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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 13, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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react. >> reporter: mount laurel resident gene sirva was down in sitting next to his college friend david. david was rooting for carolina the guy was being a jerk in front of us. they were standing up, not to watch the game or to cheer anything, just to be a jerk. >> reporter: gene says others were upset about the standing as well, finally in the fourth quarter he says after exchanging word the man in the video unleashed, hitting david four times in the face. >> somebody went after him and i thought they got the guy and they don't have the guy. they didn't necessity who he was. >> reporter: charlotte police confirm they are investigating the assault. >> ironically before, before the game, he was talking about coming up here, how dangerous it was to come to a game in philadelphia i said it really isn't. >> reporter: it turns out david's ego took a hit too. many people thought his friend was an eagles fan and many more expressed outrage, on line, asking why the accused would strike a old man.
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david is 62. >> most upset about, being called an eagles fan and being called old. >> he is just 62 years old. anyway gene says his friend is recovering well this evening. he also suspect that the couple standing up in front of him was doing so intentionally nothing that he was an eagles fan to block his view of the game. reporting live this evening i'm alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now back to the actual game and the impressive victory for the eagles. a lot of people thinking panthers were going to win. >> as the saying goes that is why they play the game. >> that is right. >> our leslie van arsdal joins us with more on this huge win for the eagles. >> people were excited. they should be excited. eagles are soaring off to a five-one record for the first time in three years. carson wentz and bird took care of the business in charlotte with the nation watching. last night carson threw three touchdown passes, two of them to zach ertz, and that is seven of the last two games, last eagles quarterback to pull that off, nick foles.
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right now carson has 13 touchdowns, just three interceptions after six games. no sophomore jinks for number 11. bird win 28-23. carson was pumped after the contest. >> it feels good. it says a lot about the guys in this locker room. we stayed together the whole game. they did some good things defensively, some different pressure looks that we had not seen and that is stuff on a short week but we found a way to win a close ballgame and that is ultimately what we have struggled for last year win on the road and win close ballgames and we have done that successfully for the first six games. >> eagles have have the about record in the nfc and if the playoffs started to day the road to the super bowl would come right through here. coming up in sports, sports director don bell spoke with fletcher cox who had another big game last night and has been playing just so well. >> yes, right. eagles fans who went to the game in charlotte said this is just the beginning of the road to victory. "eyewitness news" at philadelphia international airport as diehard road warriors returned home today,
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eagles chants can be heard throughout the terminal. fans are expecting bigger things from the bird after thursday night. >> did you see that they are five-one, very happy. i think they will take the division easy now. they are winning the division. after that time will tell. >> hopefully all the way. it just depends on the redskins game. we have proved ourselves in charlotte. we proved we can compete against another four-one team. carson proved he is legitimate >> they say eagles fans were so loud at bank of america stadium, it was like a home game. it is feeling like fall this friday, and once again, but warmer weather is making a come back. lets check with meteorologist kate bilo who is tracking another weekend warm up. kate, it seems like we get a little and then gets taken away. >> fall comes in for a couple of days and then summer tries to make a return but these summer-like stretches are getting shorter and shorter and this one will only be a day or two before we return to fall and this time, maybe it is for g storm scan three
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shows us the reason why it feels so much like fall today and yesterday, all thanks to ane wind off cool north atlantic ocean. you can see showers as well. everything is moving, again frome to west, generally we have prevailing westerly wind across this country which generally brings us dryer conditions but we are in a maritime pattern here today and yesterday, similar to what they have seen in the summer name a place like san francisco. so winds coming off the water we have got cloud, cool conditions, gusty breeze and even a few showers especially down here in southern delaware where we have a few sprinkles around rehoboth beach and perhaps from 7-mile in the wildwoods down toward cape may a couple of showers here this evening as well. temperatures right now with that northeasterly wind, it is cool, not quite as cool as yesterday, we are up to 67 in millville right now. sixty-six in philadelphia it is pretty seasonal. sixty-eight is our normal. not far off where we should be , 60 in reading and 59 in lancaster. still have that gusty wind due e right now 13 miles an hour wind in philadelphia, that makes it feel cooler and when the sun goes down it will
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be chilly outside but in the for long. we have another warm up on the way as temperatures cheap upward, and coming up we will tell you when we will hit that 80-degree mark and then fall returns next week just wait until you see, what we have got in store monday through friday, jessica. kate, thanks. all students in monroe township gloucester county will return to class, tuesday. staff and teachers, however will report to work at 8:00 a.m. monday for in service day. district shut down all of the schools earlier this week to clean up, test for mold, that move followed the discovery of mold at holy glenn elementary. that schools will be closed for at lee three months. now officials say, white hall elementary school will also remain closed beyond next tuesday. we have important information for those planning to travel on the northeast extension this weekend. path turnpike commission will be closing i476 in both directions, beginning at 9:00 p.m. tonight between lehigh valley interchange, exit 56, and mahoneing valley interchange exit 74.
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it will remain closed until 4:00 a.m. monday morning and during this 55 hour close another crews will be replacing a bridge. well, officials say a fire at a gas station in pennsauken yesterday morning happened at the result of someone stealing gasoline. this surveillance video from the citgo station on route 130 captures the moment when an alleged thief drives his car from the gas pump but you can see his vehicle is still connected to the fuel line it yank the pump to the driver. the driver hesitated before pulling away all together. fortunately in injuries were reported. the city of philadelphia has stepped up to help those affected by crisis in puerto rico. a disaster assistance service center has been opened to help those displaced by the storm, "eyewitness news" reporter henry rossoff is live in north fail with more on what is being done to help those in need, henry. reports report some of the people getting help, inside of the building behind me here of lost everything.
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they are staying with friends and family in philadelphia, as they try to rebuild their lives, and absolutely everything lost on the islands of the u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico. for that reason emotions are running high because personal information is being exchanged we didn't bring a camera inside to further traumatize these folks but we did talk outside the the building about the extreme need there and help that is being offered a lot of times we don't have any electricity, and we don't have any power or we don't have any water, and we do have a generators but they are not working. because of that i have some family here and after the hurricane they held me out and i came to philadelphia. >> reporter: elaine alvarez shared video to show just how damaging hurricane maria was near her san juan apartment complex. she doesn't know how long she will be in philadelphia but today she came with one goal. >> it is important for me to get a job so i can keep helping myself, when i get back. >> reporter: that is one of the many missions inside
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philadelphia's office of emergency management and one stop shop for hurricane relief , people can register for fema disaster assistance, find temporary housing or schooling or even replace vital documents and medicine. >> we have seen follow thanks lost potentially everything up here. first thing we want to does make them comfortable assure them that their services here to support them and begin that recovery process. >> reporter: philadelphia council member maria sanchez says having that robust local response is especially important because some of the federal efforts have lagged behind. >> we have a responsibility to try to assure people that eventually that bureaucracy will create the necessary mechanism for us to help people. >> reporter: emergency management says service center will be opened 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. monday through friday. as long as need is there more information at cbs live, henry rossoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". remembering a philadelphia music legend, funeral services
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were held for bunny zigler. singer, song writer, producer was architect of the philadelphia sound. family and friends gathered at sharon baptist church on conshohocken avenue. zigler died of the heart attack last week. he was 76 years old. still to come on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 a story fit for friday the 13th. one of the philadelphia's oldest and popular, extra spirit we are looking in the spooky stories as ghouls and barstools at mcgill an's old ale house, vittoria. it is my favorite day of the week, it is friday, football frenzy, game of the week, delran high school verse burlington city, coming up we will talk to the coach of burlington city and get his thoughts on the game. also coming up i will select my toga and lots of options, girls, what will it be. plus a live look from the top of the montreal beach resort in cape may it is
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shaping up to be another warm october weekend, kate has your latest forecast when "eyewitness news" returns.
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students in north philadelphia were accepted to college, on the spot today. >> "eyewitness news" at crystal ray high school to day was instant acceptance day in partnership with six local colleges and universities. students were accepted to college without all of the paperwork and provided the exclusive, scholarship opportunities. it is first person in my family to ever get accepted to go, so, it means a lot. she's starting something for my family. >> i put in a lot of hard work to get to where i am right now and that means a lot. >> um, crystal ray philadelphia high school is only six years old, its first two graduating classes achieved a 100 percent april answer rate into college and they are hoping to continue
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that trend. city officials are celebrating the wharton school students whose pivotal work helped shape philadelphia's pitch to amazon. "eyewitness news" at university of pennsylvania as mayor jim kenney thank them for their efforts. officials asked for advice in drafting the proposal to be the location for amazon's second headquarters and wharton responded by creating two contest toss get the best student ideas. >> we are in it to win it, no doubt, but in the event that we don't the benefits of this effort have been tremendous. >> philadelphia's amazon proposal is getting other support as well, leading financial company moody analytics says it considers philadelphia a best choice, moody's said prime location and growing pool of skilled workers. >> um-hmm. superstition lead to super natural on this friday the 13th. >> one of the cities oldest taverns may be serving up, spirits in more ways then one. reporter john mcdevitt from
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our sister station kyw news radio has all of the spooky details. mcgillan's old ale housings above and beyond when it comes halloween decare they have specialty drinks and some say there are other spirits being served up, solve the patrons say the place is haunted by the original owners catherine mom mcgill an and william mcgill an. the general manager now says mr. mcgill an actually died on the property. >> mcgillan, real name william , opened up in 1860's. in 1901 he was down in the basement cleaning up after work installing the first central heating system in the city here, and he was down there, cleaning up after workmen and collapsed and died >> reporter: down here in the kitchen they take things really, heat up. things, fly off the wall and they see, unexplained things, in the corner. >> reporter: twenty-six year-old tyrick carlson has
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been cooking for five years and he saw something floating around a couple times. most recent last sunday. >> what did you see. >> unaudible. >> knock things over back here , they knock things over. it is a little scary but i'm used to it now. >> reporter: paranormal investigation team claims to have captured reflection of the laid any white in the mir are by taking a picture. could it be the mom mcgill machines an. >> to see this image and hear story of mom mcgillan haunting the restaurant, it was just shocking, and erie. >> reporter: other people tell us lights flicker and unexplained noises occur all the time. john mcdevitt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it that is time of the year. >> yes. >> it is friday the 13th. >> yes, it is, it is a double whamy. >> yes, glummy. >> yes. >> it is not the kind of night would i like to go visit a haunted house. >> no, no.
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>> save i had for sunny, pleasant evening. >> yes. >> but first, we have got to get through a slightly spooky looking friday, the 13th. lets look at what is going on, we will start off as promised our rehoboth beach camera. i found this one because you can see that is getting wet right now. board are damp, those lights just turned on when they turned on they had a creepy greenish glow to it or maybe just friday the 13th spirit ace live in the studio but that is a little creepy tonight, very gray, lanterns lit up, board wet and waves are relentless, on shore flow continues, thanks to that ease wind we have been dealing with pretty much all, through the second half of the week at burleigh didn't have it earlier but yesterday and today definitely. showers moving on shore at rehoboth beach where showers are right now poised to move in extreme south jersey. rest not seeing much in the way of rain but it is that coole terly wind and cloud cover as we move into your friday night. sixty-six here in the city. sixty-three in wilmington.
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fifty-three in mount pocono. here's what to expect through your weekend. by midnight still cloudy, maybe a stray sure here or there, anything we see will be light, spotty not talking heavier rain but in the talking sunshine for first half of the weekend. here's tomorrow at 1:00 cloud still locked in place. more southeasterly wind thene wind tomorrow so that will ramp up temperatures back in the mid to upper 70's, showers most likely southe of philadelphia, can't rule them out in the city but down the shore or in delaware you have a better chance of picking up a shower tomorrow then people in the city and northwestern suburbs. sunday starts with cloud but then sun comes out in the afternoon. we will get a brisk southeasterly wind out ahead of the advancing cold front. sunday is a warm, sunny day, but we're on borrowed time do you feel that wind. front is approaching by seven or 8:00 we have line of showers and storms that will blow through 10:00 o'clock it moves off coast, monday morning could start with cloud , and then, it is really west toe as we head through the day monday and temperatures will drop, very
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noticeably. planning your day for your saturday up early, getting coffee 74 degrees. watch for a stray shower, 70 and out and about in the afternoon and fall activities, walking around the city, it will be mild but a couple of showers and then by dinner time 73. warm day, sunday even warmer but then we will fall off the cliff, we are only in the low 60's, monday, and tuesday. so your friday night forecast, couple of showers, patchy fog outside tonight, 62 degrees will be your overnight low, by tuesday, that will be our daytime high, that is how different things will feel next week, one more warm weekend and then it looks like fall is really going to settle in for good, starting on monday, and end of next week looks brilliant. >> those three day stretches of sunny weather. >> yes. >> thank you. >> leslie is up next with sports. >> everyone is still talk, eagles talk of the nfl after beating the panthers bird defense gave cam newton fits coming up big, fletcher cox tells us about the team effort in
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eagles will report back on monday after playing three games in 11 days they ran the table beating the chargers, cardinals and panthers and they now have the best record in the nfc. fletcher cox made his presence felt after missing two games with the calf injury he was a beast, as he saw rasul douglas coming up with the pick. eagles forced three interceptions and held panthers to will on yard rushing as they beat panthers 28-23. after the game sports director don bell, spoke to fletcher. >> tough one on the road and you made an immediate impact. >> that was the game plan. everybody was happy to be back i was pumped to be back. i was surprised that i could go out and play the way i did. missing two games in a row. i have been working to get this injury over, back to 100 percent. we just want to take this day
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by day, game by game. enjoy this win. we have a long break, and we have redskins on monday night. >> ♪ >> and that is eagles safety malcolm jenkins, celebrating, after his big win, grouping with george clinton right there. >> eagles nation has had the weekend to celebration the kid are taking the field tonight, friday football frenzy between burlington city and delran. so we head back to delran, tor i wood holy did not disappoint there she is in her toga. >> girls, did you place your bets on gold, you won. did these cheerleaders do a beautiful job on selecting something? they dan awesome job. it is great. the game will be great today. that is right friday football frenzy the game of the week is delran high school against
6:25 pm
burlington city. i talk to the head coach of burlington city high school to get his thoughts on the game and here's what he said. >> always a little nervous before the game but i feel like we had a good game plan and we will take care of business and come out on the right side of things. >> it seems so you are at an incredible start. >> appreciate it, kid working hard, they have done well in terms of their work ethic and preparing so that has been biggest difference and they are believing in each other. they are doing well. >> both teams have a lot on the line tonight, and it is high school football, baby, bandies here, cheerleaders are here, teams are on the field, we are all ready for game time and i have my toga on, great weekend, everybody. sending it back to you. love it. >> looking good. >> yes. >> i like it, tori. >> i love tori. >> yes. >> when we come back we know
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bird are playing well on the field. >> but wait until you see what some of the guys were doing together off the field. we will be right
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philadelphia eagles aren't only coming together on the field but they are also building bonds off the field. >> check out wide receiver marcus johnson being baptized, many of his teammates by his side. he shared this picture
6:29 pm
yesterday with the caption first time being baptized, corporate worship is a beautiful thing. cleansed and reborn in jesus name. picture is from the service yesterday at the team's hotel in charlotte. well thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 "eyewitness news" returns at 10 on our sister station wp sg the cw philly. we will be back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". tonight world leaders react to president trump's refutal to recertify the iran nuclear deal, margaret brennan is at the white house and we have reporters in iran with the statement from iran's president. from new york here now is anthony mason.
6:30 pm
>> mason: the president says fix the iran deal. >> that deal is an embarrassme embarrassment. >> masonon: ...or else. >> the agreement will be terminated. >> mason: also tonight, the president cuts off obamacare subsidies. >> for no reason, except spite and cruelty. >> and it's terrifying. it's really, really terrifying. >> mason: burned out-- the wildfires' heavy toll on the economy. >> some of our staff lost their homes and their jobs. building's gone, but our family is still intact. >> mason: harvey weinstein will fight dismissal by the company he cofounded. and steve hartman with a friendship two yards wide. >> reporter: so why keep doing this? >> i just like to see the smile on his facend


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