasses over lens like this, not this, but this. >> make sure as you're doing that that you're blocking the sun with the smart phone so your eyes are not looking at the sun. >> reporter: you might want to
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practice and figure out where the sun will be. >> once you put the filter over the camera you're not i'm going to see the sun. >> same recommendations filters or glasses other the end of the lens, stefanie stahl cbs3 "eyewitness news." "eyewitness news" has you covered for the eclipse we will be heading out this friday at noon at dilworth park in center city. we have the side of stchl three of our sister radio stations, wogl are also giving away our eclipse glasses, listen to your favorite station for details. >> don't forget, we want to see everything wearing the glasses share your photos and videos with your glasses of course, using #cbs3. we'll see a partial eclipse in the philadelphia area, some
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parts of the country will be totally left in the dark as our coverage continues tomorrow, we'll meet a local eye doctor traveling south for a front row seat tomorrow morning on "eyewitness news." >> we want to remind you we're two days away from summerfest, we're headed to the poconos, more than just the mountains to showcase for you, starts friday morning at 5:00 right here on cbs3 and then we're live at 5:00, 6:00, 10:00 and 11:00. >> you got summerfest and the eclipse >> i'm juggling a lot >> how is it looking >> good for the eclipse, summerfest, not so much. >> all right. >> i got the rain gear, i'm ready. >> need the rain gear, stormy friday, today, nice brought back the sunshine, the heat. if you're missing that because it has back unseasonably cool august, temperatures mild at this hour, 77 as we get a live look at center city philadelphia. all is quiet. winds are out of the south, pumping in moisture still
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dealing with a feels like temperature feeling more like 79 when you factor in that muggy factor, high temperatures getting to 89 degrees. our warmest high temperature since august 2nd, hard to believe our normal high temperature, 86, and we started off the day this morning in the upper 60's temperatures right now are cool spots, mount pocono, 57, drier air in place. 70's in the lehigh valley, berks county and middle 70's down the shore. due points they will be climbing especially as we head into friday, we are going to be feeling some insufferable humidity, tomorrow will feel similar to today, we step back as we head to friday, feeling better by saturday but friday will be the day we're going to be sweating it out. but stormscan 3 showing us quiet conditions right now really not had a cloud in the sky, this is definitely a cloud, hurricane gert continuing to move off to the north and east, category 2-hurricane see the well-defined eye in the satellite imagery ,
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winds at 105 miles per hour, gert will move off to the north and east moving at. picking up pace in the northern latitudes and will continue to move off to the northern atlantic back door and become extra tropical. on a moderate rip current threat, sunshine temperatures general thely in the low 80's, south easterly wind around five to ten, water temperature 76. overnight, just a few passing clouds, quiet night with low temperature at 71, for our thursday, round of sunshine in tore before a late-day thunderstorm, high temperatures not quite as toasty at 85, but friday is going to be the day to watch strong cold front moving on in to especially friday afternoon and into the evening dealing with thunderstorms activity, heavy rainfall and possibility of small hail.
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we could see isolated severe storms, keep yourself aware. a steamy day 88 degrees before we quiet things down as we head into the upcoming weekend. steamy on saturday, 90 but just a hit or miss thunderstorm with sunshine and sunday looking and will be feeling beautiful lower humidity sunshine 85 degrees, and we're still looking sunny for that eclipse on monday. >> very good. thanks, lauren >> hi, don >> we're talking about football. the eagles getting ready for preseason game number two and the phillies trying to avoid a
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more and more tax money to trenton, es but gets less and less back thanks to steve sweeney and chris christie. here's the sweeney-christie record eight years of underfunded schools. huge tax breaks for themselves and their rich friends while we pay more. and homestead rebate funding for seniors cut in half next year. don't believe the fake news from his wealthy donors.
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steve sweeney stands with chris christie, not with south jersey.
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. series finally in san diego. odubel herrara is on the bench with a sore hamstring, nick pivetta eight strike-outs. he matches trouble in the fourth. runner on second and will myers on the left. the padres taking a 1-0 lead. myers wouldn't finish. he stop light three bases in this game including home, pivetta had 11 strike-outs but triple a after game. fills get shut-out in san diego. a quiet day for the eagles, had their final walk-through before tomorrow's preseason game. two things to watch. brand new corner back ronald darby and the bird offensive line. first home game. veterans are looking forward to big plays from the defense in
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front of a big crowd. at lincoln financial field. >> definitely want to come out here and show our fans we're going to have a great one and we'll get >> my first college game in the linc, i love the entering and the people, the football fan, at blue collar football city. >> the soccer, philadelphia could host a fifa world cup game. begun reaching out to cities and philly is declaring its interest, games would be at at lincoln financial field. that he can r check this this out. of 17-year-old jordan was just a bit outside. hit the photographer in the man region. now, the kid is a high school pitcher and also fighter,
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diagnosed with a rare bone cancer when young, he's now hundred % cancer-free. >> sorry about that, bro. he's like my bad. >> he's generally concerned. i like that. >> everybody gives him a hug. >> of course he didn't mean to do it. everybody will remember the first pitch >> yes, indeed. thank you, sir. >> one particular, in particular. >> up next,
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. foundation honored those dedicated to fighting breast cancer in the philadelphia area. >> 250 people attended the race for the cure thank you party at the national museum of american jewish history. the race happens every mother's day at the art museum and tonight's m c, stephanie stall, cbs3 is a proud sponsor of the race for the cure. it's wednesday, we're halfway through the work week and looking forward to the weekend and saturday will be our steamy day with high temperatures near 90 degrees, could see a chance of a hit or miss thunderstorm to kick off the weekend. sunday, drier air building in lower humidity, sunshine and
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high temperatures in the middle 80's, we'll m
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. late show with steven colbert followed by the late late show with james cordon, morning crew back tomorrow. for don, jessica, and everyone >> i am nicole brewer. remember we're always on at >> have a good night family. sleep well.
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