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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  October 11, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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and unleash it against the cancer. with chemotherapy, i felt rough, fatigue, nauseous. and with immune therapy we've had such a positive result. i'm back to working hard. i've honestly never felt this great. i believe the future of immunotherapy at ctca is very bright. the evolution of cancer care is here. appointments available now. >> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> well, breaking news right now. radnor township official philip ahr has just turned himself in to face charges of child pornography. ahr is currently the radnor township present commissioner. good afternoon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. gets get to henry rosoff live in media with the very latest. henry. >> reporter: jim and rahel we are waiting for radnor
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township commissioner president philip ahr to come out to be transported to district court. the 66-year-old ahr turned himself in this morning. he's been under investigation for child pornography for a little while now. district attorney jack whelan says the commissioner had in his possession disturbing images depicting children as young as infants engaging in sex acts with adults. this comes on the heels of what happened four months ago when a jury found former radnor township commissioner bill sprinkler guilty of indecent assault of a person with mental disability. sprinkler was convicted for inappropriately touching a 103-year-old in her nursing home last year. ahr who we'll see headed to court later today only became commissioner president a year and a half ago when the previous commissioner set down. we're expecting the district attorney to make some comments at around 2:30. we'll bring the details to you as they develop.
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live in media, henry rosoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> henry we'll see you later tonight. thank you. >> in other news authorities are ordering even more evacuations as wind driven flames roar through communities in northern california's wine country. >> more than a dozen huge fires have destroyed homes and businesses and killed at least 17 people. this video was shot as the sonoma county sheriff drives through the flame. authorities say the death toll could rise with more than a hundred people reported missing. the fires are mostly in napa and sonoma counties. correspondent greg mills is tracking the story. >> reporter: flames from a wildfire near sacramento burned dangerously close to two homes. >> we're making sure the fire goes around. >> reporter: overnight, the atlas fire forced more people from their homes. volunteers helped to free animals trapped by the flames. >> looks like we're just going to have to cut fences and let them run wherever they can.
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>> reporter: at least 17 fires are burning across the state. most of them are in the heart of california's wine country. north of san francisco. this newly released video shot by a sheriff's deputy when the flames first broke out sunday night shows the intensity of the fire from the start. >> this is nowhere near over. it is still very dangerous. >> reporter: it's quiet right now but the winds are expected to pick up later today. making it tougher for the firefighters to battle the flames. entire neighborhoods have been incinerated. home after home have been burned beyond recognition. among those killed a 100-year-old man and his 98-year-old wife. >> it hit so fast they just didn't have a chance. >> reporter: mike rippey's parents charles and sara were married for 75 years. the two died together when the fire reached their home. >> my mother had a stroke and she couldn't move very well at all. my father certainly wouldn't have left her. >> reporter: authorities say the death toll is expected to climb as the scope of the destruction becomes clear. greg mills cbs news santa rosa
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california. >> in southern california smoke and flames turning the skies yellow over disneyland. luxury homes in anaheim went up in flames as part of the so-called canyon number two fire. that has burned more than 5,000 acres and forced thousands of residents to flee their homes. back at home police hope you can help them track down a gunman in a armed robbery in west philadelphia. take a look at this surveillance video. it's very clear. this suspect was caught on camera holding up the felton mini market near 62nd and lansdowne yesterday morning. the suspect pulls a handgun and demands money from the 41-year-old employee. police say he got away with about $200. if you recognize the gunman call police. >> two of hollywood's most powerful women are now speaking out about their experiences with harvey weinstein. actresses gywneth paltrow and angelina jolie came forward yesterday with allegations of harassment by the movie mogul. their accounts came hours after the new yorker reported that three women have now accused weinstein of rape. weinstein's wife said tuesday that she plans to divorce
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weinstein in light of all the revelations. >> president trump will meet with canadian prime minister justin trudeau at the white house today. after that the president will travel to harrisburg where he'll make a picture of the republican plans to overhaul the tax system. mr. trump rolled out a blueprint for that plan last month. >> i'm giving the largest tax cuts in the history of this country. in addition to that there will be reforms. >> if it looks like we're adding one penny to the deficit i am not going to be for it. >> our joe holden will be live in harrisburg as president trump continues his push towards tax reform. we'll have the very latest beginning on "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> a college freshman football player kicked off an area team for taking a knee during the national anthem on saturday. 19-year-old jyrie did
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the school says durant was dismissed for his decision to not support team unity. >> president trump was weighing in on the nfl's national anthem controversy early this morning. the president tweeted it's about time that roger goodell of the nfl is finally demanding that all players stand for our great national anthem. respect our country. the nfl probably said that that is not the commissioner's commission. she say the commissioner wants owners and players to combine social activism and patriotism. eagles are playing in prime time tomorrow night right here on cbs3 have head coach pederson first place eagles will be taking on the first place carolina panthers it. within the half hour coach pederson says the eagles short week of practice would not slow them down. >> the way they moved around yesterday, even though they were extremely sore, they're focused in attention to detail has been extremely high this week. the energy level has been there, you know. and listen, this has been -- you know, it's been a
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successful couple of games for us and you can ride that emotion as well. so, all that's a positive going into a short week. >> we're hitting the road with the eagles. the birds take on the panthers tomorrow night right here on cbs3. ukee washington don bell and vittoria woodill are heading to charlotte. their live reports begin later today on "eyewitness news." >> on game night we have you covered. tomorrow we'll get you started on cbs3 for the jeep kickoff show at 7:00. at seven:30 the guys at cbs sports take over for nfl thursday night kickoff and at 8:25 it is kickoff for the eagles versus the panthers all of it right here on cbs3. >> a problem for many pet owners. they want to take their dogs with them when they run errands. a lot of stores don't allow pets. >> the dog parker just may be the solution to making stores more pet friendly. we'll show you how it works. katie. >> very interesting. and we are definitely looking ahead to some additional wet weather in our forecast. lots of ups and downs as well
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on the thermometer to discuss. so, when you walk out the door on a daily basis these days you don't know which se
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♪ luis waited his whole life being crowned champions. so our wellness coaches developed a plan, to keep him fit and healthy. and when his moment finally arrived,
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his knees were up to the job. aetna. you don't join us, we join you. >> well, back on "eyewitness news" with a hazmat situation in new castle county delaware. chopper3 over a crash on route one in owed did he say so involving -- odessa involving an overturned fuel tanker.
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>> definitely not your typical line at aldi grocery stores in new jersey early this morning. the grocer is looking to fill 250 positions across the garden state and potential hires lined up early. "eyewitness news" at the aldi on white horse pike in collingswood camden county about 8 o'clock this morning. aldi is hiring store associates who make up to $12.40 an hour. they're looking for manager trainees who could then make $95,000 as a store manager. >> the pay is great. but i think more for the benefits 'cause i'm older. i may look a little young but i'm 50. i'll be 51 new year's eve. >> i know i'm the candidate because i'm hard working. i'm dedicated. i live close by and also i'm ready to work. that's bottom line. >> always important. aldi has 42 stores across new jersey. the grocer is preparing in part for stores in egg harbor and hammonton. the hiring blitz ends tonight at 6:00. you need to run some errands but don't want to leave your company at home.
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>> a company in brooklyn has found a way to make stores a little bit more pet friendly. this is what's being called the dog parker. for 20 minutes -- 20 cents a minute owners can drop off their dog run their errand and pick them when they're done. the doghouses are temperature controlled, cleaned every day. there's a web cam so owners can keep an eye on their four legged friend. the company plans to be in several major u.s. cities by next year. >> i love that idea so you can go run your errands and their comfortably in their little doghouse. >> no one is going to walk away with that. >> no. >> lacing up your shoes for a great cause. >> all about the lemon run. how you can help fight childhood cancer and keep alex scott's dream alive. next. >> katie,. >> a few days closer to our upcoming weekend we're looking ahead to what promises to be a very mild very summer-like upcoming weekend. we're brightening up with more and more sunshine that will
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allow daytime highs to sore flirting with or well into the mid 80's again. but that doesn't last forever either. we'll have your full forecast coming up. >> ♪ cbs presented by target....
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urban agriculture and community greening are helping cities become more sustainable for the future. and that's why target has partnered with the nonprofit greensgrow in philadelphia. the novel idea was... can we put a farm in the heart of the city and really put food directly accessible to the people that were eating it. i think it's very important for us to come outside of target and really be inside of peoples' communities, as well. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target.
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>> i'd like to request that the rain wait until i get home. >> go away. >> me, too. i hear you, yeah. you know, i can't promise you that it's going to go away at least not until sometime down the road here. >> oh. >> but i do think that in the handful of minutes that it will take you both to get home after work today -- >> we should be fine. >> yeah. when you look at storm scan3
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you can see it's so scattered -- there are still showers around but absolutely i would absolutely, you know, say that you want to keep an umbrella with you but for the most part everything is so scattered. you'll notice especially back towards central pa some of these showers have had steadier downpours. we did have steady rainfall in sussex county very early on. for the most part this has been lackluster precip for our area. it will probably be picking up in terms of intensity but for now it's not too bad of a start for the afternoon. here's the thing. it's an area of low pressure trying to cross through but it's coming up again and doing battle with an area of high pressure off to the northeast. so, because you've got clockwise rotation around high pressure in the northern hemisphere, you get that wind flow trying to should have this to the north but with an area of low pressure it's doing battle with that going in the opposite direction. this is going to rotate away
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and then eventually fizzle a way and get drawn out but we do still have to deal with showers today, tonight and tomorrow as well. it would behoove you to keep the umbrella on stand by. never hurts but looks like the heaviest of the rain is likely to come later today and tonight especially. this computer model would pick up some of the steadiest rain by the time the kids are getting out of school in the next couple hours and especially true for southeastern pa. then midnight that's when some of the steadier rain may be crossing through the region before it rotates into tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning's drive may also be impacted by this but with time the worst of the showers should start to rotate away from north to south. today through tomorrow the showers are generally scattered but the heaviest batch that is like to come late tonight. hopefully many of us will be tucked away in bed as that's coming through but a slow morning drive as a result of that. whatever is left overheading into thursday. rain amounts not too bad.
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only up to about a half inch so it really could be a heck of a lot worse. let's take you out to the atlantic and look at tropical storm ophelia which churns out to sea. this continues to show signs of strengthening and there is a pretty good expectation it goes to be a cat one. it's going in the opposite direction you would expect and likely to bypass the azores islands bringing rain into parts of western most europe. current temperatures some mild at the beginning of the afternoon. 75 degrees. likely maybe to only add one or 2 degrees more. outside palmyra nature park, lots of clouds, not the pretty stay we've seen. we're going for about 76 for that high with a scattered shower out there as well as tonight and tomorrow but there is a pattern change that awaits us. the only thing is you've got to be comfortable with the
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warmth that's coming with it. you won't have that full crisp fall-like feel this coming weekend. as skies brighten up we see more sun but it will also be very warm, up to 83 degrees in fact by sunday. jim. >> thank you katie. all week long here on "eyewitness news" we are spotlighting some of our community partners. it's a way for us to share how you can get involved. >> today we turn our attention to the alex's lemonade foundation another organization we're proud to partner with here at cbs3. >> joining us is jay scott alex scott's father here to tell us about the foundation's biggest one day event the lemon run. welcome jay. >> thank you. >> good to have you here. >> good to be here. >> the lemon run is always a huge fundraising event. tell us some details. >> it's our version of a 5k. we're family friend. it's family friendly. it's stroller friendly. it's dog friendly. so we have people that are competitive runners and people doing their first 5k. >> they look competitive on
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this video. >> yeah, but then you'll see people that are walking or taking it easier later on. we try to make it available for anybody. >> good for everybody. >> yeah. >> there's also a special way for participants to honor teams. >> you can join one of their team, walk with them, run with them, go to the web site, lemon and you'll see all the childhood family cancer teams and join one of them. >> they get all decked out. i've seen them. them come with outfits and the whole 9-yard. >> absolutely they go yellow. i usually do it in a lemon suit. >> we partner with alex scott every year for our telethon but for those at heme are not familiar with our story tell us about her story. >> alex was a childhood cancer patient who died when she was eight but before she died she raised over a million dollars. what she started has went on to become the alex's lemonade foundation saving kids lives
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every day. >> what's late of the with the foundation, the money that's been collected through the lemon run or the most recent telethon or stuff like that, what's that being used for. >> we uses it for research looking for new treatments, for travel, if the family has to travel and they can't afford to get to a treatment we help them and we opened a data lab. we opened our own lab but it uses computers instead of test tubes and beakers to research childhood cancer. >> on research correct me if i'm wrong jay i heard something that all the money raised for cancer a very very small percentage of it goes towards pediatric cancer so organizations like alex's that's why it's so important. >> of the government only 4 percent goes to fund childhood cancer. organizations like alex's stepped in and do what the government isn't doing. >> maybe every year there's a special way you can really honor maybe someone you've known who has had cancer in the lemon run. >> yeah, i mean, come -- you can -- we have a thing where you can write on who you're
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honoring, wear it for the 5k. but the really cool thing is to do it with a family, go join one of their teams and honor one of those kids fighting cancer or survived cancer or has passed away from cancer. >> well, we certainly appreciate it. thank you, jay, as always for the amazing work in honor of your daughter's memory. i mean, this is -- i mean the amount of money is mind boggling that you've raised. >> absolutely. >> the number doesn't matter if it's not making a difference. but i can tell you it is making a difference. >> that's why we're partnering with you. thanks again. the lemon run is sun november 12th at memorial hall in fairmount park. it runs from 8:00 until 11:00. for more details head to our web site tomorrow our friends at manna will be here to tell you how you can buy a pie and feed a family. they have a new flavor and we'll tell you about it tomorrow at noon. we'll tell you about it tomorrow at noon. we'll be right back. do your research.nd. find the best fit. why not do the same for your prescription drug plan?
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at silverscript, we're experts in medicare part d. and 5 million people, just like you, trust us every day. with no deductible and lower monthly premiums, we could help you save money and get better coverage on thousands of prescriptions. so take a closer look at silverscript. we think you'll like what you see.
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>> well, coming up later today on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 we're learning more about the long term impacts of childhood obesity. now doctors say they could be more than physical. health reporter stephanie stahl has more today at 5:00. one of philly's favorite movie stars is answering the bell yet again. >> sylvester stallone will keep the are, key legacy going. he says he'll direct and produce creed two the sequel to creed a golden globe winner
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for stallone. michael b. jordan will continue in his role. the duchess of cambridge in her first public appearance since it was announced she was pregnant. >> kate joined her husband prince william and brother harry to work world mental health case. they announced they're expecting their third child. as with her two pregnancies kate suffers from severe morning sickness. >> beautiful. >> she always looks beautiful. >> that's "eyewitness news" today at noon. i'm jim donovan. >> and i'm aress are for katie and all of us here thanks for watching. >> and "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. we're always online at >> have a great day. the young and the restless is coming up next. >> ♪
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