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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  August 26, 2017 2:07am-2:41am EDT

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ma theseare heading back home.y oil nu loso fo thanks to dawn, rescue workers only trust dawn, because it's tough on grease yet gentle. i am home, i am home, i am home all right welcome back to comics unleashed. claude you love going out drinking? >> i love going out drinking. i'm not going to lie to you.
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here is the thing. when i drink i feel very sexy. i feel confident like i look like brad pitt. >> you drink a lot don't you. >> the reality is i look more like beaker from the muppets. meep meep-meep. i bought this girl a ig drink last weekend. she was rude to me. just because you are buying me a drink. doesn't mean i'm going to do you. all right. well just because i want to do you doesn't mean i think you're attractive. >> you know that's right. >> why do you think i'm drinking so much. >> one more time because if i buy you a drink we married. believe me. >> so you miss the frank sinatra
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days? >> i kind of miss those days. and my the frank sinatra days i mean, you know, back in the day when there were secretaries instead of administrative assistants. back when the girl would come to work in a mini skirt and you could slap her on the [ bleep ]. we can't even complement a girl at work anymore without getting trouble. hey nice rack. can't do it. there will be a manager meeting. don't want that. frank sinatra could say whatever he wanted know what i mean? cool. and misogyny was just great for him. he'd be up there and like that's why the lady is a tramp. do me. >> you doing something to make extra money? >> sometimes. i did have to come up with like 600 dollars because i had to get an emergency root canal and there is no insurance in comedy. so a friend of mine told me that
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i should go on craigslist and i'm not going to do anything illegal but i'll take a like. and i went on craigslist and saw this link and the guy kept saying dollar signs for worn panti panties. i was like how much you paying. he was like 300 dollars as long as it's worn. so i met him like at the rite aide parking lot. he came up and i'm like you got the money? i rolled down my window. and he actually handed me 300 bucks. and i had my grandma costco underwear and i gave it to him and he grabbed it from me and shoved it in his pants and then like ran from the parking lot in like two seconds. and i'm like well, let me know if you want some more. and then i go home and i keep checking my e-mail hoping i get some feedback or something. you know what i mean?
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and then a week when by and he never wrote me. i'm like what is my underwear not good enough? you know what i mean. so i actually wrote this pervert and i was like well what did you think? he actually wrote me back right away. he goes you were no fun and it was too clean. what kind of perv are you. people are specific about the stains. i got what you need. all you said is as long as it's worn. do you know what i mean? be specific. because i don't have to work. if i constantly met this guy once a day i'd never have to do my laundry. i'll have that laund aupdry fil with my dirty drawers. people would be like aren't you going to watch that. i'm like no it's my pot of gold you. got to make ends meet somehow.
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th thank you. >> wow. >> yeah. that is i must tell you is -- was one of the funniest yet one of the strangest stories i heard at the same time. how things going with your dad? >> you know i love my dad but he is a judgmental dude. i don't know if you got parents like this. but the only way my father remembers my friend is by the worst mistake they ever made. i see my high school buddies. dad, i just saw john b. you know that kid who got a dui and puked on my couch? oh, yeah. he's working with tony. remember tony? yeah. you mean the one who knocked up the stripper? how is cinnamon? >> what do you think of internet dating? >> i have mixed feelings about internet dating. i won't do it anymore. but i did try about five years ago. i did meet a guy. we had a nice tiner and at the end of the dinner when the check game the guy at that point told
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me he forgot his wallet. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> and i was, you know -- i was shocked. asian women don't pay. it is just the way it is. asian women never have to pay. and people are like i don't get it. why don't asian women pay? exotic. thank you. and i looked at the bill and it was almost $150. because i ordered up. i didn't think i was gonna have to pay, you know. and i got screwed and i was thinking well now that i'm going to pay for it, you better believe it. i made him put out. do you know what i mean? i didn't get to get jig give wigy with him but i was thinking about my 150 dollars. and i brought him home and the moment we get home he started taking his clothes out. and i was like no fool. i paid. this is my time. that's right. and you can start with my dishes over there in the corner.
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her rules make me want to run away from home. i want to have that same extend. soon she opened the refrigerator. close that refrigerator. as soon as he go outside. mama make up your mind. inside our outside. can't keep running out of my house. >> how do you stay in shape? >> i do travel a lot. i didn't don't have to join the gym. there are a lot of asian american women named grace lee. i just walk into any club and like grace lee. and they're like go on in ms. lee. and ooh that's not funny. they keep your picture on file. >> do you speak korean. >> yeah i speak korean. it is a little mixed like my mom speaks a little dplish with korean. it is like a weird communication. my mom wants i s ice cream.
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and she's like get the hug and die. and like what? what flavor do you want many toe get? and i she's like you know, the lucky load. >> all right. give them a round of applause. thank you for coming out with us. come back again, and you at home until next time, keep laughing.
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. right now on eyewitness, fierce winds and to your rain pound the texas gulf coast. hurricane harvey are expected to hear the impact.
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the remaining days summer, i'm jessica dean, coming to you live from haddonfield new jersey. the latest stop for cbs3 summerfest, so much to see and do, it's about ten miles from philadelphia, a short drive away, but so much to look forward to and to enjoy, we'll get to all of that. before we do, we first want to update you on hurricane harvey. that is battering texas right now. it has been recently made landfall on the gulf coast right about 11:00, our time tonight and we've been closely monitoring it throughout the evening, that hurricane strengthed to a category 4 with sustained wind speeds of 130 miles per hour. forecasts are calling this a life-threatening storm, authorities predict it could potentially cause flooding in communities 100 miles inland. also late tonight, we know president trump announce on twitter he signed a disaster declaration for texas.
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meteorologist kate bilo is here with us in haddonfield. let's go to her her, kate, what can you tell us about the latest on harvey? >> harvey just a catastrophic storm. the wrath is just beginning. once we get past the major hurricane impacts. we'll also be dealing with days upon days of catastrophic rainfall and threat for devastating flooding across much of south texas and into louisiana. here's it latest. as we said, it made landfall around 11:00 our time, 10:00 central time, you can see the eye has come on shore and watch the spin around that eye maintains its strength and a very strong dangerous storm still over portions of south texas, there have been reports of people trapped inside a building. building collapsed in rock port texas with people inside as the eye moves on. you can see it right there, the landfall is between these.
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the northern end about four miles east of rock port texas and you can see that's where the eye is. notice the barrier islands bearing the brunt of a storm surge flooding. the most dangerous impact of a land failing hurricane. we can see tornado from a landfalling hurricane. still a category 4 storm, it will weaken as it starts to move over land, right now, the sustained wind to 130 miles an hour. and watch how it just spins, if it moves back over the warm coastal waters, it possibly could even restrengthen and head back to the houston area as a tropical storm hanging around through at least next wednesday and take a week at these rainfall amounts. as of annual rainfall in corpus christi is about 31 inches rain. there's chance that we can see that just from this storm. latest rainfall amounts for houston expecting to expecting
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over 20 inch, national hurricane center talking about rainfall amounts up to 40 inch, catastrophic flooding expected with harvey just made landfall along the coast of texas as a major category 4 hurricane and the mac will continue through night with those 130 miles an hour. more on harvey and a close:00 on our forecast much better in the philadelphia area for weekend. that's coming up in a just a few minutes. send it back to you >> just devastating statistics there. our hearts go out to the people in texas. sounds like they're in for it. we want to go to alexandria hoff who's live in center city, joining us with more on the efforts the local efforts to help those involved in hurricane harvey. >> reporter: jessica, two philadelphia area volunteers are already on the ground in texas
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and the red cross plans to send more out tomorrow. help is already on its way for more than 1300 miles away. the red cross is southeastern pennsylvania ready to assist with what will be a massive endeavor, offering aid amidst a storm with millions in its path. >> it will impact or community in the sense of the resources that we need to marshall, to support those affected >> hurricane harvey is expected to make landfall are flooding and high winds have already made an mac. the storm is expected to officer over houston, what could be up to three feet of devastating rainfall alongside tornado strength winds, but busses continue to shuttle hundreds out of corpus christi. coastal hotels in the panel have been cleared, babies flown north is to safety and those boarding north before fleeing fear what
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they will return home to >> if we're going to come back to home or what damage. >> at philadelphia international airport, moving in on to gas >> u penn student and houston resident jeffrey lee took off from home just in time. but thoughts will remain with her family riding out the storm in texas. >> definitely concerned. yeah. everyone concerned about what's going to happen during the storm. flooding and what's going to happen afterwards. >> reporter: now, in new jersey, ten red cross volunteers are now in texas, and they, too, plan to send more people and more supplies. reporting live in center city, alexandria hoff, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thanks so much, our coverage of hurricane harvey continues later in the show. the storm is brink back memories for people along the new jersey coast. five years after super storm sandy we'll talk about how things changed for them.
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kate will have an update on harvey's track coming up in a bit. it's friday night and we're here in haddonfield for cbs3 summerfest and to kind of get that started, we want to take you back in time. the camden and atlantic railroad has been a hub of activity. the revolutionary war came right through the center of town, the quakers protested the war but it is a celebrated part of haddonfield's past and certainly if you walk u
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statue reminder of the once towering dinosaur that roamed the area. back in 1858 dr. joseph discovered eug


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