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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  October 13, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. (cheers). >> well eagles fans who made the trip down to charlotte are reward wad very big win, the birds beat the panthers in a fierce battle for the first place in nfc. today is friday, october 13th, i'm wearing the suit, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> oh, boy. i'm rahel solomon. we have the key moments from the game and all of the reaction from the players, first, a check on the day's forecast with katie and the roads with meisha. >> so this is how you make glean look really classy, this is how you make it look -- >> oh, twitter, facebook, i think we the fans will agree. >> i'm sure they will. >> because that eagle tune i
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can dress? >> i would be wearing it today if i had it. >> oh, oh, oh, oh,. >> but i can't bewaring green for the green screen. so this will make it work. looking outside, everything is looking really good. construction two, minor accidents that will get you -- >> notice katie keeping quiet? >> no, i'm not. but, you know what, it comes to the commute today, it will be pretty tame all-in-all. we had pretty rough commutes in the last few mornings, especially yesterday, now basically in the clear. now i don't want you to expect to see a ton of sunshine here today, pretty thick cloud cover overhead. that will stay overhead, but it is even despite the blanket of cloud cover pretty cool outside. now, at the moment, storm scan is nice and quiet. we may still see spotty shower , at some point here today. however, i think you can get away without an umbrella on a day like this for sure. notice the winds flow predominantly coming in on shore. our temperatures are cooler. you've got 60s, 50's, 40's,
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toward the urban corridor and up toward the mountains, again , won't rebounds too much here today. daytime high gets to about 70 at the shore, since off to warmer stat. we're in the upper 60s at best in the city. this is where we should be. the thing is, meisha, it won't last. heat up again there is weekends. >> again. >> all right, katie. >> are you happy about that? >> oh, come on. >> of course. >> okay. happy friday, tgif. it is early. very early. still in the 4:00 hour. still have overnight construction crews still out there. so kind of weird shot. but the schuylkill westbound at 30th street closed. so pretty good about getting that cleared out of our way before 5:00. >> overnight resurface project on the schuylkill, eastbound, eastbound, only part between turnpike and gulph mills. it looks like crews might be starting to move out of the way right now, for overnight resurface project. construction on the blue route , right lane compromised, there plus construction 422, as well, eastbound between
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trooper and first avenue and westbound at route 23. the left lane blocked there. so we will be talking more about construction coming up in the next ten minutes, back to you. >> eagles of course celebrating huge win on the road, that you saw right here on cbs-3. >> birds show they're ready for prime time against one of the best teams in the ffl. look. performed well on both sides of the ball against the panthers. wentz through for three touchdowns, eagles improved to nfc best five and one now. eagles defense kicks off carolina quarterback cam newton three times, and, yes, it was a battle till the end. but the birds come out ahead. they win 28 to 23. >> found a way to win a close ballgame. that's ultimately what we struggled with last year, and we've done that successfully these first six games. >> they're learning from last year. they're learning how to finish games, just the overall consistency from the leaders, leading this football team. you know, they're sacrificing
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each other themselves for the team. it is a fun thing to watch. >> sure is. the daily news celebrating the contributions of the eagles defense, and the back page this morning says crunch time showing the swarming eagles defense taking down one of the panthers, by the way, carolina managed to gain just one measley yard on 13 carries last night. >> and where ever the eagles are playing, it always feels like a home guage here in philadelphia. >> fans went to local bars to watch their teams and were not disappointed. trang do inside the melrose diner where people will be sipping coffee and no doubt talking about the big win, hi, trang. >> good morning, rahel, jim. yes, you can tell by looking at this diner that it was a late night for many eagles fans. bad for early morning business but just me and the staff here , unfortunately, we were all asleep whether this game ended. but for those who stayed up, it was well worth it. >> five and one, take it to
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the nfc championship. i'm ready. fly eagles fly, babe. >> i eagles nation is flying high after a 28-23 win over the highly favored carolina panthers, in carolina country. the birds pulled out a win despite being up against two teams according to many fans. >> they say this game will do a lot to silence the nay sayers. >> it is a complete team. and early on, the chemistry they have, as far as how they work together, it is incredible. >> obviously i hope they go all the way. but it is where they are so far, i would be proud. >> with the eagles sitting pretty atop the nfc, fans are already saying the s word. >> this guys look leak the year of the superbowl. >> and i honestly can't blame them, guys, but i'll be sitting here at the melrose all morning sipping my coffee. hopefully some eagles fans will wake up and join us out
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here. there is plenty of room, plenty of chairs. >> don't count on it. they're sleeping in this morning. >> they're sleeping in, trang, but make friendly with the staff. >> trang and the staff out there. thank you. >> well, you can count on cbs-3 for continuing coverage of the birds big win in carolina we'll have more on the game and hear from more on the players coming up in our next hour. go eagles. >> go eagles. in other news this morning, philadelphia elementary school in germantown will be closed again today. crews are still working to remove mold from several classrooms. officials closed john b kelly elementary yesterday. they're blooming the school's h vac system for the mold. crews have removed 80% so far. >> the school will not reopen until it is mold-free. currently, there is remediation, but, you know, at the end of the day, it is clean up of the this issue, of mold and con den sales. >> parents say they're frustrated with the lack of information. others are wondering if the mold caused breathing issues
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for their children. experts say it is hard to pinpoint if exposure to mold caused health problems. and schools still close in the gloucester county monroe township. we have been talking about this all week long, after officials discovered hold in molly glenn elementary. school district closed holly glenn and five other schools this year for testing it. outraged parent anxiously waiting for test results, we're told some of the results could be available as soon as today. meanwhile, crews are working to clean up the mold, authority say, holly glenn could be closed for three month. and, penn state berks campus in reading also having an issue with mold, crews were spotted cleaning up inside the school's library, at this point, it is unclear how long that building will be closed. >> california wild fires have now grown to the size of new york city. at least 30 people are dead, as flames continue to burn. fire crews are attacking the blaze from the air, and from the grounds, in nap a county flames have destroyed more than 3,000 structures. at least 400 people are reportedly missing in nearby
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sonoma county, and recovering the dead has been difficult and disturbing. >> identification is going to be hard. so far in the recovery, we've found bod that's were almost completely intact, and we've found bod that's were nothing more than ash and bones. >> extreme cases the sheriff says people can be identified from the serial numbers on their medical implants such as hip replacements. >> tragic story. the official time line of the las vegas massacre is under scrutiny once again, this time by the hotel where the gunman opened fire. mgm resort international the owners of the mandalay bay hotel say steven paddock opened fire on the music festival at the same time as or within 40 seconds after a security guard called for help the latest police time line, showing six minute gap between the six minute gape between the first call and radio guard >> major changes to obamacare
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thursday. president trump another blow late last night, announced he plans to ends key subsidies to insurers. those payments help lower income individuals afford health insurance. critics say the move will increase premiums, and force the elderly and sick to pay more. earlier yesterday, the president signed an executive order to repeal part of obamacare. >> funeral services will take place this morning for philadelphia music legend, bunny ziegler, the singer, songwriter, producer was architect of the philly sounds and died last week after heart attack. the viewing is today on conshohocken avenue, begins 8:00 a.m. service will follow at 10:00 this morning, bunny was 76 years old. >> well, there is much more to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning, including mistake that led to fire at local gas station, it was caught on camera. >> and it turns out, springsteen is the boss on broadway, as well. we will tell but the record he snatched before his show, even before it officially opened. >> and they're tired of the construction outside of their business. one bar's unusual incentive to
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get the road work wrapped up early. we're back in two minute. stay with
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>> look at this, cameras at citco station on route 130 captured this incident. a driver pulled away from a pump, nozzel still in the car, the pump comes down, and a fire breaks out. those flames were put out quickly. and no one was hurt. >> authorities still working to ida body that was pulled from the schuylkill river in center city. the body turned up yesterday morning, and the water near walnut st. and schuylkill avenue, we're told the victim white man in his 50's, gunshot wounds to the forehead. "eyewitness news" talked with a man who found the body and called 911. >> my heart just kind of started beating really fast. i got a really weird feeling in my stomach. i was like this is not something that i see every day >> and in a unrelated safety initiative, the city also planning town stall 21
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security cameras along the center city portion of the schuylkill river trail to prevent future crimes. >> a bar in illinois resorts to beer bribery in hopes it will force construction offer of its front lawn. the olympic calf earn in rock forward put up sign every desperation this week it, reads free beer for i dot crew if road work is done by monday i dot is the state's transportation department. that monday, unfortunately passed, and we're told the construction crew has yet to move. so apparently the bribery didn't work. >> oh. >> what could we bribe, you know, our crews with? >> to do what? >> i bet if you said would you stop wearing that suit, we could probably get some work done in this neighborhood. >> we're going to have people -- >> there is a lot of construction going on across the street. doesn't that bring new meaning to the phrase get off my lawn? here is a beer. >> clint eastwood. >> oh, ya. all right, so, as we shift gears here, take a look at the pattern, still in the midst of what i would call unsettled pattern. are you able to walk out the door without the umbrella
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today? absolutely. likely be spotty shower around , but not enough that will cause any kind of major headaches for you. rather, just expect that we are going to still be stuck with more of an on shore flow, remaining in place for now, some cloud cover overhead. so, it just doesn't have a chance it brighten up all that much. if you have been craving the fall-like conditions, at least you have today working for you as we look forward to the averages here, remember, it is really important to think to note here that these are just averages. just because your average high on november 13th is 57, doesn't mean you should be hitting that mark. again, it is all relative. it is all averaged out over the span after month. but, the trends of course is that the later in the year it gets, the cooler it should become. and it has been really warm through the month of october, generally speaking, so far. now, today's high actually looking very much typical. come november, and december, 13th respectfully of course it starts to get cooler as we enter meteorological winter. for now again this is where we should be, generally just cloudy overhead. but the worse of the breeze
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has tapered off. you may see a shower around at some point today or tonight. but there will also be areas of fog that develop. in the the overnight low. only gets down to 64 tomorrow. so still not a ton of movement on the thermometer even tonight. and that allows us to rebounds again, mid 70s tomorrow, 80s by sunday, and then we drop off all over again, so this is quite the roller coaster. but here is the nice thing about this. we've got some nice fall weather coming up here, guys, early to middle part of next week, generally looks quiet, and sunny. not bad, meisha. >> not bad at all. all right, katie, thank you so much. good morning, happy friday. we're looking at construction out there, still very early out there. we did have some construction on on the schuylkill westbound at 30th street. actually still closed. see the crews still out there. but what has now cleared is the overnight resurfaced project on the schuylkill that we're getting used to eastbound between turnpike and gulph mills. that's now clear. so actually looking really good on the schuylkill. construction blue route southbound near the schuylkill , right lane still compromised there.
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but 422, 422 eastbound, between trooper and first avenue, as well as westbound at route 23, the left lanes are blocked there. looks like crews have now moved out of the way there, as well. so looking good on 422, we also have some construction 95 north, now, couple of accident out there, this one, route 130 southbound, slows at riverton road, absolutely closed, you will have to use an alternate. river road or 295 will be your best bet. and the other accident that we have out there actually in swenksville, route 29, main street, at park avenue. heads up on. that will more con vukovich ton to talk about when we come back in the next ten minutes, jim, over to you. >> brings springsteen's muse sake hit where ever you hear it, now it is on broadway. boss hit the stage at broadway 's walter kerr theater last night for the official owning every springsteen and broadway. the average ticket for the premiere went for $497, as the highest in broadway history. the average seat for broadway hamilton has never cost more than $310. springsteen five preview shows grossed more than $2 million.
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a record for that theater. springsteen on broadway runs through february 3rd. >> boy oh, boy. >> making some bick bucks. >> amazon is putting out the help wanted sign. coming up next, the big hiring spree just in time for the holidays. >> living in philadelphia has its advantage, especially for trick-or-treaters, still ahead , the best neighborhoods to collect candy. back in just a moment.
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"hatched, we will hatch them." it's why all of the tyson chicken that bears his name will be raised with no antibiotics ever. every nugget, strip and drumstick. keep it real. keep it tyson. >> amazon sanes jobs will lead to full-time jobs after the holidays, that's good news, you can apply by going to our website at to fill 120,000 temporary jobs! >> joining us from the new york took stock exchange, good morning, diane, paintly app for that.
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delta airlines, now, allowing for check-in she an its app. kind of interesting. what's that about? >> all right, rahel, jim. are you ready for this? it is an updated version of delta airlines mobile app, which to check in for the flights, will now do it automatically, passengers just have to acknowledge knowledge federal luggage restrictions, boarding pass will be generated. it is unclear, though, how passengers will tell the airline if they plan on checking a bag. jim, rahel? >> that's what i'm bondser. >> i do like that idea, though , makes it much more convenient. >> so do i. >> i understands the 2017 time shame seems to be apartment building allowing tenant to rent on air bnb's, how does this work? >> real estate developer plans to open air bnb in the sunshine today, 324 unit building planned for kiss me, florida. tenant will be allowed to rent their units on air bnb up to 180 days a year. there will be an app, once
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again, the app, yes, check in to rooms and have a cons edger for other assistance, there is a catch of course, tenants have to share the income that's generated from doing that. >> oh, ya. they always want a cut of the action, diane. >> you can't just get in on this game. >> and i don't want people sleeping in my home or, you know, no. >> no, they might get away with that eagles suit. >> but some people, yes, but some people are looking for that. look, previously, landlords hadn't been too keen on there is so this is a step away from how landlords had traditionally been operating. >> very interesting, diane, see you in the next hour, thank you. >> all right. >> well, halloween is fast approaching. >> and philadelphia apparently one of the best lasts to collect candy, yes. third best city for trick-or-treating according to real estate company sill owe. looks like the value at the houses, and the number every kin under the age of ten, to figure out where trick-or-treaters can get the best candy and the least amount of time. and least amount of effort.
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even broke it down by neighborhood. point breeze is the top spot, followed by oxford circle, queen village. >> i told you, olds city not on the list. >> not, but i print that finding apparently, of the top five place toss trick-or-treat , all of them are california except philadelphia. so philadelphia you can be proud that far. >> just don't come to old city we don't have any cans. >> i jim has no cans. >> i no kids in old city. good news, if you still want to wear shorts and t-shirts outside. >> katie will be back with the summer like weather making yet another come back. >> oh, i just want
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>> welcome back, overlooking center city skyline, all up in pink for breast cancer awareness month. >> tough to wake up before the sun comes up, am i right? but, you know, it is really tough, but when you can roll out of bed having completely
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slept through the eagles game, like i did, open up twitter and finds out some good news like, that eagle else won, hey , it will be a good day, and it is friday to boot. now, we thankfully not going to have to deal with any kind of soaking rain like we had early yesterday morning. but we are still stuck in somewhat of an unsettled pattern. i think you'll get away without an umbrella today. certainly when you take storm scan at face value, i think you can understands that. you know? do you have some clouds overhead. there is still some moisture that can work its way in with more of on shore flow still generally present and dominating the region here, but other than stray shower today, tonight, really not looking too bad. off to a cooler by comparison start here. mid up ear's along i95, low to mid 60s across south jersey, central southern delaware, only in the 40's up in the mountains, but again, notice the winds direction, that on shore flow again still keeping things a little, again, moisture laden, and potentially bringing about a shower along the way, but not talking about anything even close to a wash-out. now come tomorrow, warming
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friends underway again, up to 76 degrees, 82 by sunday, and then potent cold front comes along, so over night sunday into early monday morning we've got some showers that we have to dodge from that, but talk about nose dive, from the 80s, to the mid 60s, just like that, high pressure will hook us up, meisha, with good portion of tomorrow. >> sure looks that way, katie thank you so much. well, good morning, looking outside right now in the world of travel. still early, still dark out there, do have construction crews out there, and couple of minor accident, first, schuylkill westbound at 30th street, it was closed now one lane has now opened. construction, 422, only the westbound side is still out there between 202 and route 23 , left lane is compromised there. the vine, quick peak there, westbound looking great, eastbound side, heating up ever so slowly. accident here, cinnaminson, route 130 southbound, it is closed right now at riverton road. so you will have to use an alternate. river road, or 295, because of an accident. and another accident, out in swenksville, route 29, main street, at park avenue, so if this is your neck of the woods
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, heads up, bring it to your attention. then of course construction crews on the pa turnpike, still out there eastbound, before valley forge, that left lane is come pro priced there, plus another point eastbound, between willow grove and bensalem. two left lanes are block there and we will be talking about septa coming up in a little bit. jim, back over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. and check this out. the unveiling of the worlds' largest pop up photo book. "eyewitness news" at the philadelphia photo art center in south kensington, the 21- foot long 5-foot tall book depict a mythical cave in a chinese peach blossom valley. it took artists to collect more than a month to construct you can see it until november 25th. coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> ♪ >> you can see them there back on stage, what country music star jason aldean told his fans after resuming his tour following the las vegas mass
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shooting. >> and lost and found, newly engaged new jersey woman who accidentally throughout her ring with the trash. where the search took the bride to, we will be back at the top of the hour.
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>> low snap. looks. fires. completes at the 15, the ten, the five, and in for the touchdown, goes nelson agholor >> merrill reese with the call as the eagles stun the carolina pant nerves their own stadium. now the birds sit an atop the nfc. we'll hear from carson wentz and the rest of the road warriors. >> also, another clean up job after mold cancels classes in another local school. what the school district is saying about the problem. >> and cool ends to the work week, but a welcome surprise for the weekends. >> well today is friday, october 13, make sure you


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