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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  October 3, 2017 3:10am-4:01am EDT

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learn how you can help at cbs news justice and homeland security correspondent jeff pegues working law enforcement sources and here's what he has found out. about the gunman. >> reporter: after steven paddock checked into mandalay bay hotel in las vegas last thursday. investigators say he spent the next three days gambling in the casino and he stockpiled a cache of 19 weapons, mixture of handguns and rifles in his hotel rooms. two of the guns were on tripods. police and the fbi are now trying to determine the motive. >> we are shocked, horrified, completely dumbfounded. about this. >> eric paddock, the killer's brother says he was interviewed by investigators for four hours. >> the fact that he had those kinds of weapons is -- just,
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just, where the hell did he get automatic weapons? >> anything? >> nothing. no religious affiliation, political affiliation, he just hung out. >> steven paddock was an accountant. family members say recently a professional gambler who had won large jack pots. a licensed hunter and pilot who rented, owned and sold multiple properties in four states over the last four decades. paddock's father was once on the fbi's most wanted list. the 1969 notice described benjamin hoskins, paddock, a bank robber and psychopathic and considered armed and dangerous. until last night's mass shooting, steven paddock's only run-in with law enforcement was the 2009 parking ticket. >> it was well planned out. >> former fbi profiler says paddock may have been planning at take for years. >> he had a view of the concert, and he probably had gone to other rooms and chose
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specifically this room. so there was surveillance, that likely occurred before this event. >> a search of paddock's home turned up 18 additional weapons. thousands of rounds of ammunition and explosives to. day, isis claimed responsibility for this attack. investigators say so far they have found no link between paddock and the terrorist organization. anthony. >> jeff pegues, thanks, jeff. people who encountered paddock recently are also having a tough time believing he could have committed mass murder. demarco morgan has that. >> as soon as i saw the name it was an instant recognition. >> steven paddock purchased a shotgun from chris michael back in february. >> we have code words between us as staff if something just doesn't feel right, if something doesn't look right, we will do
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everything we can to ak sthael stop the sale. and in none of the alarms went up from any of the staff that dealt with him. >> reporter: today law enforcement, searched paddock's mesquite, nevada home. mesquite police officer quinn everett. >> we haven't had any run-ins with him. >> he is a nice guy. he was kind of quirky, but a nice guy. >> paddock's neighbors described him as quiet, unsocial, having an odd sense of humor. but not as violent. >> just, just kind of unbelievable, to thin somebody who was, you know, in our community, a member of our community could possibly go out and do something like that. it just, it just unbelievable. >> paddock was a licensed hunter and was hunter and freak wented gun shops. he lived here with his girlfriend who its out of the country. at this time, law enforcement believe she was not involved. >> demarco more gain mesquite. thanks. and we're back in just a moment. >> coming up stories from inside
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a lifetime of difference. learn the signs at when the engines failed on the plane i was flying, i knew what to do to save my passengers. but when my father sank into depression, i didn't know how to help him. when he ultimately shot himself, he left our family devastated. don't let this happen to you. if you or a loved one is suicidal, call the national suicide prevention lifeline. no matter how hopeless or helpless you feel, with the right help, you can get well. cbs cares. this is the cbs overnight news. before the shooting had even stopped, people in the audience were rushing to help the wounded. some giving aid, off duty cops and firefighters. others were ex-military.
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adriana diaz has their story. >> reporter: minutes after the shooting began, law enforcement scrambled to the scene. >> we have multiple casualties. gsw to the medical tent. multiple casualties. >> reporter: there were already offduty first responders in the crowd attending the concert for fun. >> this is the first body, first victim. >> look robert hays with the l.a. fire department there with his wife and friend. >> what was it in you that made you stay, made you go from person to person to see how you could help? >> honestly because -- if, if -- if that was someone in my family, that's what i would have wanted somebody to do for me. >> oh, my god. >> he describes the scene as a war zone. with victims being helped by strangers. >> everybody was coming together to try to work. there was people sitting there that wouldn't leave people. that were shot.
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and -- and, strangers. >> didn't even know. >> yeah. >> we need your truck. we need to get people over to the hospital okay. >> okay. go ahead. put them all in the back. >> reporter: some improvised to help victims turning their personal vehicles into ambulances. >> there was a gentleman that was shot, and, he said can you help me? and so i put him in my car, i had like six people in my car. people with, without shoes. running. just to get away. and -- >> in the midst of chaos, there was hope. vanessa is a nurse from orange county, california. >> everyone was communicating working together. you got this person you got this person. you got this person. it was, it was completely horrible, but it was absolutely amazing to see all the people come together. >> some of the first responders,
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also became victims. several officers and firemen who were both on and off duty were shot. and a las vegas police officer was killed. >> adriana diaz, thank you. >> i spoke with brothers, cory and craig nyman watching the concert steps away from the band. >> did people realize what was happening? >> no. so, well, it's kind of, when you heard the first couple sound. a woman went down. we dent know what was going on. she didn't know what was going on. she was there. then, a woman. >> we looked at her cowboy boot. something punctured the leather in the boot. right as the that was happening. everything happened so fast. you could hear the first round really go off. >> how long did the shooting go on for? >> at least, 10, 15 minutes. there was breaks. it was just, it was going. every time there was a break, you could, crowds of people would move. as he was trying to reload. >> as this was happening what did you see in the crowd? >> just seeing people from all angles, ducking for cover. trying to find safety. >> i saw people on the ground. saw people, literally, everywhere, tears and, and i mean, glass breaking, there just noise. >> pandemonium. >> pretty much. pretty much. >> waiting for the shots.
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waiting for the shots. they stopped. we have to move. made a decision go out the back. a gate that got opened or trampled cars, people. no one knew what to do. people getting carried. people lifeless, there were people everywhere. >> you guys must be in shock today? >> you know, physically, we're, we're thankful and fortunate for everything. mentally, as, residents of, you know the city, as, as fans, as attendees, yeah, it hurts. it, it is, really, like mental trauma on your bed and you never want anything like this to happen. >> coming up next, the president calls the attack, pure evil. but does not label it terrorism. and later, a nurse on treating victim after victim.
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president trump will be coming here to las vegas on wednesday to meet with first responders and families of the victims. this morning, he went on television to comfort americans shaken by yet another mass
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shooting. then he led the nation in a moment of silence. here is major garrett. >> it was an act of pure evil. president trump spoke somberly of sadness, shock, and faith. >> scripture teaches us, the lord is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. >> the president also spoke of togetherness. our unity cannot be shattered by evil. our bonds cannot be broken by violence. and though we feel such great anger, at the senseless murder of our fellow citizens, it is our love that defines us today. >> and the struggle to comprehend madness. >> i know we are searching for some kind of meaning in the chaos, some kind of light, in the darkness. the answers do not come easy. >> words did not come easily for
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press secretary sarah huckabee sanders overcome when describing heroism that in some cases cost lives. >> the memory of who displayed ultimate expression of love in the midst of an act of hate will never fade. >> the white house said this was no time to discuss gun control or any other possible policy response. it was instead a time for silence. and white house mourning. [ bell tolls ] in a 2015 interview after a mass shooting in oregon, candidate trump said gun laws have nothing to do with such crimes all about mental illness and people who slip through the cracks. there is no sign president trump has changed his mind on the topic. anthony. >> major garrett at the white house, thank you, major. next, a trauma nurse who helped treat dozens of victims.
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coming up. stories from inside the deadliest mass shooting in american history. and new information from the investigation. coming up on "cbs
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>> a trauma nurse that worked at sunrise hospital for six years. more than six years. she is currently at a private clinic, but when she heard about the shooting, she went back to sunrise to help. i spoke with her today. >> what sort of injuries did you see? >> all gunshot wounds. extremities, ankles. hands. chest. arm. some people with more severe were taken to the operating room right away. >> uh-huh. >> they were very critical. >> what else did you see that might have missed? >> you know, just a lot of people frantic. asking for their family members. people asking for their spougss. have you seen so and so. have you seen so and so. there is so many people there you don't, no one has a name. everyone under an alias. there is just too many.
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to get names and stuff. that was hard to calm patients looking for their spouse or significant other. there is a young lady, i tried to console, she was, hiemer ventilating. she had gotten shot. her husband had gotten shot. he was shot in the face. she was crying. just had a baby. it was bad. a lot of emotions going on. >> ashley justie told us simply last night was hell. we will be back from las vegas in a moment. back in las vegas. up on the 32nd floor, a gunman opened fire last night.
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killing 59 people and wounding more than 500 others. it's been 68 weeks since what had been the deadliest shooting in modern u.s. history, the pulse nightclub attack in orlando that left 49 dead last year. now, our hearts ache again, for the neighbors we lost in las vegas. flags in washington, and across the nation, were lowered to half-staff today on orders from the president. for a mourning period that will last until sunset this friday. foreign embassies lowered their flags as well. with leaders from the pope to the queen of england offering condolences. and that's the "overnight news" for this tuesday. for some of you, our coverage of the massacre in las vegas continues. for others check back a little later for the morning news, and cbs this morning. from the las vegas strip, i'm anthony mason. thank you for watching.
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[ gunfire ] >> the shots from mandalay bay. >> huge sound. like a jackhammer. massive amounts. burst of gun. >> thought it continued for three minutes straight. >> everybody running. you can see people getting shot. >> we have casualties. gunshot wound to the chest and head. need immediate medical. >> it was chaos. absolute chaos. >> oh, my god.
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>> we pray for the day when evil is banished and the innocent are safe from hatred and from fear. >> announcer: this the cbs "overnight news." the death toll is now at least 59 and the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history. more than 500 others were injured, most from the gunfire. others while attempting to get away. police say the gunman, who had at least 16 weapons, opened fire late last night on thousands of people, attending an open air country music concert. he was shooting from the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel. the gunman, steven paddousk mesquite, nevada took his life before the police got to his hotel room. they're still searching for a me tiff. the bodies of all the victims have now been removed from the arena. this is how the attack unfolded. ♪ ♪ [ gunfire ] >> awful a sudden we heard like three, four, pop, pop, pops. [ gunfire ] everybody looked around.
3:32 am
said it is just firecrackers. [ screams ] >> he's got a gun. >> my husband said that's not firecrackers. that sound like a semiautomatic rifle. [ sirens blaring ] >> shots fired. automatic firearm. >> there is a shooting. there is a shooting. what the [ bleep ]! >> we were sitting ducks. you could hear the bullets coming closer. and then it would get quiet. and they would reload. >> you just see bodies dropping. people getting trampled. it's one of the craziest things i saw people in front of me get hit with bullets. [ gunfire ] >> the shots just kept coming. when we got down, there was a man that was, shot. right there. they were trying to take him out. he was all bloody and unconscious. >> the girl that was standing
3:33 am
right behind me, she got shot in the stomach. >> my husband and i ran out towards our car. and there were people hiding underneath my car, for cover. >> every time there was a break, we ran. and we ran. >> as the gunfire erupted. police raced towards the scene, past the fleeing crowd. don dahler reports now on the chaotic moments. >> shots fired. they came in short tense bursts. messages from first responders, struggling to make sense of the senseless. >> the flashes in the middle of mandalay bay north side. >> reporter: as police made their way towards the sorts of the gunfire. they encountered the injured and dead. >> we have multiple, multiple victims shots fired right at the medical tent. >> with hundreds of rounds slamming into buildings and human's. one officer's voice brought their main task. >> we can't worry about victims. we need to stop the shooter before we have more victims. >> reporter: during the terrifying minutes. the radio calls are narrative of
3:34 am
confusion. >> getting from civilians they may have been three shooters. and mayhem. and professionalism. >> we believe it's the northernmost room on either side. >> reporter: it was a moment they trained for. and after an explosive breach. >> reporter: the s.w.a.t. team burst into the room. the violence was over. >> there is one down inside the room.
3:35 am
>> suspect down. multiple firearms. >> reporter: many officers feried victims to the hospital in their police vehicles. one of the problems they had at the scene though according to the radio messages was civilians going into the police cars and taking their department issued shot guns. anthony, presumably, to defend themselves. >> don dahler, thank, you don. >> the people killed here last night were simply enjoying a beautiful fall evening. just having fun listening to some of their fav rift country artists. they were mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters. sunny melton was a hero. protecting his wife from the bullets. she says she felt him get shot in the back. charleston hartfield, a las vegas police officer and military vet. a friend calls him one of the nicest guys ever. >> rachel parker, worked for the police department in manhattan beach, california. she was a civilian emplyy, on the department's front desk.
3:36 am
>> lisa romero, a mother, grandmother who worked as a high school secretary, in gallup, new mexico. a southern california pta says susan smith was a wonderful woman. an advocate for children. and a friend. and, angie gomez was a riverside california cheerleader. her go fund me page has already surpassed its goal. they, and the rest of the victims, will be missed. now let's go to jeff glor in new york. >> anthony, thank you. a strange twist, las vegas massacre has a connection to orlando florida, scene of the mass murder at the pulse. the shooter had family in orlando. manuel bojorquez is there. >> we're shocked. horrified. completely dumbfounded.
3:37 am
>> the shooter's brother, eric paddock shed no light on a motive when he spoke with reporters outside his orlando home. >> no religious affiliation. no political affiliation. no, he just, hung out. >> no history of mental illness? >> not a bit. >> he said steven paddock was an accountant who spent his retired life gambling some times earning large jack pots. he helped his brother move to nevada in 2015. >> he had a couple of guns. but they were all, handgun, legal, i mean he might have had one long gun. but he had them in a safe. >> he says they had limited contact after the move. >> it's hard to even begin to speculate, you know what this person was thinking. >> john mena or lane de's police chief. led his department through the pulse nightclub shooting. where 49 were killed last year. >> to me, truly this is either a very evil person, or something, someone who is very mentally deranged and was set off by something. >> what mena saw this morning brought back vivid memories of pulse. >> i think what has changed over
3:38 am
the year definitely the active shooter training. officers are trained to go to the sound of gunfire. you saw that in orlando. officers went inside that nightclub. saw that in las vegas, pictures of officers running towards the sound of gunfire. trying to, trying to eliminate the threat, as quickly as possible. dependable relief. my shoulders carry some i deserve others i don't but in the end only one name really matters because shoulders were made for greatness, not dandruff ♪ yes, you'll be in my heart ♪ ♪ from this day on ♪ now and forevermore... charles osgood: if animals are our best friends, shouldn't we be theirs? visit your local shelter. adopt a pet. ♪ no matter... osgood: cbs cares.
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>> announcer: this is the cbs "overnight news." supporters of tighter gun control laws were quick to push for new laws. hillary clinton tweeted -- our grief isn't enough. we can and must put politic as side, stand up to the nra and work together to try to stop this from happening again. will congress act? here is chief congressional correspondent nancy cordes. [ gunfire ] >> until 13 years ago federal assault weapons ban would likely have outlawed some of the firearms and high capacity magazines used by the las vegas gunman. but the ban lapsed in 2004. and attempts to reinstate it or pass other restrictions have
3:41 am
failed. >> the nation is counting on you. >> former congresswoman, gabby giffords. shot in the head six years ago happened to be on hill with her husband, astronaut mark kelly. if congress didn't do anything fts gabby was shot and didn't do anything after orlando or sandy hook, what gives you hope at this point they will do something now? >> right now they're going in the wrong directs. what it take for people that put these folks in office to demand action. >> but when it comes to gun laws, the gulf here on capitol hill its as wide as ever. even between congressional gun victims. >> republican steve scalise whose hip was shattered by gunfire this summer, told norah o'donnell last week in an interview for 60 minutes that
3:42 am
his views on gun rights have not changed. >> but you are a victim of gun violence? >> yeah, but i am saved by well trained people who had guns to, to shoot back. and, whatever the weapon is going to be. if it is not a gun it will be a hand grenade or a knife, or an ax. you know, i think what is important to focus on is that we have strong rights in this country. and, you know, we, we are protective of them. >> the only gun legislation advancing in congress right now is a gop bill, aimed at making it easier to buy gun silencers. opponents say that will just make mass shooters more dangerous, but, supporters argue that, that they're just trying to make it easier for legal gun owners to protect their own hearing. >> nancy cordes, thank you very much. from capitol hill. the homeland security adviser to president bush, and analyst for cbs news, and our law enforcement analyst. welcome to both of you. let me start with you.
3:43 am
what have you heard this afternoon that is helpful in terms of determining where law enforcement go now? >> well, you know, from, from, our first reports were this morning. he had in the room, twice the number of rifles and guns expected. there are reports it may have included explosives. but, what, what we guessed this morning is for sure, now, how well planed this was and how well armed it was. and, again, look, he had enough armaments in there to have killed two, three times the number of people he killed. and as tragic as it was, law enforcement, their swift action. heard the officer interviewed tonight say it is the training that made the difference for them. >> he had weapons inside the hotel room. paul he had weapons at his home in nevada. >> correct. >> a lot of them? >> apparently so. no question. i was surprised.
3:44 am
we talked about this earlier. i was really surprise he didn't set that house up. in anticipation of police coming in there to harm police when they came there. >> booby trap it some how? >> yes. >> using semiautomatic weapons? >> that's correct. >> when you hear about the stockpile he had in both ininside it the hotel and at home, what, what as a law enforcement officer, what are you looking for now or next? >> where he got them. that is going to be key, is information that is going to come in from atf, alcohol, tobacco, firearms as they trace the history of, where those weapons came from where they were ever used. where he bought them. it will be telling. he is originally from florida. in florida, you can go about anywhere to gun shows, you know, right, go anywhere bit pretty much what you want. that's going to be key right now. is where he got the weapons. and how he got them to his house and to the hotel. >> two of gun shop owners in, in the, in the nevada, state of nevada have identified themselves and said he bought more than one weapon from me. there was nothing unusual.
3:45 am
didn't have a criminal record. so there was no reason to suspect you know that he was going to have, be responsible for this kind of an event. >> how is the lone wolf threat evolved from time you served to now? >> well, one they're more prevalent, right. two we have found, not, not only, in this case, where you see, taking day traditional firearm, to, to, launch a lone wolf attack. more often now we see people take everyday items. a knife, a car, and use that to launch something that is ubiquitous and to stop somebody from getting their hand on. in this country under the second amendment, people have access to guns that they don't in, in, countries in europe. but, now, that allows them, the lethality its much larger. >> looking at mental health. stockpile of weapons. what are you looking at? >> forensically, the fascinating part about this right now. looking back from, when he was, because the connection to the father. and when you look ate from the behavioral side, the tie to genetics with the the father and his criminal background, you know, on the fbi's most wanted list for eight years, the tie with the father to him. but the other part of this is really going to be interviewing neighbors. and the information of what they
3:46 am
knew. that maybe they didn't realize those particular behaviors could lead to something like this. that's the thing i am going to be looking for right now. what was apparent, that people didn't think was apparent. >> paul, fran, thank you sboet very much. >> thank you. >> still ahead on the expanded edition of the "cbs evening news," it was a massacre, was it terrorism? plus, answering the call for help, in puerto rico.
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back now from las vegas. public officials were quick to condemn the slaughter that took place behind me here last night. but they struggled with how to describe it, here is jim axelrod. it was six hours after the shooting when law enforcement eager to calm the public ruled out terrorism. >> no, not at this point. we believe a local individual. >> the president condemned the shooting. >> it was an act of pure evil. >> but he didn't call it terrorism either. as the nation absorbs the worst mass shooting in u.s. history.
3:51 am
maybe we need to reconsider the definition. richard cohen is with the southern poverty law center. >> wow, the label certainly doesn't matter to the victims of or their families. our hearts go out to all of them. the label does matter. it is important that we get it right. it tells us what typed of response we as the a country need to have in order to address these incidents. >> strictly speaking there is a narrow legal definition for terrorism. violence designed to intimidate a civilian population or influence the policy of a government. but no actual sentence. so dylann roof who killed nine african-americans in their church in charleston and james fields, accused of running down protesters in charlotte in august were charged with other crimes. just like james hodgkinson the man who targeted republican congressmen on a softball field in june would have been had he
3:52 am
lived. [ gunfire ] but las vegas remind us widening the definition of terror will introduce a draw traumatic reality of modern day life and clarity to the horror. >> if the last name was mohammad rather than paddock, too many people have would have jumped to erroneous conclusion and labeled it as a terrorist act. >> what we call terrorism doesn't appear to be a question that will be going await. following, virginia tech and orlando this is the third time in the last decade we have had a story headlined as the deadliest mass shooting in modern american history. >> jim axelrod, thank you, jim. coming up next, progress in puerto rico. but not everywhere. >> announcer: coming up, stories from inside the deadliest mass shooting in american history. and new information from the investigation. coming up on cbs this morning.
3:53 am
before president trump heads to las vegas wednesday. he will meet with victims of hurricane maria in puerto rico. david begnaud is in san juan. >> in advance of the president's arrival tomorrow. there is evidence that things are happening faster in puerto rico than we have seen before. in terms of aid getting to where it needs to go. here at the coliseum in san juan. this is evidence of how private business is partnering. while there is progress in the capital. there is still desperation in isolated parts of the island. there is one grocery store. shelves are bare for water,
3:54 am
bread, and essentials. people who haven't had water for a week are improvising. fema positioned water tankers at every municipality around the island at every hospital, there is a national guard representative. to make sure that if the hospital has an urgent need. that need is relayed to the officials in san juan. who are overseeing the emergency operation. david, thank you. >> rock 'n' roll hall of famer, tom petty was reportedly rushed to a los angeles hospital last night. the website, tmz says petty was found at his home in cardiac arrest. and is clinging to life. petty who is 66 sold more than 80 albums just last week. he wrapped up a tour with his band. the heartbreakers. i'm jeff glor, in a moment back to anthony mason in las vegas for an update on the shooting.
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♪ ♪ back now from las vegas. we're across from the mandalay bay here, you can see. the street be hohind us is stil closed as is much area around the mandalay bay. this tape, considered a crime scene. people's clothings and belongings on the streets. street cleaners have been coming through. people in the town describe it as eerie. vigils and prayer service are being held here this evening. and the president will come here, wednesday, to meet with first responders, and families of the shooting victims. he called the massacre an act of pure evil. and led the nation in a moment of science. flags will be at half-staff through friday.
3:59 am
59 people were killed. and more than 500 hurt in the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. sti steven paddock fired from the 34th floor of the hotel. he took his own life before police burst through his door. paddock was 64 and lived in mesquite, nevada. officials believe he acted alone and hod no links to terrorism. but they have not yet discovered a motive. and that's the "overnight news" for this tuesday.
4:00 am
it's tuesday, october 3rd. 2017. this is the cbs morning news. the nation is in mourning following the mass murder of at least 59 people in las vegas. >> he brutally murdered more than 50 people. and wounded hundreds more. it was an act of pure evil. >> now law enforcement will try to uncover what led the gunman to commit such a horrific crime.


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