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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 12, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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let's go bird, wow. wow. >> to rowdy bird fans in charlotte. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> all right, there we go. >> and even someplaces in between. eagles fans are gearing up for a thursday night slow down, the count down to kick off is on, it is carson verse campaign it is happening all right here on cbs-3. and we have team three coverage for you as we get ready for an nfc battle between bird and panthers. good evening, i'm jessica dean we have vittoria wood nil charlotte with tailgating fans we also have ukee washington and don bell, live inside the stadium, with the story we will start with them, hi there , guys. >> hi jessica, thanks very much. we are ready and we are also looking like we are getting ready to have a little downpour here. >> yes, yes. >> there is a very dark cloud. temperatures have gone down a little bit.
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>> um-hmm. >> fans who are in the stadium once they are copping in they will have to be prepared. players have been doing this since they were 10 years old. >> it takes a thursday night football match up for me to get ukee out of the studio to come kick it with me at a football game. can this never end? i hope not. we are talking about the four- one philadelphia eagles. >> yes. >> right now carson wentz is on the field right now, and lets show thaw video. they is going through his warm up routine he has headphones on getting arms and shoulders stretched out, and here's the reason why. this guy is amazing this season, all right. he is getting out getting ready to do what he has done so far which is throw 10 touchdown passes, just three interceptions, third in the nfl in quarterback rating. he has been phenomenal and he talked about how the owe even if has been going over last few weeks. >> we believe in ourselves. i have always believed in myself. i believe in this owe even if but when guys feel that you
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start to make those plays and see it all coming together. it is just builds confidence from the players, coaches, really everybody in this organization that you know, we're capable of getting it done and we can be a dynamic owe even if when we are not seeing that. >> dynamic owe even if that is what they have been so far. they have averaged 27 points per game that is sixth in the nfl. it is really shock to go see a second year quarterback take command in the offense up at the line of scrimmage checking plays from pass toes runs and seeing the different right now >> the league is noticing. country is noticing. everybody knows with this kid, he ace grown man but everybody knows what this player is doing. he is doing a phenomenal job. hopefully will continue week after week after week. another guy, that knows his stats like you do, and like so many people do, it is james brown, from the thursday night football crew here on cbs. i have got to know james back in 1988/89 when we first met. he is a true pro.
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he works a great team. they have a great game. he knows this game, inside and out. i got a chance to talk to him a little while ago. >> two, four-one squad i would imagine philly fans ought to be pleased to see progress. it is a quarterback driven league. there is no question that carson wentz is showing excellent stride to hear his teammates talk about him, of course, you know nfl films get the best sound, so our studio show inside the nfl, to hear his guys on the bench talking about his mobility, his decision making, his arm, et cetera. they ought to be pretty excited. as bill cooer taught me a long ago even though this is a quarterback driven lead and we like to see points scored it is ground attack that is quarterback's best friend and you are getting it done there as well, too. >> he is so right. so right. we have jb, coach cower, we have prime time, we have thursday night football crew. they are all coming up after your show, we will give you a
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run down, what is coming up at 7:00 later but you know they are all coming up shortly, lieutenant more information to give you before the game to get you ready for tonight's game. you have the best seat in the house, right there, right here on cbs three whole lot of insight. you talk about best seat in the house, we have been talking about eagles fans all season. they have been fired up for this campaign and for good reason. obviously they are four-one on the year. my photographer and i we went out last night to put our fingers on the pulse of eagles fans and they really made the trip out here. i understand they are really kind of on the other side of this wall in the parking lot as well. >> you know what they are calling themselves. >> what sit. >> north caradelphia. >> creative as well. >> that means it is time to check with vittoria woodill hanging out with the fans. >> don, ukee, i have bets seat in the house right now. we have gorgeous, eagles jerseys, blowing in the win, sitting here, and we were just
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tossing the pig skin around. you have quite an arm, hour. >> not as good as it used to be but i can do okay. >> you are from southampton. >> yes. >> i feel like tailgating, yeah, it is about the wild, crazy but it business sharing stories. >> yep. >> eagles memories. give me your favorite eagles memory. >> that is a tough one, probably nfc championship in 2004. when the heck was that. >> it was back in 2005. >> yeah, yeah, i got you. >> been a long day. >> we are out here, we're living, we're loving. >> great day. >> we have talk to the carolina fans. >> yes. >> we're sharing. >> howard, it really is, there is some comradery between panthers fans and philadelphia fans. >> they are happy we are here. >> we don't hate them. they're not dallas. >> this is good. >> i will drop the pig skin here and do punting practice when i come right back. guys, we will send it back
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over to don, ukee because there is a rowdy group of fans back there and they are calling my name, oh, yeah, yep , they are out in droves. they are out in droves. sorry, kate, we are sending it over to you. distract by the steaks. >> i would be distracted by the steaks as well. she's check out everybody's grill. such i great time out there. it looks quiet for now but you heard ukee say skies are ominous not a whole lot right in downtown charlotte. stadium in the center of the city. see showers moving away but throughout the course of the game there will be pop up showers here and there, right around charlotte, possibly eight or nine or 10:00, doesn't look like a wash out but chance for pop up shower or thunderstorm. your eagles outlook 74. whole lot warmer down in north caradelphia then here in philadelphia 74. thunder shower possible. fans at the game may need to dodge drops but watching it right here on cbs you three are nice, dry, comfortable on your couch, ukee and don, back
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over to you guys. kate, thanks very much. we are smiling because we heard you say pop up. >> um-hmm. >> it is, happening. >> more like a get down and get down. >> people literally we watched producers walk by with a whole stack of umbrellas. it looks like we are in for it soon. >> that we are. go ahead, my man, we will throw it back to guess. we have to get you some umbrellas, rain coat, something. >> i know. >> we will get it. >> all right, we will check with you in a little bit. in the meantime cbs three is the place to be all night long , we are getting started with the pregame, the jeep kick off show that is in less than an hour at 7:00. at 7:30 guys at cbs sports takes over for nfl thursday night kick off and then at eight local 25 what everybody came to see eagles taking on the panthers, all of it right here on cbs-3. an elementary school in philadelphia will close tomorrow for a second straight day after mold was found in several of its classrooms. school district officials say
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that the hvac system is to blame for mold contamination in jb kelly elementary school in germantown they show extent of the mold growth. officials responded immediately and remediation is already underway. work crew where is seen outside of the school today. officials say 80 percent of the mold is now gone. >> the school will not reopen until it is mold free. current there i is remediation but at the end of the day it is clean up of this issue of mold and condensation. >> parents told "eyewitness news" they are frustrate by lack of information, sols wondered if the mold caused breathing issues for their children, experts say determining adverse health impact there's mold exposure can be difficult. monroe township school district in gloucester county shuttered its schools for testing after one school there holy glenn elementary tested positive for mold contamination. officials say contaminated school could remain closed for three months, outraged parents
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are still waiting for comprehensive test results. authorities tonight are working to identify a man who was shot in the head and found in the schuylkill river. his body was found this morning in the river near walnut street and schuylkill avenue in university city. the victim was a white man in his 50's with a gunshot wound to the forehead. "eyewitness news" talk to the man who found the body and called 911. >> my heart just kind of started beating really fast and got a really weird feeling in my stomach because i said this is not something i see every day. >> an unrelated safety initiative city is planning continue on stall 21 security cameras along center city portion of the schuylkill river trail to deter future crime. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight work out like a pro. >> the eagles launch a new training program, i reporter stephanie stahl coming up how you can be part of the game and win prizes too we know eagles will be getting a work out tonight. here's a live look from
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charlotte thursday night showdown with carolina just a couple hours away. we will have much more from charlotte north carolina still
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when you're a double-dipping like steve sweeney, it's important to maintain a certain... lifestyle. that's why sweeney spent over a hundred grand of his campaign funds on high-priced meals and other gifts. we're talking fine cigars, fancy watches, pricey restaurants, and expensive wines - all to charm the type of folks who helped him raise your taxes 145 times. too many in south jersey are struggling. but steve sweeney's looking out for himself, not for us.
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carson wentz has been getting better each and every week and the eagles can run the ball on anybody and when you think of the big play capability of wide receiver, both of these teams this should be a income down, drag out thursday night game that will be maybe a potential nfc championship game. >> former nfl quarterback and cbs sports analyst boomere sigh son with bold predictions and fans are fired up. we have two hours before kick off in carolina we will check back with ukee and don in a bit but health reporter stephanie stahl is here with more on a new challenge that lets eagles fans get more involve with the team. >> reporter: talk about timing here, jessica, the team is spreading its wings to help the community get healthy. eagles nation isn't just about winning football game, but it is also about helping each other take care of each other
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with a different kind of game. >> go eagles. >> wow. >> go bird. >> eagles fever is red hot. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> reporter: road to victory. >> eagles. >> now includes a 40 day training challenge for fans. >> to be able to give back to our eagles community, with the 48 day challenge and provide them with healthy lifestyle is super exciting. >> reporter: sign up on line and get prompted through program to get eight hours of sleep, drink eight, 8-ounce glasses of water a day and 20 minutes of exercise. >> how many of these would you normally do. >> about 30 to 50 jump opinion jacks. >> as a warm up. >> thinks your warm up. >> okay, let's stay fit. >> eagles cheerleaders showed me some challenges, is there simple stuff like a brisk walk , or stretching, pleaas. >> all the way over. >> and a daily cornerstone challenge for extra points. here's one from brandon graham
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, the four-point stance. >> all right, let's do this. lets do this. four-point stance is a challenge. come on, swoop, where are you. >> reporter: here's cheerleader version, a planning. >> you can make a gym out of your home, you can do exercise without equipment and just be as toned an healthy as a cheerleader or football player >> we have created this to allow our fans to engage with the team. >> reporter: brian is vp of corporate partnerships and says win wertz most points will get a variety of pries all based on doing healthy things every single day. >> we think we can make a change and our fans will respond well. >> reporter: challenge is co sponsored by know ohio nor disk and rothman institute at jefferson. >> if you make a positive social impact in the community >> reporter: it gives extra points for good nutrition plus mental and emotional fitness. also, make eagles fans, just as fit as the team. now that 40 day challenge started on monday and
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thousands have already join. it end november 17th but you can sign up anytime. it is free. there will be events like yoga at the complex and pries that include a thousand dollars, and a one day contract with the eagles. i think this might be a popular event. we have all of the information for you annealing where you can sign up, immediately, on cbs >> did you well with those planks, stephanie you didn't see how long we were holding it. only a couple second. >> yes. >> i love that. >> thanks, very much. >> kate bilo here now on a day that feels much more like fall here in philadelphia we have been complaining about the heat, feeling like summer. well, fall's here now if you don't mind temperatures in the 60's with some cloud and drizzle. i know when we talk about perfect fall weather it is not today we are talking about but temperatures in the right direction. we will take you out to roof cam where trying to see the cloud break up a bit. we have seen a few peaks of
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blue sky here and there, showers and drizzle that will were around this morning have moved out but still just a cloudy, cool evening, time to finally break out those jackets, light jackets, sweater, jeans, boots are not out of place in the city tonight. we have had them on stand by on the fall wardrobe is not much of the work out. storm scan three shows not a whole lot going on so leave rain gear at home unless heading to the southwest where a few showers continue to pop up, over lancaster county and maryland and over kent county delaware we have some showers right now. everything vice light and spotty. still mist and drizzle tool late, those tiny, hydro meteors, rain particles too small to even show up on radar they are still out there you may need to swipe those wipers a couple times heading out tonight. talking about a departure today's high just 65 degrees. been a while since we have had below average temperatures. normal 68. record 88. look at that record low 28 degrees in 1964.
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not ready for that just yet. our low 61. notice not a big departures, temperatures went in where this afternoon. mild night. afternoon stayed chilly thanks to the east wind and cloud cover. we will see cloud break up a little bit overnight. we will stay mostly cloudy, may see sun tomorrow morning but by noon overcast skies once again and here comes the showers once again, scattered showers, not a lot just a stray one here or there tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. same story saturday. saturday will feature blue skies and also a few showers at anytime at 4:00 p.m. and that will continue into sunday morning. we are on a temperature roller coaster. we were very warm to start week. temperatures dropped back quite a bit to 65 for the high today. tomorrow we are only in the 60 's once again. tomorrow very seasonal dau but not a lot of sun. saturday 77. and then 82 on sunday. then we will crash back down to 65. climbing the hill and then, that steep drop, just like a roller coaster. fall foliage.
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lets talk bit. best time for a hike on to do some leaf peeping in our area mid-october, that is where we're heading toward this weekend up to the north and west, it takes until late october to see that peak here in the city. so overnight we have a low of 55. mostly cloudy, cool, tomorrow mainly cloudy, sun in the morning and cloud cover with isolated shower in the afternoon, and then cloud will be around through weekend, what it really takes is a nice strong cold front, to really blast through here wipe out heat, humidity, cloud, showers we will get just that sunday night and next week will be the fall week we have been waiting for. >> thanks very much. that will do it for us here in the studio, ukee and don will take over from charlotte as we get ever so close to kick off, guys. >> yes, the count down, continues as eagles get set to take on the panthers, when we come back we will hear from a couple defenders and how they plan to attack this owe even if, is what up ukee. >> are you doing sports next.
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>> i am. >> it is crazy to see you here >> you why a young pup but i started in sports. >> well, take to us break big fell a do what you do. >> sport paulsboro's a very proud community. it's been on the decline with the closing of the refineries and there's no jobs in the community. if there's no jobs, there's no education, there's no food on the table. what's important is the children. steve sweeney... he fought for 'em. this is where he's from. steve sweeney's been here since the beginning. steve spearheaded the whole project and really brought it to fruition. it would've never been done without steve. it was a pride in building this port and then knowing that we're coming back.
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fly eagles fly, on the road to victory. >> fight, fight, fight. >> fly eagles fly, score a touchdown one, two, three. >> one, two, three. >> hit them low. hit them high. and watch our eagles fly. fly eagles fly on the road to victory. here we go. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. yes. >> wow. >> okay. welcome back to bank of america stadium here in downtown charlotte, that was on your flight this morning. >> on the flight, we left around 8:30 from philadelphia.
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>> 8:30. >> 8:30 in the morning. we landed here. did a facebook live with a gentlemen name hard friday lower merion. we talk a little bit. right after that interview on facebook live, everybody broke out in a little song, and spelling bee at the end. >> by the way you didn't get any sleep on that flight,. >> did you. >> no we had a good time. >> no time to sleep. >> indeed. >> it is thursday night football right here on cbs-3. lets talk about this game for a moment. eagles set to take on carolina panthers. that owe even if is more potent then would you imagine. cam newton is having a phenomenal year, six touchdowns and two interceptionness his last two games alone. this team, i should say is one of the most efficient on third downs. they are number two in the league, behind the eagles, on third down. so defense knows they have to keep it all in front of them. >> it is a big test for us. they are ahead in their division. great team, on the road, all
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these things good are challenges for us f we want to go to the next step we have to win games like this. >> i mean every week is a challenge. every week is not a guarantee. i think carolina is in the way and we have to go get it done. >> i'm ready. >> they are in the way. >> they are in the way. >> yes, they are. >> just an obstacle in the way of where we're trying to go. >> our winter sports are happening right now in our town. sixers are playing. they had a good game last night. flyers will be home soon. they started on the road. >> you mentioned the flyers, right. they are now home. this morning they practiced over at the skate zone, in voorhees, right? so they started with a four game west coast trip. they pick up four points out of possible eight. but now, on saturday night, they open up their home schedule against the washington capitols but they are happy to get that little first road trip out of the way >> it is a lot of character. we played all four games in tough buildings. we played good hockey.
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we scored some goals. we came back with six points. but we didn't. but there is a lot of positive from his that road trip. >> and we have some break news out of the nfl, officially suspended for six games is cowboys running back ezekiel elliott, has been suspended for violating the league's domestic violence policy. he appealed to judges earlier in the process before the season began, and now the judge has ruled in favor of the nfl. he will miss, their week 11 match up against the eagles. so that is big news for the bird as they look toward the schedule down the line here. >> he is don bell, aim ukee washington. we are live in charlotte. eagles, panthers it is almost time, we will be
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tonight at 7:00 we have a pregame show, it is jeep kick off, ukee will join me here. we will break that down with m erill reese. also the game coverage starts at 8:00 p.m. something you will want to see eagles and panthers. >> right here on cbs-3. hates been a pleasure. >> it has. >> we will do it soon. >> we have a game to play. >> will we do it soon. >> come on out and join me. >> tonight on the cw and right here after eagles panthers on
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cbs-3. "cbs evening news" is next. captioning sponsored by cbs >> mason: the horror of the wildfires. >> we have found bodies that were nothing more than ash and bones. >> mason: the toll rises as the operation shifts from rescue to recovery. also tonight, we're on the front lines of the war against isis. >> reporter: this is the shattered heart of raqqa, laid waste by three years of isis rule. >> mason: the sound used to attack u.s. diplomats in cuba. >> it's the most horrifying feeling, seeing everything fade away over time. >> mason: and the sight-saving therapy that changed his life. >> you saw, i walked out on that stage all by myself.


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