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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 21, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> history in the skies, in just few hours, the moon will pass in front of the sun turning day into night. oh, my. we have team three coverage of today's eclipse fest. >> millions coast-to-coast will don glasses and look toward the school today for the great american eclipse. i'm don champion in st. joseph , missouri with a preview coming up. >> and kate haste been calling it the super bowl of the sky. we now take a live look at the parkway in center sit. >> i today is monday, august 2
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; the eclipsefest is finally here. >> can you tell we're all very excited? katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning, we must not talk about the eclipse for a moment, we turn to weather. >> ya, let's turn to construction, not just construction, actually overturned tractor trail their had mlk shutdown, now since cleared out of the way, plus another overturned vehicle, and another accident. we will get to that coming up. >> stuff to talk about, but certainly, if you are going to be able to be out, enjoy the eclipse, i think we have you covered, mother nature hooking you up with high pressure, yes , not just like yesterday but for the most part still quiet like yesterday. few patchy clouds around as the day progresses but it should not hinder visibility for the eclipse. may be pop up thunderstorm. that too i don't think do you have worry about too much as it pertains to the eclipse because like like it will be wrapping up at 4:01 p.m. much more on the eclipse in a little bit. but get you out the cheer
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>> tack about comfortable start to the day up that way, 64 degrees atlantic city. throughout the day the humidity begins to creep up on us here, and we, again, may see the most spotty every thunderstorms late today toward evening, but it is going to be a warm summer day for you, with more sunny than anything. eventually we hitment upper eight's through the afternoon, and with time, may be again that spotty thunderstorm, toward the early evening, meisha. >> all right, good to know, thank you so much, katie. very good morning to all of you. happy monday, guys. looking outside, to the ben franklin bridge. it is looking very quiet. quiet and beautiful just as we want to see on a monday morning, we know it will change. but right now enjoy the nice open roadways, evidence here, 95 south at cottman, come around the s curve headed into center city looking good here, starting to pick up maybe ever so slightly on 95 south at cottman, but still, still looking okay. so, we did have overturned
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tractor-trailer, mlk drive near the art museum, blocked both directions, having to take kelly drive. that has now since been cleared. so you can see, right now, looking very, very nice, clean and, again, back open. now, one area that we do have some problems, overturned vehicle here, still out there, past garden state parkway, right lane compromised. head heads up. might want to start giving yourself little extra time, pushing deeper into the 5:00 hour. another accident this morning in north wales, swarthily street, that roadblocked there jim, rahel, back over to you. >> thanks, meisha. after months of hype, eclipse day has finally arrived. >> it is the first total solar eclipse to sweep the coast-to-coast in 99 years. cbs news correspondent don champion in st. joseph, missouri for people flocking for one of the best position toss watch the moon block the
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sun. >> reporter: millions will look toward the sky today for astronomical amazement. for the first time, since 1979 , the moon will completely blot out the midday sun, along the path stretching from oregon to south carolina. >> there is a hustle and bustle and casino every an excitement in anticipation. >> the tiny farming town of mattress, oregon will be one of the first place toss suit total ali clips around east turn time, carbon dale illinois which will be in the dark the longest for two minutes 40 seconds, thousand also pack this sold-out football stadium. >> the site something that's going to really please americans. and make them think differently. >> st. joseph missouri is the fifth largest city along the so called path of totality. hotels here, started selling out for the eclipse more than a year ago. lauren, and her family, rented an rv, and drove here from texas. >> it is going to be incredible, just with the sky going dark, all of the glow. >> the phillips family drove
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here from oklahoma, will be camping out. >> you won't be able to see the moon or the sun. it is just going to look like a ring of fire. >> i imagine at the moment of totality everybody is just going to be in awe. i just want to feel everybody in the same emotional state. i think that's going to be empowering. >> and experienced view no one will ever forget. don champion "eyewitness news ." >> the biggest crowds and the longest lines are in the path of totality. >> well, scientists and amateur astronomers getting front row seat for rare event. cbs news space consultant bill harwood live in carbon dale, illinois. good morning, bill. >> good morning. >> so we understand that just a few miles south the eclipse will reach it point of greatest duration, what's that all about? >> you know, it is a track of the eclipse moves across the state, it starts out fairly short, if you are on the coast of oregon, totality about two minutes long. as you get just south of carbon dale as you say it increases to almost two
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minutes 432nd. and then it will start dropping off again. it just has to do with the alignment of the sun and the earth, and the moon and the earth, i should say, the moon travels in its orbit. >> bill, for us lay people, very exciting, but for scientists, what are you hoping to learn from this? >> this is really interesting. when the moon gets in front of the sun, you can suddenly see the corona. that's the sun's outer atmosphere, normally washed out bye-bye sunlight, but when you see the corona they can study it, and the temperature suddenly increases, you think when you walk away from a campfire it get cooler, when you move away from the sun surface it jumps from 10,000 degrees fahrenheit to more than a million degrees. don'tw that they can see it during total total handle on just what's going on there. >> it will be to that. all right, bill harwood live for just totality very exciting thank you for being with us
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this morning,ands a it little me clearly. >> we'll check in with you a little later on, b cbs news will be broadcasting special report today from 1:00 to team of core core spend will be stays dollars across the path of totality where tll be it , you can watch it on cbs-3 and our webide we are you're clips fest station, our coverage ue >> meanwhile, there is other news to tell but this morning. >> more statues ld verse come dn over night. we'll tell you trang? >> reporter: we will get to trang after the break. >> she was taken over by the climbs. this group of men had to be rescued by the coast guard, what they were doing that makes this a specially memorable experience. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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watching cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning, or any of eventhten days , you know, today is the day the moon will cover the sun. it is eclipsefest all day long on cbs-3 "eyewitness news," on, we'll show you how some procrastinators are gettingread we will be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪
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>> support hearings want to keep in center city are having a rally. good morning, trang. >> reporter: good morning, jim , rahel. sources within city hall told "eyewitness news," that there were fears that the rally could turn violent. now, those fighting to keep
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the statue in place, are hoping that a meeting with mayor kenney will help all sides come to a compromise. >> calls to take down the city statue of former mayor frank rizzo, are nothing new. but a tweet last monday from councilwoman helen gym reignited debate over the controversial monument. she wrote, quote, all around the country we're fight to go remove the monument to slavery and racism. philly, we have work to do, take the rizzo statue down. >> the two term mayor was known for his larger than life personality. and tough law and order policing. his critics argued that african-americans, and the lgb tq community, were unjustly tarring targeted, brutally under his ten ooh. not so, says his former secretary. >> in the row home neighborhood, blue collar neighborhoods, he was the champion. >> one every thousands calling for the rizzo statue to be left alone.
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petition for the call started on tuesday, now, nears 25,000 signatures. >> but those calling for the statue to come down have been vocal, as well. a petition of their own has attracted nearly 3500 signers. in the past week, the statue was vandalized three times, resulting in two arrests. and a mural in the italian market was splashed with white paint. for now, a rally organized by rizzo supporters has been postponed. with the hope that mayor kenney can somehow bridge the gap between the two opposing sides. and you can see, police continue to monitor this statue around the clock. there were number of patrol cars here overnight, just one now, no word on when this meeting with mayor kenney will happen. but for now, liver outside the municipal services building, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back to you >> thanks, trang. new this morning, vanishing act at the university of texas at austin, overnight, crews removed statues of civil war
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general, robert e lee, and other prominent confederate figures on campus, university president says the monument have become symbols of modern white supremacy and neo that the see i am. >> live guards and firefighters in cape may form a human chain to rescue a struggling swimmer. >> it was quite the daring rescue, distressed swimmer originally jumped in to troy to save three others, who eventually swam back to shore. well, luckily, firefighters were just few blocks away, arrived on scene within seconds. two firefighters and several lifeguards linked hands and brought the victim back to shore. all four swimmers taken to the hospital for evaluation. >> and this group of bachelors are happy to be back on dry land this morning after getting strands in the south carolina, the us coast guard had to pull the group of stranded boaters to safety, in two trips, helicopter lifted eight men from a grounded boat near capers islands to safety early saturday. the men were on bachelor party trip when their boat got stuck in a sand bar. that's the excuse they're giving.
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>> oh, geez. >> never know. drinking, boating? >> i'm on a boat. i wasn't going to go there, and did you. katie, often, too often think alike. >> and oh, dear. the dress you're wearing today , if people can't tell, it is deer. >> it is indeed, trying get as close to nature as possible today with the eclipse happening, coy not in time finds any kind of eclipse print. have to work on that for 2024 i suppose. at least for now. with a we are going to experience here today more sun than anything. and dow think the view for today's partial eclipse here in the delaware valley looks pretty darn good. look what's happening with a view of very wide look at storm scan3. you have got mass of thunderstorms rumbling through , parts of iowa right now, and there is a frontal boundery that's going to be lifting into the area specially into tomorrow, but we will potentially even as early as later this afternoon or early evening see a spotty shower or thunderstorm. now, the thing is, it looks right now like the viewing is still going to be pretty
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spectacular during the partial eclipse. so recall that the eclipse will be getting underway 1:21 here with good visibility, that good visibility continues as its maxing out with near 80 % of the clips viewable here in our area. and then, as the event is wrapping up near 4:01 p.m., visibility remains good. so four casted highs today upper 80s, couple of patchy clouds at absolute worse, you should have no major problems whatsoever with your viewing through that span of time. now dew points at the moment are relatively low. mid or lower 60s even in the 50's, allentown, mount pocono. feels good outside with time that humidity will begin to ramp up however specially tomorrow with dew points into the 70s. it will feel as hot as the century mark for many of you. now meantime, yes, still head today. this is very close to where we will ends up on the thermometer. no major addition toss how it will feel when it comes to the dew point. stays somewhat low. by wednesday, starting to fall back down again, as cold front clears the area. so humidity get nicer and more
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comfortable throughout that span of time. all clear at the moment out in our live neighborhood network, offer in the distance, center city totally viewable, as will be the total partial eclipse. at the shore, hit the jackpot. uv index very high. latter on the sun block, rip current nice and low. winds nice and light. you won't have to worry about any wet weather down the shore here today. if we see any at all again it is spotty but primarily inland southeast pa the primary target. tomorrow the showers and storms become more numerous, tomorrow night into early wednesday morning. that is your cold front. once that clears out of here temperatures drop, humidity does the same, skies clear out , and thursday and friday heck the weekend right now all look absolutely beautiful, meisha. >> look at that, friday, saturday, sunday, dipping into the 70s, katie, all right. thank you so much. very good morning to all of you. happy monday. so we're back at it, kicking off another brand new work week together. looking outside right now, starting to see some levels build. so what we are looking at is the boulevard, both directions
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looking good. right now usually when we start to see our first shift of the morning. that's actually what we are seeing, more vehicles starting to get out there. good news, all of the roadways are dry, not dealing with any weather elements, no visible issues, clear, nice dry roadways. that will help thus morning. 422 near oaks, what we are looking at in both directions, looking good, starting to maybe build, but again seeing headlights out there overall everyone, no matter where you are, still traveling posted speeds. blue route near the schuylkill , looking good as well. anywhere on the blue route, anywhere on the schuylkill, both directions, looking nice there. we do, however, and we have had a couple of accidents this morning. so just heads up. so this one in mt. laurel route 38 westbound the ram top 295 southbound, that right now is partially blocked, already starting to see some yellow pop up on the censors maps, too. but traveling around maybe at slightly less than posted speeds. so just heads up on this. when we start to see this kind of activity early on in the morning, usually precursor of what's to come. hopefully not. but it is, we are having some issues out there. so also looking at overturned
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vehicle, on the a.c. expressway westbound, that's garden state parkway, that's now since been cleared. also, looking at overturned tractor-trailer little earlier mlk around the art museum, both directions on mlk were closed down, also been cleared that's good news. a.c. expressway big thumbs-up. we are however still talking about an accident north wales. so walnut st., smartly street, that road partially blocked. again some of the areas starting to show some yellow, helping you know starting to put on your breaks little bit, slowing down maybe ever so slightly. if you're in any of the areas i always say if you can avoid it, great. if you can't, give yourself couple every extra minute. looking at construction clues, just reminder talking about this little earlier. roosevelt boulevard north and southbound between cottman avenue, ninth street, outer lanes between nine a.m. and 3:00 p.m., and 7:00 p.m., to 5:00 a.m., are going to be closed. so just heads up on. that will and also, another reminder of this one too, route 23 ramp to 422 eastbound
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closed through late fall, first avenue ramp is your alternate. newspaper headlines from across the region, trentonian, one teen shot, another pistol whipped early yesterday morning in trenton. police say 19 year old man suffering from a gunshot wound to the hip walked into the hospital around two a.m. and told police he was shot while in the 100 block of columbus avenue. when police arrived at the scene, they found a 16 year old male who had been pistol whipped. >> and the bucks county courier times a planned expansion of the doylestown airport has received support recently, from the bucks county commissioner necessary. bucks county airport authority will use $660,000 loan to purchase a 28-acre property in buckingham, that's adjacent to the airport. >> burlington county times, a evening of unity, love and life music, non-de nominal church the haven held worship night on sunday at the burlington county amp theater as a way to bring people together. >> that's a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware vale. and up next.
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pat is here with your morning sports. good morning, pat. >> good morning, guys. we'll get you set for the eagles next pre-season battle, most important game on the the exhibition schedule. plus catch of the year candidate in the junior league world series, you have got to see the incredible
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>> i was highly confused, thought he was talking about a beer. >> different definition there. >> pat here with your morning supports. >> good morning, guys. on thursday the philadelphia eagles play the most important game of the four pre-season games when they take on jay cutler and the miami dolphins at the linc, when the first teams get their most reps including important connections like carson wentz
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to alshon jeffrey. but before that the two teams will take part in joint practices at the nova care complex starting today. over the weekend, wide receivers coach mike gross said alshon jeffrey was behind after missing some practice with a shoulder injury. this play right here, mentioned alshon ran the wrong route, which led to punt, which jeffrey conceded was true. the eagles are hoping to clean that up thursday when the starters are likely to play. the phillies manage add late inning rally in san francisco yesterday to win five-two, reese hoskins hit his fifth homerun in just his 11th game with the team. the phils split the series with the giants, but it was a rough west coast road trip for the phils as they went two and five. they return home to face the marlins tomorrow night, aaron nola will get the start. >> you don't know jack. but let's meet kennett square native jack, jr. league series , shear jack with the insane catch and the landing.
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unreal. he goes over the wall, in stride, makes the flip, beautiful. chinese would win the game, jack made one of the snags of the year. he's never going to forget that one. it seems not everyone is excited about today's eclipse. take, for instance, alabama coach, nick sabin, known for his stoic borderline miserable demeanor. he was asked if he made preparations for his players to view the eclipse during practice today. >> you know, we set it up so if the flares want to go out there and get some sunglasses they can look at it if they can. that's not something that i'm real that i focused on right now. you know, i watch the weather channel every day. they're already saying what it will look like in every city in america. so what is going to be significant? >> he's mr. sunshine. >> that's misery right there. >> clearly. >> gosh. >> i know, right? >> loosen up a little bit. >> he's always known to be
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that kind of guy. come on, nick. >> they're okay to go out there with their sunglasses if you want. >> can you imagine if that's your dad or your grand dad? >> you con graduated college, great go, out and get a job. >> appreciate t coming up in the next half hour, tell you some of the deals you can get today because of the eclipse. >> yes, we'll have tell for you, live report from wall street. also following developing story overseas. where ten sailors are missing after a us navy war ship collided with another vessel. henry? >> reporter: in philadelphia, we're manning out the last few pairs of cbs-3 official eclipse glasses, the report coming up in just a bit. >> i hope he has security around him, he'll be mopped. -- mobbed. katie will be back with your forecast. when we come back. when we come back. stay with us. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet
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>> good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim done cran. straight i and meisha will be here along in a moment. today is monday, august 21. >> it is going to be pretty awesome. >> real ' really excited. >> today is the day, the moon and the sun team to up put on a spectacular show in the sky. the partial solar eclipse will peak at 2:44 p.m. this afternoon in


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