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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 11, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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commissioner's account, one of the commissioner's account for exchanging child pornography. that kick off a month and a half long investigation that cull nateed when philip ahr turn himself in around 10:00 o'clock this morning and now facing troubling accusations detailed in this document. anything to say, disturbing allegations, commissioner. >> reporter: president of the radnor township board of commissioner philip ahr took no questions and showed no emotion as he was escorted in a delaware county courtroom. >> we have charged him with multiple counts, of child pornography. >> reporter: details disturbing. accord together criminal complaint the 66 year-old ahr used screen names like daddy x and daddy exhibition to visit chat rooms that kate tore pedophiles. he sent and received images of young children, some two to four years old. >> there were over 500 files, which were either pictures, and or videos, quite offensive , quite shocking.
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>> reporter: on his way out after posting 10 percent of $100,000 bail ahr's attorney would only say he had not even taken a lot at disturbing document that details at alleged crimes. >> i have not read it. >> reporter: ahr's arrest comes on the heels of the former radnor township commissioner bill spangler being quick for inappropriate ly touching a 100 and three-year old in her nursing home and ahr himself only became president of the board a year and a half ago when his predecessor stepped down for adding a million-dollar to the storm water budget without going through the proper procedures. we asked radnor commissioner lou clark about the string of recent issues. >> it is starting to look like a pattern in your community. >> it is a problem, it is a problem with leadership, so simply put we need new leadership abe i hope that is what the board will vote to do >> reporter: more radnor township officials are set to come and comment on this case, about 15 minutes from right now. we have another crew set up for that press conference and we will bring you details as they develop. we understand from talking to
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i few commissioners already they cannot remove ahr until he ends up, if he ends up being convicted and perhaps dancing around changing the rules right now. live from media, henry rossoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> very disturbing, thank you. close to two dozen wild fires continue to tear through california, leaving a path of total devastation. >> there are now 22 fire burning, most of them in the heart of the california's wine country north of san francisco twenty-one people have been killed so far and authorities expect that number to climb. more than 670 people remain unaccounted for in sonoma count a loan. as fire fighters focused on protecting lives 3500 homes and businesses have been destroyed. >> i'm just glad to be here. i'm glad to have my dogs. you know, you can replace the stuff that life's most important. >> meantime instagram video shows a smoke filled sunrise, over orange county, california
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in the south. fire fighters there are gaining ground on a wild fire that scorched about 14 square miles. well, former eagles head coach dick vermeil owns a winery in napa valley. here he is showing us his extensive wine collection at his chester county home. today he told "eyewitness news" that the wild fires have not reached his vineyard just yet. >> the fire sunday night came within a quarter to a half a mile of the place so we were really concern but then we relaxed, things went away but i get a report this morning because of the winds changes they are concern about the fire development on mount saint helena if that ever getting again, it is as bad as it could be now it could get worse. >> fire officials still don't know what caused the fires. happening right now president trump is in pennsylvania, to drum up support for his, tax reform plan, the president is preparing to speak in front of the truckers at the air national guard hanger at harrisburg international airport. the white house says that
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president trump will argue his plan will benefit truckers, by lowering their tax rates, boosting manufacturing and making it easier for families to pass their trucking businesses on to their children. we will have a full report on that at 5:30. meantime it is wet wednesday across the area and some of the showers passed through could be heavy. meteorologist kate bilo is track ago this rain from our weather center. kate, how long will showers stick around. >> we have gotten out not a whole lot of rain just yet but it is on its way just in time for evening commute, and will continue into the overnight hours as well. we're not talking heavier rain but pockets of showers which could be locally heavy, that first batch heading through area or toward our area right now but there is still more where that came from. scattered showers across western pennsylvania, into west virginia, and ohio, right now, so first steady batch moving through north and western suburbs at the moment from the poconos in the lehigh valley, in berks and lancaster counties, these will clip the city within the next hour or so and see those locally heavy
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showers, locally heavy downpours just south and east along 78, down toward bucks county and northeast extension , just a few embedded showers, they are coming down heavier that could slow you down certainly this evening. tonight if you are waiting for someone to come home some slow downs there. as we go through overnight hours our next batch comes through it looks like steady around 2:00 a.m. that is when most of us are sleeping but you may hear rain drops on the rooftop around 2:00 a.m. rain continuing until 5:00 a.m. and drizzle through your thursday morning before a gradual clearing in the afternoon but that is not the last of the showers for the week. it will be a cool day tomorrow and another warm up to talk about as well. we will break that down coming up in the seven day, jessica and nicole. >> well, we are now almost, 24 hours away from the eagles taking on carolina panthers right here on cbs-3 and we are gearing up for a big night today was travel day for team and for sports director don bell who joins us live, from charlotte where eagles arrived a little while ago, don.
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>> that is right, we are coming to you live from the atrium of the team hotel, the bird are arriving here just about an hour ago, sporting, an all business attitude. they are looking for their fourth straight win. now, there is some bad news concerning this game, they are coming off a short week, they have had three days to prepare for tomorrow night's game with the four-one carolina panthers the good news is that the flight was short here to charlotte only a hour and a half. last season bird were one- seven on the road this year they are two-one. here's pro bowl defensive end brandon graham. >> i mean every week is a challenge. every week is not a guarantee so i think carolina in the way and we have to go get a win. >> it is tough but tough for both parties. it is not about who can prepare the quickest, and i think we, i think we have a good set up. >> i know it is only october but the team that wins tomorrow night's game will be
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in the driver's seat in the nfc, looking to go five-one on the season. coming up in just about 15 minutes or so, in sports we will have one reason why you should be really optimistic about tomorrow and one reason that perhaps, a little concerned. but for now coming to you live from the team hotel in charlotte i'm don bell, cbs-3 "eyewitness sports". >> we will check in a bit. lets talk with "eyewitness news" reporter, vittoria wild. >> live in pennsburg new jersey preparing to make road trip the trek to charlotte with some fans, torey, what is going on over there. >> look, don bell, ukee washington may think flying is the way to go, but not in penns grove not here we're hitting the road, guess what everybody, traveling with the south jersey bird gang all the way down to charlotte, and these guys have been in a club since 2015, started by my man marcus. you are the president of the gang. tell me bit. >> president of the south jersey bird gang we started
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out with nine members. we are active. we have a president, myself, a vice-president, treasurer, board of elect trustees and we make, we make eagles happen. we come out, we celebrate, we have a good time, we tailgate every home game. we are out there parking lot f 2 find us all the time. it is south jersey bird gang. >> i'm looking out for f2. >> we are out there. >> tell me this you are usually flying down but not this year. >> not this year. this is way to go. we rented a rv instead of us traveling down we wanted to extend all of the excitement you can get everything done, have a good time, good unit out there and be ready for thursday night. >> i jumped on the rv, it has bed, it is decked out who gets king size bed if i'm rolling with you. >> you know the president gets first choice. >> i have to pay my union dues >> bed in the back belongs to the president. we will take shift. we will ride out. we will have a good time. we will play card. we will eat. we will laugh. we will have fun and we will bond as south jersey bird gang
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y was talking to one of your members earlier. lets talk to them a bit. i was saying hey look i'm for philly. dried cheer for eagles. i'm an eagles fan. if you are not an eagles fan and never been to an eagles game you don't know what it is like. >> you don't know what you are missing. we're here. we are closest thing to south philly. how can you be a fan of another team you don't ever get a chance to see? how can you be a dallas fan? >> i saw one on the lawn. >> boo. >> guys, what is the best part , what are you looking forward to most, about this trip. >> the ride. >> the ride. >> the ride. >> the comradery with the fellows. >> because is there one thing you have got in common. >> the eagles. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> look guys, and girls, it will be a great trip, 6:00 o'clock we are jumping on the rv and get wheel spinning all the way to charlotte. >> yeah. >> let's go. >> good work everybody. they are going to have a lot
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of fun. >> and torey fits right in. >> right. >> have fun, okay. >> ukee will be joining the team live from charlotte tomorrow as well, on game night we will have you covered it starts with the jeep kick off show at 7:00, 7:30 guys and cbs sports take over for nfl thursday night kick off and 8:25 it is the official start time for eagles verse panthers, all right here on cbs-3. >> put their friend on blast. >> yes. >> she is like it is what it is, moving right along. >> coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" rapper eminem takes on president trump and his free style tirade at 5:30. historic change for boy scouts what they are doing to make themselves more inclusive moving forward. harvey weinstein scandal making more headlines today another actress is coming forward and we will talk to a democratic party leaders about why his political contributions and what the party should do about them. we're learning more about the long term impacts of childhood obesity now doctors say they could be more than
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well, back on "eyewitness news" with a historic move by the boy scouts of america, the organization announce today that girls are now welcomed into some of their programs. starting next year girls will be allowed to join cub scouts, the organization says that it will also establish a new program for older girls. it will use the same curriculum as boy scouts and will allow them to earn coveted right of eagles scout. you have about 45 minutes to interview for a job opportunity, grocery store chain aldi is looking to fill 250 position as cross new jersey. the potential hires lined up early this morning, at aldi on white horse park in collinswood camden county. one day hiring blitz end at 6:00. they have 42 stores in new jersey. company is hiring store associates and manager trainee s. the grocer is preparing in part for upcoming stores, in
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egg harbor, flemington and hamilton. >> all right. kate joins us now and talking about this weather. it is a little bit better out there today. not quite as humid. >> not quite as humid or hot because it has been kind of cloudy, gray, glummy all day. nice trade off. not a bad day. kind of day you want to take a nap. >> pretty much. >> that is every day. >> some areas could get a little heavy rain from this system starting to move to the northwestern suburbs. chelsea ingram right now is live with the cbs-3 mobile weather watcher on lancaster avenue in west philadelphia chelsea, what are you seeing. >> reporter: that is right, you know what, it is kind of the day where you don't to have put sunglasses on out driving, so, we got the cloud around, it is dry. let me show you guys what i'm seeing. we are here with the mobile weather watchers. you can see gray skies, and kate had mentioned we do have some rain that is, going to be moving through and here, just a matter of a couple of hours. you know what, the last time
5:16 pm
we really saw measurable rain was monday, that was a very yucky columbus day and then prior to that, it had been about two and a half weeks since we had really seen measurable rainfall and that occurred on september 19th. so where does that put us, for this time during the month? well, we are at just a little bit of a deficit, not in deficit for the year but for month of october we're just over or just under half an inch of the deficit as far as rainfall is concern, so, really not that big of a deal but it looks like we will be able to make up some ground as we head into the remainder of the evening hours, tonight and also during overnight hours so meteorologist kate bilo is going to show us exactly what we can expect? she will track the showers that are located just west of philadelphia, and then so you will know when they are moving in your neighborhood. without further ado we will send it back to meteorologist kate bilo for what you can speculator on tonight, kate. >> thanks, chelsea. as chelsea just showed us
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lancaster avenue does not look too bad. lot at difference in bethlehem where we are seeing rain, northwestern suburbs picking up steadier showers right now. little bit of the slow drive looking live from the hotel bethlehem in northampton county, main street is all wet , that is where rain has arrived and it is pushing to the south ande here over next hour or so. we will be seeing, some rain out on the roads with the mobile weather watcher eventually. here's west of the city as well, kid are still outside playing in kutztown but notice rain drops on the camera lens, very dark, glummy, bit ominous , cool at 64 degrees and it is raining in, kutztown here's storm scan three showing this system moving through much of the northeast and we are seeing steady downpours in upstate new york, right along interstate 90 and, down in our region as well. this is not the end of it this kind of wrap around the back edge overnight in our heaviest rain may actually hit during overnight hours and then showers there right now in western pennsylvania. so, again, up in bethlehem, allentown, easton, nazareth,
5:18 pm
in the poconos that is where heaviest is just starting to creep in chester and montgomery counties. westbound on the schuylkill here within the next hour or so we will run into wet weather. areas where it is raining where we are seeing a bit of cool down 66 in reading. zero seven in allentown. sixty-one mount pocono. still mild 75 in philadelphia, even with the cloud cover, temperatures well above average, again today. you can see though much cool's cross the northeast thanks to the cloud and the rain still hot, down across the southe where temperatures are in the 80's but st. louis cool at 58 and cool across northern plains as well 50's in minneapolis and in milwaukee. how much rain are we talking overnight? well, heaviest downpours are still off to the south, we could see quarters of an inch to an inch of rain possibly in delaware, wilmington, dover, possibly here in philadelphia as well but this is not a steady band coming through but more scattered showers so areas that sit under the heaviest downpours will see the highest amounts of rain. later this week with high
5:19 pm
pressure off the coast and low pressure to the south we will get ane wind and see how much cooler, green, blue shaded areas, much cooler with highs in the 60's, mainly cloud which light, sprinkles and showers around later this week overnight breezy, showers, 61 degrees. temperatures go know where tomorrow. morning drizzle and sun returning in the afternoon. high only in the mid 60's, and then eagles will have a warmer time down in charlotte at 76 but cannot rule out a thunder shower there either, friday couple of the light showers with that east wind only 69 but it is a warm up this weekend, it is going to be short lived though because next week we will see a nice cool down finally feeling crisp with some sunshine. >> okay. >> yeah. >> we will take it. >> thanks, kate. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" rapper eminem using music to take on president trump. >> ♪ take a step forward then backward but this is his form of distraction ♪ >> we will have more on the wrappers televised rant and whether the white house has anything to say bit, at 6:00,
5:20 pm
don. we have an injury update on two of the eagles very best players, find out if fletcher cox and lane johnson are scheduled to play tomorrow night, in that massive match up against the carolina panthers. we are coming to you live there charlotte after this. after 8 years of chris christie, is kim guadagno the change new jersey really needs? guadagno is christie's hand-picked successor. says she's "proud to be part of the christie administration." guadagno was chris christie's right hand as our schools came under attack, critical services were underfunded, and our credit rating was downgraded...11 times. from the bridge to the beach,
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we've seen it all, and we've had enough. kim guadagno isn't the change we need.
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locks of love in philadelphia a fence is offering people a chance to hang their hopes right here in the sit of brotherly love. coming up on "eyewitness news" we will show you inspiration thinned unique addition to the city and where you can find it safe to say that people are getting excited. >> it is continuing to build for tomorrow's eagles game right here on cbs three eagles taking on carolina panters in charlotte. that is where don bell, he is, he is live at the eagles team hotel, don. >> i know, i am at the team hotel but it looks like i'm in somebody's study, we're
5:24 pm
hanging out here in the atrium of the hotel as eagles arrived here probably an hour and a half ago. they are all business getting readied for this match up here , tomorrow night. now, lets talk about a couple of things. one, this team, well, they had a busy day to day. they have practiced earlier today and then they jumped on a plane. then they came here. they had their team meeting here tonight. as for business of football, they are right tackle will not play lane johnson in the concussion protocol that means hall pull i vaitai has his first start and here's what they had to say about big v and how that impacts carson wentz. >> the biggest thing in carson 's case is big v has played and he has played in games and played in big time games for us last year. even last week. so, that gives your quarterback a lot of confidence going in. then, of course, we can do things by scheme, tightened, backs, receivers to do what we
5:25 pm
need to do to help if we need to but we don't to have change or alter the game plan and it gives quarterback confidence moving forward. >> one thing about this eagles team, 2017 addition, it has been, completely resilient. when guys have gone out other players have stepped n we have seen when darren sproles was hurt, we have seen wendell smallwood, guys like that play and make big time contributions and they are expecting same thing from big v at right tackle tomorrow night begins four-one panthers that is story for now coming to you live from charlotte i'm don belfor cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> he will have some company there in charlotte our vittoria wild is getting ready to get on the road with don and ukee. >> before we go to break we will check in how she's doing with the south jersey bird gang, tori. >> well, right now we're pre game with a little corn hole and guess what, as vice-president dean will tell you, we go custom.
5:26 pm
>> all the time custom south jersey bird gang, custom, all done by one of our members. it is a great thing. >> we make it known we are here and charlotte will hear us loud and clear coming up we will board the rv, don't miss it. can i jump behind you here. >> yes. >> take a crack at it.
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harvey weinstein is still hoping for a come back despite a growing, list, of women accusing him of sexual harassment and assault. both new york times and new yorker uncover decade of allegations against the embattled hollywood producer and now yet era cueser has come forward. natasha brown has more on that
5:30 pm
as well as the fall out. >> reporter: disturbing allegations of sexual harassment, assault and now rape, against harvey weinstein continue to unfold by date more and more victims speaking out. model, actress cara dell a vine is joining long list of accusers, she says in a lengthy powe that weinstein often brought up sexual subjects during business meetings and tried to get her to kiss a woman in front of him. many allegations against weinstein span decade with victims emboldened enough now to tell their stories. >> this is a case when women are assaulted, really trauma, and so symptoms are very similar to ptsd. >> reporter: adam good man a therapist with council for relationships says there is a culture of silence surrounding sexual harassment and assault for many reasons. >> is there feelings of guilt, and shame, around the event, and, sort of, paralysis, and being frozen and what happened it is encourage to go see sort of the change in culture in
5:31 pm
the way people are coming out. >> reporter: weinstein has been fired from the weinstein company and fall out from the allegations is also being seen on capitol hill as congressional democrats, many of whom has received thousands from his donations are starting to give the money back. >> in 2,000 when national democratic chairman i met him. >> reporter: former governor ed rendell interacted with weinstein during political fundraisers over the years. he said they are in no way friend and appalled by allegations against him. he said returning or donating, any donation from his weinstein is a must for any public figure. >> absolutely get rid of the money. you out to make a statement by doing that that we will not accept this no matter how powerful the person was or how much money the person gave us, it is just conduct that cannot be in anyway condoned. >> reporter: also a new development, britain's philadelphia contacted my says it has suspended weinstein over multiple allegation of harassment and sexual assault against him. british academy of television arts said wednesday it has
5:32 pm
membership that has been suspended effective immediately. so lots of fall out, every day it seems to be something new. >> yes, thanks, natasha. tonight president trump is in pennsylvania to rally support for his tax reform plan and "eyewitness news" is at harrisburg international airport where he business to speak. >> our joe holden is on the move with the secret service to the president's location. you can join us with a live report at have. in the meantime cbs news correspondent mola linc tells us the president's plan could be in trouble. >> reporter: president trump wants truck drivers to know he has got their backs. >> i'm giving the largest tax cuts in the history of this country, in addition to that they will be reform. >> reporter: white house says president will be speaking directly to truck tours let them know how his tax reform agenda will benefit them. among the ideas being pushed are, a plan to allowed corporations to bring money from overseas, back to the u.s., a lower corporate tax rate and tax cuts for individual. the white house says the
5:33 pm
proposal will allow truckers and other middle income household toss get a $4,000 pay raise over eight years, but democrats say it will benefit the wealthiest americans the most. >> some republicans say that they are worried that tax reform may be scuttled because of the president's friction on with republican lawmakers. >> the best way for us to help people and advance our principals is that we stay unified and advance this agenda we are working on like tax reform. >> reporter: tennessee senator bob corker is one of the republicans who expressed concern that tax cuts would increase the deficit, but the president publicly attacked corker on twitter this week. >> my advice is for these two gentlemen to sit down and talk through their issues. >> reporter: white house can only afford to lose two republican senators votes if they want to pass the bill. mola lenghi for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". voters feel good about the economy according to a new quinnipiac university poll. 61 percent say nation's economy is excellent, or good, that is close to an all time high, 37 percent say that the
5:34 pm
economy is not so good or poor also, 73 percent describe their personal finance situation as excellent, or g. rapper eminem used last night bet hip-hop award to blast president trump and denounce his fans who support the president. in a four minute rap eminem hit on every hot topic. >> take a step forwards then backward but this is his form of distraction, plus he gets an enormous reaction, when he attacks the nfl so we focus on that instead of talking puerto rico or gun reform for nevada or these horrible tragedies and he is rather cause a twit ter storm with the packers >> several word in the rap had to be bleeped out because of foul language, so far no comment from the white house. investigators continue to untangle eyewitness accounts from the night gunman opened fire on concert goers in las vegas. mandalay bay hotel maintenance worker is now saying he warn the hotel of the gunman, and he says stephen paddock opened
5:35 pm
fire on him and security guard in the 32nd floor hallway, before turning on the crowd. police initially said paddock was already firing on the crowd when he stopped to shoot into the hallway. mayor jim kenney and city of philadelphia celebrated some outstanding latino americans today. "eyewitness news" in center city for hispanic heritage annual lunchon and award program. the event was, created to recognize many contributions to our country made by latino americans. the lunch and award program is now in the second year. many ladies think they love a good coach bag but they are getting a new name, we will explain that next. also we are learning more about long term impacts of childhood obesity and new doctors say they could be more than just physical,. >> for two little girls, born two minutes apart they are completely different. >> but they did share the same diagnosis, their struggle, their success and what it
5:36 pm
inspired, it thinks weeks story of brotherly love. we are creeping up to the weekend and it looks like it will brighten up and temperatures backup on the rise, we are heading backup in the 80's over the weekend, plenty of sunshine especially saturday afternoon through the day on sunday, if you like it warm enjoy this weekend it looks like possibly a more permanent turn to fall weather is on the way
5:37 pm
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5:39 pm
a well known brandies making a name change, parent company of the luxury brand coach will now be called tap industry, the designer handbag company says the new moniker reflects the full line of brands, coach recently bought stewart wiseman shoes and kate spade. tap industry takes effect at end of the month. you need to runner rand
5:40 pm
but don't want to leave your dog at home. >> um-hmm, yeah, it happens. >> a company in brooklyn found a way to make stores a little bit more pet friendly. take a look, thinks being called the dog parker, for 20 cents a minute owners can drop off their dogs, letter their errand and pick up the pet when they are finished. they are temperature controlled and cleaned every single day, is there even a webb cam so owner can keep an eye on their four legged friend. they plan to be in several other major u.s. cities by next year. what do you think. >> that little dog looks pretty happy. >> hey, why not. >> we will see. >> still ahead we are on the road to victory at lee we hope >> we do hope. >> tons lri is part of the cbs crew headed to charlotte for tomorrow's big eagles game and tori, how is that rv packing coming along are you all in there. >> the rv is packing up but with the south jersey bird gang i got to get initiated, and the first is the handshake >> in order to be part of the south jersey bird gang you got
5:41 pm
to learn handshake. >> let's do it. >> lets see what you got. >> all right you taught me once, let's line up. here we go. >> boom, boom, bang. >> yeah, there it is. >> next it is rv, in a
5:42 pm
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childhood obesity epidemic tops the healthwatch tonight, new research says it is now growing at an alarming, rate. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with the new report and this is just issued today. >> this just came out. childhood obesity is a especially big problem right here in philadelphia. this new study that looks at the global picture says that being overweight when young, has, lasting effects. the number of obese children in teens is now 10 times higher then it was 40 years ago according to the world health organization, it blames , poor nutrition, and
5:45 pm
lots of exercise, and the problem is more then just physical. >> special psychological problem for children themselves, more bullying. >> reporter: study in the lancet says obese children tend to be overweight adults. >> it is also more lakely to be earlier on set of conditions, like heart disease , cancer, diabetes. >> research showed an estimated, 74 million boys and 50 million girls are obese worldwide, obesity rates are still, rising in poor nations but have leveled off in countries like the uk and here in the united states. mother of two ruth blackburn tries to feed her three-year old organic food an no refined sugar. >> rhythms amount of meat that she has and protein, and other ways, i would love to see fresh vegetables. >> reporter: health experts are trying to educate more parents like ruth like schools and government about the importance of balanced diet,
5:46 pm
proper food labeling and long term impacts of childhood obesity. now that research analyzed data from 2400 different studies, that tracks the height and weight of 32 million children, between the ages of, five and 19. it is considered one of the most comprehensive reports we have to dayton the picture of childhood obesity. scary thing these kid have real long term impacts because of the increased risk for so many things heart disease, diabetes, et cetera. >> so dangerous. >> yes, exactly. >> stephanie, thanks. check this out an amazing sight, right from space, lightening strikes, paparazzi, flash balls over southern california. international space station commander randy, captured video from 250 miles, above the earth. that is pretty cool to look at , isn't it. >> yes, amazing. >> yes. >> talking about that yesterday. >> and here we are, in honor of our neck of the wood and we
5:47 pm
are expecting to it rain in philadelphia today. >> yes. >> i want to fall out. >> and, it has been gray, and just looked damp out there my kid ran outside. i said you will get your socks wet. they said it is not wet. i said, okay, it looks like it should be. it is glummy, rainy, one of those days. i can never get my kid to put their shoes on but that is a different story for a different day. we will get stuck outside without shoes on overnight because we have steady showers that are moving into the area, right now, and so rain has been threatening all day, it is headed in this direction. lets take a look outside, starting off down the shore where it has been pretty quiet the showers lifting in the shore points, fizzled before they really got there midday which is good news. we haven't had too much wet weather down the shore but that will change through the overnight hours as steady showers will move in. this isn't heavy rainfall but more a lock the line of scattered showers and downpours. you can see dark cloud, sun
5:48 pm
peeking through cloud as we head toward sunset there in ocean city. still a few folks on the boardwalk not a bad day for that. checking with our eyewitness weather watchers we have temperatures only in the 70's, 10 degrees cooler then this time yesterday. humidity is lower as well. not too bad but again we have not seen much in the way of sun today. bill's in levittown at 71 degrees. he sent this photo of the sunrise this morning. what a beautiful sunrise it was if you were up early enough to see it. sky was on fire. i want to show you another photo by jenny janssen showing red sky this morning. look at that. we all know old adage red sky at night sailors delight, red sky in the morning, sailors take warning and that means nasty weather business to head our way and that is what that red sky signifies. but a beautiful night outside. look at that this morning. another great shot comes from lynn spring they are morning, everyone that was up early was just kind of, flabbergasted by beauty of the sky outside. right now it is not so beautiful. it looks pretty much like this
5:49 pm
gray, flat, glummy outside today and that is how today has been going. we have changes on the way. it will brighten up. we will look live at the neighborhood network where it is raining west of the city in reading, you can see road are wet, it is a damp afternoon, damp evening commute and then cooler in reading as well at 65 degrees thanks to the cloud and the rain, you can see this , it is not heavy rain but from portions of new hampshire , vermont, right on toward toronto and michigan, and as far south as norfolk virginia we are seeing rain. these showers look like they will impact south jersey and delaware today. they have missed to the south. a few more coming from the west, will get in here overnight. showers, are just starting to pop up around the region right now this band will weaken but overnight we will start to see this turn into one larger batch of rain that will come through around 2:00 a.m. that then moves out and tomorrow morning it is cloudy, drizzly to start in the afternoon. little bit more sunshine but high pressure located off thee
5:50 pm
coast we will see easterly flow through the end of the week, that will keep cloud around, showers will start to try to creep back in here as we head into friday as well and hang out as long as saturday morning. showers and cloud and east wind will cause a brief cool down back to the 50's tomorrow and friday. we will heat backup for weekend and humidity will start to creep backup as well. pretty pleasant tomorrow and then saturday we are back in the humid range. so tonight scattered showers, some with locally heavy downpours. low 61 degrees. tomorrow, the temperatures really goes no where morning drizzle and sun peeking through in the afternoon. high of 66. friday it is cool as well with light showers around, and 69 degrees and then look at that warm up stray showers saturday morning and then, some sun. sunday warm, sunny but ready for fall weather, cold front on monday will deliver, tuesday and wednesday, 60's, crisp and sunny. looks good nicole and jessica, back to you. last year a delaware county family faced a large un expect bill after their infant, twin daughters were
5:51 pm
diagnosed with the same condition. >> now they are helping other parents who are in a similar spot. ukee washington has their story of brotherly love. >> reporter: their parents say they considered themselves lucky, so they were inspired to pass their good fortune on. soon it will be harder to keep up with haley and harper these one year-old twins are close to walking. >> for two little girls born two minutes apart they are completely different. >> dad lou, said haley and harper always looked alike in more ways than one. >> we noticed their head were tilt to go one side. >> reporter: both girls were diagnosed with a neck muscle problem where they were too tense on one side limiting their head movements. they were also developing flat areas on their skulls, a condition. >> the brain could have been impact because their skull was not forming properly now knowing what damage could have been, that is the scary part.
5:52 pm
>> hi baby. >> reporter: doctors prescribed physical therapy and custom made helmets for up to 23 hours a day, so that their head would grow properly the helmets cost more than $1,700, each. >> our insurance company did not cover anything that they said, it is cosmetic. >> reporter: luckily they could pay and the girls are out of the wood. the physical therapy is working and girls have grown that they don't need them any longer. >> we would love to give them but we are unable to because they are custom fit. >> reporter: so, they started helmets for hope, a charity to pay for helmets for another families. couple has collect more than $5,000. just from word of mouth. they have already made their first gift to a family in texas. they gave them got news via video chat. >> so shocked, still text me every day, to thank us. >> reporter: gina and luke want every family to have the same shot their girls did. they would love to pay foreign
5:53 pm
more helmets for other families who cannot afford them. find out how to donate at cbs i'm ukee washington for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead on "eyewitness news" astronomical price j lo is selling her penthouse for and details on what is inside. the one big regret actress michelle fifer has about her career, the movie that at longhorn, step into wood. stone.
5:54 pm
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he had two government jobs, two paychecks and padded his pension along the way. he's a double-dipping pension padder! now he's making over $300,000 a year as a lobbyist and a senator. double-dipping pension padder! so he's all set - thanks to you, the taxpayer. which is why steve sweeney had no problem voting to raise your taxes 145 times, including the largest gas tax hike in history. sounds about right, coming from a.... double-dipping pension padder! one of the philly's favorite movie stars will be back at it again, sylvester stallone will keep the rocky legacy going. stallone will direct and pro december creed three, sequel to creed golden globe award winner for stallone in 2015. michael b jordan will continue his role as the son of apollo creed, creed two is scheduled to hit theaters next year. >> so, jenny from the block is moving from the block as long
5:57 pm
as she sells her new york city penthouse for hefty amount. >> even celebrities have regrets ask michelle fifer, be x from our sister station 96.5 has those stories and more in today's hot minute. >> we are kick things off with michelle fifer, who graces cover of the variety magazine, for their power of women issue the award winning actress is opening up but her hollywood what if revealing that she regrets turning down a lead role in the 1991 film, thelma and louise due to timing. michelle admitting even to this day she cannot watch the film saying quote it is still killing me. actress also dished she had to say no to silence of the lambs , and to die for with nicole kidman a golden globe. she's still doing pretty well for herself. things are not bad when you are turning away rolls. on to jennifer lopez, singer, dancer, actress listed her new york city penthouse at a price tag of 27 million-dollar.
5:58 pm
fifteen rooms total with a private elevator and a kitchen to complete, any dream. what is insane is the pad is only a four bedroom, for 27 million-dollar, we better be getting jenny's whole block, and finally james corden joins miley cyrus in a brand new car pool karaoke. miley opening up but how she has changed following her now infamous 2013, mtv, vma performance. >> i realized if that many people were going to talk about something that i did or something that i do, then i should make it a good thing. >> of course, singing was involved, they belted out miley's biggest hits. >> ♪ that is your hot minute i'm bex for today's 96.5. >> i feel like everybody sing that is song like that. >> they should, it is fun. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00.
5:59 pm
at 6:00 count down is on, don. >> we are coming to you live from charlotte where the four- one eagles are getting set to take on four-one carolina panthers. we have a preview coming upright after this. the bird fans keep piling in because we're going on a road trip. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> coming up we are boarding the bus, don't miss it. let's go eagles. >> and president trump is in pennsylvania, command inner chief has been talking, tax reform plan. his message to pennsylvanians tonight, kate? and it has been a gray, glummy day and showers are headed our way. i will tell you how long included will hang around and when temperatures head back to the 80's, yes again, all right now on "eyewitness news" at 6:00.
6:00 pm
can't wait to see through because cam's going down, down >> the fans are fired up, and, so are we. eagles fever is running high, it is not quite game day just yet but we are gearing up for a grid iron battle, down in charlotte. the count down is on in carolina thursday night football, just a little more than a day way. good evening, i'm jessica dean i'm nicole brewer in for ukee tonight. excitement is glowing as eagles get ready to face off with the panthers we have carson verse cam, two quarterbacks playing great football and square off in charlotte in the game we will see right here on cbs three we have team three coverage as we get ready, vittoria woodill is hanging with fans to get to the road in north carolina but we will start with don bell live from charlotte, he has already been there, don, eagles arrived this afternoon and you are already on the ground. >> yes, yes, i'm here with this, with the eagles here and their team hotel, thinks a


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