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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  October 6, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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right now at noon, honoring victims of the las vegas shootings a new memorial appears in the shadow of the famous las vegas sign. but first at noon watching tropical storm nate, the storm has already dumped torrential rain in central america and now has its sights set on the gulf coast. land fall is expect this weekend. good afternoon everyone i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. another storm could threaten gulf states from texas to florida. tropical storm nate approaches
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new or liens is race to go get its flood pumps running. cbs news correspondent michelle miller reports. >> once again, we find ourselves in familiar territory threatened by another storm that is coming our way. >> reporter: taking no chances in the big easy mayor mitch land crew declared a state of emergency in new orleans. their drainage issue was revealed on august 5th when a storm drenched the city with eight to 10 inches of rain in one day. the problem included pumps and turbine power stations not working, and a shortage of personnel in the sewage and water board, agency that runs the drainage system. city has a total of 120 pumps, 19 of those pumps were not operation at during the august storm. seven of them are back on line and 26 backup generators are also in place. >> it is starting, you know, saturday at noon, we will have 140 pump operators and 42 personnel that will be activated and operating 24/7. >> reporter: main concern of the system remains storm surge
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low lying areas of louisiana have been ordered to evacuate. louisiana governor john bell edward activated 1300 national guard troops across the state including 15 assigned to new orleans, to monitor those pumps. >> this is a storm not to be taken lightly. this is not an exercise, you know, and if we can get exactly what is forecasted it will be serious. >> reporter: this system has slowed down oil production, 15 n is, off line, and that is some 254,000 barrels of crude oil every single day. already, many of the staff from those oil platforms have been evacuated. michelle miller, cws news, new orleans. and they could impact our weather early next week. meteorologist katie fehlinger tracking nate from the cbs-3 sky deck him. there, katie. >> the storm system will lift on shore once it make land fall near new orleans but once it does that so often it is
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over land mass so it will lose steam pretty quickly. it is moving along relatively swiftly. it is only until monday that we are ending up with that wet weather and right now that storm is still, just making its advance, on the yucatan peninsula. it will cover a lot of ground in a relatively short amount of time. lets put this into motion. it is still a tropical storm but as we her in the package it is expect to strengthen moving over opened waters of the gulf. likely to be a category one specifically hurricane making its p.m. land fall on saturday , whether it is a direct hit to new orleans or not they are on stand by here. then it moves inland and makes a sharp turn to the right and curve to the right and that moisture gets lifted in our area we will keep the steam iness around in the meantime and we will also see daytime highs in the 80's in the meantime with some sun. i got to tell you after being in the air conditioned weather office it feels really nice outside but out here long enough it will feel very summery. we still have a frontal boundary hung up nearby don't expect wet weather out of it
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but rather sun and building heat and building humidity. daytime highs easily topping off into the low 80's and we're currently flirting with 80 even already in trenton. just a matter of time. general bullet points is it feels like august. i cannot say i'm complaining but it certainly doesn't feel like what would be average for an early to mid-october day. and, this is a pattern, that sticks with us for a while we will talk more about that later in the show. >> thanks very much, katie. >> in other news this noon police in las vegas are still trying to figure out why a 64 year-old man with no history of violence opened fire on the route 91 hard vice country music festival. while the investigation moves forward the fbi is focusing on the shooter's long time girlfriend marilou danley. she told investigators she was concerned about his mental health. officials say that shooter stephen paddock may have had his eyes on other outdoor events with large crowd. now, many outdoor events still scheduled to go on are beefing up security.
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correspondent mola lenghi has the latest from las vegas. >> reporter: fifty-eight white crosses line the las vegas strip a tribute to the concert goers killed during stephen paddock's deadly rampage, the crosses will remain in place for 40 days. >> these are people that have lives, they have families that are now without them and it is just makes you appreciate the value of each moment. >> reporter: investigators are working to reconstruction paddock's life in the days and months before the shooting, hoping to understand why he did it, cbs news has learned that the shooter's long time girlfriend marilou danley told fbi she was concern about his mental stability. some security analyst believe she knows more than she's revealing. >> she's giving us little pieces of information at a time. she's really frayed to tell the truth. she's not forthright because she ace frayed she may get in trouble. >> reporter: paddock pick vegas but he had other targets in town including venueness chicago and boston w that in mind police will be patrolling
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the hill side near the rose bowl tonight while 60,000 music fans watch a cold play concert. >> we always worry about a copycat type situation no matter what incident occurs. >> reporter: security measures are being finalized for outdoor events in memphis and austin, texas where fans are being offered a refund if they have security concerns. mola lenghi for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the gun october fest gun show opened up to day and gun safety will be on the agenda it occupies three rooms, at the greater philadelphia expo center in oaks and one of the largest gun shows on the east coast, this year as in years past, organizers say they will be safety class's veilable for patrons and vendors, focusing on keeping guns locked and put away properly. is there outrage after gloucester county elementary school finds mold in its walls , student will not be allowed back into that school for weeks now. holy glenn elementary school in williamstown is closed starting to day, "eyewitness news" was at the board of education meeting last night, the board said it will allow
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holy glenn students to go to other schools until they can remove the mold. some say they wish they tested sooner for the mold. they voiced their concerns for two hours to the superintendent last night. >> i am in complete agreement with their plan to close the school for short period of time or longer, to bring the school back under what we consider safe operating guidelines. >> i feel like it could too late if the levels are as high and we are just now finding out about it. >> i am happen that i they are closing it down. my concern is busing all of these kid to another school, overcrowded classrooms. >> i try to keep her in an environment that is safe and with the mold as it stands and i'm sending her there every day. >> more than 500 students attend holy glenn, they will all be temporarily relocated to three other schools, no word on exactly how long it will take crews to remove all of the mold. motorcyclist has died after a wreck on the schuylkill expressway. it is second time a motorcyclist has died on the
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schuylkill within 24 hours. latest happened around 10:30 near girard avenue. they say motorcyclist was traveling eastbound when he who control and flew over the median. he was struck and killed by a car on the westbound side. earlier in the kay a man was killed when he who control and hit by a passing car on the schuylkill. two people are in the hospital after a crash on mlk drive this morning. chopper three over that scene there earlier in fairmount park. both cars involve in the crash appeared to have serious damage to the front bumpers, police say the road is now cleared in that area. investigators working to determine, what sparked an overnight fire at a vacant church in south philadelphia. fire broke out just after 2:30 in the morning at 21st and reid street in point breeze. the sign on the door read mercy bob knack california baptist church. no one was hurt. philadelphia mayor jim 10 i says, next week will be fire prevention week. the mayor made his proclamation during visits to the fireman's hall museum this morning in olde city. october 8th, through the 14th, will focus on awareness and
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proper fire education. fire commissioner adam tiehl also announce aid one million-dollar fema grant for the department, and the money will help philadelphia fire fighters purchase and install smoke alarms, including adaptive alarms for residents who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind, or have low vision. well, the world's famous is striking a cord in the music program, for philadelphia's schools. >> ♪ >> a musician, played a due it with a student this morning at thomas holmes elementary. he was there celebrating a gift of more than $100,000 to the northeast philadelphia school, the music foundation will go to $800,000 to six schools across the city in, part that will build a state of the art piano lab. well, president trump delivers a forboding message coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" the cryptic word he spoke to report their are raising eyebrows and set off a
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storm of speculation. plus, a fear for woman is what so special about this brew that could ease symptoms of the common condition that all women eventually experience. "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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welcome back. comments made by president trump last night have some today, scratching their heads. they came during a photo op with hi highest ranking
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military leaders and their spouses. >> you know what this represent? it represents the calm before the storm. >> what is the storm? >> what storm, mr. president. >> you'll find out. >> you'll find out, okay. calm before the storm that is what people are wondering what meant, it is not clear what the president meant about the remarks but he had assembled the world's greatest military people in that room. some suspect cryptic remarks could be in connection with the threats to withhold endorsement of the iranian nuclear deal. group pushing for a global treat toy ban all nuclear bombs has been awarded the noble peace prize. the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons accepted the award, earlier today in geneva. the noble committee said it wanted to send a message that leaders in north korea and u.s. must start talking. he has been out of jail for almost a week and is there another o.j. simpson sighting in las vegas. cameras caught former football star leaving the las vegas metro police headquarters.
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sources say he was inside for a few minutes but not clear why. simpson has been spotted multiple times in southern nevada since his release from federal prison last weekend. officials say he plans to call the las vegas area home. well, just for the ladies a beer that claims to be a solution for what always you. >> a new brewery has created aid beer made with herbs that may relief symptoms of the menopause. brewers teamed up with doctors and herballist to create the beer called liberation, it is about six years to come up with the recipe. liberation is, touted as an ale to help fight hot flashes and even mood swings. >> initially we were just tasting the herbs that we used in tea form and then kind of like yes, no, maybe. >> they came into reduce stress of the system which reduce a lot of these symptoms of sweating, harmone imbalance >> brewers hope their beer will help women celebrate and even welcome menopause as a new stage in their life. beer made its debut yesterday.
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>> ingredients i thought you just drinking until symptoms go away. >> i guess you can do that too but this is healthier it seems coming up one woman got more than she bargained for when she ordered oysters at a restaurant. >> stale head hidden treasure she found when she started to eat her meal, katie. we are looking ahead to the week end that will feel like the height of summer really or at least as we are's tailing off into august. daytime highs in the low if not mid 80's, it will be on the muggy side too, notice that humidity. just doesn't feel like october right now. watch for spotty showers on sunday but with time, moisture does arrive. we will track with more detail coming up.
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back on "eyewitness news" with the woman in charleston massachusetts who got a dazzling surprise with her meals. she was picking out oyster for her dinner party. whether she sat down to eat she crunched down on something very hard she thought it was a piece of shell but it was a small pearl. the catering company say they grew millions of oysters a yeah so it is literally one in a million. she plans to have it made into a necklace. >> wow. >> wow. >> i don't want any strange things in my food. >> yeah, i know. >> good thing she didn't break a tooth on that. >> yeah, how about that. >> happy ending. >> i'm looking at temps. >> you are not a fan. >> maybe one more weekend. >> well, you know, i know it feels like this will never go away. >> yes. >> it eventually will. but for now, exactly. >> suck it up. >> most of the forecast is well above average. we have at lee somewhat of a
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seasonal weather but down the road, you will to have bear with me here. it will be a little bit of time. we have some sun. having just been on the sky deck it it is freezing in our weather office. so coming out from the air conditioning anytime soon it will feel comfortable to you. we're still in the mid to upper 70's regional wide but with time we should hit low to not mid 80's. that is expectation in the city. it will be so even into the upcoming weekend. so, how long does this actually last? lets go out there we will show you view first and foremost but overlooking bethlehem from high atop hotel bethlehem main street there in northampton county and off in the distant we have south mountain and everything is nice, clear, this is one of the spots where we had at least in the vicinity a little bit of paper fog develop in the morning but that has since had a chance to dissipate, warming up efficiently already, up here and pretty much every where else, now, we have thought earlier in the week there might be a shower. maybe a sprinkle at some point today but we don't need umbrella for rest of the
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afternoon. later in the forecast that is not the case but for now we are sitting pretty and looking good for the rest of the day. if you have outdoor plans later this afternoon, shorts and t-shirt you will be just fine. overall pattern anywhere from central plains on east is that we're stuck in the holding pattern right now. we have got a frontal boundary to help bring in some rain yesterday. now that is beginning to lift north and there is nothing really just yet to come along and shove this out of the way. since we are in the southern end of this we will get southerly wind flow, the warmth is building, humidity is building and we cannot break out of these august-like conditions. what is one more time recap with what will happen with nate, however. here it is sitting, spinning and turning. this will just brush past eastern yucatan peninsula before it strengthens and make that land fall from the gulf into the central gulf coastline. it will get here and bring its moisture here by monday specifically. columbus day hopefully a lot of us already have the day off i'm hoping traffic will not be as heavy as it might typically
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be on a monday but regardless, that will be the day that does require the umbrella, across our area the extreme drought across portions of montana but i want to show how we are fairing the because new update from the u.s. drought monitor has just come out, and we are technically ever so slightly abnormally dry. only specific to parts of the delco, philadelphia counties including here and then across the border in to parts of the new jersey. so we're really essentially at a level, right now with our rainfall, expectations and what we would typically find by this point of the month and of the year so we're okay but we are going to add on, the rain totals for objecting, pretty efficiently, on monday. now when we talk about record? we're talking about significant warmth. daytime high only in zero seven's this day. anywhere close to records. not really. you really to have heat up, quite a bit here in the next couple of days to come enclose , 1941 was a hot weekend there. ninety-five is what we hit on friday, at lee for this
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particular day of the year, and then, again you have to be flirting with 90 by sunday. i don't think we will get there. so it is not, point of that it is not, completely unheard of that we see temperatures like this but you don't think of this kind of a graphic for an october forecast, all right. 84 degrees with some sunshine, maybe seeing a little bit of fog develop later tonight. lets show how game day will look for eagles back at the link. there could a shower around for tailgate. not a wash out by any stretch but it might be a little damp. wet day is monday, that is when nate's moisture gets here it does look like some of that rain will stick around in the form of lingering showers at lee until the first half of tuesday but look at thursday, jim, that is what i wanted to you look too, back to average at lee for the time being. >> thanks, katie, appreciate it. amtrak rolling out a new line of trains, rail line's new next generation high speed train sets will replace current acela express trains, amtrak says new luxury red, white and blue train sets will provide 40 percent more trains
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and one-third more passenger seats. the company also promises better service, amenities and smoother ride. new trains should be rolling on the rails by 2021. we will be right cbs eye on the community... presented by target. urban agriculture and community greening are helping cities become more sustainable for the future. and that's why target has partnered with the nonprofit greensgrow in philadelphia. the novel idea was... can we put a farm in the heart of the city and really put food directly accessible to the people that were eating it. i think it's very important for us to come outside of target and really be inside of peoples' communities, as well. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target.
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apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan any time you want. so don't wait. call unitedhealthcare now to request your free decision guide. coming up later on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 when a loved one is hospitalized for a long stretch of time it is hard to be there all the time. now new technology is giving families real time updates in matter where they are. we will have that story coming up today at 5:00.
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then on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 procedure that gave a local man his life back our stephanie stahl shows you the new invasive heart repair he received right here in our area and why it could be so beneficial. halloween around the corner time to hit pumpkin patch but some, wow they may be too big to decorate. >> couple in wisconsin grows giant pumpkin as a hobby, largest won grow to be 6 feet and nearly 2,000-pounds. >> wow. >> is that a typo. >> i don't think it is. they need what the tear an inch per week. they enter their giant pumpkins in contest throughout wisconsin. now they need a little disney princess. on that night that is "eyewitness news" for today i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. for katie and all of us thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. we are always on line at cbs >> think of the pumpkin pie you can make with that. young and restless up next. have a good weekend.
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