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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 25, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> hurricane harvey could be the most destructive car storm to make landfall. hurricane hunters flew into the storm which has strength ends now to category two. we'll have a report from texas , where some areas could get 35 inches of rain. inch credible there. also, the birds were flying high at the linc, where they won another pre-season game. we'll have a look at the offense, and hear from quarterback carson wentz. >> live look at bethlehem help and the lehigh val think morning, wacking to up cool, comfortable temperatures, great news for the walkers in this year's komen three day which kicks off today. and today is friday, august
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25th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie is off. matt, meisha, keep an eye on things this morning. >> yes, we, are tgif you guys. funny, friday's, all so excited, get so exhausted at the same time after a long week. we know this is your monday. >> i'm more rest dollars and ready to go. >> hey, our construction workers out there, are tired, too, still out there on the roadways, lots of construction to get tonight nice dry roadways. >> dry roadways, no rain in the forecast for us, we will be looking great all weekends long, so keep our fingers crossed that we continue, rounds of applause from jim donovan, but it is going to be a very nice friday afternoon, waking up, unfortunately, to couple of showers. here on this friday morning, but overall, all of this precipitation it, gets out of here, most likely even before sunrise. sunrise is right around 6:20 or so. and i can't imagine that we see the rain hang on really much longer than that, it could even last that long. storm scan3, looking at berks
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county here, reading, back just little bit north, or excuse me, south of route 78. that's where we're seeing some more moderate rainfall. looks lie at this -- looks like, waking up in the lehigh vale don't be surprised if you get some showers down across delaware, as well, see light shower activity for you, too. and it is continuing to track eastward, again, this is very light. take the umbrella here early on. you won't need it later in the day. sixty-seven in philly currently. sixty-two down the shore f you are in the poconos, it is 52 here early on in the morning. check out our regional forecast for the rest of the day. we top out at 80 degrees in philly later this afternoon. and it get even cooler down the shore, we top out at 78. poconos at 70. lots of low humidity out there , and meisha, you know, we all love the sunshine, and that's the biggest thing that we will focus on. >> yes. the biggest mood lifter, nothing else, like the sunshine coming down specially on a friday. thank you so much, matt. looking outside, things actually looking pretty good in the world of travel, also early, we crack into the 5:00 hour, start to see things
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shift, but on friday morning it will hold like this little bit into the 5:00. little deeper than the 5:00 hour, so the vine not closed overnight, you can see, westbound, eastbound, big thumbs-up. looking great on the vine. and 95 at girard, kind of the same story here. starting to see neighbors and your friends out there, but overall still traveling at posted speeds, 59 still looking great. we were talking about that resurfaced overnight resurface fast project on the schuylkill , between blue route , gladwynn, this camera shot showing you around the blue route, right lane still compromised, how much, getting reports now that crews are now cleaning it up and moving out of your way. same story here. on 95, we had construction 95 north between route 413 and business route one. one lane was open. crews are moving out of this area, as well, so a lot of this construction starting to kind of wrap up little bit. construction on the boulevard, as well, still out, there southbound between cottman, bustleton. outer lanes are closed. still showing green. we'll keep an eye on that for this morning, jim, back over to you.
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>> hurricane harvey quickly making its way toward the gulf costes it strengthened overnight to category two hurricane. >> and it looks to be the most powerful storm to make landfall in the u.s. since 2005. cbs news correspondent don champion, in texas, where resident are being urged to evacuate immediately. >> corpus christi texas, flown north to north, as harvey honed in. national hurricane center called still strengthening storm life threatening. it is expected to bring perilous winds, historic flooding, and destructive storm surge along the texas gulf coast. >> expect as much as six to 12 . >> in the flood prone city of houston, harvey could be catostrophic event if the storm surge is just a bit higher. houston ship channel is the second largest oil and gas complex in the world. >> we could see the worsen vier mental disaster in the united state history, and probably set down, cause major gap in gasoline.
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>> as if harvey making landfall here isn't enough, weather models show the storm stalling out, and staying here in southeast texas, for several days, dumping as much as 35 inches of rain on some areas. >> the concern here, as it works it way back down to the southeast, possibly out over the open water we could be seeing maybe restrengthening going into tuesday of next week. coastal residents are taking harvey seriously, many boarded up their homes, and stock up on supplies, as officials urged them to get out and head as far inland as possible. >> the more watching it, i'm just not going to take that chance. >> governor of texas has already declared pre-emptive state of disaster, don champion, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> well, from scary stuff to some good stuff, eagles wrapped up their third pre-season game last night at the linc. >> still getting a feel for what the team will look like this season. here's sport director don bell with more from the link. >> pre-season game number three is in the books. and the highlight of the night
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came in the offense and carson wentz, let's go ahead, show the highlights, as they take on the miami dolphins. here at lincoln financial field. pick it up in the first quarter. wents on third down. looking deep. got a man. 50 yards touchdown, and the eagles take early seven- nothing lead. that's why torri is in philly. later on, trouble forecaster on. tip and pick. and the dolphins would later score a touchdown, thanks to that defensive play. but back from the birds they would not see the turn. wentz, finding another new target. alshon jeffrey. 15-yard touchdown. wentz, six for ten, 129 yards, two touchdowns, and the pick that we showed you, the birds win 38 to 31, afterward, wentz was asked if he's ready for the season open nerve washington. >> feels good. i feel confident. i'm thankful that for the most part everyone pretty healthy too. so i think this offense tonight was a good showing for us, like i said, interception
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was unfortunate, but we moved the ball well. and for the start he is it is excite to go start getting ready for wash with a wash. >> the regular season opener september 10th. but before we get there, there is one final pre-season game left that is next thursday against the jets in the meadowlands. coming to you from lincoln financial field, i'm don bell for cbs-3, eyewitness sports. >> and coming up at 6:00 don bell will take a look at the birds' defense, last night's game, and still early, but eagles fans, feeling pretty good this year, right? some of them weighed in last night outside of the linkment take a listen. >> keep this up. do this in regular season. we can do something. >> they're playing really really well. their defense was on point. the offense should have been a little bit better but they did really good. >> as don just said, eagles play against the jets of the pre-season. >> speak every football, new report calling nfl draft in philadelphia, an economic
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success. the report was commissioned by the philadelphia convention and visitor's bureau, says the draft brought in nearly $95 million for the city well above the estimated 8 million that was originally projected, a record breaking 250,000 people attend the the draft on the ben franklin parkway. we're still waiting to hear if philadelphia will host the draft again next year. >> state of florida has execute add death row inmate, administering lethal injection drug never before used in the u.s. fifty-three year old mark was put to death using a three drug injection, that began with the anesthetic, approved by the florida supreme court, they say the drug has not been use fad excuse. first execution in more than 18 months, convict in the 1987 of two racially motivated murders. >> new this morning, police are investigating a home invasion in north philadelphia , that ended in gunfire. officers say just before 1:30 this morning two armed men broke into a home on the 3,000 block of north 23rd street.
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when one of the residents ran for the front door, she was shot in the back. she is currently in critical condition. police are questioning two men they have no motive yet. >> two men are in the hospital overnight after overnight shooting in east germantown. police say they heard shots on the 1300 block of east rid end rittenhouse street before 1:00 y arrived, car sped away from the scene. it crashed into a house. just few blocks away. driver in custody. his passenger, though, ran away. police are still looking into the cause of the shooting. police are investigating a deadly shooting in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. chopper three was over the scene near north front and west lippincott streets, just after 9:00 last night. authorities tell tulles, the 39 year old victim was shot at least three times, he was returned to temple university hospital. where he died a short time later. so far no word on a motive or arrest. >> this morning a community is outraged after racist graffiti found on the school in bucks
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county days before the start of the school year. vandals scrubbed on the sign outside of herbert hoover elementary school in langhorne fright night. "eyewitness news" was there as community members discussed the issue last night. organizers held a meeting so people could share their concerns over the vandalism. also discussed ways to stop act like this from happening again. >> it didn't surprise me. it is a good time to have this discussion. >> police believe the same person who vandalized this sign also defaced apartments near the school the same night the graffiti has been removed. >> hiker struck by lightning, and survives. finds out what happened to him at the moment of impact. >> also, this morning, hear from the good samaritan who helped rescue 81 year old man from this burning car. henry? >> reporter: i'm henry rossoff in willow grove. susan g. komen three day is about to kick off.
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we'll have a live report just on the other side of this commercial break. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> walk on, well, we are wishing all of this year's walkers a safe journey as they make their way through the delaware valley. >> and we'll have some real wonderful weather, too. matt has the forecast when we come back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> a hiker was struck by lightning in northern california, hiking in the see eras, when a storm quickly developed overhead. video from the rescue chopper shows us the damage to the peak where the hiker was stands whg he was struck. the bolt literally blew the clothes off his body, burning a scholl in one every his shoes. he's expected to make a recovery. >> five people risk their lives to help rescue a man in a burning car. police arrived on scene to find this raging inferno along highway 12 in pasco, before elderly driver lost control and crashed sparking the fire.
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other drivers jumped in to action to free a 81 year old man trapped inside. >> just asked to help him, you know, that's all we did. you kind of don't think. you just act. just kind of unreal to think that, you know, 30, 40 seconds was the difference between life and death for this guy. >> time something everything. fortunately the driver was not injured, but medics took him to the hospital as a precaution. wow. just wilds. susan g. komen three day walk in philadelphia kicks off today. >> hundreds of men and women will be joining in the fight against breast cancer. "eyewitness news" henry ross off outside the willow grove park mall, where the walkers will start their journey in just a couple of hours, good morning, henry. >> reporter: good morning, jim , rahel. the finishing touches being put on the staging area behind me, off in the distance, by that check in tent over there, you can see, some of those walkers are just starting to arrive live right now. these folks will be going 06 miles over three days, each
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walker to raise $2,300 in donations, to help ends breast cancer. there are about 17 stops along the way, today's stops include for anyone interested in coming out to cheer along the crowd, chestnut hill, morris arboretum, flourtown, for, since 2005, philadelphia three day has raised more than 68 million in the fight to ends breast cancer. this all comes to an end sunday at the navy yard in philly. we have route information at we will be here all morning, filing live reports, checking in with walkers as they arrive live in willow grove, henry rossoff, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." thank you, henry. >> so we will see henry throughout the show, also, we'll have more for you on the komen three day life after live time on line. and updates from the walk, be sure to check out our website at >> they can't ask for better weather. remember, i think fewer years
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ago a monsoon hit here, snow is great stuff. >> today, tomorrow, the following day, the next day, take it away, matt. >> all the days, all the days, fantastic weather for us here in the delaware valley. it will be great weather for the susan g. komen race for lifetime of course the next couple every days. but, we have some showers that could potentially show up maybe next week, but it is nothing like what the folks down in the gulf are preparing for. hurricane harvey of course what i'm talking about, currently right now, a hurricane, excuse me, category two hurricane, it is forecasted to strengthen as it continues to barrel toward the texas coastline, and it is a little bit of information for you, this would be the first major hurricane, if it does reach category three status, the first major hurricane to hit the continental us since 2005, the hurricane that did that was wilma, which was also a hurricane, or excuse me, category three, that hit florida and just little bit more, kind of history for folks, yesterday, was the 25th e andrew, making landfall in florida, and we all know in
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1992 how much damage that did. it was quite the hurricane, it is one of the things that got me interested in weather, back when i was younger. so, let's take a look what harvey will do for the next 24 , 36 hours or so. it will be traveling on to the texas coastline, right around the houston area, inbetween houston and brownsville, around corpus christi, where we are expecting the landfall. check out these rainfall rate. they could be as high as 20 to 25, maybe even 30 plus inches of rain, in some areas of southeastern texas, because this system is just going to spin over top of the area, after it makes landfall. so this could be potentially a cool involve i can storm, even if it is not one of the strongest that has ever made landfall in the continental united state. now, here back closer to home, we do have our share of some showers here this morning, but they're already starting to fizzle out. it is really not going to be too much after problem for you you see maybe little bit of moderate rainfall there, just south of 78, in berks county, but across philly this morning , looking relatively dry. maybe couple of light showers
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in southern montgomery county, and back down into delaware, also, few light showers, from dover, through milford, and back down into in fact maybe close to the rehoboth area. overall it will be a dry day for us, especially in the afternoon, most of these showers don't even make it past about sunrise or so, which is about 6:20, so looking into that 8:00, 9:00 time frame, looks like it should be a dry, drive to work , for pretty much everybody. looking even into tomorrow, looks pretty good. sunday, we wrap the weekend up with plenty of sunshine, taking a g a look at the seven day forecast, 08 degrees today , 79 tomorrow, back to zero eight sunday for the komen race, the next chance for few showers don't come all the way until next. >> thank you so much for. that will good morning to all of you, hammy friday. so looking outside right now, at frozen camera shot. this is actually in delaware. we do have construction, the back up shot. tail lights, 59 north between delaware service area, christianna, three lanes block there. you can see just how busy it
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is, three lanes blocked, already, this early hour in the 5:00 hour we're seeing major slow downs around the area. so, pretty much still showing bumper to bumper. blue route another mid-county actually looking real nice, basically any camera shot we lock at the blue route looking good. same story with the boulevard, you can see, if you are pushing in the southbound direction, toward the schuylkill, enjoy those nice open roadways. you can see some of your friends and neighbors with the headlight. but overall the boulevard still looking good. so we do have construction crews still throughout in certain areas, blue route, before bloom all, upper darby, left lane compromised showing a lot of green. letting you know you're still moving around at posted speeds , as you should. and then, also, 76, between 676, route 130, three lanes, each way, block here, ballings of some more construction, so we definitely still have some crews out there. it is just that a lot of the overnight construction project , those have kind of lifted, moved out of the way. route 70 between haddonfield road and 29, a one lane block, this is block in each direction, looking around there. still showing a lot of green
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out there. and, also, route 90, i believe , still throughout with construction, near the betsy ross bridge, eastbound between betsy ross and 73, two lanes are blocked there, rahel, jim, back over to you. >> all right, meisha, thank you. and now for look at newspaper headlines from -- headlines from across our region. philadelphia man arrested for rocking robbing a bank in abington, 54 year old man whose name is being withheld pending filing of criminal charges was taken into custody after police say he fled the t d bank old york road with a undisclosed amount of cash. >> and the spirit, delaware county, prime place for human trafficking. that's according to the delaware county anti-human trafficking coalition. the group says the county's location near major roadways, proximity to philadelphia international airport, and any number of hotels and mo tells, makes it attractive location for traffickers. >> from the press of atlantic city, wildwood wood would host thousands of peel for the
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annual roar to the shore motorcycle rally. event rides from september 7th e tenth. the the rally includes live entertainment as well as food and merchandise centers. >> that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> and, up next, some get treated to spa like experience , we'll show you. >> in the spotlight for days, now the city of philadelphia wants to know your opinion on what should be done with the frank rizzo statue. we will tell you how you can way in, as "eyewitness news" this morning continues.
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>> world series cubs are in
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town tonight to take on the phils. >> hit eight homeruns in the first games with the phils still still manage to lose to the marlins yesterday nine to eight. the phanatic got tossed from the game yesterday as well, our friend from the islands got little too handsy with a empire, sent to the showers earl. >> i that's because the phanatic had more time to hang out with these adorable pup ills, you remember them. we showed you on the show, george and ralph the philadelphia police department 's new pups, being trained to search for explosives, but right now, they're working on their socialization skills, the police department says if you do see the puppies out be sure to ask for permission from their handler before petting them. always good advice. >> speaking of pup ills, it is national dog day tomorrow. some philadelphians took their pups to get just in time. >> the boutique and hotel in old city washed dogs for free, all part of the fourth annual dog day of summer event. >> with their dogs all clean,
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some even took family portraitsment look at this, so adorable. many of those attended did make donation to the animal shelter save me. >> good all around there. women, coming up in the next who half hour, we'll tell you how hurricane harvey is expected to increase gas price >> more preparations down south, much of the gulf coast braces for impact. we'll show you how hospitals will working to keep their most vulnerable patients safe during the storm and an incredible gift. we'll tell you what this woman is getting red at this donate, and the special connection she has to the recipient. when we come back.
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>> good morning, first, here's what you need to start your day in the morning minute, today is friday, august 25th. >> boarding up and getting out hurricane harvey is picking upstream, and headed for the gulf coast. residents aren't taking any chances. >> a community gathers together, calling for an end to hate after racist graffiti is found outside a local elementary school. >> will not be accepted in our - >> to have this discussion. >> a strong pre-season performance from the eagles, beating theol


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