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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 11, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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can't wait to see through because cam's going down, down >> the fans are fired up, and, so are we. eagles fever is running high, it is not quite game day just yet but we are gearing up for a grid iron battle, down in charlotte. the count down is on in carolina thursday night football, just a little more than a day way. good evening, i'm jessica dean i'm nicole brewer in for ukee tonight. excitement is glowing as eagles get ready to face off with the panthers we have carson verse cam, two quarterbacks playing great football and square off in charlotte in the game we will see right here on cbs three we have team three coverage as we get ready, vittoria woodill is hanging with fans to get to the road in north carolina but we will start with don bell live from charlotte, he has already been there, don, eagles arrived this afternoon and you are already on the ground. >> yes, yes, i'm here with this, with the eagles here and their team hotel, thinks a massive game that they are
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getting ready for tomorrow night on thursday night football, right here on cbs-3, they are looking to win their fourth straight game, they have not done that since chip kelly's rookie season as head coach back in 2013. in order to get that done they have to take down the quarterback, he is the man we're talking about cam newton we have talk about him quite a bit over the last couple of days and, for pretty good reason. as you take a look here at the video of the team arriving here a couple hours ago, they are focused group, especially defensively. when you any that defense they have done enough to win but they have allowed big play as long the way. that is where newton comes into play. over last two weeks he has thrown six touchdowns and two picks, pressure will be key. >> we hope to get to him. we have to get to him. that is our mind set, so yeah, we expect to get to him tomorrow. >> cam is pretty much a running back. you have to look at him like that, and as such, for us we have a nice little plan.
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>> running back who has a way to get the ball down the field work his arm, talking about cam newton. by the way bird are 29th against paths and they look to improve upon that tomorrow night here in charlotte. speaking of improving, and bringing your a game that is what eagles fans always seem to do and that is where we will find vittoria woodill tracking people as they make their trip down to charlotte. what is up with that? >> don, i'm not tracking them i'm joining them. we are talking about eight hours. i have my sleeping mask my bird blanket, pillow and we are joining soft jersey bird gang. we have theo, we're ready to go, let's do this. lets go for the ride. check out this rv. look at this crowd. >> wow. >> it is where it is at. >> it is like a episode of cribs. >> yeah. >> so with all these people, you guys, now we're pulling out. we're pulling out. let's do this. so now in here, look at that.
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look at these jersey, look at that pride. talk about the decorations we have here. >> eagles out, that is what we do in new jersey. >> years of history, i love that. this is comfortable. we have a couple bed in here. okay, here we go. we are pulling out. we have an eight hour drive. i guess my question is what are we doing to pass the time. >> drinking. >> well, beside that. >> ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall, license plate game or name that fruit starting from a to z. >> name that fruit, that is what we can try we can try that. >> guys, i brought some snacks too i don't know where they are, right behind me, here we go. look at this. can't go wrong with some potato chips, original. love it. >> i get one of those. >> yes. >> awesome. >> you know what, this is the place where you create memories. >> yes. >> and we have two father and sons on here, okay.
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talk to me about the memories created here with your son theo the vp. >> it is out of sight. who would have ever thought we would be doing this for eagles game. we went to dallas last year, we had a ball, we are on our way to carolina and we are going to get ready to let her roll, baby love that. >> can we get a shot of marcus getting comfortable. that is not even his bed. he has the presidential bed in the back but there is actually two bed so marcus on one, another bed underneath and you were saying. >> this moves out. >> that is my bed. >> that is my bed. >> wow. >> hey look, here's what we will do we will have a great trip. this is something i will never forget and we have just begun. we just got to the first stop sign. >> so i guess i should say this, give me some predictions on the game. we have 30 seconds, tommy, already, perfect, 30 seconds
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prediction of the game, go. >> eagles. >> boom. >> twenty to nothing. >> thirty-six to nothing. >> thirty-six to nothing. >> thirty-one-14 eagles. >> wow. >> i will give cam benefit of the doubt we will go 24-17 bird all day. >> all day. >> let me hit marcus from the back. >> i'm going to say 27-24 eagles it is a tight game. >> my man elliott nails a 61 yarder. >> yes. >> hey look. >> this is how we will do it. >> with us heading down there, it is a guarantied win. >> it is a guarantee. >> we are not coming down here without a win. >> on that net we will send it back to the desk, we will see any charlotte. >> i feel very confident with you guys. this is good. >> tell the guys, thank you. enjoy the food. outstanding. fans are not just driving to charlotte "eyewitness news" at philadelphia international airport tonight, as people decked out in their eagles green, jumping on a flight to
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north carolina they tell us they are ready for the match up. >> i think eagles will come out with a victory and i will say 31-23. thirty-one-23 that is the score. >> i went them to go five-one this year. i say that every year but this year is different. >> we're excited we love eagles we watch them every sunday. we just can't wait. >> we have got you covered, until game time tomorrow, and as you just saw, don's in charlotte, tori is on her way and so is ukee washington. our live report will continue tonight and tomorrow right here on "eyewitness news" as we count down to kick off. and, tomorrow night it all kicks into high gear we will get you ready for the game with the jeep kick off gain at 7:00, and then at 7:30 guys at cbs sports will take over for nfl thursday night kick off. 8:25 it is game time it is all happening as eagles square off with the panthers all right here, on cbs-3. president trump is in pennsylvania, tonight rallying support for his tax reform
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plan, it is the president's third visit to the keystone state since taking office earlier this year. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live, where the president is making his pitch, joe. >> reporter: nicole, guess cat president likes this crowd. has been speak forgo about 20 minutes talking about that tax reform plan, and it sounds like at this moment right here he is continuing his speech, he has talk about slashing the red tape of businesses about cutting regulations. he says in his presidency he has cut more regulations, in the eight months he has been president since all of the presidency before him. he also talked about the tragedy that our nation has faced in the last few months and weeks, including the fire storm in napa and sonoma valley and victims of las vegas but this is the base that helped him gain the white house. his message is geared here for truckers, have a listen to
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what he said just moments ago. >> nothing gets done in america without the hard working men and women of the trucking industry. do we agree with that. thank you so much. thank you for the job that you do. when your trucks are moving, america is growing. throughout the year my administration has worked closely with congress to develop a framework for tax reform that will deliver exactly that, more jobs, higher pay, and lower taxes, for middle income families, and for american businesses, of all size. >> reporter: democrats have a a sailed this tax plan saying it redirects all of the wealth into the top 1 percent of earn ers. now, the talk of businesses, this is not good news according to the president, where for one business that would be h and r block. he said after this tax plan
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would become law and regulation, he says, taxes of dozens of pages in length anymore will be sized down to a single post card. so lots of, talking points here coming from the president , and much more to come on "eyewitness news", at 11:00. that is story live inside the terminal here at harrisburg international airport, joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, thank you. disturbing allegations against a delaware county, official. president of the radnor township board of commissioner is facing multiple child pornography charges. sixty-six year-old philip ahr turned himself into delaware county authorities this morning. investigators say month and a half long investigation, turned up hundreds of graphic images of children on his computers they say some appeared to be as young as two-year old. >> we came to the conclusion, that it was over 500 files which were either, pictures, and or video some of them would expect based on the
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affidavit of probable cause if you had opportunity to review it, quite offensive, quite shocking. >> now commissioner says they cannot be removed again their pox unless they are convicted under current rules. they are as free and 10 percent of the, $100,000 bail. another school in our area is closing tomorrow, after a report of, possible mold, the philadelphia school district confirmed traces of mold were found inside several classrooms at john kelly elementary school in germantown. the environmental remediation contractor immediately started to work to take care of the h va c issues that caused the mold, and, should be completed again tonight. in a statement district says safety and health of our students and staff have our highest priority and because the district must investigate the cause of this issue, it will be close todd students and staff tomorrow. the national transportation safety board says that the engineer involved in the deadly amtrak crash in chester last year had marijuana in his system. that was just one of the find
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initial a report out today. the ntsb also says that the train that hit a backhoe in april 2016 was not supposed to be on that track. the backhoe operator and a maintenance supervisor were killed, the report shows that the backhoe operator had cocaine in his system at the time of the crash and supervisor tested positive for pain medications, including oxycodone. forty-one people on board the train were injured. still to come on "eyewitness news" he found a safe haven in a philadelphia church and now this man is free to walk the streets, it is the moment he was able to step to the doors of his sanctuary and the reason is so emotional. little more love in the city of brotherly love where you can now hang your hope, and what it is all about, kate cooler day, cloudy day and rain is heading our direction, through tonight, and then we will turn cool and cloudy pattern for couple days i'll tell you how long that will last and when we will head back toward
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a 40 year-old mexican father is a freeman after spending yearly a year held up in a center city church to avoid being deported. >> he was first undocumented person to go in sanctuary under the trump administration , cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio has the story. >> i'm excited that i get to have my dad at home. >> reporter: gathering of love , celebration in arch street methodist church. >> this is a day to celebrate freedom. >> reporter: day that javier flores garcia got to walk outside, without fear speaking to a interpreter javier told a crowd of his struggles. immigration authorities, tend to avoid churches so javier moved in 11 months ago after being released from a year of federal detention. he told 60 minutes back in may , he lived here 24 hours a day, so he could stay in america. >> today he will leave this
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building and he will be free to be with his family. >> reporter: church and other supporters signed petitions and raised money believing javier had a strong case. he came to the u.s. illegally in 1997 and was deported repeatedly. but after he was stabbed in 2004 he helped police nab suspect. the act qualified him for a special visa but his past complicated matters. sanctuary bought him time. >> this is the result of sanctuary. it is not about hiding. >> reporter: his attorney got javier a visa on the third try and now i can check in with ice and then get free. once javier leaves this building he will be a freeman. his lawyers say he could get his new visa as early as next year. after thanking those who helped him his first act will be a good dinner. and eat without fear. cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia now has a
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little piece of paris. our very own fence for love lock. >> modeled after famous bridge in paris, the so-called hope fence is located next to the hilton at penns landing. a local couple sarah and dan keithing donated 250 long fence so any want can celebrate a life's moment by writing it on a lock. first 70 or 80 locks air signed and by friends of the american association for cancer research foundation. couple wanted to commemorate dan's beating cancer. he have is a non-hodgkin's lymphoma survivor. >> kate bilo joins with us a lot forecast. we are halfway through the week. >> yes. >> start looking toward weekend. >> i think so. >> i think so too. >> we can look pretty nice. it will be warm. not a crisp fall october weekend but we are tracking some sunshine returning, and that may be first time we may see video of sunshine. it is a cool, cloudy pattern. a lot like what we saw. it will get cooler here
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tomorrow and friday. here's a look outside looking live from our camera at place one apartments, very, very tall building there with the tallest build initial montgomery county looking live toward plymouth meeting. you can see the sky just kind of gray, not a whole lot of sunset to be seen. beautiful sunrise for those up early enough to see it. sunset, little less than impressive thanks to the cloud and the wet weather that is starting to move n storm scan three shows that a couple of showers starting to move in especially in our western suburbs, and this little band of showers is fizzling. but, we have a few as i have been mentioning not heavy rain and embedded is localized, downpours. as we zoom into montgomery county here we will see heavier rain. right around my hometown of phoenixville, and we will, see steady rain and slowing down on 422, which is, kind of the slow go on its best day that could be slowing things down for second half of the evening commute tonight. future weather again showing not a whole lot happening as
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far as steady rain happening over next couple hours but we will see the system really start to ramp up a little bit overnight. notice around two, three, four clocks a.m. we can see steady downpours and locally heavy rain across delaware around 4:00 a.m. this particular model shows. tomorrow morning starts with cloud, light showers, and drizzle in the morning, through the afternoon we will start to see a little sun break through cloud. not much but especially by end of the day things will gradual ly start to clear out. then we will head into friday, we will see cloud lift back in and east wind will keep us on the cool side on friday. pattern for end of the week shows this area of low pressure sinking off to the south but with high pressure out to sea that will increase pressure ande wind will keep highs in the 60's, mainly cloudy conditions some breaks of sun but some light showers around and you can see shading here, the cool colors that will be dominate ago cross the northeast. so overnight, steady showers in spots, breezy, 61 degrees. tomorrow starts with showers, drizzle in the morning and
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breezy and cooler at 66. tomorrow of course our big thursday night football game, eagles will be a little warmer with a chance for thunder shower in charlotte. it will be chilly here. good night to to sit on the couch and watch the game right here on cb. p friday's cool, included which a few light showers but then we can end, looking forward is nice. back to the 80 as on sunday and then next week tuesday and wednesday that crisp sunny october weather we have been waiting for. >> thanks, kate. bird are preparing for bolt, lets check with sports director don bell live in charlotte. who will play and who will not play? we have significant injury news for you as eagles get set to take on four-one carolina panthers. we are coming back live right
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and welcome back, i'm don bell coming to you live from the team hotel here in charlotte, and eagles get set to take on the panthers on thursday night football right here on cbs 36789 at this moment players have been walking by but you do in the see any right now with their
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notebooks under their arms because they have team meetings as they continue to do the up here, mental studying for the game tomorrow it is as far as injuries are concerned for tomorrow, right tackle lane johnson is a concussion protocol he will in the play. bv will get the start. fletcher cox is officially listed as, questionable. he did practice, here today, when i say here i mean in philadelphia. he practiced before they got on the flight, to come here. he is listed as questionable. he will be a game time decision, here's what doug pederson is saying about the big defensive tackle. >> they are taking it upon themselves. difficult challenge d line last week. we have to generate pass rush. they were able to do that last week and create some edges and , you know, just boils down to each man, just doing his job, his assignment, and you know, whether your top pass rusher is there or not you have to figure out ways. >> now having fletcher on the
6:25 pm
field will go a long way toward pressuring quarterback cam newton, so far he has orchestrated wins at detroit and at new england. right now he is highest completion percentage of his career at 68 percent but cam, he is eyeing that bird defense >> their a very good defense. they fly around. they get to the ball. you know, we have to stay on rhythm, stay on schedule. with the team like this that keeps account and put you in discomfort of down and distances, we have to be on time and be on schedule with you know, being manageable, down and distance. >> once again eagles looking for their fourth straight win. we will close out with this, tonight you will see joe joe and ben on the court at the same time. sixers are playing, the brooklyn nets in long island tonight, that is right ben simmons and joel embiid on the court.
6:26 pm
embiid taking the court for first time since signing that 148 million-dollar extension. highlights tonight at 11:00. that is story from the team hotel in charlotte, north carolina i'm don belfor cbs-3 "eyewitness sports". >> we will be right back.
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as excitement continues to build, again eagles fans already on the road. >> lets check back in with
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vittoria woodill with fans heading to charlotte. what is going on. >> you know what girls, there is nothing better than wind ness your face, and eagles game out, am i right. >> that is right. >> eagles. >> eagles. >> south jersey bird gang. >> you know we had all of this energy, before, guess what, this is what happens when we get that white noise in the back. mr. may have a bolt of something and pretend i didn't see that. >> sure. >> marcus. talk about these next eight hours. >> by the time we get to caroline, we will be gassed, but we are not stopping. >> they are not stopping. >> we are on our way, baby. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> all right. >> well, you know what it will be fun, we know that much. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on the cw philly and weak here at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news" from new york, here now
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is anthony captioning sponsored by cbs >> mason: burned to the ground. deadly wildfires wipe out entire california neighborhoods. >> their whole life is gone. >> mason: and the flames are still spreading out of control. >control. also tonight, a las vegas hotel worker's frantic alert before the massacre. >> call the police. someone is firing a gun up here. someone is firing a rifle on the 32nd floor down the hallway. >> mason: 10 suspects are arrested in an l.s.u. hazing death. the boy scouts open their ranks to girls. and highest honors today for military heroes. >> reporter: why do you love coffee so much? >> because


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