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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 20, 2017 2:05am-2:35am EDT

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>> go get it for me. >> what? >> life is tough, but he really nice. thank you for the coin. >> you're welcome. >> you a good man. >> i'm not the bad guy that everybody thinks i am. >> he kissed me! >> that is a big deal. but slow down, slow down! >> i know. >> have a great night. >> take care, everyone.
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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tonight at 11:00 thousands of counted err protesters take to the streets of boston, demonstrating against hate, following a free speech rally. but things didn't stay peaceful. the entire time. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. police clashing with protesters arrested nearly three dozen people today in the aftermath of the violence in charles ville, virginia there had been a lot of concerns about possible violence in boston today. "eyewitness news" reporter alicia is live in the sat center with the latest for us, alicia? >> reporter: the rally and protests in boston ended drastically different than last week's in virginia, there were arrests but no one injured and no property damage on ton that far city officials in boston add different message, rang loud today. exactly a week after bloody blood bloody, another rally today in boston, this one so-called free speech activist that is clearly included
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several white supremicist groups, much like the valley in virginia, boss at any met with counter protesters, counter protest that's way outnumber the group rallying. >> great day for the city, and i'm real impressed, probably had 40,000 people out here, you know, standing tall, against hatred and bigotry. >> the planned rally and protest hads hundreds of boston police officers prepared. , two dozen arrests ended relatively peaceful. >> 99.9% of the people here were for the right reasons. >> white nationalist groups declared last week's deadly rally in virginia a victory, but the mayor of boston didn't minutes words when he called the free steve activists the claim they cannot make in his sit. >> i i think it is clear today boston stood for peace and love. >> not bigotry and hate. i want to thank everyone that came here today. i want to thank everyone that came here and expressed themselves in such a positive, great manner today.
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>> in cities as far as milwaukee, and even venice beach california thousands of people took to the streets in unity with counter protesters in boston, in unity with their message and non-violent protests. there was at least one protest in vanbiesbrouck coof err, canada, thousands more also today taking unified stance against hate. >> and again, over two dozen arrests in boston, but no one hurt there at any of the rallies and protests throughout the country today. instead we saw a lot of powerful images and able to hear powerful message. rotting live in the sat center , cbs-3 "eyewitness news ". >> alicia, thank you. kensington resident are also speaking out against violence tonight. and interfaith rally brought out more than 100 people as they marched along emeralds and frankford street in the name of peace. adults, and children, chanted stop the violence, while holding hands made signs, that red hope for the hood.
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>> now the rallies and unrest from coast-to-coast have inspired cities all over the country now to consider taking down their confederate rat monument, duke university already removed robert e lee statue from the duke chapel entrance, it was vandalized wednesday night. officials say the decision to remove the statue was done to ensure the safety of students and community members. and also, to express the university's values. >> and now in houston, thousands have sign a petition to take down the spirit of the con fed rasi statue. many showed up the statue for protest and counter protest this afternoon. police say they'll not tolerate any violence. >> memorial service held today for a one killed in a protest. >> bagpipes and drums played in memory of lieutenant jay cullen. he was monitoring the white supremecist protest when his helicopter crashed last
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saturday. a second trooper on board, pilot berk bathes, also killed , his funeral was yesterday. >> and a mid the national discussion about removing controversial monument, vandals have once again targeted the legacy of frank rizzo, this time, defacing a mural honoring the former philadelphia mayor, and police commissioner. vandals splattered white paint on the mural at ninth and montrose in south philadelphia this morning. at least one person is now in custody. this comes two days after someone vandalized the rizzo statue in center city. no -- rizzo was controversial figure when it came to race relations and they seem split over the removal i shall glue rizzo represent racism to a lot of people in fill. >> i i don't want to see anything get vandalized but i understanded people have strong opinions you. >> say you don't like it, that's fine. this is ridiculous. we new the man personally, and we do not feel as though he was racist. >> police continue to search for more suspect in connection with the rizzo vandalism.
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>> and now to western pennsylvania state police there say the troop here was critically injured in a shooting last night, is expected to recover. two unidentified state troopers were investigating a robbery, when a suspect pulled out a gun and shot them outside after grocery store south of pittsburgh. the 26 year old shooter was killed at that scene. and now the case of man accused every killing two police officers in kissimmee florida, took the top prosecutor off the case after she said she would no longer zink the death penalty. investigators have identified matthew baxter, and sam howard , as the victims in last night's shooting. they were responding to a suspicious person in a area known for drug activity. this was about 9:30 last night the officers came in contact with that suspect, and minutes later, they were shot at close range. >> we have charged glenn --
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sorry, everett glenn miller, ten-five-71 of first grew murder two, wonderful men, family men, they are two that are committed to doing it the right way. >> well more violence against police in florida. authorities say two jacksonville police officers were also shot while responding to a domestic dispute call last night. they're both in stable condition. officers did shoot and kill the gunmen in this case. >> another horrifying case of human trafficking is uncovered by border patrol agents in texas. agents at a brooks county check point say they found 60 illegal imigrants inside a refrigerated produce truck early this morning. agents say that they opened the locked trailer, and found people on top of pallets of broccoli lined with a thin sheet of ice. investigators say medical attention was offered immediately at the scene, because the truck's temperature was at 49 degrees fahrenheit. >> now when the annual kennedy
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center honor takes place, president trump will not be in attendance, president and first lady skimming out on the event to avoid creating political destruction for honorees. the ceremony honors people for their influence in the arts, than year's recipients include gloria estefan, lionel richie and ll cool jay. three other presidents have skipped the ceremony at least once, but all attend philadelphia in following years. >> and just days after being hospitalized, famed comedian and civil rights activist dick gregory has passed away. gregory was known for his pioneering style of comedy, and his position during the civil rights movement. as a part of his activism, he went on several hunger strikes and campaigned throughout america and overseas. dick gregory was 84 years old. >> well, now dozens in camden country not allowing their disability to get in the way when it comes to participating in sport. the freeholder board hosed sports ability day at cooper
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river park in pennsauken, " eyewitness news" was there, during the kayaking competition. camden county partnered with athletes with disability network northeast, to make the day possible. that look like everybody had a good time out there today. nice weather. >> families in philadelphia germantown neighborhood also getting ready to go back to school, 300 children received free back packs at the concord school house today. the school house and the 6300 germantown business alliance made this give away possible. each back pack contained folder, notebooks, pencils, erasers, calculaters and other school supplies. first day school in philadelphia is coming up this tuesday, september 5th. >> stay with us, everyone, still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight. do you have your glasses yet? the total solar eclipse is happening in just two days, cbs-3 has you covered. >> i've never got to see one before this one. so excited. >> how some local universities are planning for the big crowds ahead of their viewing parties. this amazing vest taliaferro
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phenomenon. are you the powerball winner? you might be the winning numbers announced moments ago, we will bring them to you. stay tuned. kelly? >> tracking more sunshine, plus a lock at the eclipse forecast, all of the details coming up. >> also, coming up later: john legends and ll cool jay doing their part to keep kids inspired. how they're using their fame
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>> this could be it, you could be the next powerball jackpot winner. more than half billion dollars is on the line. the jackpot reached $535 million, because there has been no winner since june 10th. the number represent one of the top ten powerball jackpots in us history. so here we go. here are the numbers, everyone , the winning numbers: >> good luck if you played. >> president trump's response meantime to the violence in charlottesville last week, spark conversation, and also action amongst people from coast-to-coast. even celebrities like tina fay are making her voice heard. condemning the president's response. >> johnny john comes out he condemns violence on many sides, on many sides, colin, and i'm feeling sick, because, you know, i've seen over the last dark, i wasn't confused by it. >> well, tina fay returned to the weekends update desk on
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saturday night live to discuss the unrest this week, they graduated from uva in charlottesville, virginia. >> and it is almost time. cbs-3 is getting you all ready for monday total solar eclipse , as anticipation does build, some local universities preparing to host eclipse watchers. and "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan has that story from rowan university. >> what whether it comes to the build up for monday solar eclipse, few have more to do than rowan university plan tear yum. >> arracl -- >> i got your e-mail. >> what a day. i'm sorry, i can't even spell my own last name. >> been busy lately? >> i have. >> she has been guest lecturing for months on solar eclipses and preparing for big event monday at the university to celebrate the eclipse, which has become a national
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obsession. >> eclipses actually not all that rare. they happen about once a year, on average. but what is rare about this one, it is in the u.s., which has not happened for almost 40 years. >> the plan tear yum, which has 40-foot dome screen, sits boo -- sits about 40 people, has great astronomy year around. >> this week they wanted to learn more about what else? >> the solar eclipse. >> what are you excited about with that? >> i've never got to see one before this one. so excited. >> so this is sort of the calm before the ' clipping. come monday rowan specked to have more than a thousand people at their event here. will be doing shows starting around 12:30, kids activities, main event outside, watching the solar eclipse. >> we will be gig out 1,000 eclipse glasses, on a first come, first serve basis. >> sharon says her grandchildren are all in on the eclipse. >> it is great for them to experience history and things that happen.
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>> astronomers say they're more than happy to welcome eclipse lovers into new realms of learning. >> that opens up the conversation of other topics within astronomy, too, so it is a us. >> at rowan university, in glassboro, cleve cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> you know if you don't have a pair of the solar eclipse tryy looking through your cell phone. this is why. digitized image it, won't harm your eyes , but the intensity of the sun can actually damage the censor inside if you're trying tom andn digit, don't look through the view finder. >> if you are looking through a view find near camera, you're actually concentrating all of that light onto your macaulay, and create a burn in the back of your eye. >> so if you do plan on viewing the eclipse, make sure that you are wearing your special protective glasses, and if you want to take a photo, let the special glasses lens actually put those in front of the camera lens, that
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would help. >> and cbs news will be broadcasting a live special report on monday from one p.m. to 3:00 p.m. right here on cbs-3. team of correspondents will be stationed in the totality, where the eclipse will be in full on of course chelsey tell us all about the werth see this phenomenon. >> but with the glasses on. o looking great for us here in philadelphia. an we also have real nicee sunday on tap, too. look at storm scan3, we had a strong line of storms, that moved through our western this , they actually were severe warned. but then they o they made it td the i95 corridor. still tracking couple every list he'd l all showersl windowd into the next hour or so. you can see, down into delawareus tracking
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couple of sprinkles, located just east of just east of smyrna, even dover, moderate rainfall just south doe clearing on out. after about one, 2:00 in the morning, we will be looking at mostly clear skies across the delaware vale, so nice night setting up in a even better sunday. today was gorgeous out there, hope you took advantage of it, lots of sunshine, and high temperature right around 88 degrees, certainly felt more comfortable out t today, compared to what we dealt with yesterday. man the humidity was now in phia , 73 in millville, in the mid upper shore, atlantic city, 77 degrees, right around 76 degrees currently inoolpots, in, reading at 66, we have 61 mount p allentown, look at these dew point, far cry fromt e yesterday. dew point of 64 in philadelphia, definately more little bit on the humid side fifty-nine in wil
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look at the dew point change over the past 24 hours there is tells the storyve better , the -- 9 degrees lower in wilmington, even more comfortable air headed our way as we move into part two of our comfort index, really feeling not too bad out there. monday the steam factor moving back in. then the dew points will be on th tissday. into the lower seven's, so not going to feel too comfortable. when that happens talking about the return for chances for showers and thunderstorms. here's a look at what you can expect tonight. other than couple of showers, for areas south of philly, mosty clear overnight, look for low temperature mostly sunny, less humid, 88, great day for dhe down the shore, great day for the beach. let's take you to lhoodetwork n. we had couple of people out there playing some beach volley board walk, nice evening down there. and things are looking great as i jeadus into sunday,
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you can look for high temperature down the shore, mid 80sotshine, great beach day on monday, then with a rise in humiditywilk for shower or thunderstorm headed i isolated thunderstorm chance, high temperature every 82, now we take you to etn forecast, looks like this. yes, fantastic weather fore a ln the hot side. high of 89 degrees. but we're looking asunny skies . and then tuesday, with the rise in dew ps, risk for shower or thunderstorm, storm chances wednesday, then nice little taste of fall. ladies, as we head into the ends of the week and next weekends. that will will feel very refreshing. >> not bad. thank you so much, chelsey. >> phils out west, california has so many things to offer, sunshine, beaches, beautiful coastline, but the phillies have no love for call i. i'll explain coming up. and the eagles top draft pick
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>> so the eagles are resting up a bit. >> getting some rest, and then monday joint practice with the dolphins, two teams playing at the linc thursday night. in the game against the bills, eagle running game struggle, but cory clemente from glassboro showed flashes what he's capable of. always competing with small wood, as the back up. running coach duce staley pleased with cory's progress so far. >> very surprised when cory as far as him coming along, and being able to grab all of the information, being able to, going to the field, i'm happen which cory, i'm happy where he's at right now. he's doing awesome job. hats off to the kid. >> eagles first run pick showing why the birds selected him, thursday night he had another three and two game there is week will be
2:28 am
practicing defense, we know just two game sample, but should he be in the starting line up when the birds playing september 10. >> game two, he's played against solid competition, but to see him go against the one day after day after day, those will be the critical factors that you can see how -- he's a rookie, you know, he has lot of work ahead of him. he hadn't had a break since i think his bowl game. you know, those are thing we have to factor in. >> and eagles wide receivers coach, mike gross, is alshon jeffrey behind schedule. the bad shoulder, and early in the bills game, carson wentz anal sean were not n'sync on couple every plays. gross said alshon was running routes, but they have enough time so they can have him catch up with, we hope. >> well, state of california has not been kinds to pete mccann on and the phils this season have, not won a game in the state so so far. swept by the padres, angel, lost against the giants.
2:29 am
jarrod eye cough went to the mound tonight. the giants ways nothing time getting on the scoreboard, jumping on the first pitch, hits it deep to centerfield, the ball goes off the wall. kicks it. fan turns on the jet. and will score on an inside the park homer. not the start that ikoff wanted, just like, that down one-nothing, then in the thirds inning, giant up. reese hoskins goes yard, the three run shot to left field. fourth homer for the rookie. right now in the sixth, the phillies are leading this 111 to four. williamsport, little league worlds series, jackson new jersey, elimination game against michigan. chris cartnet making sure they'll play another game. hit two homers and drove in six runs. jackson won 15 to five, will play again monday afternoon. >> in the international bracket, andre, hits homer to right, the ball actually goes so far, it dents one of the parked cars behind the fence.
2:30 am
not many people thought the 12 year old would hit the ball that far, someone out there? >> keep in mind, breitbart future. >> for sure. >> thank you so much, leslie. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight, two musical talents lending their time and energy to groups of young kids how john legend and ll cool jay are inspiring young minds this
2:31 am
2:32 am
>> welcome back everyone, dozens every lucky kids in minneapolis got the surprise after lifetime today when music icon, john legend, paid them a very special visit. >> i would like to introduce and call to the stage mr. john legends. >> nights surprise, visit for big brothers, big sisters event, to inspire kids to dream big. we're toll john legend also performed a song or two before saying good-bye to the kids,
2:33 am
as well. >> and actor and rap i ll cool jay also surprised kids during the jump anibal program that he host in queens, new york this weekend. ll cool jay started the program 13 years ago to teach kids how to work together through passing, shooting, foot work, and a lot of determination. >> and i just want to see the kids happy, see the kids learn something, see the kids get an opportunity to, you know, learn some skills, kind of comradery. >> well, for ll cool j this is personal. he grew up in southeast queens , after lifetime of achievement, he said he wants to inspire, the annual program is free it, runs every weekend throughout august. we'll be right back.
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>> finally tonight while the 2018 olympics are away, already reaping the benefits, today all about massive water slide, stretching 328 yards, it was installed in the town to promote the games. thousands of people took a leap of faith here. they slid their way through the center of town. the 2018 winter olympic games return to the country next year nor the first time since the 1988 summer olympics.
2:35 am
that was fun, guys? >> can you imagine one of those in center city? >> oh, that's a thought. >> here is a check of your eyewitness weather seven day forecast, looking good tomorrow, 88 degrees, eclipse viewing, fantastic monday, mostly sunny skies. >> all right, very nice, thank you so much. appreciate. that will i'm natasha brown, for leslie, chelsey, thanks for joining us have, aggrate night everyone, take care. unless you're a dodger fan or a laker fan, you're not necessarily a die-hard or a raider fan, shall i say. they're a fan, you love your team, but it's like okay if we win, that's great. if we lose, let's come back and try to get 'em next day, next week. east coast. if you don't win today, we're done. we hate you today, you know. and if you win tomorrow, then we'll love you again. as far as playing sports, it's definitely like that, but just in general, if i had to choose, i like a house with grass and a backyard and a pool and some palm trees.


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