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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  October 11, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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good morning, katie and meisha will be along in a moment but first here's what you need to know to start dare in our morning minute. it is wednesday, october 11th. >> a lot of people who their houses and everything. we cannery build this. >> california on fire, at lee 17 wild fires continue to burn , cross the state. and there was a huge roar of the flames, and that is when i knew, you are out of here. >> fire season has only just begun in california too. and audio obtained by new yorker appears to show harvey weinstein admit to go groping a woman. now, his wife is leaving him. >> any concerns found? >> not so far.
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>> monroe township schools are closed again why all buildings are tested for mold. >> ♪ party in the u.s.a. >> one of my favorite songs from miley. >> um, okay. miley cyrus and james corden do car pool karaoke. >> i just found out you were a big miley cyrus fan. >> i know her songs but just don't put word in my mouth. i don't particularly care for her, i'm sorry, miley fans. >> well, i mean she definitely has change quite a bit overtime. >> yes. >> hanna montana is no longer here. >> i'm old fashion. >> she has evolved. >> evolved is the word, that is the word. >> but party in the u.s. is probably the best miley cyrus song out there. >> wrecking ball is pretty
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good too. >> yes. >> coming in like a wrecking ball. >> yeah, we have an area of low pressure moving in. your point, would benefit to you walk out the door with a umbrella today. mainly p.m. hours you will make the most use of it with this area of low pressure lifting in. at the moment, i didn't bring jacket out here i'm always cold no matter where i go. i figure it would be a smart move. at the moment it is cooler by comparison to yesterday but still mild, technically and we have some showers working their way in the western suburbs as we speak, also down into sussex county and now creeping into kent. so moisture is encroaching, taking over, a swab of our area radar. as day progresses we will see them come through, for the most part but we could absolutely see embedded heavier downpours. umbrella ace a smart trend to walk out the door with today. current temperatures are off to a mild start, mid up toker 60's from i-95 on down toward the shore points and all of
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delaware. certainly cooler by comparison , allentown, mount pocono, reading. even there in the 60's even in mount pocono on this day of the year we are off to a very smiled start. now, throughout the rest of the day, don't expect a heck of a lot of sunshine, guys. we are expect to go rebound to 75, still well above average but it is not even close to the 84 degrees we had yesterday. we will just have rain and cloud overhead throughout the day but for the bulk of the steady rain does come in the p.m. hours. i will time this out in a bit more detail. so later on i will give you a sense of which commutes are most impact by this storm that would be great to know, all right, katie, thanks very much good morning to all of you, happy hump day we are looking outside to 42 freeway north bound at creek road, approaching 295 starting to heat up. you can see plenty of headlights out there till traveling around at posted speed but we are starting to heat up. boulevard pushing in the southbound direction toward the schuylkill, would i say you are looking pretty good have a being 5:30 as we push
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closer to the 6:00 this area will start to slow down but right now boulevard is looking really nice. we have construction crew is still out there on 422 westbound between trooper and first avenue that right lane is compromised, plus you'll be dealing with intermittent lane closures. head up hopefully they will move out of the way in the next half an hour. we will let you know when they clear out of the way. we have construction in delaware three different points of construction first 1141 north is closed at route 13 until in 22nd. alternate route 58 or church man's road. plus 95 southbound in delaware ramp to 295 north bounties closed until 7:00 a.m. we have crews out there on 495 which we will talk about in the next 10 minutes, rahel, back over to you. >> thank you. high wind and lower humidity are expected today in northern california and that is bad news for fire fighters battling one of the war, deadliest out breaks in the state's history. officials say 17 people have died, including an elderly couple who just celebrated their seventh fifth wedding anniversary. so far, the fires have
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destroyed more than 2,000 homes and businesses, primarily in the northern wine country, and those who managed to return home are finding very little. >> it has been hard to see what we have built, and put into the place, and now it is, reduced, reduced to what you see right here. >> that is incredible. president trump has approved a request for a major disaster declaration in california, and that will free up federal aid to help as they recover. locally police in willingboro, new jersey need your help finding the suspects caught on camera setting fire to a business. surveillance cameras from the meat stop in country club plaza showed two people storming into the store and starting a fire. this happened back in august, and if you have any information, please contact the police. two south jersey woman are facing charges after allegedly trying to sell a high powered rifles, ammunition and five pipe bombs in atlantic city. officers arrested 37 year-old danielle deemers also known as
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danielle smith and nina house yesterday. they are facing charges of, possession of the destructive device and unlawful sale of the firearm. they caught the pair during an under cover sting operation. >> we are very concerned about the destructive natures of these devices and damage they could have caused if they got out there. our investigation revealed they were actively trying to sell these things to anybody that would give them money. >> police say they even offered to teach under cover officers how to make improvis ed explosives. the pair does not appear to be connected to any terrorist groups. path attorney general's office is appealing a judge's decision to throw out criminal charges against the engineer involved in the deadly amtrak train derailment. brandon bostian was the engineer with the amtrak train flew flew off the tracks killing eight people in may of 2015. philadelphia's district attorney opt had not to pursue a case begins the 34 year-old. that led a victim's family to seek charges on their own and prosecutors to take over. last month a judge dismissed the case ruling that evidence
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pointed to an accident. well, time right now 5:36. in business news this morning top halloween costume with just about two weeks to go until halloween. >> and also what else was exposed in the equifax security breach. money watch's hanna doba joins us live from the insuring stock exchange, hi there hanna >> reporter: wall street ended higher and dow jones ended up higher. dow jones gained 69, nasdaq pick up seven. millions of driver's license numbers were reportedly included in the information, exposed in that massive cyber security breach at equifax. last month the credit reporting agency says private information of offer 145 million people, was compromised. beside social security numbers , birth dates, addresses, hack exposed a driver license numbers of about 11 million americans according to the wall street journal. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg apologizing for what has been described as a tone deaf virtual reality tour of puerto rico. it shows avatars with live
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images of hurricane ravage puerto rico accord together san diego union tribune. it was intended to pro met the company's virtual reality app facebook faces. and it was taken, to be insensitive. trump is top for halloween costumes, according to a halloween retail shore says the presidential costume is the number one seller, wonder woman is also flying off the shelves, and penny wise, scary clown from the hit horror movie, it. jim and rahel. >> great we will have more crazy clowns. >> yes. >> as if we don't have enough already. >> why are you looking at me. >> i was than the looking at me but we have to figure out costumes. >> is that what we're doing. >> do you know what you want to be, hanna. >> i want to see a picture. >> every year i want to be wonder woman before the movie came out. cool costume. >> yes, this is the year. think big. >> this may be it. >> hanna, thank you, we will see you tomorrow. >> bye, guys. plans to build a football
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stadium on temple university's campus continue to cause tension in the community. >> people united will never be defeated. >> students in north philadelphia residents protested outside a temple board of trustees meeting yesterday. they are challenging the schools proposed 135 million-dollar stadium that would hold 35,000 people, and temple says that the stadium would save them three million-dollar a year, that is how much the school currently spend to use lincoln financial field for games. protesters say the new stadium would hurt neighborhood surrounding temple. in final decision has been made yet. albright college in reading kicks a quarterback off the football team after the freshman took a knee during the national anthem. the 19 year-old need during the star spangled banner on saturday, before the game, and the albright lions decided they with neil during the coin toss and then stan together during the national anthem. the school says he was dismissed for his decision to not support team unity. speaking of the nfl
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kneeling debate rapper eminem has a lot to say bit, hear part of his blistering rap that slammed the president coming up next. hard to believe anyone could survive this fiery scene but a new jersey police officer toys thank for rescuing a woman stuck inside this vehicle, heroic actions that saved the driver's life. and couple's disturbing discovery on vacation, their air b and b rental never mentioned what they found hidden in the smoke detector, that is
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eminem is sounding off in one of the most exhaustive attacks of president trump had that is to do with nfl players taking the knee during national anthem. he used bet hip-hop award last night to let everyone knows what he thinks of the president, in a prerecorded rap, let's listen. >> take a step forward, backward, but this is his form of distraction, plus gets an enormous reaction when he attack goes the nfl so we focus, instead of talking puerto rico with gun reform for nevada or these tragedies and he is rather cause a twit ter storm with the packers >> strong word there. >> several word in the wrap did have to be bleeped out because of foul language, colin kaepernick who has not responded simply, responded by saying, i appreciate you eminem. and i got to tell you there is no stopping, stallone sylvester stallone is keeping
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rocky legacy going and will direct, produce, creed two, sequel to the spin off creed which stay len won a golden globe for in 2015. michael b jordan will continue in his role in the movie as son of the apollo creed. creed two will come out next year. all i will say i hope they film in philadelphia because would i love to see michael b jordan roaming the streets of philadelphia. >> you are like a stalker. >> he is such a great actor. >> yes is such a great actor. >> plus he is adorable. >> but i'm a married lady. not admiring the forecast, i got to tell you. >> she's trying to dig herself out of that one. >> i will allow it. what we're going to find out, we we can always use the rain at this point. basically balanced when it comes to the wet weather. we are slightly below average, or dry i should say, cross parts of the region.
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we could use rain but we are not in the serious situation. we will take it. as we overlook from central parkway library the vine street expressway i saw this off in the distance trying to pick out which camera to take for this particular segment and reminded me of twinkle christmas lights, off in the distance but it is just car headlights, moving through the tree line there. so just a really pretty picturesque shot for you. all clear. we are starting to see wet weather moving in. it hasn't moved in just yet, looking at eyewitness weather watchers they are checking in with very, very mild air. do i want to check in with a couple of spots here very quickly just to see how we are doing with the wet weather. fran is out in nottingham at 65 degrees. at the moment no wet weather. that is not necessarily what it looks like, on the radar, as we start to see the bulk of the moisture creeping in here. sometimes radar can play tricks off on you. far north and west we are at 60 from eileen mur hoy just has a couple cloud overhead in gilbertsville. she is calling a bad hair day.
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she has high humidity, up to 99 percent already. summer's not leaving us anytime soon to day and next few days we are certainly cooler by comparison, however, it is technically going to still be pretty farrah above average. we have another couple really beautiful shots that i wanted to show from you phil chapline look at this we have a starry sky, a little streak of the what looks like a comet. i'm not sure if that is what we are looking at but lots of star light overhead from phil chapline a pretty shot of that star landscape as well. let's switch the back over and look at the maps, storm scan again, what did i tell you, even where eileen is sending in her report and fran, it looks like is there rain falling. doesn't necessarily mean it is but that is an indication of the moisture lift nothing. we have heavier moisture and rain that is verifying at ground level through southern most del marva peninsula. this will overtake the region throughout the day as this storm system need to work its way east and out of the hair. with time we will see more and more showers over spreading the region.
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we should be scattered in nature but they will primarily come through second half of the day and into the overnight and early morning hours of tomorrow before gradually tapering off. this is 1:00 p.m. today. it is scattered. you don't want to get caught underneath one of these pockets because there could be locally drenching rain embedded therein. this batch of the rain could be a little bit further south. thinks a model we are looking at. that is why would i say heaviest batch of rain comes tonight but even into tomorrow , this is 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, right over delco, philadelphia county, you can still be pretty soggy before it starts to taper off. this evening, and tomorrow morning's rush hour are likely the war of the next few days and then tomorrow and friday are actually the coolest, by sunday, meisha we're back to the 80's again. >> my eye went right there, all right, katie, thanks very much. good morning, everybody. happy wednesday to you. we are looking outside right now at the schuylkill at montgomery drive, looking good , looking really good there, you guys, i'm really impressed with our little friend the schuylkill right there. ninety-five south at cottman this is one of the areas that is starting to build up levels
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a little bit. it is 5:47 exactly. as we push in the southbound direction around this area, not slowing down less than posted speed but building to those levels at this point. we probably will once we dip in the 6:00 o'clock hour. construction here crews 422 westbound between trooper and first avenue right lane compromised plus intermittent lane closures there and in delaware, construction as well , 141 north is closed a the route 13 until november between the second. you will to have use an alternate. route 58 or church man's road is your best bet there. ninety-five south ramp to 295 northbound that is closed until right around 7:00 a.m. i will let you know when crews let you out of the way. 495 crews out there north bound between edgemore road and claymont. we have two left lanes blocked there. so still showing a lot of green but we will be dropping a little bit once we get deeper, probably into the 6:00 . and then pennsylvania turnpike eastbound before bensalem right lane is compromised there, jim, back over to you. well, utah police officer is now out of the job after he
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was caught on camera in a heated encounter, salt lake city police department fired detective jeff paynes yesterday, body cam footage shows him forcefully arresting a nurse back in july. now the nurse had refused to take blood from an unconscious patient, that patient was not under arrest and the officer did not have a warrant. the nurse said that she's glad the incident was filmed. >> i think i owe it to the body camera footage to really tell the story on have what happened, without that my story, would never have had the impact that it has had. >> salt lake's police chief wrote a letter to the detective payne calling his behavior inappropriate and unreasonable. payne was a 27 year veteran of the salt lake city police force. a new jersey state trooper comes to the rescue of the couple who got stuck in the burning car. sergeant james mitchell, is being called a hero. he spotted a car in flames in the atlantic city expressway in egg harbor township
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yesterday. mitchell first helped the driver remove his seat belt and then pulled the driver's wife out of the window of the car to bring her to safety. she had non-life threatening injuries. her husband was not hurt. couple discovers they are being watched while on vacation, where they found a camera hid men their air b and b rental. also ahead, it is different type of vacation surprise you're told what to pack while someone else plans the trip for you, it is called a new trend in weekend getaway , we will explain how it works, up next. and cbs-3 and cw philly, teaming up once again in the fight begins breast cancer by turning the region pink. right new we are looking at the fmc tower looking beautiful in pink lights. october is national breast cancer awareness month and pink lights are a reminder to schedule a mammogram and stay vigilant in the fight against breast cancer. this is 16th year for lights for the cure campaign. find out more at cbs philly .com/cur
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sam smith. >> nice. >> i like this. >> new music from sam smith. >> yes, a lot have people would like to say good bye to
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summer. like weather. yes. >> katie says sorry. >> yes. i want fall. little bit more ahead, katie will tell but it coming up. >> just playing that song, good song. >> couple visiting florida got a frightening surprise inside their air b and b rental. >> they net ised something strange about a smoke detector inside a bedroom. they took a close lear and found a hidden camera. victim shown here, says he saw a pin hole in the smoke detector similar to this one and called police. camera had eight stage quality audio and video. they gave a screen shot, wayne , posted for his town house. air b and b said they are outraged and they have banned him from his community. very disturbing. >> creepy. well, new business is gaining popularity in the world of travel, and paying customers on surprise vacation >> yeah, travelers don't find out where they are going until they get to the airport. here's cbs news correspondent
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kennett craig with more. >> reporter: amanda rosen was searching for the perfect getaway with the college friend, when she stumbled upon a vacation option, that she didn't have to plan at all. >> safe to say you are looking at this like an adventure. >> yes, that is a adventure. >> reporter: weekend trip was also, a surprise, planned entirely by service called pack up and go, amanda showed us how she filled out a short survey, picked a price point and the company did the rest. >> we didn't have to go, search through the best, hotel s and search through the best airfare and all of that. >> reporter: few days before her trip amanda was told what to pack and the airport where she needed to show up. before boarding, she and her friend opened up the packet, unlocking their mystery trip, to the windy city. pack up and go is just one of a number of co jumping in on the business of surprise vacations. so brown and hudson, magical
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mystery tours and lufthansa surprise are a few others. brian kelly, founder of the travel web site the points guy .com, sees the new travel option taking off. >> the price travel take out crippling aspect of booking travel and get to the basics and actually traveling. >> reporter: amanda and her friend paid $750 each for their weekend away which included airfare and hotel. we caught up with her after the trip. >> we were just amazed what we got for our money and we were impressed with the hotel. >> reporter: for amanda flying by the seat of her pants paid off for a weekend that she will not soon forget, kennett craig for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". i have done that story here locally works man who did it, loved it, had a great time >> i don't know. >> i like to plan my own thing >> coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" kid with sports injuries are on the rise. doctor rob will join us to talk about how to recognize a
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serious injury and best way to treat them. also, we are butting over these, pat gallen introduces to us a bee keeper at st. joes who are saving bees and teaching young children were they are so important. >> i'm wearing bee socks today >> are you. >> just because. >> yeah. >> yeah. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's up to 16 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to faster downloads with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $24.90 more per month. our lowest price ever on this offer. but only for a limited time. call today. comcast business. built for business.
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more than a football field every 32nd. death and dose trucks is staggering and fire fight is far from over this morning we are hearing from people from our area who were at the center of the fire storm. new this morning three people shot when gunfire erupt s in the south philadelphia neighborhood, we will tell what you officers think may be behind this violence. and, get ready for rain, katie's tracking a wet wednesday, again not alliteration that i like, i don't like that. >> today is wednesday october 11th good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning. >> good morning. happy wednesday, so, just a lot of construction. no accidents. they have all cleared. everything we had. everybody is talking about the rain


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