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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  October 12, 2017 2:07am-2:41am EDT

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at 11:00, the harvey weinstein scandal grows. and now an a list hollywood act terror is apologizing. the boy scouts open their doors to girls and and why not everyone is on board. the eagles have landed in charlotte. the players are studying their game plan and fans counting down
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the hours. it is a huge match-up. eagles. tomorrow you can see it on cbs3. i'm jessica dean >> i'm nicole brewer. sports don bell traveled to charlotte and live with more on how the team and the fans are getting ready. >> reporter: guys we're coming to you live from right outside of bank of america's stadium. this is the safety tomorrow's night's massive showdown between the four and one eagles and the four and one carolina panthers. winner take real control of the nfc. now, let's show you video from earlier. around 4:00 p.m., the eagles arriving to the hotel in charlotte. this is a huge game, and they know it and one of the things they're looking to do is win their fourth game in a row. that will would be the longest winning streak since '13 when chip kelly was their rookie head coach. they're play wig grit, drive and determination and their star defensive ends brandon graham is looking for more. >> every week is a challenge.
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every week not a guarantee i think carolina is in the way. we got to get it done. >> but it's tough for both parties. you know, it's all about who play -- who can prepare the quickist. i think we got a good shot. >> reporter: earlier tonight, about a couple hours ago, my photography and i adam we were hanging out in bar. but it's not what you think. we were kicking it with eagles fans. they're take over the bar owned by dale earnhardt >> every year we go to an away eagles game. like warm. we want to go with our friends done warm weather. and unfortunately. la was in december. that was our first choice. but i can't go. so i picked charlotte >> we want to support team. we planned this in may and coming up, who would have thought we would be four and one going against these carolina
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panthers thursday night, we are bringing home a win. >> reporter: eagles fans are ready to roll. coming up later in sports. we'll tell you about a key injury that could impact this game. you'll want to hear about that and also. joel embiid played tonight in long island for the sixers and he was ridiculous. you don't want to miss in. that's later on in the show. but for now coming to you live from bank of america stadium in downtown charlotte, don bell for cbs3 eyewitness sports. >> thank you. we got you covered inially game time tomorrow. ukee washington and vittoria woodill will be joining don in charlotte. you can look for their live reports tomorrow right here on cbs3. and we will get you ready for the game with the kickoff show at 7:00. then thursday night kickoff and at 8:25. as the eagles square off against the panthers all of it right here on cbs3.
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and don showed us earlier the eagles fans already partying in charlotte. vittoria woodill is road tripping. coming up in about 13 minutes, shows us how the fans get ready for the road game. the president of the radnor township board of commissioners turned himself in earlier on child pornography charges. investigators say hundreds of graphic images involving children as young as two-year-old were found in his computers. david spunt is live in radnor with the latest on that. david? >> reporter: earlier this evening, commissioners addressed the troubling allegations the township manager, this is the second time that he's had to face our camera in the last year. talking about troubling allegations involving people connected to this board of commissioners. >> as the township manager, i'm shocked, saddened, sickened and
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angered. >> reporter: robert sin kowski met cameras to talk about the board of commissioners president. phillip r is facing multiple porn charges. according to the criminal complaint, ahr went into various pet file chat rooms using daddy x and daddy x is: he sent and received explicit photos of children, some as young as two, some cases authorities say animals were sexual abusing children. >> there were over 500 files, which were either pictures and or videos. >> reporter: he stood before cameras not even a year ago fielding questions about former board member william who was arrested for groping a 102-year-old woman in a nursing
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home. >> they're two separate incident but disgusting. in the ahr case, authorities knot believe local children were harmed. >> the radnor residents are safe. it is everybody's responsibility to keep our children safe. >> reporter: ahr is out on bail. his colleagues want him outlet. they want him off his board. according to the local bylaws, the only way they can get rid of him is if he's convicted or resigns. of david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." >>. a philadelphia elementary school will be closed tomorrow because of a mold scare. the district confirm traces of mold were found inside john b kelly school in germantown. an environmental contractor immediately started to take care of the issues. the safety and health of our students and staff is our highest priority because the district must thoroughly investigate the cause of the issue. kelly will be closed to students
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and staff tomorrow. district said it will provide an update by noon. president trump is back in washington tonight after visiting pennsylvania. he rallied support for his tax reform plan. hundreds of truckers welcomed the trucker at harrisburg international airport. he told them cutting corporate tax rates from 35 to 20% will mean more products to deliver and more contracts to fill. the president also said his plan will deliver more jobs and higher pay for middle class families. >> our framework insure that is the benefits of tax reform go to the middle class, not to the highest earners. it's a middle class bill. that's what we're thinking of. that's what each. i've had rich friends of mine come up to open and say, donald, you're doing this tax plan, we don't want anything. >> democrats disagree with the president. they say the tax reform plan benefits the weather
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>> he also said fema is on the ground responding to the california wildfire, they're burning through wind country exploded in size and number. authorities say they're now 22 fires throughout the state mostly northern california. at least 3500 homes and businesses are gone. strong winds are making it difficult for firefighters to keep the flames from spreading. of so far the fires have scorched about 14 square miles learning more about the disturbing allegations against harvey weinstein that now span across decades. man district attorney explained why he did not prosecute for alleged sexual assault in 2015. he cited a lack of a evidence. meantime prosecutors and police in los angeles told cbs news they have no record of any reports filed against weinstein. in their jurisdiction, nearly 30 women have accused the movie mogul of sexual harassment or assault. some of them were paid settlements ranging from 50 to
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$250,000. ben affleck is among those who denounced the actions but he wound up apologizing for his own misbehavior. affleck said he acted inappropriately during an appearance where he groped the host. the video resurfaced after he weighed in on the scandal. he gaited i acted inappropriately toward ms. burton and sincerely apologize. an historic change for boy scouts. are allowing girls to join. alexandria hoff tells us this is not sitting well with the girl scouts. >> with the last five year spent broadening acceptance policies, the boy scouts of america have now made a shift that defies their very name. they will now admit girls too. a change that was approved unanimously by the organization's board of directors. under the new plan, cub scout dens will remain single gender. packs will be given the options
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to remain that way or combine boys and girls. older girls will have the opportunity to rise in the ranks towards eagles scouts >> not every girl has to do the thing that the girl scouts do. i want to do the things that the boy scouts do. >> 16-year-old sit knee ireland has been an unofficial member 12 year, scout executive told cbs news that the change came at the urge of parents >> we talked to parents about what they want for the kids. they want their sons and daughters to have a place where they can come and participate in exciting activities, lead the character and leadership development. >> reporter: the girl scout organization criticized the idea as attack tick to boost membership. in letter regarding the decision, girl scouts of eastern pennsylvania ceo kim stated in part, we have known for some time that the boy scouts are actively recruiting girls.
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>> she add the girl scout model will not change and the inclusive girl, led all female environment of girl scouts creates a safe space in which girls can speak confidently, stand tall, take a risk and become the leaders they're meant to be. on facebook page i asked cbs viewers what they thought. bar be weighed in i think this is great example to bring everyone together. jim asked is this not what the girl scouts are for? and ed quinlan commented scouts of america. several our countries have co ed scouts programs. the boy scouts told cbs news they have no plans to change the name. alexandria hoff cbs3 eyewitness. the longstanding debate may finally be over, who is more kind? women or men? straight ahead, the new research that claims to have the answer and why it says the difference exists. >> reporter:.
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we are tracking rain tonight the clouds are in overtime city. you can't see the skyline from across the river. a return to fall weather, how long does it last? another warmup on the way. story packs up and a ride to charlotte with die hard eagles fans, the rules of their road trip. the new admission to the waterfront, the
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we expect men to be more aggressive, more actually just nature of the working itself out >> all about me. >> researchers say the tendency for women to be kind could also be the result of cultural expectations >> we expect women to be nice and dainty and meant to be hard and aggressive >> while science suggests or characteristics are connected to chemistry some say it's time to reformulate >> hopefully every generation gets better. . >> shout out. the same study found the reward system was disrupted by medication when administered to women, they became increasingly
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self-centered while men acted more pro social. interesting. >> yeah. you're young friend there. she was great. >> way to go girl. physiciladelphia has a piec paris. the so-called hope fence is located next to the hilton at penns landing. a local couple sarah and dna keating donated so they can celebrate life's moments. the first was friends of the american association for cancer research foundation. couple wanted to commemorate dna's cancer journey. more on eagles fever right here on cbs3 >> vittoria woodill is on her way to charlotte. packed up an rv to make the road trip. >> you can say they're now on the road to victory.
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♪ >> giving cam the boot right there. >> fly, eagles fly. >> why are you not an eagles fan >> i don't like it >> she's just i don't like it >> who loves the eagles >> me. >> road to victory ♪ >> custom made by one of our members, you got to love the south jersey game >> you got style in and off the bus >> carolina bound, cam, you're going down. >> reporter: o. we're talking about eight hours got my sleeping mask, blankey and joining the gang, we got theo. for snacks it's like everyone, you have to put your name on everything? >> what's theirs is mine, what's mine is theirs.
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that's what it is. >> reporter: you can have some of these. >> thank you. >> reporter: welcome. >> you can have some of these. >> reporter: thank you. i almost forgot. night, night, bird gang. e a g l e s, eagles. >> i can't even take her energy. night, night. >> language, she knows how to travel. >> she does. she's crazy. >> she is. >> it's better out there tonight. now we've got rain moving in. it's quiet outside right now but overnight, which is good, it's coming through overnight when most people are sleeping. but you'll hear the rain drops and tomorrow we'll wake up to cooler temperatures, exhibits actually maybe a couple of degrees above average. it's been awhile since we've seen that.
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let's take a look what's happening and take you out to bethlehem. looking a little bent there, you can see it looks shiny you see the street lights off the wet roadways. the rain arrived once again in the northwest suburbs and moving quickly across the rest on the region. a wet night up in beth temperatures mild still in the upper 60's temps will not go very far. it will pretty much hold in the 60's through much of the day tomorrow. it's the warmest we'll be a little while. here's stormscan 3 it's a batch of rain that extends from the new york state through way to washington, dc. that's where some overtime heaviest downpours are. this is the batch to watch because this is what's going to move across delaware and south jersey with localized downpours it's mainly light to moderate rain for philadelphia and points north and west. there will still be heavy
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downpours if you're out late or early tomorrow morning. you can see right now, the heaviest is over the lehigh valley, allentown, bethlehem, nazareth back to portions of berks county. here's the model handling it well. here's what's happening. as we head through the next couple of hour, rain starts to overspread the region. the southern portion is what will be the overachiever as far as the rain. by 8:00 or 9:00, moving off the coast. it won't impact the morning commute that much unless south jersey or delaware. by tomorrow, late afternoon we will start to see the sun peak through but breezy and cool. clears out tomorrow night. friday, the opposite we start the day with sunshine and the clouds and showers work their way back in from south to north throughout the course of the day. so cool cloudy pattern with scattered showers caused by this low pressure system to the south, high pressure off the coast. that brings us an east wind off
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the water keeping highs in the 60's, mainly cloudy, breaks of sun but sprinkles and showers around tomorrow and friday. the heaviest rain coming through overnight. breezy with showers come localized downpours especially to the south. tomorrow morning, we'll have showers and dreary and breezy and cooler with the sun returning in the afternoon. tomorrow not bad. cooler than it will be for the eagles in charlotte where it will be in the mid 70's with a thunder shower possible. if you're watching here on cbs3, cuddle up on the couch. we'll watch the eagles hopefully win it will be a cool day and night. warmup for the weekend. sunday if you know anyone that still has a pool, that could be the last pool day of the year. next week cool and crisp like october should be. >> thanks. . we go back now to sports director don bell who's live in charlotte. >> reporter: we have an injury update on two of the eagles best players. and speaking of best players,
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joel embiid is back on court and looking amazing. don't miss his highlights, what he did tonight against the nets in long island, sports coming up next. in long island, sports coming up next. as the host of access health, i've discovered move free ultra's clinically-proven ingredient gives you better mobility, flexibility and comfort than glucosamine chondroitin, in one tiny pill. also in new gummies.
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. welcome back to charlotte, standing in front of bank of emergency stadium. we're start you off with injury news, right tackle lane johnson is in concussion protocol. will he not play. defensive tackle fletcher cox made the trip. he will be a game time decision. the last two games with a calf injury. if you missed top of the show, this is what you missed. in part, the eagles arriving to the team hotel around 4:00 p.m. the beginning of their season is a rather difficult one, four of the first six are on the road.
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the next are at home. it comes down to gutting it out on a short week tomorrow against the panthers. >> we know guys will be sore, you know, be it's a thursday and guys are starting to feel a little better by thursday. we got a game. you know, it's -- it's a tribute really to the players how well they can get themselves ready more mentally because i know physically they will be beat up. >> reporter: speaking of beat up, that's what they wanted to panthers quarterback cam newton. so far this season, by the way, a career high 68% completion percentage. essex touchdowns and two interceptions over the last two games. also win at new england and detroit this season. he does respect the eagles defense. >> they're opportunistic. they fly around, get to the ball, and you know, we just got
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to stay on rhythm, stay on schedule with the team like this, that keeps a count and putting you in discomfort of down the distances. we have to be on time and be on schedule with, you know, being manage you didn't down the distances. >> reporter: all right. now let's switch gears and talk about hoops. you know that joel embiid this week signed a contract extension worth $148 million. well, tonight, we got an opportunity to see him play for the first time since he had knee surgery back in march. the sixers visiting the nets out in long island. brook alone and long island and here is joel embiid playing tenacious nice rejection right there and then on the offensive side of the ball, he was a flat-out beast. 15 minutes played, 22 points. seven rebounds, three assists. was 14 of 18 from the free throw live and the sixers crushing the
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nets 133-114. and we now know what the friday football frenzy game of the week will be. thanks for voting we now see burlington city at delran. yes, we will see you friday and thank you for logging on and voting at about to see progressive's new home quote explorer. where you can compare multiple quote options online and choose what's right for you. woah. flo and jamie here to see hqx.
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the cbs3 the "cw philly" and komen are teaming up against the fight against breast cancer by turning the region pink you're looking at simplify house >> and the parkway showing off pink lights. october is breast cancer awareness month and the pink lights are a reminder to schedule a mammogram. this is the 16th year for the lights to the cure. you can get more information at slash cure. the ronald mcdonald house celebrates those who inspire seriously ill children and
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families >> they show their support at the champions of hope reward dinner, "eyewitness news" at the union league, the recipients are dr. gregory hall gan and photographer sally akelberg, it's home to the first ronald mcdonald house. ♪ musguys,
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