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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 18, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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brewer in for jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington live in jim thorpe, pennsylvania, the gateway to the pocono mountains for cbs-3's summer fest, we've got some rain coming down here in our part of the region right now, but we are not going to let that dampen our spirits. we'll come back here in just a few moments, but the rain is a big issue now, all around the tri-state area, so nicole, we will throw it back to you there in philadelphia in the studios, talk about, that and we'll get back to you in just a little bit. >> we certainly will, ukee, stay dry out there. meteorologist, lauren casey tracking the weather center in the weather center seeing nasty storms traversing the delaware valley, squawl line, line of severe thunderstorms across the delaware valley at about 25-30 miles per hour, these storms are extremely i am tens, multiple severe thunderstorms warnings for our western suburbs until five doctor 30, as we head into
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this evening, so severe thunderstorm warning for berks , montgomery, extended until 5:30 for the possibility of 60-mile per hour winds, and quarter size hail, also, a secondary warning for berks, chester, montgomery county until 5:30, you can see, continuous lightning embedded within the line, torrential rainfall, as it continues to move off to the east, and we've already had torrential rainfall, where flashflood warning in effect including the reading area until 8:00 p.m. this evening. i've seen multiple reports, of vehicles, stuck in high waters , so please, remember, if you see flood waters turn around, don't drown. it only takes about 6 inches of water to cause you to potentially lose control of your vehicle. flashflood watch does remain in effect for large portion of the area until midnight tonight. as we continue, we will continue to deal with flashflooding threat. also severe thunderstorm watch it effect for the entire area until 9:00 p.m. this evening.
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so, what to expect, strong and severe thunderstorms, torrential rainfall, timing within the next two hours, that line is going to be moving into center city philadelphia, so we'll talk more about this severe weather threat, when it comes to an end, and a much quieter weekends and all coming up in your full eyewitness weather forecast in a few minutes, right now we check in with meteorologist, chelsey ingram for the summer fest celebration, you got the rain, umbrellas out, how is it going , kelly? >> i know know the umbrella is definitely out. we have nasty storms rolled through earlier this afternoon , now things are starting to quiet down, roads are wet, and we still have light lane coming down, park here with the mobile weather watcher right off of broadway. let's show you look at the current conditions here in jim thorpe. right now temperatures are checking in in the upper 70s, and dew points are certainly elevated as well. we have some better conditions heading our way, though, in the poconos, as we head into the weekends. so perhaps you're planning on going on out and paint ball or
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perhaps dirt bike ride willing , maybe taking the kayak out tomorrow on the water, things look being much better. grounds will be on the muddy side of things, as far as hiking your best bet for sunday, but looking at high temperatures through the weekends, in the upper 70s, lower 80s, meteorologist, lauren casely have more coming up in your full forecast in just a bit. for now sending it back inside to you. chelsey, i'll take it here in the center of town, as you mention, the rain coming down here in jim thorpe, just little bit. but, let me show you how much we've accumulated i think we've emptied this already. can you get a shot that far? yes, starting to come down, yes, it is starting to come down a lot. little impromptu right there, but, hopefully, things will push out, chelsey, our entire weather team, will have the information for in you just a little bit. right now i want to give you the information on this beautiful town. this beautiful town, jim thorpe, pennsylvania, i'll give you little backgrounds right now. the main street, the main street in town, broadway, is filled with shops and
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restaurants, but the pocono spans four counties in northern pennsylvania. and, whether it is adventure if the great outdoors or leisurely day spent by the lake, we're exploring the many things to see and do in this region. we start here in jim thorpe, a town filled with history. it is absolutely breathtaking around this region. >> this has been a destination for tourists for over 100 years, but since jim thorpe that we know today. >> hello, may i see your ticket, please? >> welcome to jim thorpe, pennsylvania. where the rales move tourists from place to place, a mid the beautiful scenery of the lehigh gourds in the pocono mountains. >> it is like a nestled little community, with a lot to see and do zero do. >> quick scenic ride takes
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riders to bike, white water back to town. but jim thorpe railroad at one time was the life line for this little mountain town. >> not many people know that the coal that was taken out of the area went through the canals, and then later the railroads, to go to the market like philadelphia, not only for industry, but to actually heat homes. >> while coal wasn't mine dollars in town, the industry kept it busy during the industrial revolution. >> the switch back railroad, considered really the first roller coaster, in america, but its primary use was to take coal off the mountain down to the town here. >> and then later on, before it was abandoned in 1930's it, became a very big tourist location, as well. >> by victorian times, 19 of the country's 26 millionaires had residents in town. like, acea packer, founder of the railroad and lehigh university. >> first 24 years at lehigh
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university were tuition free, paid by the packer family, then you felt that the railroad employees getting hurt, needed some help in that aspect, so he founded st. luke's hospital. >> in the late 1800s, mauk- chunk second only to niagara falls as the most visited tourist destination in the country. >> thomas edison slept here. buffalo bill, us grant, when was a general, he actually visited his friends down the street here, president task slept here, so it has got great sort of vintage pedigree , and then it continues today. >> built in 1849, and situated in the heart of the historic district, the inn at jim thorpe is still welcoming guests to stay, eat, drink and play. >> we feel like we're trying to reproduce the past, but making it a comfortable modern place to stay. >> so when did it become jim thorpe? well, the town's name sake wasn't given until 1953, when
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the widow of the accomplished athlete approached the town about his legacy. >> she was looking for a place to give her husband honors. he had died as the most decorated olympic athlete, but oklahoma would not give him a monument. >> jim thorpe, won both the pen at the time long and de cat long in the 1912 stockholme games. the town agreed to the name change, with the hopes that the name recognition would help boost tourism for years to come. >> such a great location to come and visit. so much to do. and the man next to me knows much more about that. this is chris bahr it, the ceo with the pocono mountains visitors bureau. good to see you, my friends, thanks for having us up. >> fantastic. winter, all the season, falls, summer, why is this such, such a place to be for families, and visitors? >> so you have 2400 square
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miles of product, there is something for everybody. so whether you like the outdoors, whether you like to things with the family, whether you like to hike, white water rafter l, whatever i want to do, chance you will find it here in the pocono mountains. >> what are some of the best nature activities that you would recommends? >> i would say white water rafting, hiking almost anywhere here, and also do bush kill falls, number of different falls throughout the region, just beautiful. and one after kinds. >> speaking of falls, the word , the fall foliage up here is off the hook, off the chain >> it is. >> talk about that season of the year, and how people enjoy it. >> so, for about two month, actually started to begin now, foliage begins to turn. and since this is such a large reason on, it turns different times, in different part of the region. so on our website we have a fall foliage predictor. so from the south to the north , you can see a lot of differences, update on weekly basis, just amazing, it is
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beautiful. >> now you're from the area. >> i am. >> where? >> hazleton. >> right. what's your favorite time of year and favorite part of this area? >> definitely the fall. no question. and the summer, spring, too, just because there is so much to do outside. you can never run out of anything. >> bicentennial celebration coming upment tell us about that. >> so and throw site coal was discovered here over 200 years ago. and as you may or may not know it, really fueled america's growth. so that is also something we're looking forward to with the anniversary, of course the town itself. jim thorpe is very, very big in history. if you look back from when it was actually first established , to the and throw site region, it is amazing. >> so, all year long, this is just a fun exciting place? >> it is, it is, and affordable for the family. it is great. >> that's very important. chris, thank you so much. what do you think of lake harmony, that area. >> oh, i love it, i love it, it is just the best. >> we'll finds out right now, because our alexandria hoff is standing by. what's about 30 minutes away from here? >> it is. >> let's go there like that, though, via television,
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alexandria hoff standing by in the lake harmony area. hey, al next. >> hey, ukee, this is lakeside living at its finest, so much to do here to keep your family busy or not. now, i got a very leisurely tour of this historic body of water, and i'll gave you a couple every hint here it, involves an upon tune boat and someone else doing the talking , i'll be back up in about 20 minutes to take you along for that ride. nicole, i'll sends it back to you for now. >> all right, alex, thanks so much. as our summer fest celebration continues it, we do have some news to catch you up on, as well, another white house shake-up to tell you about, advisor steve bannon is out. full story at 5:30, also, we are counting down to the eclipse, anita? >> solar eclipse glasses that are actually not safe for use are flooding the internet. i'm anita oh, in delaware county. the resources you can turn to to make sure your pair is safe >> we never seen a crypt
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before. i don't know if it will be good or bad. >> with those cbs-3 eclipse fest glasses i'm sure monday ' eclipse will be quite a site. show you the crowds who came by dilworth park today to get a pair of eye protectors, hear what people's plans are for the big day on monday. blank >> ♪ cbs-3 mobile weather watchers ...
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>> we are celebrating summer fest today, but also gearing up for the eclipse. over the course of this past week, cbs-3 has given away thousands of eclipse glasses, to community groups, schools, camps and individuals, throughout our area. and today we also gave away hundreds of glasses at dilworth park, where " eyewitness news" viewers were camped out even before the this give away. our natasha brown has more. >> the line spiraled around city hall, hundreds waiting patient throw get their hands on cbs-3 eclipse fest glasses. >> i'm excited. i'm really excited. got my glasses, i'm ready to go. >> protective eye wear is a must for those want to go view the solar eclipse on monday.
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so at noon began handing out hundreds every pairs of free glasses, the demands overwhelming, glasses were gone in about 15 minutes. >> we're going to be at the yeadon public library, yeadon, pa, and we will be having our glasses on, and we invite you, be safe when you lochtke eclipse. >> so much energy and excitementment surrounding this rare phenomenon, the last time a total solar eclipse happened was 38 years ago. it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, with folks clamouring to make sure they don't miss it. >> i'm going to put on my glasses, go outside on my patio, and look up. >> the suspense, that we've never seen an eclipse before. >> they're going to go one of our friends houses, and see the eclipse. >> you guys are styling. you're looking good. looking good. >> strike a pose. >> adorable. the prices for the protective eclipse glasses, some website are selling these glasses, reporting that the price haves tripled over the last two weeks or so, huge interest, nicole, got to put my glasses
5:16 pm
on here. of course i had to wait to put them on. i can't see a thing. >> really, completely black. >> oh, there you are. >> try reading the news with those on. >> exactly. >> save these for monday. thank you. all right, if you weren't able to get a pair of government approved glasses, don't worry, viewing parties are being held in several locations, in fact, one of them is the franklin institute. >> over at the franklin institute on monday, we will have all kind of methods of observing all of the faces from the eclipse. so, you'll be able to see it directly, either through filtered telescopes, or through telescope projection methods, also use other indirect methods, of pin hole projection, and mirror projection, and that way you'll be able to see all of the faces of the eclipse without any problem. >> the partial eclipse will peak in our area at 2:44 in the afternoon when the sun will be about 80% covered by the moon. >> but be aware, do you have those special eclipse glasses, you should make sure they actually work, because there
5:17 pm
are some fake glasses out there. in fact, local library found out just that, after accidentally giving away a small amount of the faulty glasses. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, has that story. >> i think it is terrible, could you go blind. >> gearing up for the monday moment when the moon fully blocks the sun, some discovering they're clips glasses could be un safer. >> carol pars on, the director of public memorial library, purchased 30 pairs of solar eclipse glasses on line, to hands out free of charge, to library patrons. >> just here to serve the public, and the community, and safe way. >> but earlier this week the company refunded her purchase, saying, the lenses do not meet safety standards for viewing solar eclipse, could cause eye damage to those wearing them, while looking at the sun. >> safety requirement, but they don't. >> although only talking about
5:18 pm
about 30 pair of glasses, you know, those are still 30 sets of eyes that are important to us. >> she urges buyers to check the list, of recommended manufacturers and dealers, compiled by the american astro logical society, a resource she says she wishes she checks before buying these glasses. >> no, they're not on that list. >> pars ons and her team immediately reached out to patrons, who took the glasses, and have recovered the majority, overall this small hiccup isn't darkening any entheusiasm for those looking forwards to seeing the eclipse >> don't happen very often, and this would be my third one that i've been table see. >> we are going to the glenolden library where they'll give out the glasses and then go across the street to the park, and watch the eclipse. >> in essington, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> tonight health reporter stephanie stahl is again explaining the potential danger, and how to tell the difference between safe and
5:19 pm
fake. >> there is a way to tell the difference, shiny metal looking coating on the outside , the fakes can be black on both sides. >> those could be frying your retina, or frying your eyeball >> that's where the damage occurs, right in the center of the vision, and if you're looking with both ties will curve both eyes, which is a big problem. >> doctor jacker dugan, wills eye hospital, saying staring at the sun without filtration even partially obscured can cause vision lost. >> the high energy gets focused in the retina, and it causes inflammation, edema, it is actually called an objection dating process, where you create free radicals that damage surrounding tissue >> nasa sending the alert
5:20 pm
about fake glasses says another way to tell the difference is, you can't see anything when you wear the real ones, except the sun. >> put them over the led. you see nothing. now, we'll take one from an unknown vendor, and put them over the led. you can see the led lights, so this is immediate indication that these glasses are not safe. >> now, it is also important that the lentz z are not scratched or damaged in anyway that could increase the risk for injury. doctors say wearing certified glasses is the only safe way to look at the sun to watch the eclipse. but if people are having trouble or worried about these glasses you could always watch on tv. >> have plenty of safe coverage for you. >> that's true, make it easy on ourselves, all right, stephanie, thank you. now, glasses are popular but so are other types of solar souvenirs, the city of st. joseph missouri will be in the dark for two minute and 38 seconds, it is considered the center of the vest tal event. and tons of tourists are of
5:21 pm
course flood that town. t-shirts also seem to be pretty popular, as souvenirs. >> and if you want a front row seat to the eclipse, steve mentioned it, cbs news will be broadcasting live special report on monday from 1:00 to 3:00. team of correspondent will be stationed in the path of totality, including st. joseph's miss missouri where the eclipse will be in full effect there. so not near a television, cbs news coverage will be streaming liver on the win site and, from eclipse fest, to summer fest, summer celebration continues, and we are taking you on a wild ride. take a look. >> oh, my gosh. >> okay, more accurately, lesliely van arsdale taking you on wilds ride. we sent her to the pocono raceway to get little history, and a lot of excite many. maybe scare her a little. >> looks like it, coming right
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>> we have some self sewer weather moving through parts of the area, we will check in with meteorologist, lauren casey. how is it looking out, there lauren? >> looking pretty rough. we are starting to see now the skies clouding over in center city philadelphia, we get live look, ominous looking sky, as the tops of the severe thunderstorms are now overtaking our sky, 88 degrees , it feels like 99 degrees when you factor in that humidity, definitely have on abundance of moisture to feed off of. and that's exactly what they're doing right now, our atmosphere extremely unstable across the delaware valley. >> right now, severe thunderstorm warnings multiple warnings, in effect, really along i59 corridor, and point west, and weigh do have the flashflood warning in effect for per seans every berks county within this line. dealing with torrential rainfall, nearly continuous lightning, and the potential for 60-mile per hour winds, and also, some small hail,
5:26 pm
newest severe thunderstorm warning in effect for portions of lower bucks, mercer county, montgomery county, and northern philadelphia county for that potential of 60-mile per hour winds, this warning in effect until 6:00 p.m. people affected, just within that one particular warning, nearly 2 million people. we also now have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for portions every new castle county delaware. you can bet, that this cell right now moving through east nottingham, chester county, has intense winds, nearly continuous lightning, possibility of small hail. so it is moving its way eastbound. so heads up, pike creek, 5:37, wilmington area, at 5:51, claymont, around 6:00. and chester, ten after 6:00. what to expect this evening, severe thunderstorms, threat coming to an end, by midnight. region wise, but expect heavy rainfall, gusty winds, and even potentially brief tornado timing in center city philadelphia, really as we head within the next hour, these storms will be rolling on through. south jersey, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00
5:27 pm
down the shore 7:00, 8:00, 9:00. maybe lingering showers storms along the coast until 10:00, 11:00 then all is quiet as we head into midnight, severe weather threat comes to an end we can let our guards down, not until then. we've had numerous reports as i mentioned at the top of the show, vehicles, and occupied vehicles, stuck in high water, due to flashflooding in berks county, please, remember, turn around, don't drown. we will continue to see this flashflooding threat all across the area, as these storms move through. 12 inches of water, will float , most vehicles, and as i was talking becomes we have abundance of moisture right now, it feels so horrible outside, dew points in the middle 70s, contribute to go that un suffer recall humidity , temperatures right now generally 80s, 90s, ahead of the line, 70s with some rain cooled air. check out some of the feels like temperatures, feeling like 109 in dover, right now, so overnight tonight, dealing with severe thunderstorms early, then clearing after midnight, 74 degrees, for our
5:28 pm
day tomorrow. much quieter, dry conditions, fog to start, then mostly sunny, hot, high temperature at 90 degrees. and beautiful weekends, after all of this active weather specially on sunday, lower humidity, 87 and sunshine, monday, still looking good for that eclipse, we'll have more on the severe weather threat coming up "eyewitness news,"
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>> summerfest continues, welcome back, i'm ukee washington live in jim thorpe, pennsylvania here in the pocono mountains, i have some hope on the horizon, i hope, as i look under our tent, and i'm looking westward, the skies here starting to brighten little bit. the rain has stopped. so hopefully this will be moving through our region there in the tri-state area, not long from now. but the pocono mountains span four, four counties, jim norman lake harmony, all in
5:32 pm
carbon county. but 2400 square miles of mountains, and rivers, woods and waterfalls, there is no shortage of scenics spots all around the region. let me tell you, 150 lakes, absolutely beautiful. and one of the most popular spots is lake harmony. that is about 30 minutes from where i'm standing right now, and alex hoff is there, she has been experiencing that location all day. happy summerfest friday, alex. >> reporter: well, happy summerfest friday to you, ukee , you know what i'm not a a hitler it comes to this weather. from my vantage point, you can see these little yellow lights coming from the homes that dot this lake. i know that inside families are cooking, they're getting ready for dinner, they're laughing, enjoying each other. and it is beautiful place. now, i was lucky enough to get a view of all of this from the water and, i learned a little something along the way. >> just about 2,000 feet above
5:33 pm
sea level is where you will find sabian. >> my fame is fabian, they call me captain fabian. >> guiding guests on on the water of lake harmony every weather permitting day for the last eight years. >> along with two families, we set out on water sports 45 minute tour. >> artesian lake, from underground. >> lake harmony is a grays al lake, meaning it was formed when glaciers melted over 10,000 years ago. and it rose in popular early 19 hundreds, it is now a place that thousands enjoy for all that the lake offers. that includes boating, canoeing, tubing, paddle boarding, fishing, hanging on the beach, and my favorite, lake house hunting from the side after pontoon both. >> only about 30% of the people live here year around. >> and for new boat friends from toronto? >> i love it here. >> their first trip to pennsylvania has been a suck he is. >> love the area, the resort,
5:34 pm
very quiet. i love the beach area. >> as our trip neared an end, a little more speed was added, and we took one more whirl around the lake. back to the dock we were greeted by some fabian fans, and wrapped up our day. >> in true leashly lake harmony fashion, by headed straight to a place that we had spotted from the water, nick's lake house restaurant. >> there is good reason for me checking this out. he told me couple of years ago he was towering a family around and they spot add home they loved. the owners of the home happened to be outside on their dock, so they pulled the both bo up, after brief conversation, you pass forward three month, and that family who ones admired the home of the water were then the proud new owners, of it, so there is hope. all right, maybe hope for me, i don't know. but, so at 6:00 we saw this tranquil scenery around here, we'll bring to you faster moving body of water for a bit
5:35 pm
more adventure, another example of the fun things you can do around here but now, lake harmony, uke even, i send it over to you. >> great story, alex, thank you so much. i tell you what, when it comes to chillaxing, slowing your role, this is definitely the place to be. but if you have a need for speed, i a need for speed, the pocono raceway at long pond is perfect, here's our lesley van arsdall. >> the eyes are on the pocono speedway, where some of the best racing has happened for almost 50 years. >> the longest and widest straight away you'll find in all every racing in america. >> this track was designed by an indy car driver, designed for indy cars. >> all right, here we go. >> i got ride in a paste pace car. >> it roars this sunday with the abc supplies 500, what
5:36 pm
better twi prepare than up close and personal ride around the track, known as the tricky triangle. >> smell the tires. >> smells like rubber little bit. >> none every them are the same, turn one different from turn two, turn three different , you'll see, speeds close to 230 miles per hour. these indy cars qualifying will be flat out all the way around, they're never go going to come off the gas. we like ten to a fighter jack in for attack run. amaze to go watch. >> then it was time to upgrade my ride. >> yes, that was great. thank you so much. >> no problem. >> it is me, this is the place to be. and it is not too late to get on the road and head up to the poconos for race weekends. >> reporting from blakely,
5:37 pm
pennsylvania, lesley van arsdall. >> we're just getting our motors running, no doubt about it, a lot more to talk about as i look west, once again, still getting bright here. the rain has stopped, things are rather cool, but chelsey tell you more about that later on. right now, let's throw it back to the studios in philadelphia , and nicole, time is yours. >> all right, ukee, thanks so much. >> we have news headlines to catch up on, another white house shake up still to come tonight. advisors or steve bannon is out. plus, more problems at the rizzo statue, philadelphia mayor jim kenney weighs in on the latest vandalism, when the statue of the former mayor needs to go. cleve? >> appreciation today for some state workers that many would say have a thankless job. i'm cleve bryan, coming up, what they did to help a police
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
5:40 pm
>> another friday shake-up at the white house, steve bannon out as president trump's chief strategist, it follows weeks of spec lakes he would not last much longer, in the
5:41 pm
administration. >> white house chief strait i can us, steve bannon helped put president trump in the white house, now he's out, the president's press secretary issued a statement saying, white house chief of staff, john kelly and steve bannon have mutually agreed today would be steve's last day, grateful for his service, and wish him the best. >> speculation about bannon's future had been banning for awhile, and president trump was non-commit al about bannon 's future. >> i like mr. bannon he is a friends of mine. he came in very late, you know that, i went through 17 senators, governors, and i won all of the primaries. then came on very much later than that, but we will see what happens with mr. bannon. >> sources tell cbs news that new chief of staff, john kelly , was eager to clear out what he considered internal west wing rivalries. bannon this record educationally clashed for month with other trump advisors including the president's son-in-law, jared
5:42 pm
kushner, and national security advisor, h. r. mcmaster mcmaster. >> do you think they're going to give you your country back without a fight, you're sadly mistaken. >> kept a name for himself, a conservative website, that catered to the all right. and advised the president to take national strategist such as proposed trade war with china. >> now, bannon becomes the eighth senior white house official to leave the administration, since president trump took office. and there are new developments, in the terror attacks, in spain, police believe they've killed the teenage driver of the van, that plowed through a crowd yesterday in barcelona. they say he was among five men , fatally shot overnight, after another vehicle attack in cambrils, resort town. state department confirmed one american was killed in the attacks, and another is still missing. the tragedy in barcelona is hitting home for many, including, a south jersey man who grew up just ten minutes from the attack site. >> it is horrible. you know?
5:43 pm
it is like right there. i've been there, and like a million times. >> he says he's devastated by the news, and has been in touch with his family. police in spain are continuing their search for more suspect. at least four suspect are in custody. a man is in police custody after a deadly stabbing spree in finland. suspect, accused of stabbing eight people, killing two of them, in the western city of turko. officer shot the man in the thigh and detained him. officials say it is too early to link this incident to terrorism. >> a philadelphia man is facing charges for vandalizing the frank rizzo statue in center city police say 40 year old walley ramean, spray painted the words black power, on the statue last night the thirds case of vandalism there this week. some calling for the statue's remove siting the treatment of african-americans by rizzo, mayor jim kenney addressed both issues today.
5:44 pm
>> strapped level is a terrible thing, i am not a big fan of the statue. i wasn't wasn't a big fan of the statue being placed in the first place, but public pros that's was followed, and there is a public process that needs to be followed to either remove it, or to relocate it. >> the mayor says city council will begin that debate process , next month. >> still ahead, how employees of the new jersey department of motor vehicle saved a police officer, under attack. and we'll head back to the poconos for our summer fest celebration, pat gallen end takes us to camel beach water park in about ten minutes. stay with us.
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5:47 pm
>> some police officers who
5:48 pm
stepped in to help at new jersey motor vehicle commission offers were recognized today, "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan brian has more on their efforts from washington township gloucester county. >> she protect us, so we ran out. he needed a hands, so we protected him. >> officer allen france ski sometimes assigned security detail at the motor vehicle commission in washington township, april 18th, this year the job got physical. >> guy outside in the parking lot, and seemed like he was starting a fight with this other couple. i just tried to break it up. and the guy attacked me, i guess looking for a fight. >> officer france i said trying to arrest the man turned into all out brawl. when the man put his hands on officer france i's throat that's when the motorcycle vehicle agency rushed to his aid. >> the officer was being attacked by the in his neck, and trying to choke him. and then we ran down and we tried to help as much as we could. >> state employees andre, david frazier, and ryan armstrong, wrestled the man off officers. >> we basically tried to keep him on the ground, tried, so
5:49 pm
he couldn't hurt anyone else. >> the charged with assault, resist discussing arrest, these men are being honored. >> often time people run from problems, some people run to problems, we call those people heroes. we felt the need to come here today, and recognize them for having the courage to step forward and come to an officer 's aid. >> wyeth armstrong and frazier each received citations of merit and special coins, as well as a thank you from officer. >> feel alone out there but you're really not when you have people like this out there looking over you. >> he said he and his co-workers were just doing their civic duty to help. armstrong said it was just a natural reaction. >> didn't think whether we should or shouldn't, just do it. >> and we're thankful you did. in washington township, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news ". >> all right, and we've been talking about those storm moving in across our area, going to check in with lauren casey now for update on that, lauren? >> thanks, nicole. multiple severe thunderstorm warnings in effect for large
5:50 pm
portion of the delaware valley , in a angie along i95, all every these warnings stretched from northern delaware, all the way up into parts every bucks, and mercer counties, with this line, it continues to move east, at about 30, 40 miles per hour. our latest warning, in effect, and it does include center city philadelphia, until 6:45, and you can see there is area shaded in orange, under that severe thunderstorm warning, so parts of camden, delaware, gloucester, and philadelphia counties, for the potential of 60-mile per hour winds, and quarter size hail. but north of the city right now, focus in the on this particularly potent portion of the line. notice, that boeing shape, or that kind of comma shape, that's indications of damaging winds, within this particular cell, moving through parts exiting montgomery county, moving into bucks county right now. so, heads up, newtown, trenton , arriving in the trenton area just before 6:00, to likelihood of damaging winds, potentially upward of 60 miles per hour, and that portion of the line also keeping an eye on this very
5:51 pm
strong portion of the line, moving into parts of chester county, delaware county, new castle counties right now. moving it way eastbound, at about 30 to 40 miles per hour, so moving into the wilmington area, really within the next ten minutes, chester, 6:12, the airport, 6:23, and gloucester at about 6:40. we contends with this line as we head into the next couple of hours, continuing to move east, and maintaining it strength, models are indicating as it moves into south jersey, and eventually to the shore points, at about 8:00 this evening. still affecting the shore, conditions, improving, west of i95 as we head into the 9:00, 10:00 hour. lingering erring showers, storms, into 11:00 hour, but by midnight ourself ear weather threat coming to an end, across the region. but these cells, they have that potential for strong gusty winds, and the potential for hail. but they are producing torrential rainfall. singing springs, berks county, over 2 inches every rainfall, same case reading. and we've had multiple reports
5:52 pm
of flashflooding in berks county. dew points, you know it, as soon as you step outside, the atmosphere, is so moist right now, and these storms are feeding offer of all of the moisture with dew points well into the 70s, and even some dew points in the 08 degrees range for the flashflood remains, flashflood watch remains in effect for large portion of the area until midnight tonight. we also have the severe thunderstorm watch in effect, until 9:00 p.m., for the entire area. so we continue to deal with these strong, severe thunderstorms, as that squawl line moves east, over the next several hours, then after midnight, some gradual clearing, warm, muggy overnight tonight, 74 degrees, slightly lower humidity values specially as we head into the afternoon tomorrow. no problems weather wise, mostly sunny, high temperature , though, will be on the hot side up to 9 degrees, and we do have beautiful sunday in store. sunshine, lower humidity, 87 degrees. and nice and quiet, as we head into monday, and tuesday of next week. but still quite hot. looking good for the eclipse,
5:53 pm
mostly sunny conditions on monday, but more on this severe weather threat coming up a little bit later in the show. and
5:54 pm
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>> summerfest continues in the pocono mountains, in jim thorpe, pennsylvania, the sun is starting to come out. that's a good site. whether it is a wet day or dry day, no place like camel beach ment and we sent our pat gallen out to camel beach to check out the rides, and the slides, and he says when it comes to water parks, this is one of the best places around. >> dog days every summer at any and you need a cool place to cool off. >> you need a place at the camelback water pike, 30 water slides, pools, and the lazy river which i'm standing in, we will get in just a second. coolest place to go in the pocono mountains. >> we are pennsylvania's
5:57 pm
largest water park. we have everything from a kahuna lagoon, which is our wave pool, to our olympic pool , swim pool. >> if you are looking for something a little more relaxing on a steamy day, well , take my lead. >> lazy river is a great destination on a day like today. got to kickback, let the tide do the work, and just enjoy. >> looking for little more action, there are several slides and rides that will get your blood pumping. >> we have couple that are black-out tubes. so coming down in a tube for one, two people, and complete black. pretty cool experience. we have triple venum, a body slide, which is super fast. there is 0g points, where you just hoffer in the air a lot of fun, and not something you find at every other park. >> while i wasn't quite rest i for the black out tube or something called venum, i hit the checker flag, and the kids obviously enjoyed it. >> oh,. >> what did you think of it? >> it was fun. >> pretty fast, right? >> yes, that's my favorite
5:58 pm
ride so far. >> really fast. >> then the big kids got in on the fun. cruising on the tubes. >> all-in-all, it was a fast, fun day, with plenty to do at camelback mountain. pat gallen, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". oh, and stay with us, everyone, there is more outdoor fun, there is more history to come, cbs-3 summer fest continues here in jim thorpe, pennsylvania. and we will do it during the next half hour. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. >> from the city to the suburbs to the shore and everywhere inbetween. cbs-3 is celebrating summer. it is summer fest 2017. >> now at 6:00 a beautiful view of jim thorpe, giving you a look at the tiny town with lots of charm, as we celebrate
5:59 pm
summerfest, up and down in the poconos. good evening, high, everybody, i'm nicole brewer. >> hello family, i'm ukee washington in jim thorpe. as nicole said, it is a beautiful day, at least here in the mountains, the sun is starting to come out, looks like the rain has moved out. but what is in store, let's finds out. our lauren casey is back in the studio in philadelphia. she has your forecast, and she's been tracking these severe storms around the area. lauren? >> reporter: thanks so much, ukee. yes, we do have severe thunderstorm watch in effect for the entire area until 9:00 . likely be dropped off in the poconos by by the national weather service as we led in the next 30 minutes to an hour main focus in and along i59 right now as we deal with this line of severe thunderstorms about to cross the i the 95 corridor, severe thunderstorm warning is in effect up and down i-95, all of those orange and yellow boxes indicate severe thunderstorm warnings, now, a warning means severe weather is occurring or is eminent. and our latest warning now extending until about 7:00
6:00 pm
p.m., in and around center city philadelphia. and the immediate suburbs, that warning in effect also this warning until 6:45, for camden, delaware, gloucester counties and philadelphia county for the potential of 06-o quarter size hail. this more potent portion of this line right now, moving into parts of northern delaware, and also, delaware counties in pennsylvania. continuing to move east at about 30, 40 miles per hour. so, heads up, chester, 6:16, arrival for you, west depford, 6:32, gloucester, 6:43, and evesham, close to the 7:00 hour. center city philadelphia, those clouds looming, this portion of the line looking little bit weaker just about 20 minutes ago, but now seeing some intense if i case with more red popping up there on our re reflex, this line will move into center city as we led into the next couple every minutes, 6:11 philadelphia, 6:16 camden, 6:24 cherry hill, and 6:30, delran. that severe under this earl storm watch remains in


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