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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 12, 2017 11:15pm-11:51pm EDT

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jim: the eagles have amassed the most penalty yardage against them since a game back in 2010. the big one on that last one was the roughing the passer call on what took away a delay of game and would have had the panthers at third and 15. instead gave carolina new life and a new set of downs. and then catch -- cashing in
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with a touchdown a few plays later. sunday at 7:00 a.m. get to know chiefs star rookie kareem hunt. plus brady or rodgers. which quarterback do you want with the game on the line? nfl game day morning sunday at 7:00 live on nfl network. rich and all the crew. we'll see you then. first down, blount. great second effort for a gain of six. tony: so jim, right now, you want to go into four-minute mode, which means philadelphia wants to pound the rock. carolina is dye dying to stop the run. you are want to have the ability to finish and close out games.
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that's what philadelphia didn't do last year. when they had some leads they just gave them up and this year, you're seeing them finish the game. we'll see if they can do it again today. carolina needs a big stop. jim: they have the rookie clement in the backfield. undrafted out of wisconsin. they like them. have -- him. and this play whistled dead. referee: false start, number 86 offense. five-yard penalty. remains second down. tony: ertz getting antsy as all those carolina guys get up on the line of scrimmage. jim: ertz has caught just two passes tonight but both went for touchdowns. tony: look at those penalties.
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that's kept carolina in the game. jim: second and 8. to jeffery and he's tripped up by adams. cam having a word with his backup derek anderson. third and 3. the best third down team in the league so far this year. with six minutes to go, faces a big one. wentz. over the top and incomplete. and no flag.
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that was bradberry defending on jeffery. tony: i think bradberry got away with one there. very aggressive. he's going to go inside, though, which i don't love. you want to go outside on these go routes. makes it a trick shot for the quarterback. you go outside leverage, you can throw it away from a defender. when you go inside release, now all of a sudden the defend can look at the ball and you have to throw this in-between ball. jim: mccaffrey is the returner. 54-yard punt and he gets come -- some of it back, out to about the 24. tony: here we go. this is when it's fun. jim: yeah. are perfectly crispy and tender. and with a new side of s'awesome sauce they're even better. so now the question is... to dip or not to dip? for a limited time, try the new chicken tenders with
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football" is sponsored by -- charlotte, north carolina. banking mecca. ever-expanding skyline of the queen si and a good game brewing right here in uptown. that is maragos walking the sideline. he's been a contributor on special teams and what a story even how he got into football. got to wisconsin, got into the league. his team was huddled around him as he was down on the field. tony: they love him. he's one of the better special teams players out there. been for a while. i know him. he's come to my football camp. great player. here we go. got 5:49 to go in the game.
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you can call whatever you want. you have two time-outs. run the ball. screen, anything. jim: they rush four. pass. caught. sidestepping robinson and splitting the defenders for seven. is benjamin. tony: this is what they should have been doing most of the game because philly's playing single high which means they're one-on-one outside and they're playing off and not trying to give up the big play. i think he's going to have that throw right there about three more times on this drive if he wants it. one-on-one down here again. he has it again if he wants it. jim: they're going to run it up the middle and mccaffrey picks up the first. so the panthers the last two
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weeks winning on the road had big leads and then saw both the patriots and the lions put together a couple of late touchdown drives to bring the games back to nail biters in the end but they held on to win. now they're the ones trying to rally. down 12 here early in this quarter. tony: out route. jim: almost picked and then caught by funchess. oh! that was douglas the rookie. he had a read on it but the pass had enough zitch to get past him. tony: this is risky. and that's a perfect throw. if you don't throw that in that exact spot, that's going the other direction for a pick six. jim: second and a long 1. going for the deep ball. flag is out as funchess might have been held up at around the 40.
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tony: this has to be on douglas because they ran the same move and double move him this time. referee: holding, number 32. five-yard penalty. automatic first down. tony: let's see if he runs an out and out make him go out as if you're running an out route. and then up the field. we've seen that too much out of douglas to start this year. just a little inconsistent as you see the official going down there. no penalty on anybody for him. jim: thankfully he's back up. as the panthers get a new set of downs. benjamin not out here for this snap. oh, that pass got away from him. shepard was there. coming up next, "the mazda postgame show" with interviews,
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analysis, and highlights of tonight's game plus a live interview with the star of the game all coming up on "the mazda postgame show." now benjamin returns. tony: quick breather. jim: he missed two consecutive plays. he's got eight catches on the game. tony: and his knee is in the wrong spot. he's got a bruise right there on the side. watch out. see if there's a corner blitz. nope. jim: second and 10. newton better watch out. he goes down back at the 40. and it's barnett who got flagged ifer roughing the passer the previous series. atones for that event with a sack this time. tony: what an outstanding job of just fighting and fighting and never giving up and really was good protection right there. carolina. and cam just doesn't realize he's right behind him.
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as he slides away. it was really hamilton who pushed the pocket for philly. jim: 14th pick of the draft. barnett gets his first nfl sack and it sets up third and 17. they're rushing four. cam to mccaffrey. who was able to get within a couple of yards of the first. it will set up fourth down and short. tony: oh, this is going to be a great calm. i think you're going to go for this one. i was going to say if they can get a lot of yards here, you get an opportunity for go for it. otherwise you almost have to punt. jim: that tackle he soliched out of from jenkins picked up an extra six or seven yards. tony: your best play. your best play. i want to have two options and i'm going to change the play anyway if i see the coverage. ooh, time-out, carolina. referee: second team time-out.
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30-second time-out. jim: if you hated to lose the time-out on the challenge earlier in this quarter, you've got to despise that one. tony: that's touch. it's tougher if they don't get this. you know, right now carolina, as you go up to that line of scrimmage, i'm getting up on the ball right away. here's -- a veteran quarterback is going to get on the ball right away and be like coach, we have our three best plays. this one to witten this one to this player and this one to dez. here's the coverage. i know what beats this coverage. i go through a day dense. i signal a play and we run it. it's at least the best version of it. this is fourth and 1 so they can do anything. i think philly is going to come after them in cover zero and you're going to see these two guys blitz. now it goes to him. he's supposed to blitz now.
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jim: fourth and 1. pass caught by mccaffrey! they have the first. tony: and that's a bust. he was supposed to blitz on this play and he's in no-man's land and what a throw to the sideline. mccaffrey just running an out route and he had time. jim: and mccaffrey now has 10 receptions, one of them for a touchdown. tony: bow that's a -- boy, that's a big-time play call, throw and catch. jim: deep ball. almost intercepted! should have been. by douglas but it went right through his hands as funchess was three or four yards behind him. tony: all these players -- place are going to determine the game. and it's right there. got to extend. dive. rasul, go, go get it! oh. and barnett right there causing
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cam to let go of that ball. jim: he was co-leader in division i football last year. falls as an incomplete. tony: they're getting tomb chip them again on the side. he's going to have time. take your shot. jim: they protect him. he launches it. and mccaffrey was the intended receiver. jenkins there with him. tony: remember that wheel route we talked about on that last drive? they chipped and ran the wheel route again and we said they would because he was wide open. the coordinator knew it, shula, and he dials it up. had a chance, that ball just a little bit outside. jim: so jenkins, who has his big charity event monday night in philadelphia. raising a lot of money for inner-city you'll.
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makes the play there. rivera and his team facing third and 10. here comes the blitz. picked up and it is intercepted this time by mills. jeff laurie applauding that effort by the defense. tony: earlier i said he should have blitzed this time he does, off the edge. mcleod blitzes, cam feels him, has to let it go. interception. philly ball. huge play.
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jim: the eagles have just intercepted cam newton for the third time tonight. bhills this one. he'd been flagged twice earlier for pass interference calls and then comes up with the pick. tony: you're going to see a seam route. benjamin goes up. he has the option to bend it in the middle if there's cover 2. the problem is where are the safeties? there's no one back there. benjamin bends to the middle and cam throws it up the seam. there's no safety to tell them. a miscommunication. he knows. benjamin i you thought was going to go up the seam. there were no safeties. it was cover zero. got to get on the same page.
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jim: and the panthers have just used their final time-out with three minutes to play. and a second and 3. coming up. blount. great play that time by thompson. shaq authorities tony: that gives them a chance, jim. now you can stop them with the two-minute. miss once again. ertz doesn't block shaq thunderstorm. the worst thing you can do is allow the edge rushers to run straight into the backfield. jim: loss of four. it will be third and 7. now what do you to? tony: i'm throwing a slant right here. i'm ripping it to my best receiver who's one-on-one. take a look at the safeties. they're usually going to play one high back here. jim: you got jeffery at the top
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one-on-one. tony: you're going to get some sort of pressure and you have to get the ball out. jim: across the middle and the pass gets away from him. ertz was the target. tony: he had ertz but if you look up top. let's see what happens right here. after the snap, as he snaps this ball, what do you have? a slant that's open that you could have riched. it was a tougher throw to ertz because you had to wait on him to come blast -- past the zone defender. he'll see that on tape in the future. it's in the memory bank. after monday he'll watch it. jim: end over end punt. not teach. bounces at the 38. and they'll mark it at the 31. tony: that was a big decision to touch that ball right there. 2:03. could have taken it down to the
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two-minute mark. jim: what was the big hurry to down it? tony: guys get antsy. it's silly, you get credit for being able to touch the ball. let it dribble out then all of a sudden touch it. jim: and mack hollins, who was down there. he's made a couple of catches and one key catch on a third and long. in the third quarter. he's down on the field. tony: for everything that's happened in this game. been an ugly game, back and forth. cam newton has a chance to go win the game and really -- i don't want to say steal one because it feels like philly has kind of done the plays that usually give you the chance to win. for carolina to sneak this one out. no one is going to care at the end of the year.
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jim: that's right. that last philly drive only used up a minute and 10 seconds. here's weblets looking and saying you know what, i probably could have gone to jeffery and gotten the first down. tony: yeah, he knows right there. but all these things that happen to quarterbacks, they go in the memory bank and good ones just get better and better and they remember for next time. two weeks from now, he's in the same situation, he sees that look. jim: you see he's just beating himself up with that one. tony: it's a team game, your defense has to step up and now carolina, they can go get it. jim: cam's pass caught. benjamin. to the two-minute warning. coming down to the end here. in charlotte.
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jim: cam newton with more pass attempts in this game than any in his career. in his seven years. 48 pass attempts and now has a first down inside two minutes to go and a chance to drive his team to victory. pass almost intercepted but incomplete. jenkins almost got there ask let's bo to jay feely. jay: curious decision before halftime by philadelphia not to kick a 58-yard field goal. graham gano wanted to kick it.
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he was ready to go. came out at halftime, went right to that spot, kicked the 58-yard field goal. looked at the sideline like i told i had it. jim: second and 10. down the middle. and it's a nine-yard pickup. and again, no time-outs for carolina. shepard with the catch. tony: hurry up, cam. get them up on the ball and run. third and 1. get the first down. this is taking too long. jim: going to go up top instead and that ball almost intercepted by bradham. falls in complete. -- incomplete. tony: you can get a run up so quickly by lining up and going. this puts you in a really tough spot. that's a tough throw.
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they have three, four defenders underneath. here we go, fourth and 1. ballgame on the line, jim. jim: they converted already in this quarter on a fourth and 1 on a pass play to mccaffrey. tony: no safety in the middle. they could free throw throw it down the field. jim: here comes the blitz. down the middle and the eagles say incomplete and the officials agree. tony: and the ball just comes out of the side of cam's hand just a little bit. you see right there? that ball, it nosedives to the right. and that's the difference. the eagles are going to escape with the win. jim: how about the eagles? they're going to go to 5-1 and
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they've already played four of their first six games on the road and they're 5-1. tony: that's an impressive start. both teams are playing great football but the eagles are in this one tonight. very physical battle. jim: we can only hope that next thursday night we'll have a game as good as this one. rivalry time out west. raiders will be hosting the chiefs. we'll be in oakland. first we'll see kansas city on sunday hosting pittsburgh. the chiefs trying to maintain the only unblemished record in the nfl. currently 5-0. but again, the eagles with this start to the season. road heavy. heading home for a three-game home stand.
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"the mazda postgame show" is coming up with interviews, analysis and highlights. well, the panthers had their chances in the fourth quarter, tony. the philly defense stood up to them a couple of times. tony: carolina had two chances with the ball. that's all you can ask for. philly hangs their halt on their defense and they did it tonight. they're a pretty special group. jim: there are the updated standings. failed at 5-1. the best two records in the nfl at this moment ballooning to andy reid and doug pederson. tony: andy reid and mini andy reid. they deserve it. both teams playing really good football. and it's early. you know, we're not making any huge statements here about
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what's going to happen because there's injuries, a lot of things that happen in the national football league but right now this team looks pretty complete and they're getting darby back, which is the one weakness i saw. that secondary. some of those flags today kept carolina in it. jim: carson wentz throws three touchdown passes. two of them to zach ertz, the other to nelson agholor. and the eagles win it here in carolina. final score, philadelphia 2, carolina 23. coming up next, it's "the mazda postgame show." everything we thought it would be, tony. tony: and then some. final possession. jim: we'll be back with more after this. you've been watching "thursday night football" on cbs and the nfl network. copd makes it hard to breathe. so to breathe better,
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